April 2004 

Volume 23


April 3, 2004

The Entertainment Industry And Addictions

The entertainment industry is such a disgusting business. Which other business in the world can take someone's fresh faced kid and turn them into a full fledged drug addict. The other day I saw a program that chronicled a few singers rise to fame. It showed them when they just started, pre-drug use. They were so hopeful, enthusiastic, fresh faced and normal. Then the bad side of the industry got hold of them and turned them into drug addicts. Now they have zombie like expressions. I'm not being patronizing or condensing. The whole thing is really sad. It's literally watching what drugs does to a person.   

While I've never taken drugs, I think it's safe to assume a few things. First of all, people don't like being drug addicts -- who wants that stigma. Drug abuse is the culmination of bad choices. People underestimate how those things start, as they often begin quite innocently.

There is a tremendous amount of pressure that accompanies being an entertainer. People want you to put on a great show all the time and often times at great personal cost to you, when you just aren't up to it. Singers sometimes suffer from stage fright, fatigue and illness from touring (the constant travel -- jet lag, different time zones, bad sleeping habits and unfamiliar surroundings). Singers also try to avoid bad reviews, which could possibly decrease ticket sales, if all those previously named factors are affecting their performance. Someone offers the singer drugs as a solution to supposedly energize them and combat those problems and they take it in a misguided attempt to put on a great show. 

Why is it the crazier and more outlandish an artist's behavior is on stage, supposedly the better the show. I disagree. I like my singers normal and coherent. 

The media can also be a problem. While they can be a good promotional tool, they have also been the demise of many. That's not something to revel in by the way, as it is not power. You go around ruining people's lives and yours will be ruined as well.

Press intrusions, tabloid stories and bad reviews can be enough to send some to drug use in an effort to try to escape that pressure, with emphasis on the word try, as you really don't escape your problems, only multiply them, because now you're a drug addict and that brings a whole new set of problems on its own. However, don't be discouraged, there is hope (yes, sounds really cheesy, but it is the truth).  

There's a human aspect to these stories that people often do not want to pay attention to. They'd rather look at the sensationalized, gossip filled side of it and how many more papers they can sell, rather than who is getting hurt.

Some go through depression over other things such as a relative or friend dying, career difficulties, marriage problems, family problems or childhood traumas. People often underestimate how difficult those problems can be. Some people go through awful, unexplainable things in life. Things they suffer with everyday. Going through that day after day can leave a person feeling hopeless and like things will never get better (which is not true, even though it feels like it at the time) and they turn to drugs to numb that pain, as the commonly used phrase goes.

Some go through physical pain, as Kurt Cobain did, the late lead singer of the satanic rock group Nirvana. Cobain struggled with physical pain in his stomach for years and turned to heroin to allegedly alleviate the pain, which it didn't and he ended up dependent on the substance. When he was alive, he himself admitted it only intensified his problems. Also, as a rule of thumb, it's not a good idea making fun of, insulting and rejecting the one Person who can save you. I'm sorry he did not turn to God for help, because God would have forgiven him and helped him if he asked. Cobain opted to kill himself and that is never the answer. You lose your soul if you do. 

I have compassion for people who started taking drugs because of the situations they were in, though I do not condone it. In those cases, it's not a matter of trying to fit in. Those problems are tied to depression and in those cases it's a gnawing, pervasive kind of depression, which is difficult to deal with. However, I don't recommend drugs as the solution. You need to be proactive. You CANNOT just lay there and die or wait for the drugs to kill you, that would be a sin.  

Smokey Robinson told of how God delivered him from his drug problems. There are many others like him who God has helped in that way.

However, for people who want God to help them, and He will if you ask, once He does, you need to stay away from it. Avoid the temptation. Don't go to the places where you used to buy or take drugs. Don't continue to spend time around your friends that still take drugs. Your life is depending on it.

How many times have you read a headline about a singer overdosing. And if you die in that state, chances are you will lose your soul because it is dying in an act of sin where you are most likely not coherent to ask for forgiveness. 

