February 28, 2006

Volume 46 

2. AISHA MUSIC AWARDS And The Winners Are...
5. RANDOM STUFF What Were You Thinking!
6. CELEBRITY Britney - Baby On Board Pt 2
7. CELEBRITY Madonna Continues To Steer Britney In The Wrong Direction
8. CELEBRITY Federline Fed Up
9. CELEBRITY Spears and Beyonce Slammed
10. CELEBRITY Paris Hilton Robbed, Dissed and Slapped…With A Restraining Order
11. CELEBRITY Gay Investigator Digging For Dirt On Tom Cruise
12. MOGUL NEWS The Donald vs. The Martha
14. QUASI JOURNALISM Roger Friedman
15. MUSIC The Grammys
16. MUSIC Madonna Lawsuit
17. MUSIC Madonna’s Copyright Infringing Ways Rubbed Off On Husband
18. MUSIC Edgar Bronfman jr
19. MUSIC Bronfman’s Cousins’ Cult Gets High
20. FILM Bruckheimer Slammed for “Racism” in film Glory Road .
21. FILM Universal Pictures CEO Abandons Ship
22. FILM In The Time Of Butterflies (posted from this month's film review)
23. TV Eisner’s No Miser When It Comes To His Set
24. ENTERTAINMENT Eisner Being Accused Of Still Interfering With Disney
25. SPORTS The Winter Olympics
26. SPORTS Football: The Super Bowl
27. SPORTS Basketball: Miami Heat
28. SPORTS Soccer: Pachuca vs. Toluca
29. SPORTS Tennis: Andy Murray Wins San Jose (the tennis title, not the city)
30. SPORTS Tennis: Williams Sisters
31. LEGAL FILE Anthony Pellicano Indictments
32. LEGAL FILE A Thieving Maid To The Stars
33. LEGAL FILE HBO Sued By Mafia Wife
34. LEGAL FILE Davinci Crock Pt 3
35. LEGAL FILE Bad Judges Pt 2
36. LEGAL FILE Cults and the Law
37. INTERNET Wikipedia Part 2 – Clean Up Attempts?
38. HEALTH: Facial Reconstruction
39. HEALTH Low Fat Doesn’t Mean Cancer Free
40. HEALTH Rise In Sleeping Pill Usage
41. TECHNOLOGY Microsoft In Contention For A Share of Blackberry’s Market - Microberry?
42. TECHNOLOGY Identity Theft
44. INTERNATIONAL NEWS Saddam on Hunger Strike
45. INTERNATIONAL NEWS Follow Up – Mexican Border and Drug Trafficking
46. INTERNATIONAL NEWS Nazi Reparations Pt 2
50. SPIRITUAL Spiritual Matters and Money


Just thought I’d say that. No reason. Just kidding.

This and every month, is the month black people celebrate being…black. Black culture is very diverse and to be appreciated year round.

AISHA MUSIC AWARDS And The Winners Are...

The DWI DWD Award A/K/A The Driving While Dumb Award - goes to Britney Spears for scarily illustrating that children (Sean Federline) can be car safety instruments too.

Best Airbag - Sean Federline.

Bravest Toddler Award - Sean Federline. Little guy, I really pray God will help you survive your parents laxity. No joke.

Best Botox Breakthrough - goes to Madonna for proving a Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum face is not better than wrinkles.

The DWD Award #2 A/K/A Deposing While Dumb Award  - goes to Paris Hilton for being the first valley girl to teach the world that people in the U.K. only, like, speak French (does Her Majesty The Queen know this) and for encouraging ignorance and the baseless fear of Mexicans, Blacks and Jews through her slurs. Nothing like a xenophobic attitude to make different cultural groups feel better (not!).

The Is He High And Is This Proof Award and the Does He Know His Mic Is Still On Award - goes to CNN's Wolf Blitzer for his shock and awe Hurricane Katrina coverage in uttering the proceeding words live on air, "Many of these people, almost all of them that we see are so poor and they are so black." Oh dear.

The Worst Mix Tape Award - goes to Osama Bin Laden for his audio recording threats. Your lyrics/threats are non-negotiable and hard to dance to.

The Most Tireless Publicist Award and the Publicist PMS Award - goes to Liz Rosenberg for her tireless efforts at lying/truthiness on Madonna's behalf, all while being completely ornery. Publicists should always remember, ornery rhymes with coronary. 

The Worst Break Up Award - goes to Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (Whyyyy! Tell each other you're sorry and call it off).

Best Break Up Award - goes to NBC and the show the "Book Of Daniel." Um, who's in charge of programming and more importantly, why?

Best Boycott Award - goes to The AFA.

The Best Accent Award - goes to Matthew McConaughey.

The Worst Accent Award - goes to Madonna for butchering the British accent in ways people previously never thought possible.

The Most Unusual Baby Name Award - goes to Apple Martin (daughter of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Chris Martin). As a poster on a message board said, and I'm paraphrasing here, you know when she goes to school the other kids are gonna stick an i on the end of her name and call her "Apple Martini." However, she's a pretty little girl, so she won't get teased much.

The Most Obvious Hair Extensions Award - goes to Britney Spears.


We know a good thing when we see it, right. But Hollywood likes to patronize everyone. Like we are too dumb to get or gauge great cinema and it is their job to tell us via heavily handing out awards to odd films that didn’t connect with the public, which is a crock.


Vice President Dick Cheney

There's an old Bob Marley song called "I Shot The Sheriff." Well, looks like Dick Cheney shot the sheriff too. Well, not quite.

As most of you know, Vice President Cheney accidentally shot an attorney (all of you stop cheering at the words “shot an attorney”) Harry “50 Cent” Whittington.

Just kidding. No, not about the VP lighting him up, but joking about the attorney quip.

Harry, like rapper 50 Cent, took 500 bullets and kept on ticking. Poor man, I saw his interview and he’s just glad to be alive (teasing again).

It was later announced from the ER that Harry’s forthcoming album will be titled “Get Shot Or Die Trying” on his indie label Sue You Records.

The AP reported Mr. Whittington, aged 77, is, “Sitting up in a chair, eating regular food, and he actually plans on doing some of his attorney work in his room."

“Attorney work” - you know he’s writing up that lawsuit, don’t you. That’s probably what gave him the will to live. Dude probably fought off the white light just to come back and file the lawsuit.

Just kidding. Thank God he survived.

RANDOM STUFF What Were You Thinking!

6,500-year-old gold pendant [Pic courtesy of the AP and Yahoo]

And from the What-Were-You-Thinking file: “Thessaloniki, Greece - A Greek hiker found a 6,500-year-old gold pendant in a field and handed it over to authorities, an archaeologist said Thursday.” - Yahoo

Ever heard of EBay. Really, do you know what the average rapper could do with that!


CELEBRITY Baby On Board Pt 2 

Britney Spears: "Turn left here, son"

Britney Spears: "Slow down son, the speed limit is like,100 MPH."

Let’s do a follow up, shall we. Oops she did it again. That's right, I'm talking about Britney Spears. She has an idiotic lyric that reads she, "took a sip from the devil's cup." Apparently she took a sip from the stupid cup as well. Read on for proof...

Three months ago I wrote an article titled “Baby on Board” regarding Britney Spears, who was reported as going out to the club and when the car came to pick her up, her new born baby was seen in the vehicle at the unrespectable hour of 2AM.

The article turned out to be a little too prophetic. It was almost worth having to gag from quoting Page Six. Fast-forward a few short months and it's more baby and vehicle issues for Spears.

Apparently this month, either the State of California lowered the driving age to 5 months or Spears’ 5 month old baby can drive or Britney was illegally driving with her son in her lap. Yup, it was the latter.

Britney wouldn’t even prove me wrong in what I wrote a few months ago. Maybe I should have written get a car seat!

All jokes aside, the child is not a fashion accessory or a dolly. She’s gonna have to do better for the little boy than this.

The mere fact that she did this says there are other things that she's doing that could be dangerous as well.

She needs to read books about childcare.

Those pictures were plain scary and cringe inducing. Any laxity on her part today is gonna result in problems tomorrow. Kids need structure. Not rigidity, but structure. AND A CAR SEAT!

She’s not a child anymore. She needs to do a better job than this for the boy’s sake, as that was dangerous.

Scared by Photogs?

She released a statement that read she was "terrified" by the "aggressive" paparazzi so she fled, but she doesn’t look scared in the pics. She’s grinning and driving along. It was bad judgment and the photogs can’t be blamed for that. For once, it wasn't their fault.

Spears is so terrified of the paparazzi, she is seen here smiling.

"At the point where she made the decision to drive with the baby in her lap, there was only one photographer and he wasn't even shooting," Kelly Davis, vice president of X17, told the BBC.”

"George Spaly, who took the pictures, was not aggressive, nor did he pose any sort of threat to Britney or her baby. In fact, Britney and George have known each other for several years. She smiled and talked to George after arriving at the Starbuck's. Britney asked George not to take pictures of her and the baby at the Starbuck's and he agreed."

"In fact, on this particular afternoon at 1 p.m., it was so quiet that another bodyguard following in a car behind Britney's left shortly after arriving at the Starbuck's. She had her right hand on the wheel and her other hand apparently holding her kid. That's when George started shooting. He kept a respectable distance. Britney just wasn't thinking." - BBC

The Suspected Problem

"It's quite possible that Britney and Kevin hadn't gotten to installing the child car seat in the back. Not that that's any sort of excuse.” - National Ledger

"Most Americans Know To Put Their Children In Child Seats"

"What many have feared has now been confirmed: at least 98% of all Americans are more intelligent than Britney Spears. As has been widely reported, new mom Britney, 24, was photographed driving her SUV with a look of bovine contentment on her face and 4 month-old son Sean in her lap. No safety device of any kind appears in the photo.

Per the chart below, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration informs us that 98% of Americans have enough sense and regard for the law to secure their infants in child safety seats. – Cleveland.com

“I love my baby more than anything, and as unfortunate an experience as this has been for me and my family, if it brings more attention to child safety then I fully support that." – Britney Spears

Note to Britney: The rest of us already knew that. No awareness needed there.

Some Journo Feedback:

1. “Britney Driven To Stupidity” – The Courier Mail

2. “All this bother has kind of put a dent into Britney's plans for the finale of her big comeback concerts - firing Sean Preston out of a cannon, through a tunnel of fire, over a cage of hungry lions and into a piranha-filled paddling pool.” - Heckler Spray

3. “Britney, Britney, Britney. What were you thinking? Oh, that's right, you weren't.” – The Times Republican

4. “I never expected her to win any mother of the year awards, but this is ridiculous.” - iVillage

5. “Britney Spears has demonstrated once again her ability to make bad decisions…Never one to accept responsibilities for her actions, Spears is blaming the paparazzi…While the bodyguard was in the coffee shop, Spears put Sean on her lap and then (cue scary music) the paparazzi came at the car...“I was terrified that this time the physically aggressive paparazzi would put both me and my baby in danger.” That’s right, Britney, keep telling yourself that the paparazzi forced you drive your car with your baby in an unsafe manner.” – The San Francisco Examiner

6. "Recent photos of Britney Spears driving with her infant son on her lap are troubling. And while Ms. Spears has acknowledged her mistake, her actions still send the wrong message to millions of her fans. No matter who you are, there's absolutely no excuse for this display - not instinct, not fear, not even reckless paparazzi. It's irresponsible to compromise the safety of a child for the sake of the moment," said Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta. – Associated Press.

7. “Does anyone remember the 37-year-old mother of two who allowed her children (ages 3 and 9) and their 8-year-old friend to ride in the trunk of her car? She pulled down the back seat so she could see them as she was driving a distance of less than a mile. During her trial, Lucas said she complied with the childish request because she wanted to be "a cool mom.

"So stupid. Speaking of stupid ... Spears was photographed earlier this month driving her SUV with her infant son on her lap. Spears got off with only a lecture from Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta (delivered indirectly). Lucas was convicted of three counts of child endangerment. She also was cited for reckless driving, negligence and driving without a license.” – Seattle Post Intelligencer

9. “This one tops the list of "best excuses”…Spears called it "maternal instinct" when she held her baby on her lap while driving away from photographers instead of putting the child in its car seat - as the law requires. Perhaps Britney will woo her fans with a new album - "Maternal Instinct" - which will show the picture of her baby sitting on her lap as she sped away to her manager's office with this great idea for a new CD.

 Of all the lame excuses... What mother would bother to care about some guy with a camera over the safety of her child, especially Britney Spears, who after all this time is used to being photographed? – AXcess News

Her fan numbers are starting to dwindle, as they are looking elsewhere thanks to Spears bizarre conduct over the last year. Her lying then half-hearted denial didn’t help either. Many people on different sites read by millions posted their opinions and across the board it was anger:

Some Public Feedback posted by Daily Mail readers (the first one is the cleverest):

1. Sadly the baby would have had no chance in the event of an accident, trapped between an air-bag, and an air-head! - Graham, Hampshire, uk

2. "I was terrified they would put us in danger. I instinctively took measures to get my baby and me out of harm's way." - Hmm yes, cameras are far more dangerous than a crash in a speeding car, I agree Britney! As if. - Lorna Jackson, Bath, UK

3. Seems to me stardom and responsibility don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Stars - especially if fame hits in their teens, get used to having everything their way, and don’t understand that the rules that govern the rest of us just may also apply to them. - Vicky, Bexhill

4. How foolish and stupid. But she is once again making headlines. As the old saying goes "all publicity is good publicity". - John Sivorn, Piegut-Pluviers, France

5. I'm sure this won't get too much publicity. Now if it had been her dog on her lap...- Martyn James Fraser, Liverpool

6. If she was so terrified of journalists, why didn't she shut the window? Unbelievable and irresponsible. - Dawn, Liverpool

7. When I am driving down the highway I sometimes wonder which driver of an oncoming car (approaching me at 70 MPH) has a dog in his or her lap. You just can't escape idiots. - Tom, Magnolia, Texas USA

8. I wonder, if there had been an accident, who Miss Spears would have blamed? - Helen Dickinson, Deddington, Oxfordshire

9. I think Britney was using the paparazzi as an excuse to cover up her stupidity for driving with her baby on her lap! No one ever ever should remove a child from a car seat! - Margaret, London, Canada

10. For someone who makes a show of putting on a "good show" for the cameras, it's strange Britney suddenly felt threatened by the shutter bugs. For all we know, this photo was taken by chance, not as a result of being descended upon my camera. - Paula, London, England

11. I think Britney once again shows that she's not one for much though. If her instinct was the safety of her baby, putting it in the position of greatest risk (between her and the steering wheel), shows that she has very poor instincts. Also, from the published photos she appears very relaxed and certainly doesn't show the raw panic she describes in her statement. I think she's using the paparazzi as an excuse for her sheer stupidity. - Dave, Washington, DC

12. She's a celebrity! She knows the paparazzi will be there. And she loves every minute of it! She gets no sympathy from me. - Susan M., Lincoln, NE, USA

13. This is Britney Spears! Come on! Are we surprised at her stupidity? - Donia Erickson, Mont Belvieu, Texas; USA

14. She clearly was not too worried-her window was open and she seemed fairly calm. Come on Britney-we all know you made a mistake-just admit it. - Angela, london

15. Also, if she is trying to protect her child, why is she not wearing her seatbelt? - Irene, USA

16. Given all the money Britney has in the bank, it's too bad she couldn't buy a carseat and safely strap her son in. - Kim, Virginia

17. She has a bodyguard with her and she's "scared" of the paparazzi? The window is even open. Seems to me like it was just a silly, indulgent act by Britney who probably has no idea about the laws in this state for child safety. She should wise up fast, silly girl. - Alison, California, USA

Feedback posted by iVillage users:

18. Um...if she waited for her bodyguard to get back in the car before she sped away, didn't she have time to put the rugrat back in his carseat? Posted by Amy on February 07 at 10:29am

19. I too think that social services should be called on her but maybe they say "hey we can see what she does all day we don't have to do any thing" but if it were any one else, you know we would get in big trouble I agree she is a WACK JOB Posted by pos on February 07 at 10:44am

20. No excuses. No song, no cigarette, no world tour would bring Baby Sean back if she got into an accident. She signed up for this life style, so use the brain...if she's so worried about exposing him to this life, get out of the lime light! Stars have been doing it for decades. Posted by Marie on February 07 at 10:50am

21. As much as I appreciate your comments, I think what Britney has done IS real wrong. Think about it - there are people in the world that love her and watch her and do as she does. What kind of example is she setting by neglecting the well-being of her child? And what kind of example would DCFS set if they do nothing about it? It's a sad world when, if you wear skimpy clothes and dance around, you can do whatever you want with your child with no consequences. Posted by Mary N on February 07 at 10:59am

22. i agree with everyone else if that was us we would be charged and thrown in jail. but because its brittany its ok? no there needs to be only one set of rules celebrity or not. as for the rest of the wrong that is happening, i am just as disgraced about that but that should be left in the hands of social services and more people should be speaking up. look at all the children who get put back in their parents care only to be hurt or even hospitalized because of them? come on if the parent is a threat to the child remove them until they are no longer a threat. Posted by shannon on February 07 at 11:03am

23. just looked at the pictures and it looks like shes laughing. She is a moron. agree that babies should always be in car seats. Posted by Michelle on February 07 at 12:27pm

24. There is NO REASON, NO EXCUSE, to NOT have your child in a carseat!!! Even my 7 yr old nephew knows that! And to not be wearing a seatbelt herself, she must want her ignorant husband to get all of her money. Posted by Jo on February 07 at 01:06pm

25. Oh yes, I'm sure Kevin would've know better....after all he should be the father of the year, ditching his pregnant girlfriend to get it on with Britney and her money. Posted by Amy on February 07 at 02:05pm

26. Britney Coo Coo Spears you need serious counseling for real. Posted by none ya business on February 07 at 02:32pm

I read this hilarious internet poster's response to the above posted pic of Britney Spears looking for something on the ground by the bushes:

"With Brit's track record she probably dropped SPF in the bushes. - Jen | 02.23.06 - 6:50 pm | # Poor pitiful Britney"

Family Planning

SPF, I take it, is short for her child's name Sean Preston Federline. SPF is also short for Sun Protection Factor (sunscreen). While Britney Spears initials are B.S.

