October 31, 2006

Volume 54

1. RANDOM THOUGHTS What's Going On With The Stingrays
2. RANDOM THOUGHTS Why Gay People Shouldn't Work In The Pet Department
3. ENTERTAINMENT People Who Left The House Looking Great This Month
5. ENTERTAINMENT “Fraggile Rock” The Movie
6. ENTERTAINMENT Just Thinking Out Loud…
8. CELEBRITY Britney Spears
9. CELEBRITY Justin Timberlake
10. CELEBRITY Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt
11. CELEBRITY Matthew McConaughey
12. CELEBRITY The Taxman Comes After The “Demolition Man”
13. CELEBRITY Beyonce
14. CELEBRITY Kabbalah Cult Member Paris Hilton Having Another Rough Month
15. CELEBRITY Kabbalah Cult Member Lindsay Lohan Losing It - Reportedly High
16. LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit
17. LEGAL FILE Robert Mueller (FBI)
18. LEGAL FILE Crossing The Line
19. TENNIS Breakfast Of Champions
20. SPORTS Pitcher Cory Lidle Killed In Plane Crash
21. SEISMOLOGY Earthquakes
22. SOCIAL Gay Rights
23. PHILANTHROPY Bill Gates And Warren Buffett Pledge To Eradicate Diseases
24. LOCAL NEWS Miami Shores Continues To Violate Homestead Law
25. NATIONAL NEWS Cruise Industry
26. NATIONAL NEWS More 9/11 Survivors’ Remains Discovered
27. INTERNATIONAL NEWS Al Qaeda American Terrorist Charged With Treason
30. SPIRITUAL The Irony

11-01-06 Update on the Madonna Lawsuit: her commissioned hacker is still hacking my computer and web site and has been resorting to corrupting the Firefox browser to get access to my computer. He keeps hacking, corrupting and destroying the Firefox application when I go online, deleting all the stored information, favorite sites list, passwords and stored data. Each time he does this, Firefox and sometimes, Internet Explorer gets corrupted as well, which allows him criminal access into my computer to further break domestic and international law and illegally copy its contents. Firefox Or IE, depending on which browser I'm using at the time of the hack, will freeze up and I involuntarily lose control of the mouse.

In 2003 I received a death threat that was sent to this web site threatening to come to Miami and harm me (which they later did in 2005, as listed in my lawsuit). According to Radar Magazine, in 2006, the Kabbalah center phoned in a death threat to a reporter's private cell phone as well for being too outspoken about their misdeeds. Using the IP address from the email death threat sent to this site, I traced it back to the same area as the Kabbalah cult in London. The hacks are tracing back to that same general area in London as well. All while the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller, sits on his butt and let these crimes continue.

RANDOM THOUGHTS What's Going On With The Stingrays

Stingrays are just stabbing people like gang members. What’s going on. First Steve Irwin (R.I.P.), now an 82-year-old South Florida man has been stabbed by a 3-foot stingray that leapt into his boat. Are they targeting humans now?

The Florida man underwent surgery and is expected to survive. Previously there were only a couple of death by stingray incidents, but they seem to be happening more frequently.

However, that didn't stop Bill Maher from mocking Irwin for Halloween:

Like I said in last month's Column, he's hit the pipe one too many times.

RANDOM THOUGHTS Why Gay People Shouldn't Work In The Pet Department

Funny Story: Yesterday, I bought 2 of 4 new fish mentioned on this month's Diary page for my fish tank. When I started picking out the ones I wanted at the store, the guy that works there tried to scoop one out with the net. Being gay, he was swishing and accidentally flicked the poor fish in the air and it landed under the display. That fish was under that display for about a minute or two, out of the water, on the cold ground, probably thinking he's a goner.

However, a lady who was also shopping spotted him and got him out from under the display, brushed the dirt off him and he was placed back in the tank. That poor fish looked so discombobulated after the episode. Before I picked him out, he looked so chirpy. After the incident, he had this "why me?" look on his face as he slowly sunk to the bottom of the tank.

Make it worse, a little girl, the lady's daughter, witnessed the whole fish flinging episode and started crying her little eyes out...LOUD! The little girl probably thought he killed flipper jr or something.

Then he actually turned around and asked me if I wanted that one, the fish he sent flying through the air and under the display, for what must have seemed like an eternity to the poor little fish. I was like, um, no! That fish looked like it needed CPR when he got through with it. 

And the moral of the story is...gay people should not be allowed to work in the fish department. That man almost committed vehicular fishicular homicide.

To wrap up this true story, here's hoping you have a better week than that fish has been.

ENTERTAINMENT People Who Left The House Looking Great This Month

Janet in Tokyo. Aisha quietly thinking about Chris Tucker calling himself “Blackie Chan” in that move. Just kidding:

Whitney's back and looking great, accompanied by the brilliant Clive Davis:

Singer Shakira - representing Columbia and Miami in a pretty way:

Halle Berry - out and about looking great with her handsome boyfriend, model Gabriel. Gabriel, I just want you to know, black men everywhere hate you, but it’s okay, because I love you. I'm just kidding:

Football player Reggie Bush - Reggie “love the kids” as the lingo goes. Reggie out signing autographs for high school kids who won a competition, looking as handsome and as sharp as he wants to be:

Rapper Nelly and TV personality AJ, both looking great (somebody de-BobMarleyed AJ's hair):

Nicole Kidman looking radiant:

Actor Paul Walker looking great as usual. That guy can wear anything and look great with that face:

The always beautiful Iman:

Miami Heat basketball players Shaq and Dwayne out with their wives looking relaxed and great - side bar: can these two make their wives look any shorter (just kidding):

Singer Ciara - that do is working. I like it:

Christie - gorgeous as always:


Suri: Xenu, is that you?

Seriously, I love that little baby, she's adorable.

CNN news man Anderson Cooper OUT and about town. Dude, don’t look so shocked, we know...and we know that’s not your cousin. Too late to dive behind the garbage cans now, mister. The paparazzi already got you (just kidding):

Another homosexual out for a walk (in the South homosexual is pronounced homosexshel):

"You know they say people resemble their pets? Well Paris Hilton is no exception" - Egotastic:

Sound Off Column Caption: I beg to differ. She looks like Dr. Evil’s pet.

Remember that deodorant commercial that went, "Raise your hands if your sure" - is she checking?:

ENTERTAINMENT “Fraggile Rock” The Movie

I read they’re making a Fraggle Rock movie based on the 80’s kids show. When I was a kid I used to love Fraggle Rock. The theme song used to rock. The problem was I thought Fraggle Rock was a real place. And since they were small I used to look for them…wait for it…under the couch. Needless to say, I never found them. They weren't real. Go figure. When I was a kid, I was smart with some things, but clueless with others -shakes head-.

It’s amazing, I knew Santa wasn’t real, but didn’t know Fraggle Rock wasn’t. And why didn’t my mother stop me. Aisha looks at her mom, “you could have told me they weren’t real! Do you know how many times I looked for them under that sofa!”

ENTERTAINMENT Just Thinking Out Loud…

In the music industry, is gold the new platinum. I’m just saying, sales on the whole are so low in the industry now. Executives are probably wondering will it ever return to the days when artists like Shania Twain and The Eagles cleared 20,000,000 plus copies of one record. 


Rap was started 30 years ago by a Jamaican immigrant DJ named Kool Herc. It is now a billion dollar industry that accounts for a huge portion of industry revenue. Herc was clearly influenced by the man my dad, a musicologist, said started rap music, a DJ named Count Machuki (Winston Machuki).

The first wave of rappers out of New York, like The Sugar Kill Gang, Run DMC, Dougie Fresh and Biz Markie, represented a fun, light hearted time for audiences.

Rap used to be fun for many. What happened? I ask this because I saw a clip of VH1’s 2005 Hip Hop Honors that invited rappers from the late 70’s and early 80’s to perform their older hits and it really is a serious contrast to what's going on today in rap music - in a noticeably bad way.

Everyone’s so hardcore and pessimistic now. Everything has gotten so bleak and morbid. Everything is I’m gonna shoot you, I got an AK47 and bazookas, women are hos, my car is bigger than yours and I got twenty more where that came from.

It’s like an endless loop of the same thing. Back then, on average, the most salacious thing a rapper might say was a girl has a nice behind (with the exception of certain stickered acts). Now it's graphic, pornographic lyrics talking about bodily fluids and expletive laced descriptions of the human anatomy.

How did rap, not just rap, music veer so far off course? And it's not like the music has gotten better. If you ask me, it's gotten worse. That musicality is missing now.

Rap went from group efforts at positivity such as “Self-Destruction” to me and my crew are gonna light you up, as a group effort.

What was once fun for urban kids and adults is now hardcore with rappers actually getting killed or shot, trying to live some lifestyle that was made up on wax in the first place (well, most rappers, not all).

C’mon, rappers hardcore gangsters? Yea right. I don’t remember Al Capone kicking in a door, pulling out a tommy gun, then reciting poetry, “to be or not to be, that is the question” before lighting someone up (rat a tat tat). Never happened.

But how did this happen in that music got to this point. If you look at what was coming out 20 years ago in comparison to what’s coming out now, you will see the startling contrast.

CELEBRITY Britney Spears

Well well well, looks like Brit Brit didn’t name her baby Sutton after a line of wine, after all, like I wondered out loud last month.

However, why hide the baby’s name and have all these papers, blogs and fans writing the wrong thing and sending well wishes. Why have them believing it was the child's name. It makes you look like a media whore. You’ve got fans proclaiming well wishes to the wrong baby name! Whose bright idea was it to mislead the public like this and to allow them to be misled for almost 2 months.

Spears Slammed For Being "Unhygienic"


Pop superstar BRITNEY SPEARS has been labelled a fashion failure in need of a wash by a guest judge on US reality TV show PROJECT RUNWAY.

TIM GUNN admits he finds the TOXIC singer "repugnant". He says, "Aside from looking as though she's just been dragged out from under a truck that tried to run her over, she always looks like she's in need of personal hygiene. "The whole package to me is just repugnant. Ugh!" - Contact Music

CELEBRITY Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake debuted his new collection of clothes called William Rast….and went out looking like Rasputin for it:

The unshaven look isn’t for everyone. It totally messed with the look.

CELEBRITY Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt are in India filming the Daniel Perl story, "A Mighty Heart." They originally wanted to film in Pakistan, where Perl was murdered, but did not receive clearance. It was announced that they want to adopt an Indian baby.

While in India, they've been out and about (it looks beautiful there):

CELEBRITY Matthew McConaughey

Rumors abound that McConaughey got back with Penelope Cruz, his former girlfriend (I don’t like her. Did she do anything you ask? No, but I don’t like her for the obvious!) .

How could you Matthew, after I gave you the best years months of my life Column. I’m just kidding.

ENTERTAINMENT The Taxman Comes After The “Demolition Man”

Wesley Snipes has been indicted on charges of failing to file tax returns for six years and double claiming taxes, which defrauded the government out of $12,000,000.

Apparently he hooked up with an accounting company that declared you don’t have to pay taxes on income earned in America, only abroad, so on the returns he did file, he listed a zero income, when he’s been making millions.

Oh the dangers of Negros looking for a hook up -shakes head-. Black people, we’ve got to stop this.

Dude, you better hide your IMDB page from them, cause they won’t believe you were an out of work actor. You should also hide your “The Numbers” page from them too, cause it said your films have grossed 1.2 billion dollars.


Beyonce was sued for copyright infringement...again...but won this time. However, Beyonce was not believed by AOL's Black Voices (or me for that matter, as she's been sued for stealing music several times before and taking credit for songs she did not write):

"Last week, she was fighting off rumors of her name being booed at UK's MOBO Awards. This week, the bleach blonde-tressed bootylicious diva is claiming a courtroom victory.

Last night, a spokesperson for Beyoncé Knowles' camp (worded carefully) released a statement from the multiple Grammy award winning superstar regarding the Sept. 21 dismissal of the copyright infringement case brought against her and the co-authors of the hit song "Baby Boy."

Judge Nancy Atlas ruled that Beyoncé and the other defendants (including Sean Paul, Jay-Z, Scott Storch, Robert Waller, and their respective record labels and music enterprises) did not infringe the copyright in plaintiff's song.

In response to the court’s decision, Beyoncé said "It’s unfortunate that lawsuits such as this one occur, but I am grateful and relieved to have this behind me and I am eager to move on."

