May 31, 2006

Volume 49 

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16. MUSIC Sound Off Follow Up - Another Rapper Dies
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      My home was broken into again, Copyrighted CD ROMs Stolen
      Madonna Slammed On CNN: “Played Out Pop Star"
      British Singer Corrine Bailey Slams Madonna
      Madonna Aging Poorly
      Pathetic Madonna At Coachella Still Trying To Use Sex To Sell Even At 47
      Madonna Booed Off Stage
      Edgar Bronfman Verses iTunes – iTunes And The Public Wins
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      Leaks In Case
      Bert Fields
23. LEGAL FILE The Feds Raid Congressman's Office
      Another Hearing for Muller and Gonzales
      Robert "Macaroni Man" Mueller Spying On "The Golden Girls"?
      "FBI Muffed Own Espionage Case"
24. LEGAL FILE Judicial Corruption
      "How to influence judges"
25. LEGAL FILE Is The Constitution Becoming Novelty Part 2 - Elsebeth Baumgartner
      Judge Richard Markus
26. NATIONAL NEWS FPL Post Record Profits
27. INTERNATIONAL NEWS Christian Convert Persecuted In Afghanistan
28. SOCIAL ISSUES Gay Groups Equating Slavery With Gay Rights
29. SPIRITUAL One Person Can Make A Difference


The site is receiving an estimated 400,000 to 1,000,000 hits per week. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who visits it. I try my best to make the site a good listen and a good read for you.

However, it seems some lawbreaking person is trying to stop that. A commissioned criminal kept trying to hack the local copy of the Column before it was published - the idiot erased it (I did have back up copies, though) to prevent the Column from being published online. I had to put the file back in the local copy of the site then publish it to the internet copy of the site, so sorry for the delay.

It's funny, it's the same form and exact style and path of hacking that was used when items from my Copyrighted Catalog of thousands of songs, movie scripts, book manuscripts and music video treatments mysteriously started surfacing in Madonna's later works (for more, read the lawsuit available here).

It's the same person doing the commissioned hacking. I've read up on hacking and spoke to several computer security specialists since this has been happening and all of them confirmed that these are hacks. However, it spilled over into some crazy person doesn't like what's being written in the Column and idiotically decided the way to stop that is to commission a hacker to erase it from my computer before it is published online. Talk about thin skinned. That's pathetic and very illegal. Next thing you know they'll be emailing popular blogs offering payment for favorable exposure, neurotically trying to control their PR on a new level of patheticness, as opposed to receiving blatant disses. Oops, you didn't hear it from me. So, due to the last hack, I'm going to be even more blunt in this Column regarding certain, not all, "pop culture icons." 


Random thoughts for people who think randomly. Ever see a bird fly into a window and wonder why the bird didn't see the window. After all, if we can see it...(just kidding).


Today is Cinco de Mayo, which, turns out, has nothing to do with mayonnaise. " - Orlando Sun Sentinel

CELEBRITY Celebrity Couples

People sometimes wonder why celebrity couples do not acknowledge that they are dating - no matter how much the media asks and speculates. Some celebrity couples won't even acknowledge that they are married. There is a reason for this, as strange as it may be to many.

In the relationship sometimes someone cheats, usually the guy, and it causes a lot of unwanted press attention. So they figure if they never acknowledged dating - no embarrassment and no PR whirlwind if something goes wrong. However, having written that - the one cheating should be the one who feels embarrassed and ashamed. Not the innocent party

CELEBRITY Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Welcome New Baby

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt welcomed a baby girl into the world this month. Congrats to them. While I don't agree with how Aniston was treated, it was a very kind gesture of them to have the baby in the African country of Namibia.

Longbeach, Namibia beach houses in Africa [Reuters]

Namibia has benefited from their stay in many ways - boost in tourism, new jobs and a $300,000 donation from the couple to build a hospital. I always liked the charitable acts Jolie did - it's just the Aniston aspect of what happened that I couldn't reconcile.

Old photo of Jolie's parents reveal they looked like she and Pitt do now.

Jolie and Pitt with their adopted children. Left to right: Assistant, Zahara, Maddox, Pitt

Stars like Jolie and Bono have done charitable works for Africa and the poor. From the looks of things, it appears Africa appreciates it. However, not everyone was amused with Jolie's gesture of  goodwill and charity.

Fox News' Roger Friedman distastefully and xenophobicly disparaged Namibia, a struggling African country people are trying to help, mocking them in a way that was nothing less than offensive.

One of the reasons they probably had the baby over there is because of intrusive, over zealous press people like you who ruin it for everyone - even the decent journos just trying to get a story. Namibia extended the couple the courtesy of denying visas to journos and photogs without the expressed written permission of the couple.

How you managed to put such an unkind spin on an act of charity of that nature and the country's appreciation thereof is beyond me:

"Pitt-Jolie Baby Lucky To Be Alive

I was in Namibia 18 months ago, on the Chobe River dividing that country and Botswana. It’s quite a distance from the Atlantic Ocean “luxury resort” where Pitt and Jolie have been camped out. Their resort, according to its web site, has seven rooms. The place I stayed, Chobe Savannah Lodge, was just as “luxurious” with a few more rooms. The accommodations are beautiful but very simple, with netting over the beds to ward off mosquitoes. There’s no TV, internet, or air conditioning. In fact, when I asked the manager at Chobe Savannah about the internet, he replied: “I might be able to hook up a computer to a cell phone. But why don’t you have a drink and look at the elephant standing behind you?”

But let’s not make any mistake here: any pregnant woman in Namibia would trade just about anything to have her baby in the United States. And not to disparage other parts of the country, but the hospitals where Pitt and Jolie probably would have had Shiloh—Cedars Sinai in West Hollywood or New York Presbyterian in Manhattan—tops in the world. A Namibian mother could not even fathom the care she would receive in either of those places.

Have they ever seen a Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie movie? It’s unlikely. They have little electricity outside the “luxury resort.” The CIA fact book says that 34.9 percent of the population lives on $1 per day and 55.8 percent live on $2 per day. There’s a 35 percent unemployment rate. There may be one movie theater, but there is no record of the Pitt-Jolie action pic “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” having played there. DVD players are nearly non-existent, since a TV would be needed. Few residents—mostly visiting white people and the scattered “wealthy”—have satellite dishes.

So I can only imagine what the Namibians who’ve been pressed into service for this birth are thinking (and not saying) to Pitt, Jolie and company. “Stupid Americans" comes to mind. "Patronizing Hollywood stars" is another. But Namibians are too polite to say such things. They have more important issues on their minds." - Roger Friedman 

Roger Friedman

On March 23, 2006 Roger "Nostradamus" Friedman prophesized in his column about the Dixie Chicks new album:

“They should expect first-week sales, when the album hits stores, of 750,000 or more” - Roger Friedman 3-23-06 

Wrong again, Roger. Their CD sold 515,000 in the first week. At least you were close right (not) -cough- you were off by over a quarter million copies.

Once again, Roger needs to stop misapplying the Hits Daily Double Charts (didn't I write that a few months ago - some people never learn, LOL). He has misapplied and misinterpreted it a few times now - that and the Amazon Sales Ranking Charts. He's also made several failed predictions of future movie hits and proclaimed off base future box office hits...that ended up not being hits. He's done this with other records as well.

The industry has always been as such that just because an album sells a certain amount doesn't mean the follow up will match those numbers. Even amateurs know that. And Roger, you are starting to look like a real amateur right about now (well, not just now, I've thought that for a while, actually). Just because the predecessor sold a certain amount of copies, doesn't mean the next one will.

...and he gets paid for this? I know bloggers who could put him to shame with one typing hand tied behind their back.

CELEBRITY Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey

"I still love her. It would be a lot easier to walk away if I didn't ...Even if she cheated five times over, I still love her,"

"I'll tell you how I knew my marriage was over," he told Rolling Stone magazine. "I was told. I felt like someone sucker-punched me and took my life away."

"I thought we owed it to ourselves to try with a third party. But she didn't want to go," he said.

"It breaks my heart that I couldn't make Jessica happy," he said. "I wanted to be everything to my wife." - Rolling Stone

Aww (sincere). They should get back together.

CELEBRITY Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay-Z

Left to right: Rihanna, Jay-Z, Beyonce

It was reported in the press that singers Beyonce and Rihanna are fighting over Jay-Z. BE A TYPE-O! Why are these two fighting over Jay-Z?

-Aisha mumbles to herself "This must be a sign of the Apocalypse"-

While, I'm no Beyonce or Jay-Z fan, this isn't right. Why? I don't like their conduct. He dissed preacher TD Jakes in a song (says the man who built his business on drug money, Jay-Z, and was referred to on CBS as a "drug dealer", which he called "harsh." You can dish it dissing a preacher, but you can't take it) and she kept saying she is a Christian, then under his tutelage and that of her father, who the internet regularly refers to as a "pimp" and "pimp daddy Knowles," behaved worse than any heathen in pop music ever could.

I don't care about looks and there is nothing wrong with his appearance, provided he doesn't do close-ups that cause the internet proclaimed "Joe Camel" look to pop off. What I don't like is he has a track record of being abusive to women:

Jay-Z is shown in this clip hitting a girl. The press slamming demanding an explanation for said video was met with the response from him that he was joking, but the expression on his face, his forcefulness and the way she is holding up her left arm in self-defense doesn't look like a joke. Either way, what kind of joke is that hitting a woman. Jay-Z can do better than this. 

