June 26. 2006

Volume 50 

1. SITE NEWS Happy Birthday...To The Column
3. CELEBRITY Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Baby Pic
4. CELEBRITY Thandie Newton & Daughter
5. CELEBRITY Britney Spears
     Mannish Madonna leaving a Kabbalah cult meeting
     People Are Staying Away From Kabbalah
     The Nanny Manny
     Kevin Federline Make Over
     Angelina Spears?
6. LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit
     Paris Smoking Weed
     Hilton Wrecks Another Home
     Tickets To Madonna's New Boring Tour Not Selling
     Audiences Not Responding Well to Madonna's New Boring Tour
     Madonna Called "Too Old" for H&M
7. LEGAL FILE Pellicano Case
8. LEGAL FILE Congressional Raids Pt 2
9. LEGAL FILE "Al Qaeda Lite" Busted In Miami
10. LEGAL FILE Robert Mueller
     Mueller giving empty answers and dodging valid questions in the Senate
     We don’t need no computers, I've got it all right up here
     Flushing Tax Payers Money Down The Toilet On Computer Systems That Don't Work
     FBI Getting Punk’d On Computer Costs
     Public and Press Scrutiny
     What Happens When The Public Becomes Skeptical
     Poor Management And Poor Leadership
     Under Staffed, Yet Investigating Innocent Americans
     Launched A New Web Site
     Vindictive, vengeful streak
     Empty Speeches
     FBI In Disarray
     The Mail System
     Cut Down On Unnecessary Investigations
     J Edgar Hoover
     To Be An FBI Agent
     Stressed Out And Overworked Agents
     Spying On Innocent Americans
     Jack Anderson Case
     Jimmy Hoffa
     Implications Of Failure Due To Mismanagement
     If I Ignore It, It Will Go Away
     Shoot the Messenger
     Criminal Negligence - Mueller and Gonzales
     Judge Cecilia Altonaga Throws Out $70,000,000 Jury Awarded Verdict In Similar Case
11. SPORTS Basketball: Miami Heat
12. SPORTS World Cup
14. ENTERTAINMENT Indecency Fines Raised
15. NATIONAL NEWS Polls Shows Californians Favor Guest Worker Program
16. SOCIAL ISSUES Racism=Supremacy?
17. SOCIAL ISSUES What Is Beauty
18. SPIRITUAL Integrity

SITE NEWS Happy Birthday...To The Column

The Column is officially 4 years old this month and given the fact that the editions where I get upset my work's getting ripped off and rip certain people a new one for said conduct, have the maturity levels of a 4 year old as well, it's quite fitting. Just kidding.

That's 50 editions of the Column (er, this is volume 50). Millions of hits later and evidence of its impact all over the net, for something that costs me next to nothing to produce and host each month (a few dollars in hosting fees), I have to thank God that it turned out so well and reached that many people around the world. Thanks for your patronage.  


Ever been shopping in the supermarket or in a department store and they are playing one of your favorite songs over the speakers - only for it to be cut off mid song with a store clerk chirping sale specials or instructions to another employee on the loud speaker. Then when the clerk's announcement is done...so is the song.

CELEBRITY Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Baby Pic

For those of you living under a rock who haven't seen the pictures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's new baby:

Baby: I've got to get my beauty sleep. I have a photo shoot tomorrow.
Sound Off Side Bar: Angelina has lips like a black girl. And so does that baby. The baby has the lips already (LOL). Seriously, the baby is a cutie pie.

Angelina Jolie as a baby (see the resemblance?):

And another cute kid...

CELEBRITY Thandie Newton & Daughter

Pictured here are beautiful British actress Thandie Newton and her adorable daughter. Her daughter somewhat reminds me of myself when I was her age (it's all downhill from here kid - just kidding):

CELEBRITY Britney Spears

Dateline NBC clip

Boy...and the train wreck continues. I don't know who told Britney Spears to go do that interview on Dateline NBC. It just made things worse. And judging by the response on the net after the show aired, the public pretty much felt the same.

She got slammed across the board for arrogance, sloppy appearance, continuing to cheat with Federline when she knew two months after that he had a very pregnant girlfriend.

It was just bad PR all around. She lost a lot of sympathy with that interview.

Side Bar: Uh, is it just me or is Matt Lauer becoming the journo that's catching all the celebrities cracking up. Remember the Tom Cruise crack up where Matt had that "someone-call-security-nowww" look on his face (LOL).

Not only did Britney show no remorse for her carelessness and plain bad choices that endangered her baby on different occasions that the public witnessed, she arrogantly said "accidents happen" while doing a black girl neck whine in response to Lauer bringing it up. I read several comments on the internet where members of the public were put off that she was so nonchalant and arrogant about it.

What's ironic is the June 15, 2006 interview on NBC, down the line covered the things I covered in my May 2006 Sound Off Column article about Spears:

  • Timberlake issues within their former relationship.

  • Cheating with Federline while his girlfriend Shar Jackson was very pregnant.

  • Reaping and sowing in the bad you do coming back to you (it was called karma in the interview).

  • Her raunchy music and stage act though what's left of her audience is was largely comprised of minors.

  • The baby mishaps, endangering him over and over.

  • People photographing her crying after the mishap where she nearly dropped him - where I commented he should be the one crying not her.

  • Britney publicly being called a bad mom.

  • People calling her and K-Fed country (Hill Billies) and trashy (which really aren't synonymous, but Britney has single handedly managed to have these words glued together in the public's consciousness (the South thanks you, Brit - not).

  • The hunky nanny manny (pic)

And since we know she and K-Fed read the site (my lawsuit against her and Madonna, since they've both publicly repeated stuff I've written in this Column after I wrote, copyrighted and published it, see past Columns where I wrote about that, most recently me calling K-Fed a pimp as a joke in this Column and then two weeks later during an interview he did stating out of nowhere "I'm not a pimp" and since she did call the interview herself to clear the air (well, it certainly didn't)...

Someone needs to take some PR courses. Or better yet, sorry to employ that overused phrase, keep it real. Say you made some not so great choices, things have been rough, you are overwhelmed, but are making an effort to do better for the sake of your child, your unborn, your family, your life, your sanity and to make peace with God. Then actually do what you said.

Celebrities trip me out sometimes. I just don't get a lot of them. They are lost in Hollywood and make things so much harder for themselves and everybody else.

Britney attributed her conduct to being country, but I don't know any country people who've been doing the stuff she has. I've lived in the South (Florida) for over 20 years, been to Georgia several times over the years for days at a time and never have I seen anyone riding on a road or highway with their little baby in their lap (I'm not saying it's never happened, but it certainly isn't common, but that's the impression Britney gave the world). Nor have I seen country people walking around in high heel wedges and tight jeans a few feet too long while 5 months pregnant, firmly holding a glass with one hand and casually holding a baby with the other.

Therefore, don't blame it on being country. Just own up to it and do better.  

Not the best shoes for a 5 month pregnant woman (Britney with nanny/bodyguard/personal shopper mentioned further in Column - dude, I hope she's paying you extra to do all those jobs):

What's really telling is how Britney kept saying she doesn't care what people think - yet went on national TV crying and blubbering explaining herself. She does care (there's nothing wrong with that).

People who don't care what others think don't say the things she did nor do they keep explaining themselves or break down crying or fall to pieces when told people are saying what you've been doing is wrong (negligence).

People on the internet also slammed her appearance - but not because she was pregnant. She did her own hair and make-up and it showed. In an interview she called to clear the air and gain some "respect" as she demanded, that wasn't the best course of action. The shots of the hair from the back looked like a poorly blended bad weave bird's nest, the eye make-up was tartish and smeared, the fake eyelashes were crumpled and twisted and the clothes she chose were very unflattering.

Even Paris Hilton publicly said the look was bad - and when a woman who dresses and behaves like a rabid prostitute on estrogen and Viagra slams your outfit, then yea, it wasn't the best.

It would have been better had she not done the interview, as her career and life have now become people staring at a car accident, waiting to see what's going to happen next (and not in a good way).

It worked out well for Dateline (ratings), who I have a connection to someone who works for the show, therefore I'm not knocking it - but not for Britney. It could have worked out for Britney, had she handled it differently.

What she needs to do is stop making excuses for her poor choices and conduct, clean up her act, read some baby books like I wrote almost a year ago in this Column, so she will know what is safe and beneficial to a child - and most importantly, stay sober for the sake of her unborn and born baby as well.

Poor Britney. She has millions of dollars and still manages to look like a hillbilly who won the lottery. She looks like the girl the rest of trailer park doesn't invite to their cookouts or meth parties. I'm really anxious how she's going to justify being a good mother despite all the evidence, which proves otherwise. That would be like a girl defending a guy because he used a condom when he date raped her.

In case you're wondering why Britney is smacking on gum during a nationally televised interview, I don't know you as well as I thought I did. - IDLYITW


People kept commenting on the internet that she slammed Madonna in the interview (the sarcastic comment about people expecting her to reinvent herself like Madonna and stating publicly that they aren't friends anymore, where she once said they were).

However, Madonna has reinvented herself so many times using lesser known artists copyrighted works that she rips off for every album and thinks the public doesn't notice, but they do and are slamming her for it, that she doesn't know who she is anymore and is officially nuts, loopy, loco.

The one good thing Britney's done recently is gotten away from that money hungry Kabbalah cult that Madonna leads (where oh where do the donations go, hmmm).

Pregnant women don't need red strings cutting off their circulation nor do they ritualistically need to swing a dead chicken over their head...nor do they need people wrongfully hounding them for money that isn't due to them.   

Reports in the press leaked and circulated by Madonna are stating she is furious with Britney for ditching Kabbalah and returning to her Baptist roots and wants her big overpriced Kabbalah book back that has cobwebs on it because Britney used it to prop up the wobbly table in her living room right next to desk with the security surveillance camera pictures of Madonna hopping the fence of Britney's house and out running the guard dogs.

She probably lost Britney with the money thing and the swinging the raw chicken over your head to "absorb negative energy." It's more like absorb salmonella.

Baptists cook and eat their chicken - not swing it around their heads raw like crazy people.  

Lindsay Lohan

Madonna is now reportedly stalking pursuing Lindsay Lohan for the cult, who many are saying has a drug addiction (she likes 'em vulnerable). Lindsay's pupils and expression in pictures, coupled with the publicly captured sniffling and nosebleeds have led people to question her sobriety:


Photo and caption from PITNB

Madonna's becoming that crazy old lady tormenting following younger singers - and it's not a cute look at all. She needs to stop clinging to younger singers for publicity and quit harassing people. Instead of aging with dignity and respect, she's being looked upon as the creepy old lady people are running from.


Mannish Madonna leaving a Kabbalah cult meeting (photo from Pop Sugar)

People Are Staying Away From Kabbalah

"Britney: 'I no longer study Kaballah, my baby is my religion.'" 

Pop queen Madonna was reportedly so enraged by Britney Spears quitting Kabbalah that she decided to call off their friendship. 

Britney said no to Kabbalah studies a few weeks ago, claiming that these teachings don't bring her any satisfaction. - Spotlighting News

"Guy Ritchie Is Turning His Back On Kabbalah The Director Thinks This Religion Hasn’t Done Anything Good For Him"

The Director Thinks This Religion Hasn’t Done Anything Good For Him. Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie reportedly ditched mystical offshoot of Judaism, Kabbalah, risking infuriating his wife, who is a strong believer and promoter of this religion. 

The British director thinks that studying Kabbalah has done nothing good for him and brought him nothing but a waist of time.

 A close friend of Ritchie reported: "I think Guy is finally realizing that following Kabbalah hasn't been his greatest career move. He has been notably less enthusiastic about it of late and has apparently been staying away from the Kabbalah Centre." - Spotlighting News

"Hey Lindsay, don't you feel special now? I bet you do. Must be nice to know that you rank higher than Britney Spears, at least in the eyes of Madonna that is (though anyone who thinks anything good about Britney Spears is pretty ****** in the head if you ask me).

What am I talking about, you ask? Well, MSNBC's The Scoop is reporting that Madonna has ended her friendship with Britney Spears in favour of one with Linsday Lohan. But the why is the real crux of it. Madonna dumped Britney, not because she's turned into a disgusting, redneck mess. No, her reasons are much deeper. 

Is she against Britney's stance on child safety? No. Is she afraid of contracting some disease by just standing near Britney? No. Is she utterly repulsed by Britney's choice in men? No. Madonna has dumped Britney, because Britney dumped Kabbalah. 

