Volume 33

February 14, 2005

1. Follow up on the last Sound Off article: Vibe Awards Confession, Celebrity Wiretapping
2. Suicide Bombers
3. Kabbalah: Cults and Brainwashing
4. Random Religious Misconceptions
5. Tennis
6. Football: The Super Bowl
7. The Matrix plagiarism lawsuit: questionable Warner Bros/Disney business practices
8. Music - The Grammy's
9. Music - The Hit Factory Closes
10. Music - Houston
11. Music - Copyright Infringement: Usher vs. J-LO
12. Music - Madonna's Publishers Sue Dr. Dre, Mary J Blige And Eve for Copyright Infringement
13. Music - Britney Spears
14. Music - State of the industry
15. Music - Mega deals
16. Freedom of speech & freedom of religion regarding homosexuality

Follow up on the last Sound Off article dated January 15th, 2005

Dr. Dre. Photo credit: Steve Granitz/Wire Image Suge Knight. Photo credit: Kevin Mzure/Wire Image

In the January 15th, 2005 Sound Off article I wrote about what happened at the Vibe awards questioning how Dr. Dre's attacker got a ticket to the event.

Jimmy James Johnson, who attacked Dr. Dre on his way to the podium, confessed to police, according to reports on Monday, January 17th, 2005 (SOHH and the evening news). He said Suge Knight, who was not invited to the awards show, paid him $5,000 and wrote off his brother's debts in exchange for the attack.

Three words: Witness protection program

(I'm just kidding)

The story makes sense now. I asked about the ticket because if you’re a non-industry person seeking to attend any awards show, they want you to give them a kidney plus several hundred dollars for a ticket.

If you are an industry member...they still want a kidney plus several hundred dollars for a ticket to the average industry event. I'm just kidding. But tickets are not cheaply priced to most award shows, which is why the general public can't afford floor seats (much like basketball games - just kidding).

Industry tickets on the whole are expensive. Recently, I got an email to purchase tickets to an industry event and the price was as such that I thought "I can buy a ticket to this event or buy another car, hmmm." I'm just teasing, but not about the prices.

Regarding the Vibe Awards show melee, the whole thing needs to stop.

What good has come from the incident. The attacker is in trouble for assault and violating his parole. Suge's in trouble (he was also on parole) and now rapper Young Buck is in trouble for trying to defend his friend (Dre). Everybody could have went home with no problems, now there are legal troubles arising from the incident. It is totally regrettable, and like I said, it needs to stop.

All the entertainers involved have said they believe in God, therefore I say this, God would not approve of any of what is going on. Dre and Suge have severed business ties and the whole thing should end there before anyone else gets hurt. 

Nicole Kidman. Photo credit: Yahoo

Another follow-up to the January 15th, 2005 Sound Off article where I wrote about celebrities and journalists wiretapping other entertainers and journalists (and sometimes vice versa):

On January 27th, 2005, The Australian newspaper reported that a bug was found on Nicole Kidman's Australian property. They actually have security footage of an unidentified man planting the bug on her property. The listening device would have given him the ability to listen to her conversations. I've read those bugs often have a far listening range, that can hear telephone conversations. Authorities are investigating. She has put her house on the market.

This is the very thing I was talking about last month. This gross invasion of privacy that is happening in the industry that is completely illegal.

As I wrote in the last Sound Off article, when the government taps someone’s phone it’s to find out what’s going on and to protect innocent people. But an entertainment industry person tapping another entertainment industry person’s phone is completely inappropriate.  

SUICIDE BOMBERS - Wiretaps have their purpose. If a suspected terrorist was living in this country wouldn’t you want the government to know about it. I would want them to know and be on them like white on rice.  Look at September 11th – that was not an act of benevolence. It was cruel, sadistic and depraved. And those guys were on South Beach getting drunk in the days leading up to the terrible event. Holy people do not kill innocent people in skyscrapers and airplanes and get drunk in the club.

But you know what? You can’t reason with evil and that’s what that is. Evil people brainwashing others to do their bidding. They are hell-bent on killing innocent people, with hell being the operative word, because if you die in the act of suicide bombing you will lose your soul.

Do you really think you can take your life and others along with you, in quite a few cases children were among the dead, in an unprovoked, deliberate act of violence and God will welcome you into heaven.

The Bible teaches that in order for one to make it to heaven they must have faith in Christ and change their unethical ways. That means if you are a thief, you must stop stealing. If you are an adulterer, you must stop committing adultery. If you are a drug dealer, you must stop dealing drugs. If you are a murderer, you must stop killing people. And ask for forgiveness, which God will grant if you change your ways. One of the greatest men in the Bible, Paul, used to kill people, then he had the Road To Damascus conversion, where God spoke to him and told him to stop his unethical behavior. He went on to become a great Christian and was graciously granted God's forgiveness.

God requires a change in unethical behavior, then He will grant forgiveness if the person asks.

Therefore, if your last act on this earth is suicide bombing, you have not changed your unethical ways.

Kaballah: Cults and Brainwashing

The Kaballah cult is dangerous. While the trend has diminished due to members conduct, dangers are still present.

It is evident from newspaper pieces and television shows, that they use brainwashing to control cult members.

They chant things like “Chernobyl” over and over again under the influence of cult leaders who tell them it’s to send healing powers to Chernobyl, which is rubbish. No, Chernobyl's not rubbish, what they are doing is rubbish…and a form of brainwashing and mind control.

Brainwashing is done through the repetition of words, phrases and or acts disseminated by a brainwasher, which conditions the brainwashee.

Here’s an example of brainwashing and please say it over and over again…"I must buy Aisha’s Music, I must buy Aisha’s music."

Haha ok, let me behave. But you get my point.

However, brainwashing works via repetition. If you are made to repeat phrases over and over again, not only can it convince some minds to do what is being said, it is dually prepping the brain to absorb other not so sane suggestions that a non-brainwashed person would immediately run from. However, in that brainwashed induced state, the person thinks it’s normal and acceptable.

Some don’t make much of brainwashing, but it is very dangerous. Terrorists use brainwashing to indoctrinate people with their erroneous beliefs that lead to heinous crimes like September 11th.

Religious cults like the Kaballah also use brainwashing to indoctrinate people with their erroneous beliefs (i.e. repeatedly chanting phrases like Chernobyl, as seen in the damaging BBC documentary on the cult).

The results of cultic brainwashing can be very damaging, sometimes fatal.

I read an article a few months ago about a 25 year old Kaballah cult member named Phiona Davis in London, who snapped and murdered her boyfriend and grandmother. She stabbed them to death over 100 times. According to an article on This Is London:

"She was a regular worshipper at the London branch of the Kaballah Centre, in Stratford Place, Mayfair, set up with a £3.65 million grant from Madonna."