Does this family not think of what their initials will be before they settle on first names.

Baby Can’t Doo-Doo In Peace

“Britney Spears Rushes Baby Sean To Hospital…Over him taking a dump... Poor old Britney Spears was left looking a red faced after she rushed her baby Sean Preston to hospital only to discover he was trying to take a dump!"

However, a worried Britney and her bodyguard were embarrassed after nurses informed them that he was just trying to fill his nappy (diaper). Surely the baby must have had a poo of some kind during the first four months of his life?…” -Entertainmentwise

Britney Spears Gets A Nanny

Britney Spears: "So that's how you feed him! Oops, you shouldn't have fed him yet. They say it's not good to drink and drive. Now who's gonna drive us home!"

Britney Spears: "I wonder if there's a Starbucks in this mall, so I can get something for my son to drink."

Britney Spears:  "Kevin would love that marij... uh, I mean tree. Wonder if I can get it through customs."

Nanny: "Slow down, you're going too fast and he's sliding out of the stroller!"
Britney: "But I have to get to Starbucks before it closes!"

Britney Still In the Kabbalah Cult

Britney Spears: "This Kabbalah string is cutting off my circulation."

Britney is still in the Kabbalah cult, and much like Madonna, it's not working for her. She's being slammed all over the internet for her antics, her fan base is dwindling, her husband was photographed reportedly smoking weed, her husband was photographed with his arm around another woman and on another occasion this month, "hitting on Jessica Simpson." Oh yea, the red strings work, alright -cough- at jinxing cult members.

Feedback from the internet:

1. No! I don't want them to break up! There's too much comedy and entertainment with them together. I see she's wearing one of those Kaballah bracelets ::: rolls eyes ::: Well, at least this way SPF will have a playmate when his parents are in and out of rehab. LA | Homepage | 02.23.06 - 6:53 pm |

2. Britney looks more pregnant ever day... I hope that she leaves that scum bag of a husband for good, since those pictures of him came out yesterday with that chic. How embarrassing for her. Oh well. It's her own fault. kupkake | 02.23.06 - 7:23 pm

(pics from Popsugar)

3. all that misery she brought on herself. i have no sympathy for her whatsover..she must have THE LOWEST SELF ESTEEM to want to stay married to that ...... She knows deep down kevin is just using her and yet is not ready to admit it, go forward with the divorce and live a life away from him…but he will ALWAYS be in her life, cos of sean, he will be in her life forrreverrr!kevin is the rash that will never go away. she wants to keep her pretend family together and that screams out low self worth. poor sean..its not his fault who his parents are. - flower

4. WT*! How does Britney allows this leech to act like this and not kick his lazy *** out for good?!! What is this???!! Plus, she’s thinner than Brits too! Fab-girl February 22, 2006 at 7:59 pm

5. She doesn’t actually look like brit to me. are k-fed’s 15 minutes up yet? Gracie February 22, 2006 at 8:07 pm

6. He’s already getting 1/2 hr. like Paris Ho-lton.What’s wrong with Britney’s self-esteem? Fab-girl February 22, 2006 at 8:10 pm

7. Stoned and left with the wrong blond. Valeri February 22, 2006 at 8:15 pm

8. Even if my husband were too smart to cheat, and knew he was being photographed everywhere, I would still be a little more than ****** off to see these photos if I were Britney. I know that we all rag on her for being a mess and making bad decisions for herself, but if I ever saw pictures like these of my boyfriend, famous or not, cheating or not, I would flip my lid. I’m not a jealous girlfriend by nature, but there are just some things you don’t do with other women, and being photographed in a position like this is one of them. If I were Britney and came face to face with that girl, honey would be cleaning her teeth up off the pavement of that parking lot, that much is for sure!!! andrea February 22, 2006 at 8:45 pm

9. Yeah, the way they are holding each other is totally inappropriate for a married man. Me and my guy friends don’t hold each other like that when we’re walking down the street. K-Fed is such a loser. For real. We all know guys like him, don’t we? And we avoid them like the plague…can’t imagine WHAT Britney was thinking when she married this fool. Skye February 22, 2006 at 9:23 pm

10. They HAVE to be smashed on something. he looks like he is holding her up. her outfit makes me feel unwell. Hopefully he will run off with her and leave Brit alone. PrincessPixie February 22, 2006 at 9:32 pm

11. I would love it if he ran off with her!!! but then again she probably doesn’t have money he can spend so i doubt it, This the part of Brits life that makes her look like a complete idiot. For once she should take lessons from Christina, at least her husband works and bought her ring himself. lola_k February 23, 2006 at 5:12 am

12. Hanging out with K-Fed to get some press???? okay, I don’t think I have to explain what is wrong with that.
lisalisa February 23, 2006 at 7:04 am - popsugar

13. whatever KFed takes her for she totally deserves for being utterly stupid. Posted by Gambitgirl on December 6, 2005 10:05 AM

14. like he never had drug dealers over to the house before. Women always think that marriage and a kid will settle a man down. Why? WHY?? Posted by Paul on December 6, 2005 10:14 AM

15. Where's the "Mrs. Federline" shirt? Also, how "crazy good" is sex now? Posted by dude! on December 6, 2005 10:24 AM

16. I read that the hillbilly couple signed a prenup that gives KFed $300,000 a year for half the number of years they're married. Hmmmmm.....what's the math on that? Posted by redkann on December 6, 2005 10:35 AM

17. I'm surprised Brit Brit even remembered the baby was there. Guess she hadn't had her first fried chicken and vodka shot of the day...Posted by LuvlyWarholGirl on December 6, 2005 10:51 AM - thesuperficial

A pic from Spears' wedding, because what every good wedding needs, is a pimp:

Britney Spears On TV Show "Will And Grace"

Britney Spears knocking off Jessica Simpson's look via hair extensions

Public Feedback:

1. Jessica Simpson called and she wants her look back! Jo | February 24, 2006 06:17 PM

2. is she trying to look like jessica simpson or something? nat | February 24, 2006 07:30 PM

3. Even in photos you can tell how bad an actress she is. ~Katie~ | February 23, 2006 09:05 PM - Just Jared

4. “Britney Spears, who no one likes, is shooting scenes for Will & Grace, which no one watches.” - Egotastic

The AFA have been doing a great job in boycotting people and products that insult the faith:

“NBC says Spears story was premature. Britney Spears` announced stint on NBC`s 'Will & Grace' as a chef in a feature called 'Cruci-fixin`s' has ruffled some feathers at the Peacock Network. The Mississippi-based American Family Association was not amused, E! Online reported Saturday.

The conservative group responded swiftly, calling for an NBC boycott. 'NBC is clearly mocking the Christian faith,' the group`s founder, Donald Wildmon, posted on the AFA Web site. 'They clearly have hostility toward the Christian faith, They absolutely will not treat Jews or Muslims in this manner ... .'

NBC responded by saying the initial release contained 'erroneous information ... mistakenly included' in the Spears` announcement…The episode has not been written yet…'the reference to `Cruci-fixin`s` will not be in the show and the storyline will not contain a Christian characterization at all.' - United Press International

"Britney Spears (Was) In Hospital"

"We're told Spears complained of stomach cramps. This is not Spears' first problem with stomach cramps. Last September, she went to a Santa Monica hospital complaining of the same ailment." - TMZ

Spears Planning A Comeback Crock

"I haven't seen anybody out there who has had a performance where I'm like: 'That's awesome.' It's been boring. I used to listen to blues music and all that stuff. I would like to try to have more influences of that sound. Not that I'm going to be like Tina Turner, but you never know." – Britney Spears

Britney Spears and Tina Turner in the same sentence? Something tells me, Tina Turner knock off or not, her career will never be the same again. People do not see her the same anymore after her poor choices over the last year and a half.

Madonna Continues To Steer Britney In The Wrong Direction

Madonna is reportedly advising Britney on making a comeback. In my humble opinion, Madonna is gonna be the downfall of that girl. That is where this is headed.

The Cult News web site thought it inappropriate as well that Madonna mentor her, seeing as how she's already steered her in the wrong direction getting her involved in the sick Kabbalah cult in the first place. The fruits of it are wreaking havoc on her life.

Both Madonna and Britney are now firmly in the same boat - bad marriages, bad music, bad press and bad images. Read the internet and not the spin their PR people put out every week via neurotically faxing and emailing press outlets stories for placement in the papers, and you'll find how the public truly feels.

Mariah Carey @ the 2006 Grammys

They suggested, "Mariah would be a better mentor for Britney Spears than Madonna":

"...Isn’t all this just a bit presumptuous? Should Madonna be dispensing advice to anyone given her own current problems?

After all she is reportedly coming to California largely because her own five-year marriage is in meltdown. And many have observed that the aging icon has become a bit too obsessed with both exercise and diet.

Rather than face the fact that no one can stop the clock Madonna who is pushing 50 exercises three hours daily and observes a diet that has left here looking more like a victim of malnutrition than an example for Britney to follow.

As for career advice Britney might be better off calling comeback queen Mariah Carey. The curvaceous singer hasn’t suffered from her healthy intake of food, as the three Grammy awards she took home recently demonstrate." - Cult News

Federline Fed Up

Can you say forced smiles

I won’t mention the name of Britney Spears husband's debut single on here, as the title seems vulgar in Portuguese, therefore I’ll just call his song a name that sounds like it, potpourri.

Federline is fed up with the press and the backlash he has experienced. However, the backlash was to be expected. He was vaulted into the spotlight for leaving his famous pregnant girlfriend, mother of his two children, for Spears, then getting Spears pregnant then marrying her...and reportedly "smoking weed." You'll have to do better than that.

Spears and Beyonce Slammed

"Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Blasted by Body Shop Founder for “Pimp Culture” – Body Shop founder Anita Roddick has criticised pop stars such as Britney Spears and Beyoncé for glorifying a “pimp and whore” culture through their sexually suggestive performances and lyrics.

“A lot of people seem to think it’s cool to be a pimp or a whore,” she told London’s Evening Standard. “It’s not cool. The reality is dark and evil and appalling and unregulated.” – Lifesite.net

You should not aspire to be like these women. While they can find forgiveness in God if they change, He will nonetheless hold them accountable for the appalling example they set for impressionable audiences.

When your legacy is, through your work and actions, teaching little girls to dress like prostitutes and that they have to be overtly (publicly) sexual to be accepted – you have made a massively negative contribution to this world. It is not commendable at all.

CELEBRITY Paris Hilton Robbed, Dissed and Slapped…With A Restraining Order

Brian Quintana (left) Paris Hilton (right).

Another follow up, this one on last month’s Sound Off article. Another celebrity, and Kabbalah cult member having a rough month, is Paris Hilton. She was rightfully slapped with a restraining order for harassment, stalking and making terroristic threats.

In her depo she was disrespectful to Mexicans, stating she is afraid of them (what’s she doing, seeing how many groups of people she can slur in one year?).

If you ask me, it’s Mexicans who should be afraid of her (you know, with her threatening innocent people’s lives, wanting to take out contracts on innocent people and let’s not forget her singing). I teased her publicist in the Column last month and it was affirmed in that his denials turned out to be wrong like I wrote.

“Paris Hilton lost a harassment case against her in Los Angeles on Tuesday, when a public-relations consultant was granted a restraining order against her. Brian Quintana claims Hilton threatened to put a hit out on him after he told her boyfriend (and his client) Stavros Niarchos that she might have an STD, when Star magazine contacted him regarding the possibility. "I wanted him to be aware that she might have herpes, to make sure he didn't catch anything," Quintana testified.

Hilton threatened him, he said, but he initially dismissed it as venting. "She said, 'If this gets out, you're a ----ing dead man,' " he said. Quintana testified that he didn't take it seriously until he started getting threatening phone calls from Hilton, in which he claims she said, "I'm going to put a contract out on you." "A, she's got the resources to pull something like this off and B, she's a drug addict," Quintana told the court.” - MTV

“A judge yesterday slapped a restraining order on Paris Hilton….Quintata reportedly once told Stavros that he should ditch Paris and get back with the Olsen girl, thus incurring the manic wrath of Paris Hilton, and all the pushing and stuff.” - Heckler spray

Don’t you feel sorry for her publicist at this point.

-Aisha hands bottle of antacid to Paris’ publicist, “Here, have some pepto. You earned it”-

“In court documents, Quintana alleged that Hilton "has a drug and alcohol problem, some rather shady associates and is known for erratic behavior." He claimed he felt he was in "imminent danger" from the celebutante's wrath. Last month, Hilton's rep, Elliot Mintz, denied the validity of Quintana's accusations.

"I can assure you that when all of the facts are revealed in this matter, they will show that the victim is, in fact, Paris Hilton," he told the Associated Press. As it turns out, the legal system took a different view on the situation, siding with Quintana against his nemesis. - Yahoo News

From the Los Angeles Times:

After Hilton threatened him, he began getting calls from anonymous men saying he's "a dead man," Quintana said. He called Hilton "a physical and abusive person." Quintana said he hopes his police report will lead to criminal charges.

"I'm going to sleep better at night knowing that she or her henchmen can't come after me," Brian Quintana said after leaving the courtroom. "Usually, it's the celeb that needs protection."

Not in the Kabbalah cult, dear. They are some of the most nefarious, depraved celebrity cult members in existence, who are a danger to the public and have shown it through their actions.

Paris robbed and extorted

Paris was robbed, among the contents, a videotape of her nastily using the N-word behind the backs of two black men who had approached her at a party to pitch a business venture to her. She referred to them as “Dirty N*****s.” She later paid a reported “$20,000 a month” to stop a copy of the tape from being released.

Paris The Racist

Brandon Davis, pictured with actress Mischa Barton, said of Hilton:

"She was forever using the 'N-word.' I told her not to use it. It was offensive. But she just laughed. She is a racist, plus an idiot. Every black person she referred to was a 'n-----. She uses the word all the time. And I've known her all her life. It's 'n-----' this and 'n-----' that. She's a disgrace. She IS a racist! She puts down Jews and other minorities, too. And I'm Jewish. I found it depressing. The Hilton sisters think they are better than everyone else. Paris and Nicky get off on making fun of people and putting them down. That's all these girls do. They think it makes them look and feel better. They make fun of everything. I've known Paris almost since I was born. I finally had enough of her attitude six months ago and I finished with her."

Paris Robbed Again

Paris didn’t pay her storage bill and her stuff was sold at bargain basement prices:

“Meanwhile, Hilton may be considering shelling out a sizable chunk of cash to reacquire a slew of her possessions, including journals, photos and videotapes, which fell into the hands of Phoenix-based porn broker David Hans Schmidt after the bill on her Los Angeles storage unit went unpaid.

Schmidt has said he plans to auction off the items for $20 million but would consider offering Hilton a "small discount" if she felt inclined to bid on her belongings.

Hilton's rep said last week that she hadn't ruled out buying back the items but that the $20 million price tag was "irrational." – E!

Robert Redford Slams Paris

Actor Robert Redford

"To the outside world, it's a big fat market where you have people like Paris Hilton going to parties. Now, she doesn't have anything to do with anything. I think the festival is close to being out of control," Sundance Festival's Founder (Robert Redford) told Newsweek. – Yahoo News

Mischa Barton Slams Paris

Actress Mischa Barton [pic courtesy of Tony Barson/Wire Image]

"Add Mischa Barton to the list of others, including Nicole Richie, Shannon Doherty and socialite Zeta Graff, who are feuding with Paris Hilton.

