November 30, 2005

Volume 43

1. CELEBRITY Britney - Baby On Board
2. CELEBRITY Justin Scared Of Spiders
3. CELEBRITY Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Announce Separation
4. SPORTS – Basketball, Damon Gone, whyyyyyy!
5. SPORTS – The Dolphins
6. SPORTS – Soccer - George Best 1946-2005
7. SPORTS - Soccer - Cristiano Will Not Be Charged With Rape
8. CHARITY - Kids Charity
9. EDUCATION The Library
10. LEGAL FILE Murder Inc Trial/ No Cameras In The Court Room
11. LEGAL FILE Judge Tosses Spears Copyright Infringement Case
12. LEGAL FILE Copyright Law Not Being Observed in the Entertainment Industry
13. LEGAL FILE Sophia Stewart Case Dismissed
14. LEGAL FILE Judge Rules Madonna Stole “Frozen” From Belgian Indie Musician
15. LEGAL FILE Warner Bros Admits Payola, Settles With Spitzer for $5 Million/Madonna Tied With Elvis? Not!
16. LEGAL FILE The Sony Virus
17. LEGAL FILE Payola And Its Effects On The Charts
18. LEGAL FILE: Chart Computation Rules Need To Be Changed
19. LEGAL FILE Human Rights Violations in the Entertainment Industry
20. LEGAL FILE Technological Corporate Theft
21. LEGAL FILE Privacy
22. LEGAL FILE Wiretapping
23. LEGAL FILE The Entertainment Industry Steals The Public’s Privacy
24. LEGAL FILE Kaballah Cult Leader Arrested
25. JOURNALISM Misbehaving Celebrities
26. JOURNALISM Pandering Journos And the Celebrity Butts They Kiss
27. ENTERTAINMENT “Michael Eisner suddenly off Disney Board”
28. ENTERTAINMENT The Chronicles Of Narnia
29. ENTERTAINMENT Michael Jackson’s Beatles Catalog/Financials
30. ENTERTAINMENT When Controversy Overshadows Art
32. RACE RELATIONS Michael Jackson/Anti-Semitic Remarks
33. RACE RELATIONS Prussian Blue - White Supremacist Teenage Twins
34. SPIRITUAL Christianity The World Over
35. SPIRITUAL New York Rescue Workers in Pakistan

CELEBRITY Britney - Baby On Board

I read an article on another site, from another site, that quoted another site, the New York Post’s site, regarding Britney Spears and her husband Kevin Federline going out to a club, drinking until “2:30AM” and when they left, their new born baby was reportedly in the backseat of the car.

The baby should be home in his crib at a respectable hour. I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't laugh (that poor baby), but reading the last line of the quote made me laugh:

“The Country Music Association has left town, but the rednecks still linger. Britney Spears and her trash-tastic hubby, Kevin Federline, are trying their best to take Manhattan...they left (the club) at 2:30 a.m. while the rest of their crew closed it down.' Son Sean Preston was seen in the back of the car when they left.”

CELEBRITY Justin Scared Of Spiders


Justin Timberlake - Not Nsync with Spiders

This week I read on the Google entertainment news front page that Justin Timberlake is afraid of spiders. When one visited his hotel room, he bravely called the front desk requesting someone come to his room and dispose of the 8 legged creature. Timberlake said:

"I was staying at a posh hotel and I had to call reception because I spotted one in my room. I was too scared to get rid of it myself. I can't stand spiders! I don't want to kill them, but they don't need to be in the house. I'll take a cup, put it over the spider and take it outside. If it's in the shower, it'll be whoops, turn on the water and bye, Mr Spider. But I'm always afraid that they'll crawl up, attack me and get revenge." - Entertainmentwise

Ooo I wanna say something, but I just remembered something else. A couple months ago, my little 16-year-old sister told me she loves the Column, she thinks it’s funny, but if I write about Justin Timberlake, she’s going to beat me up. Therefore, I’m going to leave this one alone. Yea, like I'm really scared of her (ok yea, maybe a little bit). Just teasing.

Seriously though, why are people scared of spiders. What is it about them that provoke fear in some. Quite a few people get creeped out by them.

Really, why is everyone afraid of Toby McGuire - he's adorable.

Get it? He played Spiderman in the movie.

CELEBRITY Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Announce Separation

Last month, I wrote an article in the Column titled "The Spouse is Better Looking" which many of you probably realized was about The Simpson's. This month they've announced they are separating.

Many people were saddened to learn of the separation. It's sad when things like that happen. However, it should not have been announced on Thanksgiving. It was a bit of a dampener. 

I think they are making a mistake. God brought them together for a reason. Here's hoping the separation won't be permanent and they won't do too much damage to themselves and each other while apart.

I don't think these two will find happiness outside of their marriage, as they really seemed well suited to each other.

However, the pressures of fame clearly caused problems. That's one of the drawbacks of it. Sometimes people were happier when they weren't famous. 

SPORTS – Basketball, Damon Gone, whyyyyyy!

One of the Miami Heat's team comedians and great scorers, Damon Jones, is gone to the Cavaliers. I blame Lebron for this - that and the $4 million a year the Cavaliers paid him.

I'm just teasing. Damon is looking out for his financial future and with the set number of years athletes have to earn a living in their chosen sport, that’s understandable.

SPORTS – Football - The Dolphins

The Dolphins are having a rough season. Some have been openly vocal in criticizing them. They are still my favorite football team, though. Sometimes teams go through rough patches.

SPORTS – Soccer - George Best 1946-2005


A Beatle-esque George Best circa 1968

Soccer veteran George Best died last week in England. He was 59. Many referred to him as the greatest to ever play the game. His stats are quite impressive. My dad admired him as a player. Best lived a life of many triumphs...and many difficulties as well, largely due to the life that rising to the top of his field in becoming a famous footballer afforded him. 

George Best circa 2004

His well publicized battle with alcoholism revealed the struggle he faced against the beast known as addiction. Best conquered many a soccer field, but did not conquer alcoholism. Sadly, years of drinking and hard living caught up with him. The body can only take so much.

Best died from organ failure that was a direct result of decades of hard drinking and hard partying. It's a shame, really, as he could have lived longer had it not been for alcohol.  

Alcohol took him to places he didn't want to go. He was arrested and jailed for drunk driving.

Over the last two years of his life, I kept an eye on articles about him and his condition, as his addiction seemed to have worsened. He definitely had an addiction to alcohol. One of the strongest I'd ever read about. I felt sorry for him struggling with it as he did. You got the sense that he really didn't want to be an alcoholic, but like he'd given up at one point.

It's something many people around the world suffer from - but it is beatable. The key is to start stopping as soon as possible, but that is the hard part. Stopping.

Many give up on trying to stay on the wagon, but you don't have to give up. Prayer is your best aid in beating it. And remember, it can be done. Your life is depending on it.  

SPORTS – Soccer - Cristiano will not be Charged with Rape

Cristiano - Image courtesy of Wire Image

Follow up from last month's Sound Off Column. More details surfaced on the Cristiano rape allegations. The Metropolitan Police announced that Cristiano will not be charged with rape. One of the women that accused him of rape, had withdrawn the charges right away, but the second had not.

The circumstances surrounding the case are a bit strange. According to reports, within minutes of meeting him at a hotel bar, both women went up to his room with him and his cousin, in clear view of many guests in the lobby of a well known London hotel.

Shortly after, they were seen leaving the hotel for a London night club via separate chauffeured cars, where they spent an hour partying. They then made their way back to the hotel, but the women were not permitted entry into his room a second time. Why? He had another girl waiting. Cristiano, dear, you need to slow down before you destroy yourself.

Reports stated the women went to the tabloids first to sell their story, but it was rejected. Then they filed charges a day after, with one of the victims recanting her story shortly after as well.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but that really didn't give the appearance of innocence on their part, especially the tabloid aspect, considering the seriousness of the allegations.

I do believe that there are real rape victims that have talked to the press, but going to the tabloids first, rather than pressing charges with the Police or going to the hospital, didn't logically seem like something a rape victim would do. Neither was leaving a hotel where the rape allegedly occurred, with the accused, to go partying with said accused at a club for an hour.     

On November 24, 2005, the Met Police concluded there was not enough evidence to charge him with rape. 

EDUCATION – The Library

The library is a great place. More modern than ever with computers and DVD rentals. I don't think many realize just how far it has come. It's important to get kids interested in reading at an early age. Today's libraries, with their vast resources, makes it so much easier than ever before.

Some people have difficulty getting their kids to read. But if you pick good topics that interest them, rather than forcing them to read books about things they don't like, you will have more success. The books I gravitated to as a teenager were the ones that interested me. 

CHARITY – Kids Charities

Recently, I saw a commercial for a kids charity that fixes cleft lips. It was so touching. What a wonderful way to help people. It’s so life changing. They were really making a difference in people's lives. Anything people can do to help kids in a positive way is great.

LEGAL FILE Murder Inc Trial


Irv Gotti's arrest 

The Murder Inc trial currently taking place in New York is proving quite interesting. Murder Inc CEO Irv Gotti, AKA Irv Lorenzo and his brother Chris, are on trial for money laundering, among other things, due to their ties to drug kingpin Kenneth McGriffith, who is also facing four murder charges in a separate trial.

For days they debated whether or not to admit evidence regarding the shooting of rival rapper 50 Cent. In the end, the Judge decided not to, as he deemed it irrelevant to this particular case.  

Some of the evidence really points to unkosher activity at Murder Inc, especially the text messages.

A pimp named Ragin is a witness for the government. He testified to what he witnessed in the Murder Inc camp as being money laundering. The prosecution did make a pretty good case, especially with the hilarious, but notable refutation by a NY detective, listed further in this article. Irv, also hired a lawyer that is thought of as one of the better in his area of practice.

But the important question the people at home wanna know is...did the pimp have a perm (relaxer)?


Chris Gotti - photo credit Louis Lanzano/Associated Press

I visited a web site that posted a copy of a government transcript of a jail telephone conversation between drug dealer Kenneth McGriffith, who is incarcerated, and Irv Gotti’s brother Chris. They started discussing record sales. They referred to rapper Nelly who was dating Irv’s ex-girlfriend, singer Ashanti, as a “beast” because of his high record sales and commented on rival 50 Cent’s huge sales figures, after said rapper sold 11 million copies of his debut CD:

Chris Lorenzo: “Irv be having the illest enemies (laughing).”

I was laughing too when I read that. However, Irv probably didn’t find it funny. Oh, for the Ebonically challenged people at home, “illest” means the best.

Onto more less serious stuff…again. A moment of comic relief at the trail came courtesy of a New York Police Detective:

“Ragin wasn't the first person to testify today; he came after NYPD Detective Anthony Castiglia, who the prosecution called to the stand to discredit Shargel's biggest claim from Thursday. After Nichols testified that he'd seen Supreme use a shoebox to deliver "probably $70,000 or more" in small denominations to the Murder Inc. offices, Shargel used fake money and a shoebox to show that the amount would never fit.

