January 31, 2007

Volume 57

1. R.I.P. Art Buchwald
2. RANDOM THOUGHTS Bad Shopping Carts
3. ROYALTY Prince William & Kate Middleton, Prince Harry & Chelsea Davy
4. ROYALTY Cute Babies
5. CELEBRITY Cute Kids
6. CELEBRITY Out And About
7. CELEBRITY Justin Timberlake Mocks Prince
8. CELEBRITY The Beckhams Headed For America
9. CELEBRITY Angelina Jolie
10. CELEBRITY Gwen Stefani
11. CELEBRITY Lindsay Lohan
12. CELEBRITY Britney Spears
13. CELEBRITY Paris Hilton
14. CELEBRITY Timbaland, Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado Caught Stealing 
15. CELEBRITY Beyonce Caught Lying Again
16. CELEBRITY Tyrese
17. MUSIC "I'm Too Sexy"
18. FASHION Fido Fur
19. TV The View
20, LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit
21. LEGAL FILE Robert Mueller (FBI)
22. INTERNATIONAL Space Weaponry
23. SOCIAL Harvard Says Black Caribbeans Have "Mental Issues"
24. NATIONAL NEWS Martin Luther King
25. INTERNATIONAL NEWS UK To Lock Up Those Who Recklessly Spread STDs
26. INTERNATIONAL NEWS "Western Oil Companies" Set To Reap "Up To 75% Of Profits" From Iraq Oil
27. SPIRITUAL Faith And Fear

R.I.P. Art Buchwald

Rest in peace to gifted Pulitzer Prize winning writer Art Buchwald. I've written about him in the Column several times over the last couple years and again several months ago regarding his fading health.

I've read many of his columns and he truly was a brilliant man with a great sense of humor. He had his own style. He was also a plaintiff in the landmark Buchwald v. Paramount case I mentioned in my lawsuit regarding the infringing film "Coming To America." My condolences to his family and friends.

RANDOM THOUGHTS Bad Shopping Carts

Don't you just hate it when you get a bad shopping cart. You know, the one that sticks, squeaks or wobbles. You put your purse and or child in it, for those of you with rug rats, then try to push the cart and it doesn't work right. Then you have to take your purse and or your rug rat back out of the cart and find another one. Boo to bad shopping carts. Ok, yea, this topic wasn't worth that many sentences.

ROYALTY Prince William & Kate Middleton, Prince Harry & Chelsea Davy

Prince William has been dating Kate Middleton.

Prince Harry has been dating Chelsea Davy

They make nice couples, and apparently the international press has realized this as well. So you know what that means. They view it as open season.

The international press are starting to hound them already. Make it worse, both girls are pretty and from wealthy families, so to them, there's definitely a story and they are gonna pry until they get it. Middleton needed Police protection recently.

I hope they don't do to them what they did to Princess Diana. There needn't be a repeat of that. The press and paparazzi need to maintain a respectful distance.

I don't think hounding people makes the articles and stories any better. Pictures of paparazzi tormented people are sad. Pics in magazines taken from a respectful distance with people smiling or going about their business are better.

The press and paparazzi should endeavor to not repeat the following, precipitating fatal events:

The wreckage that was Princess Diana's car:

Princess Diana memorial in London:

On a lighter note...a totally adorable exchange:

Queen Elizabeth: This one looks familiar (wink wink)
Prince William: Hi Granny (blush)


The next baby is an absolute cutie pie. His expressions are priceless. 

Prince Christian Of Denmark: Like my hat? I got it at Toys R' Us Toffs R' Us:

Prince Christian Of Denmark: Mom, there's the paparazzi, tazser them:

Prince Christian Of Denmark: The sky looks cloudy. Is it just me or is it gonna rain today. Speaking of rain, I think I need to be changed now:


Aww the twins are totally beautiful. Gorgeous little babies. You should marry her, Puffy:

Baby to the left: Um, I don't use Proactiv. My skin is brand new.
Baby to the right: "take that, take that, take that."

Um, I know the paternity tests aren't in yet, but that little boy looks like James Brown. Poor sweetie pie, he is without a daddy:

Heidi Klum and little cutie pie Johan, son of singer Seal

Aww look at that pretty girl. And Zahara is pretty too (get the joke). Seriously, that little girl is beautiful (and tired of the photogs):

Little Maddox's first day at school (he always looks like he is having fun, which is good, as kids should be happy):


Actress Angelina Jolie looked fabulous at the Golden Globes:

You looked pretty too Brad. Seriously, that's a well tailored suit:

Actress/singer Jennifer Lopez looked beautiful as well:

Actress Cate Blanchett looked stunning. Love the material of that dress and the shoes combined with that pendant are fabulous:

Singer/actress Vanessa Williams looked beautiful (in spite of the cowlick, Frizz Ease girl, Frizz Ease). That dress and fur look great together:

Actor/singer Jamie Foxx looks great as always. Great suit and nice accent on the shirt collar:

Actor/writer Tyler Perry in a great looking suit:

Twin actress Tia Mowery sporting a great look:

Jennifer Garner looks great in gray:

Penelope Cruz looks great in this gown:

Actress Sienna Miller in a cute gold accented dress:

She really is naturally beautiful:

Kate Moss looking fabulous:

British singer Leona Lewis looking radiantly beautiful:

CELEBRITY Justin Timberlake Mocks Prince

Justin Timberlake mocked Prince at the Golden Globes, crouching down to accept an award on his behalf, poking fun at Prince's height. Not funny, but keep putting your foot in it.

"Justin Timberlake took a cheap shot at Prince even though he constantly copies Prince's music and singing voice. Dude, don't bite the hand that feeds." - Mollygood

CELEBRITY The Beckhams Headed For America

Britain's second royal family, so to speak, the Beckhams, have announced their plans to move to Los Angeles, where David has signed with the L.A. Galaxy soccer team.

I've written about them in the Column several times over the years, because as you know if you've read the site any, I enjoy all things British. They are the most famous couple in Britannia. I wrote about Victoria and her adorable kids just last month as well.

They make me laugh. They are also a smart couple, which sometimes people don't give them credit for, only paying attention to how they look. I wish them well.

But a bit of accompanying news about their pending move has concerned me and many others. Rumors are floating about that they were being lured into the Scientology cult by Tom Cruise. I certainly hope not, as they are a dangerous group and it would certainly hurt brand Beckham.

Knock it off, Tom. Look what happened to Katie. She rarely speaks anymore, often looks sad, has a glazed over look in her eyes and now dresses 30 years older than her age, since Tom. She was fabulous in "First Daughter," so full of life, but now looks sad and numb.

Why couldn’t it have been Brangelina, America‘s top couple, to welcome the Beckhams, Britain’s top couple. Then Posh could have worked on her pout, Angelina could just sit there and look like she is pouting without pouting because her lips are actually that big, like a black girl's, so it looks like she’s pouting when she's not. Beckham and Brad could swap hair frosting tips and we could all sleep peacefully.

Now the British papers and the American bloggers are scared for the Beckhams.

I can only equate it to...it’s like the new kid in school and everyone’s trying to subtly warn you that your new best bud is the school nut and to be careful, but they just don't know how to tell you. 

And all Scientology is looking at is that Beckham has a worldwide name that is popular, wanting to make him a new figurehead, which would hurt his brand and name. Somebody give Beckham an American newspaper, already.

I know Tom is their friend and all, but they need to be careful, as Scientology also specializes in invasion of privacy and blackmail, which the FBI event arrested several higher up members for. They were foolish enough to bug a federal government office.

For further reference on Scientology's dangerous conduct please visit this site: www.whyaretheydead.net

CELEBRITY Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Move To New Orleans

It was good of them to move there and bring business to the area, i.e. paparazzi, who will no doubt be spending money there.

When told of their move to New Orleans to get away from the press, Splash News commented “See you in the Big Easy.”  (LOL, sorry, but I laughed at that and the irony of it).

It will also attract others there. It further lets the black and white folks of New Orleans see that people care about them enough to live with them in this time of government disorganization, ineptitude, lack of timeliness and absence of social conscience. 

Malibu home:

Here are pics of there new place in New Orleans as posted in a magazine:

CELEBRITY Gwen Stefani

Somebody please tell me, how did Kaballah cult member Gwen Stefani get a fashion line. Her taste is ghastly. Completely horrendous, whorish and tacky:

The stroller: and why must the baby be subjected to your gaudy, garish taste. The poor baby probably thought the sun is right behind him. And true to form, it was reported, when she saw it and bought it, she immediately announced she'd be paying someone to design designing a line of strollers, also known as, she is going to rip off that line of strollers, like she did the Gucci logo and other items from her ugly fashion line:

CELEBRITY Lindsay Lohan

Can you look anymore high:

Another month and another Column of Kaballah cult member Lindsay Lohan's craziness. Let's do a follow up, shall we.

Remember last month when I joked in the Column that it was actually "vodka" in Lindsay's water bottle and not, um, how do you say it, WATER. A week later, VH-1's Best Week Ever got Lindsay good with a similar parody drawing on her her misspelling of the word adequite adequate.