A Minneapolis singer-songwriter named Jennifer Armour asserted in a lawsuit filed in July 2005 that her former manager, Marc McKinney (Theo Forrest), submitted demo recordings of her song “Got a Little Bit of Love for You” to Mathew Knowles (Beyoncé's pappy and President, Music World Entertainment), representatives of Beyoncé’s record label Columbia Records, and Sean Paul's label Atlantic Recording Corporation in early March 2003.

She soon discovered in the litigation, however, that the writing and recording of "Baby Boy" was substantially complete by February 10, 2003, approximately one month before Armour alleged that her demo was submitted.

Oh okay. By just less than a month. Hmmmmm.

But let's understand that the basis of the court’s decision, however, was not the fact that "Baby Boy" was in existence before the date on which theplaintiff’s demos were allegedly submitted to various people and entities affiliated with the the song's songwriters, mandated Knowles' spokeswoman Priscilla Clarke.

"Beyoncé’s attorney filed a motion for summary judgment in which he asked the court to make a side-by-side comparison of the plaintiff’s song and "Baby Boy." One of the key questions in a copyright infringement case is whether two songs are "substantially similar" to one another. The court made the requested side-by-side comparison and determined that no reasonable person could conclude that "Baby Boy" is "substantially similar" to the plaintiff’s song. In fact, the court wrote that the two songs are "substantially dissimilar" from one another.

Well alrighty then." - AOL Black Voices

Sounds like more music industry fraud, corruption and falsifying dates. Just like she took credit for coming up with "Crazy In Love" lyrics, music sample and all, when the producer had to come out after and say the song and sample was his idea that he'd had for a while, then gave it to her and Jay-Z.

Just like she is getting slammed on blogs for a remake of a Posh Spice song fans say she is currently misrepresenting as having been written by her (Beyonce), when it's a remake. That's in addition to all the stealing she did as was featured in last month's Column. Just like she took credit for inventing the word "Bootilicious" when it was in a rap song by Snoop Dog years prior to her naming a song the same thing ("What's My Name").

Trivia: did you know that Beyonce was sued for stealing "Survivor," "Independent Women," and "Baby Boy" - her biggest hits. The question is, what did you actually write?

CELEBRITY Kabbalah Cult Member Paris Hilton Having Another Rough Month

Paris Popped In the Face By Moakler

How many wives are gonna punch Paris Hilton in the face before she gets the message to stop messing with people's husbands. Shannon Doherty already punched her in the face, now it's being reported Shanna Moakler did as well.

In last month's Column, I wrote about Paris getting vulgar with Moakler's her husband, drummer Travis Barker, on a public bed in a night club. Paris has no shame.

While I don't advocate violence, I'm not gonna lie, I laughed when I read the story. The internet overwhelmingly cheered Moakler on and said Paris deserved it.

And true to form, as I wrote about in last month's Column, Hilton got a man to do her dirty work for her, in having her boyfriend Stavros attack Shanna. What kind of woman eggs on a man to hit another woman. That's disgusting, but shows your lack of character. Why can't you fight your own battles.

Shanna Moakler later said she didn't punch Paris and it was Paris' boyfriend who attacked her. Moakler filed a police report and Hilton later filed one as well.

One article stated the LAPD is exasperated with Hilton, with an officer commenting, "She's in here every week."

"Shanna Moakler: Paris Hilton Can Have My 'Sloppy Seconds"

“There are some women who are like that, they get off on that and they enjoy that. And if she wants my seconds, well, she can have them. Paris can have my sloppy seconds!”

Asked if there is chance of reconciliation between Shanna and Travis she replies:

"No, absolutely not. I don’t even know if us speaking to each other will happen for a very long time. He sees our kids on the weekends. Sadly, I have been through this before and I know the proper steps to take to make sure they stay healthy and confident and well-balanced.”

Certainly that 'sloppy seconds' line won't help." – National Ledger

Paris A Brand?

Promiscuous Paris insists she's a brand. Yea, so is Valtrex.

Paris Movies Bomb

A Paris Hilton film that was horribly reviewed went straight to DVD this month. This is her second movie bomb this year in addition to her bombed CD.

The City of Paris should sue you to stop using its name if you’re gonna keep putting out all this cruddy work, trying to pass it off as cinema and music.

"Paris Hilton Isn't Content with Destroying Music; Sets Sights on Film 

Paris Hilton hopes her new bangs will distract us from her horrendous new movie. Not so much.  

Paris Hilton is said to be desperately trying to distance herself from her second major film role because she wants to avoid looking like an acting failure. Sorry to break it to ya, Paris, but you're two movies too late.” - dose.ca

Paris Compares Herself To Princess Diana

Paris keeps comparing herself to the late Princess Diana, which has evoked harsh, but deserved, disses on the internet. Paris has made porn and is comparing herself to Diana. Okay, then. What’s next, you gonna call yourself the new Jackie Kennedy and gain a fresh new set of disses all over the internet.

In an unrelated story, Paris Hilton inadvertently flashed a bag of weed in her purse (Princess Diana my butt):

The Hilton Name

An over-weaved Hilton (who did your weave? Tinkerbelle?):

I read a news blurb where one of Paris Hilton's aunts was peeved at what she's done to the family's name, that really, never used to be clouded in this caliber of scandal and on a regular basis.

Why do you drag your family’s name through the mud like that. Before you, people just thought of the Hilton name as a chain of hotels. Now, thanks to Paris' efforts, all sorts of unsavory items have been attached to the name. She constantly goes around flashing her vagina at cameramen, to the disgust of the general public, gets high in public and drunk drives. Certainly she can do better than this.

Paris Mistaken For...Paris

Mystic Tan or Disstic Tan?

"Customer Insults Paris Hilton For Looking Like Herself - You know you've got it bad when you're insulted for looking like the princess of trash. Paris Hilton was recently left completely embarrassed after being mistaken for who other than herself.

The famous-for-being-famous star and Pamela Anderson were dining at Los Angeles' lavish Koi restaurant last week when another customer approached the heiress and apologetically said, "Don't take this the wrong way, but you look like Paris Hilton."

The New York Daily News newspaper says the embarrassed - and offended - heiress replied, "I am Paris Hilton." - All Headline News

Paris Snubbed Some More

"The encounter wasn't Paris' only social snub in recent weeks. She was reportedly banned from another A-list party recently.

Paris was told not to show up at the week-long Esquire Show House event in Los Angeles because organizers "don't want her type there." The access denial to the event came days after Paris was reportedly banned from a top New York celebrity hangout, the Gramercy Park Hotel.

The host apparently told his security team not to let Paris in because "the likes of Paris Hilton and her ilk are not welcome here."

Two weeks earlier, Paris was refused entry to Bungalow 8, in New York. She was told by security guards on the door that the club was "full to capacity." - All Headline News

"There are those times in life you get to start thinking that the world is in a downward spiral, and nothing can help. Famine, war, poverty, oppression, it makes you feel so helpless. Then you hear that Paris Hilton wasn't let into a club, and it just makes everything that much better."- Egotastic

CELEBRITY Kabbalah Cult Member Lindsay Lohan Losing It - Reportedly High

Aisha quietly humming that old reggae song, someone's been "pass(ing) the dutchie on the left hand side..."

At least when George Michael does this, he has the decency to fall asleep at red lights and wait his turn for the Police to wake him up. But noooo, not Kabbalahist Lindsay, she's wide awake flagging down cops. I'm just kidding, but they're not:

"Lindsay Out Of It - Who's Chasing Me? Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan had a rough morning Sunday – and by the looks of it, a pretty rough night, too.

At 6:45 am, a TMZ spy spotted Lindsay at Olive and Sunset in Hollywood, near a dog park. Lindsay was sitting in her parked black Cadillac Escalade and our spy, who was walking his dog, could see Lohan through the tinted windows, "freaking out" and talking on her phone.

Then, Lohan called our spy over and told him that two men in a silver Toyota 4Runner -- parked behind her -- had been following her for the last two hours, trying to "hit" her vehicle. Our spy reports that "she seemed out of it," that it appeared she'd been out all night, and that she'd clearly been crying, with mascara running down her face. "I've called the cops," said Lindsay of her alleged pursuers. "But the cops can't catch them."

What Lindsay didn't even realize in her reduced state was that the two men in the Toyota were actually paparazzi. Our spy saw them snapping away. And, he says, as their vehicle started to creep up on Lindsay's Escalade, she shifted into drive, hit the gas and took off. The paparazzi followed her."

Some public feedback from X17:

1. No, seriously Lindsay, do some more coke and stay up later. You aren't a trainwreck at all!!! Posted at 11:52AM on Oct 29th 2006 by Matt

2. amphetamine induced psychosis? Posted at 11:55AM on Oct 29th 2006 by beokitty

3. I can tell you she wasn't doing any drugs. She's just losing it. Posted at 11:59AM on Oct 29th 2006 by Lyndsay's crack pipe

4. In a perfect world, the police come and issue her a DUI. Why do the stars get away with this reckless behavior of putting others at risk? If you're going to harm yourself, fine, but hire a driver!!! Posted at 12:00PM on Oct 29th 2006 by RB

5. Wilmer once stated he was scared to drive with Lindsay cuz he she was a reckless and irresponsible driver. She will one day kill someone and pay the ultimate price that no cop can over look. She should be smart and get a driver. Posted at 12:14PM on Oct 29th 2006 by lindsay will kill someone with her car

6. I think she was drunk and looking for an excuse on why she was out at 6:45 in the morning, who the hell would want to chase her, the cops should have checked her blood alcohol level Posted at 12:24PM on Oct 29th 2006 by same **** different day

7. Piece.Of.Work. Posted at 12:30PM on Oct 29th 2006 by nellie

8. Lindsay's problem is she is only 20. She should not be allowed to be out at clubs drinking and doing drugs. If she was ever sober she wouldn't be making such a fool out of herself week after week reporting all these stupid stories! Posted at 12:56PM on Oct 29th 2006 by Whatever

9. she goes to the Ivy and shops on Robertson all the time, then complains about being followed. Blowhan, it's time to quit the drugs- they're making you paranoid. Posted at 12:57PM on Oct 29th 2006 by parissucks

10. Lindsay needs someone to chase her *** into rehab! Posted at 1:00PM on Oct 29th 2006 by Yawn!

11. #14 Are you for real?? Being 20 is the LEAST of Lindsay's problems. I know a lot of 20 year olds that don't make a complete horse's *** of themselves in public. Can we all say..REHAB?? Posted at 1:00PM on Oct 29th 2006 by T

12. Im sure it was a combination of drugs, drinks and late late late night partying gone too far. She will probably take something to get herself alert and show up at work with 2lbs. of makeup on. Posted at 12:15PM on Oct 29th 2006 by superstar

13. This is probably a stupid question, but I didn't realize Lindsay was only 20 years old...how is she able to drink in clubs...places like The Ivy...that's just ridiculous... couldn't these places lose their liquor licenses? Hey.....I already said it was a 'stupid' question, but I just don't get it. Posted at 1:32PM on Oct 29th 2006 by nellie

14. It's called "Hollywood Double Standard" and it's complete BULL. JO-JO got into Hyde and she's FIFTEEN Posted at 1:41PM on Oct 29th 2006 by parissucks

15. ....why so paranoid, kid? Maybe you should try staying home and watching a DVD. Isn't everybody sick of her immature, insane behaviour!? Posted at 1:56PM on Oct 29th 2006 by IhateLindsay


17. Well that's what booze and drugs will do to you. Posted at 11:49AM on Oct 29th 2006 by tattoo

Boy, these Kabbalah cult members are crazy, the two aforementioned ones, and the next one as well:

LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

Computer Specialists Certify My Computers Are Being Hacked

As mentioned last month, two security companies certified that my computers are being hacked. The following reports are about 2 computers. An HP from 2001 and a built computer from 2005, both have been used to create and store unreleased Copyrights that Madonna got her dirty, money grubbing hands on and started using.

Any specialist that looks at the computers or the extracted data comes to the same conclusion, your computers are being hacked.

This is what the first computer specialist wrote: (the "Computer Service America" company)

Critical state. 2 computers. Description below.

1. HP Pavilion 6830 - Has Trojan Horse. MSconfigx32, Windows files corrupted. Unable to burn CDs. Crashes. Firewall and antivirus bypassed.

2. Custom Built 2005 - Windows corrupted. Security compromised. Protection bypassed.

This is what the second one wrote: (The RESCUECOM.COM company)

1. HP 6830 64 MB RM. Virus activity noted. Cleaned out registry. Removed AVG antivirus. Adware found. Unable to install anti-virus due to lack of space.