Castiglia, however, showed that he'd managed to fit 7400 one-dollar bills into an Adidas basketball-shoe box, pointing out that most NYC drug dealers would be more likely to wear sneakers than the dress shoes that Shargel wore. Shargel was visibly pissed, especially after Castiglia made some veiled jokes about "small lawyer-sized shoes" in the most entertaining moment of the day. It wasn't a 50 Cent testimony, but it would have to do.” – Village Voice

Ouch! They should have known better than to question a wisecracking New York cop. After Hurricane Wilma, a reporter tried to draw out a New York cop, now Miami resident, doing crowd control at a Miami gas station that had long lines. He kept trying to get him to say something inflammatory, but the cop wouldn’t budge. He said in his New York accent:

“Hey, I got a tree sitting on my house. We all got problems. But we’re gonna get tru dis.”

It reminded me of a movie I saw on TV, called "My Cousin Vinny" where the wisecracking New York layman lawyer went up to the Judge and referred to his clients as, “the two youts.” When the Judge, a refined Southerner, looked at him like "what?", he sighed, corrected himself and said “the two youthsssss,” emphasizing the last word. Only in New York.

For a sample of that sound byte, please click here (wav rip courtesy of Ross Cohen's sound bytes)

Onto the serious stuff:

“On November 16, 2005, federal prosecutor Sean Haran said in his opening statement at U.S. District Court that Irving Lorenzo and his brother Christopher "used their corporate bank accounts to clean drug money". According to Haran, convicted drug dealer Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, had shopping bags and shoe boxes full of cash delivered to the label's Manhattan office in 2000. The company then cut McGriff $280,000 in checks. Authorities alleged that McGriff was permitted to funnel more than $1 million in drug money through Murder Inc. in return for serving as the label's protector and enforcer. Prosecutors additionally claim that the Lorenzos knew about an assassination plot against platinum-selling rapper 50 Cent.” – Wikipedia

“McGriff also allegedly became the label's muscle, and ordered the shooting of rapper 50 Cent in May 2000 amid the rapper's ongoing war of words with Ja Rule. Investigators believe 50 Cent, who survived the shooting, had angered the drug lord by writing a song about him, titled ‘Ghetto Koran.’” - Find Law

LEGAL FILE No Cameras In The Court Room

Some states do not allow cameras in the court room. It's a shame, really. We'd know if the pimp had a perm.

Seriously, I understand why they don’t allow it. They need to protect witnesses, especially in New York, who testify against people who may seek revenge.

LEGAL FILE Judge Tosses Spears Copyright Infringement case – So it’s back to stealing for Britney

Britney Spears copyright infringing single "Sometimes"

Follow up on last months sound off where I wrote about major labels and studios getting copyright cases thrown out. Days later, a judge dismissed the Britney Spears copyright infringement case, one of several that has been filed against her.

Observers said the songs were identical and the world has witnessed Britney's penchant for stealing, via ripping off an already release tune by Enrique Iglesias, and trying to pass it off as her own in front of an arena of people, many of whom already knew the song to be Iglesisas'.

She went on stage and committed fraud in trying to pass off one of Enrique Iglesias’songs as her own, when many people already knew it wasn't. She went up there with a melodramatic look on her face, being completely fake, saying she wrote the song and proceeded to announce a song she had ripped off from an already released, well selling album.

However, in this case, reportedly the young man didn't obtain a copyright for his song, because he couldn't afford it, and used a poor man's copyright to prove the date of authorship. Apparently the court rejected it based on that.

And of course, the standard major label legal maneuvering and shenanigans went on.  

Do I believe they stole this young man’s song? Yes, this is what they do. She’s one of those artists that you can’t leave your work around or she will steal it. She's been proven to do this, following in the footsteps of her idol, Madonna. Yet her label, Jive Records, and that's all they do - jive people, amazingly released a press release saying she is not a thief. Um, if you say so.

With this latest verdict, she can now go back to stealing all over again, as she has done numerous times in the past.

This is the very thing I wrote of last month. Don’t hold your breath in getting justice in the court system when your work gets ripped off by these major labels and studios. These lawyers for the major labels and studios go into Court and feed the judge and court some story, search for every technicality to avoid the issue at hand, willful theft, copyright infringement and fraud,  and get the cases tossed.

Then they go back to making millions off of criminal misconduct that violates U.S. and UN laws, and Spears and Madonna get to lip sync their next rip offs to you, all while overcharging you for their unoriginal music. That is a severe pattern of corruption and shows no signs of stopping.

Copyrights mean nothing to certain people in the industry. To them, the rule is they have rights and you don’t. The right to steal your work.

LEGAL FILE Copyright Law Not Being Observed in the Entertainment Industry

As much as the entertainment industry is trying to crack down on piracy, which I agree they should, they need to practice what they preach...and they clearly are not.

Copyright law is not being observed in the entertainment industry. They want you the audience to observe it in not illegally downloading their copyrighted songs and films, albeit sometimes copyright infringing songs and films, but they themselves often do not observe Copyright Law. Madonna and Spears are prime examples of that. So are Warner Bros and Disney.

The best thing you can do as a member of the public is boycott the artists and labels who do these things. When they are broke, maybe just maybe, “Thou Shall Not Steal” will come home to them. When these labels are in the red and can’t get their books to balance, then maybe just maybe “Thou Shall Not Steal” will come home to them.

Demand creativity and originality from these artists or tell them to get off the stage.

Actually, for a start, demand that they actually turn the mics on.

LEGAL FILE Sophia Stewart Matrix Case Dismissed

Larry (left) and Andy (right) Wachowski

Another copyright infringement case, Sophia Stewart v. Warner Bros and the Wachowskis, was dismissed back in June. It's a shame, because this one had a lot of evidence. I read articles that stated the case was dismissed due to the plaintiff's lawyers not showing up for a hearing and not submitting additional evidence to the judge in support of their claim.

I found that amazing. Looking at excerpts of her copyrighted script and what later became the Matrix, you can see the infringement. Many people have and have written about it.

I think judges need more training in how to spot infringements. Some of them can without a lot of difficulty, but there clearly is a problem in that so many cases with evidence where other independent sources can see the infringements, end up getting tossed. This needs to be addressed.

In reading about the case, I came across this. Here's a quirky quote about the film's writers/directors:   

“In 2003, Larry's (Wachowski) wife of nine years, Thea Bloom, divorced him on the grounds that she felt there had been dishonesty in their personal and financial lives, and sought financial remedy. It has been speculated that this "personal dishonesty" is related to the long-standing rumor about Larry being gay. In either case, he (or she as it is) has undergone a sexual 'reassignment' and now allegedly calls herself 'Lana'.”- Wikipedia

LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit Update


The things I have alleged in my lawsuit about Madonna and her co-defendants is proving to be true one by one. The following items are written about further in the column:

1. Madonna the thief, chronic copyright infringer and plagiarist, affirmed by a court of law.
2. Warner Bros/Madonna Payola Scandal
3. Invasion of privacy via computers - Sony BMG Trojan Scandal
4. Warner Bros - Privacy Invaders For Profit - The Brando Nurse Invasion of Privacy Case

FBI Office

Several updates regarding the case since the last Sound Off and Lawsuit articles last month. I saw two FBI agents at the beginning of this month at the Miami Branch, a few days apart, for interviews regarding the lawsuit and the investigative aspect of it.

The first one was a guy named Christopher. He was serious, but nice. Girls, you should have seen this man. Best looking FBI agent I ever saw. Ok, so he was the only FBI agent I’d ever seen – but he was still good looking, though. Sort of like Matthew McConaughey with a buzz cut. By the way, I did write that on the unpublished version of the site before Time Warner’s People magazine chose him as the sexiest man alive. I didn’t write that because of their article.

Sorry, but I couldn't take a pic of him for you guys with my camera phone because:

a. That would be creepy.

b. He's a Federal Agent with access to firearms.

c. There's probably a law written somewhere that states you cannot take a picture of a Federal Agent and post it on the internet.

d. Snapping a pic of a Federal Agent, then when asked about it, the line "I was just testing to see if my camera phone was working" probably wouldn't fly.

Just kidding. I wouldn't do that. Besides, my camera phone's memory was all used up (kidding again). If he has a sister, the FBI could send her to the Middle East and I’m pretty sure Osama would come out – then they could catch him.

After he'd asked me questions, I was trying to see if I could pry any information out of him and you know didn't work (LOL). I threw a couple shockers (bombshell questions) at him about another case that is related to this one - but dude smirked at me and said, "Even if I knew I couldn't tell you." Well, so much for that.

You know, when they write in papers like the New York Times that Federal Agents will not (or would not) comment on an ongoing investigation - they're not kidding.

When I was leaving he told me to "be safe" (While I'm jokingly thinking, why, am I gonna get shot. God have mercy on the fool that tried that). If I have to go back there for another follow up, maybe if I pretend to be scared maybe he’ll hold my hand (LOL). I’m just teasing.

I'm not scared. More angry than anything at what me and my family have had to go through due to the Defendants in this case stealing from me, harassing me, threatening me and invading our privacy in such a foul manner. 

The second agent was a lady named Mary. She was nice as well. She bore a resemblance to former President Jimmy Carter due to her eyes, nose and hair color. I seriously wondered if they were related. She had his eyes to the tee – exact same color and same shaped eyes.

Prior to the interview with Mary, myself and two other people (not there with me) waited in the waiting room, while the agent conducted another interview. And as much as Mary closed the door, the sister that went in there was so mad at what happened to her, we could hear her through the doors. Girlfriend went off. Not at the agent or her own lawyer, but in recalling whatever it is that happened to her.

While I'm sitting there thinking, they must have burned down her house and killed her dog too. Another lady in the waiting room joked, "They must be trying the case in there."

No, we weren't eavesdropping...honest.

Lawsuit Too Lengthy For Lawyers

Warner Bros and Jive (Sony BMG) complained to the Judge in a filing that my 215 page lawsuit is too long, when there are longer ones in existence. It's long because in cases where Defendants commit that many willfully violations of the law, it takes a lot of pages to chronicle it all. Sorry I interfered with your golf schedules.

I don't know why they are complaining, as I was the one that had to write it up, print it out, prepare the exhibits, photocopy it all and file it - without the benefit of a whole legal team behind me like they have. I was the one that had to recall this whole horrible ordeal in order to put it on paper.

Not to mention, I was the one that actually had to live through it.

Therefore, which one of us really should be complaining. Me and my family or the team of ambulance chasers?

While I do not think all lawyers are ambulance chasers, I do respect pro-bono and other noble lawyers, quite a few others pull stunts that classify them in that league.