He also has a track record of using then dumping women. For further reference see Foxy Brown and Amil - who both spoke out:

Foxy Brown


Christian women should really pay attention to this story. Getting used by a man who is cheating and not showing you any loyalty for all the compromises you've made against your beliefs, often happens when you put a man before your faith. 

God doesn't want you in some dysfunctional, promiscuous relationship with a man who doesn't appreciate you or treat you well. Treating you well is not cheating on you and being abusive, but takes you to expensive resorts, stores and furnishes you with expensive gifts.

That is never God's plan, but sometimes women get in too deep, don't know how to extricate themselves from bad non-marriage relationships and make concessions on conduct that really shouldn't fly, as it is not acceptable nor is it kind.

God wants you (women in general) to be with a good, decent man who will be loyal to you and treat you with kindness and sincerity .

Women make drastic compromises for certain men, who at the end of the day are not worth what they end up putting you through.

She has compromised so much for that camel man and yet his conduct isn't right. It gives a certain impression:

"May 16. Trouble is brewing for hip hop's hottest couple - Jay Z and Beyonce. And that trouble is being caused by one of Jay Z's newest artists, Rihanna.

Rumors are beginning to circulate that Rihanna is becoming uncomfortably close to her mentor Jay Z. And that closeness reportedly bothers Jay Z's longtime girlfriend Beyonce. As one entertainment insider tells us, "Rihanna is desperately trying to steal Beyonce's look, her style, and even her sound ... I wouldn't be surprised if now she's trying to steal Beyonce's man."

At a recent NJ Nets game, Beyonce's frustration boiled over. According to a fan seated near the couple, Beyonce lost her cool when Jay Z received a 15 minute telephone call from Rihanna. Beyonce reportedly yelled out "why do you keep talking to her" and stormed out of the arena before Jay Z had a chance to explain.

And in a exclusive, we have learned that Beyonce may truly have something to worry about. Last month, while Beyonce was in Los Angeles accepting a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, Jay Z was reportedly in New York City wining and dining Rihanna. While the two did attend a series of business meetings, they also had dinner for two at Cipriani's and later that evening the pair was spotted entering one of the private rooms at Jay Z's 40/40 club. Our spy tells us that Jay Z and the young singer were all alone in the screened off room for more than four hours.

We contacted one of Jay Z's representatives who admitted that the Jigga Man and Rihanna have been spending a lot of time together. But the rep vehemently denied that anything is going one between the two. According to the rep, "it takes a lot to groom an artist and Jay's just putting in the work." - Media Take Out

Camron: Real Men Wear Pink

Recently, the pink panther A/K/A/ Camron, outed Jay-Z as being 42 and not 37 as he claims. Dude, quit calling yourself "Young Hov," as you are neither young or Jesus.

Speaking of Cam'ron, I saw a clip on a blog site the other night from his DVD of him shooting a little girl and then spitting on her. The posters on the site were incensed and wondered why anyone would even let their daughter play such a role.

I don't get what's going on with hip hop culture these days. It's progressively getting worse and worse.

Kids look up to rappers and the example being set by many (not all) rappers is not good. The kids want to be like them. They want the big cars, the designer clothes, the sneakers, the jewelry - never mind they are in school and aren't supposed to have all that yet - without work (or at least an inheritance - LOL). So they turn to crime to get those things to emulate what they see on TV.

Another thing, everybody can't be a rapper. There aren't that many record deals to go around.

Pay attention children. Most rappers aren't rich. It's an image they portray with advances (cash loans) from the record company to boost their image. Very few of them are rich (LL, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Nelly)

Do the math. If the un-rich ones keep buying the $100,000 jewelry, designer clothes, new sports cars - that on top of the big house with the yearly property tax bill in the 5 figures- they're gonna be broke in no time flat - you can count on it, pardon the pun. Even the rich ones have to be careful of their spending.

So, keep it all in perspective. Hip hop should not be your life. You have a life - therefore, live it well. If you want a role model to pattern your life after, look to God. You aren't and won't be perfect, but you'll always get perfect advice.

CELEBRITY Michael Jackson Makeover

Saw this old makeover photo of Michael Jackson and thought it was funny. So, I decided to post it:

A Thugged Out Michael Jackson [Pic courtesy of In Touch and Hollywood Rag]

CELEBRITY Can He Be Any Cuter

Aww what a cute baby. Just melts your heart:

Actress Melissa Joan Hart & Son

CELEBRITY Can She Be Any Crazier - Britney Spears 

Spears Nearly Drops Son While Trying To Balance Baby And Her Moonshine

Pics courtesy of TMZ

The Sound Off Column "Baby of the Month" award goes to little Sean for his agility, speed, flexibility and toughness in the face of danger and stupidity.

Sound Off Caption: Baby Sean was forced to reenact scenes from the film The Matrix, doing a swivel move like the main character, to protect himself from hitting the ground, as his beverage swigging mom nearly drops him on the cold, hard concrete (little dude, you need to learn how to do a summersault and land on your feet as a means of survival). 
Sean: Uh oh, I see the sky! What did she do now!


Sound Off Caption: Poor baby clinging on for dear life and reaching for the security guard who stopped him from hitting the pavement head first. However, little Sean steadied himself on Britney's ill-coordinated hooker apron and bra, figuring if they can hold those moo moos they can support him.
Sean: What, do you have butter on your fingers?

Sound Off Side Bar: Why does the baby have a comb over?
Britney: I wonder if they saw that - weave toss-. I'll just say the nanny did it.

Sound Off Caption: Spears with a weird look in her eyes exits the hotel. She steps forward and gets ready for the photo-op. While she did finally buy a bra (point given)'s showing (point taken):

Sound Off Caption: Bad weave, bad clothes
Side bar: Seriously, his little face looks different.

It's the baby who should be crying at this point. In less than a year he's had a fractured skull from being dropped on to a tile floor, while in the womb mother reportedly drank and father smoked around her like a chimney for all to see, he's been used as an airbag, driven in a convertible with the car seat facing the wrong way (anything could have flown in the car and struck either one of them), been sun burned, kept awake during AM hours picking mommy and daddy up from the club and almost been dropped on hard concrete. Once again, he should be the one crying:

What was that again...oh yea, that's right, the nanny dropped the baby last month. I didn't buy that last month like I wrote and I certainly don't buy it this month either. I can just imagine how many times that baby's been dropped and almost dropped:

After the incident, Spears said, "This is why I need a gun." TMZ will post exclusive video of the incident Friday night at 7:00PM ET. It's the latest in a series of mishaps. A few days ago, the singer was driving in her convertible Mini Cooper with Sean in the back, facing forward -- not a good idea says the State of California.

"(May 18, 6:08PM ET) -- Oops, she almost did it again. Britney Spears stumbled this afternoon as she was leaving a New York City hotel and almost dropped little Sean Preston.

We're told Britney was holding a drink in her right hand and Sean in her left as she maneuvered through a crowd of onlookers. Britney moves through the crowd and then she suddenly trips, the baby's head goes backward and his hat flies off his head. Britney regained her balance and the baby seemed ok.

It's the latest in a series of mishaps. A few days ago, the singer was driving in her convertible Mini Cooper with Sean in the back, facing forward -- not a good idea says the State of California." - TMZ

Sound Off Caption: Sean bent up like a pretzel. Spears aiming to make him the first baby with mother induced arthritis:

Britney’s Negligence Inspires Law

"Britney Spears Inspires Britney's Law. Britney Spears started another car seat controversy earlier this week, when she was photographed with her eight-month-old son, Sean Preston, sitting in a forward-facing car seat.

Britney Spears has prompted California legislators to introduce a bill requiring parents to face their infants' car seats towards the back of the vehicle if they are under one year old.

Britney Spears started another car seat controversy earlier this week, when she was photographed with her eight-month-old son, Sean Preston, sitting in a forward-facing car seat." – Fashion Monitor Toronto

Baby Eats Big Piece Of Paper While Careless Spears Hams It Up For The Cameras:

Spears' Expressions

Her expressions have been looking crazy. She's got that same crazed look on her face like the zombies in the Kabbalah cult. Britney tried to break free and announced on her web site she was no longer studying it.

People on the internet made posts laughing and saying Madonna will be angry. Apparently crazy momma Madonna was, as Spears mysteriously took the message down from her web site and started wearing the string again. Ok, then. Yea, Madonna's got dirt on her. Look at her expressions, she's gettin' crazy:

Baby's Face

People on the internet have been commenting that his face looks different since the droppings:

Spears Drank While Pregnant

It was reported on web sites that she was spotted drinking alcohol 6 weeks ago, 3 and a 1/2 months pregnant, at her husband's birthday party, which is dangerous:

"Play It Smart. Alcohol and Pregnancy Don't Mix." Prenatal alcohol exposure is the leading known cause of preventable birth defects and learning difficulties. In his remarks at the news conference, NIAAA acting director Dr. Raynard Kington stated that as many as 40,000 infants born each year have some degree of alcohol-related effects. They range from mild learning and behavioral problems, to growth deficiencies, to severe mental and physical impairment. The most severe form is fetal alcohol syndrome, or FAS. Alcohol-related birth defects cost society an estimated $4 billion annually in health care expenses and lost productivity." - NIH

Sins Of the Father

Music news pages wrote of a poem Spears posted to her web site about the sins of the father that many interpreted as a slam against Federline. However, in this case, it should be the sins of the mother.

She's the one that broke up a back-up dancer's marriage via cheating with him, which greatly upset his wife. She is the one who got married in Las Vegas for 2 days, then divorced, then remarried another, Federline, months after.