When asked about Paris this week she said, ""Paris isn't my rival. I met her one or two times and she's making out there's this big rivalry between us and there so isn't. She seems to hate everyone around her age who is more successful. Silly b****. I tuned into the Brits because I like to know what's going on in British music and I saw her and I was like 'what?' She was coming out with all this ridiculous stuff like 'I love London because whatever'. Paahleese."

And when it comes to the issue of boyfriends, Mischa claims that Paris definitely does not have a "hands-off policy" when it came to other people's men. "She does steal people's boyfriends!" – Film Fodder

Frank Lampard's Fiancée Slams Paris

Soccer Player Frank Lampard

Speaking of that…I wrote about Frank Lampard two months ago. Apparently Paris tried to hit on him in the presence of his pregnant girlfriend this month. Just class (ok, no).

“Paris Hilton makes a new enemy - Paris Hilton apparently has got Chelsea and England footballer Frank Lampard in her sights: she has pursued him on two different occasions, including last week’s Brit awards, making sure he had her mobile number - which has angered Frank’s fiancée no end.

Elen Rives, the mother of Frank’s six-month old daughter, has slammed Paris’s actions. According to the Mirror, Elen fumed: “Frank obviously only has eyes for me. He’s a family man and is completely devoted to me and Luna. This Paris Hilton might be used to getting what she wants, but this is one man she can’t have. She might have millions but she’s no match for me.” - Femaletastic

Unkind acts such as these have come to identify Paris to the general public as a cruel, mischievous, troublesome, home wrecking deviant.

As a general rule, through her promiscuous conduct, a woman shouldn’t gain classification as her own form of an STD.

Pink vs. Paris

More on the Paris Backlash...

Pink made a video with its centerpiece dissing Paris Hilton. Hilton retorted that Pink was "Using her to make a comeback."

Pink retorted, "Spell it. Spell Comeback."

Yea, she got you there (Paris)- you know, with the “Jermeny” thing (actually spelled Germany), saying everyone in the U.K. speaks French, which must have come as a shock…to the people in the U.K.

Ever since Pink made said video slamming Paris and people she viewed as her friends, actresses have spoken up, publicly distancing themselves from her (Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen Twins). While I've got nothing against the Olsen Twins or Lohan, Lindsay seemed to be influenced by Paris, who she hung out with (change in appearance and attitude).

Lindsay Lohan (another Kabbalah cult member) featured in the video, is a smart girl (how did you get involved with those cult people) and a good actress. I was impressed with her years ago as a child actress in "The Parent Trap" (“It Takes Two”) where she played twins so well that you'd think it was twin actresses playing the parts.

But it seems like ever since she started hanging out with Paris Hilton and that crowd, she started playing up the shallow factor, much like her character in “Mean Girls,” and it has hurt her name.

She is a talented girl. She has a great natural hair color that gave her a unique look (says Aisha hypocritically).

You’re not an idiot. Don’t diminish who you are trying to hang with Paris Hilton, who is as lost as can be.

I think the general public is tired of the vapidity among young stars, therefore it is not something to gravitate to as an entertainer. People are tired of stupidity permeating everything.

PETA Slams Paris


Paris Hilton covered in powder…just not the kind she is used to.

PETA is mad at Paris, who they deem a person who wears fur and pelted her with flour to show their support disapproval.

Film Aims To Cast Paris “she can’t act” Hilton as Mother Teresa

“Malayalam director, T. Rajeevnath, who was searching for a suitable actress to play Mother Teresa in his film on the Nobel Peace laureate, has decided to ask American actress Paris Hilton to play the Saint.” Sify

"My agents in California have contacted Paris Hilton." – Rajeevnath

God should strike the director of this film and his film sets with lightning for dishonoring the memory of Mother Teresa in attempting to cast Paris Hilton as her.

A woman lives a virtuous life and devotes her years to helping the infirmed and the poor – and you attempt to cast a porn star to play her?

CELEBRITY Gay Investigator Digging For Dirt On Tom Cruise 

 Though I have not watched the film, judging by his grin in this pic, artificial fangs were not needed for Tom Cruise in the appalling film "Interview With A Vampire." Just kidding.

The gay police were called on Tom Cruise. You did it now, mister. Biographer Andrew Morton has hired a private detective to inquire about Tom Cruise’s sexuality. Morton’s books are notorious for what they extract.

Is Tom Cruise Gay????? Andrew Morton wants to know...According to FemaleFirst, Cruise’s lawyer Bert Fields said: "If he tries to use my letter to create the impression that Mr. Cruise did have a gay affair, we will certainly sue... because the story is false. Mr Cruise is not gay." Are you sure now?...- Enertainmentwise.com

In other Cruise News...

Life & Style Magazine are being threatened with legal action for printing he and his fiancée have split up.

"I will be sitting down with Tom in the next couple of days to discuss whether we bring a lawsuit. But if it was up to me, I would sue." - Bert "wiretap probed" Fields

Of course you would sue = billable legal hours.

MOGUL NEWS The Donald vs. The Martha

Trump and Stewart Square Off A/K/A Beefing

Donald Trump and Martha Stewart have been fighting over her recently cancelled spin off of his show "The Apprentice."

Aww, don’t fight. You are two of the brightest entrepreneurs in the world. Now, let’s all hold hands and sing Negro spirituals.

Just kidding.

The Donald: "Martha Stewart: The Apprentice was a mistake for everybody — especially NBC.”

The Martha: "Having two `Apprentices' was as unfair to him as it was unfair to me," she told Newsweek. "But Donald really wanted to stay on."

The Donald: "Your performance was terrible in that the show lacked mood, temperament and just about everything a show needs for success," he wrote. "I knew it would fail as soon as I first saw it — and your low ratings bore me out."

"Essentially, you made this firing up just as you made up your sell order of ImClone," said Trump, who claimed NBC did not intend to fire him on Stewart's show.

The Martha: "The letter is so mean-spirited and reckless that I almost can't believe my longtime friend Donald Trump wrote it," she stated.

"I am very proud of the work we did with Mark Burnett Productions and Mr. Trump, who was an executive producer, on `The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.' Many young entrepreneurs learned so much from the show and enjoyed it.

The Donald: Trump fired back on CNBC's "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch," saying repeatedly that he is upset because he was "her number one advocate...and what does she do? She blames me for her show's failure."

"Of course the letter was mean spirited, but I think what she did was mean spirited."


Before (last month) After (this month)...um, looks the same!

Two of the gossip columnists I wrote about – Grove who I called “Screech” and “Rainman” and Victoria Newton who I called “Elvira” have both put up new pics this month. You know, for gossip columnists who degrade, insult and horribly disparage people all the time for not meeting your pathetic ideals, you both sure take it personal when it’s done to you.

Granted, their new pics look a little less spooky, however on the inside, you both have hearts the devil would be proud of.

While Newton’s pic has been thoroughly air-brushed, ala her partner in crime, literally, Madonna, who won a popular web column’s “Airbrushing Award” made up in her honor, Grove took the manly approach. What’s with the prominent, scene stealing Mount Rushmore zit on your face. Take some of the money that the Daily News pays you to libel and defame people and buy some zit remover. Or was that a beauty mark –cough- a mole.

Lloyd Lurking Around My Space

Lloyd Grove reported on the underage activity of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s kids on the popular young person’s web site myspace.com

Lloyd, what are you doing lurking around Myspace.

Someone Clobbered Madonna's Book Illustrator

I read an excerpt on another site that linked a story where Grove reported on Madonna’s illustrator of her Copyright, Right To Privacy and Right to Publicity infringing book, The English Roses. It seems said illustrator got the doo-doo kicked out of him. For the record, I was in Miami at the time of the beating. I had nothing to do with it:

"Three thugs brutally beat and kicked Madonna's children's book illustrator Jeffrey Fulvimari after he left the Chelsea nightspot Crobar early Sunday morning.

"I don't even remember anyone attacking me," the 43-year-old Fulvimari, the artist for Madonna's "The English Roses," told Lowdown yesterday from St. Vincent's Hospital, where he was being treated for skull fractures. "All of the sudden I was down, then people were asking me questions and I was being pqt in an ambulance."

"I think these guys thought we were cutting them in line," said Paredes, who suffered a dislocated shoulder. "I went to get in the car, and when I turned around I saw three big guys beating Jeffrey up really bad. I went and said, 'Stop! Stop!' and they just took me over right away and they beat me up. It happened so fast."

The cops are looking for the unidentified miscreants, and Fulvimari needs reconstructive surgery on his left eye socket. "I'm lucky I don't have brain damage or hearing damage," he said from his hospital bed.

Follow up - Madonna was "shocked" and "devastated" yesterday by Lowdown's exclusive about the vicious ­attack on her children's book illustrator Jeffrey Fulvimari — which left the artist in the hospital with multiple skull fractures, including a broken eye socket.

"She was very devastated at the news," Madge's spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, told me yesterday after speaking with the 47-year-old pop diva. "It was shocking news. She's very fond of Jeffrey … and she will be reaching out to be him."

Oh, you know what that means. She’ll tie a Kabbalah red string around his eye socket before surgery, much to the doctor’s annoyance.


The ever incorrect Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com, was wrong again. You make it so easy Roger. You really do.

On February 9 , 2006, he insisted in his column, "The fact that Mariah’s voice and fashion were as good as you can get. Believe me, she sold more copies of her “Mimi” album last night to put it back in next week’s top 5."

One week later, the album didn't make the top 5 as he predicted (nothing against Mariah - this is about Roger). A dismayed Roger wrote, on February 14, 2006:

"No Grammy Bounce for CD Sales - With all those incredible performances at last Wednesday’s Grammy Awards, you’d think there would have been a subsequent sales bonanza in record stores ...But the way things looked yesterday on the hitsdailydouble Web site, fans did not run to pick up CDs by the artists who appeared on the show. Personally, I thought when Mariah Carey did her “Fly Like a Bird” number, a million CDs would be sold. It looks like the real total will about a tenth of that."

On February 14, 2006 Roger asserted in his column without knowing how to read the Hits Daily Double Charts early estimates, "If “hits” is correct, the big winner from last week is still … Barry Manilow.

On February 15, 2006, he wrote in his column, "The No. 1 album of the week is Jack Johnson’s soundtrack to the 'Curious George' movie. Go figure."

Note to Roger - Don't post the Hits Chart as final until the little graphic at the top of the page says "final." And even then, Billboard's numbers aren't always the same based on what they get from Soundscan, which was manipulated by Jay Z on one occasion the public knows of, therefore it is corruptible. 

Another incident featuring Roger taking his foot out of his mouth:

On February 09, 2006 he wrote, "Jacko Kicked Out, Cut Off by Arab Prince - And now I have really bad news for them: Jackson has been cut off and kicked out by Prince Abdullah, son of the King of Bahrain." He wrote like it was all over for Jackson, his catalog, his home and his ties in the Middle East.

Two weeks later, he’s flip flopping again:

On February 21, 2006 he reported "Sony Music was trying to finalize a deal with Citigroup to buy Jackson’s $270 million in loans from Fortress Investments. Several financial insiders point out now how ironic that would be, since one of Citigroup’s largest investors is none other than Prince Walid bin Talal of Saudi Arabia. In 2002, the prince bought $500 million of Citigroup stock. He may be Citigroup’s largest investor by now."

Another statement by Roger that didn't carry much brain power:

Interestingly, Jackson’s signature appears on the form changing attorneys, dated Feb. 21, 2003, which is odd since he’s been abroad since a one-day appearance in the U.S. on Nov. 23, 2005. Otherwise, Mesereau would only have seen Jackson in person at his own deposition in London last September at the Dorchester Hotel.

Ever heard of FedEx. Lawyers commonly overnight documents to clients, they sign it and put it back in the little pouch that the FedEx man takes back. 

She shoots and she scores, slam dunk on the gossip columnist. Well, I’m satisfied.

MUSIC The Grammys

Some newspaper quotes about the show:

"Gorillaz and Madonna, 'Feel Good Inc.' and 'Hung Up': Gorillaz played as cartoons; muscle-bound Madonna looked more and more like a caricature. - Detroit Free Press

"Madonna vs. Mariah Carey Oh, to be a fly on the wall backstage at tonight's Grammys: Sources say that Mariah Carey ''really wanted to open the show with her choir-backed rendition of We Belong Together,'' reports TV Guide Online, but Madonna waylaid those wishes by giving producers an ultimatum: I open, or I don't show up.

"Thus, Madge (performing with the animated group Gorillaz) landed the plum placing, supposedly infuriating Carey -- and adding further fuel to the divas' long-running feud" – Miami Herald

"American Idol Crushes Grammys in Ratings" – Star Tribune

“TV viewers miss Grammys for Idol” – BBC

"US viewers watch 'Idol', not Grammys" - iAfrica.com

"American Idol crushes Grammys in ratings" - Centre Daily Times, PA

"Grammies fail to rate" - Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Um, maybe it wasn't a good idea putting it up against the highest rated show on television.

MUSIC Madonna Lawsuit

Appeals papers - well, as I stated in the last Column, I filed the Appeals paper regarding the lawsuit. The appeals court in Washington sent me the standard book/CD ROM in the mail to study regarding the appeals process and now I'm waiting on the next step.

In the mean time, things continue to happen, which accounts for my general bluntness in this Column each month regarding the Defendants in the case.

Home Break-ins- Ever since this Madonna rubbish started, my home has been broken into 3 times that we know of. I've lived all these years without anyone breaking into a home I live in, but since this Madonna garbage, we've experienced 3 break-ins in a relatively short space of time, and in what is usually one of the safest neighborhoods in Miami. 

Many people who have publicly complained of harassment at the hands of Madonna's lawyer's private investigator and the Kabbalah cult, who are ironically represented by Madonna's lawyer, Bertram "Bert" Fields, have complained of the same things - property break-ins and people coming up to them in public who clearly know about them and the personal details of their lives harassing them.

All of this misconduct is not only illegal under U.S. law, it constitutes U.N. human rights violations - that and the wiretapping.

The electricity in my house was tampered with - The electricity in my house has been tampered with, as verified by two electricians. Two separate professionals that took a look at it, the second one fixing it, stated it was done as a form of harassment. It was done in such a way as to send a message and let us know someone had illegally been in our home.

We realized something was wrong, but at first we didn't pay much attention to it, as we thought it was a minor problem. It wasn't until I spoke to one of my friends on the phone, who is a licensed electrician, and casually mentioned to him what happened, that he told me that it was tampering.

He told me that it was impossible that what I described to him over the phone happened on its own. He said someone went in our home and did this. What he said was then confirmed by FEMA as well. Then a third person (electrician) confirmed it as well and fixed the problem. More on that in a later Column.

The Hovering Stretch Limo - A stretch limo was hovering outside my house about a week ago. It drove around the block and came back in front of my house hovering again for several minutes (there's a back and a front road to my street). My neighbor called my mom because she thought it was for me. However, I've never hired a limo in my life.

SUV on street - My neighbors noticed an unmarked SUV sitting on the city grass portion of our street every day at the tip of my block, since the beginning of the year (yea, we’re nosy like that). The people around here know who's who and didn't know who the man was in the constantly present SUV, which caused suspicion.

One neighbor grew concerned and called the Police. The Police came out right away (the cops around here really are prompt) and they approached the SUV indicating for the man to step outside the vehicle.

The man inside the unmarked SUV stepped out and flashed a badge at them and the cops stood down. My neighbors were perplexed and wondered why the SUV was still there. They asked the cops what happened and why was the vehicle still parked there. The Police then told one of my neighbors, "We are not at liberty to say."

The next day one of my neighbors told me about what happened, as I hadn't witnessed the incident. The next morning when I was leaving out, I took a look, and sure enough, there was the unmarked SUV everyone was talking about. So basically, with all this stuff happening, the people around here are wondering what's going on, as this is usually a quiet block.

Judge Marcia Cooke

An alleged terrorist has been shown more legal courtesy and dignity than me by Judge Marcia Cooke, who I wrote about in the last Sound Off Column (the judge presiding over the Copyright Infringement and Human Rights violation lawsuit I filed that's on appeal). Unbelievable.

Judge Marcia Cooke throws out a case, with the center defendant being from her alma mater, citing a legally deficient premise, and not reading the 300 plus pages of evidence, including banking evidence showing identity theft that occurred originating with the Defendants via hacking, and is calling the government "inflexible" in the Padilla case. 

You do realize that throwing out a case without reading the evidence, based on your presumption that pop stars don’t break the law, is a violation of the Judicial Cannons and grounds for impeachment.

I have the documents stating when she got the case (that's now on appeal), and when she dismissed it, and it is not the human norm for a person, let alone a judge with other cases, to read over 500 pages of documents and review several compact discs of additional comparative data evidence showing guilt, in less than two working days, while managing other cases like Padilla, and several others. A dead giveaway that she didn't read it.