People sell others bad drugs all the time. People miscalculate or go too far all the time and overdose. The people you see in those situations aren't losers. It really didn't take much for them to get into those situations. They made bad choices.     

Friends can be a great influence and they can also be a bad one. Some of you, your friends are going to aid in destroying your life because you are too influenced by them in what is wrong. There's an old saying that goes "you become what your friends are." If your friends are drug users, you will become a drug user. If your friends are drunkards, you will become a drunkard. If your friends are thieves, you will become a thief. If you're friends sleep around, you are likely to do the same and to your own detriment.

That peer pressure is just too much for many. Under the influence of bad friends people do things that go against their beliefs, their conscience, what they were taught and how they were raised. They do unwise things to impress their friends. They follow friends' bad examples, listen to their bad advice and other inappropriate things to fit in and it ends up being so costly to them.

Some of you need to learn to say no to your friends and use the conscience God gave you. Why? because the conscience God put inside you is prophetic and knows what the culmination of those bad choices you are making now will lead to shortly and is trying to save you from that.    

It always amazes me how people will know something their friend is encouraging them to do is wrong, but do it anyway to fit in. What happens when your friends bad influence costs you more than you're willing to pay.  

I know two nice people, who on separate occasions were in a car with friends, who asked them to follow them somewhere and in both instances their so called friends committed crimes unbeknownst to them and they ended being charged as well for something they didn't do. Stuff like that is sad, because they were innocent, but the cops don't know that. How are they to know that. They had to hire lawyers and publicly deal with people speculating whether they were innocent or not. All because of being friends with the wrong people.       

There are other ways friends can bring trouble into your life. For example, you are out with friends, you don't realize one of them is now drunk, you all get into the car to leave and meet in a horrific car accident that changes your lives, well, those that survive it. And sadly those who survive such accidents sometimes end up disfigured or with disabilities.

People meet in car accidents all the time. Accidents happen innocently. However, getting behind the wheel after you've been drinking is something else. It is plain irresponsible. Not only are you endangering your life, you are endangering other people's as well. Think of your family and your friends' families as well before you do something like that. I don't encourage going to clubs, but if you are gonna do that, at least call a cab to get you home instead of driving drunk and putting other people's lives and your own in jeopardy.  

Many years ago my mother met in a life threatening accident all because she didn't realize a friend who invited her out was now drunk. She was in the hospital for a few months. Thankfully, she fully recovered from it, but how many people out there don't or are left disfigured.

With some of you, God could tell you that you need to stop being sexually promiscuous, because on such and such a date, your promiscuity will lead to you contracting the AIDS virus...and some of you still wouldn't listen. Some would take it as a warning and change their ways, but some would still trod down that same path via promiscuity. They'd still keep sleeping around until it cost them their health. All that sex won't mean anything and will end up being regrettable. Some of you need to learn to say no to people.

In an odd way, some people act like others who contracted HIV wanted to get the virus. People don't plan on getting HIV and AIDS. It happens innocently through blood transfusions or through birth via an infected parent, but a large part of the population are contracting it through being sexually promiscuous. I don't understand why people think they are so invincible that it can't happen to them. All the warnings that have been given, yet some refuse to change their risky lifestyle, especially celebrities.

Some of you are too trusting of the people you are risking your life for by sleeping with them. People lie all the time. They'll tell you that you are the only person they are sleeping with when it's not true. Look how many entertainers get people pregnant all the time that they just met and these are the same ones telling you about safe sex and using condoms, which as statistics show, have a high failure rate. 

How is sleeping around and contracting HIV a good time? How is going out, drinking and meeting in a deadly car accident a good time? There are some mistakes in life that alter your life. Some mistakes are really bad choices that end up being very costly. God can forgive you, but the aftermath of those choices remain. Thank God that you're alive and stop playing with your future on worthless things. 

Some of you sleep with people you don't even care about. You are risking your life for something that is temporary and forgettable. The way some speak disdainfully of people they've slept with like it's no big deal, says it's forgettable. But make no mistake, you pay a price for it each time (it's in the Bible). God forgives it if you ask, but it costs you something each time. If you're smart, you'd figure that out and change your ways.   

