February 28, 2007

Volume 58

Just Thinking Out Loud
2. ROYALTY Prince Harry Slated To Go To Iraq
3. CELEBRITY Cute Kids
4. CELEBRITY Out And About
5. CELEBRITY Cute Couples
6. CELEBRITY Celebrities Caught Off Guard/Deer In Headlights Look
7. CELEBRITY Celebrities Making Funny Faces
8. CELEBRITY Lindsay Lohan
9. CELEBRITY Paris Hilton
10. CELEBRITY Gwen Stefani
11. CELEBRITY Anna Nicole Smith 1967-2007
12. CELEBRITY Britney Samson Spears
14. CELEBRITY Beyonce
15. MUSIC Timbaland v. Scott Storch
16. MUSIC Madonna Lawsuit
17. SPORTS Tennis – Roger Federer Beats Record
18. AERONAUTICS Water Found On Mars
19. AERONAUTICS Astronaut Charged With Kidnapping
20. SOCIAL Bisexuals Who Don’t Tell Their Partners The True Extent Of Their Sexual Activities
21. SOCIAL Racism: The Hatred Of Others
22. LEGAL FILE Robert Mueller (FBI)
23. LEGAL FILE South Florida Cops Busted
25. SPIRITUAL Terrible Childhoods And Their Spiritual Effects

RANDOM THOUGHTS Just Thinking Out Loud

1. If Eminem were an M&M, what flavor would he be? White chocolate on the outside and dark chocolate on the inside? Just kidding.   

2. If singer Ciara, married actor Leon, what would her name be? Ciara Leon (get it? sounds like Sierra Leone).

3. Based on his name, isn't it ironic that growing up Johnny Cash was poor. He certainly earned some cash later on though, through his music.

4. Based on their names, isn't it ironic that singer Clint Black is white and singer Karyn White is black.

5. If Hollywood's gay mafia (which according to Michael Ovitz is David Geffen, Michael Eisner, Bernard Weintraub, Barry Diller ect) got in to a fight with the real mafia in New York, who would win? The godfather vs. the gayfather (LOL). Yea, Hollywood would be missing moguls when the smoke cleared.

6. Ever seen one of those music videos by a female artist that tries to do to much…and ends up looking like a maxi-pad commercial.

ROYALTY Prince Harry Slated To Go To Iraq

It was announced this week that Prince Harry wishes to go to Iraq to fight as a member of the military. While it is commendable that he wishes to serve his country in a greater capacity, it presents many issues of concern.


He is going to be such a target over there. A trophy, if you will. It is going to be very difficult for the SAS or anyone for that matter to provide adequite adequate protection for him under the circumstances. 


Beautiful little Ming Lee (daughter of Russell Simmons and wife Kimora)

Reese Witherspoon and her adorable son going for ice cream:

Little Shiloh (to Zahara on the right): You're just gonna sit there and not give me one. I know you see me. Like when all of you went to McDonald's and nobody would give me a fry. There's only so much mushy peas a girl can take. Gerber needs to drop the solid foods age limit - I can't take this anymore (kidding):

 The kids are just the cuteness:

Zahara and Jolie looking out at Mardi Gras in New Orleans:

Zahara: I haven't seen this many black people since Africa...and on Crenshaw...(LOL)


Actress Thandie Newton looking beautiful (yea, I hate her – just teasing):

Actress Rachel Weisz - though the top could be higher, that dress is outstanding. She looks beautiful:

Jennifer Lopez wore a lovely dress. This was a great look:

One of the funniest men on the planet, actor/comedian Chris Tucker, looking so sharp. Great suit:

Actor Terrence Howard looking like he fell off the cover of Ebony and on to the red carpet with these stylish looks:

[Photos courtesy of Wire Image]

Singer Whitney Houston looking wonderful at Clive Davis' annual Grammy Party:

Actress Sandra Bullock looking regal in red:


Actress Sienna Miller looking radiant in a nice looking, unusual coat. I like the collar and neckline of the coat - it's different:

British singer James Blunt (right) has been spending time with Petra Nemcova (center) in America. Here they are pictured with singer Victoria Beckham (left) at an Academy Awards party:

Petra: He's British too.
Victoria Beckham: Yes, I know, we banned his song.
Petra: Really?!
Victoria Beckham: Yes, really!
James Blunt: Did you say something?
Victoria and Petra: No.

Victoria Beckham then went from brunette to blonde and it looks good on her. But now she and David will end up fighting over who gets the last bottle of highlights (joking):

Actresses Kate Winslet and Cate Blachett looking very becoming in blue. Their names are similar. Both first names are pronounced the same and both last names end with "et" (no, not E.T. but the letters "et").

CELEBRITY Cute Couples

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin and wife Tami

Actor and comedian Cedric and wife Lorna.

Actor and comedian Eddie Griffith and wife Rochelle

The Beckhams' in France on vacation. Ooo I can just hear the broken French in British accents now:
"Parlez vous, um, Anglais, you know what I mean?". I'm just teasing.

Athlete Reggie Bush and singer Ciara

Athlete Reggie Bush (ooo look at him blushing) and singer Ciara (oooo she's no better with the blushing either). You know half the girls on the internet want to slap Ciara into next week over him, but I think they look nice together. I read the feedback on some sites regarding them and they included some funny statements that had me laughing:

1. "Ciara better fall back" - Angel

2. "That heffa needs to get her hands off my man!" - Aaimah

3. "I ain't trippin' about Ciara and Reggie. She like them young boys like bow wow who look 12. Reggie is a man." - KayKay

- From Concrete Loop

Ok, that last one was wrong, funny, but wrong. Bow wow does not look 12...13 maybe, but not 12. Just kidding. Don't get mad Bow Wow. I'm just playing.

CELEBRITY Celebrities Caught Off Guard/Deer In Headlights Look

Jessica Alba - yea, it's safe to say, you weren't ready:

Lance Armstrong: "I can sing like Sheryl, honest!"

CELEBRITY Celebrities Making Funny Faces

Jessica Simpson - why do you always look so surprised, even when there is advance warning...and have your mouth open...frequently. When you see a camera, always remember, teeth, not tonsils, dear:

CELEBRITY Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan – I’ve heard of being tongue tied, but not leg tied. You know, they make pills for that:

This month, Kaballah cult member, Lindsay Lohan went in rehab, then out. Rehab in, rehab out, treating it like an outpatient facility in the day and then going to the clubs, where there is alcohol and drugs present, at night.

One report had her trying to order liquor at a restaurant, but when carded, she withdrew the order. Another article, supported by photos, reported she's been partying every night. The rehab facility bent the rules for her, not requiring her to stay. They were probably just relieved she showed up.

Still, it is hard to conceive how being in that environment and constantly, can be a good thing for a person struggling with substance abuse. 