While I have heard of flavored water, this Vodka water thing is new to me (LOL). Just a hint Lindsay, people don't stagger when they drink water:

"9 Tuesday 12:00pm - AD WIZARDS: Official Vodka of the Lohanvolution. Rehydrate. Rehabilitate. Intoxicate. Introducing Adequite, the world’s first single-grain triple-distilled luxury vodka available in a discreet plastic container that resembles an innocent - yet stylish - water bottle. Specially developed by troubled alcohol enthusiast and occasional movie actress Lindsay Lohan, Adequite is the solution to the problem you’re not ready to admit you have." - VH-1's Best Week Ever

Ironically, a week after I made that comment in last month's Column, Page Sixx also said the same regarding Lindsay and the Vodka as wells:

"While celebrating in Miami, Lohan wouldn't allow bottles of liquor near her where they could be photographed - but Page Six received eyewitness accounts of Lohan drinking vodka out of water bottles. This isn't the first time she's stopped production on a movie set due to hospitalization - she was "dehydrated" during "Georgia Rule" and "exhausted" during "Just My Luck."

Yea, but keep up the heavy drinking at age 20 - when your liver falls out you'll know.

And next time be honest in rehab. Let them know all your addictions and stop pretending it's just the drinking. No one gets better lying about that stuff.

Also let them know you are in a sick celebrity cult that has done you psychological damage, before it's too late, where doctors will then deem you "the sickest person they've ever seen" when said cult leads you to do something really bad that there is no turning back from, as they have done to others already.

Just like you got your career, one damaging move, especially under the influence of alcohol, drugs or a cult, and it can all be taken away from you just as quickly.  

Lohan Party's Day After Appendectomy

People are speculating whether or not Lohan had an appendectomy or if it was something else she went to the hospital for.

One of my relatives had that procedure done about two months ago and she was down for the count. It took days for her to heal enough and get back to school. Yet Lindsay was partying the next day. Hmmm.

Lohan Enters And Leaves Rehab

You know, it's generally not a good idea to leave that quickly and it's not a good sign when someone comes out of rehab wearing their underwear on the outside of their uncoordinated clothes. Um, did Madonna call her up and tell her "I want you, my Kaballah cult devotee, to do a tribute to me, due to my failed bids at staying relevant, by wearing your underwear on the outside like I did when I was young":

CELEBRITY Britney Spears

LOL @ that photo of Britney Spears

Britney Proving Me Right Again

I've been writing in this Column for 3 months now that if Britney Spears keeps it up with the out of control, drug fueled conduct, that she was going to "self-destruct by next year" (November 2006 Sound Off Column) and "o.d. by next year" (December 2006 Sound Off Column) and sure enough, the next day, girlfriend overdosed on New Years at Pure night club in Las Vegas.

Too much drugs and alcohol and her body couldn't take it. Furthermore, mixing these items together is not a good idea, as it can prove lethal. 

But keep it up, and you'll know it was a bad idea when you overdose so badly, that there is no coming back from it. You're either going to end up overdosing and dying or wind up in a loony bin. But you seem to think it's some big joke and a big party.

The drugs and alcohol are frying the two brain cells you had in the first place. You're pumping garbage into your system.

Anybody should be able to see that you are the titanic right now, but the people around you who are in it for the money, are telling you what you want to hear, even if you end up dead from the substance abuse.

But you're not smart, because if she is gone from an overdose, you get no money, you have no job. You need to get her in rehab, if that's the self-serving reasoning you need to do it for. If someone does not intervene, this girl is going to o.d. and die.

Britney Admits She Went Too Far...Again

After her New Years day collapse, Britney admitted on her site in a letter to her repulsed audience, or what's left of it, that she went too far. Then to correct her behavior, she went out to the club again that night, and the night after and the night after.

However, a week later to show she cared, she took her son to a tanning salon with her - wow, how safe (sarcasm), and a pet store, where she didn't even hold the child.  

Where are your kids in all this. You party all night, sleep for apart of the day and are out for the rest of the day. You really couldn't see them much. They need you right now. You aren't a teenager anymore. You are a mother of two. You can't afford to be airheaded and carefree like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. You have responsibilities.

Britney Downsizing Because Her Money Is Downsizing

According to her divorce disclosure docs stating her finances, Britney went from $150,000,000 in the bank to $32,000,000.

Now she's done more downsizing in moving from a 15,000 square foot Malibu home she paid to have renovated and to include a $150,000 recording studio:

To a home half its size at 7,400 square feet:


Big Spender Britney

Now that's a cowlick:

She has taken many lavish vacations over the years, some costing in the six figures, flown frequently via private jet, bought many cars, clothes, jewelry and homes (some not selling for a good price in comparison to what she bought it for), maintains a big staff, sued many people and lost, all of which has used up a lot of her money. Not to mention her divorce is about to cost her some additional money as well.

Doctor Concludes The Same Thing I Did In Column A Year Ago Regarding Britney

This month, Beverly Hills doctor Robert Rey concluded the same thing I did in the Column a year ago, Britney has "aged 20 years" over night. He said "10 to 15 years or more" being nice, though. However, it shows on her face. I noticed a year ago that her facial structure had changed, which is why I wrote that back then.

2004 @ age 22

2007 @ age 25

 Spears, three years later with wrinkles, jowls, sagging eyes, receding hairline and damaged skin.

I've written about it in the Column several times over the years that when you live that hard partying lifestyle it will age you in ways surgeons can't repair.

It takes away the youthfulness, tautness and natural curviness of the face. The wear and tear, stress, constant late nights, drug and alcohol abuse, literally rapidly changes the structure of the face, noticeably aging the person before time.

The constant hair dying and bleaching is taking out her hair and receding her hair line:

She's having to comb it forward at the hair line from the constant chemical abuse/hair color:

Her skin is not being given a chance to heal. Nothing worse for skin than alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and constant late night partying:

She's not the only one. Yea, Lohan, I'm looking at you . Not just Brit Brit Twit Twit.

Lindsay Lohan - a 20 year old - looking much older with damaged skin.

How else can you explain that there are 40 year old actresses in Hollywood, who don't abuse themselves that look younger than you and Brit Brit, and you're both in your 20's. It's that hard partying, smoking and substance abuse.

Britney Still Going Around Looking Cracked Out

Even after she and Paris Hilton tied for Mr. Blackwell's Worst Dressed of 2006 (and running), Britney is still going around looking cracked out and disoriented.

Britney's Biggest Fan Site Closes

Her biggest fan site, World of Britney, has closed, citing Britney's out of control behavior. Spears acknowledged it and stated she has been "far from perfect" therefore she understands...and to show the fans how much she has changed and is improving, she went out drinking, smoking and club hopping again the same day, and the day after and the day after...

Britney Wants Justin Back

It was reported that Britney Spears wants Justin Timberlake back after she cheated on him a few years ago and he dumped her and wrote a song about her titled "Cry Me A River." Wow, to go back to someone after two ex-husbands and with two kids, after you treated them badly...

In unrelated news, Timberlake was spotted with actress Jessica Biel. Ok, on to the next segment...

Britney Dating A Guy That Looks Like Kevin Federline

Kevin Federliine Issac Cohen

Britney Spears, who is still technically married, has been dating and going to hotels with Isaac Cohen, which is a bad idea. She's spent more time cavorting with him than playing with her kids.

CELEBRITY Paris Hilton

Um, why is she walking around dressed like an extra from the film the Fifth Element:

Paris Guilty Of DUI

First, Paris Hilton Hennessey plead innocent to DUI charges. Yea, if you say so, Paris. The whole world didn't see it on TV. Then she quickly changed her plea to no contest. She has been given 3 years probation and 40 hours of community service. 

Therefore, she is guilty, like I wrote last month. In my opinion of not only driving under the influence, but driving while insane. 

Paris Exposed

It was reported a web site purchased all of Paris Hilton's storage items, when she failed to pay her storage bill. They then created a web site and posted all the pics, videos, medical records and personal diary entries online.

A follow up: remember in the October 2006 Column and a few others I teased Paris about being on Valtrex. Well, it was publicly confirmed for the first time this month, that she does indeed take Valtrex for herpes, as the aforementioned web site in question posted her prescriptions and medication bottles, revealing this.

While I am not picking on people with herpes, especially those who got it and aren't promiscuous, I'm not a Paris Hilton fan for many reasons, among them, a music video treatment that was stolen from my Copyrighted Catalog and used for her horrendous project, and due to her horrible treatment of many people.

Make it worse, this girl knows she has a currently medically incurable STD and is sleeping around with many people, often photographed leaving hotels in the morning, after going in there at night with different men. Not to mention, some of these men are and were married. She clearly doesn't care. 

I have a question, does everyone in Hollywood have herpes, because the number of people who've slept with this chick, some bragging about it, is pretty high. She is socially irresponsible. How can this be a good thing. And you wonder why I talk about Hollywood the way I do.

If you know you have an STD, and she does, it is your responsibility to curb your habits, so as not to infect others.

Racial Slurs

The videos from the site that have been reposted on just about every major blog, are appalling, containing terrible racial slurs. She must be related to Michael Richards. As she rhythmlessly danced and sang off key (there's no way that's totally her on her bombed CD), she uttered many racial slurs:

"we are like two ni****s"

"we are like black people we steal ****"

"f***ot" (looks like Isaiah Washington has company - why haven't GLADE, oh wait, that's the air freshener, GLADD slammed Hilton then?)

"the chi**" referring to an Asian man.