If you have AIDS, you shouldn't give up. God bless you. 


April 11, 2004

I read an interesting article in the Washington Times this week about September 11th. Some have accused the Bush administration of not doing enough to protect the country from the attack. The article made reference to the Clinton administration, who the writer stated "did not consider al Qaeda an urgent threat." Here's an excerpt: 

"The final policy paper on national security that President Clinton submitted to Congress ó 45,000 words long ó makes no mention of al Qaeda and refers to Osama bin Laden by name just four times. The scarce references to bin Laden and his terror network undercut claims by former White House terrorism analyst Richard A. Clarke that the Clinton administration considered al Qaeda an "urgent" threat, while President Bush's national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, "ignored" it."   

I know people are angry and seek to place blame, but that blame should fall on the terrorists. To blame either administration for not protecting the country from 9/11 is unfair, as September 11th was unprecedented. Most people watched it on their television screens in utter disbelief. How could any government really anticipate that kind of evil. As much as most people know the terrorists' elevators don't go all the way to the top, if you catch my drift, people really weren't expecting anything like what occurred.   

Try as governments around the world may, none are omnipotent. Letís be realistic. How do you guard a nation against the type of fanaticism that is al Qaeda. It would mean policing all 270,000,000 + people in America, placing severe restrictions on its citizens, meticulously monitoring all the middle east and terrorist factions in Britain, France and other parts of the world. That would be a monumental task for any government. I donít know one government who would have the capability or the resources to do that. And even then the goal of perfect security would not be humanly reachable. It would take God to do what many are demanding. Some people's security demands ironically allude to Him. 

The Stuff People Say When They Have A Book To Sell...

Speaking of tell all books, I thought it was grossly irresponsible of the authors of that Kurt Cobain book to blatantly implicate his widow, Courtney Love, as his alleged murderer and on national TV with only hearsay as proof. Was that really the way to go about it? At least with the Notorious BIG, there is compelling evidence and they went about getting it heard in the right manner, but in Love's case, so far, there is not. Investigative journalism or irresponsible journalism? 

I spoke to my dad on the phone a few days ago, who was stunned at claims Rita Marley, the widow of late singer Bob Marley, made in a British newspaper, stating that Marley (allegedly) raped her. Why weren't these accusations made while he was alive? He can't defend himself now. And what about his children, whom she is the mother of. They are going to have to deal with the effects of these accusations as well. For their sake, the allegations are regrettable. Coincidentally, Mrs. Marley has a book coming out.

Whatever happened to actually writing a good book and letting it sell itself or do people think the public is so stupid now that they won't attempt to read a book unless a country, a government or a singer are maligned or maliciously slandered (well, libeled) in its text.

There are some of us who would buy it simply to find out the author's perspective on the life of the subject of the book. Individuals like us have kept the book industry afloat for years...without the sensationalism, might I add.    

David Beckham

This week British newspapers were flooded with stories about soccer player David Beckham allegedly cheating on his wife. Rebecca Loos, the woman accusing him of adultery has been selling her stories to the tabloids. If you ask me, Ms. Loos stories belong in a loo (toilet). 

A few months ago I saw the pics they ran where she flirted with him. I thought she was out of line tossing her split end ridden hair over her shoulders as she flirted with and leaned on him (Yes, Iím being mean, as I couldn't tell if she had split ends from the resolution of the pics). When I saw the pics I wanted to grab her by the ear and pull her out of the room (never mind I wasn't there). In these stories she acts as though she's accomplished something, when no one is impressed. 

Someone has a nice family, why canít you just be happy for them and wish them well. Why would you want to ruin someone's family. To do so is a grievous sin. God forgives it, but you pay for it in this life and if it is not repented of, meaning you stop committing that sin and ask for forgiveness, you pay for it in the next one as well. 

And these stories...why do they write them like that. Does sex really last that long (stop laughing at me, Iím serious). These stories donít sound physiologically possible. If sex lasted as long as these articles claim when would you have time to do anything else?

The story is just another sad reminder of how people covet other people's lives. They see your life and want it. The pics I really didn't like was of her playing with his children. 

Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Incident

This is a follow up to the February 3rd, 2004 Sound Off Article regarding the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake Super Bowl incident. In that article I wrote that publicity stunts don't sell more records and sometimes you risk losing apart of your audience who were offended. Janet's new album debuted this week at #2 with 381,000 copies sold, which in itself isn't bad, but it's half of her previous album's first week sales. Sometimes artists experience sales declines, but the Super Bowl incident did cost her sales. I'm sorry it happened, as she really seems like one of the few nice celebrities.  


In soccer this week...when most soccer players get a yellow, then a red card (penalties), they usually leave the field angry (or crying). However, after receiving a yellow card, then red card, Blackburn Rover Barry Ferguson proceeded to attack the player that he got the cards regarding. Guess he figured he is already getting sent off, might as well kick some butt too.

A few months ago, I watched a news item about a South Florida businessman attempting to increase his shares in Manchester United (soccer team), in what was viewed as a step in becoming the largest shareholder in the team. Man U is a British institution. If he did get controlling interest in the team, I think it would cause more mouths to drop than when Mohamed Al Fayed bought Harrods. As I wrote, Man U is a British institution, as is Harrods...and marmite. 

Speaking of marmite, I've heard one too many jokes about British cooking over the years (comments like "over cooked meat," "mushy vegetablesĒ or "soggy vegetables"). I'm tired of people making fun of British cooking. Theyíve got great signature dishes. As with any meal, it depends on the cook. Having said that, there's lots of great British food out there. 

Have you ever tried Stilton cheese (that should be classified as an hallucinogen - just joking). I gave my godbrother a piece of stilton the other day and the expression on his face was even funnier than when he was two and bit into a raw onion (probably thought it was an apple or something)...the raw onion of course, being more bland than the stilton. If you do decide to try stilton, make sure you're sitting down

Tennis: Clay Season

In tennis...clay season is upon us - grown men playing in dirt. You know, some of us gave that up in kindergarten. Just kidding, but being raised here, not my favorite surface, but nonetheless, an entertaining one. 

I watched the NASDAQ last week, no, not the stock market, the tennis open on Key Biscayne. Two locals won, I donít know if you've heard of them, some girl named Serena and some dude named Andy. I'm just kidding.

The thought provoking question of the week...why did Waterford give Andy Roddick a punch bowl for winning the NASDAQ (yes, more trophy jokes, but I'm kidding) :

Roddick beat Argentinean Guillermo Coria, who had to retire due to injury. During his closing speech, he spoke in his native tongue of Spanish, which was translated into English. Iím thinking, this is Miami; you donít need to translate it. Now, if it were in English, then you'd need a translator. Iím just teasing and I meant that statement in a good way.

...A quote from a few years ago that I read on a web site, where Andrť Agassi poignantly said of Pete Sampras ďIf Peteís child is a girl, my son will like her; if heís a boy, my son will defeat him.Ē Now thatís what I call a rivalry, the kids taking over where the parents left off. They both have nice families. What if Samprasí son married Agassiís daughter and they had children of their own. Now, that's what I call genetically engineered tennis players. I'm just kidding.


April 16, 2004

On April 11th, 2004, I wrote that I felt neither administration should be blamed for "not protecting the nation" from the September 11th attacks and I listed the reasons why. Yesterday, AOL had a survey on its front page asking readers to vote about the same topic. I thought the results were very interesting:

Who you do blame for failing to prevent 9/11?
Neither 35%
Clinton administration 26%
Bush administration 24%
Both 14%
Would you like to hear public officials apologize for 9/11?
No 64%
Yes 36%


If you've read the site any, you'll know I've written a few articles about earthquakes and made reference to one of the most important  faults in the world, San Andreas, in my song "Contemporary Girl" (read the lyrics). Hey, most rappers talk about bling bling in their raps, I talk about geological faults (ok yea, I'm a nerd). Anyway, I read an article yesterday about "The Big One," as it's called - the earthquake predicted to hit Los Angeles and cause thousands of deaths and billions in damage. 