2. Generic PC (2005 built) - Firewall intrusion detected allow netbios connectivity. Hacker activity detected. Level of hacking: 8 (1-10). Security logs were cleared to remove any traces of suspicious activity. UPREG.EXE found. installed McAfee antivirus. Installed Webroot Spysweeper.

Computer Specialists Reports On Hackings

The second specialist kept insisting there was some way this determined hacker keeps getting in my computer every time I'm online, so he installed Spysweeper to figure out how. Said program located two Trojans, both from New York Daily News authored content that was on my computer, giving the hacker continued access.

New York Daily News Trojans Found On My Computer

As I mentioned in last month's Column, this is the same newspaper I reported to the FBI back in April of this year, "as having printed a criminally obtained advance copy of my forthcoming book "50 Reasons Why Hollywood Stinks" changing it up a bit, printing it in the paper as a long article and attributing it to Madonna.

They obtained an advance copy of the book was procured via breaking an entry and stealing a copy of it that was on CD ROM, straight off my desk. Then a week and a half after I called the Police and reported the burglary, filing a report when I'd noticed the discs were gone, the contents of one of the discs containing the unpublished book, mysteriously surfaced in that New York newspaper, attributed to none other than sick in the head Madonna."

What started with Madonna stealing released work from this web site in plain view of so many of you, some of whom wrote me and asked me if I didn't notice she was ripping my work off, grew to her hiring a hacker to hack my computers, when I started mentioning on the web site that I've been working on all these unreleased projects.

They hacked the computer numerous times and copied my already copyrighted catalog of over 8,000 songs, several dozen movie scripts, a dozen book manuscripts, music video treatments and picture treatments, and she criminally began using them for her own projects and fencing off some items she didn't have the ability to fully use, (some of the) scripts, to her associates who all have clear financial ties to her. All my copyrights predate the rip offs that are mostly verbatim thefts, while others have slight changes in vain attempts to hide the thefts - as she has done to over 30 other artists throughout her shameful, fraudulent career (for article about her many thefts click here).

There is precedent for Madonna committing gross acts of invasion of privacy prior to this, as she has been sued for it three times before. In one case, a couple in Miami whose privacy she foully invaded, that sick old pervert, accused her of bribing the district attorney to not bring charges to the case. In light of what I have seen in terms of corrupt out of that Federal Court in Miami, what he said is noteworthy and is included in the film and book about all this, that will be realized internationally next year.

When I stopped putting new works on the computers that went on line, that's when the constant break-ins started late last year, where they stole copyrighted CD ROMs from my home studio with items on the discs later surfacing in the New York Daily News, among other places, all attributed to Madonna.

Defamer Lloyd Grove

Coincidentally, two weeks after last month's Column where I made that announcement, Lloyd Grove who defamed me in the article arranged by Madonna and co. was let go from the New York Daily News. I'm still going to sue them and him though, as you don't invade my privacy and defame me without some sort of public, legal ramifications, domestic and or international. Not gonna fly with me, dear.

I'm legally going after Roger Friedman as well, who also got in on the act, as sponsored by Madonna and co. I'm just waiting for the investigations I'm sponsoring to be complete. You know, the legal kind of investigation where you don't hack people's computers, hack their web sites, hack their email accounts, commit identity theft, wiretap their phones, steal their mail and pay people to harass, assault and stalk them in public, under the guise of being a PI, like Madonna's lawyer's man Anthony Pellicano did or like what transpired in the shameful HP case.

HP Scandal

HP CEO Patricia Dunn [Photo Credit: New York Times, Matt Richtel and Damon Darlin]

My dad saw that case on the news and said it reminded him of what happened to me (I went through and reported to the FBI several of the things mentioned in that case before it happened). When I saw it on the news I thought the same thing. You know what's ironic, the PI behind that scandal is also name Anthony (not Pellicano, another Anthony).

Clearly the PI's to the rich and famous are actively breaking scores of domestic and international laws in illegal surveillance campaigns commissioned by their clients with money to break the law. And make no mistake, these clients are fully aware of the crimes being committed to get them this information, but they don't care, because with Robert Mueller running the FBI, the likelihood of them going to jail for these serious human rights and financial crimes is next to none.

Don't Hold Your Breath

As I mentioned in a previous column, the British police investigator I spoke to about the case told me "Don't hold your breath" regarding the FBI doing its job. I should have finished the whole statement in writing all he said, but I didn't want to post too much of it. He said unless there is a large amount of financial loss, they (The FBI) don't pursue the cases, therefore I shouldn't hold my breath.

Sorry to say, he was right, as a month later, the second FBI agent that interviewed me, the lady named Mary basically told me the same thing when I asked what the procedure is in these cases. She said "we investigate it and turn it over to" the state attorney. She said the criteria for them (the state attorney's office, which is like the DOJ) taking the case and prosecuting it, is there being great financial loss.

People take note, just because crimes are committed against you, doesn't mean justice will be pursued.

Web Site Email Address Spoofed

Said commission hacker, made up (spoofed), an email address for this site and during the first week of October of this month, sent out hundreds of spam emails in the web site's name, saying who knows what. My hosting company and Spam Arrest confirmed someone created the fake email account and was sending spam with it from elsewhere, setting it up to look like it was from me, when it was not.


Before it was someone registering at MySpace under my full name and hosting a web site pretending to be me, writing who knows what on there. MySpace had to delete the fake account and give me my name back.


Before that it was a commissioned hacker, hacking the web site and removing the links to the Madonna article I wrote that listed all the works she's stolen from so many artists.

FBI Letter

As I wrote before, the FBI sent me a letter in July about my personal identifying information/data being compromised via computer in a crime and that they are investigating it, but amazingly they've said nothing about the stolen copyrights that mafioso witch criminally procured a copy of and is using.

Madonna & Guy Ritchie Steal Another Of My Films And Will Be Headed To My Homeland Jamaica To Shoot It

There's an unfinished song I copyrighted years ago as apart of my catalog of thousands of songs I have written, titled "Rude Boy." I also copyrighted a script that is apart of a trilogy about a federal agent, the Miami drug trade and the Jamaican drug trade. It was inspired by me being Jamaican and raised in Miami and reading about and hearing about what was and is happening.

My father has even sat in on cases and is a respected Justice of the Peace in Jamaica, which is a British magistrate. My father is even mentioned in a book by a well known drug dealer, who is currently incarcerated in New York, with him citing my dad when he worked for charity and was a mentor, as the only person who tried to keep him on the straight and narrow.

I authored a completely original script, creating fictional characters and story lines, in attempt to keep people on the straight and narrow as well.

This script was first copyrighted in 2001, with updates in 2002 and 2003. I even bought the internet name I came up with for the film a few years ago.

Now in 2006, Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie have ripped off the script I have owned for years, that they criminally procured via the commissioned hacking of my computers (as mentioned above) and changed the name to the song/title I wrote years ago "Rude Boy," which is a Jamaican term for a bad boy or a gangster.

Ask any Jamaican and they will tell you "Rude Boy" is a Jamaican phrase associated with the country's slang. Only Madonna and her husband are illiterately spelling it "Rude Buay" instead of "Rue Boy" crassly imitating how it is pronounced in Jamaican patois. Guy Ritchie is slated to direct - yes, which means it will be a stinker, cinematic garbage and flop.

From Internet Movie Database:

However, that dirty judge in Miami, Marcia Cooke, you know, the one cutting down terror suspect Jose Padilla's charges like she has Nelson Mandela in custody and not a man with Al Qaeda links, who even opened fire in traffic at a busy South Florida stop light (which is not normal for here), has empowered Madonna and co. via her corrupt decision in throwing out my copyright infringement case without even reading it, as the sign in sheets embarrassingly show, to do this foolishness in Jamaica, which will no doubt turn out badly. 

You know what the worst thing about this latest theft is, innocent Jamaican people could end up getting hurt or killed in crossfire because of these idiots, Madonna and co, arrogantly deciding they are going to a.) steal a script from a Jamaican and b.) go out to Jamaica to make a film about the Jamaican drug trade/gangs, who will not bat an eyelash in opening fire over that mess - an outsider, making a film about them, a film that they stole from a Jamaican.

Jamaican gangs aren't exactly known for being polite. Last year, the Jamaican government even ended up asking Britain for assistance in getting the crime problem with said drug gangs under control, because natives did not want to testify against them, and understandably so, for fear of being killed for saying anything about them.

But here comes this stupid, instigating, thieving witch and her dumb panty waist husband with the I'm-going-to-steal-a-script and go out to the island from which the person hails that I stole it from and shoot a film about the dangerous drug gangs and drug trade out there.

What's next, you gonna steal some music and writings from Shakira, then go to Columbia and shoot a film about the cartels.

Madonna is the textbook definition of a vagrant troublemaker. Plain and simple. Absolutely no morals, no decency, no character and no class. Money grubbing, corrupt and dirty. I would love to know what went on in her household growing up that turned out such a horrible human being.

Clearly the scandal and shame she created in Africa with the illegal adoption wasn't enough.

Security Company Calling My Home And Hanging Up

Now, we've got a music industry security company, with a bully name calling my unlisted home number, listening, then hanging up, as a form of harassment. My numbers are unlisted, we just moved, only had it for a few months, but this music industry security company is calling here, listening then hanging up. Please tell me how that's appropriate, ethical or legal?

Based on what the caller ID listed, it's Strong Arm Security. I took a snap shot of it and paid an investigative information company for the basic phone registration info for the number, which is registered to Strong Arm Security. When I looked them up online, they specialize in armed and unarmed security, investigations and risk management, catering to the music industry and famous people, and are apart of a gun club.

Once again, please tell me, how their conduct in calling here, listening, then hanging up, upsetting my mother, is appropriate, ethical or legal?

My parents are annoyed with this craziness and it's all being sponsored by the same lunatic. They both said the same thing, every week it's something else that she's paying people to do harassing me and they are tired of it.

All this stuff that's happened, from the commissioned  hackings to steal the copyrights right down to the stalker phone calls, can be traced back to her or an affiliate of hers, via IRS records, legal records, financial records and corporate filings.

But because the head of the FBI broke his oath of office to cover for the crimes she's been committing and that dirty judge threw out the copyright infringement case (as they do with 99% of the copyright infringement cases in the country brought by citizens against big corporations), this mess is being allowed to continue, by the people overseen by Congress, supposedly to maintain law and order and bring justice. Right.

Maybe international oversight is what is needed.

A Telling Deletion On IMDB

Remember a few months ago I wrote about script Madonna fenced to her partners called "Valentines Day" which ripped off my script "Valentine's Day In New York" copyrighted years prior to the thefts Madonna's been doing, through the illegally procured copies of my catalog of works she illegally commissioned, which I asked you to boycott when it comes out at a future date.

After the Material Girls boycott was successful and that film bombed, "Valentine's Day" was mysteriously removed from Madonna's thieving associate's resume, Katherine Fugate. It was on her IMDB page as a writer (which was fraud, as she did not write it), but now it has been yanked from forthcoming theatrical release by Warner Bros, Madonna's label, and switched to a lesser release on TV. Quite telling indeed.

I'll keep you abreast of what's happening with that one.

The White Van

In 2004 I bought a used white van to haul music and video equipment. In 2005, I wrote the van into one of my copyrighted scripts. The script notes stated that the van was to be done over (like on Pimp My Ride) and used in the movie as a surveillance van to watch criminals, with agents going into the van at different times. This script is one that was also on the hacked computers, as mentioned above, regarding how Madonna and co. illegally accessed and copied my unreleased copyrights and started using them.

Months later in late 2005, Madonna puts out a story and a TV show segment about a white van she bought and had fixed up to use in her music video "Sorry" that goes around town watching people then pulling them in the van.

In my script, I never specified the van was white (but the van is white and the South Florida vehicle title lists the color as white). How did they know it was white to rip off the idea in full, if they didn't commission a surveillance campaign of me and saw it in the driveway.

You know, that and the other crazy stuff like the 5 break-ins in a short space of time to steal copyrighted CD ROMs...and my neighbors seeing a mysterious white stretch limo circling the block and returning to sit in front of my house twice for minutes at a time to the point they called my mother to inquire what was going on.

Mueller's Inexcusable Conduct

As I wrote in the June 2006 Column, Mueller was sent a formal complaint about this case, along with a copy of the lawsuit in September 2005, registered mail, with post office confirmation that they signed for it, but he never responded.

Furthermore, he did nothing to stop the crimes being committed in the case, which in tandem with that judge's corrupt decision in the case, that's now reached the Supreme Court phase, created the optimal environment for the crimes to get worse and worse, which is a violation of their oaths of office and a Congressional bill that has been proposed regarding FBI Negligence (Bulger case).

