December 31, 2007

Volume 67

1. CELEBRITY Cute Kids
2. CELEBRITY Out And About
3. CELEBRITY Photo Captions
4. CELEBRITY High School Musical
5. CELEBRITY Look-A-Likes
6. SITE STUFF Sound Off Column End Of Year Awards
7. LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit
8. SPIRITUAL Moving Forward


Jennifer: it's cold
Violet: Uh huh girl. Wanna borrow my hat.

Actress Angelina Jolie with cutie pie daughter Zahara, who is totally working the duck chain.

Suri Cruise looking like a little doll, out with her mom, actress Katie Holmes

Coco, cute daughter of actress Courtney Cox, displaying her own sense of style (you go girl!) 

Sam Woods, daughter of golfer Tiger Woods, looking so adorable:


Model Alessandra Ambrosio wearing a lovely gray dress:

Actor turned governor Arnold (pronounced Ahnuld) Schwarzenegger and his daughter Christina both looking stylish:


Model Kate Moss wearing a nice layered look:

CELEBRITY Photo Captions

Lindsay Lohan paid for won an award recently that saluted her as, "An icon in the world of entertainment." On her way to picking up the award abroad, she managed to date three men over the course of a few days hours, before she even hit the podium. The CDC can't handle that kind of demand.

Lindsay: did you bring the penicillin?


Lindsay: sorry, I ran out of penicillin

Another man that will be needing some penicillin:

She sets such a terrible example for young girls. Every few weeks days it’s a new man. What a way to rehab an image. It shows that the so called effort is not sincere.

(photos courtesy of the Daily Mail)

CELEBRITY High School Musical

The other day I was flipping channels and zoomed right past the gayest dance routine ever! It turns out it was High School Musical. I'd heard about the show, but didn't tune in.

Why did they give those kids those, well, gay dance moves. I couldn’t believe it! And the one named Zac, who you know the gay men are already watching at age 18 (I’m looking at you David Geffen), they dressed him in the tightest, most effeminate capris and Keds on the market. What are they trying to do to these kids.

Pretty Like A Unicorn:


Doesn't Rumer Willis, daughter of actress Demi Moore, look like Jay Leno:


SITE STUFF Sound Off Column End Of Year Awards

Comeback Of The Year: Kevin Federline - he went from being slammed to getting the sympathy vote


Bimbo Of The Year: Alexandra Paressant

Worst Tell All: Alexandra Paressant for telling all when there wasn't anything to tell.

Best “I’m high” look: Lindsay Lohan

Best Crash Sequence Off The Set: Lindsay Lohan

Best Fugitive: Paris Hilton running from Judge Sauer

Best Judge: Judge Sauer

Worst Plastic Surgery: Madonna (because the Joker is a character from Batman not a look)

Best Emasculated Husband: Guy Ritchie

LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

(from the Judiciary Report web site)

Paramount Pictures VP To The Mafia: "You Talkin' To Me!"

FBI To Paramount Pictures VP And The Mafia: "We Can Hear You Now"

Pam Abdy (left) mobster Joseph Perna (right)

Well well well, wouldn’t you know it, the very company I complained about in my October 15, 2007 article titled The Civil Rights Act, Paramount Pictures, and its FBI probed CEO Brad Grey, had the embarrassing misfortune of his reported trollop of a VP, Pamela Abdy, getting caught on a FBI wiretap talking to her married mafia boyfriend, Joseph Perna, who was later indicted this past Friday, December 21, 2007, as apart of a 2 billion dollar illegal gambling ring run by the mafia.

Joseph Perna

Joseph Perna, a member of the Luchese mafia family, was caught in the FBI sting on a tap talking to Pam Abdy about whose job was worse, with them likening the entertainment industry to the mafia.

It's amazing, I wrote about that very thing almost two months ago in my November 2, 2007 article titled The Music Industry And The Mafia. Thank you for proving my claims 100% correct. Let that tell you how criminal the entertainment industry is that these two could even compare the two.