Since I was about 11, I've been fascinated with earthquakes, because at that age I wanted to move to Los Angles and get into the entertainment industry. I have since come to my senses about moving to Los Angeles. I think it's a great city, but the entertainment industry, particularly film, is based there in Hollywood and is very jaded. I want to avoid that as much as possible, while still working in the industry. 

At age 11, I remember hearing that scientists predicted "The Big One" would hit Los Angeles within the next 30 years. Apparently, now they are saying it is roughly 14 years earlier than estimated...to be exact...before September 5th, 2004. And a certain network didn't waste anytime in prepping their earthquake film for viewing this week. Ok, yea, I'm gonna watch it.   

Is the city of Los Angeles ready for such an earthquake? I don't think so. How do you prepare for something like that. I remember what Northridge did to the highways. The other thing that is a bit concerning is the skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles, which I've written about on this page before. The other day I read they discovered a new fault running under downtown, which I wrote about as well.

For years, I've wondered how Los Angelinos dealt with quakes. Conversely, they wonder about the weather here. They say of us, well it's better than hurricanes, which we get sometimes in South Florida. They feel quakes are easier to deal with because they are quicker. Well, to that I say, rain is soothing, it makes me sleepy (I slept through most of Hurricane Andrew). Having the earth cracking under you is not soothing. It is cause for concern and wonder...like, I wonder why they still live there (just kidding). I hope the city and its residents will be able to meet the challenges that lay ahead of them.   


In sports, you ever notice how some athletes sometimes concentrate so much while they are playing and are so deep in thought that they almost seem like they are in a trance. Their mind is somewhere else. Does it really help during a match or does it reduce awareness, your ability to play effectively and respond properly/quickly. It seems like a quick way for the mind to wander. 

The reason I write that is sometimes when athletes are concentrating that much while they play, to the point that their mind is elsewhere (they get that distant look in their eyes), they tend to play on emotion rather than logic and the plays they are being presented with, which sometimes translates into errors. Does that level of deep concentration slow down your reflexes, response time and accuracy. 

Ever see a gifted athlete with different skills, but they don't use all the skills in one match, opting to spread them out over several matches, thereby weakening their overall effect. Why not use the full range of your abilities in each match. You know, mix it up a bit. I'm not trying to be condescending, but sometimes, reacting to problems in a game,  athletes forget to use their best moves/strong points. They merely try to adjust, rather than creating plays to combat what happened. 

Why not create plays in each match that utilize your skills. The results would be better. Far better than letting someone else dictate the game, you responding to their game with one of your skills, not trying to outsmart them, only hoping to survive the match by reacting to what someone else is doing. Why not make your opponent react to you. Keep them guessing.       

It would be like a basic mental checklist of things to remember in each match. However, not executing those plays in the same order or exact same manner each time, but remembering to do them in the same match to take full advantage of your skills. Make a mental note of it. Once again, all that comes back to one's mental game. In certain sports, like tennis for instance, you don't have to be the tallest, the fastest or the strongest, but if you can effectively use your skills to outsmart and outthink your opponent, it will prove to be one of your best assets.

April 20, 2004

The Passion Of The Christ Back At Number One

Over the Easter weekend, the movie The Passion Of The Christ went back to the number one spot at the box office, grossing an additional 15 million, bringing its total to over 350 million in ticket sales. It's now the 6th highest grossing film in history. It ironically (and amusingly) knocked the film Hellboy from the number one spot.

Election 04

Some of you have been wondering who I plan on voting for in this year's election. While, I'm not a Democrat or a Republican (I don't follow a political party - I support whoever I feel is the best candidate in each election), I plan on voting for Bush. He's a man of faith and I like that. He's in a leadership role, but still acknowledges that there is Someone greater than himself. He's even been criticized for his faith by a few people (how dare those heathen swine! ooo did I say that out loud). The church is supporting him. As Christians, we vote according to our beliefs. Therefore, it is my hope that he gets re-elected.