When the police arrested her, she said a lot of bizarre things. According to another article she babbled paranoid statements about the Kaballah cult watching her. I don't doubt that they were. Others have reported that they repeatedly called them if they did not know where they were for any period of time. One article wrote of a cult member's answering machine being bombarded with messages from the Kaballah Center when she didn't check in with them for a short while. It turns out her parents had checked her in, with her approval, to a deprogramming center.

Phiona Davis had clearly been brainwashed and it went terribly awry.

There are cults who have been arrested for illegal wiretaps. That need some have to try to play God and be privy to information they should not be, has lead high profile cultists to invade people's privacy. Think that's far fetched? Not really. The FBI have arrested people from two different cults for wiretapping and hacking. There are articles on the internet regarding this very topic.

Wiretapping seems to be a normal thing in certain cults, however, it is highly unethical and very illegal. Some people just go too far and it ends up getting them into serious trouble. However, if you as a private citizen invade someone's privacy, you deserve to get into trouble for it.

One cult was dumb enough to bug an FBI office to find out about a pending case against them. I read an article which stated they  were subsequently arrested and are currently in prison.

While the Kabbalah lacks credibility and is not taken seriously due to incidents like the scathing BBC television documentary, journalists questioning the Kaballah cult’s validity and integrity, its leaders questionable financials, respected Jewish scholars and holy men denouncing their practices and due to the fact it is fronted by questionable celebrities like Madonna and Britney Spears, it is still a dangerous cult for the simple reason that people are being brainwashed, one of whom has already committed a double murder. 

The simple fact is you do not know how each mind will respond to brainwashing. These cult leaders brainwash people for their own gain and sometimes it backfires badly, as in the case mentioned above. She was brainwashed to the point of paranoia and murder.

I really do believe that incident is a very serious warning sign.

Then there was the questionable incident where a Kaballah cult leader said that the 6 million Jewish people who were murdered in the Holocaust were killed because they didn’t use the Kaballah and the light (of the Kaballah) was blocked. That theory is a load of rubbish.

I read an article that said the head of the Kaballah cult suffered a very debilitating stroke a few months ago that left him incapacitated in a wheel chair. So, does that mean he didn’t use the Kaballah, that he has brainwashed others with, therefore the light was blocked, hence the stroke. I wouldn’t be so ignorant as to say something like that, so how is the statement about the Holocaust any less ignorant.   

What about its famous figurehead. In the last two years Madonna has had a film bomb so badly that it was unanimously dubbed the worst film ever, her album for the first time in 20 years bomb and was given horrible reviews, her tour suffered poor ticket sales (according to several credible articles and ticket brokers), she went through physical ailments (according to articles), Bronfman from Warner Bros kicked her teeth in and removed her from her job as figurehead of the label she co-founded with deman who did dework in her career, Fred Demann (ok, bad pun on his name) topped off by the BBC documentary slamming the Kabballah cult she is apart of, exposing its questionable practices. Now there's a run on sentence for you. And the list goes on.

Some Jewish groups have even described Madonna's involvement in the Kaballah as a, "financial agreement."

It seems to me the red string bracelets don’t work. Theologically speaking, I’d think they would attract God’s disfavor, as the red strings trace back to paganism, which God loathes. Jewish scholars have gone on record calling it a pagan practice and if you read the Bible any, you know the minute paganism is mentioned; it is soon followed by God’s disapproval…and lightning bolts, give or take a few (kidding about the lightning bolts). 

Phillip Berg, the head of the cult, had a serious, debilitating stroke and Madonna has had a 2 year "string" of trouble, pardon the pun (get it, string, Kaballah red strings).

Why didn't the light block all that bad stuff from happening to them? Could it be they are twisting and misappropriating the Bible, which is one of the books they say they read, yet sadly misinterprets, misunderstands and misapplies.

In Berg's case, it maybe old age. He's in his 70's. Sometimes people's health fades as they get older. The Kaballah isn't going to stop that. I know a very virtuous lady in her late 60's that suffered a stroke recently. She is a very good person, but she worried a lot and was very stressed by situations around her and it brought on the stroke. By God's grace she is recovering now. 

Regarding the Holocaust - over 6 million Jewish people were murdered because one very wicked man was a good public speaker and managed to brainwash others into doing his evil bidding from murder to testing harmful experimental drugs on Jewish people to breaking their bones to see how they would heal (all of this with no pain killers) to stealing their homes and businesses to putting many Jews into forced labor until they died in deplorable conditions. They were never given enough food, therefore they were hungry and malnourished. They were given inadequate clothing in a cold climate and received no medical care.

Jewish people were imprisoned liked criminals, but unlike criminals they were not jailed for crimes. They were jailed for what Hitler wrongfully perceived as the crime of being born Jewish. And to show you how stupid that line of thinking was, some of the Nazis that went around rounding up and imprisoning Jewish people sometimes didn't even know who was Jewish and who wasn't upon looking at them and had to ask in some cases. The Nazis didn't even know which person to hate, because as some of you know, there are Jewish people who look just as Anglo-Saxon as any Aryan person. There are light brown and blonde haired, blue eyed Jewish people.

What's even more ironic is Hitler wanted an Aryan nation full of blonde hair, blue eyed people and he was neither. He had black hair and brown eyes. That has always tripped me out about him. Some of my relatives looked whiter than Hitler and they were mixed. Even I, a black girl, was born with lighter colored hair than Hitler (hearing that would have messed him up).

Following his line of reasoning of blonde hair and blue eyes being better, shouldn't he have been exterminated then. However, I say that hypothetically, as I do not agree with what he did at all.

Therefore, what was that nitwit really doing killing people for not being white enough when he himself looked mixed? C'mon, Hitler could have passed for Hispanic or bi-racial (hearing that would have messed him up). Hitler could have passed for Puerto Rican in Miami (hearing that would have messed him up too). Can you imagine if someone had said como estas to Hitler. The little pipsqueak would have blown his top for anyone thinking he wasn't Anglo-Saxon.

And why did the other Nazis not realize he was a hypocrite and one who did not even meet his own ideals of Anglo-Saxoness.

Therefore, look at the Holocaust for what it was - a heinous time in history courtesy of a vile man known as Hitler and stop rubbing salt in people’s wounds with your brainwashed induced ideas. 

Ah, back to the brainwashing again. I reiterate, it is very dangerous.

First of all it is unethical. Secondly, you don’t know how each mind will process brainwashing. It can terribly backfire and lead to mental breakdowns, mental illness, paranoia, schizophrenia, dementia and regrettably, sometimes murder, as in the case of the Kaballah member mentioned above.

If you are apart of a religious or non-religious group that wants to know your every move, be apart of your every decision, wants to know your financials, wants you to check in with them before you go out of town ect...you’re in a cult.

