April 2003

Volume 11

April 3, 2003

Madonna's Anti-War Music Video "American Life"

There is a controversial war music video by a recording artist that was pulled this week because of what's happening in Iraq. Regardless of the video being pulled, Iíve seen so many article headlines in my daily news that address this whole thing that it seems like a subversive way to promote that message and the album because it serves as a form of subtle publicity - especially when these articles mention the album's title and release date. Yea, we pulled the video, but lets talk a lot about how we pulled the video to keep the publicity going to promote the album. Wasn't that the purpose of the video, a controversial ploy to promote the album. 

Looking at the lyrics of that song makes me wonder what the inspiration and purpose of that contradictory song is anyway. Jumping on the bandwagon. Experimenting with and trying to expound on something you saw, but didnít understand. Decrying something you are. Generally, it looks strange decrying and promoting the same thing in the same song...and hoping to even remotely make sense.

Also, the rapping bitÖrapís been around for about 20 years and so has this recording artist, why the sudden urge to be the next MC when itís not even near this artist's genre of music, as the song has a rap verse and I heard there is supposed to be a hip-hop version of the song as well? Why not before, why all of sudden. I can understand an R&B, reggae or rock singer maybe trying that, but not a pop singer.

I started rapping when I was about 12 years old. Back then, I didn't know I was going to be an entertainer when I got older. I did it because I love it. It wasnít something that I decided to do because itís popular now or to give me credibility. It's something I grew up with. Just like with rock and country music. I'm black, but I grew up listening to, buying and writing music in those genres since I was a teenager. 

There are too many gimmicks in music. Itís not about music anymore. It's people relying on controversy, cashing in on trends and inappropriate music videos to sell music. I'm not naive, and I'm about as media savvy as one can get, but at the same time, I do not believe in hype. That's rubbish.  

I know I say things on here that shock people, but it is not me deliberately trying to shock anyone, I really mean what I write in my music and what I write on here and will stand by it, regardless of who doesn't like it. Why? Because it's sincere and not a gimmick.

Regardless, at the end of the day, by Godís grace Iím a genuine musician and I know my work. Iím not looking to use gimmicks or use anyone to advance my career or go around chasing celebrities and spending all my time with them for publicity (and there are more than enough around here for me to try that). I've never tried that and the thought never crossed my mind. If you are friends with someone, it should be sincere. 


April 7, 2003


In the March 28, 2003 Sound Off article, I wrote about a journalist I saw on CNN reporting from Kuwait, who I was concerned about because he had a Jewish last name and was working in a territory known to be anti-Semitic. I'm now saddened to find out that he passed away yesterday from a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot). David Bloom was 39. 

It was commendable that he reported the news from such dangerous surroundings. At the time of his passing, he worked internationally for NBC, but prior to that, for years he was a local reporter here in Miami on Channel 6, which is where I recognized him from.   

This whole thing is tragic. There are just too many risks involved in reporting from war torn regions. Not only are you in danger of attack, you go through physically taxing days and emotional stress. It's just not safe. It's not worth it. 

As much as people read about his passing in newspapers or hear about it on television, David Bloom was a real person and he has a family that is left to mourn his death. He is survived by his wife and three children. My condolences to his family and friends. 


April 9, 2003

Entertainers Interacting With Audience

A lot of entertainers appreciate their public. I've seen some do some really nice things to say thank you for the support. However, I've also seen some do some not so appreciative things. 

Members of a singer's audience comprised of teenagers and adults spent hours, some days, drawing original pictures and scanning them, sending birthday cards and gifts to a singer's manager's office and what did the singer and his team do...did not thank the people for their cards, web site, well wishes, drawings and birthday gifts that they saved up their allowances buying and threw the lot in the trash. Ironically, his audience found out and it didn't go over too well with them. 

Another singer and his manager were more thoughtful. Birthday gifts and cards were also sent to another manager's office for his singer. However, this manager gathered up all the birthday gifts and cards that were sent to his office for his singer, had a photographer take a picture of the singer with all the birthday gifts and cards and put the picture in a newspaper (who was glad for the article) along with a thank you from the singer in the article. His audience saw the article and were so happy. It didn't hurt that singer's sales either.  

Two different reactions to the same situation. Some offices may not have the clout to have articles placed as a thank you, but several entertainers still acknowledge the things done for them by their audience in other ways such as via the internet - by sending their webmaster a thank you note to their public to put on their web site or offices sending a form letter or post card to acknowledge a gift or correspondence. These things do make a difference. 

Regarding the second manager and singer who placed the article thanking his audience, I was not surprised and it was a very kind gesture, but with the first situation I thought to myself, some management and record companies give gifts they can't give to their artists for safety reasons to charity and that's understandable (some singers do keep some items they are sent, though), who are these people to be dumping gifts in the trash and not even saying thank you. 

Was it that difficult to put the items in a box, pick up a phone and call a charity to come pick them up to give to the underprivileged. At least then those kids allowances that they saved buying those gifts wouldn't have been wasted. Most charities pick up items for free and for people concerned with money, it's even a tax write off. 

Yet, there are a few who do not acknowledge what is done for them by their audience, throw birthday gifts and cards in the trash and many times with the entertainer's knowledge. Why don't people think ahead to when their audience wonders what happened to what they sent. When singers and their teams do things like that, it doesn't incline people to want to support them.

I make web sites because I enjoy it. I could easily pay someone to make them, but it's something I enjoy, so I make them myself. Therefore, I know the kind of work that goes into a site just by looking at it.

Yesterday, I visited a web site featuring another singer, which was made by a girl who likes her music. The singer saw the web site and was so appreciative of what she did, that she sent the young lady a gift to say thank you. The girl who made the site was so happy that she wrote about it on the web site. I thought that was sweet. Now, that wasn't so difficult, but some entertainers act like they can't be bothered with the people that support their careers. 

Even if she hadn't sent her a gift, which was nice of her, a thank you note or letter would have sufficed and she would have appreciated it. Most people who make these sites do it with good motives and for free because they enjoy the entertainer's work. 

However, last year I visited a web site a guy made for his favorite singer and he put a lot of work into it. The singer's official web site wasn't being updated properly, so he decided to make a site to keep her audience informed of what was going on with her career. The site grew exponentially. It was receiving millions of hits per month (which he had to pay web hosting fees for) and contained more content than her official site.

And what did this kid get for his hard work? The singer's manager and record company badgering him to put what they wanted on the site to promote her so they could make more money and harassing him over things he wanted to put on line that seemed innocuous, as I don't see how it would interfere with her sales. 

He didn't even get a thank you from the singer and he did a lot of work designing and maintaining that web site. It was one of the most detailed non-official sites I'd ever seen. That poor kid got so depressed over the whole thing and it had to be disheartening for a teenager. Ironically, her audience found out and it didn't go over too well with them. 

I know of another case where a 16-year-old offered to design and maintain a street team site for his favorite singer and for free. That 16-year-old young man is an aspiring singer himself. He has a nice voice and could do well with the right deal. Now, you would think the singer's manager would try to help him since he is doing all that work to promote his artist and for free, but no! They decided to use him to promote their singer. Never mind the kid has schoolwork, needs to work on his music and getting a deal, their singer is the priority. This singer is his favorite, so he is happy to work on the web site and it allows him the opportunity to communicate with the singer and his manager by email and letter. Regardless, it's not a normal situation, as this young man has potential and wants to get a record deal.

