May 31, 2007

Volume 60

1. RANDOM THOUGHTS For People Who Think Randomly
2. ROYALTY Prince William And Prince Harry
3. CELEBRITY Cute Kids
4. CELEBRITY Cute Couples
5. CELEBRITY Funny Photos
6. CELEBRITY Out And About
7. CELEBRITY Angelina Jolie
8. CELEBRITY Jessica Simpson
9. CELEBRITY Britney Spears
10. CELEBRITY Paris Hilton
11. CELEBRITY Lindsay Lohan
12. CELEBRITY Gwen Stefani
13. SPORTS Funny Sports Pics
14. LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit
15. LEGAL FILE Robert Mueller (FBI)
16. LEGAL FILE Impeach Gonzales Web Site
17. SPIRITUAL Things Attributed To God That Are Not Of HIM

RANDOM THOUGHTS For People Who Think Randomly

People are always talking about the future and wanting cars to fly. But if cars could fly, wouldn't they be planes then.

Isn't it great getting something for free that actually works.

ROYALTY Prince William And Prince Harry

It was reported this month that Prince Harry will not be deployed to Iraq, as it would endanger his troop and jeopardize his safety. I think this was a good decision. It is better to live with the reality of not knowing what could have happened...and they were gunning for him.

It would not have been a fair fight sending a 19 year old teenager to face having a big red x on his back, as basic bounty to be hunted down by hundreds of enraged grown men, wanting to inflict grave harm upon him.

Not that the war is fair, as I don't grasp the fairness of civilian men, women, children, babies and grandparents being bombed and killed in their own country because certain individuals who initiated a misrepresented war has designs on their oil. The American and British public were lied to and so were the soldiers, who deserved more than that.

As I looked on at the Queen's visit to Washington this month and the big celebration that accompanied it, all I could think was, he almost got her grandson killed and over what is ultimately bull that has made the world more unsafe.

Prince William

In lighter news, Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to be getting on with their lives after their break up. She looked extremely sad in the aftermath of everything, which is understandable. Keep your chin up.


Hopefully they will find something good out of the time they were with each other and not look back on it in a sad way.

Princess Diana

A controversial documentary on Princess Diana's life has drawn rebuke in some circles, as it was revealed they plan to air the last photo of Diana, as she received medical care at the site of the accident. Her sons do not want the picture aired.

If it were their loved one, they probably wouldn't want the picture aired either. Very few would. You'd want them remembered with dignity, as they were in life, not injured and passing away in what is a sad moment.

In this case, airing the picture of someone passing, really isn't going to accomplish anything positive.


Zahara Jolie-Pitt: Oh no you didn't:

Zahara Jolie-Pitt: who told you you could take my picture:

Zahara Jolie-Pitt: I'm gonna kick your butt! Somebody hold me back:

A Pilgrim-esque looking Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: I'm on the cover of a magazine and I can't even talk yet. I'll just work the family pout and everything will be alright:

Kobe and Vanessa's pretty daughter: just how many pictures do I have to smile for!

Little Mason to actress mom Melissa Joan Hart and her husband: Do you think they got my best side?
(just teasing - both sides of your face are cute)

Daughter to actress Marcia Cross: girlfriend, are those real or implants?

Daughter to Toby Maguire: not in public dad. You're embarrassing me.

Violet to actress mom Jennifer Garner: Mom, it's good that you are NOT employing the acclaimed Britney Spears one hand holding technique, cause it's a long drop to the ground.

Justin Coombs, Christian Coombs and Quincy Brown (singer Al B. Sure's son, who is the spitting image of him)

CELEBRITY Cute Couples

Alonzo Mourning and his wife Tracie make a good looking couple

Too cute couple rapper Nelly and singer Ashanti step out for an event:

CELEBRITY Funny Photos

Girl to the right of singer/actress Jennifer Hudson: Is that Beyonce...with a knife!?
Guy to the right of singer/actress Jennifer Hudson:: yes that is, girl. I'd recognize that lacefront anywhere. Security!

Child denier Jay-Z wearing Dolce & Gabbana:

Omarion, sweetheart, that's how rumors get started (LOL):

Omarion getting beauty skincare products. That's how more rumors get started (just teasing):

Yea, that's more manly:

Paraphrasing the commercial, singer Omarion "raises his hand" cause he's Sure!


The Queen is pictured here blushing and flirting with soccer player David Beckham (Posh will probably punch her). No, not that Queen (Prince Philip would probably punch him). Just kidding:

Oscar winning actress Helen Mirren and David looking fabulous:

What a great smile:

Police arresting Victoria Beckham for punching Helen Mirren
Victoria: I don't care if she is the Queen, she was flirting with my husband:
(I'm just kidding)


Actress Jennifer Lopez, accompanied by singer Marc Anthony, looking great as usual, wearing a beautiful dress. She was sparkling...literally:

Here she is wearing another elegant look. She really is Hollywood's best dressed woman.