LEGAL FILE Judge Rules Madonna Stole “Frozen” From Indie Musician

Madonna loses plagiarism case in Belgium

Madonna's copyright infringing song "Frozen"

Madonna got her butt handed to her by a Belgian Judge who ruled she did in fact steal the song "Frozen" from a little known Belgian songwriter who copyrighted it years before she ripped it off.  I wrote about this case at the time of its inception a few months ago. More info on the ruling:

The Judge found that "Frozen used four bars" from Ma vie fout l'camp -- which loosely translates to My Life Goes Up in Smoke -- and that the similarities between the tunes were more than coincidental, the Belga news agency reported. Hiernaux ordered Warner, EMI and Sony to send a copy of his ruling to distribution houses and media in Belgium within two weeks or face fines.

Acquaviva argued that Madonna, whose song from the 1998 album Ray of Light reached No. 2 in the United States, had visited Mouscron, which is not far from Mons, in the late 1970s and that she must have heard his song released in 1979.
A virtual unknown at the time, Madonna had come to Belgium seeking to join a dance troupe being set up for Patrick Hernandez, who had just made it big with his disco number Born to Be Alive.

Acquaviva's lawyer said: ``This is only a first step, although it certainly is an important one. Now comes the hard part. The royalties earned from Frozen have to be discussed. - Yahoo News

Another international incident courtesy of Madonna and co. So far, her misconduct has extended to Jamaica (me and my family), England (Hamish Hamilton), Belgium (Acquaviva), France (Guy Bourdin) and Italy (Salviati) to name a few, with people from these countries filing suit against her for theft and fraud, among other things. As I wrote in a Sound Off Column months ago, she keeps stealing from and or defrauding foreign artists and writers, then bringing it back to America, thinking none will be the wiser.

Judge Xavier Hiernaux said, “I give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.” It was said, after the trial, Acquaviva referred to Madonna as a “monster.”

His lawyer stated, "The judge has ruled Madonna must withdraw from sales all remaining discs, and orders that TV and radio can no longer play Frozen. They have stolen a song, so they have to pay the value of the song." Attorney Victor-Vincent Dehin.

The judge issued an order giving Warner Bros, Sony and EMI 15 days to remove the album "Ray Of Light" and the single "Frozen" from record shelves and order radio and TV to stop playing it or face a $208,440 fine.

Belgium has a population of over 10,081,880 (July 1995 est.).

But true to arrogance, "Frozen" is still reportedly being sold digitally by Warner on iTunes and other download sites in Belgium, essentially willfully disobeying the Judge's order. Madonna also reprised it on the song "Isaac" from her new album Confessions On A Dance Floor. It's that same humming melody.

This is the legal defiance in spitting on the law and victims that I have referred to regarding Madonna, Warner Bros and her co-defendants. Their ego and pride. The law means nothing to them. They do what they want to irrespective of it.

Much like in my case - the case has been sent to the FBI and DOJ, it is before a Judge, yet after litigation and an investigation kicked off, she is still criminally using items from my copyrighted catalog without permission and should be imprisoned for it with criminal charges brought against Warner Bros and several of its executives as well. It is criminal copyright infringement and a complete disgrace.

My computer that connects to the internet is still being hacked everyday, by someone who thinks I can't tell, however they've left a digital trail, and my web site was hacked off line the first few days of the month, after I called for the boycott. All of that misconduct is criminal.     


"A Belgian judge has left Madonna out in the cold, freezing sales and forbidding airplay of her 1998 hit single Frozen in that country, after a plagiarism suit."

"Madonna is an unoriginal thief. Madonna has lost a plagiarism case against Belgian songwriter Salvatore Acquaviva who claimed her 1998 song "Frozen" stole parts from his Belgian song "Ma Vie Fout L'camp." So when she's not faking accents or falling off horses, Madonna is busy ripping off small musicians." - The Superficial

"Madonna the plagiarist. Madonna says, 'I'm a totally different person now.' Does that mean she won’t be stealing music from other people and claiming it as her own?" - p2p news / p2pnet:

"Madonna Busted for Plagiarism in Belgium. The Material Girl has been caught shoplifting, so to speak. This time it's Salvatore Acquaviva's Ma Vie Fout Le Camp. …Serious stuff for Madonna, now forced to pull all remnants of 'Frozen,' which hit number one in 1998 off the air and shelves in Belgium. …Will the case jump to US soil? Time will tell. It's a long way from Belgium to the US-- and I'm not talking geography here." – Slash Film

"Madonna Has A New Moniker, Thief "– The Post Chronicle

"Madonna 'copied single off Belgian' " – Digital Spy UK

"Court rules Madonna had hit with stolen song" –

"Madonna guilty of plagiarism, Belgian judge rules" – CBC News

"Court Rules Madonna Stole Tune" - San Jose Mercury News

"Belgian court orders Madonna CDs off shelves" - Globe and Mail

I have re-written a satirical version of the song she stole from Acquaviva. Her rip off of his song is listed in the left column, and my satirical rewrite is to the right:

"Frozen" By Madonna Spoof of what Madonna is really about:
Mmmmmm, if I could melt your heart
Mmmmmm, we'd never be apart
Mmmmmm, give yourself to me
Mmmmmm, you hold the key
You're frozen
When your heart's not open
Mmmmmm, if I could steal your song
Mmmmmm, my career would get a new start
Mmmmmm, give your royalties to me
Mmmmmm, so I can steal your money
My face is frozen
Because the Botox box is open

The House That Theft Built

Legacy going up in smoke

Ray of Light or Ray Of Theft. "Frozen" wasn't the only lawsuit for plagiarism stemming from that album. Madonna was also sued for stealing the video for “Ray Of Light” from an indie Italian director who submitted it to her office in Los Angeles. He had had secured the copyright before he sent it to Madonna for potential use – which she did, just without his permission and without credit to him.

Her whole career’s been a fraud. A complete farce. How many plagiarism lawsuits has it been now. Her biggest hits have a plagiarism lawsuit and or allegation attached to them – Justify My Love, Deeper, Bad Girls, Frozen, American Life, Hung Up, Human Nature, Like A Virgin, Vogue, Ray Of Light and Hollywood music videos, – the movies Swept Away and Material Girls.

Madonna's many thefts:

Like A Virgin

Justify My Love

Deeper And Deeper

Bad Girl


Ray Of Light

American Life


Hung Up

Confessions On A Dance Floor

Swept Away

Material Girl

She cannot sing or act and her music is largely built on hits she stole from other people, who she disgracefully felt couldn’t fight Warner Bros in court/risk losing their budding careers. It’s an absolute disgrace.

"Open Your Heart" was slated to be recorded by another singer, not Madonna.

Did you know “Open Your Heart” was reportedly not supposed to be her song. It was reported another singer had already started work on it. Madonna coveting what she'd heard, went to the song's producer and unethically pried the song from the girl, recorded it and derailing the girl’s career. She would have had a hit with “Open Your Heart,” but the covetous Madonna destroyed her career to sustain her fraudulent one.

Goldfrapp Slam Madonna

Goldfrapp video still

Music duo Goldfrapp slammed Madonna and they have a right to be upset. She ripped off their music for "Confessions On A Dance Floor" as well. Several critics noticed the Goldfrapp knock off...and so did Goldfrapp.

"The singer continued her outburst by suggesting that Madonna lacks creativity. 'I think it's quite clever, but I don't know if that's creative,' said Allison Goldfrapp." - Virgin Music News

New Album Infringements

" 'Hung Up' seems like a pathetic attempt to simply hang on." – CBC

Oh indeed, it is. She’s ripped off so many people for that pathetic album that it's not even funny. It's pathetic. She copied and pasted so many people's work together for the album and it's completely illegal as it is copyright infringement. In addition to the stuff she ripped off from my released and unreleased music, she ripped off several other musicians.

She ripped off lyrics from "Let It Be" by the Beatles for her song "Let It Will Be," she ripped off lyrics from Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step I Take" for her song "Push," and she ripped off lyrics from "Are You Ready" by Pebbles for her song "Jump." That's an unusual combo of songs.

Tellingly enough, those are three songs ("Let It Be," "Every Little Step I Take," and "Are You Ready") that had been loaded onto my computer when I was writing different Sound Off Columns about those artists - during the time the invasion of privacy that illegally copied my copyrighted catalog via hacking, that they've been criminally using, transpired. And I have the receipts to prove those songs were loaded unto the computer prior to her CD being finished or released.

In light of this, how ironic that she ripped off those three songs in addition to works from my catalog and other released works by me.

Other notable thefts I noticed on her new CD :

The synth on "Forbidden Love" is a blatant rip off of the synth part used on the Pet Shop Boys song "West End Girls."

"Let It Will Be" by her rips off the synth on "Silent Mourning" by Mad Machinery.

She ripped off the sound of the big hit in England this year, "Call On Me" by Eric Prydz and mixed it with other infringements for her song "Get Together."

She ripped off Kylie Minogue for "Like It Or Not" and lines on "Get Together."

"Confessions on a Dance Floor" is a real copy and paste of other people's music, which is pathetic, as it was done without permission. And all that reverb and vocoding due to her inability to sing well, is absolutely annoying and grating.

It's like listening to a robot sing for 45 minutes.

There is not one good song on that record. And for all she stole from different artists, the album still sounds like garbage. That record is really bad. Even her own husband said it. 

American Life Part 2 – Confessions On A Dance Floor

In the first week of sales, the Confessions On A Dance Floor CD only bested her last flop American Life by 80,000 copies – which is still up for debate, due to incidents I have written about before on here regarding the industry and alleged record sales tampering.

The second week the album faired even worse, dropping down to #4 with a big 38% drop off in sales. It’s "American Life" all over again, as it is following the same pattern. All the hype and shenanigans got "American Life" to debut at #1 the first week, then it began its descent, dropping right down and then off the charts.

Her PR leaned towards a Mariah Carey comeback just prior to the CD's release, with Madonna’s media ties even trying to associate her new record with Carey’s comeback, but they got no such thing with Confessions on a Dance Floor.

Announced the CD was under extra security to prevent piracy, said the pirates at Warner, the album was leaked to the Internet 2 weeks before its release.

“Music,” opened with 420,000 sold in the first week (the “Music” CD was considered a moderate hit), then the flop "American Life" opened with 262,000 copies. Now "Confessions On A Dance Floor" allegedly opened with 344,000. I say allegedly for a reason, but we will find out soon enough, now won't we.

Let’s hope for her sake those numbers are true and correct, as first there is the payola scandal and she’s also being sued left right and center by several people for being a thief, crook, plagiarist and a fraud – and in determining damages in legal cases (which she always settled before trial for a reason) record company sales files, receipts and other financial documents related to the Defendants are subpoenaed. Any and all financial discrepancies, numerical (sales) and other wise, will show up.

She announced she sold 3.6 million copies of the CD "Confessions on a Dance Floor" in its first week of worldwide sales, yet world chart compilation companies said it was less than half that inflated number. So whose telling the truth here.

