July 28, 2005

Volume 39

1. Random Thought One
2. Random Thought Two
3. Random Thought Three
4. Oprah Hermes Follow Up
5. Being Bobby Brown
6. Dignified Silence
7. Float The Rumor To Get The Part
8. Junkets
9. The Life Of A Film
10. Oscar Award Category Under Petition/Debate
11. Fired Or Follicled: The Donald
12. Battle Of The Bimbos: Paris VS. Britney
13. Dueling Pop Tarts: Madonna VS. Mariah - Live 8 Or Live Hate?
14. Plastic Surgery
15. Extreme Makeover
16. Scientology Part 2
17. First Aid
18. LEGAL FILE: Bernie Ebbers
19. LEGAL FILE: Evidence Tampering And Falsifying Documents
20. SPORTS: Cycling
21. SPORTS: Tennis
22. Gay Marriage
23. Technology
24. Joel Osteen
25. Jessica Hahn
26. Protect The Children
27. London Bombings
28. World Peace


New York's got Little Italy, but shouldn't Miami Beach be Little Israel and the mainland Miami be Little Cuba.


Cuban Coffee - Coffee or controlled substance? Just kidding, but it's strong. I had a sip of Cuban coffee once when I was a teenager and let's just say, years later, I can still taste it. Spanish people offer me Cuban coffee all the time and I have to pass on it. You feed me Cuban coffee and I'll be on the floor.


People act like aging is some disease, when it's a natural part of life. Some patronizingly view being old as something to be pitied, when sadly sometimes you can equate being young with stupidity due to the foolish things people in their teens and twenties do.



Follow up to last month's Sound Off Column regarding the Oprah Hermes incident. A few newspapers have accused Oprah of playing the race card. However, it should be noted that Hermes was the one who brought up the subject of race when they issued the quote, "We've been having trouble with North Africans." That is what made it a racial issue. Hermes actually issuing such an offensive quote. Then again, what would a North African like me know.

When I started reading the article about Hermes shutting Oprah out I wasn't thinking racial issue, then as I read further, there was that precious "North African" slur. In this day and age, a statement like that is inexcusable.


"Being Bobby Brown" is an interesting reality show, a little scary at times (joking), but it gives an honest look at their lives. Some items that you would have thought would have been edited out weren't. The image of a diva they stick on Whitney was pretty much dispelled by the show. People tend to think female singers with outstanding voices are dramatic and out of touch, but she seemed very normal. I think the show normalized them in certain ways for people. I didn't agree with all of it, but it let people see they are human.

Watching the show I kept thinking, they seem normal. I don't mean celebrity normal, cause celebrity normal can still be crazy. What is normal for some celebrities can still be crazy for everyone else.

Hey, people make mistakes. It is my hope they will recover from the addictions they've both spoken of battling and sort out all their problems.


Dignified silence. Does it work. I don't think so. Innocent parties get labeled the bad guy when PR companies start spinning in favor of their misbehaving clients. Not to mention the public will wonder what the truth is and fill in the blanks, which could be unfavorable to the innocent. You don't want those blanks filled in with the wrong things, because as the injured party, where would that leave you.

Take for example all that press hullabaloo that dominated everything including the local evening news about the separation of actor Brad Pit and his wife actress Jennifer Anniston. Because she kept a dignified silence, people started filling in the blanks with rumors that were quite cruel. They were making her out to be the bad guy saying things like she didn't want to have kids, she was more concerned with her career ect...when they don't know the whole story.

Respectfully, I write, a dignified silence doesn't always work. You can end up with an unfair image. You'll end up getting victimized twice. Once by the conflict or incident and then a second time by the press speculation that audiences, if not corrected, could end up believing.



Why do celebrities float rumors in the press that they are up for or signed to film parts they never were, so they can get the role. It looks desperate, like forcing the director's hand. Just audition for the role and leave it at that.


Donít you just love it when some, not all, actors get on their soapboxes and come up with the most superfluous, disingenuous statements about a movie they filmed. Never mind some actors talk the same rot for every film junket.

Some junkets can be like cheesy infomercials trying to sell you a film. While some junkets are entertaining, hey even informative, I've watched a few cruddy junkets for non-religious films and thought with the way the actor is talking, is this film their new religion.

With the unbelievable hype the actor is peddling about this movie, is the actor being sincere or acting right now as well?
Didn't he say this same stuff about his last film?
Has this actor seen any of his movies?

For the right price, some will be anybody's and sell anything. They could tell certain actors to go out there with a load of dung on their heads, tell them it's fashionable, it's what they are supposed to do and they'd go out there like a grinning puppet promoting dung (which is what some films are). They'd tell you about the virtues of dung, how dung relates to them, how everyone can relate to dung, how dung has influenced them and how dung has changed their lives (Yea, but it's still dung, much like some of these films).

Some actors interviews are interchangeable, much like a bad, hackneyed, hype filled, untrue press release (yes, I've been studying film and the film industry a little too long to be noticing all this stuff, but my observations are valid nonetheless).

When some journalists ask questions about a film during junkets, I sometimes think they are reading way too much into it. I mean, some ask actors questions that they should be asking world leaders.

They ask about and actors respond about characters like they are real people. Watching the junkets sometimes makes you just wanna go, dude, it's just a movie.