Either that or you’re married. Just kidding.

But it seems to me that when someone gets married all information must be disclosed to your spouse and they must know where you are at all times. Kidding again, ok, not really. 

Seriously, regarding cults, God never laid such stringent rules on people. Besides, He doesn’t need for you to tell Him all that information. He’s omniscient and omnipresent. He already knows.

God watches CNN and laughs at their breaking news as being, well, late.

God asks that you have faith in Him and change your unethical ways. However, people plagiarize the Bible and mislead others.

Message to God: -aisha bows reverently- You'd have one major plagiarism lawsuit with the way pseudo religions knock off Your work all the time. May I be Your lawyer. I don't have a license (not like you need one to file suit), but I'm sure I could wing it with all I've learned about copyright law based on people knocking off my work You blessed me with. You could work the lightning bolt angle and I could work the legal angle. We'd make a great team. Just kidding.

Many scholars have said that the Koran plagiarizes the Bible as well. Then you have cults like the Kaballah that take bits and pieces of the Bible and misappropriate it.

By the way, I grew up in Miami, which has a very large Jewish population. None of the Jewish people I know and have met over the years behave the way the members of the Kaballah cult do. Orthodox Jews in particular are very dignified, humble, reverent people.

Then you have unorthodox Jews like actress Fran Drescher (The Nanny) who joked about eating pork in temple (…if that didn’t deserve a lightning bolt). Speaking of Fran Drescher, she looks 20 years younger than her age.

My point? Jewish people are self-conscious some even embarrassed over the Kaballah cult. However, it’s not every Jewish person that shares the cult's beliefs.    

Random Religious Misconceptions

1.) Jehovah’s witnesses sometimes misapply and misappropriate a certain verse of the Bible. The verse is in the book of Revelations and it reads:

...144,000 from all the tribes of Israel. 5.) From the tribe of Judah 12,000 were sealed, from the tribe of Reuben 12,000, from the tribe of Gad 12,000, 6from the tribe of Asher 12,000, from the tribe of Naphtali 12,000, from the tribe of Manasseh 12,000, 7from the tribe of Simeon 12,000, from the tribe of Levi 12,000, from the tribe of Issachar 12,000, 8from the tribe of Zebulun 12,000, from the tribe of Joseph 12,000, from the tribe of Benjamin 12,000. 13.) Then one of the elders asked me, “These in white robes–who are they, and where did they come from?” 14.) I answered, “Sir, you know.” ... And he said, “These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. Bible verse: Revelation 7:4-10

I've heard Jehovah's Witnesses state, based on that verse, that only 144,000 people of all the people who ever lived, will go to heaven when they die, which is wrong. There are far more people than that who will go to heaven when they die.

That scripture was misunderstood and taken out of context by the group. That scripture is in reference to the last days of the world, whenever that is, as only God knows, which the Bible describes as a very unethical time with very few good people left in the world. Of that number at that time at the end of the world, only 144, 000 of the people alive at that very day the world ends will make it to heaven when they die. It is referring to a time in the future where the world is so corrupt that of the people living that specific day, only 144,000 would make it.

Another thing, only God knows when that day is, and certain cults are doing unethical, illegal things in trying to bring that day about (for example the branch Davidians were a cult who unethically tried to bring about the end of the world). Cults need to stop that unethical conduct, lest innocent people get hurt.

The Bible indicates the end of the world coming about one day and there being a great earthquake that would cause all the islands of the world to disappear ("sink into the sea") and the earth's resources exhausted. And since you were able to get up this morning and blow dry and or curl your hair with a curling iron...

Therefore, to the cults, knock it off with trying to kill people. 

God wants you to live each day in a good, moral, ethical way, as though it is your last...not try to make it your last. 

Another thing I can't stand is people going around claiming to be the Messiah. You've got people claiming to be Jesus, never mind they're strolling the isles of Wal-mart, wearing Gap jeans, listening to their i-pod. All the while I'm thinking, what a fruit loop to be claiming that. There is nothing wrong with those products, however, the Bible clearly states Jesus is in Heaven with God. And when He does return to earth you will know it based on the world coming to an end. That's not something a cult can bring about. It is a natural occurrence based on changes in the earth.

And if some don't believe that, take into consideration scientifically proven issues like global warming, the hole in the ozone that's growing, the steady increase in force of violent earthquakes, the pollution of the ocean, lakes and rivers and animal species becoming extinct. Therefore, there will come a day, only God knows when, where human beings will deplete the earth's resources based on the way we are living and other issues as well.

2.) Another averse of the Bible that is often misapplied due to people not writing or republishing the entire verse in other writings, television shows and movies, leaving others feeling condemned is:

9.) Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10.) nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10

Now just about everyone has committed one or more of those sins. However, that scripture is almost always cut short by people when quoted, with them not realizing that they are condemning people by not including the entire scripture. The line right after that, which is often left off says:

11.) And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified...1 Corinthians 6:11 

If you read the next line it says And that is what some of you were.” Meaning you were once like that, you had committed those sins, but because you’ve changed your unethical ways and asked God for forgiveness, you will make it to heaven when you die. And if you fall off the horse and get into trouble, get back on again and ask for forgiveness (don't make wrong doing a habit, though).

The Bible is about confronting your sins and you changing your unethical ways, not about condemning you. It's about showing you the things God deems wrong so that you can change those things in your life and He will forgive you if you ask.

Some of you feel you are beyond hope and like it is no use, but you are not, as the Bible says of Jesus, "Whoever comes to Me I will never drive away" (John 6:37). And as I read on the Daily Bread web site the other day, "whoever" includes you.


Lleyton Hewitt - Lley had people angry with and spitting at him during the Australian Open…and that was the other tennis players. He made three normally calm tennis players snap and go psycho on him.

I was watching to see which one of them would hop the net and go after him. None of them did. Really, where are your morals. We could have had a Pacers/Piston moment and you guys ruined it. If I were head of the ATP, you guys would have gotten fined for ruining that potentially great ratings moment. I’m just kidding.   

However, if it continues at this rate, they are gonna pull a G-Unit on Lleyton like what happened at the Vibe Awards. It’ll be a pile of tennis players fighting with Lleyton at the bottom of the heap (that’ll make the news). He’s gonna be as flat as a Fritolley, um, I mean, Frito Lay (ok, yea, that was a little corny). I'm just kidding about Lleyton.

Marat Safin wins Australian Open 2005 (BBC/Getty Pics)

Marat Safin - had a good run at the grand slam – literally, he ran all over the court and won, beating Hewitt. Congrats to him. He did very well at the Australian last year as well (runner up). 

Donald Young (photo credit: ITF)

Donald Young - Congrats to Donald Young who won the boys title at the Australian. A few months ago after Arthur Ashe Kids Day and The US open, I wrote about Donald and Scoville Jenkins being among the new black tennis players on the circuit. Congrats again to Donald. Well done.