Porn Stars Test Positive For HIV

I read an article in the New York Times last week about two porn actors testing positive for HIV, which has forced the shutdown of pornographic film companies in Los Angeles. Three people have tested positive and 65 people are on a quarantine list while they await their test results.

It amazed me to read about their habit of screening actors monthly for HIV and other STDs. That should not be a way of life - that a person engages in a type of lifestyle that requires them to be tested monthly for HIV. Not to mention the constant anxiety they must go through of wondering if they've contracted the disease or not. That is not normal nor is it healthy. 

What's also concerning about the story is they wrote that an actor named Darren James worked without a condom outside the country last month and contracted the disease, but used condoms when working here, yet passed it on to another actress, a 21 year old named Lara Roxx. The article described her as very shaken at the news. After all, she is only 21 years old. It was also noted in the article that there is another actress he worked with that tested positive as well, whose name had not been disclosed.

As I wrote earlier, actors are tested every month in that business, which the article described as the standard in the pornographic film industry. However, I've read articles where AIDS organizations warned that the disease takes 3 to 6 months to show up. Therefore, if a person tests negative for HIV one month, it doesn't mean the virus isn't in their system.

The actor received an HIV negative result, went outside the country, worked without a condom, returned to America and passed the disease on to others he worked with, all this occurring before his next monthly test. Therefore the disease went undetected.

He passed on the virus even though it was noted that he worked with condoms when he returned to America. Does that mean the condoms failed to protect the people he passed the virus on to last month.

I've read articles on the high failure rate of condoms, some suggest as high as 36%, which is a very significant number. The risks are greater than people think. A condom does not make you invincible and impervious to disease and there are over 20 other STDs that they cannot protect you from.

In such a short space of time, those actors lives have been altered. Sadly, the actor who first contracted the disease that spread to his co-workers is now missing. Ironically and regrettably, the first woman who contracted the disease from him was told by her agent that she was not ready for that industry and not to join it. The article stated that she had only been working in that industry for three months when she contracted HIV.

I want to encourage anyone in that field to get out of that industry. At some point you'll regret it, whether it be here when you realize your job is not good or when you die and face God and He tells you that. The latter is not what He wants for you. It is better to change your ways and get forgiveness while you are here. You are surrendering your body, dignity and self-respect and sadly, sometimes your health. You don't have to do that. God loves you and can forgive you if you ask. You don't have to go that route.

To anyone thinking about that as a career choice, please do not go that route. I know some entertainers are trying to take that into the mainstream as though it is acceptable, but it is not. A lot of them would not be amused if when their daughters grew up they went into that industry, yet they are trying to glorify it to their impressionable audience, some of which are teenagers.  

Also, did you know that a person can contract HIV from fighting. I saw a biopic on TV about a young gay man who contracted HIV and was beaten by a few guys. In the film, he warned them to go and get tested, as they may have contracted HIV when they beat him up. They used their fists to hit him, which bruised and cut the skin on their hands and left his face bloody. The biopic didn't say what happened in that case, though, but the implications are there. The virus is also passed through oral and anal sex.

It is also not wise to share your toothbrushes or razors. Another way the virus can be passed, in a low risk manner, is through French kissing. If a person has a cut in their mouth, there is a low risk of contracting the virus if the person French kisses an infected person.

Here's an excerpt from National Student Union For The Control Of AIDS:

"There may be some minute cuts or wounds in the mouth of both partners, may be caused by the toothbrush or hard food or some other objects. During intense kissing (French kissing), there is contraction of the mouth muscles, which may cause squeezing of the blood vessels in a way that a small quantity of blood may flow out through these cuts or wounds into the mouth.

Also, the to and fro movements of the tongues in the mouth of one partner to another cause good mixing of the contents of both mouths. In case one of them is seropositive (carrying the AIDS virus) or sick of AIDS, the blood or saliva from the infected person may contain the AIDS-causing virus. These virus can, therefore, pass from one person to another through the cuts/wounds in the mouths into the blood stream, thus infecting the partner with HIV.

Where one or both partners have no openings in the mouth, this may be very impossible, since HIV mostly take advantage on cuts and wounds. Therefore AIDS can be transmitted through kissing, depending on the type of kissing. Henceforth, mine the way you kiss!"