That's right, the one sane thing Britney Spears has done in recent memory is what has Madonna ticked off. And since Lindsay Lohan's young, impressionable mind is still so susceptible to the latest Hollywood crap trend, she's jumped on board the red-bracelet-wearing cult, and Madonna loves her for it." - Egotastic 

Feedback from Oh No They Didn't regarding Britney's appearance on Dateline and Madonna being mad at her:

1. um, does anyone else love that she burned madonna TWICE? "oh yeah, they expected me to go through some madonna, re-invent yourself thing,"[info]iamnicolerichie 2006-06-16 02:24 am UTC (link)

2. lol yes i loved that. madonna needs to get a grip. I'll bet she's also bitter that Britney is the only female artist to have all her albums debut at #1. :) 2006-06-16 02:26 am UTC (link)  [info]rapthisham

3. But didn't Britney WANT to do that before?! And props to Britney for getting out of Madonna's Kabbalah clique. [info]promisemewings2006-06-16 02:28 am UTC (link)          

4. Loved it! You know Britney realized after time what a bull**** cult it really is, and Madonna became pi*sed that Britney wouldn't follow the light with her. And Britney probably thinks that she's too good to re-invent herself and would rather stay a down-home Southern girl who thinks Shania Twain's music is timeless. HAHA, love them both! [info]prisonero 2006-06-16 02:37 am UTC (link) 

5. I feel bad, but I laughed so hard when she started crying. [info]aubreyyy__x 2006-06-16 02:24 am UTC (link)

6. Julia Roberts to Britney: "Don't lump me in with you!" [info]promisemewings 2006-06-16 02:26 am UTC (link)

7. Just leave her alone, how would you like to be scrutinized to such an extreme like that. I know I wouldn't like it. NO BODY IS PERFECT!! [info]runxway2006-06-16 02:28 am UTC (link)      

8. That interview was just horrific to watch. It's like she was at some other interview or something. The puppy dog eyes to avoid questions, the ridiculous comments rather than answering direct questions...and I am not even gonna go into her whole look at all. Why even do this interview if you are just gonna look all crazy and not answer anything? 

9. The weirdest thing was how she was just like trying to "blame" everyone else but herself for the **** she has gotten herself into. The doctors at the hospital were mean to her when she brought a kid in with a cracked skull? That is their job to PROTECT their patients. And comparing herself to Julia Roberts and Goldie Hawn when no comparison exists?? When did either of them become trailer trash? I have a feeling Julia and Goldie are gonna be two pi*sed off women in the morning. [info]eyer812006-06-16 02:31 am UTC (link)

10. ok britney is trailer trash-done. everyone is so appalled and surprised because for 6 years we all bought into a complete lie.

11. the britney spears people grew to love wasn’t her at all, it was hollywood, ten billion stylists, publisists and the people working 24/7 to create this false hot pop princess.

12. in my opinion they're the trash. they all knew they were working with a hilbilly and selling something false. people remember what you see isnt always what you get. hollywood is an illusion. [info]homooh2006-06-16 02:32 am UTC (link)

13. What a waste of time. That preview video was the exact whole hour. What a joke. She didn't answer any questions and all I could do was laugh. [info]0405 2006-06-16 02:36 am UTC (link)

14. i can understand making fun of her clothes but making fun of her body language? now i think you people are just picking her apart, and im not even a fan. this is ridiculous. find a new celebrity to make fun of. [info]meganlolly2006-06-16 02:36 am UTC (link)

15. I liked how she was crying and no one gave her any tissue. That made me laugh. [info]0405. 2006-06-16 02:39 am UTC (link) 

16. Wanted to know what the ONTD'ERS thought of the full interview? I will say I hated how she blames everyone but HERSELF! This interview did more bad then good for her. [info]lalahoneybee 2006-06-16 01:54 am UTC (link)           

17. She is acting so weird during this whole thing. Who did her makeup?[info]rapescene 2006-06-16 01:54 am UTC (link)

18. *looks at her picture* Oh thats a shame [info]beaner21 2006-06-16 01:54 am UTC (link)

19. I started watching thinking I was about to feel extremely sorry for her because all the promos I'd seen are of her crying. Well, they should have just shown the crying part because the rest of the interview just reaffirmed what a moronic piece of white tra*h she is. Also, why does she feel the need to compare herself to everyone else? I'm sure Julia Roberts is pleased with Britney spreading misinformation about her. Keep on burning those bridges Britney. ::thumbs up:: [info]sntchy_botches 2006-06-16 01:57 am UTC (link)         

20. i am extremely bothered by the fact that matt lauer is not wearing socks. [info]rustyrocks 2006-06-16 01:57 am UTC (link)       

21. Let's not forget how she looked away not once, not twice, but three times when Matt asked her about her relationship with Kevin. ((sigh)) Britney. Please. Leave him! [info]luvlygator2006-06-16 02:01 am UTC (link)    

22. I wonder if there is a support group for hicks who can't think and chew gum at the same time... [info]xmint 2006-06-16 02:06 am UTC (link) 

23. Daaaa*n, I only caught the last 15 minutes of the show but that was enough. Britney has gone so far downhill since when she first came out... I miss the old Britney. She's such white trash now. Maybe she was always white trash but just hid it a hell of a lot better and now she doesn't care... but I miss hot Britney. [info]cpb1220 2006-06-16 02:07 am UTC (link) 

24. Every time he asks about Kevin, she looks down @ the floor. [info]bellaleonessa 2006-06-16 01:40 am UTC (link)    

25. Oy Vey. [info]pumpkinpnts 2006-06-16 01:41 am UTC (link)        

26. yeah...matt's character has a lot in common with brit the dumbass redneck...and am i the only one who thought it was totally obvious that she was lying constantly? [info]bluesforgotten 2006-06-16 01:41 am UTC (link)

27. How weird was it that she didn't want to talk about Sean Preston? It wasn't even negative-- Matt Lauer wanted to hear her describe him and she asked to clear things up about K-Fed in the tabloids. Strange. [info]dumontfan 2006-06-16 01:44 am UTC (link)

28. She's SO OBVIOUSLY LYING. [info]wafflesizzle 2006-06-16 01:44 am UTC (link)

29. Spit out the gum. [info]crazypicklearm 2006-06-16 01:45 am UTC (link)

30. Everything about her blinking patterns and repositioning of how she's sitting is basically a dead give-away that she's lying.

31. I think it's quite obvious that she was lying... when she was talking about the paparazzis, she said it in such a happy way that it's obvious that she's acting like she just finds it funny, while in reality she is really fed up with it. I can't really explain it well (boo for not having English as my first language) but it was like she tried to cover up the fact that she's depressed or whatever by being overly happy and excited. Although she did break down in the end.... Well, the girl is just dead inside or something, I guess.

32. I didn't see the interview (don't live in the US, don't have that channel) but I learnt that when people lie they do things like rubbing their neck, looking up or just not looking into the other person's eyes. [info]___88miles 2006-06-16 01:45 am UTC (link)

33. lol Hilarious. [info]lovedhurtlost 2006-06-16 01:50 am UTC (link)

34. I can't even pay attention to all of that. Between the hair, the gum, the outfit and whatever is going on with her eye makeup I can barely look at her for more than a few seconds at a time. Everything about this interview is ridiculous! Especially all of the bull she's spouting. 

35. I really want Matt Lauer would reach into her mouth and pull out that gum. She can't have even the slightest bit of class. [info]buttercup31 2006-06-16 01:51 am UTC (link)

36. She looks horrible. Her makeup looks like Ronald McDonald did it. I'm not sure if she purposely meant for that black dot to be over her eyelids. What's with everyone pimping chipped nailpolish? [info]mad_turtle 2006-06-16 01:51 am UTC (link)          

37. Britney is so "trashy".[info]nexttopmess 2006-06-16 01:52 am UTC (link)    

38. she's insane!!! When he asks her something about how she almost dropped her baby then she goes and talks about her brother having a motor(?) bike accident at the age of 13! which means HE'D be responsible for his actions, while britney was responsible for her sons actions. What is bothering me is that she won't accept the fact that she messed up. [info]ginger_ginerva 2006-06-16 01:53 am UTC (link)

The Nanny Manny

Britney has hired a bodyguard, a Naval academy graduate, who is doing double duty as a nanny and personal shopper, helping out with the baby. People keep saying how hunky the nanny "Perry" is, and he is, but Britney better behave. She doesn't need another adultery under her belt.

Not to mention, what chance has K-Fed got in a fight against a Naval academy dude. K-Fed would end up K-Dead (just kidding):



Kevin Federline Make Over

In the last Column, I wrote that "K-Fed can't be blamed for everything" but "Granted he could do more." He seems to be doing just that.

For months he was not photographed with his family. It was always Britney or Britney, the baby and the manny Perry.   Entertainment news sites have since photographed K-Fed with his K-family in Los Angeles and in Miami:



 It's nice to see the baby smiling and happy for a change, as he always looks so sad:

(In the sun - the baby is red as usual - would it kill you all to get SPF some SPF. A baby's skin is much more delicate):

Angelina Spears?

Sites on the internet have been commenting that Britney dyed her hair emulating Angelina Jolie, hoping it would associate her with the actress and hence, she would be thought of as a good mom. It's going to take more than that. Showing some real responsibility would be a great start.

All the sites agree however that it was not safe dying her hair while pregnant. Oh Britney, just let one month/column go by without you doing something that has people screaming child endangerment. 

LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit


Her make-up looks totally natural.

Madonna's fellow label mate and Kabbalah cult member Paris Hilton is the latest criminal to get in the act of stealing my copyrighted work that was copyrighted years ago, for which I also have addition methods securing their date of authorship. Madonna is still criminally selling off/fencing works from my copyrighted catalog (for lawsuit info click here) around the entertainment industry in criminal violation of domestic and international laws.

My video treatment was for a video shot on the beach (one copyrighted was for Malibu the other for Miami Beach, where I got the idea from, as I go over there every week (South Beach). Years ago I began taking pics of over there for my work and the idea was born from that. The video was to be a simple video shot in color with a guy on the beach. Other shots were to include a guitar scene.

The treatment for this video was copyrighted over 2 years ago and on May 16, 2006, I started shooting some of the scenes for it over on Miami Beach to go with the final release of the album this summer (I've got the receipt for when I started shooting on May 16, 2006). Then two weeks later Madonna's label Warner uses the beach video I'd copyrighted years prior and began filming my two year old video treatment two weeks after I started filming it. I have the articles that show the date they started filming.

This coupled with the book rip off I wrote about in the April Column where they broke into my home and stole copyrighted computer discs right off my desk (the fourth break in a few months, one of five we know of), then an infringing version of my book surfaced a week after I reported the burglary to the police, in the New York Daily News as a long Madonna article, proves those sickos still have me under surveillance, as I originally complained of in my lawsuit.

It's like each time they see I'm about to release something from the catalog, they rush to release a rip off of it first using the illegal copy of my catalog they criminally procured.

The dress she is wearing in the video also gives away that they stole my already copyrighted video treatment and are still criminally using works from my copyrighted catalog they got an illegal copy of through criminal means - invasion of privacy. An article in a issue on In Touch magazine this month asked who wears a dress like that on the beach. 

Not to mention, Radar magazine exposed the Kabbalah cult via a private member only memo that wasn't supposed to be made public, stating cult members should do whatever is necessary to gain copyrighted works and or rip off copyrights already in existence for the Kabbalah cult's use and financial gain. You know, like how Madonna's sicko cult leader stole a dead rabbi's manuscript and published it as his own and got caught red handed. These people are disgusting and despicable.

From the lawsuit page earlier in the month where I wrote about it in detail (the following repeats some of what I just wrote and includes links):

6-8-06 - More thefts relating to the lawsuit. Defendants Madonna and Warner Bros criminally ripped off a video treatment I copyrighted two years ago that is apart of my copyrighted catalog and used it for fellow Kabbalah cult member Paris Hilton's new, terribly bad video "Stars Are Blind" that's being slammed all over the internet. The song further rips off the bassline from my 2004 song "Heart Versus Mind (Reggae Remix)."

As a Jamaican I can attest, "Stars Are Blind" by Paris Hilton is the worst reggae record ever. Reggae records aren't supposed to be cloaked in so much vocal processing to hide the fact that the so called singer porn star can't sing, rendering the voice output you hear on the record into the sound of a robot singing. Bob Marley must be rolling in his grave.

What does a racist, stuck up, nasty witch that goes around calling black people "dumb nig*ers" know about reggae?

It's also quite telling how people on the net keep commenting how low budget the video is after she spent all that money on the record, getting famous producers and costly vocal processing - and there is a reason for that. I am an indie artist and indie filmmaker, my work is low budget and stripped down. That's what indie usually means.

My video treatment that was good with an artistic quality to it, has been criminally stolen and turned into a tacky, tasteless,  piece of trash. Bloggers across the internet are making fun of the video saying it looks tacky and cheap (along with jabs like "you know Paris gave that tree (in the video) herpes").

The video is disgusting now, thanks to what they've done. She looks like a porn star or a dog in heat, rhythmlesssly writhing around on the beach.

They used all of my already copyrighted video treatment DOWN TO THE COSTUME DESCRIPTION in the copyright (the dress she's wearing - a dead giveaway that they ripped off the video) except the guitar scene, because as you know, Paris Hilton can't sing, let alone play a guitar. She can't even walk and chew gum at the same time.