Hypocrite Lohan Blasted For Not Going To Director Robert Altman's Funeral

She behaved like a real drama queen, in a fake, overwrought, false humility laden online speech about the recently deceased director, Robert Altman, meaning so much to her life and her quest for adequiteness adequateness and being so devastated at his passing...yet opted to throw off her so called mentor and father figure's funeral to spend the day partying with the grotesque, bad-example-setting-for-your-children-prankster-and-gross-out-king, Stevo O from Jack***.

Altaman would have told you that's not adequite adequate. You may want to slow down, dear. What happened to your mouth. No 20 year old girl's mouth should be covered in cold sores. Just what are they teaching you in that Kaballah cult. Maybe Britney will give you some of her happy pills.

CELEBRITY Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton - leather jacket to match her leather skin (somebody needs to stay off the tanning bed)...and did somebody punch you in the mouth or is that collagen:

This Is London reported, "A teary eyed Paris Hilton leaves the scene of the crime." 

Wasn’t a good month for Kaballah cult member Paris Hilton. She was arrested...again…for speeding...again....and driving on a suspended licenses with her taillights off.

She did this in violation of her probation and now faces another fine and 90 days in jail (now would be a good time to call your Kaballah mentor Madonna and ask for tips on how to bribe the judge, i.e. stocks).

Police Officer: You are not Fred Sanford. How many times have we told you to stay off the Ripple!

Police Officer: Bimbo's gonna be walking.

Police Officer: hope she doesn't get picked up for something else:

Police Officer: we need to start charging her rent down at the station.

"She was arrested for driving on a suspended license, which is a misdemeanor. Her car was impounded and she was cited and released."

Who told her it was okay to go out with her make up looking like that. The nose make-up is just bizarre. This is why it is not good to take a hit before you do your make-up:

Earlier in the month, with her life in tatters from the Paris Exposed web site that revealed her to be a sick, cruel human being and a terribly racist person, she was seen crying in public stating, “I don’t know what to do.” First thing you can do...is blend that make up on your nose.

Trash Thrown At Paris In Vienna

Paris upon hearing her own CD:

(I always knew I'd like Vienna). While making an appearance in Vienna, trash was thrown at Paris by the audience. She interpreted it as a sign of approval. THEY WERE THROWING TRASH AT YOU!

Wow, who knew they were so symbolic. I'd have just told her she stinks, but I like their use of symbolism better.

Just teasing, but it did happen.

What Did She Do To Tinkerbelle

What happened to her dog. Do we really wanna know. According to experts, based on the nail color, she did a switch-a-roo (either that or she killed the original one) and it's not the same dog she named Tinkerbelle.  

CELEBRITY Gwen Stefani

The hair is so bleached, it looks gray. Something about this pic reminds me of the Joker from Batman:


With the recent under performance of her criminal copyright infringing album, Gwen Stefani, has decided to abandon her solo career and go back to No Doubt. The arrogance, greed, selfishness and repeated violations of copyright law she displayed has no doubt hurt her name and career and she is hoping reuniting with her old band will fix that. Don't hold your breath.

CELEBRITY Anna Nicole Smith 1967-2007

Anna Nicole Smith died in South Florida on February 8, 2007, while on vacation with her boyfriend, Howard Stern. She lived a troubled life, filled with hard drug use, prescription medicine abuse, alcoholism, promiscuous sex, dabbling in the occult and tragedy. She also lost 69 pounds rapidly on the diet pill Trim Spa, which is a product that is not good for the average heart.

I wrote about her three months ago in the November column click here, stating it would be beneficial if she went into rehab. Continued drug abuse and alcoholism will wear away at anybody. It has been scientifically proven to destroy the body, and sadly, sometimes the soul as well. 

For years I thought she embraced Marilyn Monroe's persona too much and it helped to send her down the wrong path. And now, she was found dead and naked in bed, with a lot of pills in the room, like her idol Marilyn Monroe.

I remember an article I read years ago about Anna living in Marilyn Monroe's old home in Hollywood, and while high on drugs one day, seeing a picture of Monroe come to life as demonic figures trying to draw her into the picture.

The article stated she would go insane and grow terrified when that would happen, and start to quote Bible verses, as it was the only thing that calmed her down and kept those demons at bay.

She wasn't the picture of the blushing bride. She looked very sad on her wedding day to a man 60 years her senior:

She was most known for her epic legal battle with her deceased elderly husband's estate, the late J. Howard Marshall, to get a huge chunk of the money he left behind and left her out of, after she married him when she was 26 and he 86. I never agreed with her doing that, as I stated in previous Columns (September 2005 and September 2006).

The legal battle to gain a fortune from a will she was not in, only served to destroy her name even more, with her being branded a gold digger.

J Howard Marshall's son, Pierce (left), Anna Nicole (right) during legal battle

That was his family's money and he made his wishes clear in his will. He married her, and after one month, she went about her business, leaving him heartbroken. That most likely aided his decision.

She had many highs and lows in her life. Mostly the latter, actually. She exploited people and people exploited her as well. There are so many odd parallels in her life that it is not even funny.

Anna and son Daniel

Anna struggled with drug abuse. Later her only son did as well, with it leading to an unintentional overdose and his passing.

She fought tooth and nail over her deceased husband's money, going against his wishes. Now, people are fighting tooth and nail over her money.

It was reported that years ago, she fought her deceased husband's son over his body that ended up being cremated, giving him half the ashes and the other half to Anna, in what can only be described as undignified. Half the body resting in one place, half in another, so to speak. Who would want that for themself.

Fast forward years later, a court battle is being waged over her body, in a trial that became a circus, replete with news that her body is decomposing more rapidly than expected, therefore a decision has to be reached quickly. Further adding to the indignity, her mother, who she didn't speak to for 10 years, wants to dig up Anna's son she buried in the Bahamas and bring both bodies to Texas, their place of birth, for burial.

I think her mother should leave his grave undisturbed in the Bahamas. As I wrote back in the November 2006 Column, "Bahamian officials are also concerned about her character, in her bid for residency. However, as her child is buried there, they should and have been, dealing easy with her. Her life has been turned upside down through choices she has made."

Sadly, now that life is gone.


The fame and excess wasn’t worth her dying young. What is her place in history. She was made fun of more than anything due to her erratic, salacious lifestyle that was fuelled by drugs, alcohol and promiscuity. She didn't like it either, as she voiced her hurt at being the punch line.

The sad part about it is, the path she chose was unnecessary. She was a pretty girl with charisma. She could have become a comedic actress. She didn’t have to go the nude model route, but so many women get caught up in that thinking that they are not good enough for anything else, which is a lie.

I remember an interview a woman did for a mainstream entertainment news outlet, where she joked she had to get drunk to do a playboy shoot. She wasn’t kidding though, as she drank to get the courage to do it.

With some of the things you've seen women like Anna Nicole, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears do, degrading themselves, it’s hard for them to look at themselves in the mirror after, so they take drugs and drink alcohol to mask the pain.

CELEBRITY Britney Samson Spears

Did Britney go Hare Krishna (kidding). In last month's Column I wrote about Britney's receding hair line click here. Well, now, looks like it's receded all the way...when she, during a psychotic episode, shaved her head. She looks like a sick cult member/zombie in a commune.