"ugly Jewish men"

"ugly Jewish b****"

"I'm a little black whore"

"jappy jew"

Kaballah cult member Nicole Ritchie looking and acting like she is completely insane:

And according to blogs, Nicole Ritchie is there in the video licking cocaine off of a plate and flashing her vagina. Why behave like that? Why are you still friends with that racist witch, when you and your family are black. It makes no sense. There is no excuse for Paris' conduct.

Paris is so intent on using racial slurs and calling people ugly, when she herself is no beauty. She regularly calls people fat, yet her own handwritten letter reveals she routinely vomits up her food.

Her medical records posted on blogs also revealed she had either a miscarriage or an abortion.

She has taken the aforementioned site posting all her belongings to court, suing for "copyright infringement and invasion of privacy." How ironic, the two things I sued your label Warner for when they illegally obtained a copy of my Copyrighted Catalog, criminally started using it, infringing the contents, with you, among others, knowingly participating. You really are dirty human beings to do such a thing.

However, you reap what you sow. God promises whatever you do to others in life will come back to you. You are living proof of that.

CELEBRITY Timbaland, Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado Caught Stealing

Timbaland has been believably accused of stealing not one, but two songs, in collusion with his equally phony artists, Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado.

First up is the Nelly Furtado infringement. Her once successful career was in the toilet, so what do they do? They break international law, commit copyright infringement, and steal from a foreign artist they think no one knows named "Janne Suni."

His song was copyrighted in 2000 and Timbaland and Nelly Furtado stole and re-copyrighted it, also known as fraud, criminal theft and copyright infringement, in 2006, passing it off to the world as their own.

Because after all, to them, who cares about some musician no one knows. Well, apparently the internet does and Timbaland and Furtado are getting slammed all over it by people from different countries, including America, for this unnecessary dishonesty and financial fraud.

Next up is the Timberlake theft. The Justin Timberlake copyright infringement involves stealing from British singer Kele Le Roc, who isn't some obscure artist, contrary to what some think.

She has had success in the UK with hits played on BBC Radio (Urban), she's been featured on several collaborations, was featured on a UK released Now That's What I Call Music compilation and has been written about in the UK newspapers. Yes, Justin, people know who she is and know her songs...including the one you stole, "My Love."

So much for your announcement at the beginning of your current album about giving people "something original." So far all we've had from you is Prince rip offs and international theft of others copyrights.

Typical industry arrogance. They steal other people's stuff, brag about their non-existent originality, then go all over the place taking credit for something they stole from someone else, when people know better and are looking at them funny for it. It makes you look like real jerks to the public when you do that. I've read the feedback all over the net and it's not good.

This is a common problem in New York and Los Angeles and it needs to stop. Copyright infringement is a crime and it doesn't look good on anyone. The United Nations even has laws regarding it, treaties many nations signed and agreed to abide by, but Hollywood is willfully violating it more than anyone else on the planet.

It's an increasingly hard sell to ask other nations such as Russia and China to shutdown major copyright violating web sites, when Hollywood regularly pillages the copyrights of artists all over the globe.

The worst part is, artists like Timberlake, Furtado and Timbaland, can afford to pay people to write and produce songs for them, or license it from the true owners, but out of arrogance, in not wanting to share the glory and money (neither of which belongs to them in the first place) they simply break domestic and international law and steal. It is unnecessary and based on arrogance and greed.

It is literally like breaking into someone's home and stealing their property, then dishonorably going around saying it's yours.

Hollywood keeps forgetting we live in the internet age and things don't remain hidden for long anymore. Suppress the media all you want, you can't suppress the internet. Pardon the pun, but you need to clean up your act.

I also don't like the pattern that is emerging of mainstream white stars stealing music from lesser known black artists, taking it to the mainstream and taking full credit for something they knowingly stole. Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Timberlake, among others, have done this and it is foul.

It is reminiscent of what used to happen to artists like James Brown and Little Richard, among others, in the 50's and 60's, where mainstream white artists would take hits they performed and release it in the mainstream, without proper credit or payment. I guess some things never change.

It's an ugly practice and shamefully one you are bringing back to your shame and detriment, as people know better. You aren't fooling anyone. 

Ironically, the stars in the mainstream who did this were very famous at the time, now all they are remembered for is ripping off James Brown, Little Richard and other now legendary artists like them. You ought to think about that. History certainly will. You are no exception to the rule and will be duly record as such - frauds, thieves and imitators.

Speaking of thieves...

CELEBRITY Beyonce Caught Lying Again

A few months ago I wrote about Beyonce taking credit for songs she didn't write. It has now come out that she has done it again, but this time to R&B singer/writer Ne-yo.

This month Beyonce was slammed for lying on stage to 20,000 people that she wrote the song "Irreplaceable" when it was really written by Ne-yo. She told the crowd she had "written the song" for women, when a dude, Ne-yo, actually wrote it.

She was then slammed on Power 106 for this fraud and dishonesty. She was also slammed all over the net for doing this as well.

It's not the first time Beyonce has done this. Not only has she been sued for stealing the songs Baby Boy, Independent Women and Survivor, she was also slammed for taking credit for writing her hit Crazy In Love and coming up with the sample, when she only wrote the bridge, which at best, is two lines repeated. What a fraud.

Producer Rich Harrison came up with the beat, wrote the choruses and verse and used a sample he was sitting on for years as the horn basis for the track.

I also wrote months ago in the Column how she also went around saying she wrote the track "Resentment" that was a remake of a song done by Victoria Beckham and written by Jasmine Sullivan.

You will never sell Beyonce as a songwriter. She has stolen from so many people. Furthermore, when I heard the claim she wrote "Irreplaceable" I said to someone when the topic came up, "No she didn't. That song is coherent."

Beyonce can barely string a sentence together and frequently and noticeably uses the wrong words in sentences. She has been called out for this on numerous blogs. People don't speak badly then all of a sudden write properly. It just doesn't work that way. Never has.

And this has nothing to do with her being southern or country, also known as the Britney Spears defense, as there are many southerners and country people who speak well. It's not about accents. It's about diction.

You could have a southern accent, a Spanish accent, a French accent or a Muslim accent, but if the diction is correct, the sentence, and thus your speech and writing of the English language will be as well.

Apparently the Academy Awards Committee didn't buy her as a songwriter either. She was dropped from the songwriter ballot for the song "Listen" making her ineligible to win an Oscar.

It was quite prophetic, as I joked in the Column last month, a week before the Oscar's dropped her that:

Jennifer Hudson (to Beyonce): "And I am telling you"...you're not going...to win the Oscar, ha! (joking)

Sound Off Column December 2006

This month Hudson has won several awards as well. I joked about that as well in the Column last month and it turned out to be true this month:

Beyonce: Jennifer won what for Dreamgirls!?

Sound Off Column December 2006

Hudson really carried the film. She deserves the awards. I wrote a review for Dreamgirls a few weeks ago and now I've posted it over at the Celluloid Film Review site click here.

Beyonce: I should stab her. I really should!
Jennifer: I heard that!

Why does Beyonce feel the necessity to take credit for other people's work. It is fraud and a bad character flaw. Many artists have sung hits they didn't write and it didn't diminish their artistry, as they were known for their singing.

But when you go around stealing people's stuff, which she has been sued for multiple times for multiple songs, and taking credit for writing songs and beats you didn't write, with other people having done 98% of the song, it makes you look bad.

Every time I try to like Beyonce as a person, she does some mess like this. I don't respect any artist that does this. Not Madonna. Not Gwen Stefani. Not Beyonce.

Look at Whitney, she sings a million times better than all the above named, with some credit to Beyonce, as she can sing unlike the other too hookers, and no one in their right mind could challenge Whitney's artistry, saying the woman wasn't a credible sounding singer.

Whitney didn't write, but so what, she is still a very gifted artist. Streisand didn't write most of her stuff either, but she still has a great voice and in it lies her artistry.


I wrote about Tyrese in the Column last month:

"Jay-Z frequently displays a misogynistic attitude, which is not cool. I can understand if it were Tyrese they were fighting over or something. Then I would have helped them.  

Ref Aisha: And in this corner we have the award winning Destiny’s Child mic hogger and lead DC back up singer recruiter, Beyonce. And in this corner, we have the award winning Bajan in the spray on clothes that borrowed Jay-Z, Rihanna. OK ladies, I want a clean fight. No hair extension pulling, no fake eyelash pulling, no acrylic nail pulling and no brick throwing. Got that. Break!" - Sound Off Column December 2006

This month he was accused of punching his pregnant girlfriend in the arm and thigh. She called the Police. He fled. Then days later she retracted the story.

Either way, it is good that this has happened in that, for the safety of that child, one of them needs help for:

a. lying about what happened


b. domestic violence

MUSIC "I'm Too Sexy"   

Remember last month in the Column I joked that Britain should have been cited for having Weapons Of Mass Cheesiness for letting the song "I'm Too Sexy" leave its shores. And the month before I wrote Timberlake's song "Sexy Back" is gonna be thought of like "I'm Too Sexy" years from now, camp.

Do you know that this month it was announced that their label is re-releasing that song. Noooo. Whyyy. Didn't people suffer enough the first time around. Ain't nothing sexy about that song LOL.


Rapper Jay-Z

What's up with stories of rappers using dog fur in their clothing lines. I really have nothing to say about it, but I thought putting the words fido and fur together was funny. Apparently, PETA didn't find it funny, as they protested.

Yea, keep messing with the rappers, PETA, and you're gonna catch a drive by. Then it won't be the animals that need protection.