In the Bible, the only reason given that you can divorce your spouse without the spiritual effects of adultery reeking havoc in your life, is for them committing adultery. If not, to do so will bring trouble into your life that will affect you and your family, as God sees marriage as holy and the merging of two souls (it's in the Bible in the book of Proverbs and Matthew).

K-Fed Can't Be Blamed For Everything

Granted, he could do more and give up the weed smoking he bragged about on the air. Federline can't be blamed for everything, though. She's made many selfish choices, and before he came along, that haven't turned out so well - from things Timberlake outed her on in matters of disloyalty, to breaking up a marriage while cheating with a back-up dancer, performing raunchy shows in front of surprised parents and their impressionable kids, treating marriage like it's a joke, to her present situation with her baby and all these mishaps.

It's like she doesn't take anything seriously and doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. It's bad enough when a person does things that hurts them, but when you hurt others as well, that's another story. That's bound to catch up with you in life.

She has been criticized by many over her conduct. Recently, due to Britney's choices, supermodel Janice Dickinson called her a "hick." She is the same supermodel who said of Madonna:

"In the 80s before she was famous, I used to go dancing with Madonna at Danceteria. "Madonna had the most vicious body odour. It was like she had not showered in a week. "She was a great dancer, but I tried not to get too close to her or I would literally pass out. It was that bad. It was total skank." - Contact Music

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(1) No facial expression of fear for her baby. (2) Never once dropped the drink.

10. Moms trip and fall all the time. Especially carrying a full diaper bag (notice she never has to hold one). But with a drink in your hand? Never have I seen a mom so casual about the whole thing. This girl's career is toast for good.

11. Anonymous said... This kid will NEVER make it to his first birthday at this rate.

12. Anonymous said... it's funny because of the bodyguard ONLY, otherwise I'm just horrified for that poor baby, it almost got dropped on his head...AGAIN?!

13. Anonymous said...I'm so sick of all the people saying this is the media's fault. The media's fault that she can't hold a baby properly? Or that she feels the need to be in stupid heels? Hello! A whale in heels is still a whale honey! Heels are not going to bring back the "Baby...One More Time" figure. No other celebrity mom seems to be having this issue...

Feedback from Cake and Ice Cream:

1. everybody relax. my kids are 17 and 12 and i used to drop them on their heads all the time.....they survived and are doing well. one is in the 3rd grade and the other in the 4th, they are doing just fine. yeah right.Anonymous | 05.26.06 - 1:33 pm | #  

2. Britney: its ok it's only gonna crush his head on the ground and crack open his skull, BUT PLEASE SAVE THE GLASS. Britney says: | 05.22.06 - 3:51 am | #

3. loooolllll Anonymous | 05.22.06 - 8:56 am | #  

4. how many times has this kid been dropped, his brain is probably mush.Anonymous | 05.22.06 - 9:23 am | #  

5. that drink also made her put on that outfit too. she is a has been that really never had any talent. Cha-Cha | 05.23.06 - 4:09 pm | #  

6. GIVE up BRITNEY we need social services right about now lool uh oh | 05.19.06 - 5:20 pm | #

7. Somebody, please tell Brit to hold her baby's back. I think... | 05.19.06 - 5:25 pm | #

8. ANOTHER INTERVENTION!!!! WHAT'S THE NUMBER? skeptical | Homepage | 05.19.06 - 5:41 pm | #

9. IF SHE WOULD PUT THE DRINK DOWN THEN MAYBE SHE COULD HAVE A BETTER BALANCE OF HER BABY.The baby is heavy so any mother who has sense would know that it would take 2 arms to hold him and not just one. Pink-Diamondz | Homepage | 05.19.06 - 6:09 pm | #  

10. Why does she continue to give the press fodder to criticize her? There must be some psychological reason/need for her to continue to supply them with negative images her. Now granted this incident was not planned, but she does provide the press enough ammo against her. So now she is crying in public? She should have a thicker skin by now.

11. I am not sorry for her predicament. She created this monster; I am glad her baby was not injured. SamanthaJones | 05.19.06 - 8:03 pm | #  

12. I don't feel sorry for her at all, she should have her child in a stroller or a car seat.....or at least hold her kid with both hands instead of trying to hold her drink in the other hand. Does she even drop the drink no, she's holding on to that. Where is her family? her husband? I feel for those kids, actually all of federlines kids. anonymous | 05.19.06 - 8:04 pm | # 

13. Somebody take this baby away from this *****. Look at Sean. He's already got that "special" look about him. He can't take too many bumps and bruises.  

14. Why does she deserve sympathy?? She's got more money and help than any woman in the world. That ho is just goofy. Nicole | 05.19.06 - 9:34 pm | #  

15. i wonder if she is getting high? me | 05.19.06 - 10:03 pm | #  

16. I truly believe Britney's journey to FAO Schwartz was nothing more than a photo op. (TRUST me... her PR people informed the media she would be there) unfortunately for her; it didn't turn out the way she expected. Sad. Instead of parading her child around in public; she needs to stay out of the limelight and focus on obtaining better parenting skills. jb | 05.20.06 - 12:33 am | #  



SUCH AN IDIOT - a real piece of "work" ! & PREGNANT "AGAIN? what a DUMB ***--this is why she dont need another one (it has nothing to do with how much money she has). tianni | 05.20.06 - 1:24 am | #  

18. Britney....don't have no more kids. Megan | 05.20.06 - 1:39 am | #  

19. i hope thats a non alcoholic drink since shes pregnant again jasmine | 05.20.06 - 10:33 am | #  

20. It wasn't just putting the kid on her lap when she drove away. She also has him in a forward-facing car seat. He's still too young/small for that! Can't someone TELL her these things? FootFace | Homepage | 05.20.06 - 12:25 pm | #

21. has she not heard of a stroller anonymous | 05.20.06 - 12:33 pm | #  

22. *Looking back at the pics* She looks like a MESS! LOL For Real? | 05.20.06 - 7:08 pm | #  

23.  I really hope social services is knocking at her door...shaunie | 05.20.06 - 8:33 pm | #  

24. give britney time, something more outrageous will happen soon. people with the IQ of a grape shouldn't have kids Anonymous | 05.22.06 - 6:50 pm | #  

25. YES- children DO FALL (it happens-especially when they start learning to walk or start sitting up on their own). 


SHE IS ASKING FOR THIS KID TO BE INJURED (again)! HAD THIS BEEN A ORDINARY "AVERAGE" PERSON..."SOCIAL SERVICES" -would have that child in their CUSTODY sooo fast & WE'd be behind BARS! 

S.S. gave her too many breaks already---she is an IRRESPONSIBLE MOTHER..."WITH a whole lot of --MONEY"! 

GIVE "ME" a BREAK. She is a "careless" DITSY piece of trash! (she should STOP BLEACHING her hair & smoking the cigarettes) for starters-the bleach is affecting her BRAIN & the cigarettes-2nd hand smoke is a DANGER

Suing Highchair Maker

She better guess again about suing that highchair maker as was announced in her fake, self-righteous indignation. Cause you see Brits, when you file a lawsuit and you are lying, the truth will come out in court - well unless you bribe a Federal judge to dismiss the case.

Then you'll get sued for slander, libel and defamation for disparaging a product to cover the fact that you are a careless, ignorant, dangerous mother who is negligent with her baby and is endangering his life over and over again.

Flakey Britney Flakes On Flakey Press Conference

Spears announced a press conference then changed her mind. Apparently she didn’t want to confirm or deny that she lied before in saying she is not pregnant.

“One of these days, we'll remember why we keep writing about Britney Spears. We're pretty sure, as of now, she used to be ... a person we thought did something worth writing about.

Never mind. This is getting really confusing. All that matters is that, for some reason, she's important. And she's apparently having another child with dancer supreme/king of R&B/worldly scholar Kevin Federline. And that child will be a girl, according to In Touch magazine.

Spears was supposed to have a press conference to announce the happy news, to which all the reporters in Southern California -- none of whom actually remember why they care either -- would flock. As of 5 p.m., there was no word concerning the grand media event. Perhaps they were delayed by Mr. Spears tutoring UCLA grad students after physics class."

CELEBRITY Paris Hilton

Note To Tanned Fried Extra Crispy Paris: back away from the tanning machine and slowly put your hands down. I know she's been trying to hang out with, in her own words, "nig*ers" rappers to help her with that weak album she's recorded, but that's just taking it too far. What? did the girl at the tanning salon turn up the machine to the "ozone depletion level" setting. Just how long did she stay in that thing...or is it a ill matched spray on.

 Hilton hopping the gate of man with restraining order against her (just kidding):

Can't even open a car door:

Producer Storch Defends Paris

Scott Storch

Producer Scott Storch defended Paris's singing (you slept with her, didn't you), which is computerized and bad, and forthcoming CD that's been thoroughly bashed on internet sites based on the first 7 tracks having been leaked and posted...and reviewed in a not so flattering manner. I heard the tracks and she doesn't sound good at all.

"Top music producer Scott Storch has defended Paris Hilton and her debut album, saying her talent will surprise people.

'It will surprise a lot of people because there’s a real artistry coming from Paris. I was hesitant at first but we did a trial run in the studio, and the first song we did was a smash.

'I sometimes go for challenges although people look at me strangely like, 'Why are you doing that?' However, with a risk sometimes come a huge reward'.” - PR Inside

Oh my Miami Semitic neighbor, what has she done to you. You have credibility in your genre - why risk it.

Rapper Mos Def Slams Rappers For Working With Racist Paris

I read an article that stated rapper and actor Mos Def slammed rappers for working with Paris, as she is a racist who was caught on tape calling two black men "dumb nig*ers" and refuses to apologize for it.