Bryan Twins courtesy of their web site:

Is it just me or do those two look alike?

The Bryan Twins – I think the handsome doublemint twins, the Bryan Brothers, have an unfair advantage over their opponents. Twins are said to have a type of mental bond, which might be why Mary Kate and Ashley keep winning all those tennis titles. While they did not win the Australian, they've won lots of other titles.

I have a question for the Bryan’s. Say you guys are going out somewhere and it’s kind of windy and you want to check if you look ok, do you just look at the other one instead of in a mirror.

If you got that joke, wasn’t it funny, though!

If you didn’t get that joke, go ask your husband Nick Lachey to explain it to you. I’m just kidding, Jessica. I think she’s pretending to be less intelligent than she really is, as people find it funny (at least I hope so...kidding again).

Football: The Super Bowl

The Patriots won again. Congrats to them.

Prior to the Super Bowl, a Philadelphia organization put out a clever, hilarious press release citing all the great things about Philadelphia, while simultaneously dissing Boston (but in a nice way).

The funniest line by far was, and I'm paraphrasing, Will Smith is an award winning actor from Philadelphia, Boston however has given us Ben Affleck, who is responsible for the film Gigli!

In response to a good play by Donovan McNabb at the Super Bowl, my mother who was cheering for Philly, ironically and  unashamedly said in a room of people watching the game:

"He didn't drink all that soup for nothing (Chunky soup commercials with his mom). You can tell he was raised right. Like if he said or did something that wasn't right, she'd slap him upside the head. He's a mama's boy and he doesn't' care. I like that."

...and the room broke out in laughter.

The Matrix Plagiarism Lawsuit

Warner Bros' "The Matrix"

Many of you are fans of the hugely successful Matrix films. They've grossed 2.5 billion dollars and according to a lawsuit filed in federal court, were stolen from a Christian, African American woman named Sophia Stewart, who said she wrote the script to help people get closer to God. You know, I always wondered about those Bible names and references in the Matrix, some of which were blasphemously twisted. The Bible references seemed out of place coming from a man/writer, who magazines reported allegedly left his wife for a dominatrix and became a cross dresser. I don't know of any Christians who've flipped out like that.

The film's so called creators, the Wachowski Brothers, who've received a lot of apparently undeserved acclaim, awards and money for the films, placed an ad in the paper in the 80's requesting material. Stewart submitted her script to them in response to the ad. They plagiarized it and made it into the commercially successful Matrix Films.

Her original screenplay she copyrighted and submitted to the Wachowski Bros, who got Warner to make the films, was also used for the Terminator films.

On the internet Stewart is widely referred to as the "Mother of the Matrix."

And no, it is not a frivolous lawsuit. There are credible discoveries in the case that prove she is telling the truth. The case so far has produced some very interesting facts.

THE MOST INTERESTING TIDBIT: An FBI investigation revealed that crew members from the Matrix films said/testified that Ms. Stewart's screenplay was present on the set and they used it as a template for their work on the Matrix films. The FBI also discovered that 30 minutes of footage was edited from the Matrix to avoid copyright infringement charges. Wow, that is pretty shameful. http://www.949zht.com/matrix/

Even in the face of that damning testimony/evidence from their own workers, Warner and the Wachowski's are still fighting the suit. Why you ask? They made 2.5 billion dollars off that lady's back without paying her a dime. They clearly do not want to pay her based on their denials of theft, even though if it were not for her work there would have been no Terminator and no Matrix films. And I thought I had issues with them.

It seems to me, Warner Bros has a thing for stealing from minorities. What, do they think we won't fight back? It's the same grievance I have with Warner. My work was stolen and distributed over several projects by their artist Madonna with their full cooperation and financial backing - all without my permission and violating my copyrights. They are making a lot of money off minorities via violating their copyrights and several Federal laws.

This story has been blocked out of the mainstream press. According to Sophia Stewart, who filed the suit, "The reason you have not seen any of this in the media is because Warner Brothers parent company is AOL Time Warner...this giant owns 95% of the media...let me give you a clue as to what they own in the media business...New York Times papers/magazines, LA Times papers/magazines, People Magazine, CNN News, Extra, Celebrity Justice, Entertainment Tonight, HBO, New Line Cinema, DreamWorks, Newsweek, Village Roadshow...many, many, more! They are not going to report on themselves. They have been suppressing my case for years..."

I have to agree with the charge she made about them suppressing news they do not want the public to know. Many journalists who are frequent visitors to this web site, know of what happened regarding Madonna stealing my work, but have not written about it due to their parent company Warner.

Warner gets sued for dirty business practices against independent writers (Stewart) and it is not mentioned in the mainstream press as it should be. So much for freedom of the press.

What about journalistic integrity in calling attention to real public concerns? I thought that was the point of journalism.

NOTE:  If you are a writer of any kind, I do not recommend you sending anything to Warner Bros Records, Warner Bros Films or their affiliate Disney/Buena Vista. In addition to the Matrix lawsuit and my forthcoming lawsuit against them, there is a disgraceful plagiarism suit against them for the hugely successful Disney movie Pirates Of The Caribbean, which really seems to be outright, flagrant copyright infringement based on the lawsuit I read. There are overwhelming facts in that suit that point to them violating the author's copyright then severely exploiting it, as they did to Sophia Stewart and myself.

There have been several other suits against them for stealing people's work, some of them Warner/Disney lost in court, that merit this warning. One of the lawsuits and another to come also accused the company of racketeering, which is very serious. As a writer you'll be placed in the undesirable position of having to file suit to retrieve your stolen work from them, as evidenced by the type of lawsuits against them. Therefore, spare yourself the nightmare and do not submit anything to them. Then again, if you are like me with a web site that displays any form of original thinking, losers like Madonna who scour the industry for ideas will violate your copyrights, anyway.

Ironically, you can suppress the mainstream press, but you can't suppress the internet. There are independent sites and web bloggers with total hits in the high millions, that have written about these problems with Disney Time Warner AOL and refer it to other sites to the point that it's getting around the internet in a major way - which is how I found out about this story (from an indie blog). As a matter of fact, there are over 25,000 links by indie sites with the story of what really happened concerning the films. Multiply 25,000 site links by all their site visitors and that's millions of people around the world reading about it. 


The Grammy's

Best speech goes to Kanye West. After thanking God, his family and coworkers, he said people asked him what crazy thing he would do if he lost. With a priceless expression on his face, holding up the award, he said, "I guess we'll never know." Haha!