Most of you have undoubtedly read about the Mark Foley Congressional Scandal, where said politician was having cyber sex with underage Congressional male pages.

C.R.E.W. out of Washington D.C., reported this to Mueller in July, sending him the inappropriate emails as proof of misconduct, one month after I warned in this Column that this man is criminally negligent and his philosophy in running the FBI is "shoot the messenger" bringing the bad news.

Wouldn't you know, he sat on those emails C.R.E.W. presented him with as evidence against the famous politician and let kids in Congress continue to get sexually harassed by a sexual predator.

It wasn't until C.R.E.W. went public with the story this month and pointed the finger at Mueller for sitting on it, then lying to cover it up when the story broke, that an "investigation" was put in motion by Mueller. However, first he tried to say the emails were fake, also known as a cover up.

As you know, Foley has since resigned and fessed up to misconduct.

In light of this, how does that make Mueller's conduct look. Another piece of the puzzle regarding this man, who is inexplicably in charge of the FBI.

My family and I wondered how he could ignore my formal complaint with Madonna committing such serious misconduct and a whole year later, allow her to continue commissioning this thoroughly reprehensible misconduct and breaking the law. As this latest scandal shows, it's just his way.

You report a famous entertainer or famous politician, he will investigate you, the victim, before the criminals.

C.R.E.W. sent him the emails and a complaint in July and he sat on it trying to protect a sexual predator that was preying on kids in Congress. That’s all I needed to know about you. Good people don’t do things like that. Animals do.

This should not have been a political issue. Shame on the Democrats who knew and were waiting to use it as political ammunition and shame on the Republicans who knew and didn't stop it.

It should not have been a partisan issue. It should have been a protect the kids issue.

Sexual predators breed more sexual predators via their young victims that often turn around and do the same things to innocent kids when they get older. Foley has said a priest molested him. Then when he got older turned to sexually harassing teenage boys.

That’s another thing, the Catholic Church needs to do a round up, with extensive interviews, and flush out every last pedophile. Turn them in. This cannot be made to continue.

But what was Fuhrer Mueller’s (that rhymes) approach to this - cover it up and let the kids take one for the team because a famous member of Congress was involved.

He’s starting to make Hoover look like Mother Teresa (hey, the latter two did both wear dresses - sometimes the most unlikely people have things in common).

How would he like it if an inmate started emailing and sending him sexually predatory emails. You know, if that Congressional bill about FBI negligence actually happens and Mueller goes to prison for all his crimes against the Constitution and betrayals of the American people via his cover-ups and lies:

Dear Robert Roberta

Toodles, I’m Lady Buck, inmate number 21345. I saw you in the prison yard today exercising and the way the sun hit your face really set off your salt and pepper hair, which totally complimented your black and white stripe prison issue jumpsuit. You were totally matching. I like a man who can coordinate.

I also saw you in the library last week and thought, boy, he must work out. Look at his bicep curl as he reads a copy of “Running The FBI For Dummies.”

I like you, tell me if you like me too. Check yes or no. Write back soon.

Did you dream about me last night?


Lady Buck

OK, that was wrong (Aisha quietly laughing) but you get my point. To those of you who read the Foley emails, and if you didn’t, I don’t recommend you do, these kids were subjected to some very inappropriate cyber sex that is illegal.

If it were him he would not like it. But it’s okay that it happens to the kids because the perpetrator is famous and it would breed a big scandal if the public found out the truth.

But let a normal taxpaying American post something online remotely dissenting and he will have a parabolic mic on you, scan your bank account, wiretap your line, read your emails, investigate your dog fluffy and hang you upside down in the town square quicker than you can say Fuhrer. Politician tries to fiddle with the kids, he lets it slide.

Right. There’s a problem there.

After Mueller leaves the FBI, what kind of legacy is it going to have. He has tarnished the agency’s name and its still happening. All these scandals and revelations about him…that keep coming out. From articles about the computer system to lying about 9/11 to trying to cover up the Foley scandal.

Someone like that should not be running the FBI. How many other crimes has he covered up that people don’t know about?

And this is who is in charge of the country’s security and law enforcement - Forest Gump. It’s pretty messed up, Mueller, when the public has trouble distinguishing you from the criminals.

Innocent people could die because of his lackadaisical attitude in pursuing justice - not just here, but in other countries as well.

He actually believes, as was reported by the BBC, that you don’t need experience in Muslim, Arab or Islam studies to fight the war on terror. He went on record saying that.

Is he insane. How are you going to fight an enemy you barely know or understand? You just gonna blow up people, civilians be damned, until you get to the right people you’re looking for. Because that’s not gonna work.

As for the Muslims we do have on our side…he reportedly retaliated against the highest-ranking one in the FBI, denying him promotion. You know, if you are gonna treat every Muslim like an enemy, they just may give you your wish - and many innocent people may not live to regret it.

You need to learn integrity, diplomacy, intelligence gathering and take some racial tolerance classes.

Supreme Court Filing

I will post the Supreme Court filing on the lawsuit page in a few days, along with other case files.

Madonna Finds Out The Hard Way She's Not Angelina Jolie - Baby Abduction Adoption

You know what’s sad, that baby would get more food in Africa than he would in Madonna’s anorexic household of no meat, no diary, no TV, no newspapers and no fun. Her children look miserable in pics.

Not only does she steal copyrights, songs and films, she also steals babies.

CNN reported “worldwide Madonna bashing” over adoption and rightfully so. People referred to it as "human trafficking" and "kidnapping. People were openly calling her "baby snatcher" "vampire" "baby thief" and "kidnapper."

People on numerous internet sites have flat out accused her of "bribing the judge" to let her break the law and commit human trafficking. Can't say I'd be surprised, considering what I've witnessed in Miami regarding Madonna and the legal system. 

She was accused in the press of stealing the baby before the adoption could be challenged by the Malawian children's rights group who are advisors to the court, "Madonna had the child flown out of the country to London before the case could take place." How slimy and underhanded.

There was one poster I agreed with who said they let the devil adopt that baby when they let her take him out of there and in violation of the law. Considering her track record, Madonna the child choker, I shudder to think what that kid is in store for.

He was like a little sacrificial lamb so his village could get money to eat and she publicity. If she cared anything about them, she wouldn't have broken up his family, as the boy is not an orphan, he has family that visited him every week at the orphanage.

However, she needed the latest fashion accessory for publicity and that couldn't happen with the baby in Malawi.

I don’t have a problem with a white person adopting a black child. I don’t have a problem with a black person adopting a white child.

I do however think it highly inappropriate and disgusting that any person in a sick cult, who clearly exerted some undue cash bribery again influence to flout the mandatory legal 18 month waiting time/18 months of Malawian residency, should not have been allowed to take this poor child out of the country.

Madonna has done things that shows she is evil, a danger to the community and psychopathic. She has an explosive temper that is well known in the entertainment industry and is a dirty old pervert.

She should not have been allowed to, essentially, steal and smuggle a child out of a foreign country - in open sight of the watching world, who strongly condemned her for it across the board. Angelina, you are not.

This woman was sued for choking a 10-year-old New York boy name Keith Serrantino in one of her psychotic rages because he kept asking her for an autograph on her day off. Look it up. Anybody who could choke a kid is despicable.

She also choked Dick Clark’s son and commissioned the choking of another person. She is clearly evil and sick in the head.

And never mind she had a nasty relationship with a 16-year-old boy when she was 25 that was the nephew of her first manger, who had to break them up, literally (she was caught making out with the boy - that’s sick).

And to the people trying to present her as a good mother and defending her conduct, let alone a good human being, are you crazy? You’re just as bad as she is if you can defend that conduct.

You don’t know what goes on in her household, but you do know the foul example she sets in public and her legal track record of stealing, invasion of privacy and assault on a child, which speaks to the horrible person she really is.

Not to mention the stuff she is passing on to her kids…

In behavior she unquestionably learned from her mother, her daughter was caught, in an unguarded moment, trying to choke her little brother. I don’t know about your household, but that’s not normal.

And this is who Mueller at the FBI kept quiet regarding and let her adopt a poor, defenseless child, knowing what they know about her and that sick Kabbalah cult. And if I have all this evidence showing she's been committing crimes, and they claim they are investigating what happened in my case, they should have a lot more than I do, with access to subpoenas of email, mails, computer records and phone records, coupled with other investigative means open to the FBI.

Mueller knows the things she's gotten up to and sat quietly letting this criminal adopt an innocent, defenseless child from a foreign country. If anything happens to that baby, I hope Congress imprisons you and every government employee that sat on any evidence, for keeping quiet.

There should be a law to protect kids from being adopted by people known to be breaking the law. Then again, Mueller didn't even care about white underage kids in Congress being sexually harassed, why should he care about a little foreign black baby.  


"This child should be left with its family. The child's father doesn't realise he has handed through ignorance, this child over to the devil herself! She is using fame and fortune to bamboozle people that she cares. It's all for her own glory!" - Carol Davis, Glasgow

The child is not a commodity, I hope he is returned to his country. - Cait A, Dublin, Ireland

"Oh right, Madonna got her assistant to deliver new baby with latest crate of Kaballah water. Probably a good call to wait until that whole controversial world tour offending full nations of people ended to start this "evaluation" process, eh, Madge?" - Mollygood


She did it for publicity and nothing else. On day one when she came back and didn't know she was being bashed all over the world for breaking the law and essentially kidnapping that baby, when she came out of her house that morning, the pictures showed her smiling like wow, the paparazzi are interested in me again, take that Angelina:


By day two when she found out she was being bashed all over the world for human trafficking, the crazy attention whore grin turned to grimace:

"By Malawian law, adoption of a child by a foreigner is illegal unless the foreigner has resided in Malawi for 18 months. The High Court granted Madonna an interim order approving the adoption, under the condition that she be monitored over the next 18 months. 

While Malawian human rights advocates have cried foul, the case of Madonna's adoption has stirred a fierce debate, both in Malawi and across the continent, about whether money and influence have once again set aside the rule of law in a poor country....

"The government people told me it would be a good thing for the country," said Mr. Banda. "They said he would come back educated and be able to help us." 

"This is a huge concern for us: if you stretch the rules for one person here, then what do you say to the next?" says Joan van Niekerk, national coordinator for Childline, a Johannesburg-based advocacy group for children's rights. "Rules exist to protect children. Some people do have a genuine desire to help children in need, but you also have a so-called 'fashion of adopting,' among celebrities. These people are role models, so if a role model steps outside of normal procedures, what message are you giving out?"

In Malawi itself, Madonna's adoption has become a rallying cause for child and human rights advocates. The Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC), an umbrella of civil society groups, has filed a motion in court to ensure that Madonna's adoption procedure followed the letter of the law.

"A Malawian and a non-Malawian do not occupy the same legal position, and we are not discriminating against anybody," says Justin Dzonzi, the chairman of HRCC. "The law makes no exception on who can adopt a Malawian kid."...

That, of course, is exactly what worries child rights advocates such as Ms. Van Niekerk. "Procedures are there to ensure that we reduce incidences of children being trafficked, to reduce the incidences of children being separated from their parents," she says. "This is why we have rules."

Patricia Nambewe, a banana vendor, thinks otherwise. She says it's "pathetic" that in this era, people can be conned into "selling their children to the rich."

Local journalist Lastone Kuyewawa is worried about the message this adoption sends. "As a nation we must not set a bad precedent by allowing people, because of their status in society, to break the statutes and get away with it," he says.

"We are showing to the world that our poverty has extended to the brain." - CS Monitor


“The Rev Nicholas Henderson, Bishop Elect of the Anglican Diocese of Lake Malawi, was similarly critical, saying: "It is hard to understand why it is necessary for Madonna and her husband to remove a child from his father with a view to adopting him and bringing him up in what will be an alien environment. This flies against Malawian governmental policy as well as what might be construed as natural justice.