You all know Paris, the horrible human being that arrogantly referred to two black men as "dumb nig*ers" when she thought no one was listening (however, unbeknownst to her someone was filming her utter the slur), goes around sleeping with married men, breaking up relationships, threatening innocent people that she'll put a hit on them through shady friends of hers, smoking weed, doing cocaine and of course, starring in porn films.

Paris Smoking Weed:

Look for additional litigation regarding this shortly for Paris et al. In the mean time I am asking you to boycott her CD that's being released by Warner Bros. I heard the leaked tracks from it on a blog, which is where I saw the video yesterday, (Oh No They Didn't), and the album sounds like garbage. Trust me, you won't be missing anything.

It's funny, when Warner Bros took a hit when the 4.7 million dollar pic of Angeline Jolie's baby was leaked on to the blogs Gawker and Oh No They Didn't (the latter a site that I have posted feedback from in the Sound Off Column over the last few months), they got all self-righteous, complaining how horrified they are that their copyrights are being violated and are gonna sue the blog - but it's the same thing they keep doing to me.

While I had nothing to do with the leak, at least Jolie and Pitt had already gotten the money for charity, so I could care less about Warner Bros' losses. 

Also, please continue to boycott the movie "American Dreamz" which has flopped. It is one of the films ripped off from my copyrights that are apart of the lawsuit and please continue to boycott Madonna's flopped rip off CD "Confessions On A Dance Floor." Those boycotts went well and I thank you for that. It is some consolation in the face of the unlawful things that have happened and amazingly continue to happen.

Appeals Brief - Additionally, the lawsuit appeals brief is online, please click here.

I will post the record excerpts that go with the appeals brief later this month, containing the lawsuit (which you've already read on line here) in addition to scanning and uploading Judge Marcia Cooke's ridiculous rulings that are a must read. In it she explains her fact-less, Constitution-less, lawless opinion of why celebrities couldn't have done this and "why they can't defend themselves."

A "pop culture icon" and multi-million dollar miscreant companies with disgraceful legal track records, that she works for, with clear, indisputable evidence linking her to the misconduct and each company, who also "bring her work to the masses" because "they can't defend themselves" against me, one person, a girl, who filed the lawsuit pro-se. If you say so. 

Public Feedback From Oh No They Didn't:

1. She totally just gave that palm tree herpes. jessieka 2006-06-06 06:12 am UTC (link)

2. She looks like such a fool dancing with that palm tree. rockstarsex 2006-06-06 06:16 am UTC (link)

3. Paris Hilton - sexy without being slutty? I think he got those two words the wrong way round... thebestmarkever 2006-06-06 05:47 am UTC (link)

4. You cannot say Paris Hilton without saying (or thinking) slutty. kikibean 2006-06-06 05:48 am UTC (link)

5. Great. Now I have herpes. ___flight_risk 2006-06-06 05:48 am UTC (link)

6. is it just my computer or is there a reason that the lips dont match the song? sheswonderful 2006-06-06 05:49 am UTC (link)

7. LOL - moonys_missus 2006-06-06 06:02 am UTC (link)

8. i'm not sure i was wondering the same thing. mixed_emotions 2006-06-06 06:45 am UTC (link)

9. I don't know... I was wondering the same thing. kriziasupernova 2006-06-06 07:18 am UTC (link)

10. it's the first time she's heard the song. geeurock 2006-06-06 07:55 am UTC (link)

11. HAHA that made me LOL sexy without being slutty? cough yeah ok...if by sexy, you mean crawling with STDs then sure. kalysse14 2006-06-06 10:44 am UTC (link)

12. I couldn't even get through the whole video. Crappy music = Paris Hilton's "Stars are Blind." spanky_o 2006-06-06 05:49 am UTC (link)

13. lol me neither. I'm bleeding through my ears right now. anijen21 2006-06-06 07:09 am UTC (link)

14. that may or may not be the worst song i've heard in awhile. justlikeneon 2006-06-06 05:50 am UTC (link)

15. It reminds me of "The Sign" by Ace of Base. :/ synthetique 2006-06-06 05:53 am UTC

16. Hahaha, me too. That's definitely what I was going to say. theredrocker 2006-06-06 07:25 am UTC (link)

17. The riff sounds like something UB40 would have done (very psuedo ska), and she sorta sounds like Gwen Stephanie. The song isn't bad, no, but for someone with the best tools at her disposal, it could have been better. jazzy 2006-06-06 09:24 am UTC (link)

18. I love Ace of Base! Sad, I don't want them to be associated with Paris' vagina, but now that I've read your comment they will be. *sniffle* liltandweave 2006-06-06 02:33 pm UTC (link)

19. it reminds me of this song for some reason. dapheduck 2006-06-06 05:53 am UTC (link)

20. okay i just commented and said the same thing! so, iawtc completely. lulubloom 2006-06-06 05:57 am UTC (link)

21. I was totally thinking the same thing. mouseykins1 2006-06-06 05:58 am UTC (link)

22. Wow pretty much the exact same thing... cdsdralion 2006-06-06 02:36 pm UTC (link)

23. the song is halfway decent, but the video is horrific and her lips don't match the audio. aye___shuh 2006-06-06 05:55 am UTC (link)

24. kingston town - UB40 AM I RITE? xochiquetcal 2006-06-06 08:19 am UTC (link)

25. Yes, yes you are! That's what I said! Jazzy. 2006-06-06 09:25 am UTC (link)

26. Also, does anyone else think this sounds a lot like... "The Tide is High" by...Blondie. Actually, the Atomic Kitten version sounds more like it. lulubloom 2006-06-06 05:56 am UTC (link)

27. i wish paris hilton had a blog. tupeloteendream 2006-06-06 05:59 am UTC (link)

28. What would it say? Okay, internet. So I went to a party and did a line of coke in the bathroom with Nicky. After we ran into Lindsay and I could NOT stop laughing! She's such a firecrotch and she totally wanted the number of my dealer, but I was just like... uhhh Brandon DOES NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU ANYMORE OR GIVE YOU COKE.

So yeah. I think my vagina itches from the random guy I (had sex with) at the club the other night. He said he was clean, but I just laughed and was like LOLz now he's gonna get herpes! But what if he gave me gonorea. there's an h in that word i think? gonwhorea.

whatever, time to go have sex, do drugs, or vomit. LATERZ. lulubloom 2006-06-06 06:02 am UTC (link)

29. So, so perfect. blue_skyyy 2006-06-06 06:20 am UTC (link)

30. perfect!!!!!!!!!!! good call on bd by the way that totally makes sense theprinceof 2006-06-06 08:23 am UTC (link)

31.I hAvE a FeElInG sHe WoUlD tYpE LiKe ThIs bEcAuSe ShE wOuLd ThInK iT wAs "CuTe" kalysse14 2006-06-06 10:50 am UTC (link)

32. June 8, 2006 omg u guys im so ****** upv rigfht nw/; heart_of_butter 2006-06-06 07:30 am UTC (link)

33. ah look, paris being a slut yet again. surprise surprise. that song is horrible and there is no way that is her voice. Sopardonme 2006-06-06 06:02 am UTC (link)

34. wow, both the song and the video are really bad. coffeecrazy 2006-06-06 06:02 am UTC (link)

35. Her voice has so many effects over it production on the song must be in thousands. I think this is the worst piece of music I have possibly ever heard. I hope the other chick on her country living show or whatever makes a video. That would be a lol. alva1414 2006-06-06 06:06 am UTC (link)

36. lame. that song is way 1991 verona 2006-06-06 06:07 am UTC (link)

37. both the song and video are very, very bad. you'd think because she's rich, she'd at least get a good director or something for the video. 2006-06-06 06:07 am UTC (link)

38. PARIS GET SOME NEW MOVES PLZ. andkatewaslike 2006-06-06 06:08 am UTC (link)

39. Bad. Just... ya, bad! bunny_tsukino 2006-06-06 06:10 am UTC (link)

40. I can't wait until Paris is performing on TV. It's going to be a trip to see her singing and 'dancing.' prisonero 2006-06-06 06:11 am UTC (link)

41. More like slutty without being sexy. shanny_w 2006-06-06 06:11 am UTC (link)

42. She can afford Gwen Stefani's voice but she can't get but the freakiest stupid music video in the universe? I don't get it. Oh well, she's Paris Hilton. I should'a known better. tocada 2006-06-06 06:16 am UTC (link)

43. that was so, so bad. In so many ways. Blech. blue_skyyy 2006-06-06 06:17 am UTC (link)

44. that just might be the s******** music video i've ever seen. it's so poorly made. tiffanytwisted 2006-06-06 06:20 am UTC (link)

45. I wish she could dance or something...not just writher around like she doesn't know what to do....oh, but tis life;) . ryepat 2006-06-06 06:27 am UTC (link)

46. That is the funniest thing I've seen all night. That skank couldn't affect a sexy, sinuous movement if her life depended on it. lachica2000 2006-06-06 06:44 am UTC (link)

47. that has got to be the lamest video i've ever seen. *shudder* i can't get over the lameness... iheartweasleys 2006-06-06 06:46 am UTC (link)

48. I got bored. sidnihoudini 2006-06-06 06:47 am UTC (link)

49. The beat sounds Like the song: "The Tide is High" mixed with a bad version of a No Doubt Reggae song. ohh...and tell me why whenever I hear her say the verse "I don't mind..." all I could think about is that one song from Clueless (the movie): "Supermodel" by Jill Sobule...it's the same beat...grr..now that songs stuck on my head. ---but all in all, best elevator music ever!!!!! THANKS Paris, hopefully my office building will finally change their music and upgrade to this.---- :) ur_hellabumpkin 2006-06-06 06:50 am UTC (link)

50. Her video gave my browser herpes. I'm going to sue somebody! spinylobster 2006-06-06 06:58 am UTC (link)

51. I love it. kjaxxx 2006-06-06 07:01 am UTC (link)

52. Sounds like something she stole from Kidz Bop and tried to Gewify. themargeaux 2006-06-06 07:14 am UTC (link)

53. Anyone who likes this is easily satisfied and has no taste. prdarkstar 2006-06-06 07:21 am UTC (link)

54. She looks like Owen Wilson in drag. YUCK! hollywoodsilver 2006-06-06 07:25 am UTC (link)

55. She sounds like Gwen Stefani and the video su*ks. If you cut it down into frames I think you could get a couple of nice shots for a print campaign but not a whole music video. She can't dance either. I expect more from my popstars!! inthis__skiin

56. wow. that just may be one of the worst videos i've ever seen. and it came from perez's site. go figure. 2006-06-06 07:42 am UTC (link)

57. I knew it was going to be terrible. she didn't disappoint me. who are they kidding?! vonvuitton 2006-06-06 07:45 am UTC (link)

58. She should be the reason why people use condoms. Cherryreefer 2006-06-06 08:02 am UTC (link) (Reply to this)

59. Well that confirms my thoughts. Stars are blind AND re*arded lol doublevision03 2006-06-06 08:42 am UTC (link)

60. the song is okay...the video however...so bootleg. historyavenger 2006-06-06 08:46 am UTC (link)

61. Oh hey, the low-quality of the video, contour lighting, b/w, and professional makeup makes Paris bearable to look at! subjectivism 2006-06-06 09:14 am UTC (link)

62. Paris just stop, please. That was horrible. Screwed is a great song, it suits her all drunk sounding etc. moi_electrique 2006-06-06 10:42 am UTC (link)

63. i KNEW i shouldn't have watched it.. now my breakfast is all over m screen.. someone really needs to inform the ***** that she can't dance.. kalysse14 2006-06-06 10:43 am UTC (link)

64. Ugh, you s**k, Paris. liianna 2006-06-06 11:02 am UTC (link)

65. The "naturalness" of the beach setting is in such contrast to the artificiality of her voice, IT'S AMAZING. evil_laugher 2006-06-06 11:16 am UTC (link)

66. Ew. It's what, three minutes of Paris Hilton lip-syncing badly in slow motion? She'ssotalented!!!11 queenoftea 2006-06-06 11:29 am UTC (link)

67. Does anyone else notice that she and Ashlee Simpson sound alike? teri_lynn 2006-06-06 11:36 am UTC (link)

68. it's like she has tyrrets sydrome in this! Way to spasdic for the tone of the song, Paris mellow out! platinumpinup 2006-06-06 11:48 am UTC (link)

69. she looks like a man in a wig in that picture. redpearls 2006-06-06 11:51 am UTC (link)

70. TERRIBLEEEE. 2006-06-06 12:47 pm UTC (link) planetacid

71. she looks better in black n white puffmagicdragon 2006-06-06 12:57 pm UTC (link)

72. The lyrics dont match, HO. reminds me of a prostitute. dorkkstarr 2006-06-06 01:17 pm UTC (link)

73. I really can't watch this girl wiggle around and pretend to be dancing :( hahaha slut. down_fifth_ave 2006-06-06 01:20 pm UTC (link)

74. Stars are blind? No, stars wish they were DEAF. awful. She's turned into a parody of the slutbot she used to be. katsrequiem 2006-06-06 01:24 pm UTC (link)