The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, Bon Jovi, Jackson Browne, The Byrds, Patsy Cline, Sam Cooke, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jim Croce, Bing Crosby, Fats Domino, Doors, Peter Frampton, Benny Goodman, Grateful Dead, Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Jackson Five, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin (won one award this year), Bob Marley, Curtis Mayfield, "Little Richard" Penniman, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart (won one award this year), Supremes and The Who.


Jimi Hendrix, the greatest guitarist ever (so far), never won a Grammy, but Britney Spears and Madonna, neither of whom can sing, have them?

You know, it's sad when the people who lose your award says more about it than the people who win.

And what's with showering artists with awards after they die, rather than when they are alive. Ray Charles, who was a very talented man, won 8 Grammy's last night. However, Ray, who passed last year, could care less cause he's not here.

I've written about this two years in a row. It would be nice if artists got their awards while they were still living.

You think if I won a Grammy after I died I would care. I would respectfully say to God, "Lord, what am I supposed to do with it from up here? My children will probably try to sell it on Ebay." Just kidding.

A few hints:

If you see a legendary musician with a walker or cane...it's time to issue that honorary Grammy.

If an acclaimed artist hits the age of 40...it's time to issue that honorary Grammy.

If you know of a talented, acclaimed singer with a drug habit...it's time to issue that honorary Grammy. Cause if they don't stop, they're gonna od.

Other Sources Of Grammy Related Befuddlement:

You know what tripped me out the most, the year Shelby Lynne (who I have nothing against) won "Best New Artist" after having been in the industry for a long time - putting out music for 10 YEARS! according to the Houston Chronicle, yet Jill Scott, who truly was a new artist, who had a breakthrough year, lost in that same category!? Both Shelby and Jill were placed in an awkward situation.

And last year's event, 50 Cent, who had the biggest debut in music history was completely snubbed for no apparent reason. He had the biggest sales and the most credibility in rap that year, but was completely snubbed losing in every category!?

Then there was the india.ire fiasco. India can sing, play her instrument and write intelligent lyrics. She had so many nominations and lost across the board!?

I have a question. How come they made Milli Vanilli give back their award when it was revealed they were lip syncers, yet they give Britney Spears, the current queen of lip syncing an award?

People are slamming Ashley Simpson, who is not a bad singer, for lip synching, when Britney Spears cannot sing and her lip-syncing looks like a poorly synced karate film.

You know the ones I’m talking about. The guy says something then five minutes later you hear the dialogue.

If you can’t get the singing part right, at least get the lip-synching right. Madonna can lip synch standing on her head, but you can’t lip synch standing up. Maybe if you take the gum out?

Another Grammy question...why don't they clearly mark the deadline for when to submit accompanying product for nominations? What is that about? They tell you in the pamphlet that the album must be released between October 31st and September 30th of the eligibility year, but do not give you a deadline for submitting the recordings. You are left to guess what the deadline is. The only other date present is:

Not Eligible: Digital releases that are considered "advance" sales, but are not available by Sept 30, digital releases for which no product is available to the Academy by Sep. 30.

You read that and you'd think, I guess the cut off for getting the products to the Grammy's is Sept. 30th, right? I mean, you don't see any other deadlines listed regarding the submission time frame, so you assume that is it, right? Wrong. The "meetings" to determine the nominees begin weeks before that and are completed before Sept 30th.

I sometimes wonder why they bother opening it up to voting, when you get odd results like the above mentioned snubs and non-talented winners (there are people who have walked away with Grammys who's lyrics did not make any sense or have any substance).

However, the voting is done by record labels, music managers and retailers, who join the academy for a yearly membership fee.

Therefore, if you are apart of a big label, with loads of registered employees, the greater your chances of winning the award. Okay, then...

Some of you might say, Aisha what you're writing is not smart or good for your career. Well, I don't do music for those types of self-serving reasons. I do this because I love music. You know the type, snobby music purist (kidding).

Regardless, does this column really show the signs of someone who is afraid of what other people think.

Therefore, considering the Grammy's track record, pardon the pun, that would stump even Einstein if he tried to figure it out, you'd be in better company as a musician if you never won one. For further reference see above named artists who are among the best of  music history talent, but got snubbed anyway.

Therefore, I shant hold my tongue, well my keyboard, regarding this.

You see what they did. They made me go all Shakespeare writing things like "I shant."

The Hit Factory - On a sad note, the Hit Factory in New York is closing, pardon the pun ("a sad note," get the joke?). I wrote about the historic studio briefly about two months ago in the Madonna plagiarism article, referring to them as one of the bigger mastering houses. It truly was one of the nicest studios in the world. I grew up in Miami and for years the biggest studio here was Criteria, which was bought a few years ago by the Hit Factory in New York. Their main studio will now be the one located in Miami. Based on the pictures I've seen of the New York studio, aesthetically, it was very nice with an excellent gear list.

One article blamed industry sales declines along with inexpensive digital recording for the studio’s closure. I digitally recorded my CDs and many other songs for only $200 between the software and the microphone (I already had the instruments that I play). However, if it is a vocal driven recording and you can’t sing well (i.e. Madonna or Britney Spears type vocalists) I do not recommend this.

People think home studio recording is easy, but if you lack the God given creativity, ideas and technical skill to get the most out of budget software, it will be very difficult.  

R&B singer Houston

Houston - R&B singer Houston gouged one of his eyes recently in a very sad incident. Love, I’m sorry that happened to you. I pray God will help you. I heard an excerpt of your work and you’re a talented guy. You have a lot going for you. Don’t let the industry make you feel that depressed that you forget that.  

The mainstream music industry worldwide isn’t for everyone (it’s a terrible business) and can become too much. Sadly, this can manifest itself in different ways.  

Different people are talking about his career this and his career that. Is this really the time for that. I think the main priority right now is for him to get better. The business talk needs to lay off for a while and his money needs to be put in a court appointed trust in the mean time.

From what I read, there were problems where he had a few breakdowns, but he kept going and was allowed to keep going, which is dangerous. 

Houston, God loves you. I wish you a speedy recovery, love. Get better soon.

Copyright Infringement: Usher vs. J-LO

Usher is angry. He is suing Jennifer Lopez for her song “Get Right,” which is really his song “Riding,” reworked for her album. His track did not make his current album, which was last year’s biggest seller. He was not given credit or publishing for the song in spite of the fact that he co-wrote it. I've heard both songs and it's the same track with the verses and some of the chorus changed up a bit. The horn was much more tolerable on the Usher track, though, which was the better of the two.

Are artists that desperate now that they are jacking songs that didn't make other people's albums.

I’ve heard of established artists stealing from indie and new artists –cough- Madonna constantly stealing form my work and others, but it’s not very common for well known artists to so blatantly take from the biggest selling artist of the year (2004).

And some unknowns wonder how celebrities have the gall to steal from them. If they’d jack music from the artist who had the biggest year last year, what’s to stop them from doing that to you, an unknown.