Pam Abdy

As my previously mentioned October 15, 2007 article indicates, Paramount Pictures came up in my web site statistics when they shouldn't even know who I am (see October 15, 2007 article for site stats), only for me to notice months later that items from my private, unreleased Copyrighted Catalog, popping up at Paramount via that trash Madonna, who has criminally spread it all over the place and used items for her company Maverick as well.

These companies know Madonna illegally accessed and unlawfully sold the items to them. Said companies and individuals associated with them landed on this web site one by one like clockwork and got caught in the site statistics, before committing criminal copyright infringement in putting out my preexisting copyrighted works as their own, which constitutes several felonies. They knew exactly what they were doing.

The Copyright Office/Library of Congress has sworn many times that they did not give anyone access to my private, unreleased copyrights that make up my copyrighted catalog containing 10,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line.

Pam Abdy (left)

You're going to have a very hard time explaining in court how you illegally gained access to years old copyrights that were stored on a protected business computer, that forensic computer experts declared in writing after analysis, was being "severely hacked" with the contents of the computer, the Copyrighted Catalog, illegally copied then forwarded to a commissioned hacker who also had help. Then all of a sudden after the hackings, these works that were registered with the Copyright Office years before, began coming out through your companies, verbatim as I had written and federally registered them years before.

When you commit "criminal copyright infringement" and put out stolen copyrights as your own, benefiting financially from it, that's classified as "money laundering" which is very serious. If you don't declare the illegal income from the fruits of your crimes, that's classified as "tax evasion" which is also very serious. Either way, you've committed additional felonies, not just criminal copyright infringement.

Brad Grey

Paramount CEO Brad Grey is being investigated for illegal wiretapping under the Anthony Pellicano case. He is alleged to have paid him to illegally wiretap Gary Shandling so he could defraud him out of his royalties. Grey recently settled the civil case with Shandling, who sued him for stealing his royalties, also known as money.

"SQUAD C10" ("C10 SQUAD")

As I wrote in my November 2, 2007 article The Music Industry And The Mafia, there are entertainment industry figures such as Madonna mixed up with them. The point really came home to me when I received the FBI interview summation I obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act I mentioned yesterday.

It's ironic, a few days before the New Jersey state attorney brought the charges against mobster Joseph Perna, mentioned previously in this article, I called the FBI's PR officer Debbie Lopes, who was very nice, to inquire about what some of the FBI's agency codes on the paper they sent me under the Freedom Of Information Act meant.

The only things I had figured out from the FBI's case code classifications on the paper was that "MM" meant Miami FBI field Office and the "Squad C-5" item I mentioned previously on the site in November 2007, according to sworn testimony online,  stood for the FBI's New York unit devoted to investigating the Genovese mafia.

In talking to Debbie Lopes last week, when I asked, she explained what a few other items on the paper meant according to "FBI logs." She said the "288A-0" on the paper meant "computer intrusion and criminal matters" and the "C10" in my case number "C104694" meant "Squad C10."

According to an article in the New York Times, Congressional testimony and other internet documents on the subject "Squad C10" also investigates mafia families. Joseph Perna is a member of the Luchese mafia family.

As I wrote before, I did not mention the mafia to the FBI in either of the two interviews I had with them. I wasn't even thinking about them. 

I went in there after they told me over the phone to come into the local office, when I called to inquire about my complaint sent to their headquarters in Washington. I was distressed about what that crazy, nasty old whore was doing via illegally accessing my copyrights and using them without permission, infringing my web site and commissioning the illegal wiretapping of our phones, that several people witnessed.

Forensic computer evidence shows how she paid to get copies of the copyrighted work and who she paid to do it, in violation of the law, then how she spread it all over the place, in a unlawful habit of copyright infringement she has engaged in at numerous artists expense for 20 years.

I can't help but think that someone involved in the Aisha v. Madonna case on the defendants' side, much like Pam Abdy, has a big mouth and said too much over the phone and the FBI picked it up. It's clear they are watching a lot of people.