An insane Britney Spears psychotically raging the next day in public:

Britney Spears gave the world a bird's eye view into one of the most spectacular breakdowns in music history. And what a breakdown it was. It wasn’t your run of the mill kind of breakdown, either. It was a super-cali-fragilistic-expi-ali-docious, out the ball park, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest kind of breakdown.

For four months now I have been writing in this Column that she was going to "self-destruct" by this year and at the time, journos who read the site regularly probably thought I was kidding or exaggerating.

Because the attitude in certain circles is, pop stars are above everyone else, when the fact of the matter is their behavior is usually worse than everyone else's, with very little or no talent to justify their fame, and a good number of them being a danger to the public.

Britney forgot to wax the moustache (well, if she is gonna get rid of the hair on her head...)

The day after Spears had what is clearly a psychotic break, due to drugs and cult involvement (Kaballah), writers across the board began using the term "self-destruct" in reference to her.

When I saw that, I thought to myself, for months now I have been using that term to define her, while the media, some articles paid for and placed, others just deluded and in denial, kept flattering her for things that didn't merit flattery, but rebuke. All the while I'm thinking, there's something very wrong with her. Her mind is gone.

First she started getting drunk and puking all over the place, several times over two weeks. She was clearly spiraling out of control. For months I have also been writing on here that she clearly has a serious drug problem.

This month it has been confirmed by witnesses, her admission into rehab and her ex-husband, Jason Alexander, going on record in US Weekly stating Britney regularly does the drugs Ecstasy, cocaine, valium and vicodin.

Then she started partying heavily, even switching clothes with strippers, which isn't safe for the strippers. Next Britney checked into rehab…then out of rehab…then into rehab….then out of rehab.

Just Ho-riffic!

Britney “you don’t have to put on that red dress”

That dress isn’t a good idea. You sure it wasn’t a blouse. You’re a mother of two. Going out in a tank top alone should be off limits.

On February 15, 2007, a rabbi/American TV Counselor, Shmuley Boteach, said something to her in an open letter released to the press, that also contained things I said the month before in this Column, Britney thinks it's a “big party,” is rarely home and acts like she has no responsibilities as a parent:

"We can all pretend that life is one big party devoid of responsibility. And rarely being home, or coming home drunk..." -  Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Now you've got different people telling you the same thing. You need to wake up.

But in-between all the checking in and out…Britney had a psychotic break, shaved her head, got tattooed and showed a hidden side of her - psychotic rage and schizophrenia, in clear sight of the camera toting paparazzi.

Britney with bruise on her hip (scroll down for another bruise on her right leg):

Britney wrongfully assaulted a photographer, unprovoked. She ran out of the driver's seat of a running car, ran 30 feet and began wildly swinging an umbrella at him, creating a big red welt on his back. She then violently attacked one of the photographers' cars.

This is a serious indication that she is a danger to the public and her children. There is no excuse for this and people needn't encourage or applaud her for the aforementioned conduct, lest she does something worse and more violent:

Britney violently attacking an empty vehicle in a psychotic rage:

Britney's desperate ramblings at the hair salon where she shaved her head against the hairdresser's wishes, rages and wide eyed looks, is that of a cult member who had a psychotic break. That wasn't just drugs or post partum depression.

There are many people in the industry who are on drugs, but they are not crazy. They are not psychotic. They are not insane.  Britney, however, is all of those things and it is the lingering effects of the brainwashing from the Kabballah cult.

She is behaving like a textbook example of a religious cult member having a psychotic episode, which is serious. Spears went to Kaballah classes, read the books and received personal instruction from several of the cult's members.

Spears' eyes are so filled with rage. She's clearly snapped:

Bruise on her right leg:

The last Kaballah cult member who had a psychotic break like this, unprovoked, attacked and murderer 2 innocent people, her elderly grandmother and boyfriend. Her name is Fiona Davis. I've written about her on this site before.

She had that same wild eyed, rage filled, psychotic look, as Britney, and was wandering all over town, spontaneously running in and out of transport, like Britney, uncontrollably doing and saying incoherent and strange things, as described by witnesses in London, once again, like Britney .

A doctor later described Fiona Davis as the "sickest person" he'd ever seen. Ironically, last week, Britney's dad referred to her in an interview as, "a sick little girl."

Both Britney and Fiona also started struggling with severe depression as well, before they self-destructed. 

Britney Complained Of Being Bugged

Fiona Davis, like Britney, complained of being "bugged" with people being in her place, knowing her movements and personal business, which are all sick trademarks of the Kabbalah cult, who have been outed for performing acts of criminal invasion of privacy and trespassing, against innocent, unsuspecting people, to use the content of said illegal surveillance to harass and swindle targets out of their assets.

It's a type of mind control and manipulation that in some cases produces psychosis, if the person isn't smart enough to understand there is a logical, technological reason behind the bizarre incidents causing other people to know their private business and what goes on in their home.

The Kabbalah cult and Scientology cult have illegally put a number of unwitting people under surveillance, in ways that are a serious violation of the law and constitute severe human rights abuses.

The contents of the illegal wiretapping and invasive property bugging were then used as collateral to blackmail and or manipulate people into doing what they want or to control the target's valuable assets.

Britney, however, knew Kabbalah was a sick cult, but because it used to be trendy, she got involved. The things they had her doing publicly and I shudder to think what privately, rumored in the industry to be very bad, were wrong. Once again, she knew better and had enough indicators that she was participating in inappropriate conduct.  

And if you trace back when Britney's erratic, reckless behavior began, it is when she joined the Kabbalah cult at Madonna's insistence. Right around the time of that MTV kiss, that based on reports, Britney did not want to do. Articles stated Madonna kept barking at her "c'mon Britney" during the rehearsals. That woman really is vile.

The Britney the world knew is gone, replaced by a new one, who will never be the same. Her mind has been messed with by a sick cult. Her problems with her divorce and declining career, only compounded it.

She is a danger to herself (o.d., suicide), her children and the people around her. She needs to be supervised around her kids as well, for their safety, lest something seemingly simple triggers her and something bad happens. As I wrote a year ago, I never believed Britney's nanny dropped the baby on his head, creating that injury to the poor child.

While she can get off drugs, her mind has been mentally harmed. Most doctors can't undo the irreparably mess left behind by cults. They can only try to improve certain things, which is why it is best to stay away from cults. Still, there is hope.

If her parents decide to finally act like parents, instead of encouraging her in every bit of foolishness that will make a buck and keep them living in luxury (her mother inexplicably allowed Britney to pose in her underwear on the cover of Rolling Stone at age 16 and additionally said in an interview that her kiss with Madonna on TV, during respectable viewing hours, was "cool"), they will not only see to it that she gets off drugs, but that she gets help for the mental problems she now has due to the cult. 