Actress Kate Bosworth looking beautiful:


Petra Nemcova wearing a fabulous gown:

Model Kate Moss sporting a lovely look:


Olivia-Chantecaille looking elegant in black. That dress is so different:

Emily Mortimer in a formal yet fun well accessorized ensemble:

Camilla Bell wearing an impressive look:

Actress Angelina Jolie had it in the can at Cannes. She stole the show with these looks:

Singer Tina Turner aging so gracefully it's a shame. When you look at her you don't think age. You just think she looks great. Elegant hair and elegant clothes:

CELEBRITY Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie continues to do her charity work and raise her children. It is good that she is contributing to society in a positive way. She seems sincere in her giving and in wanting to help people.

Her relationship with actor Brad Pitt has brought much criticism, because many see her as the reason his marriage to actress Jennifer Aniston ended.

That marriage has ended now and both have moved on. However, what is evident from Pitt's past is that he doesn't always see the virtues of staying with a relationship. From actress Robyn Givens to actress Thandie Newton to actress Gwyneth Paltrow to actress Jennifer Aniston to actress Angelina Jolie.

Looking at their growing brood, one can't help but think, this time four kids are involved and they all call him daddy (well, except the baby, who probably calls him dada LOL). Let's hope for their sake and Angelina's he doesn't leave again.

I'm not trying to be funny. He clearly has a problem with staying in a relationship for a significant amount of time and it would cause irreparable harm if he did that this time, far beyond hurting one woman.

CELEBRITY Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has been having a tough time of late. Her music and film careers have stalled. Sales are way down. 

Then there were reports this month that she broke up with singer John Mayer, who she began dating after she divorced her husband and the public turned on her for it.

Then came a report this week that Jude Law exclaimed upon seeing her at the Cannes Film Festival "What's she doing here." But it gets worse. This week a paper wrote she was stalking Leonardo Dicaprio at Cannes.

"Jessica Simpson was unlucky in love while at Cannes. While in France, her breakup with John Mayer went public and rumor has is that she had trouble getting what she wanted on the Riviera.

NY Post is reporting that Jessica Simpson was at an exclusive party on a private yacht on Saturday night and she "spent the whole night following Leonardo DiCaprio around like a lost puppy," said a source. "He just seemed freaked out and kind of ignored her."

Ouch! First Jude Law and now Leo, Jess isn't getting any love these days." Hollyscoop

Next, she was pictured arguing with singer John Mayer on a balcony of a hotel and it ended in tears for her and with him looking sullen.

This is after reports of him being spotted with another woman right after their break up. John Mayer really doesn't seem like someone who wants to settle down right now. It seems like everything went wrong for her when she dumped her husband.

Hollywood is very fickle. She is learning that the hard way. One can go from being very famous to the z list overnight.

CELEBRITY Britney Spears

It was another month of Britney wandering around like she belongs in a mental institution. I'm not kidding. Her mind is clearly gone.

She aimlessly wanders around Hollywood in stained, ill-coordinated clothes, with a vacant expression, like she doesn't even know her own name or where she's going. She needs her family. Too bad she doesn't realize it.

Then came news this week that she had a relapse, got inebriated and puked everywhere at a hotel. The intoxication, coupled with the confused wandering everywhere and strange, plagiaristic ramblings on her web site, illustrates that she clearly is not well.

This month she also went on an exorbitantly priced mini tour of her own making that was a sheer disaster. It was panned across the board, leading many to publicly state her career is over.

But she kept going out there doing very poor 12 minute shows, several days in a row, that got screened online as well, to more jeering. Can 12 minutes really be called a tour - that's more like a bore. It was like watching a spoof. Everything was stunningly off point.

Everything kept going wrong on the tour, especially when it hit Florida. She was booed in Orlando when her CD she was lip syncing to skipped. Then her head set broke.

She also had a wardrobe malfunction. Then she was booed the day after in Miami as well by a audience of hostile drag queens and gay men.

Her ill-fated mini tour only served to deteriorate her name even more. She is no longer Britney Spears. She is now Britney Jeers. 

CELEBRITY Paris Hilton

From the Judiciary Report site:

Paris Perturbed

May 11. 2007

Paris Hilton was pictured crying in public, lamenting her impending incarceration. Many in the industry showed no sympathy for her plight. Quite a few felt it was deserved. Meanwhile, the public overwhelmingly cheered. It's amazing how many people dislike her for the cruel things she's done.

Cameron Diaz: For whatever reasons she made her bad choices and shes going to have to deal with it. On the day there were like 10 helicopters above her house and I live not very far away - I was like, Can you please keep it down. So now we all suffer when Paris suffers.

Justin Timberlake: What can I say, the law is the law.

Teri Hatcher: The laws the law and thats what I teach my kid and thats how I think it should work

Jason Priestly - who had his own run in with the law for drunk driving in 1999:
I was on probation for three years - I didnt even jaywalk for those three years. Sometimes you have to pay the piper.

Jay Leno joked: Im sure you all know by now that Paris Hilton got 45-days in jail. A lot of people are very upset about it . . . they were hoping for the death penalty.

Story found here

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