August 31. 2007

Volume 63

1. ROYALTY Princess Diana Memorial Service
3. CELEBRITY Out And About
4. CELEBRITY Cute Couples
5. CELEBRITY Funny Photos
6. CELEBRITY Britney Spears
7. CELEBRITY The Fall Of Young Hollywood
8. SPORTS Sports Pics
9. LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit
10. LEGAL FILE FBI Spied On Coretta Scott King
11. POLITICS Shillary Clinton
12. POLITICS George W. Bush
14. SPIRITUAL Juanita Bynum And Thomas Weeks

ROYALTY Princess Diana Memorial Service

She really was very pretty. She was a spark that lit up the Royal Family with such style.

The Princess Diana memorial service was held in London this week to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of her death. Here are pictures from the event courtesy of the Daily Mail:

Diana's legacy, her sons, Prince Harry (left) and Prince William (right)

Diana's sisters Lady Sarah and Lady Jane

PM Gordon Brown:

Side bar: James Hewitt loves to insensitively and publicly talk smack that he is Harry's father and not Prince Charles, because Harry has red hair and an allegedly similar complexion to him, while his mother Diana was a blonde. But Diana's sisters and father are redheads, invalidating Hewitt's argument.

In seeing the photo of his aunt Lady Sarah at the ceremony this week, I was reminded of some of her pictures from the 80's that ran in the press, resembling Harry today.

While Harry has some of Prince Phillip's features (ears and face shape), as does Prince Charles, he looks like the Spencer family.

Diana and her mother Frances

Diana and her sister Lady Sarah look a lot alike, only one is blonde and the other a redhead. Harry picked up those ruddy Spencer genes, not Hewitt's. Tell me he and his aunt don't look an awful lot alike:

Flashback photo from 10 years ago during the funeral procession:


Angelina Jolie and her babies make a Pitt stop at the park (get the joke)

Maddox: Can't a brother eat a hot dog in peace:


Angelina with her little mini-me:

Actor Boris Kodjoe's adorable daughter at a basketball game: daddy, he throws like a girl!

Cindy Crawford and her adorable kids:

Suri Cruise is such a little doll:

(Lord, please save this poor baby from Scientology - amen)


That bag is so cute:

That man is so cute (a cute bag and a cute man - you go girl LOL):

Actress Ashley Olsen - those shoes and that outfit are fierce:

Actress Jennifer Lopez in a cute suit:

CELEBRITY Cute Couples

Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict - they make such a good looking couple. Congrats to you both on your engagement:

CELEBRITY Funny Photos

Nick Cannon capturing the essence of a "grinning idiot" (who is also a thieving one as well).

Why is this picture so scary without her even trying (Tina Knowles):

CELEBRITY Britney Spears

Her constantly disheveled look testifies to her state of mind:

Talk about blowing a lead. Everyone was slamming Spears' ex-husband K-Fed less than a year ago, now everyone is begging him to take the kids. People are mad at Britney for how she is treating them. It's good that the truth is surfacing, for the sake of her kids. I hope they will receive better care and fast. 

Britney with a lit cigarette in her son's face. You don't need to be surgeon general to know this is not good. Can you be any worse:

And what do we see K-Fed doing most of the time - going to the supermarket, running errands and laying low:

 The next picture is hilarious. Britney went out without her pants again and Pretty On the Outside nailed the caricature to a tee (since this is a family site, I put a bar over the bottom portion of the pic, as I don't want that kind of crackage on the site, but the photo was too funny not to post it).

Britney Spears butt backwards in more ways than one:

CELEBRITY The Fall Of Young Hollywood

Has a generation of young Hollywood stars ever been more messed up than the current lot. The two Coreys (Haim and Feldman) on their worst day never got into this much trouble or disgraced the industry so.

Did actress Molly Ringwald, Lindsay Lohan's predecessor, run amok like this? no!


Lindsay Lohan reportedly flunked a drug test in rehab and was caught having sex in a bathroom in the facility:

Did Debbie Gibson, Britney Spears' predecessor mess up in such catastrophic proportions? no.