I'm sure that's what the forefathers of this country envisioned when they structured the nation - hasty, rude, smug federally appointed judges that don't look at evidence and throw out serious human rights cases without reading the evidence, in favor of rulings that state on paper that pop stars don't break the law (especially ones that come from said judge's alma mater).

It was written she said the Defendant, alleged terrorist Jose Padilla, "had always been respectful" therefore he should have all his rights. Oh I get it, when the media is present in a Court room, that's when people are all of a sudden entitled to their rights with her presiding as judge. From the Miami Herald:

''No one is to be handcuffed in court. I don't want to run a prison"

"At some point, people have to be able to write, take notes" - Marcia Cooke

I’ve been writing a book and a film, a word for word account, on everything that's been happening in this lawsuit and all the other things that happened in relation to it as it happens. And to the Defendants, don’t think you will be able to block the film’s release as certain people in Hollywood love to do when it contains content they dislike (this has been publicly written about other films). There are ways of getting films out, worldwide, without going through the likes of you or the people you bully into doing what you want, while violating people’s civil and human rights.

Stone Slams Madonna

Director Oliver Stone

“Stone Slams Madonna's Evita Performance -Controversial film-maker OLIVER STONE has dismissed MADONNA's performance in 1996 musical EVITA as inadequate, because she could only play the historical figure like a "hooker"...The thing about Eva Peron was that she was a hooker and a saint. Madonna could do the hooker but not the saint." – Contact Music

You know what this means. She’s gonna call him up and try to get him to retract what he publicly said, and replace it with something nice about her -cough- fragile, lunatic ego, to the press, for her publicists to fax in their weekly round of PR stories, to send to publications who don’t care about real news, opting to write articles on the idiocies of daily celebrity life. You know, anything to keep her name in the papers, when the public has grown tired of her, evidenced by postings all over the internet.

It’s amazing, the Paris Hilton libel case regarding a fabricated, defaming item that was deliberately placed in the the New York Post (Page Six), and a recently placed Madonna/Liz Rosenberg item in said paper (Page Six again) reveal the Post will print anything a celebrity and or their publicist tells them to - even if it is an item derived from illegally obtained material.

“Madonna's Faux Pas”

"Madonna's faux pas- New York: Pop superstar Madonna has annoyed some Britons by saying they are "kind of allergic to the idea of god. Newsweek.com reports that others are taking the comment as further evidence that her marriage to Guy Ritchie is in trouble. Madonna denied rumours that she forced her husband to accept Kabbalah and said: "Ritchie studies Kabbalah, but probably not as enthusiastically as I do. He does it in his own way. He is into more of the intellectual side of it than I am. I would say he believes in god. Maybe he always did, but Brits are kind of allergic to the idea of god."

"A close Kabbalah watcher said: "Madonna is to the Kabbalah Centre what Tom Cruise is to Scientology, its number one booster and cash contributor." He added, "The scenario goes something like this: if a current or would-be significant other does not demonstrate an interest in the group and its teachings, committed students have been warned that this may mean that they are not 'spiritually right' or a 'good match' for them." - Contact Music

“Allergic to the idea of god” is either ignorance or wishful thinking on her part. Maybe in the small celebrity set she moves with, as celebrities think they are god, but census facts show there are many Christians in Britain. Here are the numbers for the United Kingdom:

With a population of 58,091,000 the breakdown is as follows:

Anglican - 27 million
Roman - Catholic 9 million
Muslim - 1 million
Presbyterian - 800,000
Methodist - 760,000
Sikh - 400,000
Hindu - 350,000
Jewish - 300,000

Therefore, in the United Kingdom that’s 27 million Anglicans + 9 Million Roman Catholics + 800,000 Presbyterians + 760,000 Methodists which = 37,560,000 million Christians.

That means Christians comprise 65% of the United Kingdom’s population.

Therefore, next time crack open a book before you crack open your big mouth. Then you won’t have to take your foot out of it so often.

For the likes of culturally ignorant Madonna, that’s where that “God Save The Queen” thing comes from.

God Save the Queen and God bless the United Kingdom.

"Act your age, Madge"

From the London Times: “Act your age, Madge - Madonna, who is 47, is clearly troubled by similar concerns, which is presumably why her latest pop promo, shot last month, finds her spinning on her head wearing large underpants.

My son, for example, is 13, and finds her bewildering. I was watching him watching her contortions on MTV recently and asked what he thought. “She’s old, isn’t she,” was the unflattering reply.”

And in a related story...

Can you say, hernia?

“ Has Madonna gyrated her way to a hernia?” - Daily Mail

“Madonna gyrates to a hernia. With all those limb-twisting gyrations - and at the age of 47 - some might say it was an injury waiting to happen…when she was discharged a few hours later, she was 'pale and had no appetite'. British hernia specialists say patients should feel fine within hours of the operation…she went to the Kaballah Centre in Los Angeles…She didn't eat anything and did not lead the prayers after dinner, as she usually does when she comes…she was unusually quiet.' - this is London

“LOS ANGELES - Madonna may have gyrated like a 20-year-old at the Grammy Awards, but her body felt the brunt of it later. Following last week's high-octane performance, Madonna had hernia surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.” - San Jose Mercury News

Could there be something else wrong. Considering her appearance of late, it would be natural to think that.

Well, one thing’s for sure, between the horse throwing her, rumors of her husband cheating on her, a supermodel that makes Madonna look like puppy chow hitting on him publicly in papers, the lackluster under performing album, getting upstaged at the Grammys by Mariah winning 3 awards and delivering a great performance and the hernia, at least the Kabbalah red string to ward off evil and trouble is working, right (not!). Can you say refund.

"MADONNA needs to stop exercising so much and twisting herself into contortions. The 47-year-old mother-of-two went from the Grammys to Cedars Sinai hospital in L.A. last week for hernia surgery, sources say. Afterward, she appeared "pale and had no appetite." At the L.A. Kabbalah Center Friday night, spies said Madge "didn't eat anything...and did not lead the prayer after dinner, as she usually does when she comes. She was unusually quiet." Worse, hubby Guy Ritchie was not at her side. A rep for Madonna said, "I have no information." – NY Post

Public Feedback on the internet:

Madonna embarrassing herself in new video.

1. The pictures simply show someone trying so desperately hard to prove they are not past it that they end up looking ridiculous. She should start showing the dignity of the beautiful women of her age and just accept the onset of old age like we all will have to someday.- Loveday B-S, Oxford

2. Such a shame - she has become very embarrassing. I'm 54 and in good shape and can move very well - but I don't need to prove it anymore.- Luisa, Zurich

3. She does a three minute act when she opens the fridge door and the light comes on. She's going through the 'look at me. I can still move at 47 phase' or a 'mid-life crisis' as we mere mortals call it.- Martyn James Fraser, Liverpool

4. Yes Madonna is great, but I think she is overdoing it. Women should have a little bit of flesh in their body. At her age, she should take things easy as the side effect of persistent exercise could lead to unexpected damage to her wellbeing.- Mary Agbaje, London, UK

5. Let's face it, she is not 30 anymore, if that was my mother I would deny who she was, unluckily for her children they can't do that. Yes she is a great singer but she needs to realise that she's nearly 50 and it is so not a good look for someone of her age to do what she is doing, she's had a great life she should now take it easy, she will always no doubt be queen of pop but enough is enough.- Kaz, Essex

6. I go to yoga class and lots of people in their 40's and 50's are wrapping thier legs behind their neck like Madonna I dont know what all the full is about. I dont think she looks good for her age at all, in fact I have seen some scarey pics of her lately!- Maggie Rhodes, Solihull


Secret: Strong Enough For A Man, Not Madonna. I don’t like seeing Madonna in this light. She has sweaty armpits, yellow teeth and her face is more manly than mine when I don’t shave for a week. Don’t get me wrong, I can admit it if a guy is good looking. However, Madonna is one ugly looking dude. - Hollywood Tuna

"Madonna Rep Says Marriage Is Strained"

Nothing does a marriage good like cultic behavior that ventures into illegal territory:

"It is fair to say their relationship has been under huge strain because of Madonna's excessive workload recently," the unidentified employee told the Mirror. "She has thrown herself 100 percent into promoting her album and has little time left to spend with Guy. He'll get over it." – United Press International

“Madonna and Guy Ritchie sulk at Brits - Madonna and Guy Ritchie looked decidedly unhappy at last night’s Brit awards” - Femaletastic

Marriage Trouble

“Rumors have been running wild that Madonna and Guy are about to about to get divorced but Madonna is trying to cover it up. The latest report is that Madonna was insisting on Guy going with her to the Brit Awards on Wednesday” – Popsugar

Public Feedback:

1. Guy basically had to marry Madonna because she got pregnant… plus, being a director, being married to Madonna could have helped his career. It didn’t. Ie. Swept Away. I don’t have Madonna’s latest album but the two singles Hung Up and Sorry sound a lot like they are about a bad relationship - whose could it be?? carolina February 13, 2006 at 3:08 am

2. She reminds me of stevie nicks back in the day in some of those photos. hilarious. guy is probably sick of her needing to be the queen all the time. i don’t blame him for not wanting to kiss her *** all the time. hum dum February 13, 2006 at 8:45 am

3. Yes, Stevie Nicks comes to mind! I love her!!!! Anyway, I didnt think the marriage would even last this long, so nothing shocks me anymore. Being married to her did absolutely NOTHING for his career, and believe me, every move is calculated when you are a celeb, so that sucks for him. wildflower February 13, 2006 at 10:14 am

Madonna’s Copyright Infringing Ways Rubbed Off On Husband

Madonna's Husband Guy Ritchie had been sued in conjunction with his thieving wife for stealing "Swept Away" at her behest, which fittingly bombed, but was also sued for stealing the film "Snatch." Her bad habits have clearly rubbed off on him:

"Guy Ritchie Accused Of Stealing Plot For Movie - Director Guy Ritchie has been accused of stealing the plot of his hit movie Snatch (2000) from two unknown writers. Pals Cas Pennant and Neil Bowers say Guy, 31, based scenes of unlicensed boxing on their own story. The pair take credit for inspiring the creation of One-Pinch Mikey, the fighter played Brad Pitt in the hit film. The angered writers, from Penge, South East London, say they were offered "peanuts for work as consultants." Both sides are locked in a legal entanglement." - IMDB

More Rip Offs Uncovered

Some more Madonna plagiarism/thefts - that's in addition to the dozens of other artists she's deliberately ripped off listed here.

1. Madonna was publicly accused of ripping off the song "She Comes In Colors" by Da Capo for the riff to her song "Beautiful Stranger."

2. She was also accused of ripping off John Lennon and Yoko Ono's work for use years later in one of her own rubbish projects, "In Bed With Madonna" - "Shortly after their marriage, John Lennon and Yoko Ono gave interviews from their bedroom in an attempt to promote world peace. Madonna ripped off the idea for a movie…" http://www.a-love-supreme.com/archive/archive096.htm

John Lennon and Yoko Ono [pic courtesy of Genesis Publications]

3. Madonna was slammed by rap fans for ripping off, "Public Enemy's 'Security of The 1st World' in her song 'Justify my Love' without paying for it" – Rap Network.

Public Enemy

This is the same song that she stole the lyrics from Prince protégé Ingrid Chavez, erasing Ingrid's name from the writer's credit sheet and replacing it with her own that wound up on the manufactured CDs. Ingrid later initiated litigation against Madonna and reportedly obtained a settlement of a few million dollars. So basically, she stole the beat from Public Enemy and the lyrics from songwriter/singer Ingrid Chavez and took credit for it to the public. How lame.

4. Madonna was publicly accused of ripping off Cat Steven's "The Wind" for her later released song "Impressive Instant" from the album "Music."

Cat Stevens' lyric from "The Wind": "I let my music take me where my heart wants to go"

Madonna rip off lyric from "Impressive Instant": I let the music take me, take me where my heart wants to go"

Of course, she'll say it's different because she added an extra take to the lyric she stole.

5. Madonna ripped off  a TV commercial for her song "Sky Fits Heaven" which is on her "Ray of Light" album. This is the same album she was sued for willfully stealing the song "Frozen" from a unknown Belgian songwriter and for separately ripping off the video for "Ray of Light" from a director, which brought another lawsuit against her. Well, the album contained more rip offs (as do all her albums).

From E- Those with a keen recollection of television advertising will notice the introductory lyrics to the 1998 song "Sky Fits Heaven"--credited on Ray of Light to Madonna and longtime collaborator Patrick Leonard--are similar to what poet Max Blagg recited for a 1993 Gap clothing commercial. Here, look for yourself:

Madonna's song:
"Sky fits heaven, so fly it/
That's what the prophet said to me/
Child fits mother, so hold your baby tight/

Max Blagg's poem:
Sky fits heaven, so ride it/
Child fits mother, so hold your baby tight/

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News ran a story about the matter Thursday, reportedly getting Madonna's record-label publicist at Warner Bros. to admit the singer paid Blagg in lieu of reprinting the album's liner notes and crediting him.

How pathetic, she ripped off the poetry from a Gap commercial - then paid the poet off to get him to shut up about it. What is that, like the 50th rip off. Every single album she has put out has contained copyright infringing material. She is a fraud. Unequivocally the most unoriginal, uncreative person ever in the industry.

6. It was written in an article that even Madonna's book Sex was a rip off of an old French book by a well know French photographer.

Coincidentally, she did an interview with an Hungarian paper, and due to the translation, the name of the book was fittingly called "Slut." Here's an excerpt from Blikk (publication):

BLIKK: OK, here's a question from left space. What was your book "Slut" about?
MADONNA: It was called "Sex", my book.
BLIKK: Not in Hungary. Here it was called "Slut."

7. From E - "Madonna ripped off the idea [of charging her coworkers for swearing] from Loretta Young's TV show way back in the '50s. Supposedly, Robert Mitchum was a guest star one week and got tired of putting in a quarter each time he swore, so he reportedly said: "Here's 20 bucks, Loretta, now *** off!"

There is nothing original about this woman. She watches other people’s works, makes minor alterations, and lies to the public that it is hers.

Madonna Maybe Sued For Trademark Infringement In Stealing Semtex® Name

Never one to come up with anything original, Madonna boasted this week that she registered a name called "Semtex Girls."

Never mind it is already the trademark name for a dangerous plastic explosive used by terrorists - and considering she was bragging about being worst than a terrorist - coupled with the fact she is a member of a sick cult, is there something people need to know. Cult members + terrorism + Semtex = trouble.

"Prague - The Czech manufacturer of the plastic explosive Semtex may sue pop star Madonna for trademark infringement, a company spokesman told the CTK news agency Tuesday.

According to British news reports, the US singer recently started a London-based company called Semtex Girls Ltd.

But Semtex is the trademark name owned by Explosia, a maker of industrial and demolition explosives.

Company spokesman Ladislav Lehky said Madonna does not have permission to use the name, which he said is worth 130 million koruna (5.4 million dollars). He said Explosia would 'take the relevant steps because the trademark is protected.'

In an interview with ABC-TV last autumn, Madonna said she has three assistants whom she calls 'Semtex Girls.' But the purpose of her new company reportedly remains a mystery.

Semtex is an infamous terrorist weapon. It was used by the Irish Republican Army and in the bombing of a Pan Am passenger jet over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988.

The Czech beverage maker sells a power drink named Semtex with Explosia's permission. - Monsters and Critics.

It should be noted that 1.) she was sued in Miami for trademark infringement before by a comapny 2.) she is a lunatic 3.) cult members and Semtex are not a good mix.

Can’t Sell Out Arenas

Her last tour failed to sell out arenas. This one won’t be any better:

"Pop superstar MADONNA will swap the flamboyant shows she is famed for in favour of more intimate club venues. The iconic singer hopes the downsized gigs will allow her more interaction with fans, as well as compliment the feel of her latest hits. Creative director JAMIE KING says, "A typical Madonna show is quite produced. She likes things large, she likes things theatrical."