About six months ago, I sent an email to this young man because I was concerned that he was not paying enough attention to his schoolwork and music and in the long run it would be detrimental to him. I know how fickle the industry is and I realized the singer he was doing all that work for was about to have problems with his career when I heard his new single. I explained to him that he needed to focus on his schoolwork and his music and not that singer's music and web site, who could be on the decline by the following year (his career did decline shortly after). 

That young man has potential, but isn't spending enough time on his work. Sometimes people think you get a record deal and you put out a record the next month, but that's not usually the case. Contracts have to be negotiated and that often takes months, songs have to be recorded and that could take a year or more, marketing and promotional plans have to be planned and implemented and that takes months. But that young man was spending time on his favorite singer's career when his career needed to be addressed. 

I thought to myself, for all this young man is doing to help his career, that singer could at least help him get a deal or even help him by putting him on one of his songs to help get him out there. He doesn't make music in the genres I'm putting out on this label, so I couldn't work with him, but I did try to help him. 

Ironically, months ago I spoke to this young man about a singer whose label is based here. Their main artist was then at the beginning stages of launching an album geared to put him in the mainstream. This artist is on a label that my dad is a friend of the family that owns it.

I decided to try to encourage this young man to send his demo to them and maybe they would work with him. Guess what happened? Now that the singer who's team is based here has released his album and it has done well, the singer who's street team this young man maintains, approached that singer to work with him and they performed a song together. 

Like I said, this young man is more focused on his favorite singer's career than his own to the point that the people/label I was trying to send him to (my dad's friends) ended up working with his favorite singer and not him, a few months after I suggested it to him.

Some of you do that as well. You spend more time on other people's music than your own. Do not do that, as some people do not appreciate it and it will cost you time you need for your work. Focus on your career and I hope it goes well for you. 


April 12, 2003

Unfair Sampling, British Music Industry, Entertainers Ripping Off Entertainers

There is too much recycling of material that was just released.  

I read an article a few weeks ago on the BBC about a company here that is licensing songs from British artists and writers who recently helped to make those hits number one in England, for their upcoming releases. Some of them are not that recent, which is a bit normal, but what's ridiculous is some of these songs went to number one as recently as last year and the British artists who helped to make them number one in England want to release those songs here shortly in an attempt to break America...but that company is trying to rerecord their hits by snatching it from them and putting them out here before they do. 

I know a lot about British culture, I grew up with it, so I know how much breaking America means to British artists. Therefore, it is one of the most covetous things I've witnessed in music in a long time. I don't think it is fair at all. If someone did that to that company they would be so mad.

At least let the album fall out of the charts before you try to pry it from people and ride their coattails. You can't play with people's careers like that and take opportunities from them which are rightfully theirs.

What's kind of ironic is one of the groups who are having their hit pried from them have a song that blatantly used a lyrical refrain, which belongs to another artist's song, for which they and their record label did not get clearance for using, so they have done something similar to others. What goes around comes around. Still, there is too much recycling of current material that was out within the last few months and it looks weird. Even audiences are complaining about it.

Video Rip Off

About a year ago, a British female artist did a music video in which she incorporated scenes from a famous movie. The song and video went to number one in England. Now, one year later, an artist here, who has visited England a few times in the last few years is using the same film as the basis for her new video, even using the same scene the other singer used in her video. How innovative. 

Movie Rip Off

There's an actress that commissioned a script that was very near to her ethnic roots. She developed the project for over a year... and then there was a covetous attempt by another famous actress to steal the project from her, when she did not even speak the language the subject of the biography did and the original actress who commissioned the script does. When the actress found out that the other was trying to steal her project she worked on for a year, uh she got angry. 

She did an interview especially to blast the other actress for trying to steal her movie. The other actress then decided to drop her version. That actress who originally worked on the film, made the movie and went on to earn an Oscar nomination for her role, that she would have lost had the other covetous actress gotten her way and stolen the project from her. 

Still, something like that happened already in regard to Oscar nominations. A few years ago, I read about a man who knowingly accepted an Oscar for a film he didn't do. The producers kept leading a writer on that they were going to green light his film by using his idea and script. However, they told him in order for them to do the film, they needed more information and needed him to write a summary of his vision for the film. With that, they were able to steal his film and properly film it. The film was made, became a hit and received Oscar nominations.

The night of the Oscars, the film won one of the main awards and the guy who really didn't do the film accepted the award, while the real writer was at home watching the show devastated. You have to try to comprehend the unjustness of that. Most people in Hollywood want an Oscar. This guy earned it and it was stolen from him.

His wife tried to cheer him up by putting a little fake Oscar on his pillow, because she and later Hollywood, found out it was his idea and summary they used to make the film, not the person who was given the screenwriter's credit and accepted the award.  

People are too desperate for success and too desperate to maintain it. True success comes by hard work not by stepping on or defrauding people, being ruthless, sleeping with someone or breaking up someone's marriage so you can go out with that person who has connections, who can make you famous.

The people who do that always end up with careers full of hype and devoid of substance and true accomplishment. 


April 14, 2003

Fans Fighting, Stalking

Why do people insult others that do not share their enthusiasm for their favorite entertainers. Iíve mentioned this before when I wrote about people insulting singers who win awards over their favorites, but there are other aspects as well.

People also take things too seriously when they get angry with others who do not share their views on that particular entertainer.

Sometimes people defend entertainers when they know they are wrong and while we all make mistakes and I don't believe in condemning people, because God provides forgiveness, it doesn't look right when people encourage and make excuses for certain behavior.

It's one thing to say you are going to still support a person when they get into trouble, but if someone is wrong, you shouldn't make excuses for them and try to justify their behavior. That will reflect badly on you as a person and it will make it look as though you have no integrity or character to agree with it.

With some people, their favorite entertainer could have a drug problem they need to quit and instead of saying they need to get help and get off drugs, a fanatic will make excuses and say something like ...uh, they were having a powdered donut and that's what you see on their nose, it's not drugs. 

Why do some people become fanatical over entertainers and athletes? I can appreciate people's work, but I do not get fanatical over anyone.

Iím not referring to anyone one on this site, as the people who email me have been great - and since Iím known, but not famous yet, I can remain neutral in this and look at it impartially from both sides:

Think about it, if you were a singer or athlete, if you were famous what would you appreciate?... and what would you not appreciate? I don't write that to be mean, but to make you think:

What would you view as normal?

What would scare you?

What would make you concerned for your safety?

What would you appreciate?

What would you not appreciate?

Questionable things I've noticed people sometimes do:

- Following entertainers around.

- Hopping the wall or fence of their property.

- Going through their mail.

- Making up stories or exaggerating them to give a certain impression.

- Trying to pass off a fan photo as a photo of you and the celebrity as a couple.

- Insulting or attacking the person they date or are married to out of jealousy...or other attractive entertainers that entertainer works with i.e. a collaboration.

- Hopping on stage with them in the middle of their show and trying to turn a solo performance into a collaboration (ok the last part was a little joke, but it has happened and the bodyguard had to get the person off the stage).