Britney was admitted to Promises rehab center in Malibu. However, the next day she checked herself out again, after having done the same at another rehab facility in Antigua earlier in the week.

She then went to the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles, wearing an ill-fitting, Carroll Channing knock off wig:

With no credit card, Britney tried to check into said hotel, but was refused. She started crying, “No one wants me” upon which, some tourists felt sorry for her and helped her. They bought her a bikini at the gift shop and let her stay in their room. Photos and a article have since surfaced in US Weekly to support the story.

Then Britney went out to the hotel pool and tried to switch bikinis with someone again, further opting to shave her legs, pool side, in public.

The Mondrian Hotel pool

Danger To Her Kids

A TMZ Survey of 21,570 people found that 80% of the people said K-Fed should get the kids, while, if you can add, you know that means, only 20% said Britney should get the kids.

It proves what I have been writing on here for months, "team K-Fed" because he is clearly the more sane one. It's sad it took something like this for people to see that. I'm not saying he is perfect, as he did quite a few things wrong, but compared to Britney, he is the better parent.

The safety and wellfare of those beautiful little kids should be first and foremost. Not sparing anyone's image or planned album and tour and leaving the kids in jeopardy.

All too often, too many allowances are made for out of control celebrities, which endangers innocent people who have rights too.  

Public Balks At Britney Bald

She is not a cancer patient or someone naturally balding, where it looks natural. The public saw her shave her head in an erratic, irrational manner and later behave violently. This is what they will associate her new bald look with. It was a bad idea. People needn't tell her it's great or inventive because it is not. It is not flattering on her in particular either. Don't encourage her with it. She needs to grow her hair back.

A TMZ survey found Britney's new look:

52,376 survey

fugly = 87%

Hot = 13%

Article Headlines About Britney's Conduct

Toronto Star: Shear Madness From Bald Brit 

Shanghaiist: We're Pretty Sure Britney Doesn't Know What 'Tonsure' Means

Mail And Guardian: The Bald Truth

Times Of India: Britney Sheared

Drudge Report: Britney Bald Breakdown

Cinema Blend: Britney: Bald But Not Proud

ABC News 7: Britney Out Of Control

Fans “declared the look less flattering”

“Her head is completely shaved. It looks terrible.”

“Completely Vile.”

“She had no hair left on her head. She looks like she’s having an issue right now”

Some internet feedback from members of the public on Britney's out of control conduct:


“Sinead Spears”

“Britney Shears”

“She looks like Justin”

“Wow what a loser. She has no life what so ever. All she wants is attention”

“I think she’s gone crazy due to everything that’s happened.”

“She is crazy ya’ll” 


“her son is going to think k-fed is back at home” – shopping cart

“she looks like a psycho” – azi

“I feel terrible for enjoying this, because it really does seem like she is in a bad place. But it’s all just so unbelievably fantastic.” – apollonian 315

“severe public meltdowns freak me out, so I think I’ve been ignoring the signs and just thinking her a drunk whore. I guess not. B**** crazy.

“she’s insane” – hyun joong

“she is out of control…I give her 2 more years before she gets anna nicole smith’d”

 “I feel sorry for her, she’s a mess and clearly needs help. However, I am totally enjoying it.” – anatomiae

“Wow she’s really gone off the deep end.” – marauderthsen

“Britney has gone crazy” – red pearls

“this is the best meltdown ever. Maybe because we have been watching it unfold from day one. Thanks Britney.” – annaed884

“mental health warrant. psychotic breaks are always sad, but this one is ridiculous” – kerrence

“the b**** has completely snapped” – the tight rope 


There was a story on the Sandra Rose web site stating rapper Jay-Z has a son, but he paid the mother, a Trinidadian model named Shanelle, $1,000,000 to keep his name off the birth certificate.

If this is true, and Jay-Z and the boy do look a lot alike, that was terrible. How's the boy going to feel later. He is a beautiful child. He deserves more than that insult from the likes of you, baby seller. I hope the baby grows up to be famous like Shaq and writes a song about you, a la Shaq.

Take a look and tell me if this isn't Jay-Z jr:

Photo and caption from Bossip

Jay-Z & Cherry Coke

Jay-Z has endorsed Cherry Coke, because you know, he's a hardcore rapper, thug, hustler and it's a "Hard Knock Life."

Cherry Coke? How fruity gangsta of you.



Is Beyonce trying to morph into Cassie

It's creepy that she keeps stealing other singer's trademark looks (Jennifer Lopez, Kelis). Has she no shame. Is her mind that blank that she can't think for and or be herself. Or does she feel she is entitled to not only her stuff but everyone else's.


- Sandra Rose web site

One I noticed recently:

Cassie before @ Knick game 2006

Beyonce after @ Knicks game 2007

Once again, that's creepy. You are supposed to be a singer, not a fan, going around emulating singer's trademark looks. It looks weird that you do that. By the way, Cassie rocked it better.

Beyonce Snubs Jennifer Hudson

Articles stated Beyonce left Jennifer Hudson's name off the guest list at her industry parties. Thanks to her Destiny's Child spotlight hogging and limelight rigging, someone's ego clearly can't handle being second fifth best.

OSCAR WINNER Hudson (that hurts doesn't it), became the star of the film Dreamgirls, even though Beyonce played the lead role.

I think it was your deeds coming back to you, humbling you, for what you did to those girls in Destinys Child, in your over ambitious quest for fame, in that someone you clearly thought was beneath you, walked away top dog, upstaging you.

Beyonce v. Jennifer Hudson Magazine Cover Wars

Hudson also beat her to the Vogue cover, as the first black singer featured on the cover of the aforementioned mag.

Hey, everybody can't be Jordan, get over it. There are many singers and actresses out there who are better at their craft than you are. You need to just appreciate your career for what it is and cut out the rubbish. There are too many great singers and actresses who came before you that excelled at their craft to levels you will never touch based on your work, style and conduct.

Beyonce did however get the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue...only to be greeted by disses by SI subscribers threatening to cancel their subscriptions, as they expected and wanted a model on the cover.

Beyonce And The Gluefronts Lacefronts

How many citations have you been given by countless blogs about these lacefront wigs that look like they've been attached with Elmer's school glue. It doesn't look natural:

From Sandra Rose's site:

Beyonce Stealing Again

Beyonce and her corrupt, thieving, cocaine and sex parties having pimp daddy Matthew have announced the re-release of her latest album that met with lower sales than expected, with the addition of two new songs, one of them, a copyright infringing one that is going to get her in a world of brand new international legal trouble. It's titled "Worldwide Woman."

More on that in the next Column...

MUSIC Timbaland v. Scott Storch


Scott Storch

Two producers who live in Miami, Timbaland and Scott Storch, are now fighting each other. Timbaland dissed Storch on the ridiculous "Give It To Me" and Storch fired back with a better sounding, albeit profane, "Built Like That."

Sorry Tim, I call it how I see it. You let a white Jewish guy from the suburbs pimp slap you on wax (LOL).

