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October 14, 2003

I started writing today's diary page entry during the 8th inning of the Marlins/Cubs game and it went from The Marlins-0 The Cubs-3 to The Marlins-8 The Cubs-3 before I finished writing. Thank God the score isn't 0 anymore. 

Those games, much like life, can turn around so quickly. It happened in about 15 minutes. It shows that you should never give up. And the game still could have gone either way. If only the Cubs pitchers pitched like me (then the Marlins would do really well. I'm kidding, but I don't really try to pitch...or in music either...I'm kidding...well sometimes). 

There was a Miami reporter on TV looking nervous as he sent updates from a Chicago street filled with Cubs supporters (hmm wonder why he hid his Marlins shirt under his coat, it didn't seem that cold), sort of the way I looked on Friday while watching the game with my mom and casually mentioning that a couple months ago a rep offered me 20 Marlins tickets for $20 in the waiting room of my lawyer's office. I didn't buy them because I've been busy working and she's been busy too. She can't believe I didn't buy them and has informed me that those tickets are worth a lot more now (yea, I basically figured that out now). I've been busy so I wouldn't have gone to the game, but watched it on TV instead (turns out she would have went). So yea, since Friday I've been sleeping in my room with one eye open (I'm kidding). 

Seriously, even when it seems like you are too far behind, you can come back and win. You are human and might become discouraged and that's normal, but it doesn't mean you can't come back from a loss and do well. Even the most successful athletes have lost games/matches. Pete Sampras is considered by many as the best tennis player in the world. He's won many matches and for all his success he's still lost matches as well, as his record is currently 762-222.    

Some of you have dreams, but feel you are not smart enough or too old to accomplish them, but you can. If you list every reason you can't make it you will become discouraged and that will affect you. Why not list the reasons you can improve and succeed. 

Speaking of baseball and tennis, doesn't baseball player Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez kind of remind you of tennis player Taylor Dent.  


April 27, 2005

Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch is about a Boston Red Sox fan. That's all I know about it and that's already too much (joking). Though I haven't seen it, the film is blatant, shameless propaganda. Basically, I haven't a clue what I'm talking about cause I'm talking trash on behalf of the Florida Marlins. Have to look out for the home team.

Speaking of that, the Miami Marlins would have been a really catchy name. Why do we have to share them with the rest of the state.

Note to self: avoid the rest of the state until that joke wears off.

Ben Affleck probably sponsored Fever Pitch with his Red Sox loving self (joking).

Speaking of Affleck = good actor, bad roles. I saw him in the Sum Of All Fears and he was excellent (that wasn't a bad role or script, but I didn't take to some parts of it). However, judging by trailers of his other works, he undertook a few roles that didn't fit his talent.

Then he caught a major brick with Gigli. Hey, it happens. But you know my motto - at least you didn't get, um, Swept Away.

Preventing Injuries

Sports injuries are difficult, however there are ways to minimize them. According to Merck, more than 10 million sports injuries are treated each year. That's a lot of jacked up athletes.

A lot of experts say stretching helps. Warming up properly is and wearing heel inserts is another. The AAOS (American Academy Of Orthopedic Surgeons) has a helpful web site with tips on how you can prevent sports injuries. It is even chronologically listed by sport and issues like "heat injury" (and no that's not a pun on the Miami Heat). If you are an athlete you should read the tips found at this AAOS link:

*Aisha Music Disclaimer - The above mentioned advice on preventing sports injuries will not help you if you are a professional athlete who is targeted by other players because you play too well and are subsequently the victim of flagrant fouls on the job that encompass kicks and karate chops, also known as assault.

Slipped Discs

I read a wonderful article on about slipped discs. This is something that has happened to me three times in the last 8 years, but I didn't know what it was until my dad told me, as he had that problem as well when he was younger. There are ways to prevent slipped discs, which is something athletes sometimes have. My dad had this condition when he was younger and playing soccer professionally (sports injuries). He loves sports, which as most athletes know, can put a lot of wear and tear on the body. A British coach realized the problem and was able to tell him what to do to correct it. He had to do exercises to strengthen his back and abdominals and that corrected it. He's not had those problems since. It's always best to avoid back surgery if possible.

May 31, 2005

The Marlins

The Marlin's owner has been threatening to relocate the team if the city doesn't cough up the money to build them the new stadium they promised.

The Las Vegas Marlins isn't gonna fly! Please give them the stadium. You mean with drug dealers about you can't arrest one of them, seize their money and build the new stadium (LOL). It would put the money back into the community, as it was based on unlawfully getting members of the community high, anyway.

If this does happen and the drug dealer gets ticked off, for the record, I disown that idea! (kidding).


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