Everyone’s not like this, but a few are and it's not good for the industry.

She was also accused of stealing a sample from Mariah Carey in 2001, which lead to Carey using another sample that didn’t fare as well, which in my opinion effected her album, as it was the lead single for the soundtrack of the movie Glitter that ended up flopping. That in turn lead to Carey's well publicized breakdown. I think she could have dealt with the film flopping, but not the album as well. She wasn’t used to that. Lopez had success with the sample she stole from Carey, whose song went to #1 on the charts. That had to have upset her and contribute to the breakdown.

If lawyers gave the willfully thieving artists and companies incentive not to commit copyright infringement, by trying it as criminal copyright infringement in clearly deliberate cases of plagiarism and or copyright infringement, they'd definitely think twice about intentionally ripping off someone else.

The whole thing has gotten out of control. You may think, well it’s harmless, but it’s not. There was a case of a writer who allegedly killed himself because he wasn’t given credit for his work on a Grammy award winning album a few years ago. The Carey case alone is proof that these unsavory industry practices are dangerous to other people. The flop of the album and movie was too much for her and she had a breakdown, which was brought on by/triggered by Lopez and co stealing her music sample. That got the ball rolling. Some reported she tried to commit suicide after the flops, but she disputes that. Still, those situations aren’t harmless. They cause a lot of trouble and are an unnecessary burden on the legal system. Not to mention you reap what you sow. You do things like that to people, don't expect good to come back to you for it.

Even though Glitter flopped, Mariah should be grateful. Why? Glitter wasn’t as bad as critics said and…cause she didn’t make Swept Away (like I was gonna let a Swept Away joke go untold).

Filmmakers should thank Madonna for Swept Away. While her husband (whose self-confidence must be in the toilet after that stinker…of a film, pardon the pun) can direct, she messed up that movie to such a degree, that other filmmakers would have to really mess up to an even greater degree to create a worse flop. Things like:

1. Film the movie with the lens cap on
2. Film the movie with the boom showing
3. Film the movie with Madonna

NOTE: according to Wikipedia encyclopedia, Madonna was offered Meryl Streep's role in Music of the Heart, Michelle Pfeiffer's role in The Fabulous Baker Boys, and Sharon Stone's role in Casino but turned them down; they were all nominated for Oscars for these roles.

Therefore, in Madonna's case, it's the actress and not the movies that's creating the problems.

Madonna Sues Dr. Dre, Mary J Blige And Eve for Copyright Infringement

Speaking of Madonna. Her publishers are suing Dr. Dre, Mary J Blige and Eve for copyright infringement. They are being sued for the song “Not Today” from the Barbershop 2 soundtrack, for allegedly sounding like her song “Holiday.”

In a word. Hypocritical.

Madonna’s career has been one big theft (click here to read about all the stealing she’s been doing). She owes a great debt to writers and filmmakers, many of whom she has stolen from.

In two words. Frivolous lawsuit.

I’ve listened to both songs and the lawsuit is frivolous. The similarity I've found is that the song titles rhyme and are enunciated in a similar fashion. Um, that is not worthy of a lawsuit. With all the stuff Madonna has outright stolen from other musicians, you all have the nerve to sue for that. I’ve read articles where journalists stated they did not find similarities between the two songs. One article stated, “We’re not sure we see the similarities.”

Therefore, what is her Madness up to.

A few dozen fans on different message boards I read said they did not find any similarities with some chalking the whole thing up to Madonna "trying to get attention."

However, another article in a Canadian publication mentioned Madonna, “stands to make a cool 15 million from the lawsuit.”

She’s been sued by so many people for stealing, very credible lawsuits might I add, with more cases to be added to the court docket against her in the near future, that she has had to pay substantial legal and settlement fees.

Recently, she was sued by the family of the late artist Guy Bourdin and had to pay out a $638,000 settlement and is currently being sued by one of the stars of the hit show Law and Order for stealing his movie idea.

What’s even more amazing is that they got a musicologist to say the songs are very similar when critics and audiences are struggling to find the similarities.

The songs do not have mutual lyrics, beats or synthesizer parts. You can’t just say something and expect people to believe it without proof. People will judge for themselves.  

Britney Spears

- Artist of the century? Her label said she is.

Ok, correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t this 2005. Isn’t there 95 more years in the century. So how are we at the artist of the century already? Isn’t that a bit desperate. Isn’t that reaching. While her career accomplishment is not wearing much clothes, to create ridiculous titles like that looks, well, ridiculous.

If Whitney Houston or Barbra Streisand were to put out a press release saying they are the artist of the (last) century, no one would say anything. They sold the most and the 20th century is actually over! 

- There was an article on Contact Music that completely gave away Britney's new claim that she’s a director. And some of the articles only list Britney as the director, actually dropping the name of the guy who actually directed it and did the real work:

Here’s Britney description of directing:

"Britney Spears has spoken about her unusual accreditation as "Mona Lisa" in new video 'Do Somethin'. She also revealed that making her directing debut was a doddle. 'It's really kinda simple. It's about going into a club and everyone's just kinda staring at you and you're like, 'get up and do somethin'!' You know? So just trying to get everybody to get up and dance and stuff like that. That's basically it.'"

Cause you know, that’s like totally what Spielberg does, for sure.

“unusual accreditation,” note the skepticism in the writer’s words. Undeserved and unearned is more like it.

That quote from her is prima facie evidence that she isn’t directing anything. That’s not directing. That’s what comes of hanging out with Madonna – taking credit for things you aren’t really doing. What a farce. People aren’t stupid. VH1 even ran a joke about the directing credit.

I repeat, that’s not directing. That’s not what they pay guys like Spielberg millions of dollars for. Ever heard Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson or James Cameron say directing is telling people “like, get up and do something.“

Tell any legitimate director what she just said and has been saying in other interviews about allegedly directing the video and they’ll either laugh her to scorn or be extremely offended at her making a mockery of their trade.

If directing were simply telling everyone “like, get up and do something” then wouldn’t everyone be a director by simply telling people what to do. A parent could tell their child that first thing in the morning when they don’t want to get out of bed. A boss could tell his employees that first thing in the morning when they don't feel like working. Wouldn’t everybody be a director, then. Wouldn’t everyone be Steven Spielberg. Wouldn’t everyone be Peter Jackson. Wouldn’t everyone be James Cameron. 

However, the job is far more technical and artistic than Spears would have you believe.

That’s part of why I have no respect for certain entertainers. They trivialize people’s jobs when they are not and cannot do it. 

Once again, what I’ve written about on here before. Singers taking credit for jobs they aren’t doing and making a mockery of respectable, skill required jobs in the process.