75. Did she not hire a choreographer for this? When she says something about being a bit naughty she starts humping a tree, horrible. theflosquito 2006-06-06 01:25 pm UTC (link)

76. who was the genius doing the camera work? shaky much? jenesaisqois 2006-06-06 01:29 pm UTC (link)

77. and paris, you could at least dance to the point or something, you weren't even dancing to the beat, i felt like i was watching a worm squirming in a bowl of salt.
(Reply to this)

78. they played it on my hip hop radio station it has to mean something?! - nettap, 2006-06-06 01:51 pm UTC

79. Beating a dead horse here, but... Sexy without being slutty? What colour is the sky in your world, Perez? knivey
2006-06-06 01:41 pm UTC (link)

80. At some point I just totally disqualified the idea of Paris being able to do ANYTHING except going to the bathroom, eating, and shopping, oh yeah and saying that's hot. honestly, I don't think her brain works. I mean after she forgot the title of her own game or something?? honestly, YOU WERE THE CREATOR (or not probably in paris' case).....i dont even know how this girl is capable of shooting a video. And it shows because the lips dont match the music. I think she's mentally re*arded. (Reply to this) sweeetascandyy 2006-06-06 01:46 pm UTC (link)

81. I think my brain just melted out of my ears...also does anyone think she sounds like every other pop singer out there? they must use the same computer program to sound nice or something curlycutie016 2006-06-06 01:46 pm UTC (link)
(Reply to this)

82. people don't actually like this song do they? nettap 2006-06-06 01:51 pm UTC (link)

83. I have no clue how ANYONE think this is good.. This reminds me of awful 90s music and man she looks awkward, she's moving too fast for the music.gettyupcowboy 2006-06-06 02:02 pm UTC (link)

84. Oh, Perez... when are you going to realize that she is just using you to give her free publicity? Your website should be shut down for feeding the public the atrocity known as Paris Hilton. rarefy77 2006-06-06 02:05 pm UTC (link)

Hilton Wrecks Another Home

It was reported that hockey goalie Jose Theodore was dumped by his long term girlfriend who is the mother of his child, after a tryst with Paris Hilton. She has no conscience. This is like the 12th time she's done something like this.

Tickets To Madonna's New Boring Tour Not Selling

Madonna Dunnaway? She totally looks like Faye in this pic:

Ticket brokers are stuck with tickets to her shows that nobody wants to buy. They are offering the tickets at drastic reductions in trying to recoup money they lost in buying them in the first place.  Didn't they learn from the last tour where she claimed it was sold out yet people could still log on to ticket sites and test and see that tickets were still available aka not sold out. Now they've bought up tickets from her they can't sell to the public. This woman is nothing but hype and lies.

“Ticket prices for the hottest concert in town are cooling off. Some on line auction sites are filled with people trying to sell their Madonna tickets.

Some ads are offering tickets at half the original price. Ticket holder Marilyn Aguillar says she regrets buying six tickets to Madonna’s Fresno show.

She tells CBS 47, “You wouldn’t think 6 tickets to the Madonna concert could make a person sick.”

Dozens of others face the same problem. So now, they rely on auction sites like craigslist.org to try and get some money back. Posted: 6/4/2006 9:07:52 PM” - CBS 47

Audiences Not Responding Well to Madonna's New Boring Tour

Madonna continues to berate audiences who don't respond appropriately to her "Confessions Tour." When a Las Vegas crowd was somewhat subdued, she hollered: "You guys are supposed to be the liveliest people on the planet." And when they didn't repeat a lyric to her liking, she chided, "You guys [bleep]." - MSNBC

Madonna Called "Too Old" for H&M

In her desperate grabs at being associated with youth, Madonna thought the way to achieve this unattainable goal was to become the new old face of H&M. Well, she got slammed. Many publicly commented that kids/teens just don't know who Madonna is, therefore she is a bad choice for the brand. This is more Britney Spears' territory, who is known by young and old alike at this point in time.

In Madonna's mind she is the most famous person in the world, when she is not, as there are many young people who don't know who she is:

"Swedish Clothiers H&M Confess Madonna Was A Material Mistake"

Time waits for no man, or in this case, no woman, as clothier giant H&M finds itself getting snickered at for tapping the aged pop queen as their celebrity endorser, according to a report n Page Six. 

At 47, maybe it's time the Material Girl hung up the pointed boobs and g-strings, and stopped making an old fool of herself…much like the female version of a gold-chained, mustachioed, leisure-suit-wearing geezer whose been hanging at the clubs 20 years too long. 

H&M had agreed to supply all the outfits for Madonna as she embarked on her 2006 "Confessions" tour, but because of her age and the apparent lack of interest in her tired act by H&M's younger, hipper teenaged customers, the clothier isn't about to make any money off their investment.

H&M is getting second-guessed for tapping Madonna as its new celebrity endorser "not because she's too edgy for the teen fashion chain, but because, at 47, she's too old," says Page Six.

"These kids trade in stars every two or three years, and many don't know Madonna," ad legend Jerry Della Femina told them.  In a veiled jab at the fact Madonna is an old lady now herself, Femina suggests mature women's store, Loehmanns, as a better choice:  "I could see her signing up with Loehmann's, I can't see her with H&M."

Madonna's spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, reportedly told Page Six:  "I defy any 18-year-old to do a quarter of what Madonna does on stage.  I hope Jerry Della Femina takes a nice pill."

Who cares?  She could fly across the ceiling or leap tall buildings at a single bound, she's nonetheless old and looks it.  The nail in the coffin is that Madonna has frankly burned out her sex-toy public persona, and nobody takes her seriously in spite of her acquired British accent and managers.  It's all a sham.  And plastic surgery isn't making an impact anymore... her face looks lined and brittle... as does the skin stretching across her back muscles in her horse-love video.  Ewww. - The Post Chronicle

TMZ recently wrote a piece titled "Madonna: Hot or Has-Been?" calling everyone in the world either a Madonna hater or celebrator. At this point, there are way more of the former than the later.

The article only served to draw out more Madonna disses. I barely got through the first couple pages of feedback and it was stacked with disses:

1. She is almost 50 and a Mom. Give it up, Madonna. The latest "cross" stunt is completely ridiculous. She is close to becoming pathetic. Posted at 9:52AM on Jun 17th 2006 by Pam 0 stars 

2. I have to agree. Madonna was and is a great what ever she is calling her self (entertainer?), but yes she is the same age as the mothers of the kids coming up (an no she DID NOT pass on magical powers to Britney, as we all know what is happening to her).

So to Madonna at 47 soon to be 48, get over your self, time for another re invention and hopefully it will show some class. I am voting for the lady of castle look that has her helping the poor and staying a quiet home body. Posted at 9:48AM on Jun 17th 2006 by Beth Halle 0 stars

3. GET OVER YOUR SELF MADONNA...EVERY ONE ELSE HAS!!!!!! Posted at 10:10AM on Jun 17th 2006 by elissameixel 0 stars

4. Shes old, shes ugly and she needs to go away already! I am sick of her and her scary looking pictures and her stupid music *cough* if thats what you call it. Posted at 11:34AM on Jun 17th 2006 by kit 0 stars

 5. I think I can sum this whole thing up in one word: CHER Posted at 12:49PM on Jun 17th 2006 by Xanzmom 0 stars

6. I wonder whether the author of the all the "I love Madonna" comments is Madonna, herself...Posted at 1:38PM on Jun 17th 2006 by Moomsie 0 stars

7. Give it up Madonna, your a mother- act like one and make your kids not have to be ashamed of you. I don't care how good your body is, time has taken a toll on everything else must have been from all the drugs in the 80's....Posted at 5:12PM on Jun 17th 2006 by its me 0 stars

8. Madonna will do anything for attention...just like "Like a Prayer"....and she is still trying to get attention. Look at her...she has children and she has no respect for herself, them or other people....and she certainly has no respect for God/Jesus. If people would stop giving her that attention by buying her CDs, buying magazines with her on the cover, or going to her concerts, she would soon get the message. Society needs to clean up. Posted at 5:12PM on Jun 17th 2006 by Kimberly 0 stars

9. Thank you...I flippin cannot stand that self-righteous bi****! Who has that much money and does nothing good with it but try to find more way to make money. She is nasty...and children’s books?? ya, I have kids and could never read them a book by madonna without thinking of her nasty little phases. Her vocal abilities s**k, always have...her ability to pick catchy good music is wonderful...and the only reason she was ever famous. Ohhhh, I just think she is a tasteless person! Posted at 5:26PM on Jun 17th 2006 by Shana 0 stars 

10. ICCKK!! Has Been! Definately. Shut your legs, madonna, nobody wants to smell your crotch rot! Posted at 7:48PM on Jun 17th 2006 by Lee Ann 0 stars

11. Madonna is too old to continue to push the bar... Imitating the crucifixion is an example of her twisted way of thinking. To be quite honest, I like her singing and was starting to respect her as a person. However, there is no need to offend anyone's sacred beliefs. I'm not just speaking for Christians - i think everyone's religion is private and sacred and it's hurtful for someone with her power to misuse it. A lack of class.... Keep religion out of the show - can't you just rely on your own talent rather than selling out tickets with controversial issues? Have some confidence! Posted at 9:23AM on Jun 17th 2006 by Ann 0 stars -  TMZ

Then it got picked up on other sites, where the disses continued to flow:

1. Why would ANYONE compare Madonna to the greatest known as Bob Dylan?! [info]christinemozart 2006-06-17 08:26 pm UTC (link)

2. My sis sat next to Madonna and Guy's table in a restaurant a few months ago. She said Madge looked sickly, and that her hair was disgusting. [info]guitargirl33 2006-06-17 06:18 pm UTC (link)         

3. yeah, even britney denied their relationship. ouch. [info]valid8me 2006-06-17 06:19 pm UTC (link)           

4. inevitably the question of 'is she still relevant' is raised. [info]9671_hip_street 2006-06-17 06:21 pm UTC (link)       

5. just to answer the post's question : has-been. please don't show us your crotch anymore. i still have nightmares.  [info]whaturmamasaid 2006-06-17 06:26 pm UTC (link)

6. Madonna should just disappear. [info]schexyschteve 2006-06-17 06:30 pm UTC (link)

7. Finally. WASHED UP. And that whole pink leotard Abba thing was weird, too. [info]fera_verto 2006-06-17 06:31 pm UTC (link)

8. American Life was a good album. Sure, the song Amerian Life was bad, but not every track on the cd was like it. [info]pocketsun 2006-06-17 06:35 pm UTC (link)           

9. someone else recognizes that she's not relevant anymore. So what if she can sell out a stadium? People don't want her to sing any new bull, they want the stuff she sang when she was in her prime. She's a total wash-up. [info]aurosan 2006-06-17 06:35 pm UTC (link)  

10. She was great in her time. Now, she's just laughable. I can't believe she still takes herself so seriously. [info]lizzy_forrest 2006-06-17 06:38 pm UTC (link)

11. I Completely agree! She was amazing back in the 80's and early 90's but she needs to go away now. [info]rainbow__fright 2006-06-17 06:38 pm UTC (link)         

12. While I respect what she's done in the music industry, I just don't want to see her 40-something-year old vagina plastered everywhere. :( [info]denumont 2006-06-17 06:39 pm UTC (link)     

13. I've always thought that she was ridiculously overrated. [info]stellawuzadiver 2006-06-17 06:43 pm UTC (link)

14. I'm surprised the hater side didnt mention how tacky her publicity stunt was by kissing Brit. And how low she has stooped for wanting to team up with Lohan. Im totally on the hater side. Although I grew up with her 80s music, I never cared for her. [info]yorkcharlotte 2006-06-17 06:49 pm UTC (link)           

15. Madonna is a has-been to the max! She's only a fragment of what she used to be. Madonna reached her peak in the late 80s/early 90s. [info]demure_explorer 2006-06-17 06:52 pm UTC (link)       

16. Where are these interviews where she has a British accent? I gotta hear this. [info]lovergirl202 2006-06-17 06:55 pm UTC (link)           

17. Total has-been. I wish she would just retire (and lose the crappy fake English accent, and bugger off back to the States) [info]sweetnitanitro2006-06-17 07:21 pm UTC (link)

18. Somebody needs to talk to her about that feathered-curl hair she's got in the first photo. Also, she's gotten really weird, with the accent and the no air conditioning. I used to like her tons and tons, but she seems to have lost touch with reality lately. [info]redmelde 2006-06-17 07:30 pm UTC (link)           

19. Has been, but i think that has to do with the fact that I plain do not like Madonna. [info]myxwill2006-06-17 07:32 pm UTC (link) 

20. She's a total has- been. Her music isn't even good anymore. And Madonna will be one of those women that will fight age as much as they can. [info]dragoncrab88 2006-06-17 07:38 pm UTC (link)            

21. not only is it because she is a has been, its because she is anything but humble. you would think that with all her success, fame and fortune she would be kind and humble. NOPE! instead she is still bit**y and antagonistic whenever i see her in an interview. and the fact that she pretends to be british :/ [info]tiajuanabible 2006-06-17 07:52 pm UTC (link)

22. she hasn't been relevant for years now imo [info]incognegress 2006-06-17 07:53 pm UTC (link)           

23. Madonna hasn't been cutting edge in a good 10 years. The video for "Hung Up" was an embarrassment. She wasn't hot, she was pathetic. She looked like a transvestite giving a dry hump. It's time to pack it in, Madge. You had a good run, but it's time to shut up now. [info]torenheksje 2006-06-17 07:53 pm UTC (link)           

24. Has-been. Nobody ever talked about her at my high school. She still has her loyal fanbase, though. [info]extrafinesugar2006-06-17 08:10 pm UTC (link)

25. Menopause Madge STILL cannot sing, dance or act. Even after all these years. Wish she would show some class for the first time in her life and retire with a little dignity. [info]snowmoon246 2006-06-17 08:14 pm UTC (link)

26. has been the only people i know that like her now are gay men [info]radname 2006-06-17 08:19 pm UTC (link)

27. Has-Been! Let us remember the good times and not the image of a woman struggling to to stay in the limelight at any cost.