Films gross so much money for studios and top tier executives. First the big screen, then DVD (rights), cable rights, TV rights - plus merchandising.

It's no wonder certain studios and top tier executives are stealing copyrighted works at an alarming rate, breaking numerous domestic and international laws.

Companies like Disney and Warner are among the worst culprits. Copyrights mean nothing to them. They would steal from the Pope if they thought it would make them some money (wouldn't exactly spell a blessing, though), which is pretty bad for a company, especially one like Disney with a family image, when they are anything but.

The system needs serious reforms. Too many innocent writers are being defrauded by certain studios and executives with no respect for the law.


Recently, stuntmen petitioned to have an award added to the Academy Awards for Best Stunt Man. The Oscars stated they could not accommodate that request because they are, "More focused on reduction than addition" and "the board is simply not prepared to institute any new awards categories." It seems people criticized them for the show being too long.

Aww that's too bad. I don't think it would take away from the ceremony. It would also be nice for the stuntmen to be recognized for their work. They would appreciate the accolade. Sometimes people can get overlooked. Then again, since it's technically not acting, maybe the Academy is unsure. It would be a cool category, though.

Stuntmen are important to films - not just action ones as well. Furthermore, some have died on the job. It's a risky way to make a living.


The Donald

Is Donald "you're fired!" Trump teasing bald people. He styles his hair in a subtle comb over, but has a lustrous, full head of hair. What's up with that. Donald Trump - the enemy of the bald man. Just kidding.


Well, Paris isn't technically a pop tart, though she is reportedly working on an album (be afraid, be very afraid). I read a crack in the music news where Paris Hilton dissed Britney Spears saying she would make a better mom than the pregnant singer. Don't you just love it when members of cults fight (Kaballah).

Paris said she'd be a better mom than Britney because she takes care of her dog. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there a headline stating Paris lost her dog for a few weeks. Ok, then...






I think charities aiming to help people is a good thing. I think celebs using it for publicity is bad. Madonna felt the ideal place to swear was in front of an audience of reportedly about a billion, loaded with kids, on the Live 8 stage, to supposedly show she is still relevant and hip, when she's really too old to be doing things like that.

Apparently, Madonna dissed Mariah at Live 8 - because you know, like, Madonna's, like totally there to help the starving Africans, like for sure. A few press quotes about the incident:

Madonna and Mariah Carey performed at London's Live 8 concert urging debt forgiveness for Africans nations - but Madonna can't seem to forgive Carey for some slight...saying she wanted to be kept "far away" from Carey. - Cincinnati Enquirer

Peace in Our Time? Not for Madonna and Mariah Carey - Detroit Free Press

Turns out Madonna had dissed Mariah in the 90's stating if she were Mariah she'd kill herself. It was said out of jealousy due to the fact that her career had hit the skids and Mariah's was flourishing (how ironic that it's happened again 10 years later with Mariah's big comeback and Madonna's flop "American Life"). Mariah, however, answered back and now Madonna's upset with her for it. Ever heard the phrase don't dish it if you can't take it. Here's what Mariah retorted at the time that upset Madonna:

I haven't really paid attention to Madonna since 7th or 8th grade when she used to be popular.

Ouch! Like I said, I think it's jealousy and it reared its ugly head again, at of all places a charity event (for Madonna a publicity stunt) especially with the recent announcement from Island Records that Mariah is the best selling female artist with the most no.1's. I say Madonna is jealous over that record as well.

Well, though I don't agree with that record for several reasons (namely payola, which Mariah's former label Sony just settled a case with State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer for 10.5 million - misconduct they and other record labels have engaged in for years) - who would you rather have the no.1? A singer, Mariah, or a slut, Madonna, who can't sing, but pretends to be a singer. You be the judge.

Part of the problem is Mariah is now said to have the most #1's by a female artist and sold the most records, more than Madonna, who previously and questionably held that title. This leaves Madonna, who is 15 years older than Mariah, but behaving like a 15 year old, with less prime career time to try to catch up to Mariah's newly set record. For someone who is among the least vocally talented in the industry, Madonna certainly has the biggest ego to go around starting stuff unprovoked and getting mad when the person answers back.

Madonna in a hypocritical show of false humanity and false humility was described at Live 8 as:

"An embarrassed Woldu, after briefly addressing the crowd in her native tongue, was then clutched by the arm by Madonna in a characteristic moment of crass." -San Jose Mercury News

"One should have been appalled that the masses were urged to action by Madonna, the hatchet-faced poster-girl of everything that has been repulsive in the West for the past two decades; who despite her heavily publicized modesty, still hasn't thought it necessary to change her name and, therefore, still signs things as the Mother of God." - Mail And Guardian online UK

Speaking of Mad-onna, she was sued recently for defaulting on a $100,000 loan to her copyright infringing film company and for not paying a director the $350,000 in fees she owed him, but gave her child a $20,000 credit card to supposedly teach her the value of money, which as one writer put it, will teach how to get into credit card debt. He had a point. It will teach her to spend spend spend and someone else will pay the bills - after all she is a kid.


Why do some people who've had plastic surgery deny it? Like people will think drastic changes are natural and happened as a result of puberty, when they are 10-30 years removed from said phase. I guess people don't want to be made fun of for their surgeries.