"But this time, being that (Confessions on a Dance Floor) is an intimate album, we want to try to make people have an intimate experience as well as a big produced theatrical experience. "So look for us doing some small venues, some smaller venues…She adds…"

Public Feedback (From Oh No They Didn’t):

1. She's doing it because smaller venues will sell out, but the stadiums will be nearly empty. Good way to twist it, though. - blue_skyyy 2006-02-24 12:55 am

2. probably because the album flopped in the USA :( - bemylast 2006-02-24 12:58 am

3. what is intimate about Confessions...? andrewt_y_l_e_r 2006-02-24 12:25 am

4. lol seriously - bemylast 2006-02-24 12:58 am

5. Read: because my obvious desperation to appear 20 when I'm almost 50 act won't fill concert halls and won't earn money. - guinastasia 2006-02-24 12:34 am

6. Madonna....eh. - anxiouslobster 2006-02-24 12:12 am

7. Go away 'Madge'. - tinysplinter 2006-02-24 12:33 am

8. She makes me want to barf. That's right, barf. – rigby__eleanor 2006-02-24 12:33 am

9. Her current hair throwback is really ******* with my head. She looks like absolute **** with that hair. - pangea_******* 2006-02-24 12:14 am

10.  hope she didnt pay for that hair do - liquid_******* 2006-02-24 12:17 am

11. WT* is wrong with her hair? - freetheelves2 2006-02-24 12:11 am

12. Her hair reminds me of my cat's hair. - anxiouslobster 2006-02-24 12:13 am

13. She's trying to fake the Farrah Faucett in her Charles Angels look, without actually cutting her hair in layers. So it looks like ****. - guinastasia 2006-02-24 12:36 am

14. she scares me - vendettav 2006-02-24 12:55 am

Don't lie about lip-synching: UK musicians union

Those who can't sing, mime live (what an oxymoron). Madonna has contributed, albeit in an embarrassing way, to a potential change in the way the industry does business in Britain:

Britain's Musicians Union is appealing to singers and promoters to come clean about whether they are lip-synching when they perform. The union has recommended a lip-synching logo be flashed up on the screen when performers are singing on television and also for tickets and concert posters to reveal whether the show is performed live or not.

The union launched its campaign Feb. 2 on BBC TV's The Culture Show, whose audience voted 71 per cent in favour of the union's stance.

The issue came to a head in 2004 when Elton John made disparaging remarks about Madonna's shows, saying she cheated her fans by miming her songs. John made the comment while collecting a songwriting award: "Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay 75 pounds to see them should be shot." – CBC February 3, 2006

Madonna Nicknamed "The Corpse" By Music Fans

Younger music audiences wouldn't call her these names if she acted in a manner befitting her age. From Pop Dirt:

1. Watch a trailer of The Corpse on 'Pimp My Cadaver'. The team will transform an old hag into an embalming work of art for her latest video for her highly flopping single 'Sorry' at Corpse-TV.com. (User Info | Send a Message)

2. Grandma's on the edge !! on Wednesday, February 08 @ 12:12:27 CST (User Info | Send a Message)

3. The Corpse Is A Coward by divinah on Wednesday, February 08 @ 12:36:24 CST (User Info | Send a Message)

4. The Corpse will be whisked away from the Staples Centre tonight after her opening performance at the Grammys to another venue where she will be interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres in front of a limited audience at 5:15pm. Ellen herself will then be escorted to the Grammys in time to introduce Paul McCartney onstage at 6:00pm. . . . Good excuse too avoid the humiliation of seeing and dealing with the triumph of Queen Mariah!

If she's too hip to lounge around, why even bother going??? Oh, we know why :) by MusicToday***** on Wednesday, February 08 @ 14:11:00 CST
(User Info | Send a Message)

5. Yes, because Madonna want's to perform and leave before Mariah wins everything! by MusicToday***** on Wednesday, February 08 @ 14:28:10 CST (User Info | Send a Message)

6. This coming from someone that calls her own country "third world".... by estephania on Wednesday, February 08 @ 16:28:32 CST (User Info | Send a Message)

7. Boy, first hanging from disco balls in purple plastic outfits and now an old hag pushing 50 doing "Pimp My Ride"? Can she make anymore of a fool of herself?? I cannot wait for the corpse to make a fool of herself with the video. Sounds by RPL on Wednesday, February 08 @ 17:15:25 CST (User Info | Send a Message)

8. Oh, I just saw the video and it's amazing! First Madonna rolls out of a club in her electric wheel chair. Then, she rolls in her wheel chair to her van (the one Pimp My Ride made for her) and is lifted into it with the lift they put on it. And then she arrives at a roller skating rink and the corpse spins her wheel chair around in circles and even bounces her wheel chair up and down! haha...can't wait to see how the corpse puts on a freak show by aurora_borealis on Wednesday, February 08 @ 18:14:38 CST (User Info | Send a Message)

9. another pathetic attempt at being young. too bad the corpse will never realize she can never be back to her glory day, just flops and horrendous videos now. es, and once again, her pathetic attempt will be futile, so sorry for the hag by aurora_borealis on Wednesday, February 08 @ 18:12:43 CST. (User Info | Send a Message)

10. I hope the corpse Hagdonna doesn't start off the show with a leotard with her ***checks hanging out, pale as a corpse, saggy from being used, singing Eurotrash that is copied from the likes of Kylie Minogue. They don't need everyone vomiting in their rows at the start of the most important night in music (which corpse fans say it doesn't matter), the Grammy's. on Wednesday, February 08 @ 17:12:41 CST (User Info | Send a Message)

MUSIC Edgar Bronfman jr

Edgar Bronfman jr. CEO of Warner "we steal" Music.

Edgar Bronfman jr - The profit eliminator. The employee firer. The budget killer. The music stealer.

The Business Online web site referred to him as “Hollywood mogul wannabe Edgar Bronfman Jr.” An article on the Washington Post's Slate web site titled "Overrated father, misunderstood son" wrote of his tenure at Seagram's and Universal as as:

"Edgar Bronfman Jr. (Youthful Folly), meanwhile, has been busy running Seagram--the Bronfman-managed liquor conglomerate--into the ground. Three years ago, he liquidated Seagram's $9 billion stake in DuPont to buy the entertainment giant MCA (now Universal). April has been a horrific month for Universal. Three of its top executives were sacked last week. It has released flop after flop. DuPont stock, on the other hand, has more than doubled in value since Edgar Jr. sold Seagram's DuPont interest: This has cost Seagram's shareholders more than $9 billion.)"

Fast forward a few years to his current tenure at Warner Music and it's the same thing once again - people getting fired by the truckload, shady business deals and flop after flop after flop. A few current news clippings:

1. "REIF COHEN GIVES WMG GRIEF: Warner Music took some hits yesterday from Wall Street analysts after posting Q1 results that were spun every which way in the media…"

"The assessment of Jessica Reif Cohen was more damning still. The Merrill Lynch media guru reiterated her “sell” rating, assessing the valuation as “stretched.” “Given significant uncertainties regarding future growth,” Reif Cohen wrote, “the possibility WMG is experiencing peak margins and potential underinvestment in new artists, the stock should trade at a significant discount to diversified media, in our view.” (2/15a) – Hits Daily Double

2. "ELIOT ON EDGAR'S BACK: WMG also revealed this morning that it received another subpoena from NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer as part of his ongoing probe into download pricing." (2/14a) – Hits Daily

3. "Warner Music hits a flat note - Shares in the group fell 1.8 per cent in New York to $US20.43, after news that underlying revenues were flat in the three months to December 31, and fell 4 per cent to $US1.04 billion ($1.4 billion) after the impact of currency translation." – The Australian News

4. "Warner music quarterly revenues miss - "If you're bullish on WarnerMusic you'll be pleased about the profits and digital sales. But the bears are winning out after the company missed analyst revenue expectations," said Banc of America analyst Eric Handler. Warner Music's shares were down 41 cents, or 2 per cent, at $US20.39 in afternoon trade on the New York Stock Exchange." - Stuff

5. "Warner Music Group Corp.'s earnings surged in its first fiscal quarter, beating Wall Street's expectations despite a 4 percent drop in revenue at the record company whose artists include Green Day and Madonna." - AP

"This report demonstrates that we are transforming our vision into results," Chief Executive Edgar Bronfman Jr. said in a statement. "Our intense focus on and investment in the digital music business yielded dramatic growth in digital revenue, which was a major contributor." - Edgar Bronfman jr's spin on the bad press

Um, but you missed the mark.

"We've expanded our digital leadership position," Bronfman said during a conference call with Wall Street analysts." - Edgar Bronfman jr's spin on the bad press

Um, don’t you mean you’ve stolen your "digital leadership position"…

"Bronfman credited a marketing campaign that involved releasing a ringtone - a slice of a song played on a mobile phone - with driving digital sales of Madonna's latest album, "Confessions on a Dance Floor." "Three quarters of Madonna's iTunes (Music Store) track sales were sold in album form," Bronfman said." - AP

Yea, intellectual property you criminally stole in violation of U.S. and U.N. laws. You’re no different from the mafia or a criminal who goes around breaking into people’s homes and stealing their belongings. You are utterly contemptible.

MUSIC Bronfman’s Cousin's Cult Gets High

"The church, O Centro Espirita Beneficiente Uniao Do Vegetal, argued that its members believe the ritualistic use of hoasca brings them closer to God. The church's U.S. branch is led by Jeffrey Bronfman, a second cousin of Warner Music Group Chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr." – Deseret News

Uh, "Hoasca" is a hallucinogen. God calls for sobriety.

FILM Bruckheimer Slammed For “Racism” In Film Glory Road

Jerry Bruckheimer - The Pirate of the Caribbean (pun intended)

“Racism in hoops movie upsets Texas A&M” - The Chicago Sun Times

The headline “Texas A&M wants apology for 'Glory Road'” ran in over a dozen newspapers. Here are some excerpts from the accompanying article:

"Officials at Texas A&M University-Commerce want Walt Disney Co. and the makers of "Glory Road" to apologize for inaccurately linking their school to some of the film's most racially charged scenes.

It includes a "completely false" depiction of a game against East Texas State University, the name of Texas A&M-Commerce at the time, spokeswoman Lorraine Pace said Friday.

In the movie, East Texas fans are shown throwing drinks and popcorn and yelling racial slurs at Texas Western, now known as the University of Texas at El Paso, during a regular season game in Commerce, Texas. A scene after the game shows a vandalized hotel room, with racial slurs written on the walls in red.

It never happened, Pace said.

According to UTEP athletic department archives, the Miners played the Lions in El Paso on Dec. 9, 1965. The Miners won 73-51. The Miners won the game in the movie, but the margin was much closer.

"These events - specifically depicted as taking place at ETSU and in the Commerce area - are completely fabricated and go beyond the realms of literary license and decency," A&M-Commerce President Keith McFarland said in a statement.

Though the Jerry Bruckheimer film starring Josh Lucas opened last month, university officials waited to verify the facts of the game before seeking an apology, Pace said.

The university has asked Disney, Bruckheimer, director James Gartner and the screenplay writers to apologize.

Officials with Disney and Bruckheimer's film company weren't immediately available for comment.

The Texas A&M-Commerce complaint isn't the first. Before the movie's nationwide release, supporters of former Kentucky coach Adolph Rupp complained that the movie unfairly cast Rupp as a racist." - Lexington Herald Leader, Feb. 15, 2006

So when you're not busy not ripping off and degrading black people whose privacy you invade for profit, you're defaming schools.

FILM Universal Pictures CEO Abandons Ship

Ron Meyer (left), Stacey Snider (Right)

News about another Defendant in my lawsuit to poke fun at. The CEO of Universal Pictures, Stacey Snider, jumped ship. According to the New York Times:

"Mr. Grey closed the deal with Ms. Snider on Sunday, pending approval by Viacom's compensation committee. Universal executives last week told Ms. Snider, who had been negotiating with Paramount, that she must decide by Monday whether she planned to stay with their company or not.

In recent interviews, Ms. Snider had said she was pondering a career change because of her desire for a slower pace and a role that would bring her back closer to the process of movie-making. Since General Electric bought Universal in 2004, Ms. Snider had been subject to closer supervision and tighter financial controls than had been the case under the previous owner, Vivendi, the French conglomerate."

So to compensate for less money, you all turned to criminal copyright infringement in ripping off my copyrighted work. The article goes on to say:

"Universal has at least 15 movies to be released this year, not including its specialty division, Focus Features. Among its major coming movies are "Miami Vice," a big-budget remake of the television show, which has experienced numerous troubles during production."

FILM In The Time Of Butterflies (posted from this month's film review)


I recently saw the film “In The Time of the Butterflies” starring Selma Hayek, James Almos and Marc Anthony, which followed the lives of the Mirabal Sisters in a dictator oppressed Dominican Republic. This film is horribly heartbreaking, as you know it was based on real events that real people actually lived through.

Former dictator Rafael Trujillo

Murderous Dictator Trujillo

The plot of the film is about real life dictator Rafael Trujillo – a conceited, self-worshiping, bloody tyrant that ruled the Dominican Republic with an iron fist from 1930-1961.

Based on public accounts and historical records, he committed many human rights violations and atrocities, allegedly in the advancement and name of his country.

It’s amazing what some will claim they are doing in the name of nationalism.

In his attempt to whiten the Dominican Republic, he slaughtered 30,000 black Haitians who crossed the border from neighboring Haiti in search of work. He was a modern day Hitler.

Anyone with that blatant a disregard for human life is unconscionable and evil.

While he did revamp parts of the Dominican Republic, it does not excuse the fact that many innocent Dominicans and Haitians suffered severely and were murdered under his rule - the Haitians for being black and native Dominicans who spoke out against his oppressive, cruel regime. The Mirabal Sisters (Minerva, Patricia and Maria) were among his victims.

They were nicknamed Las Mariposas, English translation, The Butterflies, partly because they fought against an unhinged dictator’s rule.

By all accounts, the Mirabals were a normal Dominican family who wanted to live their lives in a civil, non-oppressed manner. That’s not an unreasonable request. However, during Trujillo’s reign, it inexplicably was.

During their lives they were unjustly incarcerated and tortured several times by Trujillo's government for daring to have an opinion other than his own and speaking out against his oppressive, murderous rulership.

"They (The Mirabal Sisters) posed a great threat to his regime, as they had become well-known and admired all over the island. No matter how many times Trujillo jailed them, no matter how much of their property and possessions he seized, Minerva, Patria and Maria Teresa refused to give up on their mission to restore democracy and civil liberties to the island nation." - Mirabal Sisters Web Site

Mirabal Sister Minerva Sexually Harassed

Minerva Mirabal, who by her picture posted above you can tell was beautiful, was sexually harassed by Trujillo, who made very inappropriate advances towards her at a State dinner in the presence of many. The mark of the truly arrogant - they don’t care who is watching their misconduct.

Some say, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” - one, based on Bible descriptions there isn’t anything as furious as hell, and two, some men do not take to rejection well either. Trujillo was one of them and he resented Minerva for not responding to his advances.

That’s just what any young woman needs – a murderous dictator slobbering all over her and pawing her with his hands that have more hypothetical blood on them than a morgue. That was sarcasm.

Her father was unjustly incarcerated without reason and tortured because she refused the advances of the dictator. His heart gave out shortly after as a result of the torture and he died.

The movie was well written and well filmed in a manner that it is easy to follow and feel compassion for the lead characters that were made to suffer serious injustices.

The Murder of the Mirabel Sisters

Spoiler Alert: The end of the film is absolutely heartbreaking – but it needed to be included. The Trujillo sisters were brutally beaten and strangled to death by Trujillo’s rogue officers in a sugarcane field. Though the gore isn't shown, and appropriately so, it is positively one of the saddest, most disturbing movie endings I have ever watched.

The mere fact that you know it happened to real people, who actually lived and died under such terrible conditions, is enough to break your heart.

However, people need to see firsthand what happens when elected officials ignore human rights and devalue life based on their prejudices and convoluted philosophical ideas.

The Mirabal Sisters left behind small children and grieving families. Dictators not only adversely effect the lives of their targets, but their families as well. No one should be able to touch that many lives in a negative manner, but it is what can happen when not enough people speak up, out of fear.

The kind of aggravated abuse and torture these peaceful women faced for trying to better their own country was horrific. They were treated like garbage and deprived of basic human rights and freedom.

November 25, the day of their death in 1960 (which wasn’t so long ago), is recognized in many Latin American countries and designated by the United Nations as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Trujillo was executed 6 months later – shot to death by his own men. Reports stated he got a dose of his own medicine from a disgusted "C.I.A." who allegedly "provided his men with weapons" to assassinate him due to his abhorrent actions (hey, I didn't make it up - it's on Encarta MSN and Wikipedia).

Sounds like he got pimp slapped by the C.I.A. (just kidding).


The Hilters, Husseins, Bin Ladens, Milosevics and Trujillos of the world need to be excruciatingly recorded in world history in all their tyrannous glory, for the barbaric atrocities they committed, for all to see and serve as a warning to future generations of what happens when human compassion dies and is replaced with dictatorship and tyranny.

That statement was not to say anything against the people of Germany (Hitler), Iraq (Saddam Hussein), Saudi Arabia (Bin Laden), Serbia, Yugoslavia and Montenegro (Milosevic) and the Dominican Republic (Trujillo). It is an appeal to the world in general to protect each man’s human rights as citizens from tyrannous leadership and murderous misconduct.

No matter what country you live in this world we all share, we must be careful of whom we elect as leaders, hold them to strict and swift accountability and vigilantly guard our human rights. To not do so, as history has shown, can lead to the deaths of many innocent people. And we’re not guessing here. For further reference, see dictators listed above, the horrible things they did to maintain their dictatorships and how they forced their wicked philosophies on their respective, unsuspecting nations.