Just like she announced in 2004 that she'd sold 250,000,000 albums - a 100,000,000 jump from the 150,000,000 she said she sold as of 2002/2003. She is clearly lying, as during the two year time period of the 100,000,000 sales jump, "American Life" was the album on the shelves and it bombed, selling not even 680,000 copies in America. Not to mention her catalog sales were no where near that. Not even 1 million copies.

And lets not forget, no one in music has sold 100,000,000 records in two years - especially when sales companies said their current album flopped and didn't go platinum.

Warner has over spent on what is a piece of trash. One listen to "Confessions On A Dance Floor" and you'll realize that. It is forgettable, soulless, recycled dance music stolen from others. High production fees, an expensive video that the Herald labeled confusing, a very (very) expensive and desperate promotional campaign, self-aggrandizing parties in numerous cities that cost a lot of money and a very expensive advertising campaign. Some estimates have put their spending at $15,000,000 (oh it’s more than that) – and the project’s barely even started.

For all they did, and an album with that type of blanket exposure, over saturating the market, that was put through that much promo should have sold 700,000 in the first week. But there’s one problem – the album stinks, which makes me question if it even sold 344,000 in the first week to begin with.

Motorola Rokr Phone Fronted By Madonna Flops

Motorola's Rokr phone flops

It was reported in several media outlets that the Motorola Rokr phone fronted by Madonna and the accompanying short lived commercials, “flopped.” To be honest, the whole campaign stunk to begin with. The whole thing looked very boring.

Warner racks up $179,000,000 million in losses

"New York-based Warner Music, with Madonna and rapper Mike Jones, had a third-quarter operating loss of $179 million on costs related to the IPO. Warner Music Group Corp Chief Executive Officer Edgar Bronfman Jr has seen his company's stock fall to $15.47, below its May initial public offering price of $17."– Bloomberg News

Warner Records Groundbreaking? 

"Alex's 15 years of experience in technology and media make him well qualified to lead the company's strategic technology initiatives, and his track record in the 20 months since joining WMG clearly demonstrates that. He has already personally developed—and successfully closed—a series of groundbreaking and profitable transactions. As a result, WMG is leading the industry in the transformation to digital music." - Warner Bros carefully worded statement. 

Yea, like announcing indie label downloads that are a direct knock off of my original store site. It knocked off the style and theme and format of my site store. There’s nothing groundbreaking about that. That's groundstealing.

When I read the site stats and see them visiting here all the time, then read about their rip offs after, it’s like watching a thief break into your house day after day and walk out with something. That’s exactly what you all at Warner are - thieves and criminals.

LEGAL FILE Warner Admits Payola, Settles With Spitzer for $5 Million

New York State Attorney Eliot Spitzer

A follow up to October 15, 2005 Lawsuit article where I wrote:

OBSCENE AMOUNT OF AIRPLAY FOR "HUNG UP" ALREADY ON DAY ONE Yesterday, I sent a complaint to the New York State Attorney's Office and in it I wrote about payola. What I wrote to said office was confirmed in that a Madonna endorsed Warner Bros supported site is reporting that her criminally rushed out infringing new single "Hung Up," rushed out weeks early, is being played once an hour at different radio stations around the country, which were listed by name. What could necessitate a song "being played once an hour." No song in the history of music has ever been requested to a degree that warranted such airplay. Is it even legal to play the same song "once an hour" on the same radio stations? There is a serious look of impropriety to it. Are they so desperate after the 2003 flop that was "American Life' that they have resorted to this. I mean, how do you get djs to play the same song once an hour. Rhetorical question." - Aisha Music October 15, 2005

Well, I've been vindicated again in what I'd written 6 weeks ago, on October 15, 2005, in that it was confirmed on November 22, 2005, when it was announced Warner Bros had reached a $5,000,000 settlement with the New York State Attorney General's office and ADMITTED THEY'VE BEEN USING PAYOLA, which is illegal.

According to a November 22, 2005 AP report that quoted the New York State Attorney General’s office, Warner Bros Records admitted they committed multiple acts of payola, which constitutes felonies and misdemeanors. Misconduct including:

  • Direct bribes to radio programmers, including airfare, electronics, tickets to premier sporting events and concerts;
  • Payments to radio stations to cover operational expenses;
  • Radio contest giveaways for stations' listening audiences, including flyaways, concert tickets, iPods, gift certificates and gift cards;
  • Hiring independent promoters to act as conduits for illegal payments to radio stations;
  • Purchasing "spin programs" to artificially increase the airplay of particular recordings.

They admitted wrongdoing. That coupled with the Belgian Judge throwing the book at Madonna and Warner for copyright infringement is really killing their credibility. For more on the admission of guilt and settlement, visit the following NY State Attorney links:

For the document regarding Warner Bros' admission of guilt and settlement agreement:

Impact of the Settlements

Do I think it will change the landscape of radio? Not much. Do I think they will go right back to payola? Yes.

But hey, at least they got caught and it’s in black and white for all to read.

And it's a victory in that they were at least forced to admit what they’ve been doing – committing felonies. And payola is a felony. So is lip-synching. Just kidding about the lip-synching.

But if lip-syncing were a felony, they’d lock Madonna up for life. But I think she’d probably like that. You know, being locked up with women.

It's a victory in that they’ve been forced to admit they’ve manipulated radio and bribed people.

The sad thing is, this misconduct manipulates chart placement, providing inaccurate Billboard chart spots and sometimes number ones that were not earned or deserved.


A positive development is that it was reported the FCC has been watching the payola scandal and it may lead to another investigation and more fines.

That's good, as the industry needs to get pimp slapped a second time to slap some sense into it.

They are why radio’s so stale. The same song once an hour is ridiculous. There's no real variety and that's no good for overall sales. 

I have friends who listen to internet radio because it gives them more variety. Recently riding in a car with my friend, said friend was playing CDs her dad burned from recording internet radio. I kept saying, “Who’s that?” when each song started, then my friend would tell me who. There’s a whole world of music out there on the internet that needs to be on the radio. A lot of the artists I heard were quite good, but without the payola, they won’t get on the air.

Look at Warner, spent a fortune on that Madonna record. Had they put 1/10th of that money into someone new, they would have seen a better return than the farce they created.

Madonna Ties With Elvis?


The late Elvis Presley is being cheated out of a historical music record that is rightfully his. This week, Madonna and Warner announced she has tied with Elvis for the most top 10 hit singles. I think not.

In light of the payola scandal, was it really a good idea highlighting the disgraceful effects of payola in that a song that heavily utilized payola, essentially cheating to get a high chart position, has shamefully tied her with a real musician, who actually sold the records attributed to him.

But it's a good thing they made this public announcement. It will bring home to many just how corrupt and fraudulent payola is. That cheat has tied with Elvis based on payola.

People were reporting that "Hung Up," fresh off of her flop "American Life" was being played once an hour at top 40 stations. They rejected her last record, but all of a sudden off of a flop, started playing her once an hour.

That looked very suspicious...that and an artist being played once and hour. Not even the Beatles, the most successful musical act in history, had that kind of airplay at the height of their fame.   

Considering Madonna’s record company Warner Bros just admitted wrong doing in committing felonies and misdemeanors via payola, AKA to get their songs, including hers, played over and over again day in and day out, in high rotation, which accounts for 75% of a number record placement on the Billboard Charts, “Hung Up” by Madonna, among other songs, should be disqualified and Elvis’s record left in tact.

Billboard chart placements are now calculated on how many spins a song gets (times played on the radio) and Warner just admitted in a Federal document that they:

"Purchased 'spin programs' to artificially increase the airplay of particular recordings."

Elvis actually sold all those records. He actually got the requests. Madonna did not and continues to greatly inflate her record sales to try to steal the record of best selling female artist.

The history books via Billboard are tainted and inaccurate due to the corruption and fraud from the industry. Then it gets into the Guinness World Book, tainting their records as well.

These high record placements of hers on Billboard are all highly questionable in light of what I already knew to be true and wrote of on here before they settled with The New York State Attorney’s Office – they use payola to get their songs played frequently on radio. The more times your song is played, the higher it goes up the charts. Those are Billboard and Soundscan’s ridiculous rules that are being manipulated every day.

Much like her winning Grammys for "Ray Of Light," for works she committed fraud and copyright infringement in stealing – they should be revoked. She was sued for stealing the Ray Of Light video, which made that whole album a success and sued for stealing the second single from that infringing album, “Frozen,” allegations a Judge affirmed. 

ENTERTAINMENT: Payola And Its Effects On The Charts

Only about 25% of a number one is based on actual sales, and as UMG has proven via artists like Jay Z, who I wrote about in this Column over a year ago, that can be corrupted as well in arranging with retailers to run the same CD purchase through the register multiple times to create a #1 chart placement.

Somehow, I don’t believe UMG is the only one. A very recent #1 album smacks of the same misconduct. But will the artist make a lip synched Confession about it or will it involuntarily be revealed in one of said artists’ many Court cases for misconduct via Plaintiffs suing said artist, demanding financial records to assess the financial damage done.

When these records from said artist’s record company, among others, are cross-referenced with other independent files, documents and financial records, the financial discrepancies and disparities will unquestionably show up, revealing further fraud and manipulation of the system.

It is the manipulation of the charts. An easy way to get a hit without earning it via actually selling records and getting airplay requests. It has created very inaccurate chart records and fake number ones. It has been a competition between who has doled out the most payola.

ENTERTAINMENT: Chart Computation Rules Need To Be Changed

Chart computation rules need to be changed.  It should be strictly based on sales. The airplay factor is undeniably corrupted. Maybe then the industry will truly bring back the CD single and stop trying to get consumers to buy a whole CD for one song. iTunes can't do it alone.


Another allegation I set forth in my lawsuit, invasion of privacy via hacking at the hands of the entertainment industry, has once again been confirmed. Hate to say it, ok no I don't, I was right again. 

They call it XCP. I like to call it the Sony Virus. Technically it's not a virus, but it's a trojan, which is just as bad.

Sony has announced the unprecedented recall of 5 million, that’s right, count’em, 5 million CDs (roughly 50 million dollars worth of merchandise) due to its illegal XCP copy protection program contained on said music CDs - that in actuality is an invasion of privacy tool/a trojan horse.

Microsoft classified it as “malware,” others a “a hidden Trojan horse.”

What this whole incident amounts to is what I sued Warner Bros and Madonna for 6 weeks prior to these announcements by Microsoft, several PC experts and the Texas State Attorney General: invasion of privacy via hacking.

It’s more proof that I am telling the truth about the entertainment industry, just how out of control some are and how far they will go. Invading the privacy of millions of Americans is pretty foul. The public actually buys your records and to thank them you criminally invaded their privacy. Please, explain to me why you thought it was a good idea.

