September 30, 2007

Volume 64

1. RANDOM THOUGHTS For People Who Think Randomly

2. CELEBRITY Cute Kids

3. CELEBRITY Out And About

4. CELEBRITY Funny Photos

5. CELEBRITY Look Alikes


7. LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

8. LEGAL FILE Jena 6

9. SPIRITUAL Taking A Stand


RANDOM THOUGHTS For People Who Think Randomly

 Why is the women on The View can’t learn to not talk at the same time.


Maddox Jolie Pitt getting dropped off at school by his mom:

Pax to paparazzi: who are you people...and where am I.
Zahara: Ooh child, you'll get used to them.

Zahara Jolie Pitt: And you're looking at me scratch my nose because?...

Aww, Angelina Jolie and her daughter Zahara rocking the same purse:

Naw - then these two lobotomy victims did the same. Really Twitney, show some originality for once:


Serena looking great at a premiere:

Model/actress Rebecca Romijn looked fabulous in this dress:

Singer Rachel Stevens looking fabulous in all black:

Actress Tazmin Outhwaite wearing an adorable gray dress:

Jennifer Lopez looking very fashionable in London:


David Beckham wearing a great looking suit:

CELEBRITY Funny Photos

Bill Clinton: My, my my is that Angelina Jolie in the front row...without pretty boy Pitt:

Bill Clinton: Angelina, this is for you. Now, I've scribbled my phone number on the back...: 

Rapper 50 Cent: Why does he get to stand in the middle. Is he Beyonce or something:

Executive to Jay-Z: thanks for not shooting up the place homie, for sure and right on brotherman!


Don't attorney Gloria Allred and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi look alike:


 Is this some kind of joke? Is it a spoof logo or something:

Gwen Stefani’s rip off fashion line, L.A.M.B., was slammed recently in the New York Times. All Stefani ever does anyway is copy what other people are doing for her so called music and  fashion line. You look at it and you see sub-par versions of other people’s work. She is such a fraud. 

Is that what your mother raised you to do - rip off everyone, then lie to the world about it, when people can see what you did. You couldn't have much, if any talent and be doing that.   

Spring Rolls and Arm Candy

September 6, 2007,  2:01 pm - L.A.M.B.One of the offerings from this year’s L.A.M.B. line. (Rahav Segev for The New York Times)

Last night I bolted out of the L.A.M.B show, nearly knocking over the publicist Paul Wilmot. Sorry, Paul. If ever there was a reason for a pop star to concentrate on her vocal skills, it was Gwen Stefani’s fashion meltdown. Among the words I wrote in my notebook, until my pen came to a stop, were “blob,” “very last season,” “bad secretary,” “astonishingly bad,” and “Ditzville.” I’m amazed—now—I had that much to say.

LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

The lawsuit page was update with the United Nations Human Rights Abuse Complaint I sent in via registered mail to be filed in the UN. The complaint is very candid, is 100% true and accurately describes everything that sick, old whore has been doing. To read the case with evidence click here

The press release accompanying it was picked up on well over a dozen domestic and international PR sites and numerous others. Thank you to all who posted it. The aim is to create awareness, as she refuses to stop the misconduct.

Please boycott the artists and companies listed in the complaint. Thank you. More on the international lawsuits shortly.


Unbelievable - it took 100,000 people marching to get this boy out. What does that say about the obstinate, stiffneck justice system that it took all that.

Jena 6 Double Standard

The Jena Six case is about 6 black high school students that were provoked by racist incidents and subsequently charged with beating up a white schoolmate that provoked them.

This week, after an Al Sharpton spearheaded march, Mychal Bell, one of the Jena 6, was finally freed after spending 10 months in jail, wrongfully tried as an adult. The appeals court threw out the case stating he should not have been charged as an adult. The case has been bounced to the juvenile courts.

While I do not condone violence, a few corrupt cops, district attorneys, prosecutors and judges in the case decided they were going to perform a modern day legal lynching, attempting to lock these black boys up for 20-50 years over a school yard fight.

Never mind in the same race charged incidents, a white man, 22 year old Justin Sloan, who is an adult, hit a black student in the head with a bottle, which is very dangerous, and only received probation, not jail time, yet these under 18 black students have been facing the prospect of decades in prison. How is that fair or remotely just. 

That’s a blatant double standard. It should be the same for everyone. You should do to one what you do to another. If you're going to let one go for beating up another, let the others go for doing the same. If you’re going to lock up one for battery, lock up all for battery, but you did not do that in this case.

This shameful, prejudiced double standard that exists in the court system is heinously wrong.

