July 31, 2007

Volume 62

1. RANDOM THOUGHTS For People Who Think Randomly
2. ROYALTY British Royal Family
3. CELEBRITY Cute Kids
4. CELEBRITY Cute Couples
5. CELEBRITY Out And About
6. CELEBRITY Eddie Murphy Is Toast
7. CELEBRITY The Beckhams Have Landed
8. CELEBRITY Britney Spears
9. CELEBRITY Gwen Stefani
10. LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit
11. LEGAL FILE The FBI Are Hackers
12. LEGAL FILE Articles State Gonzales Lied To Congress
14. INTERNATIONAL NEWS Gordon Brown Visits Town
15. SPIRITUAL Going The Right Way

RANDOM THOUGHTS For People Who Think Randomly

Why do cars reverse when all they have to do is turn around.

ROYALTY British Royal Family

Princess Diana Tribute Concert

The Princess Diana tribute concert in London at Wembley stadium went very well. Over 60,000 people bought tickets to the show that celebrated her life. It was a very touching tribute.

There's just one thing...they need to pass a law about William dancing in public. 

NEWS BRIEF: Today, by order of the Queen, and emergency passage through Parliament, it is hereby decreed that the William No Dancing In Public Act is in effect, but sadly, not retroactive (joking).

William to Harry: you wish you could dance like me!:

Harry to William: er, no:

Harry: you're doing this deliberately to embarrass me, aren't you twinkle toes:

William: you put your left foot in...
Friend to the left: Is William dancing in public again. Maybe if I scoot over they won't catch me in the embarrassing dance shot that will appear all over the net and the news...uh, too late! 


Chelsea: Is William dancing in public again
Harry: Yes!...this is so embarrassing.

Girl: Is that a picture of William dancing in public again
Guy: Is that dance move legal?:

(Just teasing, there was nothing wrong with his dancing).

Princes William and Harry paying tribute to their mother:

Singer Joss Stone, ahem, talking to William (Joss likes to talk with her hands):

William: Kate's seated right over there, so you may want to get a little extra security before you leave: 

Kate: oh no she didn't! If these cameras weren't here the lady in red would be dead...

Kate: Bring it Ms. Top of the Pops.

Joss talking to Will again:

William and Kate at the after party
Kate: ha I won!

Is that Dennis Hopper...dressed as Colonel Sanders (KFC):

Puffy trying to broker a side deal to buy some of the royal jewels from Will to make a new necklace for his new video (kidding):

Harry and Chelsea sitting in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g...

60,000 plus crowd:

The touching closing video, backed by the song These Are The Days Of Our Lives, showed Diana as a young girl happy at Althorp. It was very moving.

The way they were: a happy family portrait from Prince Harry's christening 22 years ago:

"Channel 4 sued over Diana death crash photo"

Channel 4 is being sued for allegedly ‘stealing’ the image of the dying Princess Diana in last week’s controversial documentary. Lawyers for Fabrice Chassery and David Ker say they wrote to Channel 4 on behalf of the two photographers demanding their shots be not used.

And they say a copy of the letter went to Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, private secretary to Princes William and Harry, who had protested on their behalf against the pictures being used.


Camilla And Charles Joking Around

Prince Charles incorrectly answered the question perennially asked by women all over the world of their men, "Does my butt bum look big in this":  


See, we can all get along. Zahara Jolie Pitt feeding her brother Pax Jolie Pitt. Just absolutely adorable (side bar: somebody better make sure that ain't play dough in that jar - just kidding):

Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee's beautiful daughters really got the best of both their parents' features:

Athlete Matt Leinart's ex-girlfriend, Brynn Cameron and their beautiful little cutie Cole. Aww look at that smile:

Actress Jennifer Garner and beautiful little Violet enjoy a day out. The hat is working, girlfriend. You look fabulous:

Beckham part 2: Little Brooklyn Beckham clearly inherited his dad David's talent for football:

How long before a juniors team scoops him up like they did his dad when he was a kid:

The handsome Beckham Boys hanging out with Katie Cruise and her beautiful daughter Suri at an L.A. Galaxy game.

Romeo Beckham  to Suri Cruise (a la Joey from Friends): How you doin'

Romeo to Suri: I think fhink I'm in love.
Suri To Romeo: I love your accent, babe.

Suri: Romeo and I are going out for ice cream tomorrow! I told him to bring American money:

Suri: oh, that was definitely out of bounds off side!

CELEBRITY Cute Couples

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony looking fabulous at their movie premier:

Tennis player Serena and her boyfriend Jackie Long make a cute couple. You go girl, he is cute!