No country deserves that, as we are all human, and have basic rights that should not be violated by anyone.

It’s not so hard for an overly ambitious, egotistical, self-regarding politician to lose their grip and become the next Hitler. Hussein, Bin Laden, Milosevic and Trujillo did. So-called power does things to some people - those that should never be given the charge of ruling over a people.

There’s an old Jamaican phrase that goes, “See me, come live with me,” meaning you may see a person on the street or know them as an acquaintance, but when you live with them, then you see who they really are – which isn’t always good. Trujillo appeared as a leader to the world, many of whom didn't really know the real him, but to those in his homeland more familiar with his misdeeds, he was a tyrant.

This story also brings to mind another phrase used in Jamaica, "When you dig a grave for someone, dig two" – meaning, when you try to set up or try to harm or kill someone, God will bring it back around to you and you will suffer the same fate you unjustly forced on another. Meaning the second grave will be for you when you get caught in your own web.

This proved true in the Bible as well. Haman plotted against the Jews, even building gallows for them to be hung upon, but in the end, he was the one that ended up hanging on the gallows.  

History Corrects Itself

It’s amazing that the Mirabal Sisters were basically unknown women who fought for the betterment of their homeland, while Trujillo had achieved fame as the Prime Minister of the Dominican Republic, to an unsuspecting world that didn’t know what he was truly like – until he sought to eliminate an outspoken trio of innocent sisters via murder, which months later lead to his own assassination and disgrace.

Today, the Mirabal Sisters are thought of in high esteem with their home having been turned into a museum and a day designated in their honor and remembrance, while history has recorded the once revered Trujillo in picture perfect accuracy - ignominiously as a monster, classed with the worst of mankind.

Proof that it is not how you start – but how you finish...and as the Bible shows we are to, “Finish well” ("I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith" - 2 Timothy 4:7).

TV Eisner’s No Miser When It Comes To His Set


The set for Eisner's new show sounds like it cost CNBC a lot to obtain the materials for. But the question is, can they buy him the interviewing skills he so clearly lacks, as painfully illustrated in his appearance as guest host of the Charlie Rose Show:

"Gehry Designs Eisner's CNBC Set – And he wanted it designed by Frank Gehry, the world-famous architect known for his wavy, metallic buildings. Gehry designed it for free. "The result was a set of silvery, titanium panels that echo many of Mr. Gehry's most famous buildings, along with a custom-made wooden table and a set of luxurious red leather chairs designed in Italy.” Am I the only one who thinks the photo above looks ugly." - TV Newser

"Memo to Michael Eisner: Please stop now; you're already making me nostalgic for "Topic A With Tina Brown." The celebrity guests on his soon-to-air new CNBC TV show so far include Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn. Neither of those is going to keep anyone from a lead-in of "Mad Money." Is Michael Douglas available? Oh, and TV Newser is hearing even worse things." - Media Bistro

A grown man wearing Mickey ears.

Eisner Being Accused Of Still Interfering With Disney

"Did Eisner Try To Shoot Down Iger's Pixar Deal? - Michael Eisner lobbied members of the board of the Walt Disney Co. as part of an effort to scuttle CEO Robert Iger's $7.4-billion acquisition of Pixar Animation, the New York Post reported today (Tuesday), without citing sources."

"The newspaper's report did not indicate which board members had been contacted by Eisner, or even how many. It said that he attempted to make the case that the deal was too expensive. In reporting on Eisner's alleged activities, the Post commented that "his open lobbying against [the deal] so soon after passing the reins to Iger is a remarkable breach of corporate decorum and served to undermine his own handpicked successor." - IMDB February 14, 2006

SPORTS The Winter Olympics

Is it just me or does it look really cold there. Speaking of that, the Jamaican Bobsled Team may not have won the gold, but they sure got the endorsement deals, the movie and most of the interviews. It pays to lose!

I’m just teasing.

SPORTS Football: The Super Bowl

The Seahawks “was robbed.” That first touchdown for the Steelers should not have counted. That was one of the worst calls ever. It killed the momentum of the game.

The commercials this year weren’t as clever as they usually are either.

But there is a bright side for the city of Miami. The next Super Bowl is slated for here. I always felt Miami is the best place to hold major events. Great weather, abundance of hotels, restaurants, rent-a-cars, scenic views, lots of local attractions and most people know it.

Note to the tourist board: Where’s my check!


Seriously, wouldn't I make a great mayor for Miami. I can be very persuasive. I'd con convince the Olympic Committee to hold the next Winter Olympics here.

Never mind we really never get any snow and we don't have hills or mountains. The ski jumpers would be out of gas. But hey, they'd just have to take one for the team (joking).

SPORTS Basketball: Miami Heat

The Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade [pic courtesy of the NBA]

Dwayne Wade won the Skills Competition at the NBA All Star Game. Congrats to him. He seems so unassuming. I hope things go well for him.

SPORTS Soccer: Arsenal 7-0 Middlesbrough

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I didn’t know the scores went that high (just teasing). Go Arsenal!

Hate to be in the lockerroom after that one (Middlesbrough). You know the coach went ballistic.

Just kidding.

SPORTS Soccer: Pachuca vs. Toluca

And in a more proportionate scoring game, I watched my first La Liga Mexicana match last week on TV between Pachuca and Toluca and it was quite good. I like to watch the Spanish channels in Miami, even though I don’t fully understand all that’s being said. Then again it’s soccer, I know a foul when I see one and I know a goal when I see one. That’s pretty much universal.

SPORTS Tennis: Andy Murray Wins San Jose (the tennis title, not the city)

 Andy Murray  Andy Roddick The Two Andys

Andy Murray is an impressive player. Give him an A for effort and drive in winning his first ATP title, San Jose, this month - beating Andy Roddick and Leyton Hewitt along the way. Scotland must be proud of him.

Speaking of Andy, is it just me or do the two Andys remind you of each other.

SPORTS Tennis: Williams Sisters

Last week, I saw a special on TV about the Williams Sisters and how they were being accused of rigging matches between each other. That just seemed so ludicrous. They are two great athletes. Some days one won, some days the other did. It’s that simple. Besides, they seem too driven to win out there, to do something like that. They don’t seem like the type who would rig or throw matches.

LEGAL FILE Debbie Rowe Regains Parental Rights

Debbie Rowe sued to void her agreement with Michael Jackson that terminated her parental rights. The Appeals Court voided the prior agreement between Jackson and Rowe in ruling, “A court cannot enter a judgment terminating parental rights based solely upon the parties' stipulation that the child's mother or father relinquishes those rights “

Good ruling. I agree. But I must say, both Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson need to sort the situation out. Debbie should not have given up her rights to anyone, not just Michael, and Michael should not dress the kids in veils and other things of that nature.

Kids need to be kids. They need normalcy (no facial masks). They need to be able to play freely. Have normal friendships with other children. Wear normal clothes like other kids.

Jackson and Rowe need to work out an agreement and provide the children with some normalcy. What they are seeing is not the real world - but a simulated, altered, bubble version of it.

LEGAL FILE Anthony Pellicano Indictments

Anthony Pellicano [pic courtesy of the AP/Geroge Wilhem]

On February 16, 2006, Anthony Pellicano, Madonna’s lawyer’s private investigator, was arrested and indicted on wiretapping charges. He faces a 110-count indictment for illegally wiretapping dozens of celebrities, lawyers and legal opponents, many of whom are legal opponents and outspoken enemies of Madonna’s lawyer, Bert Fields and his celebrity clients.

Before I begin, I’d just like to send out a slam to all the sadistic newspapers out there who ran the mean headline “Entertainment Lawyer Indicted in Pellicano Probe” and got my hopes up thinking it was Fields. You disgust me! I click the link, like a child on Christmas morning, and it’s not Fields. What kind of reporting is that! Where are your ethics!

Then again, Bert Fields probably clicked the link holding his breath too.

You think that’s close enough to not get one of his loquacious legal warnings telling you - you did something you think you did and he too thinks you think you did something, so he is warning you about what you think you did and that he’s going to sue you for thinking it.

Back to the news, Bert Field's private investigator Anthony Pellicano was arrested this month on 110 counts of wiretapping, fraud and conspiracy charges. Numerous arrests followed and continue to be announced. Prosecutors have evidence that Pellicano wiretapped numerous entertainment industry entertainers, journalists, lawyers and executives on behalf of his clients.

It was written in the New York Times that prosecutors have presented Bert Fields, who is Madonna's lawyer, with evidence that Pellicano wiretapped his legal opponents and those of his famous clients, on his behalf.

Indicted Disney and Sony attorney Terry Christiansen

So far, the highest profiled lawyer indicted is Terry Christensen. He is a lawyer for Disney and Sony, two Defendants in my lawsuit. He is a founder in the Century City law firm Christensen, Miller, Fink, Jacobs, Glaser, Weil & Shapiro – the Shapiro being Robert Shapiro of O.J. Simpson fame.

"And on or about May 14, 2002, the indictment says, Mr. Christensen told Mr. Pellicano to "wrap up" the illegal wiretap." – New York Times

Those statements give the impression that Christensen knew of and commissioned the wiretaps.

To read the original indictment click the following link http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/cac/pr2006/Pellicano_Indictment.pdf For the superseding indictment click the following link http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/0215061pellicano1.html

Somehow I think others are being employed to wiretap now as well. It wasn’t just Pellicano and others are continuing to wiretap innocent legal opponents and rivals through other crooked investigators.

The indictments this month confirm things I'd previously written on here and in my lawsuit about the wiretapping misconduct in the industry:

1.)They found transcripts and notes of calls Pellicano illegally recorded on behalf of his clients. As I've written on here previously and in my lawsuit (the first version of it) text/paper format transcripts of illegal wiretaps are much easier to understand and use to later harass victims, as it affords miscreants the illegal luxury of reading and repeating verbatim private things the unsuspecting victim said over the phone, in attempts to harass or blackmail them. Several victims from Diane Dimond to entertainment industry attorneys complained of this happening to them:

New York Times Article on October 19, 2005:

"All along, however, the federal government has pursued the wiretapping case. Steadily, a host of people who did business with Mr. Pellicano, his lawyer-clients, or the lawyers' clients in turn, have had the eerie experience of hearing their words read back to them - or of seeing transcripts or notes of their conversations.

A lawyer for one plaintiff in a lawsuit defended by Mr. Fields, for example, said prosecutors had shown him notes taken by Mr. Pellicano of conversations between him and his client. "It's like, whoa - I can remember sitting at my desk uttering those words," said the lawyer, who insisted on anonymity to avoid being seen as interfering with the case. Others have been shaken by interviews in which F.B.I. agents intimated, without providing details, that they had been taped unknowingly…

A witness in one suit against Mr. Grey recalled a phone conversation with a lawyer for the plaintiff. "I asked, 'If I remember something today that I didn't remember three months ago, do I have to bring that up?' " the witness recalled. The lawyer said no.

Not 30 seconds after they hung up, the witness recalled, the phone rang. " 'It's Anthony Pellicano,' he says," the witness recalled. " 'I work for Brad Grey. I'm telling you to do the right thing.' " The witness added that Mr. Pellicano sounded friendly until he said, "If you remember something today that you didn't remember before, you have to tell us."

2. One of Anthony Pellicano's computer hackers, Tara Virtue, publicly bragged in a magazine of being able to get victim's personal info, "“I could get your PIN codes, your credit card numbers—I could do anything.”

Considering I was the victim of a harassment style case identity theft (hacker used my Visa ATM card) that originated with one of the Defendants in my lawsuit , who at the time was owned by Madonna's label Warner Bros (this was submitted to the Court as an evidence exhibit), I didn't find her statements very amusing - but it was noteworthy, as it follows a pattern of a harassment utilized against several people from this same small Hollywood set.

3. Mentions the disgraceful "Coming To America" copyright infringement case that had a suspicious outcome, which was defended by Madonna's lawyer Bert Fields. This case appalled many, so much so that it became a book, "How The Movie Wars Were Won" which I also referenced in my September 2005 lawsuit against perpetual plagiarizer and copyright infringer Madonna. 

Bert Fields

Madonna and the Kabbalah Cult's Attorney Bert Fields [Pic courtesy of the N.Y. Times]

Bert Fields’ law firm attempted to register “Teleslueth” – the illegal wiretapping program - for Anthony Pellicano.

"The top-tier entertainment lawyer Bert Fields and his firm have insisted that they never knew their go-to investigator was secretly recording his targets' phone calls…but an indictment unsealed this week makes clear that Mr. Fields's firm, which frequently deployed Mr. Pellicano to dig up dirt on its legal opponents, also played a central role in his pursuit of a trademark for the very device the government says he was using to wiretap his targets: a combination of computer hardware and software he called, aptly enough, Telesleuth."

"In order to register the Telesleuth trademark, experts say, they would have had to show that the mark was being used in ongoing commerce.” - New York Times

How can one effectively show how an illegal product is being used in commerce…without going to jail for it. Abandon project.

"The names cited in an indictment of private eye Anthony Pellicano read like a road map leading to Bertram Fields and his famous clients.

But the shadow of 76-year-old lawyer Bertram Fields, who for years employed Pellicano as an investigator, looms over the case. Listed throughout the indictment are a host of alleged victims, including such prominent names as actor Sylvester Stallone and comic Garry Shandling, who battled with Fields' clients.

Fields, who has publicly acknowledged his status as a subject, issued a terse comment Monday. "It's something I want to stay out of," Fields said. "I try to keep practicing law and not pay a lot of attention to it."

Fields also represented Paramount in the "Coming to America" case in which humor columnist Art Buchwald said he had the original idea for the film. Ah, the infamous Art Buchwald case that showed the world how greedy and unconscionable Hollywood is." - LA Times

Feds Say Pellicano Taped Client Talks

"What they have here is dynamite," said Laurie Levenson, a former federal prosecutor and professor at Loyola Law School. "This is very important evidence because you don't have the question of credibility. Tapes don't lie." -  The Associated Press

My guess is he taped the calls as insurance in case any of the celebrities and their attorneys who commissioned the illegal wiretaps were to talk, he’d have the blackmail to shut them up.

However, this insurance plan was destroyed when the FBI unexpectedly raided his office and took all the tapes and transcripts from the illegal wiretaps and the secretly taped conversations he had with his clients.

Bert Fields’ Client, former Disney CEO, Michael Ovitz’s Name Has Come Up

"According to a lawyer involved in the case, Schulman told FBI agents that Ovitz knew details of her private discussions. In one instance, he told her, "I have eyes and ears everywhere. There's nothing you can do that I won't find out about." (2/15a)Detective's Employer Knew About His Sleuthing Device." – Hits Daily

Well, well, well. Ovitz "knew details of her private discussions." How would he know unless he was given wiretap transcripts?

Oh, and there’s more…

The now infamous complaint to the FBI that triggered this whole case, from L.A. Times Journalist Anita Busch, who was threatened, harassed, wiretapped and stalked, has developed a new angle – Ovitz once again. Her lawyers are looking into the possibility that she was harassed due to the fact that she was writing an article about Michael Ovitz.

Potential Lawsuits

The City of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills maybe sued according to experts, which is kind of regrettable, as it was a few rogue cops that Pellicano paid for illegally obtained personal information on victims.

The telephone company, however, should be sued senseless, because if you ask me, some of these companies do a horrible job of policing their own phone lines, enabling criminals to wiretap lines and violate people's civil rights.

Author Charles Fleming Harassed by Pellicano

I wrote an excerpt from author Charles Fleming's book "High Concept: Don Simpson and the Hollywood Culture of Excess" in my September 2005 lawsuit. This month there was an article in the L.A. Times where Fleming spoke about Pellicano harassing him as well. Don Simpson was the production partner of Jerry Bruckheimer (Madonna's partner).

"I'm sick of reporters snooping around," he said to me. "So a bunch of us have gotten together. We've created an 'anti-journalist' fund, and we've got Anthony Pellicano working for us. The next time we hear one of you guys is investigating us, we're going use him to push the limits of litigation and investigation — to do whatever is necessary to cause trouble for whatever reporter is causing trouble for us."

Soon after, a friend called. "I heard something. Simpson told me he was going to have Pellicano take care of you."

Pellicano had been a Hollywood fixture for years, and he made no secret of his methods. He carried a Louisville Slugger in the trunk of his car, and he'd already frightened journalists on Simpson's behalf.

All the Pellicanos in the world couldn't protect Simpson from himself. He died of drug-induced heart failure in January 1996." - L.A. Times

LEGAL FILE A Thieving Maid To The Stars

Robert Deniro’s maid stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal belongings owned by celebrities and their families. She additionally consistently used credit cards belonging to her famous employers, committing identity theft.

“Turyk-Wawrynowicz was employed by a housekeeping agency. A housekeeper who stole from actor Robert De Niro's wife and other celebrity clients has been jailed for up to three years. Lucyna Turyk-Wawrynowicz, 35, must serve a minimum term of one year after she stole clothes, jewellery and credit cards from homes in New York.