"I am acutely aware that Malawians themselves whilst pleased that interest is being taken in their country's needs are at best perplexed and at worst angry at what looks like yet another example of Western and indeed American colonialism muscling in to 'do good', seemingly oblivious of local opinion and culture." - The Telegraph UK


Madonna Adoption Challenged By Father

"Had they told us that Madonna wanted to adopt my son and make him her own son, we would not have agreed to that," Banda said in his local language of Chichewa" - Yohane Banda

The High Court in Lilongwe will later this week start hearing the case lodged by the Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC), an alliance of 67 human rights groups, which argues current Malawi laws forbid international adoption, even by celebrities. - ITV

Went On Oprah Winfrey Show, Which Failed To Stop the Backlash

Madonna leaving crisis management company, before rehearsed appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show:

After her appearance on Oprah, where she appeared to be reading from prepared statements, in a ridiculous imitation of a British accent, she was still getting bashed on major web sites via public feedback. From TMZ:

1. I didn't have an opinion one way or another before today, but after seeing the interview from the look on her face and the way she responds to orkas questions, it apprears that she's loving every second of this. Posted at 12:22PM on Oct 25th 2006 by yo momma

2. ***k Oprah and Madonna. Oprah makes me want to gag. Most celebrities make me want to gag. Lurrleen Posted at 11:06AM on Oct 25th 2006 by Prnzez

3. you blame everybody but you, its called buying a kid, and in America its against the law, nobody to blame but yourself Posted at 11:08AM on Oct 25th 2006 by Adopt a kid in America

4. Madonna's flagging career, what bandwagon will she jump on next. Let's face it, Oprah wasn't going to have her on her show for crucifying herself on stage, so she has to think of something, and what better than this right. Smooth move Madonna, although it's almost as transparent as half your wardrobe, I still got to give you Kudos, you have staved off the imminent reality show, and game show appearances for yet another year! Posted at 11:25AM on Oct 25th 2006 by CraigyBoy

5. I wish she would just go away! Everything she does just reeks of publicity seeking desperation. I guess an African child is now THE must have accessory this season. Yuck! Posted at 11:15AM on Oct 25th 2006 by madonna is a hag

6. Oh pleasssse! Stop taking youself so seriously Madonna. I think all that Kabbalah water has gone to your head. Your voice has always sucked and you look more like a tranny every time I see your pie hole yapping. **** off! Posted at 11:32AM on Oct 25th 2006 by shut the **** up madonna

7. Madonna, fake religion, fake British accent, fake orphan, why not supporting the father, so he is able to raise his own child, why taking it away from him???. This is not an orphan, she adopted. Posted at 11:36AM on Oct 25th 2006 by love

8. Madonna thinks way too much of herself. And whatever happened to adopting children here in the US? I don't get it, why is it that "stars" choose to adopt from other countries. Why not help the kids here??? Is it because it's exotic? I guess so...

It's too bad because there are so many children here with ****** up lives too... They don't have food or money, or people to care about them either, or even a stable roof over their heads. So sad.Posted at 11:45AM on Oct 25th 2006 by HLM

9. Guy wanted more children. Why didn't Madonnat get a younger egg implanted and have Guy's biological baby? Or, why not allow a surrogate womb to carry Guy's baby? Madonna's new purchase will have to earn his keep with another series of phony children's books on African babies coming soon from Big M and a whole new project of African inspired children's clothes. This is not about love, but commerce. Posted at 11:52AM on Oct 25th 2006 by Victoria

10. Wow! She is one unattractive, weathered, irrelevant, desperate old HAG! Posted at 12:46PM on Oct 25th 2006 by Nick

11. I think madonna saying "shame on" anyone is patently hilarious. shame on you madonna for all your nasty antics in the 90s and you should be flogging yourself for life instead of chastising anyone else. the only reason she went to kaballah is so she wouldn't have to repent for her many nasty sins. Posted at 12:56PM on Oct 25th 2006 by CP

12. At first I thought this was great. I still think it's great that she saved a child from poverty. Even if the nanny raises him he has still been saved. BUT, on another site they say Madonna said they made up their own rules as they went along? WTF is that? She shouldn't get to make her own adoption rules. Posted at 1:05PM on Oct 25th 2006 by I don't know

13. by Confused,Apparently Angelina followed the rules. Madonna made her own. Posted at 1:08PM on Oct 25th 2006 by I don't know - TMZ

Mocked By Director Vincent Gallo, Called A "Psychopath"

"October 25, 2006 -- Asked to comment, Vincent Gallo... told Page Six: "With the psychotic, middle-aged Madonna out there on the loose buying up all the stolen Negro babies in Africa..." NY Post

Slammed By Sharon Osborne

Sharon, 53, told US radio host Howard Stern: "It's like getting a Louis Vuitton handbag."

"It's a crock of ****. If she wants to help the kid she should have got the father a little trade going, a fruit stand or something like that and built him a mud hut."

"If the kid is sick then get him a doctor, what was the father supposed to do, he can't read or write."

She added: "She should have left him in his own culture, that is what I say."

"Madonna should have given the money to an orphanage, got them a 24-hour paramedic. She bought a baby."

The coalition of rights groups says the government broke its own laws which forbid adoption of any Malawian child by a non resident by granting Madonna interim adoption rights" - Daily Mail

Madonna Being Mocked By Blogs

(Sound Off Column caption) Baby: I got more food than this in Africa. Macrobi what?

"What is up with that braid in Madonna's hair? Is she just trying to be youthful at age 70 or has she decided to start in on her next fashion phase?" - Starfruit Blog 

"Madonna's back in the states to parade around her new baby. Look for her to infest morning talk shows this week." - Mollygood

Madonna Lied That The Adoption Was Legal

"Boniface Mandere, of Eye Of The Child, a local child protection society involved in the challenge, said: "The court seems to have made a decision based on Madonna’s wealth.

"But being a good parent is not about money - it is about caring, having heart, it’s about love."

Malawi law requires would-be parents to live in the country for a year while social welfare officers investigate their ability to care for the child. Non-residents are not allowed to adopt children - but these rules appear to have been waived in Madonna’s case." - The Times UK

Boy's Father Did Not Want Adoption And Was Conned

They further lied to the man whose son she adopted. A human rights organization also said he didn’t understand that he lost custody, as he can't read or write.

He was told the baby was being adopted by a “nice Christian lady.” When was Madonna ever nice, a Christian or a lady. They didn’t tell him it was actually a “mean devil harlot” (opposite of what they said) who is the whore of all whores, trafficking adopting the baby. And you know she told them to tell the unsuspecting man that she was "a nice Christian lady."

"Father: I didn't want Madonna adoption"

LIPUNGA, Malawi (Reuters) -- The father of the Malawian boy Madonna plans to adopt added a fresh twist to the saga, saying he never intended his son to be adopted by the pop diva, but only for her to raise the child on his behalf.

In an interview with Reuters Television in his home village of Lipunga on Saturday, Yohane Banda said Madonna asked that she be able to raise his one-year-old son on his behalf, rather than that the child should become her own.

Banda's statement is a major shift from his earlier remarks last week when he railed against human rights groups that have gone to court to stop Madonna from adopting his son David.

"Had they told us that Madonna wanted to adopt my son and make him her own son, we would not have agreed to that," Banda said in his local language of Chichewa.

"It would have been better for him to continue staying at the orphanage because I see no reason why my child should be given away forever when I can feed him," he said, speaking at his village of Lipunga near the Zambia border late on Saturday.

Madonna, 48, has angered rights groups with her plan to adopt young David Banda, who left his native country on Tuesday last week for the entertainer's home in London after she was granted temporary adoption rights by Malawi authorities.

Banda told Reuters he signed papers he could not understand, but government officials assured him that the agreement was similar to what he had with the orphanage -- to nurture and educate the boy but not take him away for good.

"I cannot read and write so I relied on what the (government) officials told me that the papers said Madonna would look after the child the way the orphanage planned to educate him and then he comes back to me," Banda said.

Asked if he had any copies of the agreements he signed with Madonna, Banda said: "I am still waiting to get my copies."

"What we agreed with Madonna was that she looks after my child until he finishes school, becomes independent and comes back home to us," Banda said. – CNN

Madonna Lied About David Being An Orphan

An article in the Daily Mail and several other papers states that the boy, David Banda, is not an orphan. His father is alive. I guess it was more dramatic to write that in the press release announcing the abduction adoption.

Madonna Lied That David's Mom Died Of AIDS

An article in the paper also stated the child's father said, "I'll never escape stigma of Madonna's AIDS 'lie." Madonna was trying to match Angelina's adoption of Zahara Marley in every detail and clearly lied to punch up the story.

"The father of Madonna's adopted orphan has dismissed as a lie the singer's claim on TV that his wife and other children died of AIDS.

Yohane Banda, 32, whose wife died aged 25 after giving birth to 13-month-old David, says he will now have to live with the stigma.

The African peasant farmer also denied the superstar's allegation that he had never visited his son at the orphanage, to which he was entrusted at the age of two weeks." - Daily Mail

It was also revealed a South African couple was interested in adopting David, which would have kept him in his culture, but vulture Madonna swooped in and trafficked him out of there. 

Madonna's Motives Questioned

"Madonna adoption plans trigger broad backlash"

Madonna's motives have been questioned, as commentators wonder whether the 48-year-old is imitating other "A"-list stars.

The debate about the adoption has inevitably moved to the Internet, where similar concerns are being aired.

"To take him away from his father is cruel and selfish, an act designed to provide Madonna with favorable publicity," wrote one contributor responding to an opinion piece in Britain's Observer newspaper that was strongly in favor of Madonna.

"That child will grow up to resent her for taking him away from his natural parent."

Jolie has adopted children from overseas and Africa has become a major draw for celebrity campaigners including Gwyneth Paltrow and U2's Bono.

"I think in her mind she thinks she's doing the right thing and putting her money where her mouth is," said Michael Musto, a celebrity columnist for the Village Voice in New York.

"But I think the cynicism is coming from the fact that this looks like a copycat of Angelina's actions and Madonna seems to view an African orphan as the latest hot accessory."

Another raw nerve exposed by the adoption story has been what outsiders view as the special treatment given to Madonna because of her wealth, fame and power.

Malawian law bans adoptions by non-residents, but officials are granting an exemption to Madonna.

"The rich shouldn't get preferential treatment. I am fine with the idea of the adoption but I want people to go through the system," said Emmie Chanika, director of the Civil Liberties Committee. - Washington Post

Overwhelmingly Negative Public Feedback On The Adoption Reflects Backlash:

1. She left a $3,000,000.00 bribe to get past the countries judicial system. It’s to be used for “HIV” research wink
Posted by Chin Lee 3 on 10/16 at 02:52 PM

2. She’s just doing as a publicity stunt! even her husband said it. I can’t stand Modonna..British accent my ***! Posted by Angelia123 on 10/16 at 01:00 PM

3. Guess she couldn’t find the time to go pick up the new “child” herself - had to send a bodyguard, huh? Gee, this is starting off well. At least Angelina’s kids get kid glove, hands-on Mommy treatment from her. This poor little fellow appears to be just the token black child to keep her in the news a bit longer. God bless him.Posted by LRM216 on 10/16 at 01:04 PM

4. So true Angelia123 and LRM216....I totally concur with you both. Guess she was busy doing something else much more important so the bodyguard had to go get her new child. Years down the road I don’t think it will matter to little David that he rode to his new home in a private jet, just that his new celebrity mother was too damn lazy to go pick him up herself. What a crock. Posted by vtgal on 10/16 at 01:12 PM

5. I agree with you Angelia123, LRM216 and vtgal. These good deeds seem to be publicity attempts and it really pisses me off. ( I don’t KNOW that of course, but this poor kid doesn’t seem to be priority one here...)Why can’t they do unpublicized good deeds? If someone finds out about it and prints it, whatever. But it seems like they call every paper in the US “look at me! I’m adopting a child! Ain’t I just a fantastic person? Cough* BUY MY CD* Cough” Posted by EvilCutie on 10/16 at 01:19 PM

6. while madge will be able to give this kid a much better life than he could have in Malawi is sickens me that even the most basic laws can basically be cast aside for the rich *****es of the world.

7. and is adopting a baby from another country the new fad for aging female celebs...like carrying a tiny dog and never putting it on the ground was a big trend for the 20-something and tween starlets last year? Posted by Gambitgirl on 10/16 at 01:52 PM

8. While there is no doubt that this little boy will have a very charmed life it is a shame that she has PROBABLY done this for the publicity. Yes, even Guy said that himself. Everything she has ever done has been about shock and publicity. I just hope that this child is loved no matter what her reasons are. Posted by wtjo on 10/16 at 03:29 PM

9. Madonna is a shameless pig! Such a freaking hypocrite....what astonishes me is that nobody ever questions these ******* about what they preach and then how they act. This little boy will have a “charmed life” no doubt; but if she really cared about this boy’s plight, she would have also adopted his father too, who, BTW, will probably die in a couple of years.