And you all should be ashamed of yourselves that it took international media condemnation and all these people marching, like we were back in the civil rights era, to correct the injustices you were perpetrating.

Jena Six proved it is not “Liberty And Justice For All.” It unmasked the corruption in the judicial system.

All you managed to do was give the world a bird's eye view of how hopelessly corrupt and wicked the court system is and illustrate the shameful fact that racism is still alive and well.

How It Began

It all started when a black high school student asked if he could sit underneath a tree on the school campus, paid for with federal money. The teacher said yes and he did. The next day 3 nooses hung from the tree.

Symbol Of Racism

The noose is a symbol of racism. If someone had tied a string around that tree with a swastika hanging off it, that would have been labeled a hate crime. The noose is to black people what the swastika is to Jewish people.

When a swastika is sprayed on a synagogue or any building, the police label it a hate crime and it is featured as such on the local news. So how is it, this can occur at a federally funded school of all places and not be deemed a crime.

Crime And Punishment

While I do believe they should be punished for beating up the student, certainly not via years of their lives in prison. Injustices had been transpiring at that school, where slurs were uttered, a hate crime took place, and an incident was reported where a gun was brandished before a black student, yet amazingly nothing came of it on the legal end. The police did nothing.

That sends the message that it is okay to hit black people over the head with bottles and threaten us with guns. It's not okay to do that to anyone, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Indian or purple. 

Racism In America

Racism in America never went away. Only naïve people believe that. The nation currently hosts many white supremacists groups that have web sites filled with forums of hate.

Even in South Florida, right outside Miami, there is a city called Davie that has select white supremacist pockets. You see them along the road selling huge carpets with white supremacists logos and symbols. They sometimes engage in hate crimes as well, such as fatally shooting a black woman in the head at a stop light because she was seated next to her white boyfriend in the vehicle.

But no, there's no racism. Black people are paranoid and just imagining things (sarcasm).

Racism never went away in America (and several other countries as well), it just took on another form, civilized hate. Some white people are not racists, but some still are.

You see it when corporations make private racists prank videos that accidentally make their way onto the Internet, humiliating the company.

You see it when college students derogatorily dress up for parties in stereotypical black American garb with 40 oz beer taped to their hands and padded butts.

You see it in so called scientific studies of which race has the biggest penis (that was a real study by the way) or professors' papers purporting that blue eyed people are allegedly smarter (Aisha thinking to herself, “hmmm, the president has blue eyes”).

All of this stuff is rubbish. Race never made anyone smarter. There are smart people in every race.

There are also dummies in every race in every country of the world. There's always a village idiot. Just teasing with the last two lines.

Judges Running Amok

Sentencing guidelines are not clear, leaving too much room for skewered, biased interpretation and improvisation via judges who are out of control.

Judges are granted too much discretion and freedom in interpreting the law, rather than sticking to what it says.

Judges are granted too much power to throw out cases and reinstate others that do not warrant it.

SPIRITUAL Taking A Stand

There are times in life when bad things will happen and like the song says all you can do is "Stand" and wait for God to help you.

We live in a very troubled world, where people do things they ought not to. Hatred, envy and greed breed terrible conduct that should not be a fact of life for anyone. While there are good people in this world, there are evil ones as well that harm mankind.

People sometimes like to give blanket answers to others' problems. For example, generically telling people to take responsibility for their life, because they are at whatever place they are because of choices they made. But that's not always so.

While I agree that people must take responsibility for their lives, some end up in undesirable places and situations that were forced upon them by others.

To the woman that's been raped or the young girl that's been molested or the child that's been abused or the child that was born with a disease -  you can't give them a blanket, generic answer like take responsibility for your life, it's your decisions that got you where you are today. 

Don't assume too much and fail to listen. Everything that happens in life is not of God. The Bible illustrates that.

There are people going around carelessly making mean, wanton choices that affect others' lives, then claiming it all happened for a reason. God doesn't work that way.

It's not everything in life that you want you should have. That woman who told you no and you forced yourself on her anyway. That was not God's plan and you've harmed another living soul.

That family you broke up because you fell in love with someone that was not free. Those choices have consequences. No one has the right to freely go around inflicting harm upon others, as it is the same suffering God will bring back upon you.

You need to ask God for forgiveness, before it's too late.

To the victims of crime or wrongdoing, it's not your fault. Someone else made decisions they should not have that has affected your life.

Getting back on your feet may not seem easy or even worth trying, but giving up on yourself and or suicide is not the answer.

I encourage you to keep trying to heal. Even though it may take a lot out of you, try to get back up again and put your life back together.


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