He outed Timbaland on something I also wrote about in the Column a month ago - reports that he steals music and takes credit for songs he didn't do. Storch used to work for him and claims in his song, Timbaland did that to him as well.

It also has a line about a producer working under Timbaland named Danja, who according Storch, "makes the hits while you take all the credit" stating the guy "hates you with a passion" for doing that to him. Oh how the mighty have fallen.  

Either way, not a fan of what either of them do and in my opinion, neither one of them are gangster or hardcore, as many in the industry love to claim about themselves.

Tim is like a negro Care Bear and Scott is the most pimpalicious Jew ever (look at the pictures below). If either of you had to rough it in the woods, you'd be crying and hugging each other before sundown (kidding):


MUSIC Madonna Lawsuit

I sent in the legal petition to the Supreme Court, but there has been some problems with that, some of them eye brow raising. I will post the full details of it shortly and the current status of the case before it goes international.

My family and I are currently working on some things in regards to the case, that has gotten out of control on the Defendants end, in that we have to abide by the law, which we wouldn't dream of doing anything less, but thanks to Robert Mueller of the FBI's and his shameful criminal negligence, the Defendants in the case, clearly don't have to follow the law.

Some additional sick, despicable human rights violations occurred, which we hold him responsible for as well, as if he had not exercised such great levels of criminal negligence in the case, it would not have happened. We will address it shortly.

This case is also delaying the album's release in that my family and I are working to try to better protect my new works from those money grubbing criminals who are openly breaking the law. 

PLEASE BOYCOTT New E! show "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"

A new E! produced show titled "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" is a rip off of a documentary I copyrighted almost a year ago titled "City Of Broken Dreams." The content and names of the projects are extremely similar, containing duplicates, even focusing on the same stars. The new E! knock off premiered last week and is about the same thing as my documentary I copyrighted way before their show was even thought up and put into production.

Once again, Madonna is still criminally using my copyrighted catalog in willful, flagrant violation of international law. My project is copyrighted and unreleased, but they gained a copy of it through illegal hacking and used it in criminal violation of the law (see hacking reports confirming how these copyrights are being illegally access then used, as confirmed by computer specialists click here.

I also bought the name for mine back in the first week of July 2006. I filmed for it and worked on it during my trip to L.A. last June that I wrote about here. Here is the name registration for my documentary film "City Of Broken Dreams" they ripped off, from 7 months ago, registered in my company's name, Sonustar:

BOYCOTT Hillary Duff CD "Dignity"

There are a few more infringements I spotted recently. Three songs that I have read the lyrics to, of 5, from Hillary Duff's forthcoming CD, bear serious infringements. The songs are titled "Where's Your Dignity," "Happy" and "Burned" and are direct rip offs of songs from my Copyright Catalog.

She is such a fraud, claiming she wrote them. The nerve of that phony little witch. She's no better than the rest of the crooks in Hollywood, though she pretends to be so innocent.

Duff was in the film Madonna and her company Maverick stole from my Copyrighted Catalog, and changed the name from Contemporary Girl to Material Girl to Material Girls. I wrote about it a few months ago on the lawsuit page found here.  

Not to mention, Duff's new song "With Love" rips off Sade's "Nothing Can Come Between Us." So I guess she is now one of the industry's latest thieves.

Robbie Disses Guy Ritchie's Ex Girlfriend On Song With Madonna's Approval

Madonna probably put him up to it, due to Guy Ritchie's ex slamming her publicly for stealing him. Strecker shouldn't get mad, though. Madonna ruined Guy Ritchie's life and career and aged horribly. Whilst she looks great and is dating a Rothschild. I'd say he reaped what he sowed.

The song is titled "She's Madonna" (it should be titled "She's Irrelevant"). Not only is someone, Rod Stewart's son, threatening to sue Robbie for stealing the lyrics (boy, anytime Madonna is in the picture, there is some ripping off going on), the song is ridiculous and bombed.

I also noticed some rip offs in the song that are directly lifted from the old song "Can’t take my eyes off you." Creativity is clearly out the window these days.  

Warner Digital Sales Drop 74%

Warner Music, home to Madonna, experienced a 74% drop in sales and a $5 stock price drop to $18.00+ dollars a share. Don't worry. Give them time. The stock will actually drop to $5 per share.

74% sales drop...that’s not a drop, that’s a plummet. 74%...is that all. That is bad. Very bad. CD sales are the ones that have been dropping, with people calling digital sales the avenue to boost losses from CDs, so it is a very bad sign that they hemorrhaged that much money in digital.

Here’s how you can spin it next time, write some foolishness like:

"We have shown a gain in losses from last year." Confuse the life out of everybody, shareholders and stock analysts alike. 

SPORTS Tennis – Roger Federer Beats Record



Roger Federer broke the record for the most weeks at #1 in tennis. The previous record, held by Jimmy Connors, was 160 weeks. Roger is on week 161. My dad is right, "Federer is a machine. Plug him in and it's over."


AERONAUTICS Water Found On Mars



It was reported by NASA last week that water was found on Mars. Really. What, no Tang?


 AERONAUTICS Astronaut Charged With Kidnapping



File this one under crazy-for-no-reason. She is being called “wacky” and “astro-nut.”



Lisa Nowak, a NASA astronaut and married mother of 3, drove nearly 1,000 miles…in a diaper…and a wig…and trench coat…from Texas to Florida, to beatdown the 30 year old girlfriend of a man she was romantically interested in, fellow astronaut, Bill Oefelein.



Shipman, 30, was being stalked by, Nowak, 44.


Girl, you better be glad she didn’t catch you. It would have been the Wicked Witch and Silence of the Lambs all rolled in one. You were about to become the TV movie of the week.



Nowak in custody and not looking very pleased about it.


Nowak approached Shipman’s car, and according to psychologists, used the classic stalker line “I just want to talk to you.” Shipman, using her head, cracked the window instead of opening the door. Fair enough…not really, as Nowak sprayed her with pepper spray through the cracked window.


You know, pepper spray is supposed to be used by victims holding off an attacker. Not jealous, married astronauts, hunting down innocent members of the public, who had the supposed nerve to be single and get into a relationship with a single man (yea, this doesn't make sense to me either). But to teach her a lesson, the unavailable, married astronaut hosed her down with pepper spray.


The Space Shuttle would have just been doing loopdeloops one day and everybody would have been wondering why.



Lisa Marie Nowak was charged with kidnapping Colleen Shipman. I am of the belief, that based on the preparation, single mindedness and tenaciousness she used in stalking this woman, along with the items found on her, a knife with a 5-inch blade, steel mallet, BB gun, rope, garbage bags and tubing, she had every intention of inflicting permanent damage on that woman.


(Um, what was the tubing for?)


She said she wanted to “scare her” into talking to her. But hat business did she have talking to her. The woman wasn’t bothering anyone and as stated above, she and the other dude are single. Nowak was not. There was nothing to talk about. I believe she just wanted to harm the woman. 


