April 30, 2008

Volume 71

1. CELEBRITY Cute Kids
2. CELEBRITY Cute Couples
3. CELEBRITY Out And About
4. CELEBRITY Funny Photos
5. ENTERTAINMENT 3 Reasons You Shouldn't Let Your Mom Loose In The Club
6. ENTERTAINMENT Paula Abdul's Blunder Provokes Cries American Idol Is Rigged
7. SPORTS Sports Photos
8. SPIRITUAL When Giving Up Looks Like The Easy Way Out


Actress Jennifer Garner and her daughter, Violet Affleck, who is growing so nicely. Such a pretty little girl:

Actress Angelina Jolie with her beautiful kids going for a stroll:

Alex Curran, wife of soccer player Steven Gerrard, with their adorable daughter, Lilly Ella, who is conning her mom into carrying her the rest of the way (just kidding):

Basketball player Kobe Bryant's pretty daughters trying to con the league into making him MVP (kidding again):

CELEBRITY Cute Couples

Football player Eli Manning married his long time girlfriend Abby McGrew in Mexico. They make a very cute couple. Congrats to them.

Actor Denzel Washington and his wife, Pauletta, still look happy after all these years. They look very much in love. That's a great thing to see:

Basketball player Tony Parker and his wife actress Eva Longoria walking hand in hand (aww). Tony is smiling. He must have just cashed that check from X17:

singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and her husband singer/actor Mark Anthony go out for dinner. Jennifer is looking great after her pregnancy. 

Actor Robert Deniro and his wife of many years, Grace, at a movie premiere looking very relaxed:


Actress Halle Berry is another one who is looking great after pregnancy:

singer/actress Vanessa Williams wearing a lovely spring look:

British television personality Coleen McLoughlin wearing a great casual ensemble:

Alex Curran wearing two great looks on the red carpet in England:

Race car driver Danica Patrick looks lovely in these two ensembles:

Actress Megan Fox looks glamorous even dressed down:

Handsome actor Blair Underwood on the red carpet:

CELEBRITY Funny Photos

Why does Jay-Z always look like someone just stabbed him. What are you always so angry about. Why are the nostrils flared. I can see what you're thinking:

Jessica Simpson's dog sad: I wish Nick had gotten me in the divorce.

ENTERTAINMENT 3 Reasons You Shouldn't Let Your Mom Loose In The Club

Reason 1: Dina Lohan dancing in the club

Reason 2: Dina Lohan dancing in the club

Reason 3: Dina Lohan dancing in the club

Shouldn't you be home taking care of your kids, especially with how messed up the first one turned out. At 21 she's blacklisted, shows no signs of slowing down with the cocaine, marijuana, alcoholism, smoking, partying, lesbianism, DUIs, and looks like she's aged 20 years overnight, due to all the self-inflicted abuse:

ENTERTAINMENT Paula Abdul's Blunder Provokes Cries American Idol Is Rigged

Paula Abdul

The television show American Idol has been faced with one problem after another. Their ratings have taken a major dip this season. Could the nation finally be tired of idolatry.

This week, Paula Abdul caused controversy with comments she made live on the air. Two weeks ago, former contestant, Carmen Rasmusen, told the press the show is rigged. Some called it sour grapes, but others didn't.

Paula Abdul's conduct this week is only serving to affirm those claims. A few days ago, live on the air, Paula Abdul, reading from a card, complimented the first performance by a contestant, but slammed the second one. There's just one problem. He only performed one song. As a result, critics and audiences all over the internet are now proclaiming the show is rigged.  

SPORTS Sports Photos

Soccer player Thierry Henry gets emotional on the pitch:

Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo's expression upon hearing the other Ronaldo was caught with three trannies (just kidding)

Miami Heat basketball player Dwayne Wade going for that slam dunk:

Tennis player Rafael Nadal on the court:

SPIRITUAL When Giving Up Looks Like The Easy Way Out

Sometimes giving up looks like the way out of a stressful, frustrating situation. Sometimes it feels like it is easier to let go. But I want to encourage you not to give up. Push forward and hold on until you get that breakthrough you need. Yes, sometimes things can get pretty dark in life, but those who succeed, are the ones who don't give up.

Pray and ask God for the strength to continue and not lose sight of your goals. Tell Him in prayer when you are overwhelmed and feel like you can't go on. He will give you the discipline, dedication and drive to move forward and achieve your goals. It's not too late.  


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