I'm not against plastic surgery, but I am against too many surgeries. Every time you go under the knife, you are taking a risk - as with any surgery. You are testing your mortality in a sense. You are under anesthetic, but are cut, as with a wound, then work is done to create the look requested.


I was flipping channels last week and landed on the show "Extreme Makeover." Now, why did I think they were making over homes and not people?

While I'm not for drastic plastic surgery, it brought tears to my eyes to see the looks on the participants' faces when the surgeries were completed that fixed items like an hare lip that made them self-conscious. Reconstructive surgery made a big difference to them in making them feel better about their appearance. That's the best use I've seen plastic surgery put to.


I read a pretty disturbing case online a few months ago about what the Scientology cult reportedly does to members who quit the cult. The Plaintiff, an ex-Scientologist named Michael Philip Pattinson, testified in his lawsuit to a practice used by them called "Fair Game" which details what can be done to people who are disloyal to or leave the cult (run Katie run).

At various times herein, the Defendants (Scientology), as part of a conspiracy to obstruct justice or otherwise control and silence dissenters and opponents such as the Plaintiff herein, practiced what came to be known as the "Fair Game" policy. Pursuant to this practice, an enemy of Scientology "may be deprived of property or injured by any means, by any Scientologist, without any discipline of a Scientologist. He may be tricked, sued or lied to, or destroyed." Despite public disavowal of the term "Fair Game" (for conceded public relations purposes), Defendants retain the policy itself in force and practice. Accordingly, defendants, in concert with others, continue to engage in illegal, outrageous, oppressive, tortious and harassing activities against those who they deem to be "enemies" of Scientology. One result of the ruthless and sometimes illegal acts engaged in by Defendants is that the enterprise is able to carry out its pattern of illegal, racketeering activity against the Plaintiff and others, with the knowledge that only rarely will witnesses dare to come forward and testify against Defendants.

As I mentioned last month, I also read that there have been a high number of suicides in the cult, especially when members are exposed to Level 3 of Scientology. My question is, why is this still being practiced? There was even a wrongful death lawsuit where a member being exposed to a certain level of Scientology suffered dehydration and developed a blood clot that killed her. Her family sued and won.

Cults go to great lengths to present an image of propriety, when they are anything but. They intimidate, harass, set up and frame innocent people they view as enemies or too outspoken against them.

There are some people in life that don't like it when someone gains too much of a voice, especially against them. They can't take it and seek to discredit, harass, frame and threaten them - sometimes even worse.

Instead of focusing their energies on making the world a better place, they opt to start campaigns of corruption against innocent citizens, who they fear people will listen to or will have too much of a following.

Never mind, there are just some people in this world who seek to do good with no hidden agenda. It doesn't matter to some. They just can't grasp that some people are just decent human beings, but once they become too outspoken, some will seek to frame and destroy them.

Never mind, there is hunger, poverty, crime and human atrocities being committed all over the world, some focus their evil energies on innocent people who have a podium. There's something very wrong with that.

Not to mention, as I write on here often, you reap what you sow, meaning what goes around comes around. Another example of that:.

I read about a journalist who got too outspoken about Scientology and they didn't like it. So, they broke into her office, stole her stationery, wrote themselves a bomb threat on said stationery, then mailed it to themselves via U.S. Mail in an attempt to set up said journalist for a crime she did not commit, which was intended to discredit and imprison her.

Hmm what ever happened to sticks and stones...These crazy cults feel they have some right above the law to threaten, harass and set people up. Conduct that is positively criminal.

They then went to the FBI with the (fraudulent) bomb threat on her stationery they'd mailed to themselves. The FBI brought the journalists in and she was facing some serious time, however, their investigation revealed she wasn't the one who wrote the bomb threat and it was a group of Scientologists, who were subsequently arrested and imprisoned.   

The wrongful fate you bring upon another will be your own. Look at it. Study it. Let it sink it, because for the wrongs you do to others, the things you put them through, you yourself will be force-fed that same fate one day by God via a mechanism He put into play in this world called "reaping and sowing" aka what goes around comes around. Why? because what you did was not benevolent.

For more on the dangers of Scientology visit www.xenu.net (for example, instead of Dianetics it says Diarehtics LOL).


First aid has helped to save many lives by God's grace. Knowing what to do in a crisis can mean the difference between life and death. There are informative tips at the Mayo Clinic's site that can help you in a medical emergency www.mayoclinic.com


  • For instance, did you know that you can perform the Heimlich Maneuver on yourself if you're choking? The Site tells you how.
  • Did you know that a stroke is caused by bleeding in the brain?
  • Did you know that people actually do faint from shock sometimes? I thought that only happened in movies.

There are tips on the site to help you in cases of shock, you know, like if the Cubs win the World Series, says the taunting Marlins fan.

The site also lists warning symptoms. You hypochondriacs out there - I don't suggest you read that site or you'll come away from it thinking you've got every disease there is (just kidding).




Bernie Ebbers was sentenced to 25 years in jail for the financial collapse of WorldCom, which resulted in 2.5 billion dollars in losses for shareholders. Many were stunned at the verdict. However, the sentence was due to the fact that the public lost a lot of money in WorldCom. The public's confidence in the stock market had been shaken due to fraud perpetrated by big companies like WorldCom, Tyco and Enron that have cost shareholders billions in devalued and overvalued stock, many losing their pensions and having to work longer than they planned.

