January 31, 2008

Volume 68

1. DON'T QUOTE ME ON THAT Funniest Faux Pas Ever
2. CELEBRITY Cute Kids
3. CELEBRITY Out And About
4. CELEBRITY Look-A-Likes
5. SPORTS Photos
6. LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

DON'T QUOTE ME ON THAT Funniest Faux Pas Ever

Danielle Lloyd

British model and reality TV star, Danielle Lloyd, said the following on BBC One's Test the Nation, and had me laughing hysterically at the part about the statue:

Question: "Who was Winston Churchill - a rapper, US President, the PM or King?"

Daniel Lloyd: "Wasn't he the first black president of America? There's a statue of him near me - that's black."

As many of you know Winston Churchill was white. I don't think she meant any harm, as her boyfriend is black, but I couldn't stop laughing at what she said, especially in light of the fact that Britain has a 99% literacy rate. So this is the 1%, then. I'm just teasing.


Violet Affleck: I can "Bend it Like Beckham" too

(Actress Nicole Parker, her husband actor Boris Kodjoe and) their beautiful baby: who told you you could take my picture!

Basketball player Shaq and his adorable son: Daddy, is that Kobe over there.
Shaq: why, yes it is son.

Beautiful Suri Cruise before being "audited" by Scientology:

Suri Cruise after being "audited" by Scientology (I'm kidding, but sadly it's bound to happen to that poor child):


Singer/rapper Alesha Dixon looking radiant on the red carpet in London:


Twin actress Tia Mowery looking great as usual at the Debaters premiere:

Speaking of twins, models/actresses the Aldridge Twins sporting a great semi-casual look on the red carpet:

Halle Belly - that baby is really coming along. The prettiest pregnant woman ever. Halle looks fantastic:

Actor and comedian Cedric the Entertainer and his wife Lorna are such a well dressed couple. They look great:

Actress Liv Tyler looks fabulous in this black dress:

Actor Christian Bale, who is rarely photographed in informal settings, loitering in someone's driveway. Just kidding. He's a talented actor that does the laidback look well.


Singer Kylie Minogue out and about displaying her stylish fashion sense in Paris, which is one of the great style capitals of the world:

Here she is pictured with Madonna:


Doesn't actor Steven Strait (left) look like actor Ryan Philippe (right):



Here are a few great football (soccer) photos

Theo Walcott celebrating a goal (Arsenal)

Ronaldo celebrating a goal (Manchester United) - I saw an interview done with him at his home and he was singing...LOUD. Just teasing, it wasn't that bad.

Ronaldo free kick described by Alex Fergusson as the "best free kick I've ever seen"

Steven Gerrard running on the pitch (Liverpool)

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) and Michael Owen (Newcastle) sharing a moment on the pitch

Alan Smith giving a thumbs up (Newcastle)

...and after a goal:

LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

Here's an excerpt from an article on the Judiciary Report web site that describes something that happened recently regarding the FBI:

FBI Director Robert Mueller

"If I hadn't been told by a very credible source that you cheated on your wife, I'd wonder if you'd been castrated, getting vengeful in that manner, retaliating against a woman (Sibel Edmonds). And please deny it, so you can get caught in a lie - and considering I was the first to write about certain FBI Patriot Act abuses in my December 2006 Sound Off Column that the DOJ Inspector General, Glenn Fine, found to be true three months later in March 2007, I'm not the one with the history of lying. But keep having Miami FBI lawyers (Mr. Novice and Mr. Luders - January 2008) call me playing with me asking me questions they already know the answers to, about that case where my very life was placed in jeopardy, and all your business is going to end up on this site. But enough about me..." click here for full article


What are values? It's the moral code one lives by. Values vary from person to person, but in society there are basic guidelines as to what is acceptable conduct and what is not.

While you can't live your life for other people, you need to live in a manner that your freedom doesn't harm someone else. We all have rights and you don't want the choices you make to infringe upon that of others.

Your values should be seen in your work and personal life. On the job, work with integrity and when you date or choose to marry, pick someone that reflects the things you believe in and the high standards you live by.

If you choose someone that is not instep with your faith, being mismated as the Bible calls it, it can create significant problems in your life, as you will not be on the same page in matters of life, family and spiritual well being.


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