I'm just kidding. Apparently the rappers caved and yanked the fido fur from stores.  

TV The View

Barbara Walters: Back up butch, I don't play for that team:

Rosie is crazy. She attacked Trump, went so far with it, and is now saying he is the one who is obsessed with her. No, it is she who is obsessed. She started it. She asked for it. I don't know what she was thinking, starting anything with him, when he didn't do anything to her and he let her have it.

She also started public arguments with TV hosts Kelly "don't put your hand on my face" Ripa, Simon "off you go" Cowell and Oprah "Rosie who?" Winfrey.  

I don't watch the View. I've seen maybe 2 episodes now and a few excerpts online and my question is, Joy Behr takes little humorous jabs at people, tactfully, without being nasty (well, as of yet), why does Rosie have to go so far.

You've attacked people in ways that just aren't funny. Even Barbara Walters looked like she wanted to slap her recently:

Barbara Walters: Why did I hire her. I hire her and now she is insulting me and my home...and on the air:


LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

Valentine's Day Infringement

Remember the Madonna partner, Katherine Fugate, who I wrote about several months ago regarding her stealing my script "Valentine's Day In New York" and renaming it "Valentine's Day" and how the project was mysteriously dropped from Madonna's employer's Warner Bros films and removed from her resume.

Well it's back, this time at DreamWorks/Paramount. I will not be buying any of DreamWorks and Paramount's products anymore and I ask that you do the same and boycott that film in particular.

Another Rip Off Via A Madonna Business Tie Judith Regan And Regan Books

Please boycott the recently released Harper Collins book "Beauty Buyble" published by Madonna business associate Judith Regan (she was behind Madonna's "Sex" Book), which is a sacrilegiously titled rip off of one of my forthcoming books, "Beauty" that's been copyrighted for over 2 years. "Beauty" is a godly book I did on beauty that Judith's "Beauty Buyble"  has ripped off to the tee, even disrespecting my religion, Christianity, with that irreverent title, which they probably thought was cute and funny. Guess God got the last laugh, cause Judith Regan just got fired, is being international ripped to shreds with her reputation gone over the O.J. Simpson book and TV special "If I Did It" that blew up in her face. You proved the Bible right Judith. It says "God is not mocked" and "the works of a man's hands come back to him. You're living proof of that.

Ms. Regan is clearly a woman with no morals or ethics. I shouldn't be surprised that she feloniously bought a criminal rip off of my forthcoming copyrighted book "Beauty" from the copyrights Madonna stole and has been fencing around the industry, and put it out via Regan Books and News Corp.

If Ms. Regan read her Buyble Bible, she would know God doesn't bless unethical conduct. What comes around goes around...

Like profiting off a book that was criminal stolen from a Copyrighted Catalog of works, and sold to you, with your full knowledge that you were unlawfully buying an illegally procured version of unreleased pre-existing copyrighted material.

And even worse, profiting off of a book and TV special that disrespects viciously murdered victims, spitting on their caskets. That money is not gonna do you and your family a drop of good, because it's blood money. It didn't do Judas any good and it certainly won't do you any good either.

Judith Regan is also repped by Madonna's lawyer Bert Fields. Go figure.

Madonna DVD Slammed

Madonna's new DVD has been slammed by different critics. Here's one of them:  

"Madonna how much more?"

By Ben Erwin

Issue date: 1/31/07 Section: Music 

If you look into the sky on a clear night, you can almost see  Madonna star falling before your eyes. 

Madonna was once one of the most popular and respected pop stars on the planet. Sadly, those days are long gone and all she has left is atrocious drivel like her latest, "The Confessions Tour: Live From London." 

Somewhere in between adopting African babies, developing an alien accent that is neither English nor American and ruining the film career of director/husband Guy Ritchie, Madonna has found ample time to churn out uninspired, unoriginal banal techno-pop for the past decade. Unfortunately for all of us, she simply refuses to take a cue from the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Buddy Holly. 

Where's a helicopter and a hill in Wisconsin or a prop plane when you need one, really? 

Make no mistake; "The Confessions Tour" is an awful and atrocious album. Filled with keyboards, electronic drums, processed vocals and synthesized instruments, it's quite possibly the least live-sounding live album ever released. 

Songs such as "Jump" and "Confessions" are not only offensive musically, but riddled with inane spoken word nonsense and the type of crowd banter that should never make its way onto a record. Likewise, the disco-techno mash-up "Music Inferno" and the token rock track "I Love New York" are at best slightly obnoxious rather than wholly offensive and lyrically insulting.

Even a classic tune such as "Lucky Star" is marred by keyboard bleeps, a lengthy intro and over processed vocals. Just a tip: drenching vocals in reverb and a touch of echo cannot - I repeat cannot - hide the fact that Madonna can no longer carry a tune. Even hearing the latest bludgeoning of "Like a Virgin" isn't so much a reminder how far Madonna has fallen as much as it brings back touching memories of the goodness of "Reservoir Dogs." 

The worst offender of all, however, is a nine-minute rendition of the cell phone shilling little ditty "Hung Up." It's bad enough that Madonna was content to expel any credibility she had left by appearing in commercials featuring "Hung Up," but to make an extended version of a song that only contains approximately five lines is simply inexcusable. 

The point is not to simply remind music fans just how bad the pop world has become or to kick Madonna while she's down. Admittedly, though, that sure is fun. 

The point is that "The Confessions Tour" is an example of everything currently wrong with music and a warning for Madonna to stop before powers much higher than me have to intervene for the good of the world.

Time Warner Job Cuts

Reports have surfaced that Time Warner slashed 250 jobs in the face of falling revenues. This is in addition to the many people they already fired last year. Things don't look like they are going to get much better this year either.

Angelina Rightfully Calls Madonna's Adoption Illegal

"Angelina Jolie voiced her disapproval of Madonna's illegal Malawian adoption in an article that ran in a French magazine:

ANGELINA Jolie has launched a stinging attack on Madonna, labelling her adoption of an African child "illegal". 

She said the star should never have visited impoverished Malawi with the sole intention of choosing an infant.  

The sultry actress's comments come after accusations that Madonna used her fame and money to speed the adoption of one-year-old David Banda late last year.  

"Madonna knew the situation in Malawi, where he was born," said Jolie, who has adopted two Third World youngsters of her own.  

"It's a country where there is no real legal framework for adoption. Personally, I prefer to stay on the right side of the law. I would never take a child away from a place where adoption is illegal."  

Human rights groups in Malawi are still arguing that the singer used her celebrity and a $4.2 million donation to the orphanage where David lived to bypass adoption laws." - news.com.au 

This ticked off the Kaballah crazy one Madonna. You know she called Jolie's office whining, complaining and threatening to which Jolie amended her comments to say she feels sorry for her in the negativity she has received.

Then, Liam Neeson spoke out, regarding his objections to the adoption, in taking a child away from a living parent.  Amazingly, once again, days later, amended what he said to assuage Madonna. Yea, she called his people too.  

"Now, Liam Neeson slams Madonna's adoption of baby David" 

"Washington, Jan 14 (ANI): Irish actor Liam Neeson is the latest celeb to join the bandwagon of people voicing their disapproval of music icon Madonna's adoption of Malawian infant David Banda. 

Leeson, who is also a United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) ambassador, admits he has "a lot of issues" with the process, and that he had even backed away from adopting a child following Madonna's adoption move." Daily India

I don't know who she thinks she's kidding. Many people strongly object to what she did, hence the worldwide backlash. Trying to get people to retract what they said won't change what the public thinks and that's what counts most, as the public buys the products. Like they haven't been buying hers, hence the new children's book flopping.

Anyone who agrees with violating international law has tossed their integrity out the window. Oprah had Madonna on her show, championing her breaking international law, which surprised many people on several major blogs.

While I give credit where credit is due, and Oprah has done a lot of good things, she can also be flat out irresponsible, careless and uneven with the podium that is her show - James Frey, beef industry comments that led to a lawsuit, some diet tips and products she has promoted over the years, and endorsing Madonna breaking international law via human trafficking.

Malawian law forbids international adoptions. Full stop. International law forbids human trafficking. Full stop. To do otherwise is breaking the law and you are endorsing that on your show?

The law is the law. They have it for a reason, so any idiot can't just walk in there, drop some money on the down low and waltz out with a kid, only to find out down the road, it was the devil's bidding and a defenseless child has been harmed.

Stuff like that opens the flood gates for every degenerate, pedophile and child slaver to waltz into Africa, exert undue financial influence and walk out with a baby, that there is no way to truly and properly monitor from all the way in Africa.

Angelina's Sudden Spate Of Bad Press

Have you been noticing Angelina Jolie's recent spate of bad press since she slammed Madonna for the illegal adoption. True to form, like every other celebrity and individual that has said anything remotely unflattering about Madonna to the public, a series of placed articles have appeared defaming and degrading them. Hmmm I wonder who's responsible for that.

It happened to Jon Bon Jovi, Elton John, Sharon Osborne, Lilly Allen and now Angelina Jolie, much like everyone else who's said anything negative about the witch. Now Angelina is her new target that she is trying to drag down in the mud with her. 

Madonna Slammed By Malawian Official

Madonna under fresh attack

It never rains but pours for Madonna whose adoption of Malawian orphan David Banda last year continues to court controversy, several months after her purported kind gesture. 