As a result, the government has been cracking down on these companies.

It's such an unusual picture seeing multi-millionaire CEOs in expensive suits being hauled out in cuffs. However, it is some consolation for the people who lost their life savings and pensions in these corporate scams. Hopefully, it will also serve as a deterrent to other companies not to perpetrate these scams against investors. 

Bernie's case is pretty sad. To make it that far in business and succumb to something like that is regrettable.

When you run a publicly traded company, if it isn't doing that well, just admit it. Tell the board, the shareholders and the public. Tell them you're working to turn around revenues.

An accounting scam is like putting a band aid over a bullet wound. It will just get worse and worse. It's best to remove the (bullet) problems and get back on the road to recovery. Some shareholders may sell the stock, while some may stay. However, it is the best course of action, as opposed to inflating profits and an accounting scam, which is far worse in the long run.

It's not too late for Bernie Ebbers. He can still do good works that contribute to society, as he had done in the past. He may not feel that he has much to live for, but he does.


Falsifying Documents - Sometimes in civil and criminal lawsuits people falsify documents in an attempt to establish later or earlier dates to dodge guilt. This is not a good practice, as there are many way to test for authenticity and once a forgery is revealed that will lead to other charges/perjury.

Fake Sigs - Fake signatures or forged signatures on documents the signer never signed is also another trick some unethical people use. However, forgeries can be detected as well. My friend's husband swindled her house from her and had someone forge her signature. I was able to find a hand writing expert who would analyze her signature and confirm what we all knew, that it wasn't her signature on the paper. However, the lawyer I found for my friend was able to breakdown her husband under deposition and he admitted the whole thing.  

Setting People Up - Sometimes people are set up for crimes they did not commit to help deflect attention from other legal matters unethical people wish to be rid of. It's a very unsavory thing to do and sometimes employed to discredit individuals who make enemies out of unethical people with no morals.

Doctored Tapes - Illegal sound recordings that were altered to incriminate or implicate someone in conduct they did not do. This is easy to detect and disprove.

There are so many advances in technology that it is easy to detect fake evidence and forgeries. Still, some believe they must win at any cost, even if it means perjury and fraud.



 [Pic Courtesy of Wikipedia Germany Benutzer:Denkfabrikant]

The Tour De Lance - Hey, they might as well name it after Lance at this point. Yup, that's right. Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France again. Well done.



 Venus Williams (left), Roger Federer (right) [Pic courtesy of Wimbledon]

Venus won her third Wimbledon title in a great match, as did Roger in the men's category. My dad said it was great the way Venus fought her way back into the match and I agree. Roger showed why he is the world #1 in a victory that was his third Wimbledon title as well. Congrats to them both.


I was flipping channels and landed on the O'Reilly Factor where they were discussing the APA's decision to back gay marriage. O'Reilly, while debating with an APA rep cited a study done in Stockholm, Sweden where they legalized gay marriage and the institution of marriage collapsed. He argued that this could happen to America as well if gay marriage were legalized.

I do not hate or dislike gay people, but I am not for gay marriage as it goes against the Bible. Too many people kiss butt and hypocritically withhold how they feel about the issue and sanctity of marriage, because several high ranking executives in Hollywood and the media are gay, while others do not comment on it for fear of being blacklisted.

At the end of the day, God created marriage and designed it to be between a man and a woman.


TECHNOLOGY - Sometimes Christians are wary of embracing technology. Now, not all technology is good. Some really aren't ethical or beneficial in a good way. However, some are good. I read an article in the San Antonio Express about church services using technology and the internet to stream worship services with a full band. I think this is good, as people all over the world
can watch services and not just members of the congregation and guests, who are welcomed into the church service on any given Sunday.

I'd say a lot of the technology available is not bad, it's what people chose to do with it that's bad and taints it.



"Your Best Life Now" by #1 selling author Joel Osteen available now in bookstores.

I watched the building dedication ceremony on TV for the biggest church in America, Lakewood, at what was the Compaq Center in Texas. It was a beautiful ceremony. It's so nice to see so many people get together for something positive and uplifting. It's a beautiful building. I hope they will have many great gatherings in it that honor God. Lakewood is pastored by Joel Osteen.

I also saw Joel and his wife Victoria on Larry King Live. They make such a good looking couple and it's funny the way they joke about each other on Joel's weekly broadcasts, that she sometimes hosts.

Larry asked Joel how he felt about a few people criticizing him regarding him saying that women should wear Victoria Secret lingerie for their husbands. I also remember Juanita Bynum saying the same on TBN as well.

I don't see anything wrong with what either of them said. Respectively, they are married people. They talked about buying lingerie to keep that spark in their marriages. There's nothing wrong with that.

Married people have seen each other nude (yes, really), so correct me if I'm wrong, wearing Victoria's Secret would be less revealing. I don't get the complaints on that one.

Judging by what some have said and written, I think sometimes people view sex and their bodies as something dirty, when it is something that God created. Therefore, that is not the attitude God would want you to have towards sex. He doesn't want you having a negative self-image either. After all, we are created in His image. God created sex (yes, really). He approves of it. He created it for a husband and a wife to bond with each other and to procreate. 