Nicole Says She's Too Thin - Prat Paris Weighs In

I know I'm too thin right now, so I wouldn't want any young girl looking at me and saying: 'That's what I want to look like'," the 24-year-old acknowledged.

"I do know that they will, which is another reason I really do need to do something about it," she told the magazine. "I'm not happy with the way I look right now."

Although Richie's weight dropped after appearing as Hilton's sidekick in the first series of 'The Simple Life', she continually denied she had an eating disorder.

But even the petite Hilton, was shocked by Richie's shrinking waist.

"I can't believe it. That's not normal. She looks horrible. It's really sad," the hotel heiress told Elle magazine.

"I do recognise that I have a problem, and I want to be responsible and fix it, and I'm on that path right now," said Richie.

And the reason for her split with Hilton?

While many reports have claimed it was the result of the heiress' sex tape, Richie believes the two drifted apart when she started living a clean life after a 2003 stint in rehab.

"That was completely made up,” Richie insisted of the tape allegations. "When I got out of rehab, I had to figure out what path to go down and part of that included taking certain people out of my life." - iAafrica

CELEBRITY Cruise Cracking Up

Cruise is being blamed for the poor ticket sales of Mission Impossible 3. Statements like "I’m gonna eat the placenta,” he said. “I thought that would be good. Very nutritious. I’m gonna eat the cord and the placenta right there” certainly didn't help:

"I have confirmed today that there has been an unusual pattern of ticket sales for Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible 3 at Hollywood's ArcLight Theater, which just happens to be located right near the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center where Cruise belongs. Unconfirmed anecdotes are circulating on the Internet this weekend of individuals buying hundreds of tickets at a time from the ArcLight. But an ArcLight employee did confirm to me just now that "people have been buying dozens of tickets at a time" for MI3, which is definitely an extraordinary sales pattern for the movie theater (or any theater, for that matter). Certainly, the "M" word -- for manipulation -- comes to mind.

Meanwhile, MI3's opening weekend is near-disastrous. See UPDATED: MI3 Opening Weekend Freefall. Cruise's Fault, Hollywood Players Tell Me." - Deadline Hollywood Daily

M13 under performed by about 20 million plus for the opening weekend. Paramount is said to be in a really bad way.  

I heard it had Scientology bits so I didn’t go see it. Apparently he’s turned off quite a lot of people with his psychotic ravings (see Cruise comments such as attacking Brooke Shields over her post partum depression, stating “I will eat the placenta and cord,” “firefighters need cooking oil and niacin to detox from cleaning up 9/11, as opposed to their meds” and “her name is now Kate not Katie). All this Hollywood craziness.  

You guys see the celebrity side of it, but you have no clue as to the full extent of how far some of these celebrity go and how much they harm people. And it’s all so unnecessary.

Cruise Dancing

Wow, a white man dancing on BET (Black Entertainment Television)...and it's not Eminem. I don't know what to make of that (just kidding).

His dancing was okay. It takes a brave white man to dance on BET (kidding again). 


Nicole Stunned By Divorce

"That was a major shock. I always knew the rug was going to be taken out from underneath me at some stage. I didn't think it was going to happen in the way it happened... I knew I was going to get hit with something. But I think a divorce, and the demise of what your family is, is a little death in itself." - Ladies' Home Journal

Cruise Craziness Causes Bill

Cruise Inspires Crackdown - When Tom Cruise announced that he bought an ultrasound machine so he could see his unborn daughter, a California legislator thought the "Mission: Impossible" star had gone too far.

Assemblyman Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) has introduced a bill that would ban manufacturers of such imaging devices from selling them to anyone but licensed medical professionals.

"If someone sees Tom Cruise buy one, they think this is the thing to do," said Lieu, who wrote the bill (AB 2360) after consulting with his brother, a radiologist, and brother-in-law, a doctor.

"There are a lot of settings on an ultrasound machine that you would only use on adults and not on a fetus," said Dr. Miyuki Murphy, director of ultrasound at Radiological Associates of Sacramento." The Associated Press


I think the royal family is good for Britain and its tourist industry. Foreigners romanticize about it, therefore it is an attraction. The royal family is apart of English history and the tradition should continue and progress with the times.

The line should follow its natural order of succession and there should be no abdications or skipping as some have suggested and recommended in the press. 

ART Picasso Sale Sets Record As Second Most Expensive Painting

Picasso's "Dora Maar With Cat"

"Picasso portrait fetches $95.2m - Dora Maar With Cat was one of Picasso's last portraits - A Picasso portrait of his lover Dora Maar has been sold for $95.2m (Ł51.8m), the second highest amount ever paid for a painting at auction.
The 1941 masterpiece Dora Maar With Cat was sold to an anonymous buyer at Sotheby's in New York on Wednesday.

1. Boy with a Pipe, Pablo Picasso, $104m
2. Dora Maar with Cat, Pablo Picasso, $95.2m
3. Portrait with Dr Gachet, Vincent van Gogh, $82.5m
4. Au Moulin de la Galette, Pierre Auguste Renoir, $78m " - BBC

What's most shocking is none of my original paintings came in on the list (joking).

FILM X-Men Trounces The Da Vinci Code

As I wrote in last month's Column regarding the film The Da Vinci Code:

"In this case, I think they will make some money off -cough- the heathens, proceeded by a steep fall off, but lose close to a billion representing the Christians who don't go see the film or buy the subsequent DVD - due to making a religious film - with out the religion in it."

I was right. The film started off strong and they did make some money off the heathens (not as much as you'd think, read on), but lost out in the Christian market big time. In The Da Vinci Code's second week of release, the film X-Men 3 trounced it ($124,000,000), making in 4 days what it took The Da Vinci Code almost two weeks to make in the American Box Office ($137,000,000). X-Men also set new records. It is now the new hit of the year.

The Da Vinci Code has grossed $487,000,000 dollars worldwide, but then you take away just about half that money for theater fees for showing the films and deduct their costs of a big budget, advertising, junkets, marketing for the film, which in total is estimated to be $200,000,000 in costs, which doesn't leave a big profit for all those numbers they spat at everyone ($87,000,000 in pretax profit - wait til the IRS catches it).  

They were hyping it up like it was the next Titanic and it has no where near approached that in sales. Considering the number of people who they claim bought that book, quite a lot of them clearly didn't go see the film based on the box office numbers they've released.

Not to mention, in the second week, a portion of your numbers for a big budget film, will be repeat business from people who saw it the first week.

Wolverine scratched the doo-doo out of Da Vinci, creating a big decline in sales. 

MUSIC Sound Off Follow Up - Another Rapper Dies

Wife of slain rapper: 'He was part of me' - Tuesday, May 2, 2006 - A Houston rapper was shot to death Monday night. John Edward Hawkins, aka Big Hawk, was killed at Redfern at East Orem. For his 1- and 4-year-olds and his wife, he was just "dad."

Houston police said neighbors heard gunfire around 10:30 p.m. When they came outside, they found Hawkins, who had been shot multiple times.

Witnesses said Hawkins’ car was parked outside of his friend’s home and it was still running. He did not make it inside the home.

Apparently no one witnessed the shooting, but police said a small, white compact car with tinted windows was seen in the vicinity soon after the shooting. Hawkins had recently married and had two young sons." - 11 News

MUSIC Madonna Lawsuit

New Info

There was a mix up regarding misinformation I received from a clerk of the appeals court when I was going through the checklist with her over the phone of what was required of me from the court. Subsequently, the original appeal I sent in was sent back to me by another clerk to be redone. Once I was told I did it over the next day and mailed it off the following day. That was this past Saturday.

Regarding the time frame, I have been given conflicting sets of information by three different court clerks as to how long the appeals process takes.

The first one who gave me the original misinformation written about above said "two months." When I told the second clerk that, who is assigned the case, she said, "Who told you that?" I told her a clerk from your court. She then responded that it can take up to a year and there is no guarantee I will be granted an oral argument, wihch you can request and I did, as they may just write an opinion on it (then I start to think, OK then, translation, Supreme Court petition for review of case, then international route ASAP).

She also said during our conversation this Tuesday that the local court in Miami had called her about the case that very morning, what a coincidence, and said "it's still active." While I'm thinking but Satan, the judge dismissed it in a ruling that is legally shoddy and disgraceful. Then I said, but the judge dismissed it? I don't get why the local court called her to say that and whatever else was said and that very morning.

The third clerk I spoke to on Wednesday, who was nice, said 3 to 6 months.

I read an article in the New York Sun that said the appeals process could take up to a year. So at this point it's anyone's guess.

Will Smith

Reprinted from the lawsuit page of the site that was updated earlier in the month:

5-2-06 - As I wrote about in the April Sound Off Column, there was a fifth burglary to my home, where copyrighted work compact discs were stolen with newer scripts, synopses, book manuscripts and music video scripts on them. As I wrote in the April Sound Off Column, a week after I reported them missing to the police, items from the discs appeared in the New York Daily News attributed to Madonna and two other writers.

Well, yesterday something else surfaced from the stolen work compact discs - a movie script that is now criminally being used by Columbia Pictures and Will Smith, who I am really disappointed in.

The synopsis for his 2007 film "Tonight, He Comes" was announced yesterday and it is an exact rip off of one of the copyrighted film script synopses that was on one of the stolen discs criminally taken from my home. She criminally sold it to them. Columbia Pictures’ parent company Sony is already a defendant in my case Aisha v. Madonna, which is on appeal.

