Scientology Stinks

Bugging Government Offices, Jail Sentences, Harassment Of Critics, Mysterious Deaths

January 28. 2008 

warning: very graphic video

A video has been posted showing Scientology's very disturbing conduct that constitutes crimes. The seven minute video is very shocking and graphic, but people need to know how sick and destructive Scientology is and why they need to avoid it.

I want you to think about the above posted video the next time Tom Cruise, John Travolta or any other sick Scientologist gets on TV telling you any garbage about what they stand for.

Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel in Florida - the scene of many a Scientology death (people boiled to death in bathtubs, drowned to death, neglected and abused because as L. Ron Hubbard said "I'd rather have you dead than incapable.")

Tom Cruise and his fellow Scientologists deserve every bit of the public scorn they've been receiving for promoting that insidious cult. Look how many people are dead because of that cult (dozens). Those people died horrible deaths. There is no excuse for this.

Scientology is sick and it needs to be outlawed. Stop supporting stars who support that sick cult.

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Going Ape

Close-Ups Of Cruise's Meltdown On Oprah

January 25. 2008 

It's a shame Tom Cruise hates therapists, because he could really use one. Look at his face in these stills from The Oprah Winfrey Show. They tell a scary story - a man who's lost it. The following item, with a dangerous Cruise contained quote of violence, further testifies to this fact:

"SP: "Suppressive Person." An SP is someone who commits suppressive acts, like murder, criticizing Scientology or altering LRH's teachings, according to former and current members. Journalists are automatically considered SPs because they traffic in bad news and so are barred from entering Scientology.

Psychiatrists would also be SPs, so Cruise says, "Crush these guys! I've had it! No mercy! None! Go to guns!" as a call to arms. Since all's fair in war, LRH once issued a policy called "Fair Game" that decreed that anyone who opposed Scientology could be "tricked, sued or lied to and destroyed." The church says it no longer officially practices this, however, it is still a fairly contentious organization." -

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Scientology Quackery

Newly Leaked Disturbing Videos Exposes Mentally Ill Cult

January 17. 2008 

David Miscavige

A new set of videos were leaked on to the internet displaying Tom Cruise and Scientology chairman chairnut David Miscavige speaking to an audience of brainwashed cheering cult members. In watching the video you don't know whether to laugh or cry, because the seriousness of what they are proposing and practicing is dangerous and detrimental to society.

In the video, the man behind much of the madness in that cult, David Miscavige, states with a straight face, "We may or may not be super beings yet. You will never be Superman. Let it go. Furthermore, Superman is not real. He is an actor in ill fitting tights that couldn't even fly if you strapped a Boeing to his back.

Tom Cruise (link)

In the second clip, Tom Cruise eerily and disturbingly states, "Why ask permission? We are the authorities. Who told you that? You are not the authorities on anything.

Countries have governments that issue legislation which form a structure for society known as the law. Within that structure are rules and regulations for trained and licensed individuals who have earned the governmentally designated right to refer to themselves as the authorities in their chosen profession.

When unlicensed citizens decide in violation of the law to designate themselves the authorities, bad things happen. People die from acts of criminal negligence.

Dr. Evil expression

This is why so many Scientologists (dozens) have ended up dead (look it up). The cult doesn't believe in the use of medicine or psychiatry, opting to use its own so called treatment methods, based on science fiction, that can only be described as quackery. Then vulnerable people that join the cult end up dead when Scientology's management attempts to do the job of healthcare workers WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING OR GOVERNMENT CERTIFICATION.   

Three Stooges expression

The cult of Scientology is against medicine. That means if a Scientologist gets sick, even if they are gravely ill, they have signed a document with the cult that basically states they will refuse all medical treatment, in exchange taking vitamins. How can this be a good thing.

Scientology is of the belief they can prescribe give you vitamins and it will fix everything from deadly diseases to mental illness, which is just not so.

I really don't know what that is...?

Scientology auditors and management have forced members who've become mentally ill after joining the cult to go without psychiatric drugs to control their symptoms and some of said members have committed violent acts of murder.

"Scientology link to killings"

July 10, 2007 07:39am - A WOMAN charged with murdering her father and sister was allegedly forced to stop taking psychiatric drugs by her family's Church of Scientology beliefs.

Bankstown Local Court heard yesterday the woman's parents asked her to stop taking the drugs and denied her access to mental health treatment because it went against the controversial church's anti-drugs stance."

The woman, 25, faced court yesterday charged with the stabbing murders of her father, 53, and sister, 15, in their Revesby home last Thursday.

She is also charged with a stabbing attack on her mother, 52. The court heard the woman's parents were both Scientologists and opposed to psychiatric treatment. -

My mother use to teach disabled people, some of whom were mentally ill. When they don't get their medicine, some of them get violent. A couple years ago, a mentally ill student in her twenties tried to choke a government transportation worker. In an incident before that the same student tried to squeeze a pregnant woman's belly in a very forceful manner, which is quite dangerous.

Those were two situations that could have ended very badly, but when they put the student on meds via a government assigned doctor, the violent outbursts that were a danger to members of the public stopped. If medication can control such outbursts that are a danger to the public, why does Scientology deem these scientific applications wrong. Medical science has many benefits. Furthermore, isn't the word "science" in the cult's name Scientology.

Applied Scholastics

Many of you have heard the name "Applied Scholastics," but what you probably don't know is it's a Scientology owned training program that, for lack of a better word, infiltrated the school system with the cult's teachings.

This concerned a number of parents and as a result many schools have dropped the program since learning of its Scientology ties.

Applied Scholastics has been dismissed by teaching professionals:

"The Times asked two independent academics to review the study tech text used at Prescott. Both were underwhelmed.

"It's hard to believe that someone is putting stock in this, " said Linda Behar-Horenstein, a professor and distinguished teaching scholar in the department of educational administration at the University of Florida. "I'm a little stunned. It ignores everything we know about brain-based learning."

She criticized the concepts as overly simplistic and the activities "moronic."

"I can't imagine kids sitting still doing this, " she said.

Also alarming, she said, is that there is no research to back up whether the concepts work, whether the program is cost-effective and how students fare over time...

According to one of the program's harshest critics, Dave Touretzky, a research professor at Carnegie Mellon University, that's only because the academic experts don't know the intricacies of Scientology.

Study tech is "covert religious instruction" and therefore unconstitutional to teach in public schools, said Touretsky, who has studied Scientology and written extensively about Hubbard's study skills curriculum.

The vocabulary used in Hubbard's texts echoes the language of Scientology, he said. For example, using "misunderstood" as a noun - as in, "Find your misunderstood" - is part of the argot of Scientology. He also calls the physiological effects attributed to various barriers to learning "nonsense" and "like believing in Bigfoot."

Scientology's "Downtown Medical"

Scientology opened a clinic in New York called Downtown Medical to treat 120 firefighters that worked at Ground Zero after the September 11th terrorist attacks. They told these heroic people to stop taking their medication prescribed by certified doctors, placed them in very hot 168 degree saunas and gave them high doses of Niacin as a method of detoxification.

Well, guess what happened. The Scientology detox program didn't work:

"Fire officials also say the department has no proof that the clinic's regimen of moderate exercise, vitamins and saunas removes toxins from the body.

"Our doctors went down there and checked it out," said Deputy Commissioner Frank Gribbon. "Their opinion was this was not a detoxification program. We don't endorse it."

This month, the city's largest firefighters union yanked its support of Downtown Medical...

The resulting 1988 report, written by Dr. Ronald Gots, a toxicology expert from Bethesda, Md., found the treatments "preyed upon the fears of the concerned workers, but served no rational medical function."

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