Sex becomes dirty when people are promiscuous, wantonly use people for sex, lie to people for sex in making them think they care about them, when they really don't. Sex becomes dirty when it is deviant sex, unnatural sex, molestation, bestiality and pedophilia. That's misusing sex and misusing people, who end up getting hurt and developing a negative, distorted and or sad view of sex.

God does not want people to be hurt, especially via something He created as a blessing. 


Also saw Jessica Hahn on Larry King Live on another night. She could have done without this interview. That's nothing against King, as he does good interviews, but Jessica turned up to the interview looking very out of it.

She should not have done the interview for the simple reason she appeared intoxicated and incoherent. She looked higher than the prices at Hermes.

Her speech was slurred, she kept repeating the same things over and over again, her head was wobbling and her motor functions were very slow. King clearly noticed it and brought up the subject of substance abuse. However, she denied she was on anything and said she'd been clean for over a year.

She also appeared very racked with guilt and sadness over the PTL scandal and posing in Playboy. The interview was very sad. They talked about different things and events, like the Jim Baker adultery scandal, where Jessica slept with the preacher of the PTL church.

I was a kid when it happened, so I only remember some of the news clippings vaguely. Either way, adultery is adultery. However, God can forgive it. It's what it does to people's lives is the difficult part for them to put back together. 

Life is a series of decisions. Whether you are a preacher, a doctor or a teacher. It doesn't matter in that sense. You as a human being have to be the one to make your decisions, good or bad. You can choose to do right or you can choose to do wrong. However, every choice has its consequences.

They were consenting adults. Jim made the wrong choice in committing adultery with Jessica. Jessica made the wrong choice in committing adultery with Jim. It cost them both dearly and hurt innocent people in their lives as well. Once again, it was a choice and a bad one that they both made. Adultery is wrong. Full stop. However, God can forgive. The consequences in this life still lingers, however. Jim was disgraced, went to jail, lost his wife and ministry. Jessica was vilified, and in my opinion, mostly because she posed nude.

Jim has gotten back on his feet and is trying to make amends for the wrongs he'd done. However, Jessica I'm concerned about. She looked very sad and distraught on the show. She says she still believes in God, which is good, but it would be great if she were able to get away from that Hollywood lifestyle that has caused her so much pain. Hollywood used her for their own agenda, all while claiming they were helping her, when they were not.

Posing in Playboy and becoming the butt of jokes on shows is not helping anyone. People have wondered, both Christian and non Christian, why Jessica posed in Playboy at the time of the scandal. It didn't make her look like a victim at all. Well, she wasn't, neither was Jim. They were victims of their own choices.

Jessica said she only had $40 and that's why she posed nude. However, I don't believe posing nude was the correct option to take. There were other choices to earn a living. It did even more damage to her name.

What was really appalling is that she said someone approached her and offered to pay her saying, "Lets go after Billy Graham." Meaning let's set him up. That was pathetic. It's one thing when people fall from their own choices, but when you pay someone to set up another, especially a holy man, you will have nothing but God's disfavor in your life. She said she refused and said Billy's a good man. The Bible refers to people falling into temptation, but it also makes mention not to deliberately put temptation in people's way, especially a holy person. 

Both she and Jim did the wrong thing. No one should pretend about that and no one should condemn them either. However, he's tried to clean up his life, but Jessica seems to be on a downward spiral, which is not good.

It was very clear from the episode that she was intoxicated, hurting, wracked with guilt and fear over the future. Now that the scandal has died down, the work in Hollywood has basically dried up. She is of no use use to Hollywood anymore since the scandal's over.

She said when she hit a certain age in Hollywood (mid 30's), her looks began to fade, so she started taking cocaine to help her lose weight and that created an addition. She said she's had numerous plastic surgeries to try to remain youthful looking. However, it's apart of life in that people will age. There's nothing wrong with that.

As I wrote above, aging isn't a disease that you have to run to a surgeon to get cutout. Your life isn't devalued because you are aging. Hey, everyone's aging.

It must be said, ageing is apart of life. But they just don't seem to understand that out in Hollywood. A lot of the executives running Hollywood, demanding people look youthful, look 100 years old. There's nothing wrong with being 100 - hey be thankful if you live that long. However, it is hypocritical to be older than others, who you are demanding look young for the rest of their lives in order to get work in that town known as Hollywood.

Hollywood is very shallow and youth oriented, though most of the executives are two and three times older than their hookers, oops, I mean mistresses.

Here's hoping all that were involved in that scandal get back on their feet in a positive way.



As Christians we sometimes think we are invincible. Look at Elvis - handsome, good voice, good actor, a Pentecostal, but drugs claimed his life. I don't think it had anything to do with hypocrisy, but many times when people get into the industry the temptation to do drugs can be very strong, depending on the circles you move in and the people you allow in your life. It's an easy choice to make to take that first hit, but stopping is another story.

We all need to remember that we are not invincible. That we are not superhuman. That things can get out of control. That we can cause ourselves and the ones we love enormous amounts of damage through our choices.

How did Elvis get to that place. It is not that hard. It is very easy. The press hounding you, worried about your career, a so called friend or associate offers it to you to make you feel better...