The pop star recently told the American TV network CBS’s “Late Show” that she was making adoption laws when she came into the country to adopt David and this has brought her under fresh attack. 

According to Equal Opportunity Work executive director Wapona Kita, the statement “sent a wrong message about the country’s legal framework”. 

Kita said in a statement Wednesday that “with due respect, it is only the country’s National Assembly which can make laws and nobody else, including the pop star who has adopted the baby boy David Banda from Malawi”. 

“While we remain neutral on Madonna’s adoption of little David, we find her remarks on the adoption laws of Malawi a bit unfortunate in that even though our Adoption Act, which was passed in 1946 looks a bit archaic, it’s not true that Malawi does not have a proper legal structure on adoption,” said Kita in a statement. 

He said it was better for the pop diva to desist from making negative remarks about the country’s Adoption Act or seek proper legal advice before making such a statement. 

In a Reuters article that appeared in The Daily Times of January 15, this year Madonna urged more people to adopt children from Africa, sidestepping comments by actress and fellow adoptive mother Angelina Jolie about only adopting from countries with clearly defined adoption laws. 

Madonna said she initiated the adoption, which she saw as “saving a life” despite the laws of adoption in Malawi being less than clear and little used. 

“We were basically creating the laws as we went,” Madonna told TV host David Letterman on his CBS network show. 

Madonna, 48, said she and her British film director husband Guy Ritchie, had not expected the problems or controversies they faced in the adoption of David in Malawi. 

“There’s over a million orphans in Malawi, and in my opinion the laws need to change because these children need to be rescued,” said Madonna. 

Madonna said only two countries in Africa--Ethiopia and Kenya--had clearly defined adoption rules with other African countries not used to dealing with such issues. - Daily Times, January 18, 2007 

Only a trashy, ignorant person would think it appropriate to say they went into a foreign country and instantly just made the law up as they went along, like these people are garbage with no civility or social structure. It is brutish, uncivil, imperialistic and disrespectful. It shows repugnant manners, political ignorance, poor social graces and great absence of class. Also known as trash.

Madonna Bribed Malawi Official According To Articles

"Madonna Paying Off Officials"

Pop diva Madonna has gotten herself in some more controversy surrounding the adoption of her Malawian child. Do these reports ever end? In the latest allegations the pop diva is reportedly paying the university tuition fees of a Malawian government official whose colleagues aided her in adopting baby David Banda last year.

Madonna and her hubby Guy Ritchie are allegedly sponsoring civil servant Willard Manjolo at Swansea University in Wales, where he is studying for a degree in social work, writes British newspaper the Daily Mirror. Madonna agreed to fund his studies in June, four months before she brought David from Malawi to the UK leading to speculation Manjolo could have used his position to influence the adoption process. However, the 40-year-old dismisses the suggestion and suggests, "The child is being given an opportunity." - Hollyscoop

Madonna Adoption; When money Talks?

Willard Manjolo - benefiting from Madonna's adoption saga. Madonna : paid more than adoption fees to acquire baby David. Madonna bankrolls man from Malawian adoption ministry

Madonna agreed to pay for Willard Manjolo's living expenses and tuition fees, thought to be about £20,000.

The row over Madonna's adopted African baby has erupted again after it became clear that a civil servant working for the ministry which handled the case is studying in Britain at her expense.

The Mail on Sunday has learned the singer agreed to pay for Willard Manjolo's living expenses and tuition fees, thought to be about £20,000, four months before she was granted temporary custody of the child.

Leading Malawian lawyer Justin Dzodzi says her sponsorship of Mr Manjolo 'could be construed as payment for the adoption'. Mr Dzodzi, who is campaigning for a legal challenge against the adoption, said: "The entire circumstances surrounding the case need to be re-examined and this latest disclosure is something we would wish to bring before the courts."

Mr Manjolo, 40, who is married with four children and has one grandchild, began a bachelor of science social work degree at Swansea University in September - a month before Madonna left Malawi with 13-month-old David Banda. Malawian government officials said they would have been unable to fund him.

Adrina Mchiela, principal secretary at the country's Ministry for Gender and Child Welfare, said: "Madonna is paying for everything and we are extremely grateful.

"We had talks with her in June about adopting a child. She asked us whether we had any problems and we saw a chance. We told her the ministry lacked trained personnel and asked if she could help. We told her about Manjolo, who is a social welfare officer, and she immediately responded.

"Madonna indicated a willingness to sponsor more officers. We just have to inform her of our need."

The Mail on Sunday found Mr Manjolo enjoying a breakfast of chicken and rice at his halls of residence. He said he was grateful to Madonna and planned to thank her in the forward of a dissertation he is writing.

"But I don't much like her music - it is for a younger audience,' he confessed. "I prefer music by Rod Stewart and Fleetwood Mac."

Mr Manjolo said he was not involved in the adoption process and had never met the singer, adding: "It is unfortunate if people use their wealth to manipulate events, but I don't think it happened in this case. Her application was considered on merit.

"If it is in the best interests of the child, people should not argue about it. This child is being given an opportunity. But you must adhere to the professional requirements to avoid child trafficking."

Mr Manjolo has settled in well in Swansea. As part of his induction, he was given a lecture on the city's most famous son, Dylan Thomas. He spends his spare time watching football and enjoying the scenic Gower Peninsula.

"I like the area very much,' he added, 'although the weather is cold and I am missing my wife Taonga. She is a computer programmer and mother.

"I wanted to come on this course in 1984 but funding was a problem and has remained a problem for 22 years.

"I was appointed as the national co-ordinator of a programme to help vulnerable children in 1999, but I thought there would be no chance of completing this course because of a lack of government cash. It was only last August that I was told money had finally been sourced."

Mr Manjolo will remain at Swansea University until November.

Unlike most student digs, he keeps his 12ft by 10ft room in pristine condition with a pile of neatly folded clothes in one corner and a list of seven sins according to Mahatma Gandhi pinned to his noticeboard.

He said Madonna's cash would allow him to train social workers to encourage Malawians to adopt Malawians.

Ironically, that would make it more difficult for wealthy Westerners to use their fortunes to acquire African orphans. Mr Manjolo added: "Over a million children in Malawi are orphans and half of these either lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. Fewer than 100 social workers are struggling to cope with this human tragedy.

"Until now, adoption has always been a foreign practice in Malawi, but the intention is to encourage Malawians to adopt Malawians.

"My completing this course will help my department to develop this policy."

Madonna's spokeswoman was unavailable for comment. Last year the singer defended herself against allegations that she broke Malawi's adoption laws, claiming it had none 'so we made them up as we went along'.

But David Banda's father Yohane said recently that he never wanted the adoption to go ahead. - Kenya News Network

"Madonna criticised for leaving son behind" 

Pop superstar Madonna has been slammed for leaving her newly adopted son at home while she attended the London premiere of her new film. 

Madonna attended the premiere of 'Arthur and the Invisibles' with her husband Guy Ritchie and her children Loudres and Rocco. David Banda, the boy she had adopted from Malawi, was left to stay at home, reported ananova.com. Asked how the boy was doing, Madonna said: 'He's wonderful thank you. He's sleeping.' 

But a source present at the premiere criticised Madonna saying: 'I wouldn't have left him for three minutes.' - Malaysia Sun - Tuesday 30th January, 2007

"Lily Allen Blasts Madonna Again"

British pop star Lily Allen has reignited her feud with Madonna, insisting people only buy the Hung Up star's records because she's so famous. 

The Smile singer criticised the pop queen last August (06), saying, "She might have meant something once but I don't know many people my age who care," and now she's lashed out at her again. 

She says, "I never say anything unprovoked but an interviewer asked me who, in my opinion, was the most overrated pop star. And overrated for me is someone who sells a lot of records because of who they are. And I don't think people buy Madonna's records because they think they're really good." (c) WENN

Madonna Proves Once Again That She is Box Office Poison

The film she was featured in "Arthur and the Invisibles" flopped at the box office, taking in only $5,000,000 on a film that cost over $70,000,000 to make.

Madonna has been gracing the New York City circuit over the last week, promoting her new animation movie "Arthur and the Invisibles" in which she plays the voice of Princess Selenia. She shined like a true beauty whilst attending her many special screenings which including two schools. Exhausted from looking good, Madonna then let her wrinkles flow freely when she looked like a monkeys smacked a** on the David Letterman show and The Today show. Much more entertaining I think. – Splash News 

LEGAL FILE Robert Mueller (FBI)

A follow up on last month's Column, in the section featuring my least favorite federales, Robert Mueller of the FBI, where I wrote:

What the "FBI Priorities" checklist shown above should say for Mueller:

FBI Priorities

l. Learn how to turn on computers.
2. Learn how to not pay 10000% mark up value for computer system, blowing taxpayers' hard earned cash.
3. Learn how to stop punishing citizens for their right to dissent and contemplating shutting down their web sites without proper cause or legal authority.
4. Learn how to stop sending people around to rough up 14 year old girls for exercising their right to free speech on the internet.
5. Learn how to
not waste resources spying on kids, while the real terrorists plot their next act of jihad on America.
6. Learn how to better hide things from the public and Congress.
7. Learn how to stop lying in Congress.
8. Learn how to stop betraying the American people.
9. Learn to honor your oath of office.
10. Learn how to answer correspondences from foreign governments and US citizens, not unnecessarily burning bridges.
11. Learn how to stop retaliating against FBI agents who work with, not for you.
12. Learn how to stop retaliating against minorities and different cultural groups.
13. Learn how to stop aiding and abetting famous criminals and failing to report their crimes, also known as felonies.
14. Learn how to stop eavesdropping on citizens' calls without a warrant.
15. Learn how to stop eavesdropping on international citizens' calls without permission.
16. Learn how to stop scanning the domestic bank accounts of innocent people and without a warrant.
17. Learn how to stop scanning foreign bank accounts, unnecessarily offending foreign governments, AKA trespassing.
18. Learn how to stop reading domestic and international emails that aren't addressed to you without a warrant and international authorization.
19. Learn how to sync stories with Alberto Gonzales so as not to contradict yourself on TV to the watching world an hour later.
20. Learn how
to not be a dweeb.