28. I couldn't have said it better myself. Hopefully she'll keep her tongue off all the "baby popstars" and go home to her family...and drop that ridiculous accent. [info]t3pps 2006-06-17 08:38 pm UTC (link)    

29. i hate her hair. [info] jaime042006-06-17 09:02 pm UTC (link)          

30. I've never really liked her. I know - SHOCK! [info]allmylines2006-06-17 09:32 pm UTC (link)

31. She doesn't look great now! She's opaque and fake now... she used to be bright and fabulous. [info]curiousity_09 2006-06-17 10:30 pm UTC (link) - Oh No They Didn't

Michael Eisner's Show Tanks Even More

Just when you thought the ratings couldn't get any lower...they did. This story couldn't be any funnier if I wrote it myself. The ratings for "Con-versations With Michael Eisner" dropped from a paltry 98,000 viewers to 68,000 viewers.

There are probably cable access shows with higher ratings. No, I'm not laughing, really (giggling). 

LEGAL FILE Pellicano Case 

Pellicano finally spoke up. His article in the Los Angeles Times this month was full of denials, but none of his victims buy what he was saying. People have gone on record in print and on TV alleging this man stalked, harassed, threatened, wiretapped and repeated the contents of their private phone calls to them word for word, as they had previously said them in private conversations over the phone. For more on Pellicano's tactics and the people who have spoken out against him, check out this web site: http://sinhablar.com/blog/

LEGAL FILE Congressional Raids Pt 2

A funny quote:

"For the first time in history, a lawmaker’s office was raided. Yes, the first time in history. This has to be causing some members of Congress to have a serious case of the runs.” - Men's News Daily

A sobering, truthful quote:

"The whole tawdry affair, coming at a time when public confidence in government is somewhere between low and non-existent, is an affront to citizens and a danger to the Republic." - Gulf Live

Representative Jefferson, who is at the center of the scandal, has relinquished his seat on the Ways and Means committee.

LEGAL FILE "Al Quaeda Lite" Busted In Miami

The FBI busted a group of seven men who were said to have been plotting to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago and the Miami FBI office. That's the office with the cute agent I wrote about back in November of last year click here.

What's wrong with you people - you can't blow up a good looking man like that. Plotting to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago was bad enough - but the blowing up a good looking man plot is inexcusable. OK, maybe I have my priorities backward with that one. Just kidding.

People, let this be a lesson to you:

a.) Don't start your own religion.

b.) If you're a black man, don't practice karate on your lawn in groups, it draws attention. It only looks natural when Asians do it. 

c). If a strange dude says "let's all live together in a warehouse" let that golden opportunity pass.

d.) Know your friends - if one of them mentions Al Qaeda and the phrase "let's join" in the same sentence, it's time to make a run for it.

However, not everyone is impressed with the bust. CBS ran a very skeptical, critical piece calling them "Al Qaeda Lite," so did several other mainstream publications. Blogs and indie papers ran similar critical pieces as well, such as:

"American citizens can sleep safely now. The Sears Tower toilets are secured, and a sinister gang of allegedly Haitian plumbers has been arrested.

The would-be terrorist incident that the FBI set up is ludicrous. And it is a joke. The FBI and the Department of Justice have bungled once again in this goofy entrapment scheme.

The problem is they let FBI director Robert Mueller talk last Friday at an FBI press conference. And he gave a completely different story at 10:30 a.m. Eastern than what Alberto Gonzales said at 11:30 a.m. Eastern at the Department of Justice press conference. Gonzales directly contradicted everything that Mueller had said as well as all information that has been put out by all other agencies.

Seven people have been arrested. One account says five Haitian plumbers and two Cuban electricians, but who really knows?" - Conspiracy Planet

LEGAL FILE Robert Mueller

While I don't have anything against the FBI per se, I do have something against Robert Mueller, its director, who couldn't direct traffic if his life depended on it. I've got issues with this man and for valid reasons.

He is at a loss for words, common sense, technology and good management skills. And if he’s wrong…oh it’s just 300,000,000 butts on the line (sarcasm). I don’t like those odds and I don’t like gambling. 

Once again, I’m not knocking FBI agents, as they devote their lives to serving the country, and many of them have died in the line of duty. I’ve written positive works about them over the years. At the end of the day they are worker bees serving and carrying out the orders of the queen bee – Mueller. And he is behaving like a queen bee. Mueller's consequences be damned attitude isn't good. This I'm going to do whatever I want because I'm in charge is harmful.

Before I start, I would like to state, I copyrighted this article months ago, making updates to it that were also previously copyrighted prior to today. And over the last month, I've seen items from this article appear in print. So much for unreleased copyrights being private. It is clear that privacy, in more ways than one, is now obsolete.

And since I don't (and wouldn't want to) work for Mueller (who does at this point - the FBI has lost a record number of agents under his directorship due to the nonsensical directives he is implementing) here goes...and this article is richly deserved. Couldn't have happened to a nicer man.

Mueller giving empty answers and dodging valid questions in the Senate:

Robert Mueller facing "stinging " questioning on Capitol Hill in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 2, 2006, regarding FBI spying on anti-war groups, botched investigations, "falsified documents," misidentified 9/11 terrorists, high turn over rates in FBI agents and "tricking" the widow of late columnist Jack Anderson, in attempts to obtain her late husband's work. How did the FBI get to this point during his tenure and can the damage be undone.

Sound Off Column Caption: "We don't need no computers. I've got it all right up here":

Robert Mueller [Photo Credit: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times] "Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the senior Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, cited what he said was evidence of more than 100 instances in which FBI agents improperly conducted surveillance of antiwar groups. He said the list included Quakers, a Catholic antiwar organization and the Raging Grannies, which Mr. Leahy sarcastically called "a scary group." - The New York Times

He's been accused of spying on the senior citizen group the Ranging Grannies A/K/A "the Golden Girls" and the Quakers (why is he spying on the oats people. America needs oats. Do you know what happens when my mother doesn't have her oats in the morning. You don't wanna know. Just kidding). An article further stated people were wiretapped who weren't supposed to be, but due to clerical/investigative errors, they were.

Mueller and his side kick Alberto "Speedy" Gonzales are fast becoming famous for dodging Congress. It seems to me the only time you two are speedy is in dodging Congress and your duties to the tax paying public.

The public doesn't pay your salaries for you to dodge pertinent questions or shirk your duties in office - and I know first hand you do shirk your duties (read further in the Column for my testimony).

While Leahy looks like he could take both of you in a fight, you still could answer the questions. You left people from both parties without answers. 

Grown man, was in the Marines and can’t answer Congress. Marines are tough as nails, quick to jump into the fray to defend the country – yet you can’t jump in front of Congress and defend yourself and your deeds in a job where the taxpayers pay your ample salary. 

Mueller's got intelligent, capable men and women working for him in the FBI, who can do the job. He's got college educated men and women, many of whom are the best in their area of expertise, some of whom are good enough to infiltrate the mafia to the point of receiving an invitation to be made (you know the mafia is mad, as dude wasn't even Italian).

But just what is Mueller doing with those resources (manpower and money). Are they being put to good use. The answers may surprise you. Read on...


Flushing Tax Payers Money Down The Toilet On Computer Systems That Don't Work
Public and Press Scrutiny
What Happens When The Public Becomes Skeptical
Poor Management And Poor Leadership
Under Staffed, Yet Investigating Innocent Americans
Launched A New Web Site
If I Ignore It, It Will Go Away
Poor Management And Poor Leadership
Vindictive, vengeful streak
Empty, Bloviated Speeches
FBI In Disarray 
The Mail System 

The Computer System

Flushing Tax Payers Money Down The Toilet On Computer Systems That Don't Work

Mueller, a man who has said publicly he doesn't know much about computers, became head of the FBI in 2001, a week before the September 11 attacks. Prior to his first day on the job, there had to have been some orientation time as well, where he was briefed on the ins and outs of the FBI.

Recently, many newspapers reported that the cost of the FBI's failed computer system, that's only a few years old, and was scrapped, is estimated at over $170,000,000. Look at all those zeros. That's your tax dollars up in smoke for a job that was overpriced and not done right the first time.

This astounded me for many reasons. Not to mention, an auditing report actually confirmed under Mueller they grossly over paid, equipment was unaccounted for and miscellaneous items were charged to the FBI on your tax dollar that nobody knows just what they were for. Um, did somebody buy an island or a small country somewhere:

"Calbom said GAO’s recommendations based on the two-year Trilogy review equally apply to Sentinel, the bureau’s new $425 million automated case management system. Sentinel will replace the failed $170 million Virtual Case File system. VCF was to be part of Trilogy, but that program was abandoned after repeated cost and schedule overruns."

FBI Getting Punk’d On Computer Costs

The new computer system to replace the failed $170,000,000 one was publicly estimated at $450,000,000. That sounds higher than Madonna's face lift.

Many Americans, especially those between the ages of 10-40 know you can get a computer pretty cheaply. Companies sell new units for as little as $300 each.

And to those who own or run a business, if you buy in bulk, those prices drop even more per unit. Just last year, a relative asked me to inquire on getting a good wholesale price on purchasing 15-20 computers. I found an established company that quoted me a price of $200 per unit for 20 computers (with an additional $50 for monitors). 

Many of these computers last a very long time. You've even got hackers out there hacking people's computers using old computer systems. 

There are even government offices in Miami using old computers that are still running and the information is updated fairly quickly for a city of millions. The times I've gone into the city office to look up stuff, most of it is on old computers connected to a database that still runs well. 

Once again, many Americans between the ages of 10-40 know it's not that hard to put together a network of computers. It can be done relatively quickly. Many of you have computers that are on networks ( you know, you illegal file sharers, you).

So a lot of you are probably scratching your heads at the articles about the FBI not having a proper computer system and costs for the scrapped system.

There are an estimated 29,000 agents in the FBI. Say each one were to get a computer and at even $300 a piece (it would be cheaper, as they'd be buying in bulk), that's only $8,700,000. At that price, even the FBI janitors can get computers. 

Then there are storage costs for all the case files - current cases and if you add old cases (solved and unsolved) - another $20,000,000 million in storage.

Add labor to put this little endeavor together and the price really shouldn't be in the $400,000,000 range or take until 2009 to complete.

I understand there are other special SGI type units that are needed to do greater work (lab ect), but the price tag still shouldn't be that high for the entire system.

And considering the FBI is losing agents left right and center to Mueller's unwise, inconsiderate, thoughtless, nonsensical transfer to Washington plan after 5 years in the FBI as a super, wouldn't the smarter thing be to just start networking via giving each agent a computer that way these people and their families (thousands of them) won't have face the choice of quitting a good job or keep the job and be uprooted.

And what about agents in more moderately priced areas of the country like Broward County in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, who have to sell their homes that may only cost $100,000 then try to find a home in DC, which is much more expensive. You gonna give them the extra money?

One of my mottos in life is "Just Do It" (OK, so that's Nike's). Seriously it's not that complicated. Head office can communicate with all its agents via a network of computers. It would be much more cost effective for everyone involved, not to mention less traumatic than moving so many families from their communities.

All it would take is for Mueller to break away from his playing-with-agents-and-their-families-lives-chess-game, sit down with a computer company, with a check in his left hand and a list of the addresses of the FBI's 56 field offices in his right hand, times the number of agents, give them to the computer company man and pay with a government check.

Each computer would come with windows pre-installed. The mail receiving area of each field office could scan the boxes sent to them to ensure they are free of bugs ect. Then each agent could plug in the monitor to the computer tower, the speakers to the computer tower, plug them into the wall and presto, turn it on.  

A paper could be sent to each of the FBI's 56 field offices with a name and password for each agent to log on to a secure FBI site, actually give them an email account hosted elsewhere for security (they've got no email) - and then everyone in the FBI would be connected.