I faxed this to the FBI as well.

From the April Sound Off Column where I wrote about the theft in detail:

1. "There have been errors in this case in the Miami Federal court. One too many. Just like someone in the Court amazingly misspelled the name “Madonna” in the computer system so that anyone who searches for the case WON’T FIND IT. Good thing I put it on line, then.

It’s amazing, they managed to spell all the other names right, including my difficult to spell name and others, but spelled Madonna incorrectly in the title "Madoona."

Not to mention, the info online contradicts information and templates prescribed by the Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure.

3. My home was broken into again. This makes the fifth break-in since this whole Madonna commissioned harassment, invasion of privacy and intellectual property theft campaign began.

The latest break-in occurred on April 2, 2006. Work compact discs containing newer projects I have been working on such as copyrighted book manuscripts, lyrics, film scripts and other copyrighted works were stolen straight off my desk. I called the Police and they sent an officer out.

Further searches of my discs have revealed that other CD ROMs are missing as well and I know she is in criminal possession of them, as a week after I reported them missing to the Police, data from one of the CD ROMs showed up a week later in the form of an article in the New York Daily News attributed to Madonna and writers Joe Dziemianowicz and Rebbeca Louie.

They stole a pre-release copy of my book "50 Reasons Why Hollywood Stinks" (that was on several CD ROMs in my home office/recording studio) from my house and used it weeks before it is due to be published, which constitutes at least 3 felonies.

They have illegally used items from my book, altered others and attributed it all to Madonna and said writers in the New York Daily News. Instead of "50 Reasons," they cut it down to "5 Signs" and changed items to make it about Madonna when the book wasn't about her. However, items from my unpublished book are in that infringing article and got there in a very felonious manner.

The Kabbalah cult and Scientology cult are known for doing this. There are documented legal cases that have been made public where it was revealed that they stole advance copies of books before they went to the publishers and criminally misappropriated them in their favor, violating innocent writers rights and copyrights. Each case involved breaking an entry.

The leader of Madonna’s cult, Phillip Berg was sued for breaking into the home of a dead rabbi and stealing his book manuscript, which he illegally published under his own name, taking credit for something he did not author. The later filed lawsuit revealed what he had done – breaking an entry, trespassing and criminal copyright infringement. He lost the case.

There definitely will be litigation regarding this, along with the other defamation of character/libel lawsuits for the articles that lunatic placed in the Daily News with Lloyd Grove and with Roger Friedman's Fox News column in trying to lie about the sick things she's been doing.

I faxed the FBI about it including a copy of the article from the New York Daily News.

2. Forthcoming Britney Spears rip off - I wrote and copyrighted a song I wrote about my little sister called “My Sister" over a year and a half ago and it is apart of my copyrighted catalog of songs, scripts, videos, manuscripts ect - that the defendants in the case gain illegal access to.

Lo and lo and behold, this month one of the defendants in my lawsuit, Britney Spears, released a clip of a rip off song from her forthcoming CD titled “For My Sister.” Yea that's a lot different from my song called "My Sister" you crook (sarcasm).

So Madonna is still acting like a hoodlum fencing stolen goods (my work) around Hollywood to the highest bidder, in acts that are criminal breaches of U.S. and U.N. laws.

Look for this case to go international in the near future and in a very ugly way."

Madonna Mocks Crucifixion On Tour

Yawn....I saw the pics from the tour and it looks totally boring. The worst tour pics so far this year.

And isn't she getting too old for the publicity stunts. Too bad she didn't crucify herself for real.

Feedback From The Daily Mail:

1. More appropriately she should have been suspended on a large glittery dollar sign - now that would have been a correct statement! - Dj, Austin, TX

2. Madonna has no class. She's more a freak show than anything else. - Ilsa Vhermenin, Berlin, Germany

3. How does one reconcile Madonna's "spirituality" with such decadence? - Mark Hubbell, Salem, Oregon, USA

4. "Everyone! Look at me! Look at me! I'm controversial and stuff!" - Dave, Dallas, Texas

Glen Beck Slams Mad-onna On CNN

"Played Out Pop Star" Madonna

"Ok the people that went to Madonna's concert in L.A. Spent $380 a ticket to see this (he shows pic of her hanging on the cross) and let me tell you that's worth every dime that you paid really. Hey Madonna will you do me a favor, knock off the Christ bashing for 10 minutes will you.

She doesn't even offend me anymore I've gone numb to Madonna's antics. What really bugs me is the hypocrisy. Last year she was promoting her horrible children books Madonna said 'we shouldn't let our kids watch TV, Americans have to stop doing that there's too much filth on television'."

"Gee Madonna why would you think there's too much filth on TV? (he plays her videos for like a virgin and American Pie) Look at this I'm not even sure but I think I'm getting crabs just from watching this, really in fact if you're at home grab some penicillin, swallow it otherwise you're gonna be peeing cookie dough tomorrow."

"Do you remember when Madonna made out with Britney spears at the VMA's apparently that confused her daughter Lordes, which is a stupid name, she asked her mom she said "mom are you gay?" Madonna's response in that fake British accent "I am the mummy pop star and she is the baby pop star and I am kissing her to pass my energy on to her."

By energy, Madonna if you mean cold sores, then yeah you're probably right."

"Madonna's latest antics has everybody shocked, I don't know why really she's a one trick pony, since 1983 same stuff. The only thing that shocks me anymore is when people are who they say they are they don't play games with who they are just to make money."

"Instead of humping a stack of Bibles Madonna, maybe you should lose the fake British accent, act your age, spend a little more time with your kids and leave mine alone."

And the internet said "ouch!" - but it was so true and on point.

British Singer Corrine Bailey Slams Madonna

British soul singer Corrine Bailey Rae has slammed the likes of Madonna for flashing flash for publicity. Bailey Rae finds the image of many female singers offensive and demeaning to women.

According to, she said: "I never saw the Madonna's image as powerful - it just seemed like a woman running her hands over her breasts for the benefit of the male gaze. It's a bit tiresome, all those a**es popping at the camera, all that bare flesh."

Not only is Bailey Rae modest but also a very brave women to take on Madonna…that said she has one helluva point, any sensible person can recognise that the flashing of flesh is just making up for a lack of talent."

Do popstars flash to much flesh:
Yes 63%
No 15%
Does it even matter? 22%

Madonna Aging Poorly

"Madonna can't hold back the hands of time... “But anyone keen to find some evidence of the ravages of time on Madonna need look no further than her hands.

Pictured playing guitar at a music festival in California, the mother of two's left hand appeared remarkably bony, wrinkled and covered in protruding veins.” - Daily Mail

Pathetic Madonna At Coachella Still Trying To use Sex To Sell Even At 47

“Then Madonna skipped on stage with her dancers. She wiggled her leotard-clad behind and yelled, “This is my first festival. Does my butt look big in this?” – L.A. Weekly

Yea, that stopped the booing (not). Sure that’s not what prompted it. So it was her first festival and an indie one at that.

Among the work compact discs that were stolen from my home that I reported to the police, as mentioned above, were tour plans to sign up with a few indie festivals, as I am an indie artist. It contained a list of indie festivals, their addresses, contact numbers and reps (I have many back ups of all my files). I also spoke to my dad about it over my illegally wiretapped phone. I had received an offer to join an indie festival and I was telling him about it.

Nonetheless, she was out of place at her first indie festival, with message board posters telling her "she ruined the festival" and to take her "unoriginality elsewhere." And she thinks the public is oblivious to her stealing people's music and films.

Madonna Booed Off Stage

Sponsored spots in the usual mainstream papers said she “sizzled” and “thrilled” but the truth was available in other outlets, like the festival's site and ironically Roger Friedman's Column, outlets who said she stunk and was booed off stage.

"Madonna booed off stage at US festival - Madonna managed only six songs at the Coachella Valley music festival last weekend before being booed off stage.

The show was never going to be easy for the singer, with the crowd around the main stage leaving even before she came on and "Madonna Killed Coachella" T-shirts being sported by some festival goers."  - The Electronic Newspaper

Further news on the booing...

(No no, we don't mean with explosives.) Well, it's not really that surprising, is it? Better late than never, DiS has heard that Madonna was booed during her performance at the Coachella Valley Music Festival last weekend. - Drowned In Sound, UK - May 4, 2006

"MADONNA WANNABE? Not everyone was as enthusiastic about Madonna’s six-song mini-set at Coachella as the L.A. Times’ Richard Cromelin (read it here). In fact, Fox News’ always contentious Roger Friedman reports today that the Material Gal “was roundly booed by the Coachella audience after showing up late on stage” and for “printing special name tags for security and keeping everyone away from her tent.” He also revealed that Goldenvoice’s Paul Tollet resisted putting her on the bill until Madonna called him personally and “pulled out the dance music card.” (5/2a) – Hits Daily Double

Madonna booed at indie music festival - Electric New Paper, Singapore. WHILE it seems pop diva Madonna is welcome almost everywhere, she was roundly booed by the audience at the recent Coachella Valley Music Festival in California ...

Madonna booed off stage at US festival - Digital Spy

Madonna Booed Off Stage at California Festival - Short News

But while Madonna appears to have voluntarily taken a step down from her megabucks arena tours in order to perform at last weekend's Coachella Valley Music Festival in Indio, California, she did so to scattered boos from the crowd, and only ended up performing six songs. - Celebrity Cafe

Madonna In W Bombs With Public

SPEAKING OF PEOPLE WE SHOULD CARE ABOUT: The June issue of W magazine will feature a 58-page photo spread of Madonna in provocative poses.