This month, the FBI and Pentagon acknowledged that they are doing numbers 14-18 of that chart I made up, in admitting that they have been scanning bank accounts more than people knew, as well as reading emails and collecting email addresses more than people knew. I was right again.

Many articles published this week reveal the dismay, concern and sense of betrayal citizens feel at the news:

FBI turns to broad new wiretap method

By Declan McCullagh, CNET News.com

Published on ZDNet News: January 30, 2007, 4:00 AM PT 

FBI turns to broad new wiretap method The FBI appears to have adopted an invasive Internet surveillance technique that collects far more data on innocent Americans than previously has been disclosed. 

Instead of recording only what a particular suspect is doing, agents conducting investigations appear to be assembling the activities of thousands of Internet users at a time into massive databases, according to current and former officials. That database can subsequently be queried for names, e-mail addresses or keywords. 

Such a technique is broader and potentially more intrusive than the FBI's Carnivore surveillance system, later renamed DCS1000. It raises concerns similar to those stirred by widespread Internet monitoring that the National Security Agency is said to have done, according to documents that have surfaced in one federal lawsuit, and may stretch the bounds of what's legally permissible. 

Call it the vacuum-cleaner approach. It's employed when police have obtained a court order and an Internet service provider can't "isolate the particular person or IP address" because of technical constraints, says Paul Ohm, a former trial attorney at the Justice Department's Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section. (An Internet Protocol address is a series of digits that can identify an individual computer.) 

That kind of full-pipe surveillance can record all Internet traffic, including Web browsing--or, optionally, only certain subsets such as all e-mail messages flowing through the network. Interception typically takes place inside an Internet provider's network at the junction point of a router or network switch. 

The technique came to light at the Search & Seizure in the Digital Age symposium held at Stanford University's law school on Friday. Ohm, who is now a law professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and Richard Downing, a CCIPS assistant deputy chief, discussed it during the symposium. 

In a telephone conversation afterward, Ohm said that full-pipe recording has become federal agents' default method for Internet surveillance. "You collect wherever you can on the (network) segment," he said. "If it happens to be the segment that has a lot of IP addresses, you don't throw away the other IP addresses. You do that after the fact." 

"You intercept first and you use whatever filtering, data mining to get at the information about the person you're trying to monitor," he added. 

On Monday, a Justice Department representative would not immediately answer questions about this kind of surveillance technique. 

"What they're doing is even worse than Carnivore," said Kevin Bankston, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation who attended the Stanford event. "What they're doing is intercepting everyone and then choosing their targets."

When the FBI announced two years ago it had abandoned Carnivore, news reports said that the bureau would increasingly rely on Internet providers to conduct the surveillance and reimburse them for costs. While Carnivore was the subject of congressional scrutiny and outside audits, the FBI's current Internet eavesdropping techniques have received little attention.

Carnivore apparently did not perform full-pipe recording. A technical report (PDF: "Independent Technical Review of the Carnivore System") from December 2000 prepared for the Justice Department said that Carnivore "accumulates no data other than that which passes its filters" and that it saves packets "for later analysis only after they are positively linked by the filter settings to a target." 

'Full-Pipe' FBI Internet Monitoring Questionably Legal 

Posted by Zonk on Tuesday January 30, @10:55AM 

CNet is running a piece looking at what they refer to as a 'questionably legal' internet surveillance technique being employed by the FBI. In situations where isolating a specific IP address for a suspect is not possible, the FBI has taken to 'full-pipe' surveillance: all activity for a bank of IPs is recorded, and then data mining is used to attempt to isolate their target.

The questionable legality of this situation results from a requirement that, under federal law, the FBI is required to use 'minimization'. The article describes it this way: "Federal law says that agents must 'minimize the interception of communications not otherwise subject to interception' and keep the supervising judge informed of what's happening. Minimization is designed to provide at least a modicum of privacy by limiting police eavesdropping on innocuous conversations." Full-pipe surveillance would seem to abandon that principle in favor of getting to the target faster. http://yro.slashdot.org/

And here is the article about the government reading your banking records, which was published 2 weeks after I wrote about it in the December 2006 Sound Off Column. Make sure you read the last paragraph I highlighted, that questions the legality of it:

FBI Can Legally Check Your Credit

The Defense Department of the United States has been checking the credit of Americans and foreigners alike due to suspected terrorism and espionage. However, when bank records and credit activity is checked, judge’s approvals are bypassed, and subpoenas are not presented.

Three or four decades ago (1960’s to 1970’s) this authority was brought to surface and the Pentagon, CIA and FBI had full use of this procedure. Since then, it has not been used. The Patriot Act re-affirmed that this measure could once again be taken up and used at will.

Dick Cheney says, “It’s perfectly legitimate activity. There’s nothing wrong or illegal with it. It doesn’t violate people’s civil rights.” Cheney also states, “The Defense Department gets involved because we’ve got hundreds of bases inside the United States that are potential terrorist targets.”

The FBI has issued thousands of letters since the attacks of September 11, 2001. These letters have been protested by civil liberties advocates. These people claim that credit checks by the government without the authority of a subpoena or judge’s approval invades the privacy of Americans. Still, banks and financial institutions usually hand over financial records voluntarily.

Most national security letters are sent out by the FBI, but the CIA has sent out these letters in the past, as well. This technique has been used in up to 500 investigations.

Whether this process is legal or illegal, the American people should not be surprised when they notice the government’s name listed on their credit report. You have just been marked for being a potential suspect in espionage or terrorism. - To The Center,  January 14 2007 12:31:06

President And DOJ Agree To Bring Spy Program Into Compliance

Mueller: Why do we have to follow a silly little technicality like the law!

Another follow up to the same article from last month about eavesdropping. The President and the DOJ have agreed to bring the wiretap program under court supervision. It is good to hear that they are taking this step.

As I wrote in the Column well over a year ago and last month, the program needs to be in step with the law, as it is open to errors and abuse in its current state, when innocent people are wiretapped. 

Mark Foley Scandal Blows Up In Mueller's Face

Another follow up: remember a few months ago in the October 2006 Column where I wrote Mueller lied, launched a cover up and was negligent in the Mark Foley scandal. Well, last week, the Inspector General came to the same conclusion in his report regarding Mueller's FBI.

LOL at the "what a freak" comment:

FBI lax in Foley scandal
The New York Times

Mark Foley fled his seat in the House of Representatives last September when his sexual approaches to teenage pages finally reached the news media after years of a shameful cover-up in the halls of Congress. Now it turns out that the FBI was just as phlegmatic about the scandal as Foley's Republican colleagues. An inspector general's report excoriates FBI agents for brushing aside "troubling" evidence of the lawmaker's flirtatious message-writing, and then falsely blaming their inaction on the watchdog group that tried to alert the government in the first place...

The report describes one FBI supervisor who said he had read Foley's e-mail notes and thought, "What a freak," but who had then sent the evidence on a bureaucratic roundabout. - New York Times, Jan. 26, 2007, 8:01PM

FBI shirks duty

Published January 27, 2007 

The FBI had a special obligation when first presented with troubling e-mails that then-U.S. Rep. Mark Foley of Florida sent to a former teenage page. The agency should have known that politics and the odd content of the e-mails put the agency in a unique position to dig further and ensure that the powerless were adequately protected from the powerful. But a report this week by the Justice Department's inspector general shows the nation's top law enforcement agency dodged its job and tried to shift the blame for shirking its responsibility. 

There is enough finger-pointing in the Foley case to go around. Members of Congress and their staff members did not effectively deal with the situation, either. 

But given the tools at the FBI's disposal, it is unacceptable that the agency would treat the case as a hot potato to be passed from office to office. In the e-mails, Foley asks the boy his age, requests a photo and remarks that another was "in really great shape." Though those initial messages were not sexually explicit and officials concluded there was no sign of a crime at the time, the inspector general reasonably concludes that the FBI should have taken a closer look at Foley's behavior. 

The inspector general found that agents bounced the e-mails from office to office as they haggled over who had responsibility for pursuing them. The Fort Pierce Republican abruptly resigned Sept. 29 following reports that he sent explicit instant messages to teenage boys. While the earlier messages may have lacked a smoking gun, they provided, as the inspector general said, "enough troubling indications on their face." At the very least the FBI should have passed its concerns to House managers or congressional watchdog agencies. 

The report also noted the FBI misled the public by trying to blame a watchdog group for redacting the e-mails it passed along to the FBI. The inspector general found that the advocacy group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, had not withheld information, and that missing material was not behind the bureau's decision to drop the matter. Whether the culprit was laziness or fear or bureaucrats simply passing the buck, the FBI failed to do its job. - St. Petersburg Times


Remember a few months ago when I wrote in the Column about countries invading other countries air space.