- Cornering them in public and exclaiming things like, "If I can't have you no one else will" (that would make any entertainer, male or female scream like a girl out of terror).

People wouldn't want that done to them, so why do that to others. I've witnessed disturbing behavior from a group of people regarding another singer and a few of them tried to drag me into it and I donít even know the singer personally that they were slandering me about. I didn't know what they were talking about or where it was coming from, but that singer was partly to blame, as I later found out, allegedly someone in his camp that I do not know either started the whole mess.  

However, it changed the way I view some audiences, as their behavior was not good. Some of them made things up and got so fanatical about that singer. Months ago, one even went as far as sending three email death threats in a row to this site because she is in love with that male singer. The IP addresses that are automatically sent with emails showed that it was the same person.

While the threats didnít scare me because Iím not the type of person to be afraid (I fear God, not people) and I could have had that person arrested, but didnít out of sympathy for them, it made me wonder how a person gets to the point that they start sending death threats. How much could an entertainer mean to someone that they start sending death threats to other people. No entertainer should mean that much to anyone that they do that. No entertainer in their right mind could feel good that someone is that fanatical about them that they do something like that to someone else.

Entertainers do appreciate all the support. Most entertainers enjoy interacting with their audience and the support helps keep their careers thriving, but some behavior is too much and is unacceptable, such death threats and fighting over entertainers. Audiences fighting over an entertainer will only boost their ego, but is not taken seriously.

Some entertainers are guilty of encouraging fanaticism in order to sell their products and laugh at the outlandish behavior from their audience that is sometimes a byproduct of it. That is not something to play with, as sometimes that behavior can turn bizarre on you. It is not a wise thing for anyone to encourage fanaticism, as you do not know how each person will interpret your statements or actions. Most people can understand, but some might take it literally and go too far. 

Sometimes you see entertainers with 6 or 8 bodyguards and you may think they are being excessive and showing off, but sometimes it's not that. Quite a few times, it is out of necessity due to some people's irrational behavior. 


April 15, 2003

Slow Web Connections

Waiting on web sites to load... a few days ago, while I waited for a web site to load, I polished my nails (yes, the web site took some time to load because it had a lot of content...and like this page is any quicker). Maybe I ought to get broadband and shut up, but if I did, when would I polish my nails.

Internet Pop Ups

Ok, who invented Internet pop ups and why is this person allowed to walk around in society among civilized people! You go to a web site, then all these pop ups just attack you. Then you try to close them all and accidentally close the actual web site!

When you log on and off, doesnít the ďyouíve got mailĒ and ďGoodbyeĒ voice from your Internet Service Provider startle you when itís really late and quiet in the house and you are sleepy. If itís just me, never mind.

Soccer Players

Have you noticed that in general, male Spanish soccer players areÖpretty, they're masculine, but they are very good looking. No, thatís not why I watch the sport, I do actually know and enjoy the game and that was not an insult to Latin people as my grandma was half Spanish. Itís just that during the World Cup, I noticed how pretty the Spanish players were. I think itís the long curly/wavy hair Ėcough- Argentina. I saw one player on TV and thought, that oneís even prettier than me. Someone prettier! yes, hard to believe, I know. Iím kidding, so donít go around saying Iím conceited! -says Aisha looking in the mirror admiring herselfÖwinks at herself in the mirror -.  

One thing with sports though, there are quite a few good looking athletes out there, but unlike with music and films, being cute won't get you far (I'm not referring to Argentina because they are talented, I mean this in general). Being cute does not win matches. Sometimes people will comment on how good looking an athlete is, almost more than their athletic ability, but if you see an athlete do well in their sport, no matter how good looking they are, they did well because of their talent, not their looks. Being cute will not score a goal, a basket or an ace. However, it doesn't hurt with endorsements, but that's something else. 

With music, you can be good looking with very little talent and do well because of your looks. Another thing, with music your record can land in the top 10, top 20 or top 40 and people will say you have a hit. It could go to number 2 and it would still be okay, you don't need to have the number 1 for it to be a hit. Sports is more definitive in that you either win or lose the game.    

My dad says some athletes abilities are a gift (I asked him once why some soccer players play better than others). While some of it is learned, a lot of it is God given. Some people's natural athletic ability are greater than others and sometimes genetics play a part in it, which leads back to God as well, as He created each person. 

A joke for you that I read that is somewhat related to that: A soccer player's wife said she didn't realize her two year old son had athletic ability until one day she saw him kicking a tin of baked beans around the house (somebody buy the kid a ball - I'm kidding). He's imitating his dad who is the captain of the English team. I thought that was hilarious. At age two, he's already trying to play soccer and trying to follow in his dad's footsteps. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

April 16, 2003


Well, itís 4:54 am. I just took a break from working and watched a soccer match. One team scored two goals and the other didnít score a goal for most of the match. Then, in the last 10 minutes of the match, the team who hadnít scored any goals, scored an unexpected goal. It changed their attitude and they started playing better, after trailing behind for 90% of the match. Now, they didnít win the match, the score was 2-1, but they could have won (nothing against either team).

My point for writing that? Some of you give up too soon when you should not. If you would hold on and keep trying you could achieve what you set out to do, even if you think itís too late. While some of you are doing well and you become complacent and lose the advantage.

When you arenít doing well, you canít allow yourself to become frustrated and disheartened because it will affect your focus, concentration and ability to successfully negotiate your way out of the situation.

Itís also like a tennis match I saw recently. One player lost focus and as the match wore on, you saw more and more how it was effecting her playing. She was paying attention to external things, which are sometimes hard to ignore and she let it get to her. The other player capitalized on her anxiety and frustration by being calm, focused and tenacious and ended up winning the match.

Having said that, Iím glad Iím a singer because you can basically act up, then go on stage and it won't effect your singing. Haha Iím kidding.

Though, if anything people would think it was a great performance because you were so dramatic and feisty, not knowing you had a tiff with someone backstage before you went on stage and it carried over into your performance.  

Divas and talent shows

Speaking of that, people love to use the word diva to describe certain types of female singersÖand a few male singers behave like that as well. I donít use the word in describing people, as it means goddess and that is an offense to God. Just today I saw a commercial advertising a contest to find the next diva. While I donít like certain television talent shows, I thought, do you really want to train someone to be the next diva? Is that really a good thing. You may think, Aisha, you are a female singer, why did you write that? But Iím serious about that, though.

Do you really want to train someone to be vain, self-centered, narcissistic, to lose touch with reality and feel that everyone is there to serve them?

Do you really want to train someone to become ruthless in maintaining a career that can be surpassed in a few years by the next artist that comes along?   

Do you really want to train someone to have people kiss up to them and indulge their every whim to the point that if their popularity changes, and it always does, they struggle to adjust to the real world, sometimes self-destructing.

Why not find someone who has a talent, record them, release the album and focus on the actual music.


Having connections can make a difference especially if the person you work for utilizes unethical methods to gain success i.e. bribery, publicity stunts, payola and chart rigging to name a few. To downplay those factors would be a serious oversight, as it accounts for much of some artists success.