People get dumped and or rejected all the time. They might tell you a few cusswords or in more extreme cases slash your tires…but then they move on. But this was an extreme reaction.


Some people, especially well known ones, are good at hiding the crazy, until one day, the mask falls off and scares the doodoo out of everyone.


I don’t think she is clinically crazy, per se. I think she is evil. She wanted something that was off limits to her and decided she was going to remove the one thing standing in her way to get it…Colleen Shipman. 


SOCIAL Bisexuals Who Don’t Tell Their Partners The True Extent Of Their Sexual Activities

There are bisexual women who don't tell their boyfriends or husbands about their bisexual activities or the true extent of it,  end up contracting HIV quicker than many and bringing it home to their unsuspecting partner.

There are new strains of HIV that have been found, which doctors in King County said this month, are resisting medication.

There are a lot of jokes and salacious comments in pop culture that encouraging women to be bisexual to make certain men happy, but what happens when it turns to disease and broken dreams, due to promiscuity, which is dangerous.

What happens when that man who encouraged his partner to be bi-sexual for his kicks or realized there was a problem like that in their relationship, but looked the other way to it anyway, hoping it wouldn't create problems, then down the road, she comes home crying telling you that she has HIV.

Or down the road, your football playing teen son, due to influences from his mother, tells you he is confused about his sexuality. And what happens if being with a bi-sexual woman starts confusing you about your sexuality.

I'm not bashing gay people. I am a Christian and do not believe in homosexuality, but I don't hate gay people. It is your life. However, if you choose to be gay, that is your choice. But there are some men who do not choose to be gay, are in  relationships with bisexual women, not realizing what they are truly setting themselves up for that may go against what they want for themselves and their future families.

If you are straight, you should be in a committed relationship with a straight person, who shares your beliefs about sexuality, to spare yourself the heartbreak of what could and has happened to people, who did not realize what they were truly signing themselves up for.

SOCIAL Racism: The Hatred Of Others

Happy Black History month. I want to use this opportunity to talk about the racial problems and hang ups that exist in society. The only way people are going to make these things better is by talking about it.

When you look at the nonsensical hatred that surround Martin Luther King jr. during his life, it is astonishing. Astonishing that he was a good man, who strove to improve society, on the premise that all are created equal in the sight of God, yet he was treated like a criminal. That was a very shameful way to treat a man of God. 

His death seared an ugly image in the world’s mind of what the end result of the racial hatred of others can be. Here was one of the best people in the world, arrested for being black, targeted by the FBI for being too influential and killed for preaching God's message that all are equal.

But how far have we come from that. Let's see:

1. You've got people, even liberals, like Paris Hilton and Michael Richards publicly using racial slurs.

2. The FBI and NSA are still wiretapping people left right and center who shouldn't be according to the Constitution, relying on gray areas of the law to do this.

3. Blacks and minorities in general don't have much of a say in Congress.

4. Minorities still make less money than whites in many jobs, even those positions minorities are equally qualified for.

5. The KKK hasn't disbanded and is still around talking trash.

6. Racially based crimes are still being committed in high numbers.

7. Black business are still sometimes illegally run into the ground and pillaged by some, not all, white competitors out of greed, malice, racial and cultural hatred (Aisha looking at Hollywood).

Only one state apologized for slavery (Virginia did this month). No reparations were made by the country to black people for many years of racial hatred, brutality, abuse and free labor.

To be fair, we as minorities are to blame for some things too. While minorities can now vote, how often do we. We can better ourselves socially and educationally, but how often do most of us do that.

We can help build up society in some way, whether it be charitable donations, creating awareness about social ills or giving of our time to good causes, but how often do most of us do that.

I do those things and know others who do as well. I recommend you do the same too. However, over all, while progress has been made, clearly not enough, that history can still be repeating itself, as mentioned above, with numbers 1 through 7 listed, still happening.

Racial Stereotypes

There are so many stereotypes out there that I have lost count. Stereotypes like "All black people love watermelon and chicken."

There are also degrading sexual stereotypes about minorities that people joke about publicly that really aren't funny. Some see minorities sexually as a piece of meat, animals, dirty or not human. Rude comments are also made in reference to anatomy.

I find it very hard to believe, that God who made us all, would make anybody a piece of meat or dirty based on their race. He didn't. That has to do with racial and social perceptions of people that amazingly, some choose to perpetuate, stigmatizing others they deem lesser based on race or culture.

LEGAL FILE Robert Mueller (FBI)

The FBI Can't Find Their Stuff - 160 Laptops And Numerous Guns Missing

Robert Mueller: I didn't know it was a laptop. I threw it out. It was about this wide and kept buzzing and flashing. It said something on it like, doors or Windows or something. I thought it was a tray with a hidden bug (you know what those Russian spies are like).

I have a question. I've never owned a gun and really don't want one, but how do you lose a gun. To the average lay person that just doesn't sound right. How come you guys lose your guns, but Dick Cheney never loses his.

Article: FBI unsure if missing notebook PCs contain sensitive date

An article stated the FBI doesn't know what was on missing agency laptops. Wow, that's pretty bad. What if they had agents social security numbers and addresses, system passwords, national secrets, Mueller's secret projects he doesn't tell Congress about and wouldn't brief them on in a million years, lest they find out how far he's gone, pimp slap him, necessitating the need for a top defense attorney.

Laptops, guns lost in FBI fumble

No one would mistake FBI agents for the inept police officers in the early '60s sitcom Car 54, Where Are You?

Then again ...

The U.S. Justice Department's inspector general reports that the FBI lost 160 laptop computers and the same number of weapons, including six submachine guns, over the past four years. "Perhaps most troubling, the FBI could not determine in many cases whether the lost or stolen laptop computers contained sensitive or classified information," the audit found.

Where the contents of the missing laptops were identified, one contained the names, addresses and phone numbers of FBI personnel; another had software for creating identification badges; and another was used to "process surveillance-related electronic digital imaging." In other words, it was information the nation wouldn't want in the hands of criminals or terrorists.

Those findings were bad enough, but the FBI's response to the audit was worse. Instead of owning up to its shortcomings and vowing to do better in the future, FBI assistant director John Miller almost bragged of the agency's "significant progress in decreasing the rate of loss for weapons and laptops."

True, the audit reported that compared with the initial two-year review in 2002 - which found the FBI had lost 317 laptops and 212 weapons - the recent numbers are lower. But tell us, Mr. Miller, what number of lost computers containing sensitive information and submachine guns is acceptable to the FBI? We would hope that number is zero.

In fact, there is no reason for Americans to feel reassured that the FBI has gotten the message. Too often it doesn't even report stolen computers or guns to the National Crime Information Center as required. The FBI failed to report 23 of the stolen guns to the NCIC and 136 of the missing laptops.

Congress should demand better accountability from the FBI for its careless disregard of public trust.