If I were in a meeting with someone and we were talking over plans for manufacturing/duplicating new CDs, and they proposed placing an always active program/Trojan on millions of consumers computers, camouflaged as anti-piracy software, that will record the consumers computer info, contents, offline and online internet activities, then send it to the company when the user goes online (further slowing down their internet connection, unnecessarily using up their computer's RAM and slowing down their productivity), the first question I would ask is, "Are you out of your mind?"

But somehow that question wasn't asked at Sony BMG by the higher ups that approved this invasive, insidious little program. They said let's run with it. And run with it they did...right into a wall. But not before damaging scores of consumers' computers and invading the public's privacy.

This entire episode, among several others, has completely embarrassed the entertainment industry, exposing several of its key members and decision makers as privacy invaders. The industry has no business doing this. It is a civil and human rights violation to invade people's privacy. It is completely inexcusable, unnecessary and uncalled for.

Sony BMG, who is a partner with Warner Bros in distributing Madonna’s copyright infringing records in Europe (birds of a feather...) willfully, deliberately and knowing sent out 5 million CDs into the marketplace with 5 million Trojans on them. It was reported they sold 2.47 million of those CDs.

Do you know the kind of trouble, property destruction and undue burden this creates for millions of people. Not to mention the disgusting experience of having your privacy invaded. Do you know the level of wholesale damage it causes, especially when the open backdoors created on people’s computers, thanks to a privacy invading entity, are exploited? I’ll explain:

  • 2.47 million Americans had their privacy invaded.
  • 2.47 million Americans computers systems sustained temporary and others, permanent damage - because a trojan is a trojan and it leaves the backdoor of your computer open. It's the equivalent of going to sleep at night not realizing your backdoor is wide open.
  • Created an undue burden on tech support departments for companies like Microsoft, anti-virus companies and firewall software manufacturers.
  • Created a nuisance for many consumers who had to call tech support for assistance in repairing their computers. 

Many consumers contacted Microsoft and other internet companies such as Antivirus, Firewall and ISP companies in need of tech support assistance when their computers began malfunctioning, due to the Sony BMG Trojan and the viruses it opened their computers up to.

As with most ensuing viruses they are typically written with the standard parameters to search for the victims “address book” and to replicate and mail itself to everyone listed in their contacts – creating even more virus infected computers, data loss, system software loss and damage to anyone else who opened the replicated versions of the virus via emails/attachments that seemingly came from someone they knew.

To remove such a Trojan and the ensuing viruses can take anywhere from ½ hour to 1 hour and 45 minutes, and sometimes multiple calls, as the tech has to instruct the computer owner to look in different areas of the computer's registry, download removal tools, run them ect…there really isn’t a quicker way of doing it at this point.

Software and ISP companies had their employees bogged down with tech support inquiries that were unnecessary and avoidable. Why? They are expecting calls from people with systems damaged by hackers, not one of the four largest record companies in the world. Their employees’ time was used solving a computer crisis caused by one of the four largest record companies in the world. How do you justify that.

And make no mistake, it was no accident. To put a privacy-invading program on music CDs, press up the 5 million CDs, ship the 5 million CDs  into the American market place, approve funding and set up of servers/storage to collect the illegal data reports the privacy invading program will be sending over the internet to the Sony BMG servers from the 5 million personal computers it was designated to be deceptively placed on - took pre-planning, planning, more planning, organization, budget approval and clearance.

All that data from all those people your little program was transmitting to you over the internet had to be stored somewhere. That much data from that many computers would need a lot of storage and bandwidth (transfer of data) that someone at Sony BMG approved a budget for.

"Over The Top"

Mr. Roger Friedman of Fox News called my lawsuit “over the top” and implied I was lying about the invasion of privacy by the industry, via my computers, but there you have it Mr. Friedman - the entertainment industry whose butt you kiss so fervently in your Column that I can hear your lips puckering from all the way in Miami, is now under fire from the government and Microsoft for the very things I formally accused them of in my lawsuit 6 weeks prior. It wasn’t so “over the top” after all, now was it.

The industry is actively getting into people’s computers in ways that are invasive, deceptive and most importantly, unlawful – and transmitting the contents to themselves over the internet via illegal programs surreptitiously placed on consumers computers. 

Mr. Friedman, I don’t make things up about people. When I write something in this Column it is for a reason. I am not over the top. Never have been. The industry is the one who is “over the top” in thinking they could get away with invading the privacy of millions of people without anyone finding out. Not only is that “over the top,” it’s plain stupid and low down.

Sony BMG, whose “Jive Records” is named as a Defendant in my lawsuit, deliberately sent out 5 million CDs with Trojans on them. That’s 5 million Trojans.

I would never put something in a Federal lawsuit that is not true. Why you ask? Because a.) That would be wrong and b.) The time will come when you have to prove it.

Government condemns Sony BMG's XCP Trojan

"On November 16, 2005 US-CERT, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, part of the United States Department of Homeland Security, issued an advisory on XCP DRM. They said that XCP uses rootkit technology to hide certain files from the computer user." - Wikipedia

Texas State Attorney General Sues Sony BMG

The Texas State Attorney General's Office has sued Sony BMG:

“Sony has engaged in a technological version of cloak-and-dagger deceit against consumers by hiding secret files on their computers. Consumers who purchased a Sony CD thought they were buying music. Instead, they received spyware that can damage a computer, subject it to viruses and expose the consumer to possible identity crime." - Texas State Attorney General Greg Abbott

The very things I experienced due to Madonna and Warner Bros commissioned hacker, which I chronicled in my lawsuit – my computers being severely damaged, spyware placed on them and identity theft.

I have many tech support files attesting to the damage the commissioned hacker who invaded my privacy caused – and how ironic that he managed to copy my multi-million dollar valued copyrighted catalog with works from it now mysteriously surfacing in many of Madonna’s new projects and that of her partners.

Said commissioned hacker was so hell bent on getting into my computers on a daily basis, to illegally copy the contents of my copyrights contained on them, and their subsequent updates (the new music, film scripts I write) that he severely destroyed my computers (software and operating system that allow them to function) in the process, just to bring the firewalls down to gain entry.

And, the next giveaway of who the culprits are, I was the victim of a harassment styled case of identity theft that began with Time Warner AOL, my former ISP – during the time they owned Madonna’s label Warner Bros Records.

Time Warner AOL allowed a hacker to charge $600 dollars to my Visa ATM card that was given to AOL to pay for my monthly internet service and then a couple weeks after, a hacker once again mysteriously charged $2,000 to that same Visa ATM card the weekend I announced my album would be available for sale. They tried to spend as much of the money in my account as possible, in a couple hours, to tie up all my funds and leave the album and me marooned.

There’s a clean, irrefutable, digitally and financially linkable trail pointing to the same nefarious person and her partners, Madonna/Warner Bros.

I think they idiotically and wrongfully figured if they rushed out my unreleased copyrighted songs, videos, film scripts and book manuscripts, only found on my computers and in the Library of Congress (and poor man's copyrights), before I released them, there would be no liability as to how she and her partners obtained the already copyrighted works, as she would have released them first – even though I registered them with the Copyright Office and protected their time of creation through other digital and registration means, first.

What they've done is absolute fraud, conspiracy, grand theft larceny, criminal copyright infringement, hacking, invasion of privacy, and willful, criminal violations of the Fourth Amendment and a slew of UN laws.

Madonna, Warner Bros and the Copyright Agent

But you know what’s even more disturbing, Madonna and Warner Bros has a source at the Copyright Office, Robert Blakenburg, who told me “I can’t sue Warner Bros” even without me telling him I was going to sue Warner Bros/Madonna and more importantly, he attempted to toss out one of my copyrights. When he thought he had succeeded, Madonna mysteriously re-copyrighted that particular copyright of mine in her name and is releasing it through Maverick Films next year, as Material Girl. That is absolutely criminal.

However, she didn’t bank on me calling up and complaining to his supervisor, who apologized for what happened and issued me the copyright certificate for my work that he tried to toss. Actually, the rights were gone due to what he had done. His supervisor had them reinstated. 

Writers and musicians beware. What happened to me can happen to you and your copyright registration if it comes across his desk.

Warner invades the privacy of an elderly woman

It was reported that Warner Bros has been sued for "invasion of privacy" and "trespassing" for its show Celebrity Justice surreptitiously going into the nursing home room of the late Marlon Brando's 82 year old nurse without permission and breaking the news to her of his death -  all while filming her reaction. So much for privacy then.

She was mentioned in his will, which piqued Warner's interest, so much so that they thought it would be a good idea to trespass and invade her privacy. 

Other quotes about the Sony Trojan:

The XCP software is at the center of the SonyBMG copy protection flap because it hides itself in the deepest levels of a PC’s system, where it restricts copying and sharing while reporting users’ activity and leaving a backdoor open for viruses.

Dumb & Drmer: XCP was outed because of security issues, but the MediaMax software has been a source of frustration for consumers since SBMG began using it in 2004, starting with the Velvet Revolver album. MediaMax prevents consumers from loading songs into their iPods as well as causing PCs to crash and freezing CD trays. In a recent experiment, it took a reboot and a lot of poking with straightened paper clip to coax a copy of the Kings of Leon’s Aha Shake Heartbreak out of our D-drive. - Hits Daily Double

I thought that line about the paper clip was hilarious. And another quote:

"Quote of The Day: At what point do you think it is a good thing to surreptitiously put Trojans on people's machines?” researcher David Maynor said in The N.Y. Times. "The only thing you're guaranteeing is that they won't be customers anymore.' " - Hits Daily Double

LEGAL FILE The Entertainment Industry Steals The Public’s Privacy

The entertainment industry is stealing the public’s privacy. If they’re not illegally tapping people’s phones, they are hacking their computers. If they aren’t stalking and harassing someone, they are assaulting someone. It's not everyone in the entertainment industry doing this, but several who are engaging in this conduct are prominent figures, which makes it all the worse.

The Sony Virus, The Fred Durst hacking/invasion of privacy case, my invasion of privacy case, payola scandals, wiretapping scandals, the attempted murder of 50 Cent, the killings of Biggie, Tupac and Jam Master Jay. It’s as though the public's rights are suspended at the hands of a few in the industry:

  • When the industry deems it can put privacy-invading software on people's computers
  • Hidden cameras in private places they should not be, invading human rights
  • Harass and threaten innocent people
  • Rob and steal millions, sometimes billions in royalties and copyrights
  • Kill innocent people they deem enemies
  • Blacklisting, depriving people of the right to earn a living
  • Overcharge the public for music and movies
  • Overvaluing and inflating stock prices to the detriment of shareholders
  • For every dime they earn, they steal a quarter from artists and writers.

This is not normal behavior. It is criminal and completely inexcusable. The industry clearly thinks it can do whatever it wants, irrespective of domestic and international law. There needs to be Congressional intervention in the entertainment industry.