Good grief ... it's NOT 1987 ANYMORE! What if we don't want to see Madonna in provocative poses? Then what?

Nevertheless, the singer dresses up as some of her famous alter-egos, including an English horse-rider, "material girl" and "boy toy." She poses topless wearing fishnet stockings, long leather gloves and holding a riding crop, and cavorting with horses on the sand. Bleh bleh bleh. - Contra Costa Times

Madonna's Brother, Partner in Crime - Literally, Speaks Out

"I would say Guy has managed to cope. " - Digital Spy UK

Yes, I would imagine all he can do is cope being married to a lunatic who destroyed his career and his dreams.

Edgar Bronfman Verses iTunes – iTunes And The Public Wins

Edgar "the dude that tried to stick up iTunes" Bronfman [Photo from MSNBC]

A follow up to last month’s Sound Off Column. The record labels have gotten off the pipe and decided to keep the 99 cent Apple iTunes downloads at their current price. Some people never learn. They were about to get stomped by the public once again.

"Apple Computer's virtual music store, i-Tunes, is holding its download price at 99 cents each, despite some recording labels wanting variable pricing." - The Associated Press

More Edgar/ Warner Music Group Losses

Sound Off Column Caption: You're just gonna pick your nose like that in public?

Warner Music Group losses were described as, "The net loss was $7 million, or 5 cents a share, compared with a profit of $4 million a year earlier, when the company had a gain." - Bloomberg

But of course, Bronfman is lecturing people on business after creating one of the biggest financial reversals of fortune in business history to the tune of losing shareholders billions of dollars at his previous company:

"Consolidation for consolidation's sake doesn't make a lot of sense,'' Bronfman told an audience last night in New York. "Ours is not a business that requires scale economics.'' - Bloomberg

Apparently it is also one that doesn't require following domestic or international law, civil or criminal, either.

Isn't that right Mr. Ed.

SPORTS Soccer: Thierry Henry

One of France's most skilled athletes, Thierry Henry, has announced that he will be staying with Arsenal. Henry also plays for the French National Team. Arsenal has been his soccer club for the past several years and he's done very well there. He's the club's leading scorer. He's signed a new contract that runs through 2010.

SPORTS Basketball: Miami Heat

The Heat games are really heating up. Okay, that was a corny joke. It's fun watching them play and I wish them the best. Ok, enough pleasantries on my part. I want them to crush Detroit for last season!

SPORTS Tennis: The Swiss v. The Spaniard

The Federer Nadal rivalry is really shaping up quite nicely for tennis. When they play, it draws big crowds. They are quite suited as competitors, as they are opposites in many ways. It's entertaining watching that kind of dynamic unfold on the court. Nadal certainly isn't making it easy for FedEx at all - and vice versa.

He looks like he could strangle a bear with those arms:

What they are really saying through their smiles and clenched teeth:  

Federer: I'm gonna beat you.
Nadal: No, I'm gonna beat you.
Federer: I'm gonna win.
Nadal: No, I'm gonna win.

You know, if you wanna increase ratings one of them could jump the net and beat the daylights....

Just kidding.

LEGAL FILE The Pellicano Case

Well, the Pellicano case is still mushrooming. Chris Rock and an NBA player's names have been called in the mix as having used Pellicano's services.

During the time Chris Rock was separated from his wife, he had an affair with a model, who later told him she was pregnant. He then hired Pellicano to investigate her.

Last month she spoke publicly about it for the first time, acknowledging a pattern of crime others like me have experienced.

She said during that time years ago she kept saying to her friends and bosses that she felt someone was breaking into her apartment (said friends and bosses confirmed it last month as well). She said people thought she was going crazy. However, she didn't know what was going on, or that she was being illegally wiretapped and illegally investigated by unethical PI Pellicano, which has been confirmed now. Her personal information was also illegally obtained by Pellicano.

It's the same pattern of criminal misconduct that they have used against so many people - wiretapping and break-ins - among other things. It is completely lawless. The same things happened to me, which I began writing about last year on here and in my lawsuit that is on appeal.

We had at least 5 BREAK-INS that we know of - but it was most likely more, as other things had gone missing and had been moved in the house, but in the beginning we thought it was a coincidence or the items were misplaced. It wasn't until we actually witnessed the first break-in we know of and saw visible, unquestionable signs of the other four that followed, that we realized what was happening.

And even after the case was sent to the FBI and the DOJ via certified signed for U.S. mail (Mueller and Gonzales), the same pattern of misconduct continues and the criminal copyright infringement continues (that she is known for in entertainment and legal circles worldwide with more lawsuits for this misconduct than any other artist in history) - which says something must be giving her the confidence to continue to commission the misconduct. More on that in the next Column.

CEO Of Universal Ron Meyer Implicated In Pellicano Misconduct

Ron Meyer

I posted a photo two months ago and wrote about Ron Meyer, CEO of Universal, whose company criminally stole one of my copyrighted scripts via Mafioso Madonna (for more read the lawsuit page regarding the cinematic flop "American Dreamz"). This month, he is in a bit of a pickle. 

The CEO of Universal, a company I despise, was accused of beating up his girlfriend, Cynthia Truhan, when she tried to end the relationship.

She said he pursued her and told her, "This will be over when I say it is over." As she attempted to get inside her car, Truhan said, Meyer grabbed her and began striking her:

"Truhan went to the home to discuss "some problems that they were having with their relationship," the report states. When Truhan filed a complaint with sheriff's deputies, her "left eye was swollen and bruised, the left side of her cheek was swollen and she appeared to be having trouble talking," according to the incident report." L.A. Times

Right after, said girlfriend, a TV host, said she received a threatening phone call Pellicano style saying, "If you pursue this, it would not be good for you." She said she never forgot that threat which, "has been in my head for almost 20 years. It was like from a bad novel."

"Truhan, a single mother then recently divorced from baseball star Steve Garvey, said she decided not to press charges in the case because she and Meyer each had young daughters who would be traumatized by a criminal prosecution. " - L.A. Times

Ron Meyer's Pellicano Prison Visit

Meyer also visited the Pelican while he was in prison on the first set of charges (illegal arms). People wanted to know why, as it was a far drive, especially for the CEO of Universal.

Leaks In Case

Hollywood execs and stars are mad at the leaks in the case, which is ironic, as they leak stuff all the time. Now they are mad when it's done to them.

"In a blockbuster story for Friday's edition, The New York Times accesses "government evidence" and "FBI files" that Brad Grey and Mike Ovitz "had far more direct dealings than they have publicly acknowledged" with Pellicano. The story drags the current chairman of Paramount Pictures (Grey) and the ex-Most Powerful Man in Hollywood (Ovitz) further into the Pellicano case with way more detail about what both men have reportedly told the FBI.

The paper reports that Grey changed his account of events from one July 2003 interview with the FBI to another January 2004 FBI interview. It says Ovitz admitted to the FBI "he asked Pellicano for embarrassing information about 15 to 20 people who were affecting his plans to sell the business," including Ron Meyer, David Geffen, Bernie Weinraub, and Anita Busch. The paper also says authorities are "circling" Bert Fields and the wiretapping scandal is "rapidly expanding." - Deadline Hollywood Daily

I don't believe Grey or Ovitz, especially Grey. Nor do I believe the next guy...

Bert Fields

The L.A. Times wrote a damning piece on Madonna's lawyer, Bert Fields, who frequently hired now indicted and incarcerated PI Pellicano, in jail on wiretapping, identity theft, racketeering, fraud and illegal access to government computers charges. It was titled "The Rise And Fall Of Bert Fields" and aptly so.

One of Fields' friends at Fox News, decided to pen a defamatory piece childishly and mockingly titled "The Rise And Fall Of The L.A. Times" about Bert Fields. Deja vu. They did that to me. Am I the only one noticing a pattern here. You come out and speak out against the misconduct of anyone in that small unethical Hollywood set and they run to Fox News or some other related outlet and defame you in it. They can dish it but they can't take it back. And these losers have been dishing it for years.

Fields' is the lawyer for Madonna, Tom Cruise, the Kabbalah cult and the Scientology cult, both caught red handed in court cases involving invasion of privacy in people's homes and businesses. Scientology was even bold enough to break an entry and wiretap an FBI office. That's the kind of lawlessness we're dealing with here.

Yet the op-ed piece on the Fox News web site by Fields' admitted friend tried to paint him as Mother Teresa when he ain't no saint (pardon the bad English). She called him a man considered the "most ethical lawyer" in Hollywood. By who? You?Who is she kidding.

EXHIBIT A: There have been books written about the "unconscionable" copyright infringement case HE DEFENDED where it was revealed the defense lied in court stating they didn't make money off of what was a blockbuster smash that's still bringing in money to this very day.

EXHIBIT B: He was slammed across the board by critics and scholars alike, for defaming Shakespeare, calling him a fraud via his cruddy book. His writing is like something from a B movie Z movie, especially the novel (woof).

EXHIBIT C: Then there's the Pellicano indictments that was immediately followed by 9 members of his firm jumping ship.

Note to Bert & co: you have fallen.

I read that Fields has never lost a case in court. Bert, what's your secret. What gives you that edge that you've never lost a case in court.

I don't care what he or any of them in that set want to say or deny. Fields denied the wiretapping, but my family, friends and I witnessed one of his main clients, Madonna, over and over again, repeat verbatim, things from our personal and business telephone conversations in her public interviews.

Many people witnessed what Madonna did and she should be behind bars for it, as she is still conducting and commissioning unlawful conduct against innocent members of the public, from willful criminal copyright infringement to willful invasion of privacy, which is thoroughly illegal.