They could download whatever programs and updates are needed from said secure site, which could be set up very quickly.

Agents could log on, share info about cases, cross reference files/names in an investigations database, download training manuals, get instructions from headquarters (if Mueller has taken his meds), check their email, share goals, objectives, directives, priorities, which criminal needs to get shot this month ect...

This could all happen in less than a month, while old case files and new ones are continually scanned into the investigations database on a secure server each work day.

It would increase productivity and the number of cases solved. Just imaging how much stronger and more informed each field office would be. Imagine how connected each field office would be and how much quicker you could solve problems.

Tools are important. It’s the difference between digging a ditch with a shovel or a mechanical machine that's quicker and does most of the work for you. One of the two methods will slow you down. Guess which one you’ve got the FBI on?

But Mueller's been in office for 5 YEARS and this was never accomplished. Why?

This isn't something that should have taken years and then needed to be scrapped. It is something that could have been done relatively quickly. But wasn't. Why?

I've got 5 computers and I can make them talk to each other. It's not that hard.

You've got teenagers whose parents take them to Circuit City or Best Buy, buy them a computer and the kid within minutes will have it hooked up and online.

Why don’t you get some of those little snot nosed brats who live on their computers to do the work. When they get in trouble at home, instead of grounding them, their parents can send them to the FBI to scan documents into the main database for free.
Teach those little whippersnappers a lesson for getting into trouble. Because there is nothing more a teenager would love than scanning hundreds of documents on a Saturday til their little video game calloused fingers bleed. Make them scan the docs face down, that way they can't read the files. And threaten warn them that if they flip any of the papers over an agent will pop a cap...just kidding.

Because of that Madonna thing (that lunatic) I met a couple FBI agents (wrote about it back in November of last year in this Column) and these aren't stupid people - they have college degrees - have to to be an agent. They can handle hooking up a computer. But if headquarters doesn't get it together...

The sad part is, there are many people who love this country who are qualified and would have offered assistance for free, and gotten the job done long ago.

However, Mueller's clearly got his own agenda. He seems to prefer agents in the stone age. 

He is power mad - it shows in the fact that he actually implemented a plan that will force thousands of families to move to Washington to be at his disposal or face losing their jobs they've worked at for years serving the country. He's trying to move around agents like pawns on a chessboard. You are supposed to be playing chess with the country's enemies – not the country’s citizens. These people will cease to have meaningful roots anywhere. 

You mean to tell me you can't start a anti-terrorism academy in Washington or Virginia, drawing on the pool of men and women in the DC/VA/Maryland tri-state area.

You notice your plan of forcing agents to move to D.C. after 5 years as supers at their local field office isn't exactly a hit with the locals (it's in the newspapers) and you are losing scores of qualified agents - yet you're just gonna keep riding that train right off the cliff, aren't you.

This silly idea of his is costing the FBI employees left right and center, who don’t want to give up their lives in their local city, state to move to Washington. These people have families – and have got better things to do than see your face first thing in the morning – that is after uprooting their wives and children, selling their homes and moving to another state, where little Timmy has to make new friends, find a new orthodontist, new school and his mommy new desperate housewives to hang out with.

And it wouldn’t be so bad if the plan worked, but experts from around the country have weighed in saying local field agents know local cases better and moving them from their respective field offices will create ripples in said local cases. While you do have to take on terrorists, local cases need to be resolved as well. 

"Not exactly known for being rebels, hundreds of the nation's veteran FBI supervisors -- from South Florida to the West Coast -- are revolting against a post-9/11 executive order that aims to uproot managers who direct major investigations into terrorism and other crimes.

The sweeping policy change is forcing FBI field supervisors with five or more years of experience to move to the bureau's Washington headquarters or step down.

Numerous supervisors over age 40 are so upset with the edict, issued by FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, that they have filed age discrimination complaints.

Those complaints at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are so great in number that they might spur a class action against the FBI. The EEOC declined comment.

''[Mueller] thinks that movement makes you a stronger supervisor,'' Gramlich said. ``But in the field you need stability because investigations begin and end there.'' - Miami Herald

He's issued statements about agents having to make sacrifices, but what sacrifices is he making. Every time I see him on TV or on the net, he's in an expensive looking suit (yea, like he really bought it at Ross or Marshalls) giving an empty speech, giving the public angina. He most likely travels first class on your tax dollars and is talking about agents making sacrifices. I think he should make a sacrifice and quit. 

He went on record stating he is technologically ignorant (not in those words). The man clearly doesn't see the urgency of actually being connected and using technology to defeat the country's enemies - yet every five minutes he's giving 300,000,000 people indigestion sounding the terrorist alarm, when he himself is not ready.

I'm not trying to make light of terrorism. It is a serious problem, which is all the more reason that the most basic things you could have done, should have been done - and they clearly weren't.

The most basic thing you can do - get a computer system together so agents can brainstorm and network - which the average high school teenager in America could do - you haven't.

The FBI is clearly in a state of disarray and it needs to be fixed pronto. You can't operate in the 21st century on 20th century methods. You'll be behind.

Agents are disconnected from each other and the public. This is the 21st century, no one should be like that. The terrorists have technology in place, yet Mueller doesn’t. The terrorists have computer systems in place, but Mueller doesn't. The terrorists have encryption, yet Mueller doesn’t. That’s called playing at a disadvantage. 

Osama's probably got wi-fi in his cave. Right next to his camel/girlfriend.

Am I trying to show the FBI up? No. Am I trying to show Mueller up? Yes, as there are things that are steadily coming out showing something is wrong with what this man is doing, not to mention my own personal experience.

FBI pays '$10m too much for IT contractors'

The FBI has been paying consultancy invoices for IT contractors without any attempt to assess the validity of the charges, creating an overpayment of $10.1m (£5.8million).

Without new controls on the Bureau's IT projects, "weakness" and "vulnerabilities" in the payment process will remain, resulting in "questionable contractor costs."

Such is the finding of the US Government Accountability Office, which found charges were paid to consultancy contractors without approving the amounts stated in their invoices.

These costs included first-class air travel, incorrect charges for overtime hours, inflated labour rates, and "charges for which the contractors could not provide… documentation to substantiate the costs."

One individual contracting at GSA charged 371hours for one four-week period, averaging 93 hours a week, and 359 hours in the subsequent five-week period, an average of 70 hours a week.

Moreover, no checks were carried out on the number of hours billed, or that the job classifications and related billing rates were appropriate, meaning freelancers working overtime decided how much a particular activity was worth.

Computer Sciences Corporation, an FBI contractor, racked up the bulk of spurious sub-contractor labour costs.
According to the report, its invoices lacked basic information needed to assess costs, such as name of subcontractor worker, hours billed or individual rates.

CSC could only substantiate about $2m in labour charges out of a total £116m, although $41m of this amount represents labour charged by a subsidiary company.

In addition, the services provider billed the FBI for $456,211 (£261,708) – described on the invoice only as "other direct costs."

This fee was paid without validation, and no receipts have ever been produced to substantiate what CSC later explained was for "facilities/materials."

Beyond financial controls, the FBI also failed to establish a grip over equipment purchased for the Trilogy project, which sought to develop intelligent applications and upgrade the overall IT infrastructure.

"These control lapses resulted in more than 1,200 missing pieces of equipment valued at approximately $7.6 million," GAO's report states.

"In addition, in its own inventory counts, FBI identified 37 pieces of Trilogy equipment valued at approximately $167,000 that had been lost or stolen."

A combination of poor controls in both the finance and equipment department of the FBI came together when the Bureau hired IT trainer, CACI.

Contracted to train FBI officials in basic, intermediate and advanced MS Office, CACI spent over $52,000 on special project pens and highlighters.

Reviewing invoices submitted by Science Applications International Corp, the Office found the FBI was billed twice for the same subcontractor invoice, totaling $26,335.

"If these control weaknesses go uncorrected, future contracts, including those related to Sentinel—FBI's new electronic information management system initiative—will be highly exposed to improper payments," the Office concluded.

"In addition, the lack of accountability for Trilogy equipment calls into question FBI's ability to adequately safeguard its existing assets."

Responding to the report, the Bureau has agreed with over 20 recommendations to improve its controls and is beginning to realign its structure and procedures for IT contractors. – Contractor UK

Cut Down On Unnecessary Investigations

Maybe if you would cut down on commissioning investigations on innocent Americans - you wouldn't need that many servers to store all the invasive, waste of time and money investigations (i.e. the Raging Grannies).

J Edgar Hoover former head of the FBI for 200 years in a row

You need to learn from your predecessor J. Edgar Hoover who you remind me of (why the building is named after that man I'll never know). 

He squandered tax payers' money investigating people like Martin Luther King Jr - the preacher - looking for any and everything he could find to try to discredit him, as he was gaining too much influence. But history, much like time, can be very cruel, especially when it reverses itself.

History came back to bite Hoover in the butt in a major way. Isn't that how it always happens anyway.

Today, Martin Luther King Jr has a holiday in his honor and is thought of around the world as a peaceful man who sought to bring peace and equality to the nation and the races.

And how is your predecessor Hoover remembered. As the fat man in the pink dress who kept spying on everybody. You ought to think about that.

Half the time, kids think Hoover's a vacuum - and in a sense he was, sucking up all the dirt on everyone for later use, as it was said and publicly so, he had a file on everybody in Washington. Say Martin Luther King Jr and they know who that is...and not in a bad way.

Public and Press Scrutiny

Stinging Op-Eds, Bloggers Angry

The FBI has been under intense scrutiny over the last few months. Americans now doubt the agency many once esteemed and its a matter of leadership.

Many others and myself really don’t get what Robert Mueller is doing - on so many levels. It requires clarification, as the public is asking questions and not getting answers.

It’s not that people are dumb – far from it – but there is no method in the madness that anyone can follow and the results of said madness are very poor.

The sad thing is, if he fails to do his job, many people are in danger. 300,000,000 to be exact.

What Happens When The Public Becomes Skeptical

When the public puts its confidence in a law enforcement agency and under the direction of one man, he so bitterly betrays it (investigating innocent Americans), how can the public's faith be restored.

When the public sees you punishing whistle blowers (former agents testified they were punished for bringing corruption to Mueller's attention) they will NOT come forward with tips to help solve crimes, as they will feel you will inappropriately do the same to them - which is not good for the community. That environment of fear of retaliation from those who are supposed to protect you is inexcusable. So is looking the other way to corruption.

Poor Management And Poor Leadership

Poor management skills will lead to disaster. He is ill-prepared and uniformed (it shows in the public hearings when half the time he doesn't know what is being talked about). His management style is poor and leaves a lot to be desired (implementing disruptive management plans that is costing the FBI agents at a time the country needs them most). He is not familiar with many things a 21st century FBI chief should be.

If the FBI were a company and he ran it the way he has been, the company would have gone bankrupt and he would have been fired.

Under Staffed, Yet Investigating Innocent Americans

He's got capable men and women who risk their lives each day for this country as they investigate cases that lead them into sometimes dangerous situations, but their talent is being misused and wasted on investigating innocent Americans who are not a danger to this country, while Osama and co. are lurking about.

However, men who don't follow orders they deem questionable will be demoted or fired.

To Be An FBI Agent

Parents, when you send your kids to college for four years, you don't do it so they can be demoted on the job for whistle blowing.

And to be an agent you need a college degree, 12 weeks at the FBI Quantico Academy, pass a rigorous physical exam and background check. Then you have to pass the two year probationary period.

...all to be demoted for bringing up the matter of corruption to the boss. That is foul and inexcusable.

Stressed Out And Overworked Agents

Pictures in the press of various agents coupled with what I saw with my own two eyes in the local office – four different agents looked overworked and stressed, says something needs to be adjusted.

If Mueller actually had the computer system/network up and running, the agents could log on and download a stress management packet.

There have been complaints in publications that FBI agents are overworked and the agency understaffed (and I don't doubt that) but resources in terms of money and manpower is being wasted by Mueller.

I wrote in this Column last summer that resources should not be wasted in the war on terrorism (scaling back on unnecessary investigations). I meant him, cause something told me that he was wasting resources on vanity investigations that wouldn't amount to a hill of beans. Last month in the Senate he was accused of doing just that - spying on the Quakers and the Raging Grannies, among others.

Jack Anderson Case

Mueller says there are items in the late political columnist Jack Anderson's files that are classified government documents that he wants back. If that's the case, the government should get their files back. The rules of ownership should apply. However, "trying to trick" the man's widow to get them back wasn't the best way to go about it.

Jimmy Hoffa

Under Mueller, they spent $250,000 and used 30 FBI agents to dig up a ghost, Jimmy Hoffa.

Note to Mueller: Jimmy Hoffa is dead. He doesn’t care.

That money and manpower could have been better used elsewhere right now. When you tell the public you are under funded and understaffed and they see you doing stuff like that, it completely undermines what you say.

I don’t doubt that you are understaffed, as you don’t know what you are doing from a management standpoint and are wasting resources – money and manpower on systems and investigations that are not fruitful or a priority.