LEGAL FILE Human Rights Violations in the Entertainment Industry

When people think of human rights they sometimes think of extreme abuses like people being imprisoned for decades without proper cause like Nelson Mandela, Chinese women being imprisoned and tortured or extremist Muslim groups killing people who are of a different religion.

Those are by far horrible cases, and the worst, but what does it say about the entertainment industry when some, not all, of its members are killing people, commissioning hits on entertainment rivals, assaulting entertainment rivals, commissioning illegal wiretaps, commissioning hidden cameras in homes and businesses, blacklisting and getting people dropped from jobs depriving them of US and UN sanctioned “right to earn a living” laws, discriminating against and blacklisting Christians in the film industry. Those are human rights violations as well. Certainly not as heinous as the international cases listed in the previous paragraph, but still inappropriate. Several people in the industry need to wake up and realize their behavior is in very questionable territory.

LEGAL FILE Technological Corporate Theft

Corporate Theft via technology is clearly the new wave of crime with criminals clearly thinking there is no liability, as though the internet is not real, therefore crimes committed over it do not count.

Speaking of that…


I read an article in the October 2005 issue of Cargo magazine by David Kushner. He wrote about invasion of privacy and how often it's happening now. It was a very interesting piece.

Via hacking, a man "stole top secret patent files" and tried to extort the company who owns said patent files, out of $17,000,000. They called the FBI and the man was arrested.

People seem to have this view that because it is the internet, there is no culpability and they can perform any criminal misconduct and get away with it.

People act as though the internet doesn’t count when it comes to crime, when there are laws governing that domain, pardon the pun.

People’s rights are not suspended once they go online. They have just as much rights as before - including the right to not have their privacy invaded.

LEGAL FILE Wiretapping

“Not Aware of”

Bert Fields and his fajitas - cooking indoors is best for FBI wiretap probe subject Bert, so a BUG won't fall into his meal.

[Pic courtesy of the LA Times]

Bert Fields, the entertainment lawyer, who has said he employed Mr. Pellicano countless times as an investigator but was not aware of any wiretapping. – Fish Bowl

There’s that “not aware of” misconduct quote again via Madonna's lawyer. Liz Rosenberg, Madonna's publicist, used it as well in reference to the contents of my lawsuit, in the arranged defamatory piece they did with the New York Daily News last month.

You all don’t seem to be "aware of" anything.

And saying you're not aware of something comes across as avoidance, which is what liars do according to psychologists. Who asked you if you were aware of anything. It's either yes or no. What kind of answer is that. You're the professional lia..., um, I mean publicist, certainly you could have come up with something better than the standard avoidance answer. 

Regarding Pellicano, I think he will be hung out to dry by the people who employed him, but I believe, emphatically, that some of these famous clients knew exactly what was going on with the illegal wiretapping, as they commissioned it and used its contents.

Madonna is one of them. You don’t accidentally quote publicly, verbatim, over and over again for months, the things someone says privately over the phone in confidence to friends, family and business associates, in a harassment technique many such as Diane Dimond complained of, from this same small Hollywood set, without knowing about and being apart of illegal wiretapping.

That says said celebrity knew of, condoned, commissioned and approved of the criminal misconduct. A private investigator doesn't illegally tap people's phones for famous people out of the goodness of his heart. Someone had to commission it.

I find it odd that so many of Fields’ clients have had this same allegation leveled against them, some of them imprisoned for it, and Fields doesn’t know.

You are the common link that binds these people, Mr. Fields. I don’t buy what you’re shoveling. Actually I think you are full of what you're shoveling.

"A security expert testified at a deposition, 'It is pro forma for you to advise clients to conduct sweeps of their telephones in any matter in which Bert Fields [leading Hollywood lawyer and employer of Pellicano] is involved as the opposing counsel. Bert Fields writes novels under the name D. Kincaid about legendary attorney Harry Cain who has a close relationship with private eye Skip Corrigan, who frequently breaks the law." - (Source:

You should know better than to be representing stars that are commonly referred to as “cult members” (i.e. Madonna and Tom Cruise). They are very unpredictable and hard to control. Why? Because they are crazy. They are doing things that reveal they are in need of mental care.

CNN Transcript Regarding Diane Dimond Wiretapping:

DIMOND: My office phone was crackling and popping and I thought that was kind of weird. But then I started telling people things on the phone that would come back to me through strange sources. So my husband and I devised a little red herring to talk about a supposed Anthony Pellicano special I was working on, and oh, it will be on in the next couple days, and not 20 minutes later I got a call from my legal department, saying are you working on an Anthony Pellicano special? Oh, we have to know about this. And I said, no, where did you hear about this? Well, it was from one of the attorney offices. So one of the attorneys that hired Anthony Pellicano.

ZAHN: So was that the first time you had proof or you thought, the evidence that Pellicano was involved?

DIMOND: Yes. And I would deliberately plant things that would come back to me, and so then I stopped using my phone at work.

He’s in the information brokering business, and how better to get hired over and over and over again than to give these attorneys what they want, inside information. It surprises to me -- well, I guess it doesn't surprise me when Bert Fields and Howard Weitzmann (ph) and all the rest of them say, we had no idea Anthony Pellicano did this. Well, all of Hollywood knew.

ZAHN: At what point did you involve the Los Angeles Police Department?

DIMOND: Well, way back then there was some vandalism to my home, my car was broken into on the lot, where our show is produced. Called the police then, filed a robbery report because all my Michael Jackson documents were stolen out of the back of my car.

But what can they do? I mean, they dusted my car for prints. You know, you take your car to a car wash and you can get prints all over it. So it never went anywhere. And I always thought, Paula, that people thought, oh, she's a nut. You know, she's overdramatizing. She just thinks she's being bugged. Well, guess what? Ten years later, I feel pretty vindicated.

DIMOND: Right. But more important, it was the threatening nature against my sources. I had a lot of people who were very close to Michael Jackson come to me, tell me their stories on tape and then call me later and say, oh, my gosh, I did -- I made a terrible mistake talking to you. Anthony Pellicano says this, this, this and this and they're threatening me and I'm scared to death. So that's my biggest regret, that I put these people in a terrible spot.

One woman was almost mowed off the road walking to a domestics job in Santa Barbara, California. An attorney who brought some security guards from Neverland to me was run off the road on his motorcycle and wound up in the hospital, almost died. So, they play with the big boys. This is "L.A. Confidential" brought to life, and it's been going on a long time there. And Anthony Pellicano had at least one police officer who was helping him gather information. That officer has been suspended.

Bert Fields is a lawyer who has also represented two of Hollywood’s biggest plagiarists: Madonna and director James Cameron. He was sued by writer Harlan Ellis regarding the copyright infringing "Terminator" film he directed. It ended with Cameron having to credit him in later cuts of the film and pay him a financial settlement:

Shortly after the release of the first Terminator film, the author Harlan Ellison sued Terminator director and producer James Cameron due to the alleged similarity between the plot of the film and two scripts that Ellison had written for the TV show The Outer Limits. Ellison and Cameron settled out of court, and the video release of the first film now contains a credit to Ellison in the closing credits.

There are further reports of Cameron's infringing activities via reportedly stealing from the internet, which seems to be a popular place that several in Hollywood are opting to steal from:

Cameron finally did succeed in producing a superhero in the form of the cyberpunk television series Dark Angel (2000-2002). The influence of the X-Men, the Hulk, and Spider-Man is clearly evident in this production, as well as the films Blade Runner and The Matrix. However, it is rumored that Cameron or an affiliate saw the idea for Dark Angel in a short story on a public fiction site, and claimed it as their own. Obviously this would be a case of plagiarism, but since the original short story was not copyrighted, the author could not sue for plagiarism. Whether this is true or a rumor is still under debate. - Wikipedia

LEGAL FILE Kabbalah Cult Leader Arrested

Israeli Kabbalah Center CEO, Osnat Youdkevitch, was arrested for defrauding a cancer patient, Leah Zonis, out of $30,000, telling her expensive Kabbalah water and donating to the center would cure her. She died shortly after from cancer.

Her husband was quoted as saying "She was a sick person, on the verge of despair. And in that state a patient grabs at any straw to be saved. They were our straw until we realized that we had been exploited. She asked them to help her get better, and Rosenberg said that whoever donates a serious sum of money to the center can achieve a full recovery. I immediately offered to donate around NIS 5,000, but we were told that we have to donate 'a sum that will be painful for us' and not an easy expenditure and we were asked to donate $30,000."

According to reports on Cult News excerpted from Court documents, they borrowed money and charged the rest to credit cards to give the Kabbalah Center the $30,000 they demanded to cure her of cancer via Kabbalah water and prayer.

"He told us that the previous donation we made was apparently not enough and that we have to donate more. We had no money by then so we turned to Leah's mother, a woman who had worked hard all her life, and it was she who agreed to give us her savings - some $25,000. They specifically told us that this time when we give the money, Leah will get complete health, and again they promised to read from the 'Zohar' book specially for her," said Boris Zonis.

It was her dying wish that her husband file charges against the Kabbalah Center for the fraud and deception said center had perpetrated against her.

Osnat Youdkevitch, is one of Madonna's Kabbalah associates who was present on her trip to Israel last year. 

JOURNALISM: Pandering Journos And the Celebrity Butts They Kiss

Why do some journos kiss up to misbehaving celebrities. Some of the things certain celebrities, who they give far too much media exposure, engage in and espouse to the public is pretty serious. Yet they are given all this media exposure to further lead others astray via these cults like Kabbalah Center and Church of Scientology.

I agree with Cult News in this, why do journalists not ask Madonna and Cruise serious questions in their interviews, as opposed to allowing them to promote cults and organizations who have engaged in criminal misconduct that has greatly defrauded and harmed the public.  

They give these cult member celebrities these easy, fluffy interviews, not addressing the serious issues. You give exposure and air time to clinically unstable stars to further their cult’s agenda, foisting it on an unsuspecting public. When are they gonna start asking these irresponsible, careless entertainers some real questions. Here’s a great round of questions for them:

For Madonna, born Louise Ciccone:

Madonna sporting "cult member" T-shirt. Self-awareness is indeed very important.

1. What do you think about Leah Zonis, who the cult you are the chief spokesperson and chairperson for, defrauded out of $30,000 in promising to cure her of cancer, that she died from shortly thereafter?

2. What do you think about Phiona Davis, a woman from your small Kabbalah group meetings in London, who went around publicly spouting off statements that she is the Messiah, much like you did during your Re-invention Tour, referring to yourself as "the Alpha and the Omega," one of God's known names in the Bible, committing a vicious, heinous, brutal double murder of her boyfriend and grandmother who she each stabbed over 80 times?

3. What do you think about the reports and formal complaints from rabbis in three countries, who stated they were harassed and threatened by the cult you are the chief spokesperson and chairperson for?