1. Had they been mandated to take off their shoes, empty their water bottles, discard baby bottles with formula, throw away lighters, etc., none of this would have happened ! ;-) ;-) ;-) Keystone Cops .....by Donald 02/14/07 06:36 AM

2. Simple arrogance and totally clueless about security. Our vaulted front line of defense on American soil. - by dave

3. There was a bigger uproar over the stolen VA laptop - some how, that doesn't make sense. - by frank 02/14/07 12:57 PM

- A Times Editorial

FBI lost 160 of its computers in 44 months, report says
Some laptops had classified data -- 160 weapons gone, too

(02-13) 04:00 PST Washington -- Every month, the FBI loses track of three to four laptop computers, some of which contain classified or sensitive information, according to a report released Monday by the inspector general for the Department of Justice.

During a 44-month period from Feb. 1, 2002, to Sept. 30, 2005, the bureau reported 160 lost or stolen laptops, according to the report. In addition, the bureau said 160 weapons had been lost or stolen.

Inspector General Glenn Fine said that was an improvement for the FBI because, in the previous 28-month period, 317 laptops were reported lost or stolen -- about 11 a month. In the same time frame, officials could not account for 354 weapons. - San Francisco Chronicle

Robert Mueller: I don't even know about computers, you really expect me to know what was on them.  

FBI Let 4 Innocent Men Rot In Jail For 30 Plus Years To Protect A Mafia Criminal Contact

Here is a very telling and sickening story about how 4 innocent men were left to rot in prison FOR 30 YEARS, while the FBI knew they had been framed, but to protect a criminal informant they had in the mafia, they looked the other way.

These 4 men suffered, spent 30 years in prison, while their families had to struggle through without them. That means they missed 30 Christmases, 30 Easters and the important moments in their kids lives.  

I just don't know what to think of the FBI anymore. Even when I pray, I say to God, there must be some good people in there, they can't all be like him (Mueller).

Then you read stories like these where criminal negligence was utilized 30 years ago, destroying 4 innocent men's lives and that of their families. This has been going on for some time.

Then you read about the Mark Foley scandal where Mueller's office in Washington was notified of how he was sexually harassing underage Congressional pages right in Mueller's vicinity and did nothing to stop it. Well what are you there for then?

How can people think well of you under the circumstances. You call this excellence? What kind of law enforcement model is it when you look the other way to serious crime and allow innocent people, even children, to suffer, for reasons that can never be justified or excused.

Stories like these, Martin Luther King jr, the Mark Foley scandal and others, give the public the impression the agency just doesn't care. The following story is appalling beyond words:

At what price the FBI’s treachery? 4 families abused by feds await some ju$tice

Wednesday, February 28, 2007 - Updated: 12:53 AM EST

No one paid much attention 42 years ago when Edward “Teddy” Deegan, a very minor street gremlin, made his graceless exit from this vale of tears.

But then, back on the night of March 12, 1965, who could ever have imagined all who would die when this anonymous hood caught a couple of bullets in a Chelsea alley?

In a twist of fate more bizarre than ironic, the anniversary of Teddy’s demise is likely to be memorialized with an epic judgment against the federal government in general - and the FBI in particular - that could exceed $100 million.

The question is not whether U.S. District Court Judge Nancy Gertner will find for the plaintiffs who were framed for the Deegan murder.

It is how much compensation she decides to award to Joseph Salvati and Peter Limone, who survived a total of 64 years in prison, as well as to relatives of Louis Greco and Henry Tameleo, who died behind bars.

So far, they have received the sincere apologies of the governor(s) who vacated their wrongful convictions, along with the condolences of congressmen who gagged on the twisted tale of FBI treachery that left a trail of human wreckage in the wake of Teddy Deegan’s innocuous death.

But not a penny for all the lost years, or what has been clinically referred to as the FBI’s notion, “acceptable collateral damage.”

Yesterday, a fleet of lawyers described that “collateral damage” in searing detail.

Michael Avery began by reminding a packed courtroom - where a trio of congressmen sat in the front row - that Joe Salvati and Peter Limone were not supposed to be there. Our government had intended for them die in prison, Avery said, describing how bolts of electricity were scheduled to burn through the flesh of Limone, Greco and Tameleo.

The story of how a ruthlessly ambitious pair of G-men, H. Paul Rico and Dennis Condon, conspired to protect a psychotic hit man and serial killer named Joe “The Animal” Barboza was laid out in linear fashion, with the FBI’s own internal documents as road signs.

“When you hear the story presented like that,” Bill Delahunt remarked, “you gain a real appreciation for the culture of treachery that existed.” And still exists.

As sinister and sordid as this “liability” presentation was, the most haunting aspect of what occurred in Nancy Gertner’s courtroom yesterday was when the “damages” inflicted upon wives, children, grandparents, brothers, sisters, grandchildren - all the so-called “acceptable collateral damage” - was spelled out.

Unlike the families of Joe Salvati and Peter Limone, which were held together by a pair of heroic wives, Louis Greco’s family perished when what had been a conventional suburban life fell apart with his imprisonment.

Greco was a hero of Bataan who was awarded 12 medals, survived 10 operations and and was fearless enough to stare down a thug like Barboza in defense of a friend. And when Teddy Deegan was killed in that Chelsea alley, Louis Greco had taken his wife to a movie in Florida... - Boston Herald Columnist

'Things got worse' without them

Framed men's relatives recall lives left behind

Looking back, Edward Greco calls them "the wonder years." His family lived in a nice Colonial in Peabody. His father built him a fort in the backyard and was always around for family dinners, homework help, and trips to the beach and ballpark.
Article Tools

Everything changed when Eddie Greco was 10. His father, Louis , a decorated World War II veteran, was arrested for a 1965 gangland murder in Chelsea, wrongfully convicted with three other men and sentenced to death.

"That time there was the most black time of my life," Edward Greco, now 49, recently told a federal judge as he testified about the disintegration of his family while his father sat on death row in the late 1960s. "Things got worse and worse at home."

His mother sank into depression, drank heavily, and became abusive and neglectful, failing to shop for groceries or do laundry . "There was no food in the house," said Edward Greco, who said he survived by eating leftovers from classmates' school lunches. "I had no clean clothes to wear. . . . and some of the pants I can't even button because I'm growing."

Life changed dramatically, too, for the families of the other three men convicted with Greco in state court while FBI documents that might have helped prove their innocence remained buried in the bureau's files.

Joseph Salvati and Peter J. Limone were in their early 30s when they went to prison, each leaving wives struggling to raise four young children. Henry Tameleo , who at 66 was the eldest of the group when he was arrested , left an ailing wife who died at home without him.

On Tuesday, a federal judge will hear final arguments in a civil suit seeking more than $100 million in damages from the government for the false imprisonment of Salvati and Limone, whose convictions in the slaying of Edward "Teddy" Deegan were overturned six years ago, and Greco and Tameleo, both of whom died in prison before they were exonerated.

Lawyers for the four men cited wrongful convictions nationwide in which more than $1 million was awarded per year of imprisonment. By that calculation, the government could be forced to pay at least $112 million.

