February 29. 2008

Volume 69

1. CELEBRITY Cute Kids
3. CELEBRITY Out And About
4. CELEBRITY Funny Photos
5. ROYALTY Harry Unveiled In Afghanistan
6. NATIONAL NEWS Black History Month
7. NATIONAL NEWS FBI To Investigate Mortgage Crisis
8. NATIONAL NEWS Bush's Babbling
9. INTERNATIONAL NEWS New York Philharmonic Plays North Korea
10. SPIRITUAL With God All Things Are Possible


Adorable Violet Affleck: "Mentos! The freshmaker."

Check out Zahara's expression: I'm not skiing down that hill, girlfriend!

Actress Milla Jovovich's cute little daughter Ever: did he just say gas is going to be $4 per gallon

Actress Naomi Watts' cute son Alexander: well, at least my hat won't blow away, but I can't say the same for my shoes

Actress Marcia Cross' adorable twin to her other twin: you be Mary Kate and I'll be Ashley!

Either that's a basketball or Angelina Jolie is pregnant again:


Actor George Clooney and his daughter, oops I mean girlfriend, on the red carpet:

Actress Jennifer Garner was the best dressed at the Oscars with this stunning ensemble:

Helen Mirren looking every bit the elegant lady in a fetching red gown:


Pauletta Washington, wife of actor Denzel Washington, looking fabulous (you go girl!):

Pretty singer/actress Vanessa Williams wearing a lovely floral accented dress at a premiere:

Actress Sienna Miller looking great on the red carpet:

The beautiful Megan Fox wearing Prince's favorite color at a premier:

Singer Kylie looking fabulous after the Brit Awards:

TV star Holly Willoughby wearing a cute black ensemble on the red carpet in London:

Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton looking elegant at the theatre in London:

Prince Harry's stylish girlfriend Chelsy arriving at Heathrow Airport in London:

Fashionable TV personality and fiancée of footballer, Wayne Rooney, Coleen McLoughlin, out and about in London. She puts herself together well:

Alex Curran, the stylish wife of football player, Steven Gerrard, out and about in England, in a fashionable outfit (with great shoes that work well with the jacket).

CELEBRITY Funny Photos

Soldier to Angelina Jolie: But I'm younger than Brad! After all, isn't that how he thinks!

Actor Chris Tucker thinking while looking at actress Gabrielle Union dancing at a pool table: Oh no she didn't. This ain't the Soul Train line!

Comedian Will Ferrell's deliberately bad outfit. The CIA could use that outfit to torture prisoners or the Army could use it for psychological warfare. It's just wrong on every level. I don't even know where to begin...and that collar is scaring my computer:

Singer Justin Timberlake with a deranged look on his face. What's with the man scarf, the marf, that looks like it's choking you?

ROYALTY Harry Unveiled In Afghanistan

The British government quietly dispatched Prince Harry to serve in the armed forces in Afghanistan. He'd been there in the trenches for 10 weeks, until the Drudge Report uncovered the fact he was in Afghanistan, forcing the British government to evacuate Harry for his safety.

Harry is a high profile target and it was very irresponsible of Drudge to do that just to get a scoop. Some scoops are worth passing up. This was one of them.

NATIONAL NEWS Black History Month

Happy black history month. It is the month to celebrate the accomplishments and accolades of black people in America. After decades of slavery and then inequality that followed during the Civil Rights era, blacks in America reserve this month as a time to reflect.

NATIONAL NEWS FBI To Investigate Mortgage Crisis

This month it was announced the FBI has begun an investigation into the U.S. mortgage crisis that has severely damaged the American economy. Ah, 2 years too late.

The FBI came across a tip in early 2006 warning that there was something wrong in the U.S. housing market. But being the "after the fact" agency Time magazine and others referred to them as, Mueller sat on his butt, ignored the tip, while flying around on a luxury $40,000,000 jet that costs 3 million to refuel each trip, that Congress sanctioned for FBI agent anti-terrorism missions, which he was misusing to make appearances to tell everyone, "Hey, there are dangerous terrorists out there. Be vigilant and have a nice day." It would be cheaper to post an internet bulletin.

But Mueller wasn't about to do anything about what would evolve into the worst banking crisis in U.S. history. He meets with the president weekly and some of Bush's rich friends run said banks that caused the catastrophe, via gouging and swindling Americans.

Washington Mutual and Countrywide pioneered it and are the biggest offenders of all. Their respective CEOs should be locked up and stripped of all their assets for what they perpetrated against the public.

But back to the "after the fact" agency argument many have posed regarding the FBI. It's true. It doesn't appear the FBI is into crime prevention. They wait until things are so far gone and destroyed, then they say,  "Hey, let's investigate."

People have been robbed, harassed, assaulted and murdered while the FBI knowingly sat back and let it happen. They have framed people for crimes they didn't commit just to have a body in the jail they could pin a crime on - in cases that were later uncovered and the agency severely sued for.