A great looking group. Basketball player D-Wade, actress Gabrielle Union, basketball player Alonzo Mourning and his wife Tracie at Zoe's Summer Groove charity weekend:

The drawback of posing with an NBA player: they make you look about 2 feet tall. Alonzo Mourning and actor/comedian Katt Williams. Katt, you are looking just as tall as you wanna be. Just kidding:

Alonzo looking dapper:

The stylish Sienna Miller sporting a fashionable formal and casual look:

CELEBRITY Eddie Murphy Is Toast

Singer Melanie Brown (left) and lawyer Gloria Aldred (right)

Singer Melanie B has hired famous attorney Gloria Aldred...with emphasis on the word dred dread. You know Eddie had a nervous breakdown when he saw that pic.

Look at that grin on her face. That's the look of a woman about to hand out a beat down. He has put her through so much and it turns out it was his child after all. 

Eddie Murphy and fiancée Tracey Edmonds

I don't like how he has treated her. First he embarrassed her himself on international TV, stating he doesn't know whose baby she's carrying "until it comes out and has a DNA test," when he could have abstained from answering the question, at least for the sake of his child that was on the way.

Now comes news he hasn't even seen the baby, which is mean. Not to mention, announcing his engagement to gold digger Tracey Edmonds.  

What are you grinning for, Eddie. You saw what happened to Babyface. The man stopped making hits and the marriage took a hit. You pop out another Pluto Nash or Norbit after marriage and you can kiss your butt goodbye:

Gold digger. Yea, I said it. I remember years ago when I read an article in a black magazine about Tracey and her mother following Babyface street after street by car in Los Angeles, chasing him down after he left a recording studio, just to meet him...never mind he was married to someone else in Atlanta at the time. 

Now Edmonds has socially upgraded to Eddie, who has major film connections in Hollywood, that can help her with her newly started so called major film studio, after he treated another woman is such a disdainful manner.

Much like when you pursued and married Babyface in the early 90's, you opened a record company shortly after, in spite of the fact that you didn't and still don't know anything about music. I see a pattern here.

Babyface and Tracey Edmonds pictured above. Their divorce was made final last month when she upgraded to Eddie Murphy.

Like I said, gold digger and social climber. And what's really shameful is, you have a college degree. You have no excuse. Women don't need to use men to get ahead in life.

CELEBRITY The Beckhams Have Landed

David Beckham at the L.A. Galaxy football team ceremony welcoming his arrival:

David and Posh out to dinner in L.A.:

Police to Beckham: Sir, you're not allowed to drive on that side of the road:

Victoria throws out pitch at a Dodgers' game:

Posh on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno talking about how women in L.A.dress down too much. You see what you've done Britney. Now Posh thinks all women in L.A. dress like you, when they don't. Go to New York, the former home of the late Jackie Kennedy (Fifth Ave is beautiful), where the women put Spears and co. to shame in the elegance department: 

"Uggs and flats"?

Beckham Britain - house in England:

Beckham west - house in Los Angeles:

CELEBRITY Britney Spears

Britney Still Cranking Up The Crazy

Another month and Britney is still cracking up. First the OK Magazine shoot that went severely wrong, then driving with her son behind the wheel again, and now terrible photos from her new video that are just ghastly.


Britney looks high and drunk, is wearing clothes that look horrible on her, which in her mind is sexy, her hairline looks like it moved back 2 more feet and her ratty extensions look like matted fake hair one minute and dreads the next.


If she weren’t white I’d think she needed a relaxer touch up with those hair roots. How does Britney do it. I can’t take this no more…on to the next subject in this train wreck saga…

Why does she give them shots like these:

Britney’s Assistant Plans Tell All

After Britney’s cousin Alli Sims quit as her assistant, became a singer and sided with Spears' ex-husband, Kevin Federline, Britney hired Shannon Funk to fill the position, then fired her not too long after.

Now Funk is shopping a tell all book. She’s been reportedly offered $500,000 to spill the beans on what she witnessed during her brief tenure as Britney's assistant.

Considering she was there for the OK photo shoot meltdown, among other things, she knows much. She stands to make more from getting fired than from getting hired.

Jayden: someone save us...pleaseee!:

Please, at the rate Britney’s going, her toddlers are going to shop their own tell all by the end of the year. I spoke to her 2 year old over the phone this morning. He called me on his Fisher Price cell phone. He said the book is tentatively titled “Momy and Me: She’s Crazy.”