Being promiscuous is not good. It greatly increases your chances of becoming infected. It's also not a good idea to sleep with people who are promiscuous. How many times have you seen a great looking guy, who from his words and behavior, show that he is promiscuous. Things such as the promiscuous comments he makes, he's got different women chasing him and he dates them. You need to pay attention. That is a promiscuous person, who does not value their health (otherwise they wouldn't behave like that). What makes you think they are going to value your health? They could lie to you about their behavior, as many have done, and unknowingly pass on the disease to you through a broken condom or one of those times when you don't use one.

Too many people date promiscuous people because they are good looking or famous and ignore the signs that the person is behaving very inappropriately in ways that could cost you your health. You should find promiscuity a big turn off. The mere fact that a person doesn't value themself to the point that they share themself with so many people says a lot. A lot of people should not be able to say they've had you. It shows a lack of self-esteem and self-worth. You need to stop being promiscuous. That isn't about discovering yourself sexually, that's just you being a slut. Yes, I wrote that.

There are faithful people who've been married for years and are having sex just as frequently as people who are sleeping around with different people. Two methods, the same activity, however, the latter can prove deadly and is utterly meaningless, as some can't remember all the people they've slept with.   

You see that a lot in the entertainment industry. Not with everyone, but with some entertainers. Women chasing the best looking entertainers, never mind some, not all of them, sleep around with strangers when they tour, have different women where they live and pursue famous women for the sake of saying they are dating someone famous...yet, you're running after them to get mixed up in that garbage that could cost you your health and career. No one is worth that, no matter how good looking they are and promiscuousness is very unattractive.

To be fair, there are some good looking, decent entertainers...I just don't know who they are (haha) - I'm kidding. There are some good ones out there....but people pay too much attention to looks. However, when they are good looking, more women chase them and many of them will sleep with them and they will hide that from all the other people they sleep with. A lot of them will not turn them down, never mind they could get AIDS.     

Too many entertainers put out the most explicit music their minds can conjure up, which ends up inspiring their fans to behave inappropriately. Then they tell their impressionable audience, "oh, by the way, use a condom," as though it will totally protect them. If you read and listen to what is being told to you by various AIDS organizations, you can still get the disease even if you use a condom. Some people don't want to hear that, but that is what they are telling you.

From the Center For Disease Control:

"The surest way to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases is to abstain from sexual intercourse, or to be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with a partner who has been tested and you know is uninfected.

For persons whose sexual behaviors place them at risk for STDs, correct and consistent use of the male latex condom can reduce the risk of STD transmission. However, no protective method is 100 percent effective, and condom use cannot guarantee absolute protection against any STD. The more sex partners you have, the greater your chances are of getting HIV or other diseases passed through sex."

In another related article I read, one of the porn actresses said something very telling. She said, "I think that the industry is safer than going out and bar-hopping." A porn star said that! (though in light of the AIDS cases that have hit the pornographic industry it doesn't seem to be much safer), therefore, that should send a warning to people who go to bars and clubs looking for people to sleep with. It's a very risky thing to do.

Some of you are face to face with the virus when you sleep with people you barely know who've contracted it...all because you are going out looking for promiscuous sex. Going to a bar or club, then going to a hotel with a stranger is very risky. You should value your health more than that. The person you are trying to sleep with could have AIDS, be underage, be a mental patient or even more dangerous, the person could be a killer.

God loves you and doesn't want you to jeopardize your health. He has given you free will, but not for you to use that freedom to destroy your life and others. He made you a human being, not a robot, therefore that free will was given to you to make responsible, productive, interactive choices that would be a blessing to yourself and others. What is He to do if you won't listen to reason and are intent on hurting yourself (and sadly others as well) with bad choices via your promiscuous behavior. That's not what God wants for you.      

Your health is not worth throwing away on sex with someone you barely even know...then passing HIV or AIDS on to a person you do know and care about. It's happened to millions of people, which is what is helping to propagate the disease at an alarming rate.

When was the last time you were tested?



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