"Countries who infiltrate other countries air space via satellite and is it lawful and moral, depending on the degree in which it is done and the outcome.

International politics can be tricky. While there are international laws governing how far each country can go, what are the rules regarding air space via satellite and what security dangers does it pose to each country." - Sound Off Column September 2006

This month, announcements were made about Iran's wishes in terms of space weaponry and China actually destroyed a satellite using space weaponry, concerning many countries, including America, who are worried about "space debris" falling into U.S. air territory.

"Pentagon looks to sci-fi weaponry" 

Jan 30 10:04 AM US/Eastern                                

Fleeing Iraqi insurgents downed by artificial ice sprayed on the road; an angry mob in Afghanistan dispersed by non-lethal ray gun blasts. This is the future of US weaponry, at least for the Pentagon's high-tech arms research division. 

The space-age weapons of Star Wars are not beyond the imagination of researchers at DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Department of Defense. 

The agency sponsors research into numerous aspects of military operations, particularly technology, it says, "where risk and payoff are both very high and where success may provide dramatic advances for traditional military roles and missions." 

The artificial black ice is one of its newest projects. DARPA recently called for proposals from scientists to develop a polymer-based material that acts like the sheer ice that forms on roads in cold temperatures, sending unwitting drivers spinning out of control. 

But the polymer ice could be used against enemies in any climate, including hot, arid ones like Iraq and Afghanistan where US troops are currently fighting. 

The idea is to lay down the ice to cause adversaries to slip, while US troops would make use of a to-be-developed "reversal agent" -- something to be incorporated into their boots and tires -- that would allow them to gain traction on the "ice." 

"Such a system will provide unprecedented situational control and sustained operational temp," DARPA says, "including the ability to shape the terrain by constraining adversaries to specific areas (and) degrade the ability of our adversaries to shoot and chase us." 

Closer to development is a ray gun that DARPA unveiled last week, its so-called active denial system (ADS): a weapon that emits a beam of energy that will make the target feel a strong burning sensation on their skin, repelling them without causing genuine injury. 

Mounted on a trailer, the ADS is a parabolic antenna-like unit that shoots out a focused electromagnetic radio-frequency beam of millimeter waves over 500 meters (yards), giving it a much greater range than many crowd-control devices like rubber bullets or water cannons. 

When they hit their target, the beams penetrate the skin to about 1/64th of an inch, or 0.4 millimeters, causing a sensation that makes people think their clothes are on fire. This can be used to scare off a menacing mob without causing real injury, according to DARPA.

 DARPA stresses that ADS is not a laser, nor does it use more dangerous microwave energy. 

"We need discriminate, non-lethal weapons with longer ranges and universal effects. This is exactly what we get with ADS," said Colonel Kirk Hymes, the head of DARPA's Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate. 

It has taken DARPA 12 years to get ADS to this point, and it will be several more to get it on the battlefield. 

Hymes says such weaponry is part of the equipment US soldiers need in the battlefields of the 21st century. 

"Our warfighters have identified a need for additional non-lethal capabilities, because distinguishing between combatants and non-combatants on the modern battlefield can be very difficult," he said." - AFP

SOCIAL Harvard Says Black Caribbeans Have "Mental Issues"

According to a half-butt Harvard study that was featured on the Media Take Out web site, black people from the Caribbean who live in America have more "mental issues" than black Americans A/K/A are crazy.

Harvard received federal funding from the government for the slur. I would love to know what scientific basis Harvard used to come up with this degrading, xenophobic, racist report.


1. How many black Caribbeans and black Americans were studied to come to this conclusion about millions of people without studying all blacks?

2. America is 1/8th black (38,000,000 people). What is the number for Caribbean blacks in America.

3. Why is it also only black Caribbeans? Why were white Caribbeans not included in the slur report or are you saving that for a later slur. How can the so called study be balanced or is it more ivy-league-prejudice-degrading-black-people-time again?

The Caribbean is largely black with roughly 30 nations, 40 million people, trillions in money and land assets, exports billions in fruit and vegetables to countries who can't adequately grow all their own due to cold or dry climates, produces large amounts of zinc, aluminum and bauxite, has a billion dollar tourist industry - yet you are slurring us that we have "mental issues." British, French and Netherlands established nations - yet you are slurring us that we have "mental issues."

You've received federal funding to slur millions of people in the Caribbean and additional millions outside the Caribbean in other countries of the world, via a biased study with no adequite adequate controls that further did not look at our white Caribbean counterparts for comparison (I guess it's just black people who have "mental issues" then?) or give any solid basis for how the control groups were established and the results formulated.

And what if it's a Caribbean who is half white and half black - does it mean they're half crazy?

What if the study had been Harvard decrees Jewish people have more "mental issues" than white Americans or German people have more "mental issues" than white Americans. Would that sound right to you? Of course not. It would sound stupid, racist and xenophobic. 

I have a question, wouldn't federal government waste such as this poorly executed, race based slur of a report, not be better spent giving the money to small business entrepreneurs via low interest loans, who can actual put money in the soon to be bankrupt U.S. treasury (war costs), creating jobs, economic growth and tax revenue, rather than using it to slander and slur segments of the population who pay billions in taxes each year. 

Let me put a face on the black Caribbean community for Harvard. The following people are either black Caribbeans or have black Caribbean parents. The next time you see these entertainers, politicians and athletes, I want you to remember that Harvard has deemed them and their families people with mental issues, who have trouble adjusting in America:


Colin Powell (former Secretary of State, 4 star general - Jamaican parents)

Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam leader - mother is from Saint Kitts and Nevis, father is Jamaican)


Tyson Beckford (famous model - Jamaican father, American mother)

Selita Banks (Victoria Secret model - Cayman Island and Jamaican parents)


Sammy Davis Jr. (Famous actor - black Cuban father)

Sydney Poiter (famous actor, Oscar winner - Bahamian-American)

Harry Belafonte (multiple award winning actor/musician - Jamaican mother)

Delroy Lindo (famous actor of over 20 hit films such as Ransom, Gone in sixty seconds - Jamaican parents)

Karim Dule Hill (famous "West Wing" actor - Jamaican parents)

Nia Long (famous actress - Trinidadian parents)

Keisha Knight Pullam (famous "Cosby Show" actress - Jamaican parents)

Corbin Bleu (famous actor of from the popular "High School Musical" - Jamaican father and Italian mother)

Gloria Reuben (famous "ER" actress - Jamaican mother, Canadian father, )

Wenthworth Miller (famous "Prison Break" actor - Jamaican father)

Andrea Desiree Lewis (famous "Soul Food" actress - parents from Jamaica and St. Vincent)

Nicole Lyn (famous actress, Jamaican parents)


Patrick Ewing (famous New York Knicks player - Jamaican born)

Patrick Ewing jr (son of Patrick Ewing - plays college basketball)

Anwar Phillips (Plays in the NFL - Jamaican parents)

Trevor Pryce (3 time Pro-Bowl defensive lineman for the Broncos and Ravens - Jamaican parents)

Atari David Bigby (Green Bay Packers player - born in Jamaica)


Celia Cruz (famous singer - afro-Cuban, recorded 75 albums, well loved and revered)

Jon Secada (famous singer - afro-Cuban with a very powerful voice that sold 20 million CDs)

Christina Milian (famous singer/actress born in New York to afro-Cuban parents)

Rita Marley - (Cuban born, Jamaican raised, wife and member of Bob Marley and the i-threes)

Bob Marley - (famous Jamaican singer, sold over 300,000,000 records)

Heather Headley (famous singer - Caribbean born)

Alicia Keys (famous Grammy Award winning singer - Jamaican father)

Fantasia (famous "American Idol" winner - Father is Trinidadian)

Jennifer Lopez (famous singer/actress - mom is afro-Puerto Rican)

Curtis Dubois Fuller (famous jazz trombonist - Jamaican parents)

Kurtis Matronix (famous performer/producer - Jamaican mother)


Rap music has deposited billions in tax revenue in the U.S. treasury over the last 30 years. Jamaican immigrant DJ Kool Herc is credited with brining it here from the islands as a youth. Then, another immigrant, Barbadian Grandmaster flash expounded on it, contributing his input.

They are both appreciated by the rap community and black people for their efforts. However, according to the Harvard study, are more prone to mental issues because they are Caribbean. Then you have the following rappers who are either Caribbean or of Caribbean parentage:

Notorious BIG (one of the best selling rappers ever, many awards - Jamaican mother)

Latifah - (famous rapper - Jamaican parentage)

Busta - (famous rapper - Jamaican parentage)

LL Cool J (Barbadian decent)

Heavy D (famous rapper - Jamaican born)

D-Nice (famous rapper - Jamaican parentage)

KRS-ONE (famous rapper - Jamaican parentage)

Wyclef and Pras of the Fugees (famous Haitian born musicians/rappers)

Swizz Beats (famous producer -Jamaican parentage)

Foxy Brown (famous rapper - Caribbean parentage)

Olivia (famous rapper from G-Unit - afro-Cuban afro Jamaican parents)

Will.i.am (famous rapper from The Black Eyed Peas - Jamaican)

Shaggy (famous rapper - Jamaican born)

Sean Paul (famous rapper - Jamaican born)

Bushwick Bill (famous rapper - Jamaican parentage)


Soledad O'Brien (CNN newscaster - afro-Cuban mom, Australian Irish dad)

Karyn Bryant (MTV news, ESPN showbiz tonight - Jamaican parentage)

Malcolm Gladwell (journo for the New Yorker - Jamaican mom, English dad)

Carlos Watson (CNN political analyst, Harvard grad, how ironic - Jamaican parents)


Clayton Henry (comic book illustrator who worked on X-men, Dracula and Apocalypse - Jamaican born)


Karrine Steffans (tell all book writer, video girl - born in the Virgin Islands, her mother is Jamaican. Jamaican background or not, I still want to punch you in the face for what you did to Whitney.)