US District Judge Nancy Gertner is expected to rule next month on whether the FBI is liable for failing to disclose documents during the 1968 trial that indicate the men were framed, and if so, how much the government should pay the men and their families.

US Justice Department lawyers have argued that the FBI is not liable because it had no obligation to share internal documents with state prosecutors or defense lawyers, and that the state prosecuted Salvati, Limone, Greco, and Tameleo after conducting an independent investigation. - Boston Globe

I always believe in turning things around so people can get an opportunity to see both sides of the story.

What if a member of the public knew of a crime that was about to go down, that a high ranking FBI official and a few special agents would end up getting blamed, arrested, prosecuted then thrown in federal prison for, for 5 years, amongst people they themselves had arrested at different times in unrelated incidents. Talk about being a target in prison.

What if that member of the public, shut their mouth about what they knew was going to happen, let it happen and let the FBI official and special agents rot in prison for 5 years. That's 1,825 days.

What if, year after year, said member of the public kept quiet, not vouching for the agents or the FBI high ranking official, not giving the government a statement that could free them. Would said agents and high ranking FBI official not be angry and devastated beyond words.

Yet this is the type of mistreatment that was allowed to transpire against 4 innocent men.

I say every agent who knew about what was done to the 4 men and looked the other way should be imprisoned. When you look the other way and let innocent people be harmed, you betray the public you are sworn to serve and disgrace the country.

Sen. asks if FBI will punish those who retaliated against agent

"WASHINGTON - One of the Senate's most vocal defenders of government whistleblowers wants to know if the FBI plans to discipline agents who a court found had retaliated against a Minneapolis agent who filed a sexual-discrimination complaint.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, sent the letter to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller on Monday regarding the case of Minneapolis agent Jane Turner, who recently won a $565,000 judgment against the agency.

"Given that her allegations have now been substantiated, I am writing to you for information about how you intend to hold supervisors accountable for the acts of retaliation," Grassley wrote in a letter to Mueller. Grassley's office released the letter Tuesday.

FBI spokeswoman Cathy Milhoan would only say that the agency has received the letter and will prepare a response.

Turner, who retired in 2003, also had a separate dispute with the FBI after she accused colleagues of stealing a Tiffany crystal globe from the World Trade Center ruins. Grassley had rallied to Turner's side over that issue as well.

In this week's letter to Mueller, Grassley asked how many FBI supervisors have been disciplined for retaliation over the past five years and what discipline will be taken against those who were involved in the actions against Turner.

He also asks about the role of three specific supervisory special agents in the Turner case, and whether the FBI plans to discipline them.

"Now that a jury has substantiated retaliation by the FBI in this case, I am anxious to find out what the FBI will do to demonstrate that your commitment to protecting FBI whistleblowers is more than just words," Grassley wrote. "Unless retaliators are held accountable, the FBI culture will not change."

He asked for a response by March 7.

In a statement, Grassley said: "It's time for the supervisors who retaliated against Jane Turner, and any other whistle blower for that matter, (to) be held accountable."

On Feb. 5, a jury awarded Turner $60,000 in damages for lost wages and $505,000 for emotional distress. According to one of her attorneys, Robert Hill, a statutory cap on monetary damages will require the judge to reduce the $505,000 to $300,000 - so she will get $360,000.

Records show Turner was rated superior or exceptional in her job reviews until she filed a sex discrimination complaint against her supervisor.

Turner's lawyer could not immediately be reached for comment." - Associated Press

LEGAL FILE South Florida Cops Busted

In the October 2006 Column I wrote about the dangers of crossing the line for law enforcement officers, engaging in acts of corruption and the consequences that can stem from it. The bad thing is, as I wrote months ago, when one or a few get caught, it makes the whole department look bad. Even the ones who didn't do anything.

This week a prime example of that happened in South Florida, in a case being talked about nationwide. 4 officers have been arrested as a part of an FBI sting into police corruption and bribery.

An article stated the sting began as a tip to the FBI about someone in that department, and over the course of 2 years, the FBI built a case, by lulling them into a false sense of security in having them think they were dealing with the mafia in breaking the law.


In light of the differences America and Cuba have been experiencing, in what seems like forever, why not sit down and talk it out. A few peaceful meetings with a few U.S. government representatives, local Cuban-American politicians, Cuban government officials and community leaders.

No yelling. No shouting. No assassination attempts. Just an exchange of thoughts and ideas to resolve a decades old conflict that isn't helping anyone, as Cuban-Americans can't go visit Cuba and do business with it as they like, nor can Cubans in Cuba regarding America.

It wouldn't hurt to talk.

The harsh economic sanctions that have been placed on Cuba and people who do business with Cuba in other parts of the world, by America, has not worked to bring democracy to the island, only create food and medicine shortages that hit the poor the hardest. Castro has seen more U.S. presidents come and go than the Oval Office, and even after his death, his ideals will still remain in his family and members of his cabinet.

This thing could go on indefinitely and the rift continues to widen. Talking, if done peaceful, not Jerry Springer show style, could ease the tensions as well.


Even if you walk away from the table still not agreeing, maybe you can walk away with a clearer picture of the other side's view, that was posed to you peacefully, which you can think about it for a bit, and one or both sides reach a compromise.

You can't stay mad at each other forever. Even the Berlin Wall fell.

SPIRITUAL Terrible Childhoods And Their Spiritual Effects

You ever notice how a bad childhood can mess up a person way into their adult years. Ever wonder why that is. The general societal view is that you are to shake off your childhood when you get older. But some people sustain serious traumas in their childhood that makes them cold, distant and emotionally numb when they get older. It makes them very hard to reach emotionally.

Some hold the trauma and anger inside, carrying a heavy burden that would break anyone. Some develop volatile tempers as a result. They internalize the bad things that happened, carry it with them in life, and it manifests as a very bad temper.

Women who were too rigid and cold while raising their sons, also do them a disservice. Later on, they are emotionally distant with their girlfriends or later their wives, as they associate them with you and the template you set. They see how you interacted with their father and how stern you were with them and it creates an emotional barrier they carry in life, spilling over into relationships they have.

Some girls were harmed when they were younger and simply don't trust men anymore.

For some men and women they remember the exact year the trauma happened, sort of marking their life from that age on. Whatever age it may have been, they carry that year with them every year of their life because it was so painful. That's gotta be tough. I know people that's happened to and I felt bad for them.

It's not so hard to understand why some go through what they do later in life as a result of a bad childhood. Childhood is supposed to be a great time for people. You see it on TV - that picture perfect childhood with great memories, something you never had and you wonder why. Feel like life cheated you somehow.

Sad fact of the matter is, other people can destroy your life and traumatize you. But you have to work through those emotions in a positive way. You can't let it eat away at you or destroy you.

You can talk it through with someone you feel you can confide in, letting it out, and having a good cry. Talking about things often makes people feel better.

God loves you. It isn't always easy to see that there can be a time when you'll smile again or even know happiness, but you can.


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