Maybe if you'd stop watching someone's granny, you'd have more agents available to work on the important things like say oh protecting 300,000,000 people. 

It's one thing when you do the best you can and things still go wrong, but when you've got a power mad man playing chess with employees lives, messing around with no proper computer system where $200,000,000 in tax payer dollars was already blown, a bad or should I say selectively bad internal mail system (not the USPS), whistle blowers who complain of corruption being demoted and losing scores of needed agents through bad policy/poor management - that's not doing your best. That's called messing up on the tax payer's dime.

Implications Of Failure Due To Mismanagement

The problem is 300,000,000 depend on him for their security and if and when, and it’s most likely the latter with how he's operating, he messes up again, people could die. I have to ask, does he understand that, as his actions indicate otherwise – or is he so tied up in bureaucratic and egotistical rubbish that he isn’t thinking about that. 

Under your tenure articles are now being written and posted in mainstream press outlets asking questions like “Can the FBI Keep Us Safe?” (ABC News). This is what it's come to.

In my opinion, the manpower and resources are there to do the job, but it's the poor leadership that's causing the problems.

Launched A New Web Site

Mueller launched a new web site to collect tips and investigate public corruption. For what? When you do get the tips, do you actually do anything to stop the corruption. I can attest you don't. It's all selective with you.

If I Ignore It, It Will Go Away

Rather than address tough issues head on, one should not opt to stick one’s fingers in one’s ears and close ones eyes, hoping if they wait long enough, ignore the problem long enough, the problem will disappear. That’s how people make unnecessary enemies and problems mushroom.

His philosophy is clearly if I ignore it, it will go away. Yea, the problems go away alright – they go away and end up testifying against you to the public, as is currently happening via former agents and members of the public.

He is unfit to do the job. Plain and simple. Justice is justice. It can’t be one set of rules for one set of people and one set of rules for another. It can’t be ignore things I don’t like and it will go away. It can't be look the other way to corruption in cases where you deem it more expedient that a matter not be addressed because of who is committing corruption. People like that are dangerous. They are mentally, socially and morally unequipped to deal with such challenges and take the cowardly way out.

Ignoring justice matters, is like ignoring cancer. You have to remove the cancer or it will become worse. Cancer never plays nice. It will eat you alive, if left ignored.

It won’t go away, only grow and affect the entire body, until you have no choice but to address it.

Shoot the Messenger

Someone tells you of serious problems on your watch and the person does not receive a response, is ignored, then demoted.

What a cruddy thing to do. What if someone treated one of your kids that way. It was gutless, spineless and disgraceful.

I met a Christian man the other day with a tattoo on his arm. A little girl, who was sitting beside her mother, asked him, what the words on the tattoo meant, as they were written in another language.

This gentle giant told the little girl, he was in the military years ago and the tattoo said “death before dishonor.” He then explained to her, it meant, he’d rather die than dishonor his country. And he meant it.

People who risk their lives everyday defending their country, whether it be the military, the FBI or police officers, deserve more than a demotion for speaking up about corruption. You dishonor their sacrifice when you do that. That's a vindictive, vengeful streak, inappropriate in any leader.

Ignoring serious matters seems to be a running theme with him:

Criminal Negligence - Mueller and Gonzales

On September 26, 2005 I mailed a copy of the lawsuit to Robert Mueller and Alberto Gonzales' office along with a letter explaining what had been transpiring. And you want to know what they did? Nothing.

They looked the other way and allowed my family and I to further be victimized by the defendants in the case and in a criminal manner because they are famous - and it is something I will always associate those two with.

They post office sent me confirmation that it was signed for and received by them, they have no excuse.

They knew what was happening and they looked the other way. That's called violating your oath of office (in addition to all the other stuff you two have been doing that's been coming out in the press).

It seems to me they are more interested in winning famous friends and influencing people than actually doing their jobs tax payer dollars pay them to do.

They knew those two weren't gonna do a thing about it. Once they did that, the defendants threw off all restraint and commissioned 4 home invasions over a 5 month period, stealing copyrighted computer discs with newer works I had written and stored on computers and discs that I kept offline due to the fact that hacking my computer that was connected to the internet is how they gained access to copies of some of my works that were copyrighted years prior, that they later criminally violated.

And how do I know it was them who commissioned the home invasions and stole the discs, because the work on the discs that was copyrighted with dates of authorship secured by other means as well, once again, mysteriously started surfacing in Madonna's work and that of her co-defendants. She also has a track record of stealing people's work and putting her name in the writer's space where it doesn't belong (she's had several lawsuits for this worldwide). Furthermore, that sick cult of hers, Kabbalah, is known for this very misconduct of breaking an entry and stealing copyrighted works, then infringing them.

After 5 weeks had gone by and not so much as a letter from either one of them to say they would actually do their job and investigate the serious crimes that were transpiring, my father insisted I call the FBI, where a random receptionist told me to call the local office. When I did they didn't know a single thing about it. 

When I went to the office and checked in with the receptionist, I noticed my name was one of four in an appointment book she had before her, but my name was highlighted in yellow marker. I read it upside down. 

The first agent said they had no record of the package I sent, as did the receptionist the day before when she checked the computer. Considering Mueller probably tossed it in the garbage...

It's amazing, I can write a company like Microsoft, Nero or an electronics company regarding tech support and get an answer, but I can write Robert Mueller about us being criminally victimized, which is much more serious, and that man does not answer or do anything about it. We were left like sitting ducks. If someone had been criminally victimizing his family in the same manner he would have gotten off his overpaid butt and done something about it.  


a) not only is the computer system messed up, so is the internal mail system. So if I had sent in a tip about Osama, 8 months later it wouldn't have been read.


b) Mueller was ignoring the criminal complaint to protect a "pop culture icon" who has a track record of criminal invasion of privacy and harassment against a married couple in Miami, invading the privacy of two gay men, choking Dick Clarke's son and and choking an innocent 10 year old child in New York - yet amazingly has never seen one day in a jail cell. That's why she behaves like such a demon. She knows there will be no accountability. Too bad she hasn't targeted your family Mueller - it might refresh your memory as to why tax payers pay your salary.

The agent said I was to bring my copyrights in for comparison and give it to the "agent on duty." When I did she then said she'd refer it to the appropriate agent, as copyrights are not her specialty.

I don't know who this agent is. I've sent in updates via registered mail regarding all the misconduct that keeps growing worse. I've contacted international specialists and local investigative agencies. One of the specialists said he doesn't understand why the FBI didn't stop the wiretapping. Good question, as many people witnessed what that idiot was doing on a weekly basis - and after Mueller was informed, it was allowed to continue for several months anyway.

The investigative firm I spoke to, to which I communicated a threat going around that had been repeated to me by a trusted, reliable friend who knows the industry like the back of his hand, of what he heard the defendants were saying they want to do to me, which is thoroughly criminal - but they have reason to believe they can try such a thing with Mr. Criminal Negligence Mueller as head of the FBI.

A rep from one of the investigative companies was told by the FBI that they have received the updates that I have sent in and that they are investigating it. I was also told by the rep, who has been nice, that I should get a bodyguard. That's how out of control this thing has gotten.

It's amazing, I sent them updates of what I was hearing in the industry about what Madonna was continuing to do, criminally fencing off my copyrighted works and what was about to happen again, and nothing was done to stop it. Nothing was done to stop the break-ins either.

If someone makes a valid complaint, cites proof, is in danger, several home invasions, an assault, threats, you know who is doing it, and you do nothing to stop it – what does that say about you.

Even with the Paris Hilton infringement I wrote them, registered mail, in advance, warning of what I'd been reading and hearing in the industry, that more work was being stolen again for her project and others, and nothing was done to stop it. Same with the "Confessions On A Dance Floor" and the "American Dreamz" rip offs. They were warned in advance.

However, under Mueller, it’s okay when little companies get ripped off by big companies who criminally reap millions off of conduct the law and the Constitution say they are to be prosecuted for.  

I can see why all those people died in September 11th, as this year it was revealed an agent complained 70 times to headquarters that he thought something bad was about to happen and wanted to investigate Moussaoui, but was shooed away.

There was an article in Slate titled "Whopper of the Week: Robert Mueller He knew more than he said about 9/11."

And once again, if it were a corporation, you could say, oh well, this bad management is gonna mean shareholders will lose money. In this case it means people could lose their lives. And when that happens all they are gonna do is go before Congress with a constipated look on their faces, dodge pertinent questions, give a half butt apology to the nation...while you are left to burry your dead. 

There's a phrase for all of this and it is called criminal negligence - and the ironic part is, these are the people who are supposed to be investigating and prosecuting crime and injustice - Mueller and Gonzales.

But that's the thing with certain people. They live in gated communities with access to government guards, so they and their families are protected, so forget you and yours if something happens. And if they mess up on the job and thousands of people happen to die, forget you and yours, as they and theirs are protected - and many times on your tax dollars.

My question is, while they are selectively investigating and prosecuting certain people (certain politicians, non-famous citizens ect) who's investigating them. Who's scanning their bank accounts domestic and if applicable international/off shore, monitoring any gifts they receive, checking their internet records, wiretapping their calls, investigating their families and friends.

They keep dodging Congress and essentially the public, providing no forthright answers to what is brow raising stuff and they act like it's no biggie.

A judge can put in a ruling that violates U.S. law, U.S. Constitution and the judicial cannons, essentially stating "pop culture icons" could not have broken the law (even if the evidence says so) and "cannot possibly defend themselves" against me, one person who filed pro-se, even with 3 law firms behind them, and throw out a case, violating her oath of office. She should be thrown out the judiciary, as she proved she is a judge not following the law, the Constitution, the rules of evidence and is incapable of good, unbiased judgment.

Then there's her friend that had the case first even though the judicial cannons said she could not preside over it, as her family derives income from the defendants, but did so anyway and took it a step further, unprovoked and got verbally abusive on top of it.

That woman just threw out a case recently, similar to this one, where a big company was stealing patents and trademarks from a little company and making millions of it - which they procured via invasion of privacy and dumpster diving. The 11 person jury awarded the little company $70,000,000 in damages and judge Cecilia Altonaga took it upon herself to throw out the $70,000,000 jury awarded verdict against the big company (Alpha Medical v. Arriva). She needs to be thrown out the judiciary as well. Her cases raise too many eye brows with even a law professor questioning her judgment.

The message one gets from the actions and track records of Mueller and judges like Altonaga is that it is okay when little companies get ripped off by big multi-million dollar companies, but it's not okay when big companies get ripped off, as that's when it's time to investigate and bring charges. Yea, winning famous friends and influential people. However, more often than not, it's a big, unconscionable company ripping someone off.

Yet where is the accountability for these people who are supposed to uphold the law when they so flagrantly and openly violate the Constitution and their oath of office. Never mind the world is watching and calling you corrupt...

Isn't it comforting to know that the people who are supposed to be upholding the law - don't when "pop culture icons" and or the rich are involved.

Many of you in different articles, op-eds and blogs have commented on the likes of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and other celebrities who have done things that are jail worthy and haven't even so much as been arrested. It's a common theme I've read in many blogs and national articles.

There's all the unlawful stuff Madonna's done to people, mentioned above. Then there's Paris Hilton making death threats against people, walking around smoking joints in public on more than one occasion and committing hit and runs - all crimes. Britney Spears endangering her poor little baby what seems like every week in ways that many mothers all over the net said if they had done they'd have been jailed for. Tom Cruise's been publicly accused of criminal wiretapping.

Chris Rock's been publicly accused of criminal wiretapping, hiring a man that also broke into a woman's home over and over again to snoop through her life trying to find something to try to discredit her with for bringing a paternity claim against him - but as long as it's Hollywood and famous people - excuses will be made for them that insults the public's intelligence and they will be let off the hook, to go on to continue violating innocent citizens' rights over and over again - which is what they do without fail every time.

Children, why bother go to college when you can behave like an immoral prostitute on stage, become a pop star and violate innocent citizens rights over and over again - while the people who are supposed to uphold the law and defend citizen's rights look the other way. This is why celebrities behave so badly - choking people, harassing people, stealing from people, raping people - because they know the people who are supposed to do their jobs will not.

My question is, what is Mueller there for then. Is that how you treat people who go to the FBI whose rights are criminally being violated. Is that how you treat the people of this country who aren't rich or famous. A man of good conscience could never do that, but you amazingly do. 

You looked the other way allowing them to further criminally steal copyrighted works and commission break-ins to my home to procure more copyrighted work that they've arrogantly begun to use - because they know they have an ally in you and you won't do a thing about it.   

You ignored that we were and are in danger in favor of winning wealthy and famous friends and influencing people and I will never excuse that.

He's clearly trying to protect the rich and famous, therefore I do not expect the truth in the report that will be issued on all the criminal stuff that happened to us, that he looked the other way to. But that's okay. I'm going to hire different people in different countries (here included) and get the truth documented myself. And if I found all this stuff I currently have digging on my own, I can just imagine the serious paper trail of criminal conduct that's out there.