We must remember we are human and to watch our choices.


Pedophilia is a world wide problem and the internet is only serving to spread it. Years ago Marvin Gay sang "What's Going On" and recently I found myself asking that question.

All this bad stuff happening in the world from terrorism to pedophilia. 50 years ago people didn't envision the world would get this bad. At the rate of moral decline, it also beckons the question, "Where are we going?"

Pedophilia is out of control. It seems like its almost every few days that there is a news report on TV about a missing or molested child. The internet has given pedophiles a home. A place to group and wreak havoc.

An angry caller on CNN had a good idea regarding fighting pedophilia and sex offenders preying on kids in their own neighborhoods. She said they should wear tracking bracelets people on house arrest wear. It is a good idea.

On the local news recently, they reported there are 33,000 child molesters in Florida. They showed a map of Florida with a red dot next to each city that a known sex offenders lives in, and let's just say, the map had a very unsettling red glow/undertone courtesy of the red dots representing pedophiles in local neighborhoods.

I read a report on Fox News that said there are sex offenders in every state.

I also saw a disturbing show on CNN last year that literally made me feel like I was gonna throw up. It was about people going to Romania to have sex with underage boys. The show was so upsetting.

What was just as bad as people preying on kids, was a father who was pimping his own 15 year old son. He'd been prostituting the boy for 2 months. The CNN reporter approached them in a car on the street while wearing a hidden camera. He drove along a known street where local and tourist pedophiles go to find young boys, stopped his car and the dad and his sons approached the vehicle.

It was unbelievably sick what the dad told the undercover reporter he was allowed to do to his son for what would amount to about $30 US dollars. It was inexcusable. What was even more shocking was how casually and callously the dad offered up his son to a stranger complete with abhorrent sexual suggestions regarding the boy. That was the most irreconcilable image.

When the boy got in the car, the CNN reporter told him he had no intention of doing anything inappropriate with him and he only wanted to ask him a few questions. The reporter asked the boy how he felt about being prostituted for money and he said, "I don't like it."

When the reporter took the boy back to the spot where his dad was waiting for him, he asked the dad why he was pimping his son. The dad replied that they needed money for food. Never mind they were all well dressed. They didn't look hungry or like people in desperate need of money for food. The dad pimped the son because it was easy money. He even told the reporter that his wife didn't know what he was doing and not to say anything.

Well, considering his face was shown on CNN, I'm pretty sure she found out. She must have been devastated.

However, the problem of pedophilia needs to be addressed. It is particularly rampant in third world and impoverished countries. Governments who make money from tourism in those countries need to do more to protect the children. It is unfair and cruel that their childhood should be ripped from them like that. They need to invest some of those tourist dollars in protecting the kids of their countries.

The program also featured a 10 year old boy who was being prostituted by his older brother. The fee was 30-40 Euros for one night with one of the very young boys he prostituted, which is abominable. The one girl featured on the show was underage as well and sold by her parents in Romania. However, she was bought by a CNN reporter for 2,000 Euro dollars and granted her freedom in a sense in that he said he would help her and she did not have to be his sex slave, as the deal her family made with him had stipulated.

Another boy was sold for 150 Euros. The pimp even bragged that one of his clients is a judge. However, the pimp didn't know the man speaking to him wasn't truly interested in purchasing a boy, but was an undercover reporter who was filming his unlawful proposition.

Another pedophile was a man who was arrested in England then went to Romania to continue molesting young boys. He bragged to the undercover CNN reporter about two young brothers. He repulsively said he'd, "Had them both" and "It was a dream." It was absolutely nauseating listening to him bragging about it and making dog noises while he said it. It was truly sick.

The program also featured problems in Bucharest. I saw another report on "The Abrahams Report" a few weeks ago about a Russian girl who was sold to an man in Texas, who molested her beginning at age five, putting videos of it on the internet. He was found out, arrested and is now serving time in jail.

Now in her mid teens, she has been adopted by a Christian woman. Amazingly, this child is recovering. She speaks of her new faith in God and her hope for a better life. I hope her mind, emotions and memories will be healed from what happened.


There are warning signs that there is a problem. Looking at under age kids in an inappropriate way is a warning sign. If you are doing that you should seek help immediately before you harm someone's child.

Some men are looking at preteen and or under 18 teenage girls in a sexual way and that is not good. There are TV shows and songs where men have joked about and talked about 16 and 17 year old girls in an inappropriate way. There is nothing funny or appropriate about that.

These are the same men who will one day devastate and disgrace their wives and children with some scandal for messing around with an underage girl. The mere fact that they think a dirty joke or lewd comment about a minor is appropriate, saying it out loud says there is some level of acceptance about underage girls in their minds. Recognize the early warning signs and get help before you destroy someone's life. 


My condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the London Bombings that occurred on the 7th. It was absolutely evil and inexcusable. My cousin would have been at one of the stations at the time, as he works in London and takes the train in from one of the home counties, however, his washing machine broke, he was waiting for the repair guy and decided to take the day off.

The shooting of the Brazilian electrician on the train days later was very regrettable. I understand the city's policy of shoot to kill in order to protect citizens from a potential bomber, however, I hope nothing like that happens again. I read an interview done with his family and they are absolutely devastated.