But some labels allow the shenanigans…

- Was Britney’s song “Mona Lisa” about Madonna? Message boards seem to think so, however, Spears is backpedaling. After all, it is an arrogant song.

According to an article on MTV, Britney said that Mona Lisa is, "My alter ego whenever I feel like being mean or possibly like bustin' people around to get stuff right. It's kinda easier to be called 'Mona Lisa' instead of Britney."

Ever see a singer try to write a song that is clearly about someone else, but thinks they are so smart that no one else will get it.

Message boards posters asked if the song was written about Madonna because:

According to articles and transcripts of the show, Britney announced on the air before debuting the song that the track “goes out to all the legends and icons out there.” She is neither, therefore how could the song be about her.

The line about “She fell and I’m taking over to release her from her spell,” sounds like Spears’ erroneous belief that she is the new Madonna. She has reached the idiot phase in her career way too early to sustain it that long.

The line about “Drowning in her seat” could be interpreted as a reference to Madonna’s previous tour, which was called the "Drowned World Tour."

Once again the line “she fell” and “ever one knew her so well” sounds to people like references to Madonna, who has experienced a fall from grace with her albums and films bombing along with the Kabballah cult scandals which has people like Bill O Reilly calling her crazy (a “loon” to be exact).

But Britney says she wrote the song about herself.

The next time you try to write a haughty, self-aggrandizing, overly ambitious song about someone else, at least be enough of a person to own up to it.

- Britney has added what she refers to as a new “column” to her web site called “streams of consciousness.” I put the word column in quotes because the so-called column is about herself. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t that be a diary or a blog. People don’t write “columns” as she calls it, about themselves. Writing a column would actually entail reading newspapers and writing about actual topics, current events ect…not about yourself.

All that ridiculousness beckons the question, ”Who’s in charge over there?”

The inmate running the asylum. Just because someone has a well photographed navel doesn’t mean they should be running a career.

What’s with the constant stream of idiocy that pours from her career. When is she gonna stop behaving like that and start taking things seriously. When is she gonna stop disrespecting her pre-teen and teen audience with those foul videos and vulgar performances. God holds you responsible for the examples you set for them.

Some may say, what’s the big deal and who’s getting hurt. Her pre-teen and teen audience are getting hurt following a thoughtless person that knows better, but refuses to set a good example. I don't get how she can go on stage for a whole tour and each night look into the audience full of pre-teen and teen kids and still put on that vulgar display with everything from pole dancing to simulating masturbation on stage.

A television show noted that Disney noticed a sudden change in attire of the young girls that visited the theme park. They said they were wearing skimpy clothes and bearing their midriffs and thighs in Britney Spears style clothes. Little girls really shouldn't be dressed like that, especially with the surge in pedophilia. They attributed the sudden change in attire that year to Britney’s debut.

What a legacy. Lip syncing, stripping and teaching young girls to dress like strippers. The audience shots of her shows and record store signings on TV are filled with pre-teen and teenage kids, but she is stripping, simulating masturbation on stage and getting vulgar with male dancers right before their faces.




The industry needs to get rid of mega deals. Artists in America and the UK have gotten them and they are a huge liability.

No record deal should ever have the potential to affect the economy in that if a record flops, 1800 people will get fired and cost cuts made to make up for deficits and losses, as in the Virgin Records/Mariah Carey deal (not to insult either, as it was a regrettable situation).

The industry, now more than ever, can’t afford these mega deals, due to averages waning because of file sharing and bad music.

To be fair to the artists, the industry needs to raise the royalty rate as well.

CEOs of major labels give Aisha a dirty look
Aisha: talk to the hand

After deductions, artists sometimes aren’t left with a whole lot and they often have to live off that money for years. Yes, labels have a lot of expenses, but even a token 2-3% raise on the basic royalty rate would make a difference.

Labels and artists need to reach some sort of medium (no, not those charlatans that rip you off to supposedly tell you your future).


Even with artists like Eminem selling relatively well, it’s nothing compared to the kind of numbers mainstream artists used to sell up to 20 years ago.

Some managers today, even though they have successes, it’s due to the major labels backing them. Very few of them display any real management skill.

A lot of Michael Jackson and Madonna’s success in the 80’s was due to the state of the industry at the time and their manager Fred Demann. He didn’t get as much credit as deserved in the press, but he played a big part in their success. When they fired him, their careers hit declines. He obviously knew what he was doing.

Part of the reason Jackson, who has talent, and Madonna, who does not, sold so much and became these music figures was because it was the 80s, which was a time of decadence and frivolity. Songs were also better crafted and executives more knowledgeable. 

The tone of the industry has changed, mainstream songwriters are not as good anymore, too many singers who can’t really write songs are insisting on contributing substandard lyrics to albums and of course internet file sharing is not helping. That combination is very bad for business.

The level of talent is not what it used to be either. It is reflected in the charts from around the world. The talent is still out there, but the labels focus is not on talent anymore.

I read an interview conducted with a talented musician who said something I’ve believed for a long time - there are great artists out there, but they don’t get the exposure Britney Spears gets, therefore not enough people know about them. However, the artists with real talent have longevity. The novelty acts, who sometimes have many platinum records, are never remembered well. 

If the talent is not there, the legacy will not be there either.

interesting observation: There are labels whose rosters I've taken a look at and seen these really talented artists, yet they choose to ignore them, give them very little money for production and promotion, all while executives put the labels funds into no  substance garbage music that won't even be remembered, in an attempt to cash in on trends. This was not the standard even twenty years ago.

I can't begin to tell you how many great musicians I've liked, whose work I buy, all while their labels let their careers languish in favor of trendy artists who aren't really singers, only in name, as they lack talent.

Another interesting point...whether questionable artists want to acknowledge it or not, their work helps erode society. People listen to, follow and aspire to be like these artists - even people who do not want to be entertainers. They listen to their opinions and endorsements, when some of them are misleading and insincere.

The industry needs to raise its standards.  

Quality Music - Quality music is lacking in the industry. Singer/songwriters can't write, producers don't understand music and  executives don't care about music or the lack of talent of the artists they are signing. It's not that the talent isn't out there, because it is. It's what the industry chooses to sign and promote.

Tricks used on singers who can't sing:

- Lots of studio processing for CDs (i.e. Madonna, Britney Spears)
- Partial or full lip syncing in concert
- Turn down singer’s mic and turn up background vocalists and band's mics (what is that irritating low pitch squeal under the music? Ah, it’s the singer...never mind)

Britney Spears has sold more than Ray Charles, but he has credibility and his name will go on much, much longer.

Longevity and a name that lasts. Credibility and respect.

1 Aretha song is worth more than 5 Britney Spears albums.

William Hung sold more CDs than Aretha Franklin last year. What kind of sick world are we living in (haha).

No disrespect to William, as he seems like a nice guy, but even he will admit he's doing this on a lark.