4. Exactly how much money have you made from the Kabbalah Center, which a rabbinical organization referred to as a "financial agreement" between them and yourself?

5. Why is there so much concrete evidence pointing to you and your cult unlawfully invading people's privacy?


Here are a couple questions for Tom Cruise, born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, pictured above with fiancée Katie Holmes:

1. What do you think of the multiple deaths that have resulted from the "auditing" process you espouse, utilized by the cultic group you are the chief spokesperson and chairperson for, The Church Of Scientology?

2. If you could say anything now to the relatives of the people who senselessly died due to the Church of Scientology's "auditing" process, what would you say? Please turn to the camera and do so now (zoom in for a close up)?

3. What would you say to the gay man that sued your Church of Scientology for extracting $1,000,000 from him in the promise that they would make him straight - and he is still gay years later?

4. Your fiancée Katie Holmes was a Catholic and it was reported that she wished to remain a virgin until marriage and that her father wanted her to marry before having a child, plans that you have now clearly derailed (See exhibit A posted above, a pic of a very preggy Katie). How do you feel about that? She is clearly very smitten with you, looks up to you and is very influenced by you, that she has forsaken things that once meant a lot to her.

I'm not dissing Katie Holmes. I'm worried about her, especially being pregnant and under such a strong media glare. I just don't think Cruise did right by her in knocking her up in light of the publicly voiced hopes and dreams she had about marriage. He's not some pubescent boy having urges regarding his teenage girlfriend. He's a grown man and could have handled this better in light of her beliefs and that of her family.

New York Post's Liz Smith

You journalist smiling and kissing their butts, you should hope one day you don’t have the misfortune of one of your kids being fleeced, drawn in and harmed by one of these celebrity espoused cults. Maybe then you’ll realize promoting their agenda, directly or indirectly via your interviews, is not a good thing.

But that’s just it. Entertainment industry people often don’t care unless it happens to one of their kids. Journalists like Liz Smith, who promotes, defends and writes glowing articles about the likes of cultists Tom Cruise and Madonna, are showing no journalistic responsibility, as they are trying to pretty up celebrities who have gone too far.

Brownnosing Liz Smith referred to Cruise in glowing terms, as though he was a gentleman, but there is nothing gentlemanly about what he did regarding Holmes.

Regarding Madonna, she referred to her new album as causing, “Riots, fainting fans, desperate photographers. Just like the good old days.” 15 people camp out at a record store and that's, "Riots, fainting fans, desperate photographers"? What are you smoking.

A picture of the Liz Smith described riot -albeit a 15 person riot. The only Police that would get called is the Fashion Police, as their blankets do not match their clothes:

Side Bar: According to Wikipedia, “The phrase "jumping the couch" is now used to refer to someone (usually a celebrity) who seems to have gone insane.” And defined as “Jumping the couch" it is a term coined in 2005, modeled after the term "jumping the shark." The term was coined by Urban Dictionary to describe when "someone has gone off the deep end." It is a reference to the infamous couch-jumping scene by Tom Cruise on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The term is usually synonymous with a nervous breakdown.”

ENTERTAINMENT “Michael Eisner suddenly off Disney Board.”

Before we begin, I wanna say well done to Breck Eisner. I read in the trade papers his next flick is gonna be a remake of "Creature From The Black Lagoon." Aww doing a biopic about your daddy. How sweet.


Headlines blared "Michael Eisner suddenly off Disney Board." Apparently he was to stay on the board after his resignation on October 1, 2005. Hmmm I wonder why he was suddenly off the board.

In other Eisner news, seems he can't find a job:

"A well-connected Wall Streeter tells us Eisner recently rang up his old pals at Goldman Sachs, the prestigious investment banking firm, asking if they could help land him a stable nine-to-five. A Goldman higher-up dutifully sent a top-secret e-mail to a number of the firm’s toniest clients and cronies soliciting a gig for the notoriously hard-to-handle honcho. So far, there have been no takers, we’re told." - Radar Magazine.

I watched an interview with Eisner on Charlie Rose - a show I have seen quite a few times. Eisner was filling in for Rose, while said host was on vacation, and I have to was the worst, most awkward interview I have ever had the displeasure of watching.

He asked Travolta questions that left him with a why-are-you-asking-me-that look on his face for much of the interview. It was awkward and uncomfortable with a great lack of continuity. It was the infomercial of interviews.

Note to Charlie Rose: Don't you ever go on vacation again!

Miami rapper Trick Daddy’s slogan is “Trick Love The Kids”...but does Disney Love The Kids. There have been so many lawsuits regarding kids injured and some dying on Disney rides and high levels of lead in Disney's Kids jewelry line, deemed very unsafe, to name a few. Here's an excerpt regarding the latest Disney ride death:

The parents of a 4-year-old who died after riding Epcot's Mission: Space want tougher thrill-ride restrictions for small children, but Disney officials are waiting for the boy's autopsy results before deciding if changes are needed.

Moses and Agnes Bamuwamye, whose son Daudi died June 13, proposed new height restrictions in a letter their attorney sent to Disney officials last month.

Disney rejected their request to raise the bar from 44 to 51 inches, writing two weeks ago that no evidence connects the death to the ride, according to correspondence the Pennsylvania family's attorney provided to the Orlando Sentinel.

"Simply to make a change on no informed basis would be false solace to those affected and of no benefit to anyone else," wrote Margaret C. Giacalone of Disney's legal staff. "Further, the minimum height requirement was carefully considered, analyzed and established on the basis of a variety of factors."

The family's lawyer, Robert A. Samartin of Tampa, wrote Disney earlier that there are no standards to determine the danger of gravitational forces experienced by anyone under 48 inches tall on an amusement-park ride.

Without proof of safety, the theme park should not be subjecting youngsters to conditions that make some adults pass out or vomit, Samartin said Wednesday.

"The thrust of it is -- this is really not appropriate for 4- and 5-year-old kids. This is not the Tea Cups or Dumbo ride," he said, referring to rides in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. - Mickey News

Do you know how much money Disney would lose if it raised the bar (it needs to raise the bar, in terms of its standards). Do you know how many kids couldn’t ride certain rides anymore if they raised the height bar, and how much each dollar sign, um, I mean child, would mean in loss revenues. So what if someone’s kid dies, huh – revenues are what are important at Disney.

Eisner Hated Johnny Depp in "Pirates Of The Caribbean"

Johnny Depp starred in a  movie titled "Pirates Of The Caribbean" that Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer were sued for stealing from Royce Mathew, a Floridian filmmaker, who had the copyright 10 years prior and shopped it around Hollywood.

A report this month quoted Johnny Depp as saying:

“Disney gave me such a hullabaloo about what I was doing with the character, the teeth, all the beads hanging and the dreadlocks. From what I understand, Michael Eisner (Disney chairman) hated it so much the words actually came out of his mouth, ‘He's ruining the film.' Which really killed me, of course - it made me laugh. Bless him,” - Femalefirst

Well, Pirates in Jamaica, where the film was set, did have dreads and sometimes beads as well. Just like the natives. Sorry our culture offends you, Mr. Eisner.

Eisner rose to power after Disney CEO Frank Wells died in a plane crash  in 1994. His helicopter went down. How, fortuitous for Mr. Eisner.

Disney Legacy

What’s Disney’s legacy really shaping up to be after Michael Eisner’s tyrannical tenure. I've read complaints by many filmmakers and industry members about how badly they were treated during said time. Eisner's Disney set a lot of industry lows in unethicalness, but it was allowed due to the money it was bringing in to Disney in revenues. Some even now question if it was worth it financially:

"CEOs aren't worth that much," he writes. "Michael Eisner... was paid $800 million by Disney over a thirteen-year period. In that period, he delivered returns to his investors that were less than they would have gotten from investing the same money in T-bonds. And Eisner is considered by some to be a good CEO." – Philadelphia Enquirer, It Takes a CEO, It's Time to Lead With Integrity By Leo Hindery

Eisner's Disney wing man, Jeffrey Katzenberg, was also involved in the whole Art Buchwald copyright infringement debacle:

In 1982, Buchwald wrote a screen treatment that was pitched to Jeffrey Katzenberg of Paramount, with the intention of starring Eddie Murphy, who was under contract to Paramount at the time. - Wikipedia

Katzenberg/Paramount later went on to infringe Buchwald's copyright, as written about in last month's Column, making $500,000,000 in ill gotten revenues.

Eisner's tenure brought in revenues, but simultaneously destroyed Disney’s name via the money at all cost philosophy that destroyed careers, defrauded many in the entertainment industry and exploited shareholders, who sued.

To people entering into business, do not adopt a win at all cost credo. It is not good and will become your undoing.

Because when it is all over, irrespective of your so called achievements, history forever will have recorded you as a dishonorable, disliked, avaricious person with no integrity.

All the money in the world can never buy back a good name – and your name is all you will leave when you depart this earth. Your name and what was connected with it – whether good or bad.

So, if you continue to live for the moment in temporary corrupt ventures, you do so at your own risk, as your legacy will live much longer than you do.

ENTERTAINMENT The Chronicles Of Narnia

The exploitative Disney Company, trying to emulate the success of the Passion of the Christ, has remade a DVD I recommended on this site a year ago, prior to them acquiring the rights to remake it, titled The Chronicles of Narnia."

It was one of Disney’s headquarters in Burbank’s many visits to this web site that the site statistics have recorded.

Disney has shown many times that they could care less about the Christian community. Many Christians and preachers have boycotted Disney for years for this very reason. Now, here comes this soulless attempt to capitalize on and exploit the Christian community. Once again, the conscienceless Disney smells money.

Disney cares so much about the Christian community that it shunned it for years.

Disney cares so much about the Christian community that they criminally stole a copyrighted script from a Christian writer, me, that was only in the Library of Congress, on my computers and in my home, two years before they stole a copy of it via hacking, and used said script of mine to make $150,000,000 in criminally gained revenues via the copyright infringing "Princess Diaries 2."

There are clear, traceable Madonna ties to the copyright infringing "Princess Diaries 2" and other infringing Disney projects, that came from my private, copyrighted catalog they gained criminal access to.

My script that they criminally procured a copy of and criminally used behind my back and without permission, that they removed all the Christian references from and used 26 scenes from, which accounts for most of the "Princess Diaries 2" running time, is more proof, in a long line of proof, of just how corrupt Disney has become thanks to Eisner and his underlings,  who are still at the company even though he has been forced out.

They removed the Christian references from my film script they criminally stole and turned it into the fluffy, stupid movie "The Princess Diaries 2."

That should show you just what they think of the Christian community.

They should be in prison for what they did. Hacking, corporate theft, invasion of privacy, using already copyrighted materials that do not belong to them, that are protected by US federal law and United Nations laws, criminal copyright infringement and dealing in stolen goods constitutes several felonies.

I am asking Christians to NOT go see the "Chronicles of Narnia." Let Disney and the demons who run it get their revenues elsewhere from secular audiences.