 Did Heidi Fleiss, Paris' predecessor, mess up like this (LOL...and they both went to jail)

SPORTS Sports Pics

Thierry Henry has left Arsenal for Spain. He will be missed. Best wishes to him in the future:

The young man tipped to follow in his footsteps at Arsenal, Theo Walcott:

Beckham scored his first goal with the L.A. Galaxy:

Then they proceeded to batter and injure him twice over the course of the month:

LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

I've found more infringements stemming from the Madonna lawsuit. It's a forthcoming infringement that is slated to appear on Madonna's new album. Lyrics to the track leaked. I will post the similarities shortly. Please boycott Madonna's forthcoming album. More news on the case next week.

Here's another infringement I found this month. This one is by Madonna's Kabbalah cohort, Britney Spears, who X17 revealed is still in the cult (please boycott Spears' forthcoming album as well). For background on the case that they were both sued for in 2005  click here


A song title in my copyrighted catalog is “Get Back Together.” Britney’s rip off song is titled “Get Back.” Multiple lyrics Britney stole from a few songs in my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog registered with the Copyright Office in Washington years before her recent willful infringements are as follows (a line by line comparative analysis running down the lyrics of the songs):  

AISHA: We’re you looking for me

BRITNEY: You’re the one who's looking for me

AISHA: You wonder why

BRITNEY: I wonder why?

AISHA: You used to be so cool

BRITNEY: You used to be the one

AISHA: Let her be happy

BRITNEY: who asked me to let her be

AISHA: You’re the one

BRITNEY: so you're the one

AISHA: Let’s get back together

BRITNEY: who want us to get back

AISHA: Forever we’ve got to make it together

BRITNEY: you say lets get back together lets get back forever

AISHA: How you follow me around town like a little puppy

BRITNEY: who's following me around like a homeless dog

AISHA: You pray that things get better

BRITNEY: and you pray

AISHA: Let’s get back together

BRITNEY: let's get back together

AISHA: You’re the one

BRITNEY: now you’re the one

AISHA: Chasing after him

BRITNEY: who’s chasing me

AISHA: You keep following me around town

BRITNEY: it's like your following me everywhere

AISHA: I pray for you at night

BRITNEY: i used to pray for that to happen

AISHA: I don’t care

BRITNEY: But now I just don't care

AISHA: and it is annoying

BRITNEY: it’s starting to annoy me

AISHA: You’re crazy

BRITNEY: I’m getting crazy

AISHA: You’ll be free but without me

BRITNEY: u were the one who asked me to be free

AISHA: Oh baby

BRITNEY: oh baby

AISHA: on my own

BRITNEY: I’m on my own now

AISHA: You ought to think about that

BRITNEY: you should have thought of that

AISHA: How can I believe the things you say

BRITNEY: cause now I just don't care what you say

AISHA: Nobody cares what you think

BRITNEY: now I don't care what u can be thinking

AISHA: You need to stay out of my life

BRITNEY: now your just so out of my way

AISHA: I’m better off for it

BRITNEY: That I’m better without you

AISHA: I don’t need you

BRITNEY: I found out I didn't need u to survive

AISHA: When I realize I don’t need you

BRITNEY: I’ve also realized that u were the one who needs me

AISHA: Stop trying to call me

BRITNEY: who'll call me

LEGAL FILE FBI Spied On Coretta Scott King

Documents made public this week via a Freedom Of Information Request, reveal the FBI was spying on Coretta Scott King, the wife of slain world hero, Martin Luther King jr., well after his death. They did so for many years, which is another black mark on the agency. Many are furious at the news, stating the FBI was out of line. I agree. It further shows their perennially poor judgment.

Some people are flabbergasted and puzzled as to why the FBI did this. Why are you surprised? They let the country down with 9/11, among other things. After that monumental, life costing mess up, you shouldn't be surprised at anything anymore. News also came out a few months ago that they framed 4 innocent men for murder. Yet some are surprised at the news they were spying on Coretta.

The FBI throughout its corrupt 100 year history has always spied on certain U.S. citizens and residents that were deemed influential. They don't like that. They don't want anyone being too influential when it comes to the public, as they'd rather influence lay with the head of state, who they are often subservient to.


I'm not talking about your run of the mill entertainers, politicians and private citizens (though they spy on some of them too). I am referring to people who have the potential to shape the country politically and or socially. The FBI doesn't like it when too many people listen to a person that meets that description.

If Mother Theresa or Ghandi had lived here, the FBI would have made their lives a living hell. Why? they were too influential in a social realm that could influence the masses, especially politically. It's just how the FBI is and they have no intention of changing, the law be damned. They've got folks under surveillance right now who don't deserve it.