By the way, SPF, momy is spelled with two m’s. Hang in there little fella. Here’s apart of the book outline he sent me by email on his Fisher Price computer:

Chapter 1: This stinks…I’ve been wearing this diaper for three days
Chapter 2: I’m having Similac - mommy’s having Simicrack
Chapter 3: How to order take out before you’re even 2
Chapter 4: Which one is my daddy?
Chapter 5: Mommy stole my diaper rash cream…for her own rash
Chapter 6: How to program 911 on speed dial
Chapter 7: Saving up money to bribe the judge into giving daddy full custody
Chapter 8: Is daddy black? A little Negro wanna know, yo!
Chapter 9: Mommy Dearest the sequel starring Sean and Jayden
Chapter 10: Defensive driving for toddlers
Chapter 11: Why my IQ is higher than mommy’s
Chapter 12: Hang over remedies for mommy
Chapter 13: Activities for kids while mommy is out 23 and 1/2 hours a day

Britney Spears' "Crazy" Behavior Becoming Public Knowledge

July 30, 2007 9:33 a.m. EST - Los Angeles, CA (AHN) - There may not be much happening behind Britney Spears' eyes but there is plenty going on behind the scenes.

OK! magazine has already given insight into the crumbling world of the former princess of pop and now her former assistant is going to join in on the party and paint an ugly picture of the world according to Britney.

Shannon Funk has confirmed to perezhilton.com that she is shopping around for a publishing deal to tell the world what they already know - Britney Spears is a mess.

The personal assistant was quickly fired by the mother-of-two, but she had plenty of time to see what has become of the "Baby...One More Time" singer.


Britney And Kevin's Divorce Made Final

Kevin Federline's divorce from Britney Spears was made final this week, with a 50/50 custody split, which may be challenged at a later date. Britney is an unfit mother, so pray for those kids safety and well being, as this can't be good.

K-Fed's New Crib

Britney Selling Her California Homes Again...Still No Buyers

CELEBRITY Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani Sues Forever 21

Gwen Stefani has hypocritically sued clothing retailer Forever 21 for allegedly stealing from her fashion line that she stole from other designers.

This from the fraud that ripped off so many other designers for her line that the public started commenting on it online. Not to mention, stealing items from my copyrights in criminal violation of the law click here. What goes around comes around.

LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

Two weeks ago I received a letter stating the Supreme Court denied the case. I'm not surprised. I realized the Supreme Court was corrupt when certain decisions they kept pushing out was condemned by the public, and denying the case of Lewis Perdue, who Dan Brown blatantly STOLE SEVERAL HUNDRED COPYRIGHTED ITEMS FROM to make the Da Vinci Code book. Perdue copyrighted and published his books 20 years before Dan Brown stole them.

The courts side with the money coming into the Treasury, not justice. Besides, the Supreme Court only takes cases they feel will get their faces in the paper. They are not following Rule 10.

If they can grant Anna Nicole Smith's case, where her abandoned husband expressly left her out of his billion dollar will, for how she married him then took off, with the Justices going against the man's wishes, to give her another shot at stealing a family's fortune in court that she did not earn nor was she entitled to, then in the next breath deny petitions from people on death row whose lives are at stake and are emphatically stating they have been wrongfully sentenced to death, it says they are corrupt. You're better off giving your money to charity than filing a case with them ($400 fee). 

Not only are the preparation requirements for filing unnecessarily stringent and insufferable (do you know how many printing companies I took my petition to with the Supreme Court's instructions, that kept asking me, "what is wrong with these people," "why do they want all that?" and "what does that mean," for requesting such a layout and set up).

From the double sided printing on irregular sized paper, to the expensive 65 pound card stock paper they require, to the particular binding and excessive amount of copies (40 for the Supreme Court, plus 3 for each defendant) they aren't paying attention to justice matters, requesting all that, then churning out corruption on top of it.

They have another agenda and a corrupt one (for further reference see the race based school initiative designed to level the playing field, that the Supreme Court shotdown a few weeks ago, which drew condemnation in Congress).

Justices Alito and Roberts, you know the one that fell 10 feet this week, hit his head, was foaming at the mouth, had a seizure and was hospitalized, abstained from my case, according to the letter I received from the Supreme Court.

But I do think he slipped and bumped his head metaphorically as well, as the popular phrase goes, as he is responsible for that corrupt court and that's a cowardly, spineless, wimpy cop out. It screams corruption. You've protected the criminals and it is duly reflected in my forthcoming book and will be as well in my film about the case.

