July 31, 2008

Volume 74

1. CELEBRITY Cute Kids
2. CELEBRITY Cute Couples
3. CELEBRITY Out And About
4. CELEBRITY Funny Photos
5. POLITICS 2008 U.S. Election...Fashion
6. SPORTS Photos
7. SPIRITUAL What Are You Made Of


Halley Berry and baby Nahla

Actress Halle Berry inadvertently gave the world the first glimpse of her little baby. Halle's baby Nahla looks like her mommy, so no doubt, when she gets older, she too will be crowned one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Actor Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves recently welcomed their baby into the world. They named their little cutie pie Levi. He's adorable.

Actress Jessica Alba recently gave birth to a little girl she named Honor Marie. Already the dad, Cash Warren, is worried that if she looks anything like her mother, as she gets older, how he is going to protect her honor, pardon the pun, from the long line of suitors she will have. She’s a beautiful baby, so yea, Cash, has his work cut out for him.

Little Violet Affleck looks happy. She may have heard the news that mommy and daddy have another little one on the way. This means she’ll have someone to play with, ahem, boss around, like any good big sister would.

Brad Pitt and the kids going to visit Angelina Jolie in the hospital

Angelina Jolie AKA “lips” gave birth to her little boo boos this month. She’s named her fraternal twins Knox and Vivienne.

You know they’re gonna call the boy Fort Knox in school, don't you. It must be difficult and expensive getting names monogrammed in that family without something coming back spelled incorrectly. Just teasing.

CELEBRITY Cute Couples


The Sanders family headed by football player/commentator Deion Sanders, star in the reality TV show “Prime Time Love.”


Boxer and grill mogul George Foreman recently announced his new reality show “Family Foreman.”

Soccer player Steven Gerrard accompanied by his wife, Alex Curran, as he received an honorary fellowship at Liverpool John Moores University.


New mom Halle Berry went out shopping looking as pretty as ever:

Another new mom, actress Jennifer Lopez, looked radiant as she carried one of her twins:

Pretty actress Vanessa Williams wearing a fun, eclectic ensemble: 

Actress Megan Fox wore very casual looks this month and still managed to look great:

Fashionable royal girlfriends, Chelsy Davy (Prince Harry) and Kate Middleton (Prince William) were spotted hanging out together: 

Glamorous English actress Kelly Brook out and about in Kent, England:

Stylish television personality and newlywed, Coleen McLoughlin, just got married to soccer player Wayne Rooney. Congrats to them:

Radiant, Carly Zucker, fiancée of soccer player, Joe Cole, out and about in London:

CELEBRITY Funny Photos

This picture is too funny for words. The sign says “Rednecks For Obama” (LOL). It’s a nice gesture. Reminds me of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You Might Be A Redneck” series.

Paris Hilton scaring the kids! That poor baby stared into the face of evil (courtesy of Flynet).

Singer strainer John Mayer looking constipated, like he needs to do a #2. May I recommend some Ex-Lax.

POLITICS 2008 U.S. Election

Barack and Michelle Obama

With so many topics being discussed in the 2008 U.S. election, it’s time serious minded people such as myself write about the real issues – fashion.

What did you think I was going to say, something superficial like the economy? Just teasing, but I do want to write about something light hearted – and that’s the potential first ladies’ fashion preferences.

Mario Pinto

Stylish Michelle Obama likes the clothes of lovely 51-year-old designer Marie Pinto, who is based in Chicago, where the Obamas live.

Cindy McCain likes the clothes of stylish German designer, Escada, whose suits go for thousands of dollars each.

Cindy McCain in Vogue:



Congrats to Rafael Nadal and Venus Williams on winning their respective titles at Wimbledon. You both did a great job.

Looks like Cristiano Ronaldo will be staying put at Manchester United in England for now, after being encouraged to move to Real Madrid in Spain. His numbers are good right now, therefore he has many people pursuing him, even some who know nothing about football.

Soccer player Tom Huddlestone on the pitch

SPIRITUAL What Are You Made Of

Trying times will show you what you are really made of. Adversity causes some to cower, but others rise to the challenge and come out of each situation victorious.

You choose what your reaction will be when faced with problems. Yes, we're all human and sometimes feel like we've reached breaking point, but it is in those moments, more than others, that we must draw upon our faith in God to conquer our circumstances.


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