The music industry has its own politics. Speaking of politics, Congress is working on revising payola laws (payola is paying disc jockeys to play records and it is illegal). While I think itís great that they are revising the laws, to be frank, I donít think it will work, as some people in the industry will find a way to circumvent those laws once again.

The late rapper and former drug dealer, the Notorious B.I.G. said a few years ago that the music industry is worse than drug dealing. Thatís quite a profound statement, but the industry is pretty bad and it really isnít an exaggeration. 


April 17, 2003


Adultery - people often try to glamorize this sin like it's very intriguing and exciting, but it is not something to play with, as it reeks havoc in many people's lives and is the source of a lot of unexplained misfortune for many, but they don't understand. However, let me clarify, just because a person has problems in their life, doesn't mean they committed adultery, so don't assume.  

I know sometimes people are tempted, but it is not worth it. God will forgive if the person asks for forgiveness, however the consequences still remain (not condemnation though).

Often in the industry, I hear girls my age wrongfully bragging about married guys that they are sleeping with not realizing it is not something to brag about because it brings great suffering and loss into your life. Some girls are very bold about it, even publicly saying which married guys they want to sleep with or in some cases marry, not knowing if they do actually get their way, it will reek havoc in their lives and they will end up regretting it at some point when the consequences manifest. 

Sometimes people also commit adultery to advance their careers, but those things even themselves out as well. You'll end up were you should have been anyway. I always try to discourage people from doing that when they ask me for advice. 

I'm not condemning anyone or being judgmental, as I have compassion for others, but I give that advice because I don't want people to make that mistake or keep making that mistake. Leave that alone and if you are in an adulterous relationship, get out of it now. The sooner the better. Ask God for forgiveness and He will forgive you. 

In the book of proverbs in the Bible, adultery is described as the sin that results in loss of opportunities, finances, honor and in the cases where a person does not stop committing adultery, it results in death.  

There is another kind of adultery. The Bible says the only grounds for divorce is adultery, so if you divorce your spouse for any other reason than they committed adultery and you start having sex with someone else or marry someone else, it is considered adultery and the consequences of that sin apply. If you still choose to divorce, you'd have to remain celibate and unmarried to not have the consequences apply. Also, people who are separated sometimes have other relationships, but in God's eyes those people are still married and it is adulterous. 

People's sins do affect their children as well. People who commit adultery help to destroy their families in so many ways and not just in cases where the other spouse finds out and divorces them. No matter what children tell you, they understand and they suffer as well. Most kids try to hide it, but it effects them a lot. Kids can tell when their parents are suffering.

There are sins that are passed on from parents to their children and adultery is one of them. The father that commits adultery is likely to have a child that commits adultery. It doesn't have to happen that way, but it does when children grow up and follow their parents examples that end up destroying their lives. Like I said, it doesn't have to happen that way, as you can make a conscious decision not to do this or stop committing adultery if you already are. 

God takes marriage very seriously. There are a lot of people who's families have been destroyed by adultery. God never intended for that to happen. However, people make those decisions and it causes a lot of trauma in other people's lives.

I remember when I was about 16, I read about a lady that fought very hard to keep her marriage together. Her husband was bent on getting a divorce after many years of marriage because he started sleeping with a woman that was young enough to be his daughter. That happens a lot in Hollywood. Some act like it's normal, but God does not view it as something casual, as there are several references made to it in the Bible.

The man finally got the divorce against his wife's will and married the young woman he was cheating with. The whole thing brought so many problems into his life and the life of his new wife. It cost them so much. The marriage did not last either. It was not worth it. They are both very bitter now. They need to let go of that bitterness, though, as it doesn't help anyone. 

The fact is you can't go around destroying other people's lives like that, because it is inevitable that it will come back around to you and your life will end up in tatters as well, but you will end up suffering more because of the consequences of adultery.

Some of you need to teach your children as best you can, not to follow your bad examples, because they do observe your behavior and will use it as an example of how to conduct their lives when they get older, if they are not taught otherwise. 

In the Bible, David suffered greatly because of adultery and it was a sin that was passed on in his family as well because his sons chose to follow his example, eventually costing one son the throne at one point and costing another young unrepentant son his life. God forgave David, but the consequences remained. However, had David not stopped committing adultery, the consequences would have worsened, as it did with one of his unrepentant sons Absalom resulting in his death. To clarify, not everyone who dies young as David's son Absalom did, dies because they've committed adultery, after all sometimes even babies die. 


April 18, 2003

Four Year Old Graduates From Soccer School

Remember the joke I told you three days ago on this page about the 2-year-old boy who was kicking a tin of baked beans around the house in an attempt to follow in his dad's footsteps, who is a professional soccer playerÖwell, today I read on the BBC that he just graduated from a soccer school at the ripe old age of 4. Okay, a 4 year old should not be able to play soccer better than me, regardless of who his daddy is! (bitter). Iím kidding, congratulations to him.

David and Goliath, Talent

There are people in many professions who make it on natural talent and have to do very little work to develop their abilities...but there are others with little natural talent, but work hard to catch up with their peers, and they do, sometimes even surpassing them.  

With the Bible story of David and Goliath, looking at the two, you would think Goliath would win the fight, but David, being smaller was intelligent enough to realize that, hey this guy is gonna clobber me. So, by God's grace he used his brain to outsmart Goliath with five stones (how embarrassing - I'm kidding). 

Be honest, if you were to have guessed who would win between David and Goliath, you would say Goliath, who was taller, stronger and a skilled fighter, while David was...a sheepherder. The sheepherder won the fight, though, and went on to become the King of Israel. 

God, unlike man, knew what He was doing when he chose David to be the future King of Israel. To most people, David probably didn't seem to fit the part at the time, but with God's help he grew into it and did very well. It happens like that often; it ends up being the ones you overlook.

Iíve been reading Billy Grahamís autobiography ďJust as I am.Ē In the book, he tells of how when he was younger, he was dumped by a girl he was dating who said he wasn't serious enough about what he wanted to do with his life, while they were in college. At the time, maybe he wasn't, but he did go on to preach to more people than anyone in this era. 

According to Einsteinís bio he, ďfailed an examination that would have allowed him to study for a diploma as an electrical engineer at Zurich.Ē Now, Einstein is one of the last people you'd think flunked a test (children, the next time you flunk a test, tell your parents that little storyÖand hope they donít ground you for a year). In spite of that, he continued with his work and was a success.  

In the early part of his career, Mozart could not get a job in Vienna or Paris as a composer despite having an impressive portfolio of work, that included Symphony in G minor

I was watching a sermon by John Hagee the other day where he mentioned that Michael Jordan didn't make the high school basketball team on his first try. You wouldnít have thought that looking at his career now. His brother was also more athletically inclined than he was, but Michael had a growth spurt, began practicing a lot more and judging by his career, I guess you could say he improved haha.

A joke for you: Author David Halberstam stated in his book about Jordan, describing his relationship with his brother Larry, who had more athletic ability growing up, "But he (Jordan) could also tease him. Years later when Michael was a star in the NBA, they played in a pick-up game. Michael looked down at Larry's feet" and said, "Just remember whose name is on your shoes." Okay, that joke was wrong in so many ways (giggling).

My point, yes I have a point after all of that, for those of you who are experiencing difficulties in accomplishing your goals, don't be discouraged. God bless you.  