I guess them abstaining is supposed to absolve them of guilt, in that a person has been abused, assaulted on the same street as a U.S. court house, criminally defrauded out of billions in Copyrights that were devalued by lawbreaking stars and Hollywood executives, with her privacy and that of her family vilely violated, all in relation to the same case (Anthony Pellicano style), in your metaphorical house, on your watch, but you willfully ignored it, so you're not responsible, though you are the head of the court. Right. God don't like ugly, as the phrase goes and people reap what they sow. 

Not to worry, the international lawsuits are going to begin soon. They will be handled by lawyers and run as long as they need to, in as many venues as they need to, to get this matter resolved. So this thing is truly just getting started. Updates of developments in the case will be posted to the web site.

The UN complaint will be posted first and shortly.

I've also finished the book Justice And Truth, which is about the case and everything's in it. It's 200 plus pages and lays bare what happened, in all its ugly detail, blow by blow, including the massive corruption that allowed and condoned these very serious crimes, that goes further than I have made public (the UN complaint will reveal some of said additional crimes shortly, then the book fully). It's a real eye opener and you will never look at the system the same again after reading it.  

Since the Supreme Court's corrupt conduct, Madonna and some of the defendants from the case, have interpreted it as free rein to steal more copyrights, which they did, but I am asking you to keep boycotting them. I will post the recently announced forthcoming infringements I've found shortly. 

Since the boycott began in 2005, the albums and films stolen and listed on here as such, have all flopped. Thanks to all who boycotted them. They have lost far more than they have gained through breaking the law at my expense. Stealing from my Copyrighted Catalog has been costing them money and their credibility, as attested by numerous items online about the case.  

Warner Music Group, the main offender that Madonna records for, has seen their stock price go from $25 a share to $12 a share and declining. Madonna's album flopped, Kelly Clarkson's album that has lyrics from my Copyrighted Catalog illegally strewn all over it flopped and she was forced to cancel her tour due to poor ticket sales, Hillary Duff's album flopped, Stefani's album did poorly, falling out of the charts and failing to yield a real hit, Beyonce's re-release CD/DVD with the infringing music videos and songs bombed and was then pulled, and Rihanna's album has flopped, as it has been out for months, run out of steam and has not even crossed gold when they were expecting double platinum, leaving Def Jam disappointed (airplay can be manipulated, as the payola scandal of 2006 revealed):


"[Def Jam] has already sent out emails and made phone calls to producers and writers looking for a new female act to sign - to restart what failed with Teairra Marie and Rihanna. Everyone over here is really disappointed in Rihannas lackluster album sales. Considering that umbrella has been number one for so long and received so much positive feedback from radio, we thought it would should have done much better than 160,000 first week." - MTO

LEGAL FILE The FBI Are Hackers

FBI director Robert Mueller

Surprise, surprise. The FBI’s got hackers on staff. Yes, really. When an entity infects a computer with spyware to, well, spy, that’s called hacking. I’m not surprised at this news one bit. I wrote about how invasive the FBI has gotten in my December 2006 Column.

However, this time it was for a good cause. They obtained an order from a judge to hack and spy to track an individual sending bomb threats to Timberline High School in Lacey, Washington.

This is being cited as the first concrete proof that the FBI can and does spy into people’s computers.

While this incident was for a good cause, how do we know it’s not being abused in other cases, with innocent people being subjected to this invasiveness?

Don’t hold your breath that all is above board in this arena of FBI spying because it’s not. All will be revealed in time.

LEGAL FILE Articles State Gonzales Lied To Congress 

Documents Contradict Gonzales' Testimony

WASHINGTON (AP) - Documents indicate eight congressional leaders were briefed about the Bush administration's terrorist surveillance program on the eve of its expiration in 2004, contradicting sworn Senate testimony this week by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

The documents underscore questions about Gonzales' credibility as senators consider whether a perjury investigation should be opened into conflicting accounts about the program and a dramatic March 2004 confrontation leading up to its potentially illegal reauthorization.



It seems the world is out of whack. There has been massive flooding in England, America, China and Pakistan. It's times such as these that should remind us that we are a global community, none of us immune to disaster or struggle.

We all need to help each other weather these storms and rebuild, as they can happen anywhere and overnight. No country is exempt from natural disasters. They have happened all over the world at some time or another.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS Gordon Brown Visits Town

Newly installed British Prime Minister Gordon Brown paid an official visit to Washington recently. Some are calling it a reaffirmation of ties, others a break in them. However, Britain's government needn’t follow Bush’s lead anymore, as it is not the people's wish. Britons are overwhelmingly against the war. 