These terrorists have caused so many innocent people harm with their evil actions. What they are doing serves no greater purpose. It is evil. Plain and simple.

I saw an episode of The O'Reilly Factor the week of the suicide bombings, where he said Britain has strong hate speech laws, but every Friday at mosques across the UK clerics wrongfully say things like "Kill the Infidel." Definition of infidel being black, white, Hispanic, Christian, Jew, basically all who are not extremist Muslims. O'Reilly had a point in that, that type of "hate speech" should not be tolerated. Britain has since drafted and enacted legislation forbidding public speech inciting acts of terrorism. Under this new law, they will be able to prosecute individuals who incite such abhorrent behavior.

Some misunderstand freedom of speech and freedom of religion and are quick to hide behind it when anyone challenges their speech and deeds. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion doesn't mean you are free to break the law in inciting others to kill innocent people. It doesn't mean you are free to kill people. It is wrong. Inciting and urging terrorist acts is in essence issuing a threat of violence. Those are all crimes forbidden by law.

I said to one of my relatives, "People must be scared to ride the tubes." She said, "No, British people are very resilient. They'll be right back on the trains tomorrow." That's the right attitude to have. One must never give in to fear. At the end of the day people have to be resilient, especially in these sick times. Don't let them break your spirit.

You cannot allow people to destroy your civilized way of life. If you succumb to terror, then your way of life will become like theirs - cruel, miserable and heartless.


In the face of an enemy. The concept of terrorism is a sick one. Terrorism is a real conundrum because you are dealing with people with no morals or respect for human life. Not even their own. How do you combat such a problem and be fair at the same time. It's tough. There will be problems and there will be errors in trying to defeat this problem. But we must never give up.

All major governments of the world should redirect resources to focus less on non-consequential people (entertainers, local figures) in terms of the damage they can inflict on the world and more on terrorists and the people who assist them in their atrocities against humanity. Resources must not be wasted.

Terrorists are obsessive people. They clearly sit and watch targets for years planning atrocities against innocent people. They are driven and well funded. The threat is very serious, more serious than most people realize. They are a threat to anyone who does not share their extremist views. Their philosophy is clearly convert or be killed.

Children died in September 11th, yet extremists cheered. That's sick. There were kids on those planes. It's bad enough adults died, but children as well. Most people are moved with compassion for children. However, the extremists cheered on TV. That's the mindset you're dealing with in fighting terrorism. People with no respect for human life, not even that of a child.  

The people who died in September 11th and the London Bombings, were regular everyday people going about their daily lives - going to work to support their families. They didn't do anything to anyone. They didn't deserve to die like that.

Most can agree to disagree in life on major issues like religion and politics, but extremists won't agree to disagree on anything. They have the mindset that unless you believe what they believe, you are the infidel and must be killed.

To live in peace would be wonderful, but with the extremists carrying out their abominable bombings and dictators aiding them, the idea of peace is just a dream.

To the Muslims that do not share the terrorists extremist views, report the odd things you notice in your community. You can do it anonymously. If it turns out to be a fruitless lead, no harm done. However, what you report may be useful, as some of your leads may actually save lives in catching someone who is plotting atrocities in your community.

You know what is normal behavior for a Muslim and what is not. Report the abnormalities you notice. Think about your family and friends and the innocent children in your neighborhood. Think about their safety. Report it for their sake. After all, a Muslim woman died in the London Bombings.

My view is, if you aren't doing anything bad, you've got nothing to hide. Therefore, if a person is investigated who is innocent, they should come out in the clear.

To people who are thinking of committing suicide bombings who aren't so far gone, be rational and don't do it. God isn't into blowing up innocent people. God hates such conduct. You can't blow up people, children included, and yourself as well, as your last unrepentant act on this earth and hope to see heaven. It just won't happen. You do that and you're up a creek.


Bin Laden is a modern day Hitler. No question about it. The unmitigated killing of innocent people is abhorrent.

Where is he. Someone knows. Someone is hiding him when they shouldn't be. Where is he and who is allowing him safe harbor. With all the talk about Iran on TV and nuclear weapons, one has to wonder if he is hiding there. There are mountainous regions there where a person could hide. 

You can never sympathize with anyone killing innocent people. Suicide bombing is abominable, as it is the unmitigated killing of innocent people. 


I keep writing about brainwashing on this site because it is very dangerous. It is a real tool that unconscionable people use to the detriment of society. Cults use it and so do extremists. They all have that same glazed over look in their eyes. it comes from brainwashing.

The only good thing that has come out of the London Bombings is British law makers have enacted new legislation to make it illegal to incite terrorism via hate speech. Don't let them recruit in the open in your own backyard. Make it as difficult as possible for them. Don't make anything easy for them.


You know what tripped me out the other day. I saw footage on Fox News of radicals burning a U.S. flag. One guy's arm caught on fire while trying to burn the flag. I'm sure some of you have seen this specific footage I'm referring to on the news.

But here's the contradiction that got me. He's disgracefully burning an American flag and cheering (while stupidly catching himself on fire, then having to rush to out the flames on his engulfed arm). While this was happening on TV, I couldn't help but notice, while burning the American flag, his American clothes caught on fire as well. Yes, that's right. They were burning the U.S. flag all while wearing American clothes.