Passing sentence, Judge Renee White said: "You have shown no remorse for your actions, but only remorse for your predicament." - BBC

Last year, I read a few excerpts of things the maid said to the press and she really wasn’t remorseful at all. She clearly felt she was entitled to steal from her employers based on what she felt was not being treated with enough respect by them. Poor argument.

LEGAL FILE HBO Sued By Mafia Wife

HBO maybe sued by the mafia for copying. Well actually, they maybe getting sued by a mafia wife. She maintains they have used her life for the show The Sopranos. HBO denies the claim. However, she makes a compelling case:

“Lynda Milito, 59, was married to Louie Milito, a high ranking member of the Gambino crime family, who disappeared in 1988.

Among these purported parallels: the Sopranos had ducks in their backyard pool; the Militos had ducks in a backyard pond in Staten Island, New York;

Tony Soprano loves to repeatedly watch The Godfather; Louie Milito watched it dozens of times;

Tony Soprano couldn't stand up to his mother; Louie Milito couldn't either.

Both families had an older daughter and a younger son and both lived in suburban houses on hills.

Several actors who would go on to The Sopranos including Michael Imperioli, also appeared in the Witness movie. Imperioli, who plays Tony Soprano's nephew Christopher on the series, was cast as Louie Milito in the earlier film.” - Google

It really does look like they used her life. The parallels are too detailed. It’s not run of the mill stuff and she has tied the actors to her life via the previous film project she worked on as a consultant prior to the Sopranos, that they starred in, which spells access. It shows copying in the vein of Invasion of the Right of Publicity and Invasion of the Right of Privacy.

You better pay up – or sleep with the fishes. HBO is gonna stand for Hudson (River) Boat Operation.

LEGAL FILE Davinci Crock Pt 3

Dan Brown author of "The Da Vinci Code"

So called author of "The Da Vinci Code" Dan Brown, is being sued again for plagiarism and copyright infringement. This case is concrete evidence the man is a thief:

1."Mr. Brown does not deny that he consulted the book 'The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail' before publishing "The Da Vinci Code."

2. Not only did he admit to using the already copyrighted book in question, which predates his by almost 20 years, in writing his own book "The Da Vinci Code," according to the New York Times he, "Used a partial anagram of the authors' surnames" whose book he willfully plagiarized, in his own book.

Reuters reported, "Commentators have pointed out that a major character in 41-year-old Brown's book, Sir Leigh Teabing, has a name that is an anagram of Leigh and Baigent." For the blondes on the site, you can make Baigent out of author  Teabing's surname.

That is a common habit of plagiarists. I have experienced this myself with the people who stole my copyrighted works. The names and or alterations thereof, of the writers they steal from appear in the infringing works. Classic sign of a full fledged plagiarist.

3. The book the "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" and the plagiarizing "The Da Vinci Code" are published by the same company, Random House (publishers of James Frey's "A Million Little Pieces"). However, as mentioned above, "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" was published 20 years before Dan Brown's infringing version.

4. It was reported in the New York Times that Dan Brown owns a copy of the book "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" and used it for research in writing his book.  

5. Dan Brown has been sued in another venue by another writer for Copyright Infringement.

Dan Brown entering British High Court [Reuters]

A few months ago, I wrote about the lawsuit brought against plagiarist Dan Brown in U.S. Federal Court by American Lewis Purdue for stealing items from his copyrighted books "The Da Vinci Legacy" and "Daughter of God" - and how I found the Judge’s ruling in favor of the plagiarist and not the plaintiff Perdue, quite dubious.

The judge in the case reasoned away all the infringements that everyone could see, in his attempt to protect the famous, albeit disgraced at this point, author.

It’s all starting to look like Brown slapped together his book "The Da Vinci Code" from other copyrighted works already in existence, which is illegal and unethical.

You are not in high school anymore. You cannot use other people’s works as research for your writings and not give them credit and compensation. Even in high school you have to cite it in a bibliography, thus giving the original source credit.

Dan Brown is starting to look like another James Frey.

If you so blatantly steal from so many to put your writings together, it is prima facie evidence that you need to quit your day job, as it is a farce and making you a fraud.

Dan Brown's Credibility

According to a Wikipedia contributor who cites sources, there are discrepancies in Dan Brown's personal bio i.e. it appears that he has lied about several things:

1. Brown states that during his Junior year at Amherst college, he went to Europe to study art history at the University of Seville in Spain, which is where he first began seriously studying the works of Leonardo da Vinci: http://www.bookreporter.com/authors/talk-brown-dan.asp

However, according to an article by Alvaro Sanchez Leon in the January/February 2006 issue of the Spanish-language magazine Epoca, "Ese señor nunca ha estado matriculado en esta universidad, a no ser que se apuntara a un curso de otoño de los que se dan en la "Facultad de Geografía e Historia" para alumnos extranjeros." (translation: He was never registered at this university, unless he attended one of the Fall courses for foreign students at the Faculty of Geography and History.") http://blogs.periodistadigital.com/periodismo.php/2006/02/10/ies_dan_brown_un_mentiroso_compulsivo


2. In interviews, Brown says that his wife is an "art historian" and "painter", though there is no record of her having worked professionally in this capacity, aside from her assistance with the book research. When they met, she was the Director of Artistic Development at the National Academy for Songwriters in Los Angeles.

Therefore, how is it you are disputing the integrity of Christ, the only perfect Person who ever walked this Earth, insisting He had an illegitimate child and married Mary Magdalene, stating this with absolutely no proof whatsoever might I add, based on clues in paintings National Geographic have proved to be historically and architecturally inaccurate, when you have proved yourself to be a thieving, dishonest, bio forging, untrustworthy fraud.

Fame vs. the Facts

All too often, judges look at fame and not the facts. During the "Coming To America" plagiarism and copyright infringement case, the judge fawningly stated the case was nothing against Eddie, who is a great comedian in his estimation.

But the fact remains, the case was about Eddie too, who got writer's credit for something that was willfully stolen from Art Buchwald.

And Murphy was later sued again a few years later for the very same charge of Copyright Infringement in allegedly stealing "The Nutty Professor." The case was settled out of court in the Plaintiff's favor.

My point, when judges fawn over celebrities, it doesn't exactly discourage misconduct. As you can see, it happened again. Many of the same celebrities end up getting sued multiple times for this misconduct because the legal system all too often deliberately lets them off the hook - leaving the watching world appalled.

Coincidentally, as mentioned above, Bert Fields was the lawyer defending the infringements in that shameful case, when the studio lied in court that they did not make a profit from a film that cost about 30 million dollars to make and grossed $288,752,301 at the Box Office and at least another $150,000,000 dollars in cable, TV, video then DVD rights. 

LEGAL FILE Bad Judges Pt 2

Excuse making for law breaking

I have read cases where some judges put down rulings that not only insulted the intelligence of the losing party, but the entire country as well. I don't know how some judges let the job go to their heads to the point that they end up in a little cocoon, where whatever they say or write, as stupid, illogical and nonsensical as it is, they act like it becomes the law and must be accepted as such.

Excuse making for rich and or famous parties is thoroughly repugnant. Some judges disgrace themselves with this dirty practice in attempts at justifying influential people who have essentially broken the law.

However, they pervert justice at a high price - eroding public confidence in the judiciary and disgracing the robes of judges everywhere.

Criminal Presiding Over Criminal

As a judge, when you violate the Constitution and your oath, you officially become a criminal presiding over a criminal. There's no pretty way of putting it.

There are judges who deliberately deprive copyright holders of their legal rights in attempts at protecting billion, well with the way the market is now, million dollar entertainment companies.

At this point, they need to either close the Copyright Office or remove the dirty judges turning a blind eye to Copyright Infringement to protect thieving conglomerates.

Addressing A State Judge's Misconduct

Judicial Qualifications Commission hears all complaints about misconduct from state judges. Each state has a Commission where you can file a complaint. For example, here is the one for Florida:


While you don’t want to file a complaint to be vindictive, if a judge genuinely violated the Code of Judicial Conduct, by all means, file a complaint. It may spare someone else a legal nightmare in standing before an unfit judge.

Your complaints are “confidential” during the "time of the investigation.”

Addressing A Federal Judge's Misconduct

If your judge violated the Code of Judicial Conduct at your expense, committing a felony, misdemeanor or really flagrant misconduct, he or she is eligible for impeachment, which is the only way to remove a federal judge. Several Federal judges have been impeached for misconduct.

A Federal judge can be stripped of their investiture if it is successfully proved they committed a misdemeanor or felony or some unseemly act worthy of removal.

At the end of the day, a person who is unfit to preside over legal matters, some of which could end up in history books, is not someone who should be on the bench. They will disgrace themselves, their family, their country and the judiciary committing acts that bring shame on everyone. The damage such individuals cause is irreparable and inexcusable, as restoring the Court's name and the public's trust is extremely hard to do.

LEGAL FILE Cults and the Law

Celebrity Cults are notorious for breaking the law. This month, I'm going to write about Scientology, whose famous figurehead is Tom Cruise.

Scientology is a shady cult, who like other celebrity cults, believe in destroying their critics and outspoken enemies at any cost - even if it means resorting to illegal means. 

"People attack Scientology, I never forget it; always even the score." - L Ron Hubbard, the deceased Scientology Founder was quoted as saying. "Teams of private detectives have been dispatched to the far corners of the world to spy on critics and rummage through their personal lives — and trash cans — for information to discredit them.

During one investigation, headed by a former Los Angeles police sergeant, the church of Scientology paid tens of thousands of dollars to reputed organized crime figures and con men for information linking a leading Scientology opponent to a crime that it turned out he did not commit.

Early last year, an American Scientologist was arrested in Spain for possessing dossiers containing confidential information on a member of Parliament and a Madrid judge who oversaw a fraud and tax evasion probe of the church. The dossiers included personal bank records and family photographs, according to press accounts.

Before a British author's critical biography of Hubbard was even released two years ago in Europe, the church had him and his publisher tied up in a London court for alleged copyright infringement. The writer speculated that Scientology sympathizers had somehow managed to obtain pre-publication proofs of the book." - Los Angeles Times

 Hubbard had rules for dealing with people who spoke out against his Scientology cult:

"Written by Hubbard in the mid-1960s, it states that anyone who impedes Scientology is "fair game" and can "be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed."

a Los Angeles jury in 1986 said that Scientologists had employed fair game tactics against disaffected member Larry Wollersheim, driving him to the brink of financial and mental collapse. He was awarded $30 million. In July, the state Court of Appeal reduced the amount to $2.5 million but refused to overturn the case.

Wrote Justice Earl Johnson Jr.: "Scientology leaders made the deliberate decision to ruin Wollersheim economically and possibly psychologically…. Such conduct is too outrageous to be protected under the Constitution and too unworthy to be privileged under the law of torts."- Los Angeles Times

How ironic that the man Scientology members reportedly believe is L Ron Hubbard reincarnated (that's rubbish) is Tom Cruise and he has been discredited over the last year due to his public displays. You couldn’t ask for a stronger celebrity discrediting than jumping up and down on a couch on national TV, dispensing improper, unlicensed medical care and advice and buying his own sonogram machine for personal use.

On August 15, 1978 a Federal grand jury in Washington, DC indicted 11 top leaders of the Church of Scientology for conducting a wide range of illegal activities including the infiltration, bugging and burglary of the Justice Department, the IRS, and other federal agencies. Scientology also conducts sophisticated intelligence and propaganda operations against private organizations and individual critics who are classified as enemies or "suppressive persons." A special branch created by Hubbard in 1966 performs "dirty tricks," such as calling in anonymous death threats, smearing individual enemies, sending out phony compromising letters on the "suppressive person's" letterhead, making anonymous phone calls to the IRS accusing enemies of cheating on their taxes, etc.

"Dirty tricks," like more formal public relations campaigns and spurious lawsuits, seem primarily intended by Scientology to destroy the individual enemy's reputation, to harass, discourage and intimidate. All this is justified by Hubbard's policy declaring "suppressive persons" to be "fair game." - http://whyaretheydead.net/misc/West_on_Scientology.html

And this is the organization Cruise fronts and encourages people to join! They don't sound very civil or very sane at all.

"A judge in Spain recently reached the same conclusion. After a nine-month investigation, Judge Jose Maria Vazquez Honrubia on Nov. 20 (1988) detained 71 Scientologists in Madrid and ordered 11 of them jailed. - Lermanet.com/SP Times - http://www.lermanet.com/scientologynews/sptimes/spt-yanny-122288.htm

The next time Tom Cruise or anyone else gets on TV or gets in your face about joining Scientology, I want you to remember the deaths of the people listed below that got involved with this cult...and turn the channel:


"You're here so you're a Scientologist. Now we're going to make you an expert auditor no matter what happens. We'd rather have you dead than incapable." -- L. Ron Hubbard

From http://whyaretheydead.net/

1. Lisa McPherson (36) - Room 174? - On December 5, 1995, Lisa McPherson died. Scientology had held her against her will for 17 days. During that time, she tried to leave, became violent, and refused to eat. At the time of her death, she had bruises and abrasions on her body, and she had lost over 30 pounds in just 17 days.

2. Heribert Pfaff (31) Room 758 - According to the records, Heribert P. died august 28, 1988, during the night from a heavy epileptic attack. He hit his head on the night table. The scientology doctor reports that he prescribed vitamins for his patient -dispite regular attacks- in stead of treating him with proper medication. Such medication was indeed not detected in his blood during the post-mortem examination.

3. Josephus Havenith (45) - Room 771 - An autopsy report lists his death as "probable drowning" but notes that his head was not under water. He died in February 1980 at the Scientology Fort Harrison Hotel in a bathtub filled with water so hot it had burned his skin off.

4. Unknown, Boilerroom - 1989, dead in the basement, next to the heating boilers. Carbon-monoxide poisoning . Ex-scientologists have alleged in affidavits and a declaration that the boiler room was used for Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force (gulag).

5. Noah Antrim Lottick - jumped to his death clutching his last few dollars, tightly to his chest.

6. James Hester's suicide note: - "I have taken what I consider to be the most expedient way out of my present predicament. I harbor no resentment against anyone, except the Church of Scientology. They have a great deal to do with my demise. To play with people's defense mechanisms in the manner that they do is a criminal thing at best. I hope they can be outlawed."

7. Stacy Grove Meyer (20) electrocuted at Scientology cult compound - (Daughter of Scientology's in-house attorney Kendrick L. Moxon). "Human rights activist Keith Henson included a paragraph about Ms. Moxon in one of his Declarations: "This death is particularly disturbing since Scientology is well known for confining people in dangerous industrial spaces such as chain lockers on ships." - Holy Smokes web site

8. Susan Meister (23) - Susan died aboard the ship, Apollo, June 25th, 1971, with a bullet in the middle of her forehead. Susan's father testified about the death of his daughter and subsequent harassment and death threats he received. 

9. Roberto Deplano (20) - committed suicide jumping from the 8th floor of a building.

10. Paride Ella (22) and Giuseppe Tomba (26) - Last night another guest of the [Narconon] center, the second, died at the hospital in Lecco. Paride Ella, 22 from Grassobbio (Bergamo), ceased to live after a 5 days agony. He had similar symptoms - vomit and diarrhoea - as the ones felt by Giuseppe Tomba, 26 from Solaro (Milano).

11. Gabriella Bramucci (55) - Tests showed that the cancer, started in the breast, had moved to the liver. On August 6th she went back to the hospital, where she died. "She died - says Michieletto - because she can't get treatment. Dianeticists are not allowed to get treatment. According to them, every disease is psychosomatic, and they treat it with a 'touch assist'. And so, at the age of 55, my wife died."

12. Oscar A. (in Italy) hanged himself on 21.9.1987.

13. Mario M. (in Italy) on 1.1.1988 he hanged himself.

14. Massimo B. (in Italy) tried to commit suicide cutting his veins.

15. Wilhelm Mack (37) another victim by the Scientology-Cult.

16. Michael Leube - a 10-year Scientologist and sea org member committed suicide in July, 1989.

17. Bob Mills (41)- Robert George Mills committed suicide in April 1989.

18. Quentin Hubbard (22) - Quentin was found unkempt with a beard stubble, a state that no one who knew Quentin could accept. (He was ultra-meticulous in his appearance.) Or that the license plate of the car was missing and found under a rock some distance away. Or that his wallet was gone, making identification impossible. Or that a near-empty bottle of liquor was found, as if he had been drinking, when Quentin did not. Or that there were needle marks on his arms, when he did not use drugs.

18. Richard Collins (24) - A man threw himself 200ft to his death after a religious cult refused to let him leave, an inquest heard. Even after Richard had died, the harassment continued.