They have shown time and time again that they don't care about us. Disney, its devilish vulture Michael Eisner and his underlings, could care less about us. They’ve shown it with their actions one too many times.

ENTERTAINMENT Michael Jackson’s Beatles Catalog, Financials


It was reported that payment on Michael Jackson's part of the Beatles catalog has become due to the tune of $272,000,000. Many are speculating whether or not he will be able to make payment.

It seems to me, Neverland has been one of the greatest financial liabilities in Michael Jackson's life. This is clearly where a lot of his money went.

Neverland’s operating costs were estimated $1,000,000 a month. That's $12,00,000 a year, for something that really couldn’t be a tax write off. He bought Neverland in 1988. That’s 17 years at $12,000,000 per year = $204,000,000.

That’s in addition to his staff, his traveling expenses, divorce settlement, $20,000,000 legal settlement years ago ect…

No wonder he’s having financial difficulties.

ENTERTAINMENT When Controversy Overshadows Art

When controversy overshadows art it will prove detrimental. Some celebrities rely on publicity, good or bad, for PR, but it can backfire and prove damaging to their careers.

Some celebrities are stubborn, some are unethical, while others are mentally unwell in the public choices they make that leave others gobsmacked.

There was an article in the New York Times that questioned whether or not Tom Cruises image could be repaired. The horses have left the stable.

Madonna's involvement with Kabbalah cult has damaged her career, and with all the publicity and PR they are paying for to try to relaunch it, her career still has not rebounded to what it was and never will.

Michael Jackson's many controversies has undeniably damaged his career.

Even more recently, the squabble and scandal with Murder Inc and 50 Cent, finished off the label. 

Controversy isn't always a good thing.

RACE RELATIONS: Michael Jackson/Anti-Semitic Remarks

I was only planning on writing about Michael Jackson's financial situation, especially with regards to the Beatles catalog, but then this happened. But it ties right in.

Michael Jackson owes the Jewish community a serious apology for the anti-Semitic statements that have been attributed to him:

"They suck. They're like leeches . . . I'm so tired of it . . . they start out the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money, big house, cars and everything. End up penniless. It is conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose"

That statement was very unfair and unkind. I'm sure that over the last 40 years, many of his fans have been Jewish. In the 80's you had people of so many races, nationalities and ethnic backgrounds running around with one glove and red leather jackets.

I'm sure there are Jewish people who helped him make money as well. Michael's problem is free spending, which really isn't free.

In regards to the tape, if it is truly answering machine messages - and I don't know why someone would leave a message of that nature, especially a famous person, then it is legal.

However, if it is illegally recorded conversations (you can't record someone over the phone without telling them first. It is illegal), then that would be unlawful.

Either way, if it is Michael via legal voice messages or illegal recordings, an apology is warranted to the Jewish community.

RACE RELATIONS: Prussian Blue - White Supremacist Teenage Twins 


 Prussian Blue music duo sporting Hitler smiley face shirts in support of their admitted role model.

It’s truly sad to see kids with such blood curdling views. Their song titles, lyrics and quotes are filled with bigotry, racism and hate. Things that never should be uttered by adults, let alone children.

Prussian Blue and their family call it being proud of being white, but in actuality that is not what it is. They hate anyone who isn't Aryan, evidenced by the fact that they refer to black people as "mud people" who they do not speak to.

I am proud of being black, but I don't discriminate against other races. I don't hate other races. I'll be a friend to anyone who is a friend to me - irrespective of their race, nationality or social background.

You can love your race without hating others. The whole premise that you must hate other races in order to love your own is nonsensical and ridiculous. There are other underlying issues causing that hatred.

Such hatred at a young age is truly sad. Not so much for the people they discriminate against, who in this day and age really don't care, but for them to be so young and live with such hatred in their hearts. 

They were raised white supremacists, with a great level of contempt for anyone who is not full blooded Aryan.  Their parents recently moved from Bakersfield, California because it, "Wasn't white enough." 

I don't hate Prussian Blue or have any bad feelings towards them. I feel sorry for them living with such hatred, as it is not good for them emotionally or physically. It breeds anxiety, sadness, turmoil and illness.

A picture of a member of Prussian Blue with a younger sibling.

That's an adorable baby. An absolutely cute toddler, but it's sad to know that she will be taught ways filled with hatred, racism and bigotry as she gets older, when God didn't send her into this world that way. You aren't born a racist. It's something you learn and choose to embrace.

White supremacists are meticulous in their hatred. They only like blonde hair blue eyed people of Aryan decent, which means no Black, Jewish, Spanish, Italian, Asian and Indian people are acceptable - even if you are blue eyed with blonde hair. You are not considered white, unless you're truly Aryan. 

The ironic thing is the true Aryans weren't white. The word "Aryan" has been wrongfully used to classify blonde hair blue eyed people from British, German, Russian and Nordic descent: 

Word History: It is one of the ironies of history that Aryan, a word nowadays referring to the blond-haired, blue-eyed physical ideal of Nazi Germany, originally referred to a people who looked vastly different. Its history starts with the ancient Indo-Iranians, Indo-European peoples who inhabited parts of what are now Iran, Afghanistan, and India. -

White supremacists' meticulousness with regards to discrimination will extend into a person's genealogy. There was a link on the Prussian Blue web site that lead to the National Vanguard site, a notorious hate group. They made references to people's family names and wrote of who didn't have Aryan blood in them, even though their names appeared to be.

But what does your ideology amount to if blacks like me have Irish, German and English blood coursing through their veins. Have you not failed, then. That was rhetorical. I'm not asking you. I'm telling you. What does that say about your ideology that a black person, apart of the race you hate, could embody the Aryan blood you espouse, mixed with black blood. One of my great grandmothers was black and had blue eyes and light hair. If a black person can possess the traits you deem exclusive and superior, your racist ideals make no sense. 

You’re fighting a lost cause. There are black people around the world who are mixed with Aryan blood. They aren't white, but they have white blood in them. 

Jewish people like Gwyneth Paltrow are another example. She looks more Aryan than most, blonde hair blue eyed, the things white supremacists esteem, but she is Jewish. Clearly she is of Aryan descent (her mother), but she is also half Jewish. 

For white supremacists to be so proud of something in a bad way  to the point they scorn others, when among the people you scorn are individuals whose veins contain the blood you espouse, is proof that your beliefs are nonsense.

Some times in life it is okay to quit. This is definitely one of those times regarding white supremacy.

I remember a joke I heard on TV by John Legluizamo, where he said he told one of his relatives that they need to quit smoking and the relative replied, “No, I’m no quitter.” I thought it was hilarious, but it brings home a point…

Some times in life it is okay to quit – when what you're doing is bad.

That reminds me of another thing. Closeted non-Aryan Caucasian racists need to pay attention. According to white supremacists doctrine, you are not white. You must be blond, blue eyed and fair skinned with full Aryan blood in you. Dark haired, green eyed, hazel eyed need not apply. It is technically not white in their books. Therefore, you need to stop racially discriminating against others as well, considering you yourself are being discriminated against by white supremacists.

Non-Aryan Black, Hispanic, Asian and other races denying their backgrounds in trying to pass for white, pay attention. White supremacists say you are not white. They check your name, lineage and background.

In closing, all this discriminatory dividing people up into little groups is annoying, time consuming and ridiculous. Who's got the time for that. I mean, really. If you're doing that, you've got too much time on your hands. To live under such stringent rules of division and hatred must wreak havoc on the mind and soul. That is not healthy.

At the end of the day, all of it is really foolish, as the Bible says God looks at a man's heart, not his appearance.

This world is not yours. It belongs to God. He didn’t make any one race better than the other. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but not based on our race.

Loving and celebrating your race, culture and or nationality is fine, but hating others is not.

Remember, like I’ve said on the site before, no matter what color you are, black or white, Jamaican, American, British, French and every other country there is, just remember at the end of the day, I’m cuter than all of you (just kidding).

If you’re white, be happy. If you’re black be happy. If you’re Hispanic, be happy. Whatever race you are, be happy.

If you’re a Kaballahist or immediate counseling.

(that last line was a little joke, but it's got some truth to it).

SPIRITUAL Christianity The World Over

From Wikipedia:

"Christianity is a monotheistic religion recognizing Jesus Christ as its founder and central figure. With more than two billion adherents, or about one-third of the total world population, it is the largest world religion." – Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

There are many Christians around the world. A list of official censuses show this. Unified in faith in God and the belief in Christ, God's message of love has spread around the world.

Christianity the world over is amazing. I read a report in the TBN monthly newsletter about Christians in Iraq. They are Iraqi natives who have becomes Christians. It was great to see. They chose God from their hearts, not because anyone forced them to. And isn’t that what life’s about. The freedom to make your own choices.

By the way, that originated with God. He is not a tyrant. He gave every human being on this earth free will – meaning the right to make their own choices.

Sadly, sometimes as people we make the wrong choices, but with God, there are second chances – and like I love to say, and third and fourth and fifth…

The Bible says God understands our weaknesses. Meaning He understands that we are human and err sometimes. However, He can forgive. But He does want everyone to change what’s wrong in their life – i.e. bad behavior.

That’s because God knows bad behavior is going to hurt someone – even if that someone is just you.

Sometimes people do the wrong thing and say, “I’m not hurting anyone,” but a lot of times the victim is the person saying “I’m not hurting anyone.”

Men like to act like they are so tough, but sometimes the things they do that they aren’t supposed to, cause them emotional damage. However, they are afraid to show it. Or show it when no one’s watching.

Around the world, well except San Francisco, it’s not okay for men to cry. Ok, that was a little joke, but seriously it’s not considered okay in most societies – well, unless it’s a talk show (chat show).

While I’m not encouraging men to get in touch with their so called feminine side, newsflash: they don't have one, or to go down the street bawling. I am encouraging them to take those unresolved issues to God in prayer. It’s not good to have those issues bottling up inside you. Pray and ask God for closure and peace regarding them.

SPIRITUAL NY Rescue Workers in Pakistan

Recently, I watched a CBS news segment about New York rescue workers in earthquake devastated Pakistan. What they are doing is very commendable and brave, especially in light of the hostility Americans have faced in extremist Muslim regions. Their charitable efforts show the true American spirit. The willingness to help others. 

During the program, an injured Pakistani boy was brought back to consciousness using an iv and large foil type blanket of sorts - I guess to raise his body temperature (hey, don't look to me for a scientific explanation of what they did - I'm not Doogie Howser MD).

One of the rescue workers said he feels that as the children they helped get older, they will remember them for it. I think so too.

Hopefully, when the extremist anti-American indoctrinating starts as they grow, I pray they will remember all of you that helped them in how your team reached out to them in their time of need.

Having a good reference point, such as your acts of charity, can help diminish or at least cause them to later question the hate filled indoctrination they will encounter as they get older.


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