You would think they'd learn from history not to do this, but they haven't. The Martin Luther King jr. case blew up in their faces in a way that has brought the agency unending disgrace and shame for decades.

Because Martin Luther King jr. and Coretta were so dangerous and detrimental to the nation (sarcasm). They brought the country honor, to a level few other citizens have, and are thought of in very high regard in all over the world, so what did you do as the main law enforcement body for the nation - you stalked, harass, defamed, terrorized and tried to destroy them. Many even believe you killed King. The agency even admitted in the documents on King that people think they contributed to it.

The file on Coretta paints an accurate, ugly, nasty, perverted picture of the FBI. You have to have some insidious mental sickness to be spying on people to that level - especially non-violent people. It is completely condemnable and ungodly. It reveals the sick mode of operation the bureau operates under...that they are still using today.

They are still wiretapping innocent people. They are still opening innocent people's mail. They are still digging in innocent people's past and looking for ways to discredit them for being too influential.

What kind of cowardly, nasty, perverted man would be spying on a woman like that - reading her mail, listening to her phone calls, finding out her daily travel schedule ahead of time and sending the whole thing around to different people (see below). 

She was no threat to national security and they knew it. They're just a bunch of lawbreakers that like spying on people, as it makes them feel they are in control. Too bad someone wasn't spying on Hoover with a camera when he was wearing his pink dress. 


Inside the FBI's secret files on Coretta Scott King

02:50 PM PDT on Thursday, August 30, 2007 - By DAVID RAZIQ / KHOU AP

HOUSTON -- She had an unforgettable face: serene, beautiful and yet with a trace of sadness that few would say she did not earn. Indeed, Coretta Scott King’s life was filled with trouble and adversity caused by those opposed to her cause.

And among those opponents? J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI.

Now, after more than a year’s work, KHOU-TV in Houston and its investigative unit, 11 News Defenders, have obtained a world-exclusive first look at the FBI’s file on Coretta Scott King.

Comprised of nearly 500 pages, with some of those documents partially or totally censored, the intelligence file paints a disturbing picture.

For example: The FBI very closely spied and did surveillance on Scott King for years, keeping close track of her public appearances, speeches and especially anytime she traveled.

Why would a federal agency go to such trouble?

For most of his life FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover ruled the Bureau with a tight grip. In addition he opposed the civil rights movement as being an “un-American” and “subversive cause” and even called Martin Luther King Jr. “the Black Messiah,” saying he was too powerful. In public statements Hoover also called the leader “immoral” and accused him of being influenced by the Communists. (Regarding that last accusation, the FBI would later admit in a document submitted to Congress that “the veracity of the sources and the characterization are remaining questions.”)

Hence began an intense “counter-intelligence” campaign of surveillance, bugging, and harassment by the FBI’s “Racial Intelligence Section” that centered around MLK, his relatives, and associates.

But KHOU has found that even after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968, the FBI’s Scott King file shows the Bureau actually intensified their spying and surveillance of the new widow.

The newly released documents show the Bureau closely tracked and scrutinized Scott King’s comings and goings, including public appearances (“Mrs. King is due to 10:40 a.m.”) and what was said there. Agents also kept particular notice of any of her plane flights. They even kept tabs on a King family outing to Las Vegas and what security company Scott King was using.

Far more invasive though was the Bureau’s interception of private letters she had written.

One agent even read and reviewed her 1969 book “My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr.” and made a point to say Scott King’s “selfless, magnanimous, decorous attitude is belied by.. (her) ..actual shrewd, calculating, businesslike activities.”

But the file also shows that the Bureau’s real worry about Scott King was not the civil rights movement but instead her involvement with the peace and “anti-Vietnam War” movement. Government officials were afraid that she might try to complete what her husband had been doing when he died: “attempt to tie the anti-Vietnam war movement to the civil rights movement,” as one FBI agent put it.

During the late ‘60s, the anti-war movement was snowballing in strength and was considered a real danger to the war effort by both the Johnson and Nixon administrations. Adding the hundreds of thousands involved in the civil rights effort to the war protest was thus considered “a danger.”

Coretta Scott attends the funeral of her husband, Martin Luther King, Jr. in Atlanta, Ga. King in this April 9, 1968 file photo.

In fact, the file shows the FBI was copying various military intelligence organizations on her activities including the 115 th M.I. of the U.S. Army, the Office of Naval Intelligence, and a number of military bases.