She could have sponsored this family directly for life with the money that she used to bribe the gov’t . But no she needs to have an African child; almost like a trophy to show around the world. PIG! PIG! PIG! She took this boy from his father and in the process destroyed any ties that he will have with his ethnicity and culture. Madonna will give him to the nannies raise him in her ****ed up culture and with her ****ed up values. Posted by LunaM810 on 10/16 at 10:38 PM

10. Ok it looks kind of funny with her having a black child strapped to her back like it’s a new purse. Nothing wrong with the color issue, but it seems that it’s the new thing now....adopt a pet. Posted by AgentHollywood on 10/16 at 11:13 PM

11. Re: the possibility that she used US legal system: It sickens me when stars talk ***t about America, move somewhere else, and then - when its convenient or suits their selfish ambitions - evoke their “American-ness” again. ******g hypocrites.
Posted by Mizz_DeMeaner on 10/17 at 02:19 AM – Hollywood Rag

Madonna Slammed In Cutting Article

Angelina Can Eat My Ashes

Dear Madonna,

You are no doubt dismayed by the public outrage that has greeted your decision to adopt a baby boy from Malawi - a country that most people in the West probably only know from the ad campaigns of charitable organizations showing sickly babies covered in flies, while being watched over by your former wedding guests, now sockless and stubbled with earnest three day beards. I imagine that you are shocked, truly shocked that anyone would question your decision to remove a child from such unimaginable suffering as having Bono and Bob Geldof breathing down his crib.

And what kind of person would condemn someone so young to a life of grinding poverty, especially someone with millions at her disposal; a loving "mammy" who will tote her little 'mchanga' around in a 1,200 thread count batik Snuggly specially designed for him by Tom Ford himself, and provide him with every consumer item under the less skin-damaging sun.

Little David Banda is the luckiest boy in the world, you repeat to yourself 666 times a day while fiddling with your little red thread bracelet, because that's how every self-serving mantra eventually becomes truth. It's written in the Khabible. One minute little whats-his-name is languishing in a overcrowded, under funded orphanage in one of the poorest nations on earth, and the next minute he's soaring over the ocean in a private jet to make his new home on a palatial English estate, where he will be tended to by a complete staff of servants and diapered in monogrammed Pampers.

You have even sweetened the deal with a complete DVD box set of 'The Lion King' so that he can immerse himself in African culture. You would think that would shut up those annoying people who think removing a child from his own people and culture is somehow a bad thing, even if said culture hasn't yet invented pots to piss in.

No stranger to criticism, you probably think the public backlash over your latest publicity stunt is just more sour grapes from the usual suspects, this time disguising themselves as human rights campaigners. And what exactly are they complaining about, anyway, you gripe at your husband, who is no stranger himself to your sudden fancies, whether its a decision to fire your producer or take up the cause of philanthropy several decades after it became fashionable. "Angelina can eat my ashes!" you howl when Guy suggests that the Jolie-Pitts have already claimed the title of 'Cookie' magazine's most beautiful baby shoppers - an honor you have coveted almost as much as an Oscar and a duet with the late Pope on his death bed.

"A girl just can't get a break", you fume. "I mean, what IS the problem?" First, NBC edits out the part of your concert tour where you stand crucified on a 'lite brite' cross to prove you haven't quite "nailed" the cause of your dimming celebrity, and adding insult to injury, you've got the entire planet up your *** about your latest Missoni (oops, I mean MISSION) to Africa. I can't imagine it's much fun being a misunderstood genius.

Here's the problem, Madonna. You swoop into Malawi with a yet to be signed cheque for $3 million, hoping that by pledging the money to an orphanage, the authorities will re-write the laws in your favor. "What laws"? you grumble under your breath when someone points out to you that your actions amount to kidnapping, even if a bribed official has given your crime the government stamp of approval.

Someone in your entourage points out to you that under Malawi law, people hoping to adopt children must live in the country for at least eighteen months. "This dump doesn't even have flush toilets, what makes them think their laws mean ****"? you scream at him as he peers off into the distance hopefully, all the while silently praying that a pack of jackals comes along and tears you apart limb by limb, and dragging your still squawking head into the dense foliage encircling the camp to be gnawed at and batted around by hungry hyena pups.

Undaunted, you return to your tent and check yourself in the full length mirror you brought along for the occasion and make the final adjustments to your outfit. You told your stylist you wanted your look to be evocative of Africa's "glamorous" colonial era. "Think Marlene Dietrich meets King Kong at the opening of the Stork Club inside a smoking volcano". This is why you've chosen to dress like the trophy whore of a wealthy plantation owner.

Your African hosts should really get a kick out of that. Even though you ended up being more Norma Desmond than Desmond Tutu, your low-cut jungle green Versace wrap around dress and safari hat complimented your caked on alabaster complexion quite nicely. You managed to achieve the look of a former "blimey" spewing pub wench, plucked from obscurity by a visiting adventurer from the "Dark Continent" looking for a piece of tail to compliment his collection of rhino heads. Your new look is reminiscent of someone who spends her days in the shade, reading romance novels and shooting the occasional elephant before heading out for cocktails at the club. But I guess we should be grateful that you left the rollerskates and ghetto blaster at home.

After a hard day at the orphanage, choosing a baby that will compliment that wonderful hand woven bag you picked up in the market earlier, you decide it's time to celebrate. With the entire International press corps surrounding you, you seize the chance to make a video for your next dance hit. A word of advice: You should probably edit out the part where your unpaid African back up dancers look on in bewilderment and embarrassment as your frantic pogo-ing recounts the age old story about the evil sorceress with fire ants in her pants.

In the clamor and excitement of the festivities no one noticed as you discreetly handed over the little "orphan" to your assistant, who boarded him into your private jet and spirited him away before the ink was dried on the adoption papers. You insist on calling him an orphan, even though is father is very much alive, but temporarily, at least, unable to raise his son, owing to the tragically, all too familiar circumstances of his life.

The death of his wife has left him a bereft and impoverished widower with no other choice but to relinquish custody of his son until he is able to get back on his feet. For considerably less than what you paid for David, you could have given him at least that opportunity. Maybe if you had read something more relevant to the topic of global poverty than 'Cookie' magazine's top ten list of lucky celebrity orphans, you might have discovered that the wealth you endlessly accumulate, and the system that makes it possible for you to lavish such largesse upon your latest self-improvement project is responsible in large part for Mr Banda's inability to feed a child on his non-existent earnings as a farmer.

Not surprisingly, you have chosen to overlook that particular aspect of your new child's life and legacy, wilfully ignoring the bigger picture here in order to clutch a small black child at your breast in a homage to your own brand name. So now Mr Banda is left to deal with his most recent loss, cast aside like last season's Prada bag, and realizing only too late that he has signed away his past and future to a new colonial master, using the same tactics as the previous ones to seize another nation's assets under the cover of "legality" and "consent".

Having being told that the "nice" American lady would provide his son with an education and raise him until he was ready to return to his homeland, Mr Banda signed on the dotted line. Since Mr Banda can neither read or write, there was no way his consent should be considered legal or binding. Clearly, he was misled by orphanage officials in order to speed up the process of your fly-by "adoption". But naturally, you blame all the negative publicity on the media, whom you accuse of manipulating him to give false and conflicting accounts of the abduction of his son.

Acting on your publicist's advice, you brought your case to the American public on 'Oprah', hoping the African American billionaire talk show host would give you her own official stamp of approval, and a sob sistah shoulder to cry on. No stranger to disastrous shopping expeditions, your new friend, Oprah™ knows first hand the woes of trying to get one's hands on a coveted consumer item and being told by the staff at Hermes that she would have to wait until the following day to make her purchase.

Unfortunately, Oprah used the obvious racist slight on her spending power to highlight the astonishing inability of a Parisienne saleswoman to recognize her as a global brand phenomenon, rather than use her own first hand experience of France's institutionalized racism to enlighten her viewers to the worsening plight of Europe's non-white immigrant populations. The fact that she was taken for a North African (quelle horreur!) by a Hermes staffer and therefore denied access to the store for after hours shopping didn't offend her principles, only her vanity.

Imagine confusing the elegantly coiffed icon of American media with a lowly Berber shoplifter. The 'gaul' of some people". There is a similar disconnect in your aggrieved sense of injustice, too, Madonna. You present yourself as the victim of a media smear campaign, a misunderstood philanthropist, unfairly maligned by hostile forces who will stop at nothing to bring you and your butt-munching bodysuit hemlines down a notch.

No match for Oprah, or the global media juggernaut camped out in his maize patch, Mr Banda is forced to reconsider his options and has "agreed" to relinquish his son to your permanent care. Congratulations. The war on the poor rages on, but you've won your own personal battle, and even have the "trophy" to prove it. I just hope the next time you are looking to something to adopt, you might consider a more humane and less self-serving world view." - Atlantic Free Press

Child Endangerment

"No car seat for Madonna's son David?

You know, Madonna. If you try and return it broken, you can't get a full refund.

Madonna was spotted getting into the car without putting baby David into a car seat first. What happens after the doors were closed remains a mystery though.

Landing at New York's JFK Airport yesterday, Madonna walked through the terminal holding her newly adopted son, David, and it would appear from the video that David is sporting the very familiar Kabbalah red bracelet on his left arm.

Madonna, wearing a pair of dark shades, walked through the airport ignoring photographers questions and headed straight for an SUV waiting outside. She hopped into the back seat, cradling David in her arms -- an image that sort of reminded us of the Britney car seat fiasco earlier this year.

TMZ got this video clip of them leaving, which shows Madonna not only getting into the car with David in her arms, but also holding him on her lap as she buckles up. The video then stops.

The Material Girl is on a New York press tour this week, hitting "Today," "Dateline" and "Live With Regis & Kelly." Wonder what she'll be talking about...Source: TMZ

1. Maybe she's been spending too much time with Britney? [info]fadedhal0
2006-10-31 02:04 am UTC (link)

2. Madonna's copying Britney now? Is the world coming to an end? [info]julierocket
2006-10-31 02:04 am UTC (link)

3. At least Britney doesn't steal her kids before she endangers them. [info]iamdjkeoki
2006-10-31 02:23 am UTC (link)

4. Ftw. [info]spicy_tila 2006-10-31 03:15 am UTC (link)

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6. LMF*O info]fakestereo 2006-10-31 03:31 am UTC (link)

7. The kid is a prop, therefore it does not need buckling in. [info]sarahleelee 2006-10-31 02:04 am UTC (link)

8. lmao @ the returning the baby broken comment. [info]mimbomike2006-10-31 02:16 am UTC (link)

9. To me Madonna isn't interesting anymore. She's just bizarre. [info]baybeemagnet 2006-10-31 02:17 am UTC (link)

10. Britney>>>>>Hagdonna [info]goldigurl 2006-10-31 02:21 am UTC (link)

11. I hope you kept your receipt for the baby Madge. [info]shanny_w 2006-10-31 02:26 am UTC (link)

12. hey y'all, madonna's ~*~COUNTRY~*~ [info]miss_nitro 2006-10-31 02:29 am UTC (link)

13. her daughter is NOT a pretty picture :( [info]ilovemeganm 2006-10-31 02:33 am UTC (link)

14. first copying angelina. now britney? oh how the mighty have fallen. [info]shlee_lee 2006-10-31 02:55 am UTC (link)

15. She has a nice Louis Vuitton carrying case for him. 2006-10-31 02:13 am UTC (link)

16. LOL! [info]platinumpinup2006-10-31 02:19 am UTC (link)

17. I don't like how here and there she'll pronounce a word with a British accent. [info]anjoliena 2006-10-31 02:59 am UTC (link)

18. lol@the broken baby comment. you just know this stupid whore didn't buckle the carseat. he's not a baby-he's a pr tool. but i better stop saying that because OMGZ she totally saved his life...until he flies through a windshield that is [info]t3pps2006-10-31 03:29 am UTC (link)

19.i hate her fake british accent. you are from detroit fo]lifetimeis4u 2006-10-31 03:35 am UTC (link)

20. I remember the saying used to go "Stupid people shouldn't breed". Guessing it should be changed to "Stupid people shouldn't adopt" [info]golden_goddess 2006-10-31 04:57 am UTC (link)

21. So does Madonna thinks the power of Kabbalah will be her new kid safe if they get in a car accident? Or does is it the power of the Red string? [info]wishiwererich2 2006-10-31 06:19 am UTC (link)

Madonna Fails H&M

That costly H&M advertising campaign came to naught, as people haven't been buying the Madonna sweat suit. People just aren't into her anymore:

"Madonna's H&M tracksuits are evidently not so hot. Despite living in hers and being plastered all over buildings, supposedly no one is buying them and they've just been sitting on the racks ever since they came out three months ago. The company is so desperate to get rid of them they are even giving them away at the H&M MySpace page." - H&M

Material Girls Voted Worst Movie Of All Time

One of the movies they stole from me and turned into complete garbage has been voted "The Worst Movie Of All Time." Further testament to the fact that they are vile and know nothing about filmmaking:

"Hilary Duff's Material Girls voted Worst Movie of All Time

Material Girls has been voted the worst movie of all time on imdb.com's bottom 100 list after only six days of release.

