October 31, 2007

Volume 65

1. CELEBRITY Cute Kids
2. CELEBRITY Out And About
3. CELEBRITY Look Alikes
4. CELEBRITY Funny Photos
5. LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit
6. SPIRITUAL The Benefits Of Looking Ahead


Singers Jade and Emma with their beautiful little boy Beau:

Grant and Tamia Hill with their beautiful kids:

Little Violet to mom actress Jennifer Garner: you love me don't you

Violet cringing at the prospect of Gigli 2:

Actress Kelly Rutherford's son Hermes: do you mind not filming me while I eat:

Melanie Brown's daughter Angel: Pluto Nash still didn't show up yet mamma?!

Victoria Beckham with her completely cute son Cruz:


Little Suri Cruise: is that a rental! Did Scientology take all our money?!


Pregnant actress Halle Berry is glowing. She looks great:

Model/actress Rebecca Romijn looks fabulous in turquoise:

Back to black. Singer Posh returns to her roots. It looks good on her:

Actress Angelina Jolie looking very elegant in black:

Actress Kate Bosworth wearing a very feminine, casual look that's very flattering:



Doesn't rapper Souljah Boy look like the late R&B singer Tony Thompson of Hi-Five:

CELEBRITY Funny Photos

Obama: I'm not saying you look crazy...I'm just saying, you look, well, crazy. Commander Crazy in Chief, I think not!

Singer Chris Martin of Coldplay: no, I'm not cold, really

LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

There are two new developments in the case, one of which I am not going to write about right now. But for now, here's the other one.

This week, after several months with no answer on my FOI letter from the Miami FBI with the DC/VA headquarters sending me letters stating no file found, I finally got a file from them.

The Miami FBI finally responded to my Freedom Of Information request regarding my file and one of the classifications on it under the "Character of case" is not a good one.

Photo of Miami FBI agent J. Christopher Kapcyzinski (right) from a 2007 NBC 6 web site broadcast of an attempted bank robbery on Miami Beach. Kapcyzinski interviewed me on November 3, 2005 regarding this case.

The FBI agent pictured above, placed it under five categories, one of which is "Squad C-5." An internet search revealed the FBI's "Squad C-5" is responsible for investigating the Genovese mafia. Here is an excerpt I found online of the sworn testimony of an FBI agent:


I was interviewed by Miami FBI agent J. Christopher Kapcyznski for about 20 minutes. I gave him the 200 page lawsuit, evidence files and letter I'd sent Mueller. He asked for my copyright certificates, which I didn't have on me, as I donít walk around with those original documents everyday (Iíve got back-ups, but still). I told him I would bring them back, as he requested, so they could compare them to what's been stolen. He said, "Give it to the agent on duty."

When I came back the next day, about 15-20 minutes before closing, they told me to come back the next day, as it was closing time. I asked if I could just leave the files and they said no, come back the next business day.

When I returned the next business day, I asked the receptionist if I could leave the file with her and she said no. Didnít get why, but I did what they said.

He told me to give the FBI "agent on duty" the files. But then I was told to wait. I was interviewed a second time for about 20 minutes by another FBI agent, Cathy Mary Koontz. After the interview she gave me a piece of paper with her name and telephone number:

Number redacted for internet

Thus far, my Freedom of Information request has only returned the first agent's filing (J. Christopher Kapcyznski). I have not been given the second agent's filing, Catherine Koontz, who I gave the copies of my copyright certificates to, according to what the first agent told me to do. She interviewed me for 20 minutes.

I went to Kroll investigative agency last year and the rep called the FBI and they told her because she is not the person who filed the complaint they cannot disclose anything to her. Therefore, she had a retired FBI agent on staff call them and they told her they are investigating it.

Here's what I received this week - a two page file with Madonna's name redacted in white by the FBI (I redacted my address and number in black). The initials on the bottom of the page "jck" matches the name of the agent that first interviewed me (J. Christopher Kapcyzinski).

"Character of case" highlighted in red says "Squad C-5"among other things, and I never once mentioned the mafia to the FBI. Once again, it appears there is much more to this case than the FBI is telling. Ironically, Madonna has a relative in the mafia who was jailed for trying to shakedown Steven Segal for a share of all his royalties (I see the family resemblance). Segal has been complaining about the FBI investigating him for allegedly hiring Madonna's PI, Anthony Pellicano, to harass and wiretap Anita Busch.

SPIRITUAL The Benefits Of Looking Ahead

Some of you find yourselves in situations today where things are bad, bleak and seem devoid of hope. I have learned from personal experience that God is greater than anything one can face. When you're in a tough situation, try to positively look ahead, getting pass it.

Each decision undertaken in life will produce a positive or negative effect. It is up to you to chose which one. Through the struggles, you can face life with confidence that God is there and thoroughly willing to walk you through.

With God anything is possible. Nothing is too great for Him to do. With Someone like that in your corner, you are in good Hands.

You don't worry about what others say. You keep your faith anchored in God and your focus on Him. He is your source. Keep praying and believing. As the popular phrase goes, "Prayer changes things" and it does. I know this for a fact. It is where faith meets fact and becomes reality.



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