(note to the FBI: if you are watching me as well, when you see me at the mall or Wal-Mart, you know, you could help me with my bags - it's the polite thing to do).

But back to Madonna. Amazingly, even in light of all this, she has not stopped with the misconduct. I read about a new infringement today that leads right back to Madonna once again.

Obba Babatunde

"Actor Obba Babatunde is known for more than his prolific performances on the Broadway stage and on the big screen. He is also a singer, dancer and impressionist. Now, he has tackled yet another role -- associate producer of the upcoming film "Haitian Nights." It's scheduled for release in 2008." |

Obba Babatunde is the star of the copyright infringing Madonna/Maverick film "Material Girls" that a boycott launched by this site tanked at the box office. In one of the incidents Madonna criminally infringed my Copyrighted Catalog, stealing a movie from it titled "Material Girls" and once again, as she did with the Blonde Ambition infringement, renamed it after her song, has illegally sold a movie from my Catalog to Material Girls star Obba Babatunde.

The infringing film is called "Haitian Nights" and it is a rip off of one of my older private unreleased copyrights called "Jamaica Nights." PLEASE BOYCOTT THIS FILM.

I'm sure the Jamaican tourist board is going to love that you unlawfully stole a positive, feel good movie project about Jamaica, written by a native, butchered it and made it about another island in the Caribbean, in criminal violation of Jamaican, U.S. and U.N. copyright and human rights law (sarcasm).

While I have nothing against Haiti, it is not the first time Madonna criminally infringed something from my Copyrighted Catalog to do with my homeland, Jamaica, and in an offensive manner, with some negative stereotypes and or slurs later added to it.

I wrote about that earlier in the year via her husband's willful infringement "Rude Buay" that ripped off a 4 year old script of mine that they illegally accessed and added all sorts of slurs about Jamaica to it. She and her husband are positively sick.

It can also be construed as racist, prejudiced, xenophobic and hateful, because it is "criminal copyright infringement" coupled with slurs. It can also be perceived as a hate crime and violation of the Civil Rights Act. She is exhibiting a fixation with dishonoring my homeland Jamaica that has done nothing to her, and neither have I. Mixed with "criminal copyright infringement," you've got a problem.

It's amazing, a federal investigation, foreign officials got involved, a complaint sent to the U.N., my web site being read regularly by government agencies and law enforcement all over the world, yet that crazy old witch just keeps going with this mess that is building a terrible case against her. The evidence has left a very incriminating trail that leads right back to her.

Let me ask you a question, Nixon was way bigger than you could ever hope to be, and he fell and fell hard. What drug are you on that makes you think you won't.

Paramount's Abdy in hot water
Exec VP caught on tape talking to mobster

Producer-turned-Paramount executive Pam Abdy finds herself embroiled in a situation straight out of a "Sopranos" episode.

The exec veep of production and "Garden State" producer was caught on wiretap with New Jersey mobster Joseph Perna discussing the multibillion-dollar illegal gambling ring that he helped run.

Perna was arrested Tuesday and was one of 32 people charged in connection with the massive gambling operation, which reportedly has ties to the Bloods gang.

Abdy, a New Jersey native, became tainted by the scandal Thursday when news broke in the New York press that her conversations with Perna were part of a 195-page affidavit filed by the New Jersey Attorney General's Office in the case...

Abdy's name made its way into the documents because she is the niece of another man charged in the case, Martin Taccetta...

Ironically, Paramount has benefited from its fictitious Mafia ties as the studio behind the "Godfather" trilogy. Studio topper Grey also was executive producer of long-running series "The Sopranos."

Story found here

SPIRITUAL Moving Forward

The beginning of a New Year marks another opportunity to set about achieving your dreams. Don't look at it as another year of struggle. Enter the New Year with a positive attitude. Have faith and move forward.

With prayer and diligence, you can achieve your dreams. Happy New Year. God bless.


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