April 21, 2003

Celebrity Backlash Over The War, Abortion, Laci Peterson Case

For years the entertainment industry has made songs and films that criticized and ridiculed religion, the disabled, foreigners and other topics and due to the outlets that are available, were able to disseminate these insulting and often irreverent messages. 

Now, there is a backlash against the celebrities who were against the war and those celebrities are now whining about the criticism they are receiving, when they have made careers of criticizing and ridiculing others and anything scared in order to shock people and advance their careers.  Yet, now they are saying it's not fair that they are being criticized and ridiculed for their views about the war? 

Some celebrities have done this to others for years, why can't they handle it now that it's being done to them. No one was even slandered, they are just being criticized. It was okay when they did this to others, but now it's not okay that it's being done to them? 

There are entertainers that are against the war because they say they are concerned about loss of life, yet it has been widely published that some entertainers have had abortions because the pregnancies were inconvenient to their careers at the time. How is that loss of life any less than a child or a soldier losing their life in the war - the soldier volunteered for the war, whereas, an unborn child didn't get the chance to decide. For some to be so vocal about adults and children dying in war while they have aborted their children for the sake of their career and not seeing the error in that is contradictory.

In the entertainment industry, it's considered hip to be pro-choice, however, the Bible makes clear references to abortion being a sin and God valuing the unborn child's life. God even makes references in the Bible to knowing who people are before they are born. (Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart...").

That is amazing when you really think about it. God knew who you were before you were born. Considering He knew each of us before we were born, says that life predates birth and each trimester (the criteria doctors use for determining when abortions can be performed). Life begins at conception. 

It's very upsetting to know babies are aborted. There are so many women that go through the devastating experience of not being able to have a child or accidentally miscarrying - yet others abort theirs. 

I've read that the emotional distress that comes from abortion is awful. For women who are going through that, you should pray and ask God to help you deal with the trauma. He can forgive you if you ask and help you deal with the emotional pain that accompanies abortion. 

If you are considering abortion as an alternative, I implore you not to have an abortion. 

Even if you don't believe in God, there is other non-Biblical evidence to support the fact  that life begins at conception:

-Baby's kick while in the womb, often felt and acknowledged by many people.

-Many women speak to their babies while they are in the womb. 

- The Laci Peterson case is so unbelievably sad. Not only has her husband been charged with her murder, he has been charged with the murder of her unborn son as well. Think about that - her unborn son. It is acknowledging that her unborn son was a human life, and rightfully so. A human life that was taken from him before he was born. His existence has been verified in that he had been conceived and was growing in his motherís womb. Thatís irrefutable. It was a precious unborn human being named Connor that was found on the beach with his umbilical cord still attached. Authorities saw the unborn baby with their own eyes.

The Associated Press reported ďProsecutors filed the murder charges hours before Peterson, 30, appeared in the Modesto courtroom. In the filing, District Attorney James Brazelton said Peterson acted ''intentionally, deliberately and with premeditation'' in killing 27-year-old Laci Peterson and Connor Peterson, the couple's unborn child. Their bodies washed ashore last week about three miles from where Peterson said he was fishing in San Francisco Bay when his wife - who was eight months pregnant - vanished.Ē

My condolences to their family and friends.


April 23, 2003

Singer Stealing From This Web Site

A lot of people read this web site, which is unusual for a new artist who has not released a single yet. This web site receives a lot of hits, numbering in the six digits (music listeners, journos, webmasters, songwriters, screen writers, producers, musicians, singers ect.).

However, I have been having problems with industry people poaching off this site; two singers in particular that I'm going to sound off about today. 

What they've done has not gone unnoticed. I've noticed it and due to the number of people who visit the site, others have as well. I've received comments about it from people. I keep getting people telling me, did you hear so and soís new song, itís like yoursÖ and did you see the pic on the cover of their greatest hits album, I saw it in the record store and thought it was you for a minute or I saw her album cover and thought it was you at first glance....and did you hear what so and so said in their interview, itís stuff you say on your site.

Even my own mother was looking through the newspaper two days ago and said, you know, this picture on her CD looks like one of your pictures on your web site. Iíd known about that already because others who noticed kept telling me. So, I told my mother about whatís been happening with a few industry people poaching off my site. I didnít want to upset her telling her about it before as she was not well about a year and a half ago, but by Godís grace she is doing much better now. 

Still, it upset and infuriated me seeing the saddened look on her face when I told her about whatís been happening and thatís something I will not forget. All because of those artists, my mother is now upset, and for no other reason than their disgusting, selfish desire to remain famous by unethical means and in both cases it did their careers much more damage than good, as they received bad feedback from critics and audiences.

Whatís most ridiculous about all this is that I have been enjoying recording my albums and putting the project together to release it. I havenít had problems with my work. You would think that would be the difficult part, but itís not.

These people have upset my mother and marred this recording experience for me and it is something Iím going to be very outspoken about when I release my CD. When things like that occur, it is one of the easiest ways to reclaim your work, well, in addition to a lawsuit. When you steal from my work, you are messing with my career. Donít expect me to thank you for it.

History has shown that it is effective in correcting such disputes. For example, there was an underground musician that put out his debut CD this year, which became the best selling first week debut in music history. He also chose to air his grievances with two artists that tampered with his career when they were doing well and he was just starting a few years ago. He even wrote a song about one of them that was placed on a soundtrack. A lot of you know who that is and how that situation turned out. Like I said, you can't expect people to thank you for messing with their careers. 

The male artist that poached off my site did it to his own detriment, as a once promising career, with a strong debut, had a very poor follow up as a result of what he took from my work. It turned out to be the very thing that hurt his career. He went from being one of the most promising new artists of that genre in years to a one hit wonder. Had he stuck to what he became famous for, rather than taking from my work, he would have maintained his success. He has done this to other singers as well, one of them berating him in an interview for it.

The female artist that poached off this site ripped off Contemporary Girl by writing her own bootleg, copyright infringing version of it. Both songs have shared lyrics, similar melodies and the same song structure (verses, choruses, rap, the bridge, which is not common for one artist to perform)...only my song was written and copyrighted first.  She even has a remix version of the song that is rap as opposed to singing, which is exactly what I did with Contemporary Girl's remix. Itís something I did on the remix version of Contemporary Girl that no one had done previously, itís even written in my bio (Contemporary Girl is a song I wrote and copyrighted years ago).

And that woman is not a rapper, she is not even a singer to be frank. However, she has been around for years and all of a sudden is trying to rap and it has not gone over well with audiences. 

She even ripped off one of my pictures from this site for her greatest hits album cover. I keep getting people telling me that they saw the album cover and thought it was mine at first glance. 

As you may know, I'm a Christian and I make references to God and Jesus in my work. However, when I do make references to God and Jesus on my album and on this site, it is done with the utmost respect. She also makes references to Jesus on her album, which totally surprised audiences and critics who reviewed the album. Several critics have commented on it in reviews. Now, where did that come from all of a sudden. Also, it's not a wise thing to make irreverent, insincere references to God or Jesus Christ as it does not translate into a blessing. 