They hate America, but come to American universities to study (three terrorists went to different schools in North Carolina). They hate America, but the terrorists got drunk on South Beach the day before they committed the September 11th atrocities. They hate America, but wear American clothes. I mean, they were dressed like rappers. The whole lot of them. They were emulating American fashion to the tee - the country they claim they hate. Hypocritical? Definitely. Go figure.


Some black people convert to Islam due to racist experiences they had with white people. It becomes the black man vs. the white man and that's how they suck black people in. However, black militancy never solved anything. Neither did white militancy (KKK).

A military expert stated on the news that the London suicide bombers were converted into Islam as one thing but then were brainwashed into another. They became Muslims in what was seemingly innocuous, then lead down a path to something more extreme - suicide bombing.

Harming civilians can never be the solution to racism. Converting to a religious view that preaches its own form of hate against the West isn't the answer.

Much like cults, they don't tell you about their unlawful conduct when you walk through the door. It starts off as seemingly something good like self-help, then once your mind is prepped after subtle brainwashing, they start slipping in more dangerous messages and suggestions, until you are a full fledged criminal ready to commit human atrocities.

One of the bombers had converted to Islam as a teen. Somewhere along the line he was turned into an extremist, along with the other 3 bombers of Pakistani decent according to military experts interviewed on TV. The suicide bomber who converted to Islam as a teen, at the age of 15, was born in Jamaica and raised in London, England.

According to an article in the London Telegraph, one of the suicide bombers, Germaine Lindsay, 19, was born in Jamaica and moved to London, England as an infant. Four years ago at the age of 15, he converted to Islam (most likely from Christianity/Catholicism, as Jamaica is a Christian/Catholic Island). His father, Nigel Lindsay, a carpenter, is from an area on the North Coast of the Jamaica, which is near the tourist district. He said he hadn't seen him in over 8 years since his mom brought him to Jamaica for a visit.

He said, "I thought he was mixing with the right set of people in that religion - people who could guide him along and keep him on the straight." His father also said, "he cut all contact with us."

Lindsay has since left Jamaica for fear of retaliation from other Jamaicans for his son's part in the bombings. And I'm not going to pretend, there are people in Jamaica who would harm him for what his son did. Everyone's not like that and Jamaica is a wonderful place, but there are certain people on the island who don't play around and would seek to harm him for what his son did.

The Sun Newspaper, however, opted to distort the story and run the most ignorant headline in the world stating "Dad Blames Britain" for son's behavior. No where in the article did he blame Britain. I read the article in the Telegraph, the same one the Sun used to write its article that came from a radio interview that was transcribed.

The dad said he saw him once when he visited Jamaica at age 11 after his mom took him to live in England as an infant. He also said he thought the Muslim set his son was mixing with in London were about discipline and clean living. However, The Sun managed to squeeze Dad Blames Britain out of the same radio interview that numerous journalists got.

It's the same unbalanced, inflammatory reporting The Sun used in taunting Saddam Hussein by printing pics of him in his underwear on the front page of their paper, then weeks later running an article in response to Hussein's lawyers threat to sue.

I realize at the Sun showing nakedness is not a big deal, even if it's other people's and without their permission, but in Muslim circles it is considered very inappropriate and a sign of dishonor and disrespect in certain cases. While no one thinks Saddam Hussein is a good man, as he did horrible things to innocent people, do you really think it is wise to provoke his sympathizers with such pieces.


Terrorism is the greatest obstacle to world peace. As I wrote above, where some people in this world can agree to disagree on various issues, terrorists will not agree to disagree with anyone. Anyone who does not share their extremist views are considered "infidels" and candidates for death.

The worst thing that could happen to damage the safety of the world is nuclear weapons in the wrong hands. I'm sorry they were ever made, but they are a fact of life. Each nation has armed itself, most with the intention of protection, while there are a few countries and terrorists who have armed themselves with the intent to blackmail, extort and hold the world hostage. They actively seek to acquire new weapons.

Terrorists are like time bombs. The general public doesn't know what makes them tic. Most don't know or understand the terrorist mindset and truthfully, who should want to, as it is clearly a sick, dark place to produce such human atrocities. There is no justification for deliberately killing innocent people. There is no justification for dancing in the streets to celebrate the brutal murder of men, women and children in terrorists acts.

A man who devotes his time to helping save lives and souls is an admirable one. But a man who devotes his life to taking innocent lives is an abominable one.


Disarmament would be great, but is clearly tricky. While several nations would comply, there are some crafty dictator lead countries who would say they did disarm, but truly did not.

I am not against any country. God made this world. It is His. There are so many great countries and cultures out there. So much we can learn from each other.

While I'm not against any country, as every country has innocent people in it, sadly, mixed in with them are the bad people, I am against certain racists, xenophobic and hateful attitudes prevalent in certain pockets of several countries that says they have the right to deliberately kill innocent people at will because they come from the so called wrong ethnic background or because they do not agree with their religious or political views. That is not religious freedom. That is hatred.

There are terrorists in this world who believe people do not have the right to live because they don't share and support their hate filled views. They live by the credo convert or be killed - and even then they kill their own. They do not even value their own people's lives. They have killed their own people to get to certain targets, viewing the blood of their kinsman an expendable loss. They do not want peace, they want destruction.



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