19. Patrice Vic (31) - Patrice was badgered to come up with more money for Scientology and saw suicide as his only escape. He jumped before the eyes of his little children.

20. John Buchanan - John Buchanan committed suicide in May 1994 to escape his debts.

21. Nancy Graham (54) - died Jan. 29 at her home in Falls Church. She had cancer (Dianeticists are not allowed to get treatment).

22. Sue Mueller (60), the executive director of Hubbard College of Administration and a member of Church of Scientology, Clearwater- died of breast cancer (Dianeticists are not allowed to get treatment).

23. Albert Jaquier (59) - he [Albert] attempted suicide after completing Scientology OT VII and being denied OT VIII after it had been promised to him and he'd paid in full.

24. Rudolf Willems - According to Martin Ottman German Dr. Rudolf Willems shot himself in 1987, after he had spent millions of Dollars for Scientology and his steel company sailed into bankruptcy.

25. Karen Simon - died by hanging herself in London England in May 1991, shortly after she refused to sign a Sea Organization contract. She was preparing a negative report on Scientology at the time of her death.

26. John Colletto shot his wife Diane and later himself - Bob Shaffner [sic - Schaffner] committed suicide.

27. (Lawrence Wollersheim interviews) Jesse Prince who was 2nd in command of Scientology.

28. Bob Schafner [sic - Schaffner] was an Scientology OT III and having problems. He rode a bike under a truck, dying instantly in 1987 or 1988."  Bobby and Cindy Schafner, were constantly harassed about their relationship in that they wanted to have children, and children were really frowned upon and looked down upon.

29. Flo Barnett AKA Miller - died in 1985 of three shots to the chest and one to the temple from a semi-automatic rifle. Two suicide notes were found. Although she was only 5'3" tall (and weighed only 114 pounds), the examiner determined she shot herself three times in the chest (with a rifle) before shooting herself through the head.

30. Rodney Rimando (21) - A suicide note found on his bunk bed at the Scientology center was not in his handwriting, according to his mother, and made reference to a "wife". Rimondo was single. Many things don't add up in this case.

31. Carrie Slaughterbeck (23) - Died under mysterious circumstances.

32. Andreas Ostertag (38) - Brutally beaten body, with severe lacerations to the face, was found floating in a lake in Clearwater, Florida near the infamous Scientology compound. "According to the police file, Scientologists reported the German missing before the body was found, and gave a false name."

33. Peter Ernst Frei (37) - Clearwater police Lt. Jack Dowling said Peter Ernst Frei, a Swiss citizen, was reported missing to Clearwater police on June 29 by a church acquaintance.

34. Kid of five died while "protected by postulates" - Yolanda Howell lost her five year old son Jed while he crossed a busy street "protected by postulates." This was because some scientologists place Scientology before their families. In this case a former Salt Lake Mission E.D. One of her daughters was also hit by a car but luckily not killed.

35. Gregory Bradford Wisner (27) - was identified as the person whose body was found in the surf near Indian Rocks Beach, FL, on January 20, 2001.

36. Pius Keel (22) - a confirmed Scientologist of 22, ended his stay at the Schliersee tragically. He got himself into deep debt for his community. After some time at Narconon he complained to his mother about the barefaced swindle. Narconon is only about money, he said. On September 14, 1990, after less than two months at Narconon, Pius packed his bags and threw himself under a train.

37. Ed Brewer  - was involved in a car accident. Several other Sea Organization or Scientology Staff members were in the car with him. They left him in the car to bleed to death while they went back to the Scientology organization to talk to the people in the intelligence division, because they didn't know what to do. They didn't want to create a public relations flap for Scientology. When they did this, they failed to call for medical help. Brewer literally bled to death pinned in this car.

38. Ed Mooney - Cl 8 and OT8, died at age 37 of aneurysm about 3 weeks after completing OT8 at Flag in the fall of 1990.

There are many more listed at this site: http://whyaretheydead.net/

INTERNET Wikipedia Part 2 – Clean Up Attempts?

A follow up on the Wikipedia article from last month.  Some of the things you read on Wikipedia will be accurate, but some of it you have to take with a grain of salt. The problems arise when kids start citing inaccurate Wikipedia articles in their book reports.

An article I read stated teachers were warning their students about citing Wikipedia as sources, as some of the content has been found to be incorrect.

While the site has made clean up attempts, more policing is needed and there should be a disclaimer warning people that not everything on the site is accurate or unbiased. 

HEALTH: Facial Reconstruction

14 year old Haitian teen Marlie Casseus underwent successful facial surgery in Miami at Jackson Memorial to remove a large growth that had covered most of her face. The photos shown above show her face without the growth, which was said to have been the largest of it's kind.

By the Grace of God she will be able to gain full facial functions, "I can say that this is a complete success. She will be able in the future to move her jaw. She is going to recover all the capabilities to swallow and speak," said Dr. Jesus Gomez of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, one of the surgeons involved in the nearly nine-hour operation." – Associated Press

It’s wonderful when you see medical science being put to great use like this. I wish her a speedy recovery. God bless.

HEALTH Low Fat Doesn’t Mean Cancer Free

This explains why a chubby Southern grandma can live to her 90’s and a 50 year old health enthusiast stockbroker can die from disease.

One would think the culprit is stress. Scientist have stated on record that they believe stress promotes cancer. Therefore, it is best to reduce your stress levels whenever you can. Stress wreaks havoc on the health. It will prematurely age you, giving you an older appearance. It ruins the skin and causes hair loss.

Eliminating stress is easier said than done, but you're gonna have to try.

"The largest study ever to ask whether a low-fat diet reduces the risk of getting cancer or heart disease has found that the diet has no effect.

Journal of the American Medical Association - The $415 million federal study involved nearly 49,000 women ages 50 to 79 who were followed for eight years. In the end, those assigned to a low-fat diet had the same rates of breast cancer, colon cancer, heart attacks and strokes as those who ate whatever they pleased, researchers are reporting today.

"These studies are revolutionary," said Dr. Jules Hirsch, physician in chief emeritus at Rockefeller University in New York City, who has spent a lifetime studying the effects of diets on weight and health. "They should put a stop to this era of thinking that we have all the information we need to change the whole national diet and make everybody healthy."

The results, the study investigators agreed, do not justify recommending low-fat diets to the public to reduce their heart disease and cancer risk. Given the lack of benefit found in the study, many medical researchers said that the best dietary advice, for now, was to follow federal guidelines for healthy eating, with less saturated and trans fats, more grains, and more fruits and vegetables.

Many cancer researchers have questioned large parts of the diet-cancer hypothesis, but it has kept a hold on the public imagination. "Nothing fascinates the American public so much as the notion that what you eat rather than how much you eat affects your health," said Dr. Libby, the Harvard professor.

The study found that women who were randomly assigned to follow a low-fat diet ate significantly less fat over the next eight years. But they had just as much breast and colon cancer and just as much heart disease. The women were not trying to lose weight, and their weights remained fairly steady. But their experiences with the diets allowed researchers to question some popular notions about diet and obesity." – New York Times

HEALTH Rise In Sleeping Pill Usage

We live in stressful times. The world is in chaos. This is part of the reason people can’t sleep at night. Too much stress. Worrying about bills. Depression.

It's best to avoid sleeping pills. They can become highly addictive after a while and will land you in rehab trying to break the addiction to them:

"Americans are taking sleeping pills like never before, fueled by frenetic workdays that do not go gently into a great night's sleep, and lulled by a surge of consumer advertising that promises safe slumber with minimal side effects.

About 42 million sleeping pill prescriptions were filled last year, according to the research company IMS Health, up nearly 60 percent since 2000.

But some experts worry that the drugs are being oversubscribed without enough regard to known, if rare, side effects or the implications of long-term use. And they fear doctors may be ignoring other conditions, like depression, that might be the cause of sleeplessness.

Although the newer drugs are not believed to carry the same risk of dependence as older ones like barbiturates, some researchers have reported what is called the "next day" effect, a continued sleepiness hours after awakening from a drug-induced slumber." - New York Times

TECHNOLOGY Microsoft In Contention For A Share of Blackberry’s Market - Microberry?

Blackberry watch your back. Microsoft is on your trail. Bill Gates was overheard saying, "So they're in court, huh. Guys, fire up the Microberry." Just kidding, I made that up, but Microsoft is actually working on a new product in that arena:

"Microsoft venture adds to Blackberry woes - Microsoft Corp. has won backing from major cellular networks for a new generation of phones designed to transform mobile e-mail from executive accessory to standard issue for the corporate rank-and-file...could spell more trouble for the embattled Blackberry and other niche e-mail technologies, analysts say.

Unlike the Blackberry and its peers, phones running Microsoft's latest Windows Mobile operating system can receive e-mails "pushed" directly from servers that handle a company's messaging - without the need for a separate mobile server or additional license payments.” – Seattle Post Intelligencer

TECHNOLOGY Identity Theft

Due to an identity theft haul, 1500 bank cards had to be cancelled at a cost of $20 each. I didn’t know those little plastic cards cost so much:

"Scores of Bank of America and Washington Mutual customers have received notifications from the banks that their debit cards were cancelled because of a breach at a "third-party" establishment. In interviews with CNET News.com, neither bank would disclose the name of the unidentified company.

The credit union told customers that the fraud resulted in "counterfeit cards being made and used internationally." In a phone interview, Cauthen said the FBI and Secret Service are "working what appears to be the same debit-card case."

News of a wider problem arose this week when The San Francisco Chronicle wrote that Bank of America had begun canceling numerous debit cards. On Friday, the paper reported that as many as 200,000 debit-card holders could be affected.

“Replacing the cards likely will cost the bank millions, as replacing debit cards costs about $20 apiece, according to Dan Clements, CEO of CardCops.com, an identity theft watchdog group.” CNET News.com

The past year has seen some large credit card heists. In June, an estimated 40 million credit cards were exposed when hackers penetrated the online defenses of CardSystems Solutions, a payment-processing company." - CNET News.com


Some good police investigative work saved Wendy’s a nightmare of a scam. According to an article in the Independent, a couple who bought a fingertip from a friend who had an accident, took it to a Wendy’s restaurant, bought a cup of chili and placed said fingertip in the chili. The scam was uncovered by the police and the couple is now facing prison time.

The woman stated on national TV that she "threw up in the bathroom" after the incident – however, police were not able to find any traces of vomit in the bathroom and shortly after established the finger had not been cooked with the chili.

The couple had filed suit and almost walked away with the cash – until the police broke the case wide open by tracking down a friend of the couple, who admitted they promised to cut him in on any proceeds from litigation. 

“Both now acknowledge they bought the fingertip from a friend who lost it in an industrial accident and placed it in the bowl themselves. They have pleaded guilty to two felony accounts involving insurance fraud and attempted grand theft.

It also emerged that Ayala had a long history of attempted scams.”

The fingertip's owner, Brian Rossiter, later admitted he had been offered $250,000 (£140,000) in anticipated legal gains to keep his mouth shut. During pre-trial custody, recordings of Ayala's phone calls also revealed her boasting to friends about the scam.” – The Independent

INTERNATIONAL NEWS Saddam On Hunger Strike

It seems Saddam wants to be a supermodel, as he has undertaken a hunger strike. If he starves himself, he will die of malnutrition and save Iraq further costs of a trial. I wonder how many of his people starved when he was in office.

“Saddam said he had not eaten in three days, while his former intelligence chief, Ibrahim Barzan, said he had been on strike for two days. Their claims of a hunger strike could not be independently confirmed. The defendants are being held in U.S. detention, and U.S. officials could not immediately be reached to comment.” - AP

INTERNATIONAL NEWS Follow Up – Mexican Border and Drug Trafficking

A follow up on the drug tunnel story from last month. This month Texas deputies received death threats and unwelcome visits from men affiliated with Mexican drug cartels. They’ve put bounties on them for their work in securing the U.S./Mexico border. Threats have been made against the officers' families as well to the point they have police stationed at the deputies’ kids' schools.

This is really sad. A bad side effect from doing a noble job.

“Bounties put on deputies – February 14, 2006 by Sara A. Carter - Sheriff's deputies in Texas' Hudspeth County have had bounties placed on their heads, and their families have been verbally threatened by men suspected of belonging to one of Mexico's most dangerous drug cartels.

The deputies, some of whom testified last week before a House subcommittee in Washington, D.C., said they will not back down despite the threats by smugglers over enforcement actions along the border.

"We've placed guards at the schools for the children of the deputies just for precaution," said Sheriff Arvin West, of Hudspeth County.

The suspected drug runners are believed to be connected to cartels in Juarez, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, West said. Informants who have spoken to him from the Mexican side of the border said deputies have bounties on them as high as $100,000, West said.

One deputy, who spoke under condition of anonymity, said his wife was approached by men who told her to keep her husband away from the Rio Grande or "they would pay a high price." The Rio Grande, which is now only 200 yards wide and only 3 to 5 feet deep, is easily crossed by drug smugglers bringing narcotics into the United States.

At the home of another deputy the stakes got much higher, West said. Suspected drug runners not only warned the deputy's wife but informed her that they knew when, where and at what time her young children attended school.

"They practically read off her children's school schedule," West said. "This has now become personal. We've had to deploy our resources throughout the county. It just strains our resources a little more, but the kids come first. But there are also people here in town who are just in as much danger as the deputies." - Daily Bulletin


Well done to the Dutch government in returning stolen Jewish art looted by the Nazis. It was a terrible time in history, but it doesn't have to define us now. Your gestures will help with healing and forgiveness. Congratulations to the family of Jacques Goudstikker. I think art is wonderful, therefore to get something like that back is great.

"AMSTERDAM - The Dutch government on Monday agreed to return more than 200 paintings worth tens of millions of dollars to the heirs of a Jewish art dealer whose collection was looted by the Nazis.

The family of Jacques Goudstikker, a major pre-war art collector who fled the Netherlands shortly before the German invasion in May 1940, spent decades fighting for the return of the old masters from Dutch state hands.

"At long last, justice. A dream has come true for me and my daughters," said Marei von Saher, Goudstikker's daughter-in-law, who continued the fight on behalf of the collector's widow and son.

The Dutch Culture Ministry said on the advice of the country's restitution committee it would return 202 of the 267 paintings claimed by von Saher but would keep the remaining works because it could not be certain they belonged to Goudstikker when he left the country." - Reuters


Humus, I mean Hamas, got elected in Palestine. A sign of the times. Hamas is known the world over as a terrorist organization, which has left many concerned at this news. Many governments have been calling on Hamas to "renounce violence" which they have yet to agree to do.

The civilized world is hoping Hamas will change, as there is no place in any government for terrorism. 


How many people will this disease kill before it finishes:

"AIDS third-deadliest infection in China - BEIJING -- AIDS surpassed hepatitis B to become China's third-deadliest infectious disease last year, the government said Monday.

China had estimated in 2003 that 840,000 people had HIV and 84,000 had full-blown AIDS." – Seattle Post Intelligencer


Things were very turbulent in Haiti this month during the elections. There were violent protests and sadly many died. However, a winner was announced, Renee Preval, who it is said was the people's choice.

Haiti has been through many turbulent elections over the years. I am hoping this new election and prime ministerial appointment will be the beginning of a positive chapter in Haiti's history.

Haiti needs a leader willing to utilize democracy and thrift in his or her's own personal life.

Haiti does not need another leader whose family will spend hundreds of thousands on designer luggage, chateaus, million dollar apartments and expensive cars on the people's money. Those indulgencies, had they been sold, could have fed families in Haiti.

Nor does Haiti need a dictator who will be without mercy and compassion for his own people. Haiti needs decent democratic leadership who will be selfless, charitable and just.

Another thing Haiti could benefit from is forsaking voodoo. While some claim it as a religion, other Haitians I know decry it as vengeful and oppressive.

Voodoo is not about love. It is about retaliation and spite. The spirit of forgiveness and restoration needs to rule Haiti.

SPIRITUAL Spiritual Matters and Money

People sometimes claim and live by what is referred to as the Gospel of prosperity. It's making the Gospel about money, which Jesus never did. While Jesus did speak of money, He never said to make it your life's ambition.

Those who love money always fall into trouble because of it.

People prostitute themselves for it, take unethical jobs, defraud innocent people, steal and make bad investments clinging to the hope that it will make them rich.

People have jeopardize their health and safety for the lure of potentially gaining wealth.

You devalue yourself worth when you make your life about money, because just like it appeared, the Bible says it can grow wings and disappear.

The Bible is not a get rich quick scam. Your heart will not be in the right place if you seek to neglect the things of God in the pursuit of money.

Some have caused others tremendous pain due to their greed for money. It is a sin that will cause you to suffer.

God never said come to Me and I will make you rich. While there are rich Christians, the reason God gives to a man to that degree, is so he can do constructive, ethical things with it and help others, not solely help himself - to more and more money as his life's goal.

Revamp your thinking lest your possessions begin to possess you.


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