She even went as far as to quote something I wrote on this site in an interview she did two weeks ago on a widely viewed entertainment news program, in an effort to make herself look intelligent and philosophical. Even the interviewer looked at her a bit surprised as to why she was trying to be philosophical all of a sudden. After all, she has spent her career being vain, completely without any understanding or appreciation of anyone but herself. She quoted something I wrote on the page a few months ago. It was from the January 7th, 2002 sound off article, where I wrote ďwhy do people like to see other people fall?Ē and she quoted exactly what I wrote in that article, in the interview she did. What does she think she is doing? How can you take something someone else said and try to pass it off in a conversation or an interview like you said it. 

I couldnít believe how air headed my words sounded coming out of her mouth, especially since she employs the use of the word ďlikeĒ very often, reminiscent of an air headed valley girl. As a general rule, if you want to feign intelligence, donít use the word ďlikeĒ as a grammatical staple ("and it was like, and we were like, and you were like, and I'm like, and it was like, like, like").  

Years ago she was accused of ripping off a trend that was apart of other singers stage shows in New York. She wrote a song about it, took the dance she saw that goes with it, and took all the credit for it. Last year, a very famous artist accused her of ripping off his work he had just released. Last year a writer also accused and sued her for allegedly stealing his film he pitched to her. Her current album cover is even a rip off of a famous Australian singerís pic from last year.

Her idiotic version of my song made me cringe. Her project has been plagued with problems. Her version of the song has been bashed by many people and faced severe criticism because of the actual song and the ridiculous video that accompanied it. A video that had to be redone because of its offensive content. It has become the worst received single she has ever released. I just read an article that was about the terrible reviews she has received for the project, prompting the massive publicity blitz that has accompanied it in an effort to save it. 

I also read that after the album was played for critics, "when asked if anyone would like to hear it again, there was an embarrassing silence." Her own record company fought with her to have the album redone, as they did not think it was good and too much of a departure from what she is known for. There is a good reason for that in this case, she stole it!

How she manages to mess up peopleís work like that is beyond me. I think that is what she is good at, taking art and turning it into trash.

Itís her narcissistic obsession of clumsily trying to take something she sees that she thinks will be the next hit, and puts out her own bootleg version of it in hopes it will keep her on the cutting edge and make her look creative, ahead of the person who really authored the work, then convincing herself that itís her. She has done this several times before and has made a career out of it. However, all she ends up doing is destroying and profaning work with her profound lack of ability. The last few times she has done this, the projects did not do well.

I canít help but think that had the man whoís film she is accused of taking had the opportunity to make his film, it would have turned out better and done better at the box office, and not turned into the mess it became, as I really donít see how it could have done any worse than it did when it was released with her and her team at the helm of the project.

I read about her forcefully taking charge of another film project that she was not the director of and turning it into a complete disaster against the directorís wishes, then actually blaming the man for its failure when she drastically altered and maimed the film. What business does she have wrecking peopleís films especially considering she knows nothing about filmmaking. What kind of garbage is that and how can anyone be proud of such a career. 

None of these things she is bent on poaching suit her. She needs to learn to age gracefully and stop making a spectacle of herself by poaching off younger artists work that she is not musically or artistically able to deliver. It takes a real degenerate to see a new artist's project and knowingly and covetously rip off their debut, especially one that is dedicated to God. She has been in the spotlight all that time, and with no musical ability, yet she has the gall to be disgusting enough to try and steal someone's debut. Are you that desperate? It is completely undignified.

I do not regard what she does. She has made a career out of being a glorified porn star. That is not commendable and has nothing to do with music. Her career has not been a testament to musical talent, as she has none and it has been said many times for years now. Her career has been a testament to what the devil does in a personís life if they are willing to corrupt people and promote depravity. Whatís most hilarious is she tries to do all these things by working with and leeching off other peopleís talent in an effort to make her look good. For years, if every time you write or produce or sing or play the guitar you need someone else there working with you, that says you are not really doing the job. She needs to stop leeching off other peopleís talent.

She has taught young women that if they sleep their way to the top and go on stage and take off their clothes, they can become famous. Her influence in that department is undeniable, because since her debut, for the first time in music, there were young women with little or no musical ability that went out there and followed her example in an effort to become famous. The effects of it are seen in the charts now more than ever. She completely lowered the bar for talent in that you didnít need it anymore to get a record deal. She did music a great disservice. No matter how much skin a woman shows on stage, it will never have the impact or respect the sound a great vocalist or instrumentalist commands.

I took my time in writing that song and working on every aspect of this project. I dedicate my work to God, yet a few chose to rip it offÖand ironically it turned out to be the very thing that damaged their careersÖcareers thought to be untouchable due to past successes (no music career is untouchable). They deliberately stole from something that is dedicated to God. How perverse. 

Sometimes you see disputes happen in the industry and wonder if they are real. Well, they are and they are caused by other people tampering with people's careers, as in the case of the musician I mentioned earlier that responded to people messing with his career, once he released his CD. Well, now, regrettably you can see one in the making, as I'm going to make it a point to be very vocal about what happened when I release my album.  


April 25, 2003

Pop Singers Performing R&B

Pop singers who switch to R&B music to gain credibility...it's still gonna be pop music: 

                           pop singer + R&B music = pop music

However, some actually grow to like the genre. Still, some aren't sincere about it and audiences usually voice their disapproval regarding the insincerity of it -cough- black audiences. 

Some are insulted for being white and performing what is considered black music. There is a white artist who performs what is considered black music and someone was trying to question his sincerity in doing so. I kept thinking, uh, what do they mean, he's been like this the whole time. Some white artists perform black music from the beginning of their careers because it is what they grew up listening to, and he was one of them, but it was mislabeled as something else when he performed it because he is white. It's just now that a lot of people are noticing it with him since black artists have been selling more records and are in the mainstream more. Either way, I don't think it is insincere on his part. 

Celebrity Lists

Those lists publications print of the wealthiest people...are they really all that accurate? Do they figure in items like frivolous purchases, taxes, lawsuits, bad investments, accountants skimming money. I'm kidding...ok, no. 


Have you ever noticed how most athletes, whether it be soccer, tennis, basketball or baseball,  look at the ball with this fixed gaze like they are gonna marry it.  

David Beckham Leaving Man U

What's this stuff I've been reading about David Beckham leaving Man U for Real Madrid. He's the captain of the English team, how would that go over in England...not to mention he is the most known athlete there. Besides, if he moved to Madrid, what would the press in England do (that was a joke). I read a lot of British publications, have for years, and there is always a story about him and his family.

I also read that revenues were down at Arsenal. Beckham should play for Arsenal, then he'd still be in England, but they (Arsenal) probably wouldn't want to fork over that much cash. Beckham did make a lot of money for Man U in merchandising, so they would make the signing fee back in revenues (considering those teams like revenues). 


God gives people talent. Some people misuse or neglect to cultivate their talents, but some put them to good use. There is a story in the Bible that alludes to this, called "The parable of the talents" (Matthew 25:14 click here ). In this story, a talent referred to a monetary unit, but, as with many stories in the Bible, it is also a metaphor. 

In the story, one servant was given 5 talents and another was given 2 and they both developed and multiplied those talents. While another servant was given one talent and out of fear, he hid that talent by digging a hole in the ground and burying it. Boy, some accounting and stock firms need to read that story (that was a joke).