Girls stars the Duff sisters: Hilary and Haylie as two wealthy sisters who are given a wake-up call when a scandal and ensuing investigation strip them of their wealth. As of press time, the film is getting a 1.6 rating with 814 votes.

The last few months have turned out some rotten movies: Zoom, Little Man, Date Movie, Doogal and more. Will 2006 become known as the worst movie year of all time?" – Slash Film

Warner Bros. Rough Times Continue

"Warner Bros Cuts Its Online Division  - To slash costs, the studio closes its Internet unit, which was a pioneer in Web entertainment.

Warner Bros. is shuttering an online division that was among the first studio-backed ventures to create original entertainment content exclusively for the Web.

Warner Bros. in November cut 400 employees in Burbank and in the studio's overseas operations.

Warner Bros. Online - whose ambitions and resources have diminished in the years since AOL acquired Time Warner Inc. in 2001 - was a vestige of the former dot-com boom." - La Times

“Time Warner’s Anxious Autumn”

"WITH the fall comes the harvest. Or at least that’s what Richard D. Parsons and his top dogs at Time Warner have hoped for in autumns past. But regardless of how much the chief executive and his allies regroup, retool and reorganize their sprawling media empire, the stock market just yawns. Every morning when they look at Time Warner's ticker, its Groundhog Day.

For his part, Mr. Parsons spent last week vacationing on Block Island, R.I., no doubt aware of whispers that Time Warner, the worlds biggest media company, has a turbulent autumn ahead.

Here are just a few of the whispers: Will Mr. Parsons stick around as chief executive or pass the reins in the next few months to his No. 2, Jeffrey L. Bewkes? Will the latest strategy of its AOL business offering its online service free to high-speed Internet users take flight? Is the financial performance of its publishing unit, Time Inc., becoming a worrisome drag, and is it time to spin off its venerable fleet of magazines? - New York Times

Edgar Bronfman Jr's Not So Flattering Family Portrait

Edgar Bronfman jr CEO of Madonna's lawbreaking label Warner Music Group

This article talks about how Madonna's coconspirator and fellow criminal copyright infringer and privacy invader, Edgar Bronfman jr, blew his family's fortune on bad investments and bad choices. He better be careful - keep it up with that reckless criminal conduct and he will lose his money all over again:

"The Financial Toll of a Dysfunctional Family - Family business "The Bronfmans: The Rise and Fall of the House of Seagram"  By Nicholas Faith Thomas Dunne Books.

October 1, 2006 - TORONTO - Edgar Bronfman used to say his family was rich because it did not throw its money away.

He can no longer make that claim. The Bronfmans made their fame and fortune transforming a bootlegging operation on the Canadian prairies into Seagram, one of the world's biggest liquor companies.

But the family is now notorious for losing a big chunk of its inheritance in an ill-advised thrust into Hollywood, followed by a disastrous sale of the business to Vivendi, a French water company whose head, Jean-Marie Messier, harbored similarly delusional ambitions in the media and entertainment business.

Nicholas Faith is not the first to tell the Bronfmans' story. Much of his book, "The Bronfmans: The Rise and Fall of the House of Seagram," goes over well-trodden ground, drawing on previously published material. Mordecai Richler's novel "Solomon Girsky Was Here," whose characters are based on the Bronfmans, is repeatedly quoted, virtually as fact.

...But these handicaps do not excuse the appalling way in which three generations of strong-willed Bronfmans treated their siblings and children, not to mention many employees.

Edgar's biggest failing was to put the family business at the disposal of his son Edgar Jr.'s ambitions to become a media tycoon.

The father was mesmerized by Edgar Jr. even as he sidelined his older son, Sam, who was arguably a far safer pair of hands. Sam was not even consulted about the sale of Seagram to Vivendi.

Edgar Jr., surrounded by sycophants and consultants, had little time for the liquor business, treating it as a cash cow. That might have been less of a problem had his push into Hollywood been more successful.

At Edgar Jr.'s urging, Seagram swapped its stake in DuPont Co., the chemicals producer, for control of Universal Studios parent MCA Inc. It later gained Polygram Records.

It sacrificed a rich, predictable dividend stream for a presence in the glamorous but risky, low-margin and egocentric entertainment world.

Those mistakes were dwarfed by the $34-billion deal in 2000 to sell Seagram, including its French pay-TV channel Canal Plus, to Vivendi in exchange for a stake in the world's second-biggest media group.

Vivendi Universal shares plummeted over the next year, leaving the Bronfmans nursing one of the biggest losses ever suffered by a single family.

Messier may have best summed up Edgar Jr., saying he left behind "the memory of someone who forgets to come and support his team during difficult times, but never missed a plane to share in their successes."

Edgar Jr., 51, has begun to rehabilitate himself by focusing on his first love, music. He was part of a consortium that bought Warner Music in 2004. He remains its chairman and chief executive, steering it through several pioneering deals.

But at what a cost."- LA Times

Warner Brothers Is Accused Of Exploiting African Amputees In Order To Promote The Movie "Blood Diamond"

"IMDB says: The studio handpicked 27 teenage and child amputees from South African hospitals to appear as extras in the Leonardo DiCaprio film and promised to provide prosthetic limbs as well as a small salary for their contribution. However, more than three months after filming wrapped, the kids are reportedly still waiting for their new limbs…

And here's the money shot, a rep for Warner Brothers told the amputees, "You will have to wait for December, when the movie comes out, so we can get some publicity out of it."

Really? They couldn't just put little Santa hats on the amputees now and film it, then show it in December. Maybe give one of them a giant candy cane instead of a leg. Well, okay, maybe not that, but they could do something. At least pay them now. I'd rather be a raccoon in America than a human being in Africa, those people have enough problems. Hey Warner Brothers - **** you.

Source - What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Yikes. This looks bad. Like, Madonna-stealing-an-orphan bad." - ONTD

LEGAL FILE Robert Mueller (FBI)

Robert Mueller (actual quote): “I wish I could assure you that there will never be another terrorist attack in America, but I cannot.”
Sound Off Column Translation: I’m a screw up and expect to get hit again due to my incompetence.

Mueller Still Messing Up With The Computer System After Warning Shots From Congress And The Public

"The FBI has failed to properly analyze staffing needs for its $425 million information technology modernization, putting the program at risk of delays and cost overruns, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

A majority of employees hired to staff the modernization program, called Sentinel, were contractors, the report (GAO-07-19), published Tuesday, stated. In addition, a few key management positions have yet to be filled, GAO stated.

There are no generally accepted standards governing the optimal ratio of government-to-contractor employees, but acquisition experts have expressed concern about an over-reliance on contractors for program management jobs, GAO said.

Sentinel is a six-year effort to replace the failed Virtual Case File project, and is intended to upgrade the law enforcement agency's antiquated paper-based system for managing information and investigations. Lockheed Martin Corp. in March won a contract to manage the program.

The FBI moved quickly to staff the program office, GAO said. Of 78 positions there, 60 are designated for contractors. Four government positions remain vacant along with 11 contractor jobs, including that of lead test engineer.

While the program's immediate staffing requirements have been largely met, the agency has not developed a plan for addressing future needs, reviewers found. The FBI lacks a well-documented inventory of the program staff's existing skills and knowledge, and doesn't have a plan for addressing expected departures and filling anticipated employment gaps, the report stated.

"Unless the FBI adopts a more strategic approach to managing human capital for the Sentinel program and treats human capital as a program risk, the chances of delivering required intelligence and investigative support capabilities in a timely and cost-effective manner are reduced," the report stated.

Program officials told GAO they plan to manage their staffing needs in the same way they initially filled program office positions. The FBI's IT management policies do not require them to do otherwise, they said.

GAO recommended that the FBI establish policies for strategically managing the staffing needs of all IT programs and implement them across the department, including in the Sentinel office. Reviewers also said that staffing availability should be treated as a program risk.

According to GAO, the Sentinel staffing plan stated that finding employees is critical because recruiting skilled IT professionals with security clearances in the Washington area is challenging. In addition, four of the 19 government employees in the office are on temporary duty, including the program manager, whose two-year detail at the FBI expires in 2007, though it could be extended another year.

In comments on the report, FBI Chief Information Officer Zalmai Azmi agreed with the recommendations and described the measures that were being taken to address them." - govexec.com

LEGAL FILE Crossing The Line

Crime fighting can be a thankless job (no, I'm not talking about Spiderman). It puts cops and agents in strange situations at times, where they can be tempted. For example, a cop or agent is behind on their mortgage payments or having a bit of money trouble or wondering how they will send their kids to college in the near future. Then a criminal approaches them to take a bit of cash to let a crime slide. They start to think of all the good that money can do, weighing it against what they have to lose.

But that's just it. You have a lot to lose, your job, your name and your honor. 

Yea, the bills may be tight, but you have an honorable job that helps the community. You earn an honest living. Don't mess that up. Don’t jeopardize it.

Because what happens when you get caught. Think of the shame you and your family will have to endure. Think about your department as well and the trouble and scrutiny it will bring on them. You don’t need that. They don't need that.

If you are already mixed up in something like that, you need to get out now, while you can and do your job with integrity again, lest it catches up with you suddenly when you least expect it. God can forgive you, but you must change.

TENNIS Breakfast Of Champions

Tennis Players: Switzerland's Roger Federer and Britain's Tim Henman

Roger Federer and soccer player David Beckham

Roger Federer revealed his game day breakfast:

"Another secret was what Federer always has for his match-day breakfast. Apparently, he insists on a vinegar shot, orange juice, cappuccino, water, waffles with raspberry syrup, passion fruit, and cornflakes with milk. So now you know what has helped him become arguably the greatest player in history." - The Telegraph

You know a whole bunch of people are gonna start eating that, get stomach cramps and lose to Roger. I think it was a trick, apart of his strategy to bog down the other players - suspicious face - I’m kidding.


He also revealed he played tennis with the crown Prince of Japan. Cool. It’s great that tennis has opened all these doors for him and others. He looks like he is having fun.

Roger Federer with his girlfriend, Mirka

SPORTS Pitcher Cory Lidle Killed In Plane Crash

Back in the August 2006 Column I wrote that "celebrities and little planes don't mix" (in the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Section of that Column) and it was proven true again this month, when New York Yankees Pitcher, Cory Lidle, crashed into a building on the upper east side of Manhattan. His flight instructor died in the accident as well. My condolences to their families. He'd been flying for a few months and took his plane on a scenic tour of Manhattan:

"Sources tell NBC 10 that former Phillies pitcher Cory Lidle was in a small plane that flew into a New York high-rise on Wednesday. 

Officials now say Lidle and another person were killed in the crash. An FAA official told the Associated Press that there may have been another person on the small plane with Lidle. Lidle was traded by the Phillies to the New York Yankees this July. 

NBC 10 has also learned that Lidle was not instrument rated to fly the plane and could only fly when visibility was good. It was an overcast day in Manhattan. 

Lidle was presumed dead Wednesday along with a second person when their small plane veered into a high-rise condominium tower Wednesday on the Upper East Side, raining flaming debris on the sidewalks below, authorities said.

Bloomberg said a flight instructor and a student pilot with 75 hours of experience were aboard and killed. 

The pair had circled the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor before heading uptown. Both bodies were found on the street below, and the plane's engine was found in one of the apartments turned into a four-alarm inferno by the crash, Bloomberg said." - NBC10

I just don't believe anyone other than very experienced pilots should fly planes. Full stop. It's clearly not a cakewalk, otherwise there wouldn't be so many accidents. Many celebrities have died in plane crashes. And look what happened to JFK jr, which cut his promising life short. He may have been president one day.

While piloting your own small plane looks exhilarating, it can also be very dangerous. Even when I go on commercial airliners, I say a little prayer. You can't take flying for granted.

Just recently, a private jet reportedly clipped the wing of a commercial airliner in Brazil killing 140 people. The airplane went down in the jungle, which made it even more difficult to get to the wreckage. The people on the private jet survived.

This model of plane (small, private jet):

...clipped the wing of this model of plane (commercial airliner) and sent it down, killing many:

There were commercial airliner crashes this year in America, Iran and Russia as well. Once again, accidents happen.