It's the same misconduct others complained of in the Pellicano case. That's not a coincidence or a conspiracy theory. That's a pattern of criminal misconduct.

I made the allegations via my lawsuit 5 months before anyone was indicted in that case this February 2006 and reported it to the FBI and DOJ months prior as well (September 2005). It wasn't something I saw on the news and jumped on the bandwagon.

Then all that stuff came out this February, 5 months later, about what's really been going on and happening to so many people in the industry at these same sickos hands. Everybody was telling the same story to the government.

And said sickos are now trying to use their fame and manipulate the media to make it out like all these unrelated people, who don't even know each other, are crazy and making up THE SAME STORY UNRELATED PEOPLE FROM DIFFERENT WALKS OF LIFE TOLD THE GOVERNMENT. Who are you really kidding.

Not to mention, Madonna's damning track record and that of her Kabbalah cult.

LEGAL FILE George Clooney Copyright Infringement Case

The George Clooney copyright infringement case from the film Syriana, which I wrote about in the last Column has been delayed.

George, you really should take the time to pull a Hollywood move like paying off the writer to recant her story.

It might help save your name somewhat - that aside from the lothario thing. If I read one more story about one of your flings in the entertainment news...- cough - bimbo himbo. Just teasing....not really.

LEGAL FILE The Feds Raid Congressman's Office

Lawmakers want documents returned from FBI's office raid. GOP, Democrats find rare unity in confrontation

WASHINGTON -- The Republican speaker of the House and the House Democratic leader, in an exceptional display of unity, escalated a constitutional confrontation with the Bush administration Wednesday over the FBI's weekend seizure of files from a congressional office.

In a rare joint statement, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., demanded the Justice Department return documents that the FBI seized from the offices of Rep. William Jefferson, D-La., as part of a bribery investigation.

Hastert and Pelosi challenged the raid as violating the Constitution's separation of powers between the legislative and executive branches of government.

"In addition, the Justice Department must immediately cease any further review of the documents it unconstitutionally seized, ensure that those who have reviewed the documents do not divulge their contents to the investigators and move in court to vitiate the search warrant," the two congressional leaders said.

Fifteen agents armed with a warrant entered Jefferson's congressional offices Saturday night and pored over his files until Sunday afternoon.

Jefferson, an eight-term incumbent, hasn't been charged with a crime, but the FBI accused him of taking bribes in an affidavit filed with the search warrant. The affidavit says law officers found $90,000 in suspected bribe money hidden in frozen-food containers in his freezer. Two of his associates have been charged in the investigation.

Jefferson has declared his innocence but wouldn't discuss details of the case.

The Justice Department said it had tried since August to obtain the documents "through other means and were unable to do so."

Congressional lawyers haven't found any precedent in the history of the House and Senate similar to the Jefferson incident. The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., said the FBI's actions "could have a chilling impact on the legislative branch's ability to function." - Detroit Free Press

It stands to reason, if Republicans are getting busted for alleged corruption, so should Democrats. I find it hard to believe it's one sided. No party is pure and without its sins.

That's not to say everyone in Congress is involved in corrupt activities, as there are people in there trying to make a difference, but wherever corruption is found, it should be investigated. Any branch of government, any investigative or law enforcement agency (from the FBI to the Police), in the corporate sector and in the entertainment industry. 

As for the files in question, they need to sort that. It should be obtained and obtained properly.

However, why didn't he turn over the docs. He was asked to do so 9 months ago. He could have turned them over already (even I would have reached the UPS store by now and made the photocopies). How much time did he have to do so under the law.

Either way, setting a precedent for raiding Congress is going to go down in the history books. That's for sure. Some wrote in mainstream newspapers that the FBI "should have applied political pressure" rather than use "force" as a "tactic."

House Rep. James Sensenbrenner has called for hearings in which he will summons the head of the DOJ, Attorney General Gonzales, and the head of the FBI, Robert "Macaroni Man" Mueller. It was written in the press the Supreme Court may also consider the case and legislation is being drafted regarding what transpired.    

In closing, I have to admit, it doesn't look good as a publicly elected official in Congress to have that much money, $90,000 USD in frozen food your your house. It looks gangsta, ghetto, mafia-like. Nor does it look good that they say they have audio and video footage of said Congressman accepting a bribe.

Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to reading the Congressman's reply to the charges and the explanation thereof.

Speaking of the FBI...maybe that roasting Mueller got in the Senate the other day where he was teased for spying on the protesting group the "Raging Grannies" didn't sit too well with him. It was pretty funny, though.

Now, they've called for a second hearing for Mueller...and Gonzales. A song comes to mind...

-Aisha piously singing "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...Congress chewing at your toes..."- Just kidding.

Robert "Macaroni Man" Mueller Spying On "The Golden Girls"?

They do look dangerous, don't they. Especially with that big pink sign with the Mary Poppins logo on it. Even if you don't agree with them, leave those poor old ladies alone. They do have the right to say what they want (it's in the Constitution). Now, they've got to worry about arthritis and the FBI.

The Ranging Grannies

"FBI Muffed Own Espionage Case"

"WASHINGTON — Faced with evidence that an FBI informant was working for the country she was hired to spy on, bureau officials repeatedly turned to her supervisor, who brushed aside the concerns.

Bad idea, the FBI realized when it belatedly concluded that Katrina Leung, a Chinese-born California socialite and paid informant, and former agent James J. Smith had been lovers for nearly 20 years. The FBI paid Leung $1.7 million for her work.

The FBI missed many opportunities to uncover that Leung was working for China and getting her information from Smith, as well as to learn of the long affair between the pair, Justice Department inspector general Glenn A. Fine said Wednesday.

In one instance in 2000, a tipster told the FBI that Leung was "in bed with" the bureau's Los Angeles office, Fine said in a 23-page summary of an otherwise classified report. An FBI official at its Washington headquarters said it was unclear that the comment was meant literally." - Associated Press

LOL @ the last part that the FBI didn't know that the tip from the tipster that stated the spy was "in bed with" the Los Angeles Office" was meant...literally. This does prove one thing. FBI agents, like many men, think with their male organ.

The FBI has capable men and women working for them. Many of them devoting their lives to their work and the country - sometimes at the expense of their personal life. However, FBI agents are human just like everyone else, but here's hoping this doesn't happen again.

LEGAL FILE Judicial Corruption

Did you know that you can influence a judge. No, not just bribes. There are other more subtle ways that Yahoo News reported on. Isn't it a comforting thought to know that judges can be influenced. So much for justice.

Judges shouldn't be allowed to accept the junkets. Their salary, which is quite reasonable, is good enough.                 

"How to influence judges" - Wed May 3, 7:36 AM ET

Members of Congress aren't the only public officials who take lavish trips paid for by special interests with stakes in their decisions. Federal judges accept junkets, too. They're just better at keeping it quiet.

From 2002 through 2004, 160 federal judges took 331 trips under the guise of educational travel funded by groups interested in court rulings, according to a new study by Community Rights Counsel, an environmental advocacy group. Once rare, the number of the junkets has increased 45% since the early '90s.

The two biggest seminar sponsors are George Mason University's Law and Economics Center and the Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment, according to the study. Both have been bankrolled by foundations and corporate interests that favor free-market, pro-business agendas on some hot-button issues before the courts.

There's nothing surprising about private groups seeking to influence the courts. What's disturbing is that judges accept their favors. The trips are often held at posh locales: resorts in Arizona and lodges in Montana. Sponsors and "teachers," sometimes from the corporate world, hobnob with judges who might decide cases in which they have a stake.

Even if judges aren't being influenced, as the judiciary insists, it sure looks as if they are. And that perception undermines confidence in the courts.

Since Congress' penchant for special-interest travel exploded in scandal last January, lawmakers have cut back on the practice, USA TODAY reports today. At least they have some shame, or fear of voters' wrath.

After judges' jaunts prompted complaints in 2000, the judiciary went in the opposite direction. It loosened its ethics rules. It opposed bans on travel. Judges traveled more on the private dime; they just reported less about it.

In 1997, one judge estimated the value of a weeklong seminar to be $7,300. Today, a handful of judges publicly disclose how much the trips are worth.

Federal judges - most of whom make $165,200 a year and all of whom have lifetime job security - have no business taking favors from private interests. If they don't have the sense to stop the practice themselves, Congress should decide for them." - Yahoo News

That story is a real eye opener. It looks very bad - especially the part about Congress trying to improve - yet the judiciary went in the opposite direction and loosened its ethics.

And I'm not guessing here. I saw federal and state judicial misconduct on more than one occasion with my own two eyes. I can testify that it does exist and to the disgrace of the judiciary.

The mere fact that such high profile articles (and there have been many over the last few months) and many, many web sites are devoted to judicial corruption says the public's confidence in the judiciary has eroded and reached an all time low. Searches of MSN, Google and Yahoo reveal this.

Let's not pretend, judicial corruption is alive and well. I've read cases of judges taking six figure bribes, inappropriately accepting shares in defendants' companies then mysteriously tossing out cases in the criminals' favor or severely trying to alter the case's outcome in the guilty's favor, hitting on rape victims from court cases (they deem easy prey), sexually harassing staff, stalking staff, masturbating while presiding over court cases, double dipping, cheating on their taxes, cursing in court, verbally and emotionally abusing litigants, letting famous defendants, albeit criminals, off the hook, making up and enforcing laws from the bench, making obscene gestures and threats at litigants in court hallways.  