But, back to the point. Some people develop their talents, while others fear failing and hide their talents. You can't be afraid. You have to overcome that. Do not waste your God given talents. 

Some of you think you don't have a talent, but it maybe you wanting a talent that you presently don't have, therefore you end up thinking you have none, rather than looking to the talents you do have. Still, God could give you a talent you don't presently have. He did that for me when I prayed and had faith that He would. 

A talent doesn't have to be the ability to play an instrument, sing, paint or play sports. Some of you have a talent for helping people. Don't waste that talent either. 

For those of you still whining, my mom works with disabled people and you'd be amazed at what perseverance accomplishes. Though they have disabilities, they use their patience and tenacity to compensate and they accomplish a lot as a result. One student in particular has progressed tremendously in the last few years. His speech is much better, as he has greatly expanded his vocabulary, learned about a number of topics and he has learned a few trades as well. 


April 26, 2003

Promiscuous Entertainers and Athletes

Sexual promiscuity is very common in the music industry. About a month ago, I was having a discussion with someone regarding entertainers. The person asked me about the industry and a certain musician in particular. I was very frank in my response when I told her that a lot of male singers mess around on tour with groupies and sometimes fans, but it doesn't mean anything to them - though it does have its consequences. There are girls who pursue entertainers and sleep with them, thinking they are going to be their girlfriend and it doesn't happen. 

A lot of these guys have girlfriends and some have wives whom they care about and in general, they are not going to leave them for someone they had sex with on tour. A lot of these guys donít even remember the girls they mess around with on tour. Theyíll remember their stage show in that city more than the person they slept with after the show.

A lot of girls delude themselves into thinking that entertainers and athletes are serious about them because they have sex with them when they are on tour, but they are not serious. These guys do this all the time.

What I said stunned the person I was having the discussion with, but a week later the person read something that confirmed what I said a few weeks prior, in that a singer was bragging in an article about the women he's slept with on tour and how it didn't mean anything to him. He even referred to those women as the type he would not marry.

What he said in the article was sad, but he was being very candid. To many it came across as harsh and crude, but he was telling the truth as to how some entertainers and athletes feel and behave.

There are some that pretend for their public that they are wholesome and do not indulge in that type of sexually irresponsible behavior (see sound off article from January 7, 2003), but many engage in that lifestyle and it has been the source of much of the troubles they have suffered in their lives. People sometimes don't understand the spiritual consequences their actions have on their life. Sex outside of marriage is a sin and it has its repercussions.

Many entertainers lie about who they date or lie about their behavior as to not diminish their audience (see Sound Off article from July 2, 2002) but it is usually one of the following:

1. Because of their religion, they havenít found the right person, so they aren't dating.  Celibate until they get married.

2. Just ended a traumatic relationship and are waiting before they date again.

3. Doesnít have someone, but sleeps around with fans, groupies, people they know where they live ect.

4. Gay and their record company, manager, agent, PR ect. told them to lie and say they are straight so as not to diminish their fan base.

I read an article a couple weeks ago where an entertainer said he wants to sleep with as many women as possible and that he prefers unprotected sex...and he was serious. It made me sad to know that a young man with so much going for him felt that way. How much of a future is he going to have if he does that and from what he and others have said, he is living like that right now. I prayed for him that God would help him, because he is not going to walk away from such a goal unscathed.  

There are some who brag about threesomes, not realizing the repercussion for that is worse. I recently read an article where an entertainer bragged about that. What was also irresponsible is that he is a member of a boy band with a very impressionable teenage fan base. What about the impressionable teenage girls that listen to everything his group says and buys all their records. Hearing him say that could not have a positive effect.  

I do not condemn people and I'm not judgmental, but it is sad to read articles where people brag about behavior that will wreak havoc in their lives. It's like reading where someone jokes about something that is going to hurt them. God doesn't want people indulging in promiscuous sexual behavior and it is for a reason. 

Another bad thing about the industry is teenage girls who lose their virginity to celebrities. These celebrities are using them, but they are so impressed with their fame that they fail to see that.

Iíve read stories where non-famous and now famous women wrote about a celebrity they lost their virginity to when they were underage. Whatís even more disturbing is several of these girls have said that the entertainer was drunk. 

They are underage, in love with an entertainer that is drunk or high as a kite, who then takes advantage of them.

When people meet their favorite entertainers they scream, get hysterical and sometimes cry. I see that all the time. Unfortunately, sometimes itís someoneís impressionable child - and then the entertainer starts flirting with her and inviting her to his room.

In an article a young girl described the incident as a bad experience that was painful emotionally and physically. One of the most memorable moments in her life that she should have experienced with her husband was spent with a drunken singer who probably didn't even remember what happened the next day.  

Minors will lie about their age. Once I was stunned when a girl who previously said she was a minor, lied when a singer was present to make him think she was older than she really was, then proceeded to flirt with him. He didnít believe her, though.

However, some singers do believe them and end up in trouble. Still, if some celebrities weren't casually messing around with different people, they would know whom they are sleeping with and know that the person is under age.    

Promiscuous Entertainers

Sometimes audiences are surprised by how promiscuous their favorite entertainers are. There was one incident where a young lady was stunned when she witnessed her favorite entertainerís inappropriate conduct when he was trying to talk to a few girls and it traumatized the poor girl. She was stunned and obviously disappointed. Looking on at the situation (it had nothing to do with me), I felt so bad for her cause sheís a nice kid and was very sincere. I thought to myself, poor kid, sheís not going to forget that one for a long time. Things like that make people skeptical as well - skeptical that people can be decent.

Itís very common for entertainerís promiscuity to result in babies popping up all over the country, paternity suits and child support lawsuits. Some entertainers, because they are married or have a girlfriend, not even wanting to acknowledge some of these children.

It never ceases to amaze me how people will jeopardize their lives, their family and everything theyíve worked for by being promiscuous.

In life you will pay for your mistakes, others might too because of their relationship with you, but no one will pay for those mistakes more than you. So itís best to live in a way that you donít have to worry about those consequences. You have to take responsibility for your life.

This happens in sports as well. Football player Michael Irving spoke about his prior promiscuous behavior and how much it cost him and hurt his wife. Iím glad he is turning his life around by Godís grace.

I read an article on ESPN's web site a couple weeks ago, which featured tennis player Michael Chang, who is a Christian. They asked him about the temptations athletes face on the road regarding women and he spoke about the difficulties they encounter.  

The mother of a famous football player expressed her concern over the way women  pursue her son. She said they would even show up at his hotel room dressed in very little. You canít blame her for being concerned. Itís something that could ruin his life.

Mase, who was a rapper and is now a pastor in Atlanta, spoke about how he had to change his ways, like sex outside of marriage when he left the music industry to become a preacher. He said it was a problem he had to conquer because he had gotten used to that lifestyle.

Thatís what happens when a lot of men become famous. All of a sudden there is this insincere attention from certain women that was not there before, they are flattered by it and a lot of them give in to temptation. Many entertainers start off occasionally messing around with women that chase them, then the habit worsen until it becomes a way of life that consumes them.