Bruce Oldfield (famous designer, designed for Princess Diana and European Aristocracy - Jamaican father, Irish mother)

Dame Kelly Holmes (gold medalist in Olympics - Jamaican parentage)

Lenny Henry (famous British actor/comedian - Jamaican parentage)

Sol Campbell (famous soccer player - Jamaican parentage)

Lennox Lewis (famous boxer - Jamaican born)

Plus over 100 other Caribbean-British soccer players, actors, actresses and singers.

NATIONAL NEWS Martin Luther King

Hope you had a happy Martin Luther King Day. My dad did a tribute to him on his radio show. King was one of the finest human beings ever. I love his message of equality for all.

More than ever, in times like these, someone like him is needed. Someone who is a uniter. Without an agenda. The world has become so volatile. Diplomacy is dying. People aren't talking to each other anymore and when they do talk, they are talking at the same time and not listening to each other. This is not good for the world. Not good at all. 

INTERNATIONAL NEWS UK To Lock Up Those Who Recklessly Spread STDs

An article on the This Is London web site stated the Crown Prosecution Service in England will soon send to jail people who, "recklessly infect their partners with sexually transmitted diseases."

I think this is a great idea. Ironically it will also mean that Paris Hilton will be arrested in London at some time in the future.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS "Western Oil Companies" Set To Reap "Up To 75% Of Profits" From Iraq Oil

The next story looks bad. Very bad. According to an article in the Independent UK, titled "The Spoils Of War," "BP (British), Shell (Canadian) and Exxon (American)" are set to reap up to 75% of the oil profits from Iraq via a newly minted 30 year contract.

This is a raw deal. I believe in fair play. Iraq has been torn apart by the war. Between 50,000 to 600,000 Iraqi men, women, children, grandmothers and grandfathers have died.

Oil is their country's greatest natural resource. It is their inheritance, so to speak, that accounts for "95% of their economy" - and it looks very bad that anyone but the Iraqi people should profit that unconscionable amount from their oil revenues. This looks so bad...and it's going to backfire.

It is throwing gasoline on the fire, instead of peacemaking and trying to pacify dreadful situations in populated regions.

Population Numbers For That Region

Pakistan - 165,000,000
Iran - 74,000,000
Afghanistan - 31,000,000
Iraq - 28,000,000
Syria - 19,000,000  

"Future of Iraq: The spoils of war"
How the West will make a killing on Iraqi oil riches
By Danny Fortson, Andrew Murray-Watson and Tim Webb
Published: 07 January 2007

"Iraq's massive oil reserves, the third-largest in the world, are about to be thrown open for large-scale exploitation by Western oil companies under a controversial law which is expected to come before the Iraqi parliament within days.

The US government has been involved in drawing up the law, a draft of which has been seen by The Independent on Sunday. It would give big oil companies such as BP, Shell and Exxon 30-year contracts to extract Iraqi crude and allow the first large-scale operation of foreign oil interests in the country since the industry was nationalised in 1972.

The huge potential prizes for Western firms will give ammunition to critics who say the Iraq war was fought for oil. They point to statements such as one from Vice-President Dick Cheney, who said in 1999, while he was still chief executive of the oil services company Halliburton, that the world would need an additional 50 million barrels of oil a day by 2010. "So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies," he said.

Oil industry executives and analysts say the law, which would permit Western companies to pocket up to three-quarters of profits in the early years, is the only way to get Iraq's oil industry back on its feet after years of sanctions, war and loss of expertise. But it will operate through "production-sharing agreements" (or PSAs) which are highly unusual in the Middle East, where the oil industry in Saudi Arabia and Iran, the world's two largest producers, is state controlled.

Opponents say Iraq, where oil accounts for 95 per cent of the economy, is being forced to surrender an unacceptable degree of sovereignty.

Proposing the parliamentary motion for war in 2003, Tony Blair denied the "false claim" that "we want to seize" Iraq's oil revenues. He said the money should be put into a trust fund, run by the UN, for the Iraqis, but the idea came to nothing. The same year Colin Powell, then Secretary of State, said: "It cost a great deal of money to prosecute this war. But the oil of the Iraqi people belongs to the Iraqi people; it is their wealth, it will be used for their benefit. So we did not do it for oil."

Supporters say the provision allowing oil companies to take up to 75 per cent of the profits will last until they have recouped initial drilling costs. After that, they would collect about 20 per cent of all profits, according to industry sources in Iraq. But that is twice the industry average for such deals.

Greg Muttitt, a researcher for Platform, a human rights and environmental group which monitors the oil industry, said Iraq was being asked to pay an enormous price over the next 30 years for its present instability. "They would lose out massively," he said, "because they don't have the capacity at the moment to strike a good deal."

Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister, Barham Salih, who chairs the country's oil committee, is expected to unveil the legislation as early as today. "It is a redrawing of the whole Iraqi oil industry [to] a modern standard," said Khaled Salih, spokesman for the Kurdish Regional Government, a party to the negotiations. The Iraqi government hopes to have the law on the books by March.

Several major oil companies are said to have sent teams into the country in recent months to lobby for deals ahead of the law, though the big names are considered unlikely to invest until the violence in Iraq abates.

James Paul, executive director at the Global Policy Forum, the international government watchdog, said: "It is not an exaggeration to say that the overwhelming majority of the population would be opposed to this. To do it anyway, with minimal discussion within the [Iraqi] parliament is really just pouring more oil on the fire."

Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman and a former chief economist at Shell, said it was crucial that any deal would guarantee funds for rebuilding Iraq. "It is absolutely vital that the revenue from the oil industry goes into Iraqi development and is seen to do so," he said. "Although it does make sense to collaborate with foreign investors, it is very important the terms are seen to be fair." - The Independent UK

War, Foreign Policy And America's Place In The World

There's still too much partisan stuff going on in Congress. I'm neither Democrat or Republican. I'm looking at it from the human being political party, which sees avoidable catastrophe, huge loss of life, terrorist attacks, soured foreign relations with multiple countries, abandoned plans for American financial growth and massive financial bankruptcy ahead.

Iraq - Win Or Lose?

How do you define winning? Depends on your definition of the word. The government removed a sovereign leader of a country. Toppled his government and hung him. Yet there is still talking about "winning" and not wanting to "lose" now.

Saddam is gone and so is an estimated 60,000-600,000 Iraqi men, women, children and grandparents. By the time this war concludes another 100,000 civilians could be dead. This is preventable at this point.

America will never be forgiven in the world for this war. It is a black mark against the country. It was based on "faulty intelligence" and now bears a nasty attachment of obscene, disproportionate, unconscionable oil profits of "up to 75%." That doesn't look good...at all.   

This troop surge will be ineffective. They are just gonna run them out of there and the troops will be injured and or die in vain, so will more Iraqis. Those people have had enough. They are angry. It is time to change course.

Furthermore, the video of Saddam's hanging has only served to unite Muslims in the region, and communists abroad, who all  denounced it. This is the picture of America the world is seeing.

And if it keeps up, the country is going to start getting uninvited from major events and world conferences. There is only so much the world community will tolerate and the situation is at breaking point. Charging further ahead in Iraq is not the answer.

There are problems and they need to be corrected for the country's sake and that of Iraq. The country cannot solider on down a path that will ultimately lead to destruction.

Most Americans only get the national news. They don't get news from international sources like the BBC in Britain, the International Herald Tribune in France, Canada.com in, well, Canada, Xinhua in China, or day I say, Al Jezeera. Many are not getting the full world view.

BBC International Herald Tribune
Canada.com Xinhua

Nationally, the news is sometimes chopped up and fed with a slant (political left or right) not truly reflecting world opinion or consensus on foreign affairs.

While I'm not saying every international and every American news outlet is always right or always wrong, as they all have their moments. What I am saying is, there needs to be more international consensus - nations, including and especially America, dialoguing with each other, for the safety of the world as a whole, as things are clearly at breaking point. Cool heads prevail.   

And this goes out to every country: if your leader is not willing to dialogue with others, use diplomacy, take proper legal and political counsel, and listen to you as a people, it is your political duty, as the government behind said leader, for the safety of your country and the world, to rein him or her in.

SPIRITUAL Faith And Fear

Fear has stopped many people from achieving their dreams in life. Some become afraid of failure, while others become afraid of success and whether or not they can handle it. As people, we always like our safety nets. Things that are comfortable, without change and challenge. But the fact of the matter is, challenges help you grow.

Faith is also an important aspect of life. Faith in God. Faith that you can accomplish things. Faith that everything will work out. Without faith life is pretty bleak. Therefore, I implore you, whatever it is you are going through, hold on to your faith in God. He will see you through.


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