Bush has clearly illustrated that he has lost his way, does not know what he is doing, is venturing forward using extremely poor domestic and international intel, is bleeding the U.S. economy dry with poor leadership and endangering the safety of America and Britain with this ill-fated war.

Even Cheney admitted this week that they miscalculated, and what a price everyone paid for this error in judgment,  camouflaged as patriotism - many are dead. Patriotism is doing the honorable thing in support of one's country. Not lying to it.

If Bush wants to continue on this course, it is up to Congress to get in line with the wishes of the American people and end the war. However, as PM, Brown is in a better position to pull the UK's 5,500 troops with the assistance of Parliament, since Bush won't listen to common sense and the dire warnings that have been issued. Disaster is coming.

The surge and every other effort has failed. All it's done is unified dangerous factions in the Middle East that witnessed the deaths of many civilians. The Middle East is now more volatile than ever.

Britain (or America for that matter) isn’t cut out for terrorist attacks. Things will not get better on its current course. Changes need to be made. Diplomatic, peaceful changes that can bring some resolution to a terrible situation.

Once again, Bush is not taking the right path to resolving many conflicts facing the nation, relying on military might, that is spread much too thin to accomplish all that he is proclaiming.

It's easy to make proclamations from behind the safety of a desk, when you don't have the means or maneuvers to carry them out. This is dangerous, as it will lead to false confidence and an open defense that is not secure. 

Currently, Bush and Cheney have made utterances about planned military action in Pakistan and Iran, while the country is already engaged in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Bombing up that many places in the Middle East, where between 650,000 to 1,000,000 civilians have already been killed is genocide. To add additional target countries in the region equates to a greater act of genocide.

It is very unwise to think that the people in those countries are going to welcome such a move and watch their homelands being destroyed.

Not to mention, the U.S. economy has hit record lows. I warned in my November 2006 Column that something was going wrong with the US economy and that it would worsen on its current course. This summer it is starting to show its face fully with many financial crises.

While the White House has been fixated on poaching Iraqi oil that does not belong to it, the valuable U.S. housing market has collapsed, affecting the dollar, bonds, the stock market, the job market and worst of all, the citizens of the country.

Had the government been paying attention to the warning signs last year it would not have reached these terrible levels that are worsening.

The President needs to get his nose out of other countries affairs and start paying attention to America, that is in trouble. If he continues to ignore the country's financial condition, opting to forge ahead with dishonesty and foreign asset theft, that is working out to be as valuable to the country as a hand full of jumping beans, it is going to result in irreparable harm being rendered to the nation's economy.

Just this week, the dollar hit new lows again and a big mortgage company, among others, took such a bad hit, that it sent the U.S. stock market reeling. This is dangerous territory to be in. Bush needs to wake up:

American Home Rocked To Its Foundation 

Ruthie Ackerman, 07.31.07, 6:50 PM ET - It was a defeat on the home front. American Home Mortgage Investments lost 90.1% of its value on Tuesday, taking the entire stock market for a tumble, after the company said it could not meet debt-service obligations.

American Home was the latest victim of the subprime crisis and the first beyond the market for low-quality home loans. On Tuesday, American Home Mortgage Investment announced that it had failed to pay $300 million in lending obligations on Monday and it expected to miss additional payments of up to $500 million on Tuesday. It did not specify the nature of the obligations...

Keefe, Bruyette & Woods analyst Bose George said, “It looks pretty much like they are done. They’ve said they have pending margin calls, they have to pay significant margin calls, they haven’t paid loans funded in a couple of days, and they are considering strategic options including the liquidation of assets. It sounds like bankruptcy or a major restructuring of some sort or another. Either way it leaves the equity holders with little or nothing.”


Cheney admits was wrong about "last throes" in Iraq

Tue Jul 31, 2007 7:25PM EDT - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney acknowledged on Tuesday he was wrong in 2005 when he insisted the insurgency in Iraq was in its "last throes."

It was Cheney's most direct public admission of how badly the administration had underestimated the strength of America's enemies in the increasingly unpopular war in Iraq.


SPIRITUAL Going The Right Way

Going the right way is as simple as making the right choices in life. It is an act of knowingly doing the right thing. If you act with integrity, you will be okay. You may encounter obstacles, but light shines in the dark for the good.

Going the wrong way may appear to yield good results at first, but when it goes wrong, you could find yourself in a world of trouble, regretting your choices. It always has some drawback that surfaces, sometimes when you least expect it.

Endeavor to live a good, honest life, as it is the only thing that will count in the end. 

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