Some make a lot of money at once then their work is forgotten. Others make money slowly over time and their work is not forgotten.

Some labels are only trying to make quick cash, so they sign trendy artists who can't sing and don't last. That's why some have such a high turnover rate with no real lasting success or credible artists.

Labels and managers need to learn to pace themselves and use better judgment in who they sign and the work they put out. A little quality control, maybe.

In certain genres like Gospel, Jazz and Classical they don’t joke. You have to be able to sing and or play your instrument well. You can’t use hype or lip synching. They aren’t mainstream artists, but they do have longevity, great music credibility and a better name.

They also have the rich (cultural) legacy of true musicianship.

Once you go the route of selling sex instead of music, credibility is gone. And if you're an artist who can't sing, there is no credibility.

The industry is going through a rough time. Will it ever return to the level of success that was prevalent years ago? Not with some of the people in charge now and the practices that are at work. But if the Britney Spears’ of music is the best some labels have to offer the public, maybe it deserves it.

Freedom of speech & freedom of religion regarding homosexuality

Many Christians, Catholics and Muslims do not agree with homosexuality because it goes against their religion. However, they are being branded hatemongers and intolerant by gay groups.

Christians do not agree with violence or hatred against gay people. However, if you are true to the Bible and your faith in God by stating your beliefs, you are vindictively labeled hateful, intolerant and politically incorrect by gay groups.

Peter Tatchell of Outrage! in London (right). Photo credit: BBC/Getty Images

Peter Tatchell is on a mission. He is the "Neo" of "The Gaytrix." I'm just kidding. However, via his London group Outrage!, Mr. Tatchell has aggressively gone after public figures who do not agree with homosexuality. His aggressive, vindictive campaigns include going around having entertainers fired from jobs, concerts shutdown, artists dropped from interviews, award nominations revoked and musicians booted from television shows. He's trying to have several artists arrested for their lyrics as well. So much for free speech.

While I do not agree with the violent lyrics several artists have written against gay people, I am not for silencing other people. I am not for getting people booted off awards shows. I am not for calling around and closing down people's concerts. Because then you are violating their rights -  the right to free speech and the right to earn a living.

Mr. Tatchell successfully applied pressure and threats to the head of the MOBO awards committee in London to have award nominations revoked and the artists in question booted off the show.

However, to Outrage's surprise and the head of the MOBO awards committee, she was booed outside the venue the evening of the awards show by the crowd. Upon taking the stage later in the show to present an award, she was booed again by the audience. Two artists also spoke out on stage against what had transpired in revoking the nominations and booting the artists off the show.

There is a certain inequity about Mr. Tatchell's conduct that he fails to see or is deliberately ignoring in favor of his cause. An inequity that will not create tolerance or dialogue, but resentment and hatred.

What if someone who did not agree with homosexuality went around getting gay artists booted from awards shows, nominations revoked, shutting down their concerts and trying to have them arrested for homosexual lyrics that some could argue could be misappropriated by kids and lead to illicit sexual acts against and among minors (i.e. the underage lesbian group Tatu).

Mr. Tatchell would be the first to cry foul and discrimination, yet fails to see the irony in his own actions.

I am a Christian and while I do adhere to my beliefs in that God deems homosexuality a sin, therefore I do not agree with the gay lifestyle, I do not hate gay people. Never have. I do not hate anyone. I've never called a gay person the F word. When I look at talented gay artists like George Michael, Elton John and Will Young, I don't think bad things about them. Careless Whisper was one of my favorite songs in the 80's. George can write and sing. I don't like the direction his career has taken, but that is his choice. It is his life. Elton John is an excellent pianist and singer. Will Young is a cutie pie with a nice voice (he and I could have had a good relationship, but he had to go ruin it with this gay thing. I'm just kidding).

Seriously, many Christians are being asked to choose between their religious faith or so called political correctness, lest they be labeled hatemongers and intolerant by certain gay groups. That's not fair.

Some gay people in Hollywood paint these horrible portraits of Christians in films and on television because of this.

Every gay person is not a John Harris, who was arrested and imprisoned in England for owning over 1 million photographs depicting pedophilic acts such as the torture and rape of babies. Every gay person is not a Andrew Cunanan, who was a male prostitute who went on a murderous rampage that ended here in Miami, but not before he killed designer Gianni Versace and several others.

What if people characterized every gay person in a horrible light on film, television and in the mainstream press, drawing on the worst stereotypes, intertwined with imagery of Harris and Cunanan. Would that be fair? Would that be accurate? Would that be ethical?

So how is it fair, accurate or ethical for certain gay executives in Hollywood to caricaturize and malign Christians every chance they get because the Bible says homosexuality is a sin.

Some of the stuff some come up with is ridiculous. I don't know any Christians like the characters certain Hollywood executives vindictively, maliciously, spitefully, immaturely and constantly include in their projects.

I can name over 100 films, sitcom episodes and television dramas where Christians were slandered, mocked and maligned.

I challenge you to name 100 Christian programs where gays were slandered, mocked and maligned. You can't, because that's not what Christian programmers do.

Never mind Christians aren't going around trying to get gay people fired, their shows closed down, award nominations revoked and having them booted off shows or making lyrics calling for their death. Yet several gay groups are screaming charges of discrimination, intolerance and hatemongering at Christians for not supporting their alternative lifestyle, as it goes against our religious faith.

Therefore, who's really being discriminated against.

Gay groups in Hollywood and London have the right to make whatever programming they want. Doesn't that right extend to Christians and everybody else as well.

Gay artists have the right to make whatever music they want. Doesn't that right extend to Christians and everybody else as well.

Gay people have the right to say whatever they want. Doesn't that right extend to Christians and everybody else as well.

Apparently not according to the conduct of gay groups like Outrage!

Double standard? definitely. Hypocritical? most definitely.

I'm not trying to hurt anyone. If you choose to be gay, that is your life. If someone chooses to be a Christian, that is their life and choice as well.

You need to respect others choices and rights to freedom of religion and freedom of speech, even if they do not support your lifestyle, without you vindictively maligning them and trying to destroy their careers.

That type of behavior doesn't look good on anyone - gay or straight.

I don't so much care about the maligning in TV shows and films. Big woo. I just don't go see them. They won't get my money and I know a lot of Christians who do the same. Why should I pay money for someone to insult my religious beliefs.

I'd rather pay money to see a film that doesn't have an agenda at my faith's expense.

However, when you transgress the line and tell people that their very personal religious beliefs, that have been practiced for thousands of years, must be abandoned and or changed to compliment your choice of lifestyle, lest you mount a hate campaign labeling them intolerant hatemongers whose careers must be destroyed, you are infringing upon their rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion...not to mention, slander and libel.

Would you want that done to you because you are gay.


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