To the people who read this site (400,000 to 1 million hits a week) I have a spotless record. If I or someone close to me mysteriously gets arrested for jay walking or something like tying shoe laces in a public park - just know who vindictively did it.

So, in a nutshell:

1. You've betrayed your oath of office. check.
2. You've blown 200,000,000 in tax payer money. check.
3. Cost the FBI and America scores of needed agents due to your idiotic policies and directives. check.
4. Demoted and or fired agents who brought corruption to your attention. check.
5. You've won rich and famous friends, albeit miscreant ones, via looking the other way. check.
6. Seriously ticked me off hence this article millions of people worldwide will read about what you did A/K/A looking the other way to misconduct by the famous A/K/A criminal negligence that greatly endangered me and my family. check.

SPORTS Basketball: Miami Heat

Well, last month I wrote that I wanted the Heat to crush the Pistons and they did alright. They did one better and beat the Mavs too. Congrats to the Miami Heat on winning the Championship. Well done. Everybody pitched in and they won.

Mourning gave the best speech. I wanted him to get the ring the most. I wrote about him on here about a year ago and how much he's done for the community. He's played for the Heat for many years and made a return in a shot for the Championship. He went through a very trying ordeal and came back from adversity, for which he gave God credit for bringing him through. You've got to love a story like that.

I don't think I've ever seen Pat Riley smile so much or dance (priceless footage). Clearly a good time was had by all.

SPORTS World Cup

I've been watching World Cup matches, which have been great. A little commentary on a few teams.

England - My favorite team in the WC, um, that's World Cup, not bathroom/toilet as it means in England. I'm most use to English soccer. It was nice to see so many talented Premiership players on one pitch. Nice to see Beckham doing so well, as the press have been quite hard on him over the past two years. He's better off not reading what they write, as most of it is unconstructive and at the end of the day they're really not the ones out there playing, now are they. He's the first English player to score in 3 World Cups. Well done.

Ok, is it just me, or does Rooney's build remind you of a white Mike Tyson. Did you see his shoulders and his neck. I saw someone from Ecuador about to get in his face and I thought this guy better run.

USA - The US have been relegated, which is sad. The MLS system is a bit different from international soccer, which must be throwing them somewhat. Also, the coach berating his players publicly on TV, much to the disapproval of domestic and international commentators, couldn't have helped either. It's one thing getting heckled by the crowd - but it's quite another getting heckled by your own coach. The US has some good players, but could benefit from stronger, more supportive coaching.

Brasil - Brasil is my dad's favorite. I said to him last week, Brasil plays with so much enthusiasm - they play like it's Christmas everyday. In spite of the criticism, Ronaldo has been playing quite well - even tying the number of goals scored in a World Cup. That's how an athlete should play - ignore the criticism and prove the doubters wrong. Even if they won't acknowledge it, your scores will.  He's tied the record with Muller for scoring the most goals in a World Cup.

Germany - Playing very well. You can tell they mean business. 

France - They've had a few difficult moments, but Thierry has come through for them.

Ghana - Really putting in a major effort. They've played quite well.


Code Of Ethics? There is none. It's nonexistent in the entertainment industry. Regulation is next to none. Thousands of people are robbed and defrauded each year out of royalties on un-honored contracts, intellectual property, tangible assets and workers rights.

The public is robbed as well with exorbitant CD, DVD and ticket prices - along with the manipulation of radio via payola.

Kids in the industry are exposed to inappropriate lifestyles they shouldn't be. Then it starts to show through in their work via raunchy, violent, inappropriate lyrics. I heard a song recently from a group with a potty mouth preteen rapping about sex, violence, his visa card and Mercedes Benz  - never mind he was about 12 and couldn't drive at the time.

The record further disrespected women as well. Where were his parents when he and his young band mates were writing that smut about women's body parts, having sex and groupies trying to use his Visa - at 12 (delusional - yea I think so)? Yea, that made sense.

Once again, where were his parents? They were probably off at the mall spending money on his Visa card he accused groupies of spending. There's something very wrong about that - and apparently the public thought so as well, as the record faired very poorly and marked the end of their music careers. No sensible parent wants their kid listening to that smut coming from another kid.

Then there are child stars who sadly end up engaging in drug use at age 11, 12, 13 ect. Hard to fathom, but there really is no regulation in the industry in the area of kids, which is why so many child stars grow up with major problems and have serious difficulty adjusting to adulthood. They are taught how to be stars and not how to be people - which is really something you can't teach. Especially being a good person. They need good examples and to grow up in a normal environment without being encumbered by the sordid details of what really goes on in the entertainment industry - because before you know it, it will start coming out in their work and in their personal lives.

The government needs to do more to regulate Hollywood's very poor conduct. Children in the industry need to be protected, rampant sexual harassment and hostile work environments needs to be addressed and copyright violations enforced, as the court system is doing a poor job in this regard.

While Hollywood is the chief copyright violator, there are other problems that exist worldwide as well. Foreign governments in several countries could do more to shut down illegal internet sites that are abusing copyrights from all over the world. 

If there was more government enforcement of copyright violations worldwide, the industry wouldn't be in the state it is in.

There needs to be some pact between the nations that they will enforce violations of copyrights in each country - bootlegs, illegal internet sites and copyright infringement of scripts, songs, books ect... to make rip offs.

There are sites in America, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean that need to be shutdown permanently.

ENTERTAINMENT Indecency Fines Raised

I think it was appropriate that indecency fines were raised. It seems like you give an inch and certain shows take a mile - to the detriment of kids, during regular viewing hours. Some, not all, producers and stars just don't care about your kids and will put on the most inappropriate programming they think they can get away with for publicity and ratings.

NATIONAL NEWS Polls Shows Californians Favor Guest Worker Program

"LOS ANGELES, CA, United States - A new poll says Californians generally favor President George Bush`s approach to illegal immigration rather than the more punitive U.S. House legislation.  

By a ratio of more than 3 to 1, those surveyed by the Los Angeles Times said they supported tougher border enforcement combined with a guest-worker program and a pathway to citizenship for those already in the United States. 

A guest-worker proposal giving temporary visas to non-citizens who want to work in the U.S. drew the support of 64 percent of those surveyed. Three in four Latinos favored the guest-worker plan, compared with six in 10 whites.  

A proposal establishing a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants who step forward, pay a fine and learn English, was even more popular, drawing support from more than seven in 10 Californians, the newspaper said. 

The Times poll gave poor marks to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, with 49 percent of voters disapproving if his handling of the issue. 

The newspaper interviewed 1,863 Californians from April 21 through April 27. The margin of sampling error was plus or minus 2 percentage points - united press international" - UPI

There are a reported 11,000,000 undocumented/illegal aliens in this country. Congress is aiming to tackle the issue, but I'm concerned that when all is said and done, the resolution reached may have left many confused and offended and the country poorer.

The majority of the illegal immigrants are Hispanic, who are projected to be the majority by the year 2050 (with or without deporting illegals).

While I understand politicians want to be tough on illegal immigration they need to be practical as well. Financially, America cannot afford to send everyone back - even if they sent back half that number, that's gonna cost a fortune and drain resources that are needed elsewhere.

One journo wrote it would take a line of buses from the East Coast to the West Coast to facilitate that type of a mass deportation. You've got to pay for mass bus rentals, buy loads of gas ($12 per gallon - just kidding, but doesn't it make you feel better about what you're paying now) and hire scores of drivers and officers to supervise. That's gonna cost billions.

But first there is the round up, which would entail a huge list of names (less the ones you have no record of), locating millions of illegal immigrants, tearing them away from their families and friends, detaining them until processed (paperwork - 25 names per page with last know address can fit on the average computer page using a comfortably readable font). Once again, that's gonna cost billions. 

And INS, who's already swamped, is already complaining, giving Congress the "you-want-us-to-do-what!" face.

Wouldn't it be easier to just continue shoring up the borders (reports indicate the number of illegal immigrant detainees are down by 25%) go through the list (that you know of) of who is illegal, by dividing it by who came here and committed crimes, not contributing anything to society (bank robbery, fraud, selling narcotics ect) and those who simply came here and worked.

You could then allow the immigrants who have not committed crimes to stay. It would be humane, financially more feasible and wouldn't put a huge drain on the nation's resources. Be realistic, the budget is already high, more people working will fix that. 

Let's face it, the treasury isn't as fat as it used to be, therefore, to earmark many billions for a round up and mass deportation plan is going to take an even bigger chunk out of it, using money that can be used on other things.

Concentrating on shoring up the borders, which really should be a priority for any country, as no country should want their backdoor open anyway (strategically and militarily, it's just not a good idea, through out time it never has been), and allowing the non-law breaking illegal immigrants to stay is the better solution and the more cost effective one.

The undocumented immigrants would get SS numbers and add to the work force to help replete the treasury. Many would also enlist in the army.

I'm a practical person - and a humane one as well (except to lip-syncers). While no politician wants to appear soft on illegal immigration, at the end of the day, respectfully, you're gonna have to put your money where your mouth is - and that's gonna be a whole lot of money in your mouth to accomplish what's being proposed in mass deportation.

The land mass in America can stand the 11 million, less the ones who have broken the law. Comparably, China and America's land size/mass are about the same, and China's got 1 billion people.

Coincidentally, just about everything nowadays says "Made In China" on it. Think about that. What enabled them to do that. Their large work force via a healthy sized population. The more people working, the better for any economy.

Put down your pen Mr. Mueller, I'm not a communist, therefore those last two paragraphs do not warrant an investigation to further require another computer server to store it on, to add to the ones you already haven't bought yet.

I'm just trying to illustrate how helpful having a healthy sized population can be. Wouldn't it be nice to see more things in the global market place with a big 'ol "Made in America" sign on it, right along side China's stuff.

SOCIAL ISSUES Racism=Supremacy?

Isn't it funny how different races think they are better than other races. Everybody can't be right and I say nobody is right when they think their race is superior. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of the day, God doesn't care about a man's color. He cares about what's in your heart. You could naturally have the bluest eyes in the world, the blondest hair in the world, the palest skin in the world, which is deemed by white supremacists to be the best, but if your deeds and what is in your heart is not right - God will take issue with it. It won't save your skin, pardon the pun.

The same goes for black people. You could have the most Negrocentric features in the world, the darkest skin, the fullest features and deem black the master race, as white supremacists deem white the master race, but if you are unethical and what is in your heart is not right, it won't save your skin. Pardon the pun again.

None of that will fly with God.

No unrepentant racist - Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or any other ethnicity, will walk through heaven's gates. God demands change - a change in your heart, mind and deeds for the better. The Bible says, "without holiness, no man shall see God."

Meaning, if you are running around calling people "ni*ger" and "cr**ker" "sp*c" or any other slur and continue to discriminate against people based on their color and don't stop - you will not see the inside of heaven when you die.

Once again, God demands that you change those wicked ways.  


Halle Berry - she looks beautiful with dark eyes and dark hair. She is black. She is considered more attractive than many, many women of different races.

Charlize Theron - is a beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed woman. She is white, from South African decent. She is considered more attractive than many, many women of different races.

Jennifer Lopez - She looks beautiful with dark eyes and dark hair. She is Hispanic. She is considered more attractive than many, many women of different races.

All of these women are beautiful in different ways. But I wouldn't say anyone of them is more beautiful than the other.

A guy may look at all three of them and like Halle the most, that guy may be black, white, Hispanic, Asian or Indian.

A guy may look at all three of them and like Charlize the most, that guy may be black, white, Hispanic, Asian or Indian.

A guy may look at all three of them and like Jennifer the most, that guy may be black, white, Hispanic, Asian or Indian or Puffy (LOL @ the part about P Diddy - that was a little joke).

You get my point. As I've written on here before, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Me personally, I don't like any of these women - they're too pretty (just kidding). I'm not jealous, really.

Culture - What is Beautiful

As a black woman in black culture, if you do not have an ample rear end - you've got problems.

As a white woman in white culture, if you've got too much rear end, you've got problems.

For a time, full lips, associated with black women, was considered taboo and inappropriate. Now, they are considered beautiful. Women of all colors are now pumping silicone into their lips, for that "someone-just-busted-my-lip" look.

For a long time, blonde hair was associated with white people - until the advent of hair color, when black and Hispanic women went blonde, and many of them look fabulous with it (especially me).

But then you have blacks and Hispanics who are born with auburn, red and blonde hair, anyway.

So what is beautiful? Once again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Integrity is important. If more people had integrity this world would be a better place. There would be less crime and less depression. People would sleep easier at night. People of integrity do the right thing because somewhere along the line they realized that if they deviate from what is right, someone will get hurt in some form or another.

Having integrity doesn't mean you won't make mistakes or fail in life. It means you recognize right from wrong and adhere to the principles of the former and not the pitfalls of the latter. It means being kind to your parents, your spouse and your children. Doing your job to the best of your ability without prejudice or deceit. It means giving back to and representing your community in ways that makes them glad not ashamed. That's a life you can be proud of.


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