During the tragic church shooting that occurred this year, it was later reported the FBI received a tip 3 HOURS before it happened and no one bothered to get up off their butt and check it out. The caller even furnished them with the name and address of the church and the would be shooter. Well, 3 HOURS LATER several innocent people were murdered. People whose taxes were paying their salaries at the FBI.

Then there was that other time the FBI sat back and ignored an important tip, but one that was from one of their agents. It had to do with the September 11th tragedy.

The FBI had credible evidence that could have prevented the loss of 3,000 innocent lives, but headquarters in Washington, with Mueller at the helm, stonewalled the FBI agent, Harry Sammit, that wanted to investigate one of the would be hijackers that knew of the plan, but got dropped at the last minute.

But that wasn't enough damage with 9-11. It was reported another FBI agent took a crystal Tiffany chandelier from Ground Zero, among other items, prompting another FBI agent to denounce him. Grave robbing! 

While there have been FBI whistleblowers, clearly not enough. Some agents forget their oath is to the country and the American public, not Robert Mueller. They have a constitutionally sworn duty to go to Congress and report serious misconduct, not help Mueller cover it up and end up in prison later for it.

Congress needs to do something about the FBI before they cause a national catastrophe the country can't recover from, through their famed criminal negligence. 

NATIONAL NEWS Bush's Babbling

Nix the clueless facial expressions, already

George Bush's reckless spending has been adding up in a terrible way. His I'm-the-president-so-write-a-check way of government has all but destroyed the U.S. economy.

The war, according to Senator Harry Reid, is costing the American taxpayer $500,000,000 per day. That money could have done a lot of good in America.

Instead, what did the American people get in exchange for their hard earned tax dollars Bush wasted? He sent deceived men and women to fight a war that is really over oil he is stealing from the Middle East. Bush's family has oil holdings. So does Cheney.

Thousands of these men and women have died, so have over 1 MILLION Iraqi men, women, children and babies. 4 MILLION more Iraqis have been displaced from their homes, fleeing to neighboring Syria, who is also feeling the effects of this terrible war. Bush has destabilized the region and failed in every promise he issued in this misrepresented war.

He has further failed in his presidential duties at home, running a poor administration under the policy of let-the-rich-gouge-the-poor.

He looked out for his rich cronies in big tobacco, Enron and the banking sector, who have clear, provable ties to him, whilst they greatly harmed the American people. Now the U.S. economy is collapsing:

The declining dollar is severely weakened, surpassed by other currencies it once exceeded in value.

3 million Americans have lost their homes (that's 3 MILLION households severely damaged in the financial realm - and in real time, a household represents 2, 3, 4, 5, even 6 or more Americans.) 

Unemployment is rising

Food costs are rising

Gas prices are rising

The stock market is unstable

Yet Bush arrogantly goes on television like a con artist, telling everyone the U.S. economy is fine and not heading for a recession. He's right, it looks like it's headed for a depression. 

But what does he do? Tells the public to spend, spend, spend, when the message should have been, save, save, save - because a phony war is driving up the cost of everything and endangering national security, so you will need money for incidentals when there are unexpected spikes in the cost of living.

America is severely in debt, both nationally and internationally. You don't spend money to get out of debt. You don't waste billions in taxpayer money at law enforcement agencies and government offices bilking the American people with padded expenses that come up in congressional hearings. You don't throw it at foreign governments either to accomplish your imperialistic agenda in said countries. You spend the money at home to repair and rebuild.

You've got to give Bush credit for one thing, though. He brought autocracy to America - he carried on for years, a war the people through their vote showed they didn't want anymore and destroyed the U.S. economy through villainy, thievery, negligence and wasteful spending of tax dollars he didn't earn. Applaud yourself, because history won't.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS New York Philharmonic Plays North Korea

New York Philharmonic in Pyongyang, North Korea (photo courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald)

In what marked a historic visit, the New York Philharmonic played in North Korea for the first time. I think this is a step in the right direction. Classical music is beautiful. 

Though the respective governments are in disagreement with each other, one must never be afraid to talk to one's enemies in the world. Even if we can't agree on everything, one should strive to make enemies friends. It makes for a more peaceful world.

Sensible dialog doesn't kill people. Weapons do. The world should work towards disarmament.

SPIRITUAL With God All Things Are Possible

With God all things are possible. Remember that the next time someone tries to crush your dreams or tell you what you want to achieve is impossible. So many great people of faith, who have accomplished much in this world, faced great adversity, but by God's grace overcame it through perseverance and faith.

When you gain a true spiritual picture of who God really is, you realize nothing is too difficult for Him to do. So, you have faith in Him and look beyond what your troubles and circumstances tell you. Work on moving through those difficulties and problems and don't let them get you down. As the old saying goes, "This too will pass," meaning you will get past your current troubles. God bless.


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