Vote To Eliminate Corruption

by Aisha

August 31, 2006

Next month will be the time for a lot of citizens to vote to elect and reelect district/state court judges and congressmen. Sadly, these are two of the most corrupted jobs in the country right now based on national press articles,  headlines and scandals.


While not all judges and congress people are bad, some of them are, and corrupt enough to get made in the mafia, which spells bad news for you. This will affect you in some way or another, therefore I want to encourage you to go out and vote and tell your friends to do likewise. Take the time out of your day and go out and vote.


In light of the recent scandals, it is in your best interest to get in that booth and vote out any congressman or congresswoman you notice getting up to mischief in office, taking bribes, implementing items that are not in the best interest of the public, not responding to the public when they contact them, who in essence, is their employer, as your taxes pay their salaries.

They work for you the taxpayer, not the other way around - they need to remember that. Remind them of that with your vote if they are making a difference in your community or vote for their opponent if the incumbent isn't doing squat for your town.

For example, when you contact them about a matter, you get no response - VOTE THEM OUT. If they are being believably accused of taking bribes VOTE THEM OUT. They are suspected of taking kickbacks or double-dipping VOTE THEM OUT.

Don't mess around with anyone doing any of that stuff, as they are corrupted and looking out for number one - and number one isn't you the taxpayer. When your community needs Congressional attention, good social programs that benefit the people and not some domestic or foreign conglomerate or entity, you are gonna get shafted if you elect or reelect someone with a dodgy track record.

Think about your families, your kids, your community - they need all the help they can get from the government and a congress person who will fight for them - not fight to fatten his or her's pockets and sign your district up for projects and programs that won't benefit the average citizen.

Google them, see what comes up, and if it is them acting in the best interest of domestic and or international companies and not you the taxpayer VOTE THEM OUT. If they are being lazy and not doing anything for you and your community VOTE THEM OUT.

You know where you live, you know what's going on, you can tell if there is progress being made...or not. Vote accordingly.



Once again, before you go out and vote, take a few minutes to do a cursory search on Google for judges in your area, who are up for reelection (many of them are advertising now in bids to get back in office) and see what kind of articles come up.


If it is articles of them wrongfully imprisoning people, being disrespectful, curt and vulgar in court, siding with corporations and rich conglomerates over the average citizen that has been wronged - this is rife in the court system at the hands of some corrupt judges and gives the appearance of corruption via taking bribes/accepting stock from rich lawbreaking litigants, which some judges have been caught red-handed doing, VOTE THEM OUT.


The court system has been corrupted and you the public can address this with your vote regarding district judges (the federal judges are another story).


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