This month, a British commercial airplane from Tampa to England dropped 20,000 feet to avoid colliding with another plane, after an alert sensor went off. The plane dropped so fast to avoid the collision that the flight attendants who were unbuckled hit the ceiling of the plane and suffered minor injuries. When the plane landed they asked one of the passengers what he was gonna do and he said, "Change my underwear."

"A BA spokesman said: "Our pilots were under the control of US air traffic controllers when the incident happened."

"They had been asked to ascend from 16,000ft to 20,000ft, but then told to hold at 16,500ft. At the same time the emergency collision avoidance system - TCAS- told our crew to descend. They followed this command."

BA said it did not know the identity of the other plane involved in the near miss - or how close - only that it had been above their plane.

Collision avoidance systems are programmed only to operate when a collision is likely and the safe space between aircraft - whether horizontally or vertically, has been compromised.

BA said: "We have filed a report with the US Federal Aviation Authority which is investigating." - Daily Mail

I don't write this to scare people, but to emphasize that you can't even take commercial airline flying for granted, let alone small planes you man yourself.

SEISMOLOGY Earthquakes

Earthquakes can be so devastating. The damage they cause in a matter of seconds is astounding and they give no warning. They just strike. It is important that people learn from mistakes of the past, so they do not repeat them, especially in terms of building codes and survival plans.

Trying to save money and dangerously cutting costs during construction can lead to many fatalities later when structures are tested, sometimes to serious limits, and give way. The money you save initially in cutting corners can cost you even more in the long run in money and lives. No one can escape the consequences of such conduct.

SOCIAL Gay Rights

Gay people area always taking about gay rights, but what about “straight rights.” The right to not be defamed, maligned, harassed and bashed for not worshipping the gay lifestyle. What about “straight rights” as in straight people’s right to not want gay marriage, further confusing kids in society. Marriage is between a man and a woman. It is the only kind God recognizes. 

PHILANTHROPY Bill Gates And Warren Buffett Pledge To Eradicate Diseases

Moguls Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have pledge to eradicate many diseases using their finances to help find cures and provide medicine. That's a worthy endeavor. Very commendable.

I myself have started a charity to eradicate the world of lip-syncing, so I understand where Gates and Buffett are coming from (just teasing about the last part). Seriously, it's a good thing they are doing.

LOCAL NEWS Miami Shores Continues To Violate Homestead Law

A follow up to the local news segment of the August 2006 Column about the code enforcement board of the Village of Miami Shores and their deceitful, law breaking legal representation, Richard Sarafan of Genovese, Joblove and Battista.

They are trying to raise taxes in said village once again, claiming they provide quality services when that's a bold face lie. They won't even cut the city grass anymore, forcing residents to do it, in addition to cutting their own lawns, which is a burden that many are complaining of. They are demanding more and more money and doing less and less for the people's tax dollars.

Many of the people who live in Miami Shores are long time residents on social security and fixed pensions that can't afford all these increases, crazy citations and exorbitant illegal liens, that if they continue, could cost these innocent people their homes they've lived in for many years.

Ask the Village Of Miami Shores where all the money from these illegally enforced liens, ridiculous citations and extra taxes are going and they will not provide a straight answer. Someone's getting rich, but it isn't the residents.

I would love to ask them several questions.

Where have all those millions in illegally enforced liens on thousands of homes and tax rate increases gone?

Why are they so slow to do anything, like requiring people to visit the village hall 3-6 times to pull a permit to paint a roof, like they have nothing better to do than to sit around waiting for then looking at them, and if you don't sufficiently kiss their butts, they make you wait even longer as punishment, forcing you to come back again, even though your tax dollars pay their salaries?

Why do their code enforcement officers cheer when they place then enforce illegal liens on people's Homestead properties?

Why do their code enforcement officers trespass on residents properties? Does the law of trespassing not apply to them. Are residents not allowed to have privacy?

Why do some village hall employees verbally abuse, berate and threaten residents (hey, they were on TV for this)?

Does the public actually get to vote on these tax rate hikes, because by all appearances, stuff is always getting rushed through by "the council" comprised of a few people, in deeds that affect 10,000 hard working residents? 

Do read the following article where they have the nerve to talk about the "high level of services" they provide...when they won't even mow their own city grass anymore, forcing the residents to:

“The Village Council tentatively approved setting the tax rate at $8.25 per $1,000 of a property's assessed value during a public hearing on its proposed $21.1 million budget held Tuesday.

Mark Malatak, chief financial officer for the village, said rising property values will make it possible to bring changes and add services without additional cost to the village coffers.

The proposed budget includes plans for enhancing the village's website, adding a shuttle service within the city, adding police and administrative personnel and creating a youth group for teens 13-16.

The overall budget represents a 10.8 percent increase over the current $19.06 million amended budget, an increase that officials said was due partly to rising costs the city faces.

Malatak said the proposed budget takes into consideration a 125 percent increase in property insurance and allows for a larger emergency fund for the hurricane season.

''Last year we spent $1.1 million 11 days after Hurricane Wilma,'' he said.

Village resident Maria Cora said at the hearing that she could relate to rising costs and expenses because of hurricanes but added that was a reason the village should not increase residents' tax burden.

''My home suffered a great deal of damage during Hurricane Wilma,'' Cora said. ``I'm going through the same types of costs and I'm retired. I'm on a fixed income. We should cut the budget or find some other way to do this.''

Village Manager Tom Benton said the high level of services the village strives to provide residents demands the funding.

''This is what it costs to run a city that has such a high level of services,'' Benton said. ``We have a demand from the public coming in.''

Councilman Jim McCoy said council members and village staff also face the burden of the increases.

''It's a burden to try to balance high quality service with cutting taxes. Each one of us has to deal with the results of our decisions, just like you do. This was given a lot of thought,'' McCoy said.

Despite Cora's argument that not all residents use the services provided, the council unanimously approved the proposed tax rate and tentatively adopted the proposed budget.” - Miami Herald

Look for more on them in a future column.

NATIONAL NEWS Cruise Industry

A follow up on cruise industry fatalities, which I wrote about a few months ago in the Column. More deaths and missing person reports have been filed since that Column. Clearly the problem is still happening. Some reports indicate that people have gotten drunk and fallen overboard, plunging to their deaths.

Cruise lines need to invest money in more security, even plain clothes officers (that blend with the ships' guests to maintain a vacation atmosphere) and stay on watch around the corners of the ship 24/7, doing different shifts of 8 hours each. At least then if someone falls overboard or if there is foul play, it can be caught quickly and they can perform an emergency intervention or rescue. 

You don't want the public's confidence in the cruise industry shaken, as it provides a lot of jobs for people in South Florida, the Caribbean and Europe.

NATIONAL NEWS More 9/11 Survivors’ Remains Discovered

A follow up on what I wrote about in the August 2006 Column regarding remains found on top of buildings neighboring the WTC site. This month, more remains were found at the site, which, according to reports, upset many:

"Anger as 9/11 remains discovered -  Relatives of dead at reflecting pool Ground Zero. The discovery comes weeks after the fifth anniversary.  

Scene of excavation - Human remains - some reportedly as large as arm or leg bones - have been found at the site of the 11 September 2001 attacks in New York. 

The remains were found in rubble excavated from a manhole near the site of the World Trade Center. Relatives say the find proves the need for a thorough new search of the area around Ground Zero. 

"We can no longer rely on accidental discoveries," said WTC Families for Proper Burial in a statement.  

'Never fully searched' 

"This must be a deliberate search. May this awful news be the catalyst needed to go back and do the job well." Families of more than 1,100 of the victims of 9/11 have never received any remains of their loved ones. 

The campaign group is to hold a news conference over the latest discovery later on Friday. The BBC's Jeremy Cooke in New York says that for some of the relatives, the find is an indication that the site has never been fully searched for the remains of the 2,749 people who died there. 

Charles Wolfe, whose wife Kathryn was among the victims, told the BBC he was totally shocked by the new discovery of body parts, adding that in his view, there was a major shortfall in the original recovery effort." - BBC

INTERNATIONAL NEWS Al Qaeda American Terrorist Charged With Treason

In last month's Column I wrote about Adam Gadahn, an American who joined Al Qaeda. I wrote:

"Another terrorist video was released with an American Al Qaeda convert translating their message of hate into English for Western audiences. That was treason."

Ironically this month, he became the first man since World War II to be charged with treason.


The North Korea Missile crises ended up with North Korean testing a nuclear weapon underground this month. I've written about this before in the Column. These test are horrible for the environment and produce undesirable weather changes.

Already, there was an earthquake in Hawaii, record lows in Buffalo, NY and strange migration patters in Europe. This stuff has to be related.

It's like the year El Nino happened. Shortly before that a world leader had detonated a nuclear weapon underground as well and appeared on national TV panicked looking, discussing what he had done.

These things affect the earth. The earth isn't meant to withstand such nuclear pummeling.


It was reported in the news that Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro is "dying" as he "temporarily" relinquished power to his brother Raul. Pictures and video of an emaciated Castro appeared on TV.

And the reaction in Miami...let's just say, celebrations were heard in the streets, and I thought to myself, hmmm that's odd, Calle Ocho in September?

Side bar: Calle Ocho is a Cuban festival that takes place in Miami each year in March (not September), where a few hundred thousand Cubans (and other folks) line 8th Street and celebrate.

Seriously, the situation in Cuba is so delicate. Coming from the Caribbean, I want Cuba to flourish as a fellow island, and at the same time I want for there to be reconciliation between the Cuban Americans in Miami and the Cubans in Cuba, in terms of freedom to travel and the ability to engage in commerce with each other. After all, they are brothers and sisters.

However, the obstacle preventing this is that Cuba is communist based. I don't see why Cuba embracing democracy would be a bad thing. Jamaica, which is right next door to Cuba, is a democracy and it works for us. While Jamaica isn't perfect (we've got our problems too, just like any other country), the English left a good template of democracy for us that has worked.

And at least if Cuba became a democracy, it would mean new avenues of trade for the country, which has suffered lean times due to international restrictions placed on it by countries like America. There have been times when Cuba traded with Russia or America for needed medical supplies.

I thought that was heartbreaking. The country shouldn't have to survive in this manner, because somewhere along the line, innocent Cubans have probably gone without things they needed. It's always the little people who feel it the most. At least becoming a democracy would improve that situation.

I'm not trying to hurt or offend anyone with this. After all, one of my dad's best friends, who is like an uncle to me is a Cuba born Jamaican.

While Cuba has great doctors and other professionals who have excelled in their chosen fields, the average citizen needs a good, steady income, full access to needed medicine and the ability to elect who they want to rule and govern them.

I flew over Cuba the other day on the way to Jamaica (at least I think that was Cuba - the flight attendant wasn't sure either) and it's a big place, with good natural resources and a lot of people (12,000,000). It has so much potential. So much can be done.

Castro's platform to power was what he called helping the poor, who were being oppressed by the rich.

You'll find the rich get richer and the poor get poorer syndrome everywhere in this world, but it's how you go about trying to level the playing field that will either help or hurt. 

No one is saying you have to become a "capitalist pig" as the phrase goes, but free enterprise has its merits. It helps to level the playing field.

Maybe it's time the poor decide what they want and how they want the country to be, also known as democracy - even in spirit, in getting to choose the road that they want Cuba to walk along. And that's what democracy is, the ability to choose.


There were ironies in Jesus' life that were amazing. He was the richest man on earth, in that He owned the earth, yet was treated like a pauper and a criminal by ignorant, classless soldiers and Pharisees, who didn't have His power, abilities and couldn't walk a mile in His shoes.

He was talked down to and patronized by kings of far less intelligence than He, when the Bible calls Him the "King Of Kings" meaning the ultimate King an Judge.

He was watched and harassed by insolent men who mocked Him - men He could have easily destroyed by simply thinking or speaking them out of existence and it would have happened. He even said on the cross, if it had been God's will, He could have called for many angels to deliver Him from the cross. Those angels could have killed every single one of those soldiers for crucifying Him. The Bible shows angels have fought battles God commanded them to, slaughtering enemies.

But He didn't do it. He died on the cross for our sins.

I remember a sermon John Hagee did where he quoted a preacher who said, "If the world had treated me the way they treated Him, I'd have booted the world to hell like a soccer ball."

It would be an ugly thing if the Grace of God departed the world. That surely would be the end.

The rubbish He must have put up with. Yet, some of us can't even stand waiting in line or can't stand in laws, but He exercised such patience in the face of absolute idiocy and degradation. It must have took great restraint.

He truly humbled Himself to walk among His creations, as messed up as humans can be at times. We can all learn a lot from His humility.


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