Many people don't start off that way, but because they sleep with different people they pick up certain habits from them, it starts to affect them and it becomes a vice that gets worse and worse. 

There are many sexually transmitted diseases out there that a condom cannot protect a person from. Condoms have a high failure rate, some experts stating a failure rate of 36% (read the September 13, 2002 article about condoms/voids - Latex condoms have a high failure rate due to holes called voids that the AIDS virus can get through because the virus is 50 times smaller than these voids).

There is a case I know of where years ago a man contracted the A.I.D.S. virus from promiscuous sex, didnít realize it and passed it on to his wife, who got pregnant and passed the disease on to their children, one of whom died. 

There was an article in the news the other day about a prostitute who made a pledge that she would infect as many men as possible with the A.I.D.S. virus. 

One of my friendís brothers contracted the HIV virus from promiscuous sex and passed away last year. He left behind a teenage daughter that he was raising.

Someone that one of my friends knew died from the A.I.D.S. virus. She slept with several athletes and contracted the disease from one of them. My friend was so devastated when she died because they were friends for a long time. 

In 1991, former basketball player Earvin Magic Johnson announced to the world that he had contracted HIV from promiscuous sex.  He said he slept with many women before he got married. HIV has now changed his life.

In spite of all of this, there are still entertainers sending bad messages to kids through their music, films and interviews by bragging about how many people they sleep with.

Some entertainers have different girls they sleep with in cities they visit on tour and for some it's a different girl every night.

Have you ever heard the saying "when you sleep with someone you are sleeping with everyone they've ever slept with." It's not that far off. 

In 1 Corinthians 6:16 it reads "Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, 'The two will become one flesh.' " That example was to illustrate that regardless of who you have sex with, no matter how casual you may view it, it is not something that is spiritually or emotionally insignificant.

It also says sexual sin is detrimental to the body (1 Corinthians 6:18 "Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body").

It will start to affect you spiritually as well. Behavior and moods you cannot account for or understand. Severe depression and feelings of hopelessness.  

God created sex for marriage and when it is misused it is detrimental and creates emotional and often physical problems among other things. God can heal you of those feelings and problems, but you have to do your part as well and stop indulging in that behavior.

While, some of you are meant to spend your lives with a celebrity, as they are the one for you (though, donít interpret that as me encouraging you to seek out a celebrity), but the majority of you are not. So, stop chasing these male celebrities, many of whom will just use you for sex, no matter how seemingly innocent some of them are.

When Bad Things Happen

Bad things happen in life for reasons other than sin, but it is particularly sad and regrettable when they are because of bad choices. Whatever choices we make in life, we will have to live with the consequences of.

Iíve noticed that God will warn people, sometimes even putting obstacles in their path to prevent them from making bad decisions that will lead them into trouble. There are often warning signs there for you not to. God is very merciful that way. God will not make it easy for you to get into trouble, but people make it easy by being stubborn and persisting in things they should not do. If the person persists and gets around those obstacles, they are going to suffer the consequences.

God gave everyone free will to make their own choices, but a lot of times what people do with the freedom they are given is destructive. People make bad choices all the time, but God can forgive you if you ask. It's time for you to change and for your own sake. Donít put that off, it could save you from making a mistake you will regret.


April 29, 2003

Mattress Tags

Those tags on mattresses that read "do not remove this tag." Er, why not? Will the mattress unravel or something if you remove it? I'm just kidding.

Celebrities Planting Stories

Why do some celebrities insult the media, yet place stories with them and tip them off as to where they are going to be when they need a photo-op for publicity. 

Some people do get harassed and genuinely don't care for the attention, but what about the ones that scream at the media to leave them alone, yet they are grinning in the pics where they tell the photographers to leave them alone?

CD Stickers

Ever notice on CD stickers when they write, "Includes the hitsÖ" and the hits they name haven't even been released yet or charted yet. How can it be a hit when it's not even out yet? Just because all the guys in the record company like it, doesn't mean it's a hit.

Why do celebrities say they don't read bad reviews in the press? How do you know they are bad reviews if you didn't read them? I know, someone can tell a singer they are getting bashed in the papers. I just feel like being really annoying today haha.


Tabloids are different according to the country (uh, not just the language). UK tabloids try to make you think what they write is true. They structure their stories like real articles, with quotes, albeit, often quotes they've made up. When it says it's an unnamed source, the quote was probably made up. Their stories seem credible and make most people wonder, hey this could be true. German and Spanish tabloids do that as well.

But nooo, not our tabloids. The tabloids here are just incredulous. You see the covers when you are in the check out line at the supermarket, headlines that resemble "singer gives birth to three headed alien baby." hmm could that one be true...okay, no. I made that one up, but it's not all that far off from some of the stuff they write. 


Speaking of aliens, I've studied the Bible since I was fifteen and from a theological aspect as well (as it relates to history, customs and archaeological findings) and there is no reference to aliens in the Bible as being entities that are good. So many people believe in aliens, but when you read the Bible, you realize it is not a good thing. It is not something to embrace, because it will lead to delusions and to people being deceived, as the source of it is not good, but rather demonic. 

One of the Devil's nicknames in the Bible is translated as the Prince of the Air (Ephesians 2:2), the air, also known as space. Aliens are always associated with space. The Bible contains several references to the fallen angels that accompany the Devil, which are called demons and beings in space who fight with God's angels. Demons fit the Biblical description of what many people today refer to as aliens. 

Sadly, people can be easily deceived. It's the same thing with cults. Under the guise of religion and or supernatural entities, some choose to deceive and manipulate people into doing things that God never intended. You are suppose to use the Bible as your guide and if someone tells you to do something that goes against what is written in the Bible, what they are telling you is not of God. For example, if someone tells you to take your life for religious purposes to attain some kind of spiritual enlightenment or reward, that is not true. That is not of God and it goes against the Bible, therefore do not do it.

People can be easily led and often to their own detriment. You even see it on a smaller scale with celebrity, when people emulate their favorite entertainers whether or not their example is good. It's not a good idea trying to be like a celebrity. Look to God and Christ as your example.  

People Stealing From Web Site

Sorry, I had to put a no right clicking feature on the page, which prohibits copy and pasting to the average computer user (if you want a copy of something on here, email me). Too many people were taking things from the site for their own purposes and crediting it to themselves.

I regularly do searches of the net to match content on here to other sites and I saw things from my site on other sites - chunks of my bio in other peopleís bios, the info page practically duplicated, chunks of content from the interview, diary and sound off pages poached and credited to others. It seems as though people experiencing writers block have decided to use this web site (I don't appreciate it). However, some have removed the infringing content at my request -cough- threats (kidding about the threats). I still have a few more sites to address about it. 

If some people would ask for permission I would grant it on basic things, but not credited to someone else...on other things however, no. After all, which singer would grant other singers permission to use excerpts of their bio and interviews in theirs. That's just not done. Why? because your bio and your interviews are supposed to be original, as they are supposed to be about your life, not someone else's. I'm kindly asking the rest of you to remove it before I get to your site, as I don't find it very pleasant. I have a lot of work that I'd rather be doing, as opposed to contacting people about this.   

You'd think it's uncommon, but it is not. I read an article last week on a software company's web site regarding things like this happening on the net and itís pretty rampant.


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