I ask you, is any of that appropriate. I expect such conduct from criminals, not from state and federal judges. And some of these judges have the gall to use the word "honorable" before their names when they are anything but. Some judges titles should read the "dishonorable" so and so.

God help us all and God have mercy on crooked judges, as the Bible states corruption of that natures is ALWAYS punished by Him. It's not worth it, but some of these judges think they are god anyway - so it's not a thought - until things start to go wrong - and the public brings home the fact to them that they are human and not above the law.

The sad thing is with all the financial corruption about, like Judas, they can't use that dirty money to buy the judiciary's good name back with the public. They can only hope to reform it.   

And in another case of judges abusing the tax paying public...

LEGAL FILE Is The Constitution Becoming Novelty Part 2 - Elsebeth Baumgartner

The next case is reprehensible. It constitutes many violations of the Constitution and U.S. Code, which is thoroughly being abused in this case. If said case is not properly resolved, meaning letting the woman go, cleaning up her record that was besmirched and apologizing, it will permanently erode the people of Ohio's faith in the judiciary:

Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner (born May 12, 1955) is a former attorney and current CEO of Cleveland Genomics, Inc. (which provides DNA sequencing services), and has doctorate degrees both in law and in pharmacy. Dr. Baumgartner graduated first in her entering class from the University of Toledo College of Law.

She is a Christian and the mother of two adult daughters by her husband, pharmacist Joseph Baumgartner. She is currently facing criminal charges in the U.S. state of Ohio carrying prison sentences of 66 years and 6 months in one case, and 42 years and 6 months in another case, for peaceful political speech. Currently she is free on bail.

The specific criminal charges against Dr. Baumgartner are intimidation, retaliation, falsification and possession of a criminal tool (the criminal tool being a laptop computer) for her criticizing Ohio government officials and accusing them of corruption, such as against retired Judge Richard Markus. Note that Dr. Baumgartner isn't being accused of making threats to aggress against anyone, but that the intimidation and retaliation charges directly refer to her accusations of corruption on the part of Ohio government officials.

Dr. Baumgartner previously had served 231 days in jail on the charge of falsification for accusing Ohio government officials of corruption at a Port Clinton City Commissioner's meeting (i.e., a city council meeting). Ten of those days were spent being held incommunicado, having been denied access to legal counsel, visitors, clergy, the opportunity to make a phone call, and not allowed to send mail out or receive mail.

In 2003, Dr. Baumgartner was permanently disbarred as an attorney for accusing Ohio government officials of corruption in a hearing where she was not allowed to be present and where the sole evidence against her was those who had been accused of corruption denying the charges. In December 2005, Dr. Baumgartner was committed against her will for 39 days to the North Coast Hospital under court order for a mental evaluation, even though Ohio state law requires that a person released on bond, as Dr. Baumgartner is, be evaluated on an out-patient basis. She was found competent. Two times previously she had been psychologically evaluated, and each time found competent.

A number of critics of the actions taken against Dr. Baumgartner by the Ohio judiciary contend that she is being made a political prisoner in order to silence her and punish her for speaking out on government corruption by the very parties accused of corruption as a means to protect themselves from the legitimate consequences of their crimes and to make an example out of her by creating a chilling effect to intimidate others from speaking out against their corruption.

These critics note that she has already been jailed for peaceful political speech and that the Ohio government is currently attempting to imprison her for a total of 109 years for peaceful political speech. Such critics further contend that even if all of her accusations were false that a person ought not be made a criminal or suffer imprisonment for mere peaceful speech (i.e., not threatening to aggress against another), even if said speech is false, and that the ultimate reason for the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is precisely so that people can be free to criticize the government and officials in government, and say things which said officials greatly dislike, without fear of retaliation by the government." -, Wikipedia

Judge Richard Markus should be ashamed of himself. He is abusing his position and should face the legal and social consequences that are supposed to accompany such conduct.

The telling part: "Note that Dr. Baumgartner isn't being accused of making threats to aggress against anyone, but that the intimidation and retaliation charges directly refer to her accusations of corruption on the part of Ohio government officials."

Read that and wake up people. She's not committed a crime. She's not being accused of any crime that is on the law books, in the U.S. Code or in the U.S. Constitution.

This woman was arrested for exercising her right to free speech in calling elected officials corrupt and she cited proof. Regarding what they're doing to her, I'd say they've proved her allegations right, as it all looks very corrupt to the public (Google yourselves and the case).

Judge Richard Markus went to one of his judge buddies and through a secret indictment got the woman arrested for exercising her constitutional rights to free speech where she did not threaten him. She is being stitched up. If it happened to her, it can happen to you.

Sounds like something out of a courtroom in Iraq before Saddam got ousted. People on the net are referring to the treatment she is receiving as "Nazi."

Germany has progressively and commendably stepped away from that time in history, experiencing great growth - why are those judges in that case trying to bring back that time in history?  

NATIONAL NEWS FPL Posts Record Profits

Last month I complained about FPL in this Column regarding their price gouging and terrible electrical insurance policies. Many held a protest against them that was featured on the local news, as they can't pay their exorbitant light bills anymore. Politicians also began looking into their numbers last month.

This month, FPL reported a whopping 81% increase in profits for the last quarter. Go figure. Wonder all those profits came from. Just so long as it's not the price gouging right (sarcasm).

To put it in perspective, Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway, who I wrote about in last month's Column, works his butt off making investments where you have to use your brain, reported an earned 70% increase in profits and a cash surplus in the the billions.

FPL however, raised prices at their customers' expense and overcharged for other services and gained an 80% increase in profits.

“FPL Group's Earnings Surge - 5/2/2006 3:19 PM EDT - FPL Group (FPL:NYSE - commentary - research - Cramer's Take), a power company, said its earnings surged 81% for the first quarter, thanks to a big performance at FPL Energy.

The company earned $248 million, or 63 cents a share, compared with $137 million, or 36 cents a share, a year earlier.
The competitive energy subsidiary of FPL Group, FPL Energy's revenue increased one and half fold to $952 million and operating profit increased more than five and half fold to $224 million.

During the first quarter FPL Energy completed the purchase of a 70% interest in the Duane Arnold Energy Center, a nuclear power plant from Interstate Power and Light.” – The Street

INTERNATIONAL NEWS Christian Convert Persecuted In Afghanistan

Christian Afghan Abdul Rahman converted from Islam to Christianity - CNN

Christian Afghan Abdul Rahman converted from Islam to Christianity and was imprisoned for it in his homeland of Afghanistan. He received death threats and faced the death penalty.

This is truly sad. A person should be free to choose their religion. God Almighty in the Bible would prefer that people choose Him, Christianity, but nonetheless, He gave each man free will.

It's disturbing to know that people live in societies that will imprison and kill them for their beliefs. Rahman bravely stayed in his homeland for years facing persecution.

After the last round of persecution and imprisonment where he faced the death penalty, where by God's grace, global political pressure compelled his local government to release him, he was offered asylum in Europe and has accepted it. I wish him well in his new life. God bless you.

SOCIAL ISSUES Gay Groups Equating Slavery With Gay Rights

Many black people are often offended when gay rights groups equate slavery with gay rights. It's not the same thing and it is certainly not the same struggle.

1. Black people were forced into cruel servitude. Gay people are forced to work at camp clothing stores and over the top entertainment companies where the goal is to manipulate the mass media and mass audiences.

2. Black people were cruelly whipped against our will. Apparently, gay people like being whipped.

3. Black people were slaves for hundreds of years. The only thing gay people are slaves to is fashion. And contrary to popular belief, not all gay people can dress. I've seen quite a few gay fashion victims, thank you very much. 

4. Black people worked and got no pay. Gay people work and spend their money on Cher concerts.

5. Black people spoke Swahili. Gay people speak Valley.

6. Black people risked their lives and made escapes via the underground railroads. Gay people make their escapes to underground dance clubs.

7. Black people are automatically outed as black due to our appearance. Gay people, however, usually have to be outed by an inconsiderate, loud, noisy, gossiping, camp, glittery queen - drag queen that is. 

8. Black people didn't choose to be black, but the majority of us, myself included, love being black - but we were (our ancestors) and to a degree are still discriminated against for being black. Gay people choose to be gay. There is no passage in the Bible or scientific proof that shows a person is born gay.

It's just not the same, people.

Seriously, when you think about how black people were rounded up by force by white foreigners speaking a language they (our ancestors) did not understand, forced into disgusting slave ships, many not making the journey to their new homes of enslavemeant across the sea dying from sickness, sold, whipped, beaten, tortured, made to work for no pay and deemed social outcasts who are allegedly inferior (which is not and never will be true, as God made us all equal - but me a little cuter - just kidding about the last part) - how can you compare the two.

To compare cruel, evil slavery to the gay rights struggle is extremely offensive, as none of the suffering, torture, social ostracism and complete lack of remuneration is the norm for gay people. It is simply not what they go through nor is it the type of widespread mistreatment gays receive. It's a straight up insult comparing the two.

SPIRITUAL One Person Can Make A Difference

One man can make a difference. Jesus was and is one Man and He made a huge difference. He changed the face of mankind and humanity. He is the most famous Person in the world. He drew upon His compassion, mercy and love and made the world a better place. That one Life touched many lives and in turn, those lives touched others for the better.

When God is on your side, that is all you need. You maybe surrounded by giants, but God can defeat everyone single of them.

The Bible says, fear not the man who can take the body, but fear the One who can take both the body and the soul. Meaning God made and owns each and every person's body and eternal soul that will live forever.

God grants us life. He gives us breath.


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