Other reports also show the White House being in the loop on this surveillance. One Agent reported on then New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller’s phone call to Scott King after her husband’s death, offering his condolences and ongoing help. Another reported to the Nixon White House and then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger about what they had learned about Scott King...

POLITICS Shillary Clinton

Well well well, Hillary is in trouble again regarding campaign finance. In the March 2007 Column I wrote about an incident involving an investigation of Hillary's ties to campaign contributor, Abdul Rehman Jinnah. It's happened again with another fundraiser who is wanted for fraud and is a 15 year fugitive from the law. Who are you going to take money from next Hillary? Enron!

Clinton camp is hit by scandal over fundraiser wanted for fraud

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was hit by scandal for the first time yesterday when it emerged that one of her leading fundraisers was a convicted fraudster who had been on the run for 15 years.

Mrs Clinton, who until now has run a relentlessly disciplined campaign, was forced on to the defensive after it emerged that Norman Hsu, who has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for her, was wanted in California after failing to appear for sentencing on a grand theft conviction in 1991. - The London Times

POLITICS George W. Bush

It was another month of President Bush touting the ill-fated war in Iraq, even unwisely drawing parallels between it and Vietnam. Many were stunned at the terrible comparison of a war that has symbolized failure and trauma to many in America and Vietnam. Once again, poor rhetoric and a poor choice of words to an aching nation. 

By the way, President Bush and the Fed cockily announced today that they would not be "bailing out" homeowners who took on homes they couldn't afford. Oh really!

And why is it Americans can't afford their homes anymore. Could it be a misrepresented war that drove up the cost of many things in the country, from gas to food, in the space of a couple years, taking away hundreds of dollars per month from Americans' salaries that went to paying their mortgages.

The problem with a lot of politicians, especially those in the White House, is they don't know what life is truly like for the masses. Most of them are rich and have every whim catered to.

To those in the trenches, also known as the rest of the country, life is much different. The price of food, gas and housing, in addition to other services, has gone up.

When was the last time you saw one of them paying for and pumping gas. Oh yea, that's right, they are chauffeured everywhere.

When was the last time you saw one of them in the supermarket buying food and taking a good look at those prices that have gone up over the last couple years. You spend $50 and get two bags of groceries. Oh yea, that's right, they have staff that buys their food and makes their meals, so they wouldn't know. Everything from milk to meat to orange juice has gone up in price.

Orange juice that sold for $2.49 is now being sold for $4.49 to $4.99. Meat that was $2.49 for a few ounces is now selling for $3.49 and higher. Milk that was $1.99 is now selling for $2.99 - $3.99. Cheese that sold for $1.49 a pack is now selling for $2.10-$2.50 per pack. This stuff happened in a couple years - not over the course of several years or decades.

You really think that added cost on those items and many others, every single week you go to the grocery store, doesn't add up and eat into your budget, pardon the pun.

It's easy to talk when you aren't suffering under the problem.


Hurricane Dean tore through the Caribbean and Mexico, resulting in a dozen dead and billions in property damage. While the eye didn't pass over Jamaica, it did disrupt it for two days, but the power was quickly restored. Here's hoping all the people touched by the storm in each nation get back on their feet as soon as possible. 

SPIRITUAL Juanita Bynum And Thomas Weeks

Recently, pastor Juanita Bynum suffered an assault at her estranged husband's hands. Some are wondering how it could have happened, but people are people. Yes, pastors, politicians and humanitarians are held up to a higher standard, but we all choose how we conduct ourselves in life based on the choices we make.

While God can forgive him, I do believe he should step down, as this wasn't appropriate for someone in a leadership role.

Juanita needs to pray about the direction she is going to take in her life and ministry. Pray for guidance and emotional healing from the trauma. Being attacked and by a man has to be traumatic.

Mr. Weeks needs to pray for forgiveness and not do this again. No one has the right to violence as the answer to a problem or conflict.

People have been stating that Weeks was married with a child and divorced his wife to marry Juanita. This needs to be addressed. While I don't know all the specifics, the only reason God gave for divorce in the Bible is adultery. If that was not the case here, then there's a spiritual problem. 

A Call To Righteousness

The church as a whole needs to focus on the fundamentals of Christianity. Sometimes ministries become too concerned with financial issues and lose focus. That's not what God wants. God made us to peacefully work together in the spirit of brotherhood and faith, putting Him first.


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